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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

Elections next year doubtful Continued from page 1

It was widely expected that when Hon. Henry Bellingham, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, visited the Turks and Caicos Islands on Thursday July 14, that he would made a major announcement such as releasing the date for elections. However, when pressed by The SUN to give a date, he refused. He said the Constitution has been passed, and that was a major milestone, but he is not prepared to say categorically that all of the work will be completed in time for elections. “As far as the elections are concerned, I made it absolutely clear

that there is every chance that they will take place next year, but you’ve got to meet the milestones. To make an announcement of a definite date, I can’t do that because it is not possible for me to say categorically that all of the Ordinances will go through. For example, we’ve got to the start work on the Ordinance governing the electoral process. “If the milestones are met, there’s a very, very good chance of elections, but it’s in the hands of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands,” Bellingham said. “They’ve got to work together on this process so we can have elections and you will then have a democratically elected government back in place. We have goodwill in place and with

the Interim Government keeping up the tempo, we will make enough progress with those milestones and have elections next year, but I’m not prepared to say we are definitely going to do that. The events are beyond my control. I can’t say categorically that all of the work will be completed but I am very confident that the work will be completed and we will have elections.” However, in the House of Commons on June 23, 2011, MP Emma Reynolds asked Bellinghman what recent assessment he has made of the likelihood of the Turks and Caicos Islands meeting the milestones prior to 2012. He replied: “There has not been sufficient progress to date against the

milestones to conclude that they will be met prior to 2012. However, following a visit to London last week by a Turks and Caicos Islands delegation, good progress is now being made on the new Turks and Caicos Islands constitution.” Bellingham said the milestones set out by myself and the Minister of State for International Development on December 9th last year, point the way to that future, as well as being crucial to our ability to set a date for elections in 2012. He noted that he was delighted that they were able to complete the substantive work on the first milestone, amendments to the constitution at the end of the visit of the Turks and Caicos Island delegation to the UK last month.



JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011


JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

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JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011 JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011



Mark Capes said he’s “sad” to be leaving Turks and Caicos Islands chIef execUtIve mArk Capes said is sad to be leaving the Turks and Caicos Islands.. In an interview carried on Radio Turks and Caicos, Capes said: “It’s sad to go, but I’m very excited about a new challenge and new opportunity in a new part of the world.” Capes will be the next Governor of St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha. He will be leaving the Turks and Caicos Islands in August in order to prepare and take up his new appointment in October. Capes said he knew about the transfer “for a while but couldn’t say anything”. He added: “I’m delighted to have been given such an exciting opportunity. It’s going to be a very important point in their history now because the UK Government is to build an international airport on St. Helena and that will

change the lives of the people there.” The islands of St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha are located in the middle of the South Atlantic between Africa and South America. They are regarded as one of the most isolated places on earth. St. Helena became internationally known as the British government's chosen place of exile of Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military and political leader during the latter stages of the French Revolution, who was detained on the island from October 1815 until his death on 5 May 1821. St. Helena has a population of just over 4,000, while Ascenion Island has around 1,100 andTristan da Cunha, about 280 people. Capes, who has been here in the Turks and Caicos Islands for about two years, and has been a rather controversial figure, said it has been a

Lawyer under investigation for indecent assault A locAl Attorney is under investigation for indecently assaulting an expatriate female. the SUn has been reliably informed that lawyer Beryn Duncanson is under probe for the alleged offence, but up to Press time he was not charged. The incident allegedly occurred in a bathroom at a bar in Grace Bay. Acting Inspector Calvin Chase confirmed that a woman made a report to the police on June 25, 2011. “I can confirm that a report of indecent assault was made by a female on June 25th and that the police are actively carrying out investigations into this matter,” Chase said. Beryn Duncanson

“challenging” experience. He added: “There have been good days and bad days, but I knew it was going to be tough when I accepted the job. I’m really pleased to that I’ve had the chance to try and make a difference here.” Commenting on Capes’ leaving, Governor Gordon Wetherell said: “ I will naturally be sorry to see Mark Capes leave so soon. But I am very pleased for him that his hard work here over the past 2 years, and his many years of experience gained working in this and other Overseas Territories, have been recognised at the highest level in the British Government with his elevation to the rank of Governor. I congratulate him and wish him, and his wife Tamara, every success in their exciting new posting.” The Governor said he has been able to secure the services of Martin Stanley

By McAllister Hanchell

PArlIAmentAry UnDer-SecretAry of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Henry Bellingham in his press conference on Thursday revealed to the Turks & Caicos Islands public that the equivalent of five (5) billons dollars are missing from the Turks and Caicos Islands Government Treasury. An allegation of this nature coming from a senior official of the UK Government ought not to be taken lightly. Therefore, as a citizen and former elected Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government, I believeMr. Bellingham shall be held Accountable and is called upon to demonstrate through documentary evidence to the Turks and Caicos public

rePlAcement of A Stolen, loSt or DAmAgeD PASSPort Adults - $150.00 children - $150.00 extenSIon of PASSPortS

PASSPortS new feeS Are: Adults Passport - $150.00 children Passport - $75.00 emergency Passport - $150.00 Amendment of Passport - $25.00

to take over as CEO in early August on a temporary basis pending the appointment of a substantive successor for Mark Capes. “Many of you will remember Martin Stanley from his previous service in the TCI in 2009 and will, I am sure, share my confidence that we can look forward to a seamless transition until a substantive appointment is made,” Wetherell added.

Piper takes issue with Bellingham

PassPort fEEs inCrEasE the Immigration Department wishes to advise the general public that with immediate effect there has been an increase in fees for the processing of all passports and passport services.

Chief Executive Mark Capes

Application fee - $25.00 Approval fee - $50.00 Identity Document - $50.00 Additional fee for expedited passport service (within 48 hrs) - $100.00.

the allegation. The public has a right to know and failure to do so will once again confirm the suspicions of the majority of Turks and Caicos Islanders of the British Government divide and conquer of our nation with British Government propaganda. In the meantime, legal advice for defamation on behalf of all former elected Governments, Civil Servants and peoples of the Turks and Caicos Islands will be sought with a view to go as far as the European court of Justice against Mr. Bellingham and the British Government. May the God we serve emancipate the Turks and Caicos Islands from the hands of modern day British Government Slavery for eternity and the betterment of our Country.

CorreCtion “in the SUn newspaper of July 1st to July 8th, there was a news report headed “Jermaine reid sentenced to 5 years for handgun” in which details were given as to search, arrest, charge and trial which were stated with reference to Jermaine reid that the police found a handgun in his possession and that he was tried and convicted before judge and jury.” the SUn newspaper has been informed and now accepts that at no time was Mr. reid arrested, charged or tried for possession of a handgun. rather, it was a Jermaine Simpson. the SUn expresses its regret to Mrs. reid and to apologize to him for any embarrassment, prejudice, loss and inconvenience which may have been caused to him.

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

Obama: SecOnd term, tOugh battle by Sir rOnald SanderS

Editorial Cartoon

Barack Obama has launched his campaign for reelection to the Presidency of the United States in 2012. In launching his campaign so early, Obama plans on raising a billion dollars. He will need every cent of it for the financial supporters of the Republican Party and the fringe Tea Party are determined to see the back of him. They will spend a large fortune in trying to realize that ambition. But, first, they will have to decide among themselves who their Presidential candidate will be to run against Obama. The process of reaching that decision will not only eat-up a great deal of their campaign funds, it will leave much Republican blood on the ground. In the meantime, since Obama is expected to win the Democratic Party nomination unopposed, he can concentrate his funding on selling his programme prior to the Presidential run-off, and then on selling himself as deserving of a second term. His first term so far has been anything but a cake-walk. Obama came into office with America involved in two costly wars – three, if we count the so-called “war on terrorism”. Afghanistan and Iraq were not only draining America’s treasury, they were hemorrhaging the blood of American soldiers. Neither was popular or glamorous, and American families want out of both. Obama also inherited the worst US financial nightmare since the recession of the 1930’s, and the Treasury was owed more than a trillion dollars that had to be pumped into financial institutions to keep them afloat and to pull the economy from the brink of collapse. In the year that followed, the domestic scene became even grimmer. Unemployment grew, homes were repossessed as banks foreclosed on unpaid mortgages, and doors of businesses were closed from sea to shining sea. His plans for a health care scheme, signed into law in March of last year, remains an issue among US lawmakers who have used it to divide the society. He has also had to compromise on his plans to reinstate tax cuts introduced by his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush, and to develop a working relationship with big business. In respect of

the latter development, he has been accused of being a tool of these corporations whose influence he had pledged to cut when he was campaigning for the Presidency. By the mid-term elections last year, Obama’s popularity rating had declined considerably and the Democrats lost control of the US Congress. As matters now stand, unemployment is still high at 8.8 per cent with more than 7 million people, who were employed three years ago, now out of work. The economy reportedly grew by 2.9 per cent in 2010 but the country is highly indebted at $14.1 trillion with the single largest holder being China with $1.1 trillion. Its debt to GDP ratio is over 90 per cent and could rise to over 100 per cent by 2015. In an unprecedented move, the US Federal Reserve resorted to buying substantial Treasury securities and bonds to keep interest rates low and to avoid more indebtedness to foreign governments. As this commentary is being written, the Democrats and Republicans have failed to reach agreement on a Budget for the next fiscal year despite Obama’s personal intervention. Failure to reach agreement will leave the government with no money to spend on goods and services for the American people. It is quite likely that a Budget will be agreed but it will be one with deep spending cuts that will hurt the Obama administration in the run up to the 2012 Presidential elections. Most at risk will be his signature health care programme that the Republicans are resolved to destroy. One of the unspoken factors – at least openly unspoken – is race. Despite everything that is said. Obama did not win the Presidency the first time round with an overwhelming number of white votes. His support came from blacks, Hispanics and other minorities who voted overwhelmingly for him. It was them and a minority of additional white supporters who got him past the tape. The race issue continues to be used by his detractors in many subtle ways. One example is the continued questioning of whether or not he was born in America and therefore entitled to run for the US Presidency. Just recently, Donald Trump – billionaire landlord, hotel magnate,

Turks and Caicos Sun Suite # 5, Airport Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Tel: (649) 946-8542/ (649) 241-1510 Fax: (649) 941-3281 Email: Read us online at Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce Senior Editor: Vivian Tyson Web Designer: Patrina Moore-Pierre Graphics Editor: Joleen Grant Office Manager: Dominique Rigby Distribution Manger: Kelano Howell Advertising and Marketing ManagerPatrina Moore-Pierre The Turks and Caicos SUN is a subsidiary of The SUN Media Group Ltd. We are committed to excellence in journalism, educating and informing our readers, serving and satisfying our advertisers and assisting in the overall development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

television personality, and self-described Tea Partier, who fancies his chances of being nominated as a Republican Presidential candidate – has suggested that Obama was born in Kenya and that he should make his birth certificate public. The Republicans have also rubbished Obama’s foreign policy positions stating that they put America at risk and are not tough enough on its enemies or kind enough to its friends. It’s pretty certain that if the Republicans were in office, Hosni Mubarak would still be the President of Egypt and there would have been no urging by the US administration for him to go as Obama did. Obama is also yet to explain in a credible way why he did not adopt the same attitude to the rulers of Bahrain and why he turned a blind eye to Saudi Arabian troops rolling across the border to prop up the Bahrain royal family in the face of street protests, very similar to those in Tunisia and Egypt. Before Obama came to office he said he wanted an America that is less combative and more cooperative with the rest of the world. America’s foreign policy, he said, should be based on its core values including the pursuit of liberty and the protection rather than violation of human rights. He argued that this should be achieved by diplomacy rather than military might and by multilateral approaches rather than unilateral action. In particular, he placed high regard on multinational cooperation through the United Nations. In dealing with Libya, this was precisely the approach he used and to good effect. But he left himself exposed to his willing supporters and his worse critics when he did not apply the same principles in Bahrain and Yemen. Still, Obama’s rating with the American people now stands at 49 per cent, a big jump from the low ratings of four months ago when the Democrats suffered the biggest losses in mid-term elections since 1983. The question is can he sustain it in difficult domestic economic circumstances sufficient to make him win in 2012. He has an uphill task before him, and the Republicans know it. They are gathering their forces.

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PPC is now Fortis TCI By Vivian Tyson The electricity entity that we have come to know as Provo Power Company or PPC for short is no more; it has now taken on the name of its Canadian parent company Fortis Inc., and is now called Fortis TCI. The official name change ceremony coincided with the unofficial opening of its $5 million swanky corporate office on Leeward Highway on Friday (July 15). The office has been designed to, above all, be more customer friendly, according to the company. The official opening of the corporate office will be held on September 16. Chief Executive Officer for PPC, Eddington Powell, described the rebranding and office opening as an auspicious occasion, since it has etched another milestone in the development of the company. He said the new name is significant to the forward movement of the enterprise since Fortis – the first part of the company’s name - represents an international company with unbridled reputation, while the name TCI demonstrates the partnership it continues to forge with the people of the country. “Today we have crossed the threshold of a major, major development, which is a major milestone for the company, and we will no longer be known in the Turks and Caicos Islands as PPC Limited, but will be known in the Turks and Caicos, going forward, as Fortis TCI Limited,” Powell remarked. Powell said since Fortis’ acquisition of PPC in 2006, it has invested upwards of $200 million into electrical installation in the TCI. He added that as a result of the huge investment, Fortis TCI has been transformed into a modern power provider on par with those of developed countries. “Our reliability index of nearly 9.9 percent is on par with North America, on par with the UK – way beyond our neighbours in the Caribbean. So, we are proud of the service that the professionals here at Fortis TCI are doing, and the rebranding today makes a statement of who we are,” Powell asserted. Powell pointed out that Fortis’ investment in the TCI is for the long term and could take up to forty years to recover the massive amount of money it is currently injecting.


1 LABOURER Salary $7.00 per hour Contact 242-3803

Long standing employee Judy Missick unveils the FORTIS TCI sign at the event

Eddington Powell CEO of FORTIS TCI

“These assets that Fortis is investing in the Turks and Caicos Islands are long term assets. Fortis will recover their investment from these assets over twenty, twenty-five, thirty, forty years. It’s not that Fortis can take this building with them, if something happens, and they decide they want to move from the Turks and Caicos. “It cannot take the engines and the other equipment and infrastructure that we have invested in. these are long term for the good of the country; for the good of the Turks and Caicos Islands and we should be very proud, and we are very proud to be associated with a company with that international reputation as Fortis Inc.,” Powell disclosed. In a press release, Powell explained, “Fortis TCI Limited’s new branding elements more closely align the Company to the Fortis Inc brand while

FORTIS TCI new banners

still maintaining its local identity. In 2006, Fortis Inc purchased PPC Ltd and over the last 5 years, PPC has grown significantly; infrastructure-wise, the high level of service provided to customers and empowerment of its human resources. It is a natural progression to now carry the name of its owners…Our brand is more than just our logo, it is reflected in every area of contact with our customers. Of equal importance, our brand is also emphasised in our core values (commitment to customer satisfaction, good corporate citizenship and continuous improvement), our behaviour and our attitudes. We will therefore continue to provide our customers with the best and most reliable electricity service. Our Average System Availability Index (ASAI), which exceeds 99.9%, is on par with North America.”

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

$3Million Welcome Centre for Grand Turk A US$3million Welcome Centre is about to be built in Grand Turk Funded by Carnival Corporation & plc, the project is believed to be the largest single private investment in the island’s downtown area. Over a year in development, the project is designed to provide a greater variety of shopping and dining experiences in downtown Grand Turk and spur additional economic development within this area, according to Carnival officials. The groundbreaking ceremony for theWelcome Center, located in Grand Turk’s historic downtown and featuring a variety of shops and restaurant was held on Friday, July 15th. Attendees at the groundbreaking ceremony included British Foreign and Common Wealth Office Minister for the Overseas Territories Henry Bellingham MP; Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands, HE The Governor Gordon Weatherall; Chief Executive Mark Capes, Permanent Secretary Kingsley Been; Giora Israel,

senior vice president of port and destination development for Carnival Corporation & plc; and John Young from the Grand Turk Cruise Center. Located at the southeast corner of Front Street and Market Street, the new Welcome Center will encompass a cluster of buildings totaling more than 23,000 square feet of air-conditioned space, including a restaurant/lounge, various shopping outlets and a tourist information office. Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. Buildings will include design elements patterned after the island’s distinctive architectural style with large picture windows framed by cantilevered wood shutters, ornate ironwork, covered walkways and entrances, a wraparound balcony, and a courtyard that joins the two structures. A large reproduction of a cactus – a signature feature closely associated with Grand Turk – rests atop a red triangular roof of one of the buildings. “This new facility is not only a welcome addition to the island of

Grand Turk that will provide a muchneeded economic boost but also offers a perfect example of what can be accomplished when private and public entities work together in a spirit of cooperation,” said Israel. “I would like to personally thank Director of Planning, Mr. Ian Astwood, for the incredible support with the design and permitting of this facility, the largest privately funded investment in the historical downtown area. Our hope is that with the construction of the downtown Welcome Center, the Turks & Caicos government will designate this area as a historical site and encourage stricter architectural guidelines that will allow the preservation of its unique heritage.” Recognizing the contribution made by Carnival to the economy of Grand Turk, Henry Bellingham, FCO Minister for the Overseas Territories, said he was pleased to be able to take part in the ground breaking ceremony. "This new visitor centre will help attract more tourists, not just from the cruise ships, to the island and will be

an important source of local employment," Bellingham said. Designed by Providenciales-based Projectech Construction Management & Services, Ltd., the Welcome Center is expected to be a popular spot with locals and cruise ship guests arriving on the island via the Grand Turk Cruise Center, which is operated by Carnival Corporation & plc. The $60 million facility opened in February 2006 and serves as a gateway to the island, encompassing a two-ship pier, a 14-acre complex offering a variety of shops and restaurants, a 800foot-long private beach, private cabanas, and a FlowRider simulated surfing attraction. In January, the center unveiled Splashdown: Grand Turk, a 3,500-square-foot attraction commemorating the 1962 splashdown of the NASA’s Friendship 7 Mercury space capsule off the island’s coast. This year, the Grand Turk Cruise Center expects to host some 300 cruise ship calls from 16 different cruise brands totaling nearly 640,000 passengers.

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011



PRC backlog in TCI is a disgrace, says UK Minister Bellingham By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

Henry BellingHam, tHe Minister for Overseas Territory and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has described the backlog of Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) applications as a “disgrace”. Hosting a news conference on Thursday (July 14) in the conference room of the Regent Palms building in Providenciales, Bellingham said that the huge PRC backlog should not have been allowed to accumulate to the point that it has become unmanageable. “On the point about the PRC applications, I think frankly, it is a disgrace that such a big backlog has built up over many, many years,” he said. Hundreds of PRC applications are believed to be on hold in the Immigration Department. To this end, Bellingham said the United Kingdom Government will be

pumping additional resources ease the burden, adding also that it will be creating new guidance and improved procedures under existing legislations so that going forward the matter will be addressed effectively. “Furthermore, HMG funded and expert team from the UK Border Agency that came here earlier this year to look at training; they looked at putting in place new procedures. So I think that there is every possibility that we would get on top of those backlog and, when that has been done, we can then look at the real issue of moving forward with the new arrangements surround Belongership, which is now going to be called Turks and Caicos Islander Status,” Bellingham said. The issue of Belongership and PRC application has always been a heated topic, as some persons who have filed applications often complain that the process was too long and arduous, while others are of the view that the document was

Henry Bellingham

being used as a bargaining chip against them. That was the reason constitution and electoral consultant Kate Sullivan included the provision in the drafting Constitution document, as she believed that there should be clear paths to attaining the respective immigration statuses. However, the provision was dropped from the draft Constitution and deferred to future debate, following sustained pushback from TC Islanders, who argued that their say in who to live amongst them were being snatched away by the British Government.

TURKS AND CAICOS GOVERNMENT VACANCY NOTICE DEPARTMENT: Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police Force JOB TITLE: Director of Corporate Services Unit REPORTS TO: Commissioner of Police

SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Police Force for the post of Director of Corporate Services. The incumbent in this managerial position supports the Commissioner of Police in initiating and facilitating organizational change as well as ensuring the continuous improvement of operational policing and service delivery. He / She is expected to lead, develop and deliver strategies / programmes / initiatives that will enhance the delivery of Corporate Services to all stakeholders and ensure the efficient and equitable application of resources, including people, financial resources, vehicles, buildings and technology to support operations. The successful candidate must be able to oversee the development and implementation of an effective Performance Management System to monitor and uphold organizational targets and expected outputs that will enable the Force to meet its Statutory obligations and effectively service its clientele. The incumbent must be versed in developing policies and strategic plans, which support the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force. Other core duties include leading and managing the continuous development of its human resources; improving and securing performance targets and instilling greater community confidence through the identification and delivery of ‘Special Projects’ as specified by the Commissioner of Police.

Business Administration or a related discipline. • A Masters Degree in the field of Management or Business administration or a related discipline is also considered to be an asset. • The candidate must have at least seven (7) years hands-on experience, five (5) of which should be at a Senior Level. • The applicant must also be knowledgeable of policies, procedures and practices governing Public Sector organisations. It would be desirable for the applicant to have knowledge of and be familiar with police reform programs and best practice in the delivery of Corporate and Business services. The successful candidate is required to be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and Project Management. Excellent Management, Human Relations Skills, Communication and Problem solving are also requirements for this post. SALARY: $55,000 per annum The successful applicant would be entitled to Housing allowance of $12960 telephone $1620 and transport allowance of $2484 per annum. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Caicos Islands a two (2) year extendable contract is offered. Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include a Housing Allowance, end-of-contract gratuity of 15% of salary, return passages for a family of up to two children under the age of sixteen (16) years, freight cost and duty exemption on personal effects imported within six (6) months of the appointment. Applicant’s resume including contact number or email address, two letters of reference and a police certificate should be sent to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands. Fax (649) 946-1582, email: or APPLICATION DEADLINE: 3rd August 2011

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE ONLY CANDIDATES SELECTED FOR AN INTERVIEW WILL BE NOTIFIED • The position requires an undergraduate degree in the field of Management or

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

Lion Fish problem could reach crisis proportion By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

A lAck of funding has been hampering the Department of Environmental and Coastal Resource’s (DECR) progress to deplete the multiplying population of the invasive lion fish, which is threatening the fish stock of the Turks and Caicos Islands. In an interview with The Sun, Director for the DECR, Wesley Clerveaux said the campaign to get the fishermen to catch the fish, restaurants to include it on their menu, and locals to eat the species has slowed drastically since funds have dried up. He said as a result, his department was only able to conduct periodic awareness campaign on the matter. “Since our big campaign (last year), everything has gone slow because we don’t have any money to continue the process. I think what we would really need to do is, after we have secured some funding, we could restart the campaign. “But as it is right now, we have only been able to conduct periodic one or two talks on TV; one or two talks on radio, but the push that we had a year ago, those things cost money, and Government will not throw any money at lion fish right now,” Clerveaux said. Clerveaux explained that restaurants, especially traditional ones, were still interested in having lion fish on their menus but were being hampered by a lack of consistency in supplies, saying also that fishermen do not deem it profitable in certain respects. “Of Course fishermen are not prepared

The Lionfish

to dive lion fish, drive all the way to Grace Bay to sell five lion fish at fifty cents for one; that’s a waste of time, waste of money, waste of gas. So what we have been trying to do is to get the plant to buy them and resell them, but it is a slow process and costs much negotiation to get this thing up and running,” Clerveaux explained. In the summer of last year the DECR staged a country-wide lion fish hunting contest which saw persons who caught most of the predator fish winning cash prizes. The campaign was so publicized that it attracted scores of competitors on all the islands that the contests were held. Clerveaux said the DECR was trying to embark on another such campaign this year. “That is one of the initiatives that we are trying to get funding for, to do just

Nackiee Clare is seeking a

PubliC AreA SuPerviSor

Salary $6 per hour Mon – Friday 8am – 5pm Please contact 347 6412

that – a lion fish contests, more public relations, getting the plant to buy these fish on behalf of the Government and, then sell it to the restaurants. It sounds simple like you don’t need money, but really and truly, everything needs money. “Just to put an ad on the radio requires money; just to put something on enews requires money. It may be from two hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, but it needs money,” the DECR Director discloses. He noted that while the DECR searches for funding, the lion fish

Director for the DECR, Wesley Clerveaux

population has been increasing at the expense of juvenile fish along the reef. “The fisheries problem is not just one problem. It is what you would call a perfect storm right now, where you had Hurricane Ike, you have increased pressure on fishing because the drop in the economic has caused some people to go back into the fishing industry; lion fish eating out the juvenile – all those is a perfect storm, so that is the reason why Government has to take a more proactive step in trying to address the problem even more than before,” Clerveaux concluded.

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011



Limited school pace; large number of students By Vivian Tyson Sun Senior Editor

Come September, Government will be hard-pressed to find spaces for the more than 300 plus students who have been listed to attend the sole public secondary school in Providenciales – the Clement Howell High School. the SUN has learnt that there are 295 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) graduates assigned to attend the Clement Howell High School, plus an undisclosed number of other students hitting the 13 year-old mark and no longer eligible to remain in the primary school system. At the same time, the Blue Hills his school has graduated 153 students at the end of the just-concluded school year. The situation has put the Ministry of Education and the Education

Department in a pickle as to how to accommodate the influx of students and, according to Director of Education, Edgar Howell, that department was doing its best to accommodate as many students as possible for the approaching school year. Howell, said registration had commenced last week, but had not been completed largely because of incomplete documentation submitted by parents on behalf of their children. Those parents, he said, have been instructed to sort out the documentation and return at a later date, but until then, it is not clear what number the school could absorb. Howell said more than a hundred students have been registered to date and, the school plans to register as many more as possible. He noted that while the Education Department would love to take in all the students

SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION Pursuant to the provisions of the Registered Land Ordinance, British Caribbean Bank Limited, Governor’s Road, Leeward, Providenciales HEREBY GIVES NOTICE that it will cause to be sold by public auction the following properties: TITLE 61201/17 East Cays Providenciales

DESCRIPTION 1 residential home on Parrot Cay with ocean frontage and jetty located on 1.55 acres of land


The auction will be held on Tuesday 19th July, 2011 at 10:00am at the offices of the British Caribbean Bank Limited, Governor’s Road, Leeward, Providenciales. Conditions of sale may be obtained from the British Caribbean Bank Limited and further inquiries may be directed to the Risk Management Unit @ 1-649-941-5028 ext 302. ALL SALES ARE SUBJECT TO RESERVE; 10% DEPOSIT REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY AFTER SUCCESSFUL BID.

Director of Education Edgar Howell

at the school, that will not happen and so, some parents may have to seek alternative education for their

children in the private school arena. “We are trying to register as many students as we can at the Clement Howell High School with the limited number of spaces that we have, and I suppose the other students would continue to look to the private schools to meeting that need,” Howell said. A few years ago, there were plans to construct two more primary schools in Providenciales and relocate the Oseta Jolly Primary School in Blue Hills to one of those sites, while encompassing the neighbouring Oseta Jolly compound to form another block of the Clement Howell High School. However, those constructions which were to have been funded by the Caribbean Development Bank, did not materialize. Notwithstanding, Howell said those plans have not been shelves and, would continue to be pursued. “It is been pursued in that, we have had discussions. All the plans were in place…the plans were drafted for the two primary schools and, there was already a frame of mind as to how the Clement Howell High School has been situated; Its just that we have not gone any further on that the funding just isn’t there,” Howell said.

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

Police investigation station robbery as rumours spread of an inside job By Vivian Tyson Sun Senior Editor

taken. The investigation is continuing,” the press statement said.

The Royal TuRks and Caicos Islands Police Force is continuing to investigate the robbery of the old police station and they have moved the exhibits to the Chalk Sound Police station. The force has also confirmed that there are rumours that it may have been an “inside job”, and admitted that some money was stolen from the compound. The burglary of the almost two decade-old condemned building was burglarized and robbed of the contents sometime Wednesday night, July 6. In a news release to the media on Tuesday (July12), the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force said it has acknowledged the swirling rumours based on the consideration that the thieves were “very selective” in what to take. “The RTCI Police are aware of the rumours of an ‘inside job’ as the thieves were very selective of the items

According to the release, on 30 May, Commissioner of Police, Colin Farquar ordered police personnel to relocate to 5 Cays and to Chalk Sound Police Stations pending new accommodations elsewhere, since the main station had been condemned some 16 years ago and, there were no immediate plans for renovations of the crumbling building. The release said Commissioner Farquar ordered all exhibits moved to the secure facilities at Chalk Sound, but there was a question of where to relocate a very large freezer full of illegal lobster. Though the release disclosed that Commissioner Farquar had ordered security of the building pending the movement of exhibits, The suN was informed that leading up to the time of the robbery, no security mechanisms were in place. “The RTCI Police acknowledge that two pistols, 14 rounds of

GOVERNMENT VACANCY JOB TITLE: DENTAL NURSE DEPARTMENT: DENTAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks and Caicos Islands Government for the post of Dental Officer. The successful candidate will be required assist the Dental Officer in sterilizing instruments using autoclave or other appropriate methods of sterilization; securing instruments after they have been cleaned and sterilized ; scraping and lubricating instruments once per month and cleaning the autoclave once per month. The incumbent is also expected to assist in referring patients to the Dental Officer if the patient’s dental history is not satisfactory. Other duties include taking x-rays to enable complete diagnosis of patients; prophylaxis /cleaning both deciduous and permanent teeth; performing restorations on both deciduous and permanent teeth; performing extractions on teeth when required; ensuring an adequate supply of stock is maintained at all times; recording all supplies that have been used from stores; collating and filling patient records at the end of the day as well as ensuring that at the end of the day the clinics are tidied and all equipment is sterilized for the next day. The Dental Nurse is also expected, when necessary to visit other islands to educate the public on dental health as well as to perform clinic work. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Nursing. In addition, the incumbent must have training in basic dental surgical procedures, sterilizing procedures, operative and restorative dentistry and dental health education. The position requires at least three (3) years professional experience working in the field of Dentistry. The applicant must also have excellent communication skills both written and oral. RENUMERATION PACKAGE: SALARY: $19,926.00 - $22,248.00 PER ANNUM For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10321 E-mail: All resumes should include contact information and two letters of reference as well as a Police Certificate and should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary/ Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands Facsimile: 946-1582. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 29th July 2011 ONLY CANDIDATES SELECTED FOR INTERVIEW WILL BE NOTIFIED

ammunition, and a sum of money (amount being without pending investigation) were taken. Other exhibits were not touched, including drugs and other money,” the release said. The released added: “On Saturday and Sunday (July 9 and 10), the Commissioner personally assisted in the movement of exhibits to Chalk Sound and the destruction of concluded exhibits and files. The exhibit custodian and a senior member of the RTCI Police have been provided operational guidance.” Obviously learning from the embarrassment, the police said steps will be taken to better secure exhibits, especially money, by placing it in a trust account pending the outcome of such case, saying also that a high-ranking police officer has been named to take charge of that operation. “An inspector has been named to ensure that enhanced procedures are in place, including seized money being place in a trust account at the local bank and other standard police operating

procedures established. Many members of the RTCI Police have expressed their concern in this lapse of security because it is not simply an embarrassment to the Commissioner but to the police service as a whole,” the release stated. The police, in an earlier report, stated that the thieves gained entry to the building by forcing open a door which had been secured upon the closing of the building in early June. Once inside the building the culprits forced their way into a locked property room where it is believed that they removed the items. The suN was told that security measures were planned for the location but were never implemented. Many members of the community expressed the view that they were under the impression that everything was removed from the condemned building once the police had vacated it. The latest break-in, they said, begs the question as to how someone knew that those items were still in the building and also how did the criminals know exactly where to find them.

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011



New Age Academy closes By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

The BrayTon hall auditorium on Venetian was cuddled by emotions on Thursday, June 30, when New Age Academy and Language Centre held its 7th and final graduation ceremony dubbed “The Finale’ – A celebration of Achievements”, as the institution which caters to more than the education needs of the TCI population will not open its doors for the new school year in September. The event was attended by a wide cross-section of the TCI community, including the business sector, clergy, legal and teaching profession. Claudette Munroe-Clare, who was co-director with her husband Bill ‘Archie’ Clare, reminisced the past 10 years of educating youngsters of the Turks and Caicos Islands, some of whom needed special kinds of attention since English was not their first language. According to her, New Age Academy and Language Centre, in addition to prepare students for the formal school system, had scored big in external examinations such as the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Exams and as well at the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT Level). Munroe-Clare said New Age Academy and Language Centre

Bill and Claudette Clare (left and second left respectively) present a token to businessman Albray Butterfield and his wife Rosita

walked off into the sunset as back-toback and defending champion of the National High School Debating Competition. She said also that the school placed a creditable third at the United Nations Debate in the Bahamas in 2010. She described as an epic walk of faith when the school was established on December 5, 2000. According to her, the institution was founded to

meet the educational needs of the evergrowing Haitian and Dominican community on Providenciales. She said not only did the school provide a window to develop proficiency in language, but also fostered personal growth. According to her, New Age Academy and Language Centre also catered to those that were turned away from mainstream learning courtesy of what she described as one

misdemeanor and teen mothers. She said many of those who were looked upon with disdain were turned into worthwhile citizens as a result of attending the institution. According to her, while New Age Academy and Language Centre did not cater to the cream of the crop, its students were educated enough to rub shoulders with the best in the country. Additionally, Munroe-Clare said New Age Academy excelled in sports, having triumphed in many such disciplines, including the British West Indies Collegiate Basketball competition, where they were placed first. She told the audience that she fought hard not to close the school, but the prevailing economic conditions had other ideas. She said due to the situation that a number of parents were taking home reduced paychecks and others lost their jobs, running the institution became very difficult. Munroe-Clare pointed out that the school would not have been a success without the backing of key people from the community, including longstanding businessmen, Albray Butterfield and Harold Charles. She told the graduates that contrary to popular beliefs, the Turks and Caicos Islands needed them in ways they would come to understand. The building will now be occupied by the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College as of the next school year.

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FORTIS TCI LTD develops the future engineering workforce

Daylon Joseph and Alvejes Desir, recipients of Fortis TCI’s (formerly Provo Power Company) Engineering Scholarship Programme, the only engineering scholarship programme in the TCI, recently completed their degrees and returned home to further their careers with the Company. Daylon and Alvejes are back on Providenciales after completing their Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering at the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and University of West Florida, respectively. Equal access to education is a priority for Fortis TCI and the Programme which was first launched in 2008 provides candidates throughout all communities with an opportunity to further their education in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at any accredited educational institution. Daylon who expressed his gratitude to Fortis TCI for providing him with the opportunity to further his education and career said, “I am proud of my accomplishments at FAU and am extremely thankful and grateful that Fortis TCI gave me this opportunity. The scholarship programme is next to none and the support from the scholarship coordinators at Fortis TCI was the best.” This is the second scholarship extended to Daylon by Fortis TCI, after first being offered a scholarship in 2005 to obtain his Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering at Broward Community College. Daylon, who first started

with Fortis TCI in 1997 as a metre reader is now an Electrical Engineer with the Company. Scholarship recipient Alvejes is an example of someone who made the most of his time at University. During his four years at West Florida he was involved in the Student Council and also became part of a Fraternity as well as being a member of other associations. Desir, who expressed similar sentiments stated, “Overall the scholarship programme went well. The experiences I gained at the University of West Florida while pursuing my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Technology have prepared me to be more efficient and effective in my career. Now that I have completed my degree I look forward to learning from the other Engineers at Fortis TCI and expanding on my knowledge.” Fortis TCI’s Human Resources Director, Judith Missick, whose department was the driving force behind the Programme said, “Staff development at Fortis TCI is critical to the organisation and we encourage other staff members and the wider community to take advantage of this great opportunity to further their education. Mentors Devon Cox and Michael Polonio have provided the recipients with needed guidance and advice along their journey and this level of involvement will be extended once again to our new recipients. University life can be very challenging and we commend Daylon and Alvejes for staying focused to the very end; they have indeed made Fortis TCI

L - R: Michael Polonio (mentor), Alvejes Desir, Judith Missick (Human Resources Director), Daylon Joseph, Devon Cox (mentor)

very proud!” Both engineers along with third recipient Teandra Thomas who has three more years to go before completing her programme, thanked the Fortis TCI team in particular their mentors and also gave interested candidates some advice. They all agreed that persons looking to apply for the Scholarship should be willing to challenge themselves and take every opportunity given while making the most of university life. They also stressed the importance of ensuring that whatever career the candidates choose should be a career they have a passion for. Application forms for the next Fortis TCI Engineering Scholarship Programme are now available at the Company’s Leeward Highway location or can be downloaded from their website at



Hey Jose re-opens in Grace Bay

By David Newlands

“You want good food? Go where the surfers go.” This is what Jeff Rollings, founder and original owner of ‘Hey Jose had to say when asked why the theme of the legendary restaurant had changed. Rollings knew what he was talking about, being from California originally. Though the restaurant retained its classical ‘texmex’ cuisine of tacos and burritos, the actual atmosphere has shifted from the nostalgic Mexican, to a ‘surf shack’ styled establishment. Nostalgia clings to the name of the restaurant. Many people remember spending hours at the massive bar, surrounded by paraphernalia built over the years and bronze plaques which immortalize the famed patrons of the Bar. Many hearts were broken with the loss of this cultural icon. Once located on Leeward Highway, the restaurant was a thriving hub of activity on Providenciales, but by 2009 the business which had been a vital part of the community since 1984 was gone. The great pizza and an even greater atmosphere vanished. Though it was thought to be gone for good, it appears that the disappearance of the restaurant was merely an unplanned hiatus, as it was reopened in a new location on May 4th, 2011. However, back in the hands of its founder and first owner, the restaurant experienced a few significant changes. ‘Hey Jose’s is no longer the large bar and restaurant in Central Square. Gone are the hordes of waitresses roaming

around, taking orders and checking on customers. Gone is the atmosphere of a sit down restaurant. It seems that when reopened by original owner, Josh Rollings, along with his new partner Tito Cox, a new theme was in order. Now it is located in Neptune Plaza, of Gracebay, the restaurant has returned to its simplistic nature, shifting to a ‘surf shack’ theme, where customers place an order, and have it brought to them quickly. Whether they leave with their food or stay for casual drinks is up to them, but there is no longer the formality of an organized restaurant. Now with most of its dining was located outside, the restaurant became far more causal. Also, the menu which was once a significant size was cut down, keeping it simple; rather than have a vast selection, Rollings plans to have unique in specials each every week. Rollings explained that even if he wanted to make a carbon copy of Hey Jose, he would not have been able to, due to the nature of his new location. While the outdoor eating area can seat up to forty people, the indoor space was quite small, making it impossible to replicate the original bar, which was of formidable size. Though even with its new theme, it is sticking to its roots. “That’s what Hey Jose is all about, good pizza and good food for a reasonable price,” he said. Rollings makes it clear that this is the major element of Hey Jose; even though the atmosphere made the bar identifiable- it was the mission of the bar which made it ‘Hey Jose’. He wanted the restaurant to be geared towards locals and the working people of Providenciales, hoping to make

LOCALNEWS NEWS LOCAL it the local establishment that it once was years ago. The revival of a restaurant as legendary as ‘Hey Jose is always a dangerous task, and a change in the theme makes it that much more risky. However, Cox and Rollings have faith in the changes that the restaurant has undergone. Throughout the interview, both partners made it clear that the restaurant might not be what some people remember it as, due to the fact that Rollings sold the establishment in 1995, and he seeks to return the restaurant to what he wanted it to be in the beginning, rather than what it had changed into over the years. When asked about his opinion of the restaurant now, as opposed to what it once was, Cox said: “We’re not the air conditioned sit down with the slot machines; we are fun and that’s what we are going to be known for and we are going to be around for a long time to come… There are a lot of changes to come, but all of them are positive…too many restaurants are going down the same path. Either they are really high end with 60 dollar plates, or burgers and fries… We want to be trend setters; we want to have that outdoor, a little bit laid back atmosphere.” When asked how he felt about the responsibility of reviving Hey Jose, and the possibility of failure, Cox displayed confidence along with maturity. “The whole idea is you take the responsibility head on, get to the grinding stone and do your endeavor best,” he said. With this state of mind, it is clear that even with the prospect of failure, Rollings and Cox have a steady head on their shoulders. With the advantage of history as well as innovation, ‘Hey Jose has an advantage that most businesses lack. Even with the new location and atmosphere, the restaurant is growing fast, and has good prospects in the future.

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Speech by UK Minister for Overseas Territories, Hon. Henry Bellingham I am delighted to be back in the Turks and Caicos Islands within a year of my first visit to the territory. I said when I visited last year that I hoped it would be the first in a series of regular visits by Ministers and senior officials.

to strengthen public financial management, economic planning and good governance arrangements where this is necessary. And we certainly hope to come up with a White Paper which will set out our OTs strategy. I feel strongly about the OTs strategy and want to see OTs that are self sustaining and are proud members of the British family.

And so it has proved. Robert Hannigan, a very senior Foreign Office Director General, and Colin Roberts, Director of the Overseas Territories from the Foreign Office have visited. Also, Ian McKendry, senior DFID Director, has visited. Ian Hendry led a constitutional team which came for a week of public consultations in May; and more technical assistance has arrived to strengthen key areas of government.

I believe that our overall approach to the Territories will help the TCI, not only to overcome its current problems, but also to look forward to the realisation of the bright future of its natural asset.

I am looking forward to spending longer in the TCI than last time in the territory on this occasion and to meeting a wide range of people on several of the islands. During this visit I hope to visit not only Providenciales and Grand Turk, but also Salt Cay and North Caicos. I want to meet a wide range of people in the Turks and Caicos Islands, not just those in the centres of tourism and government. I am also looking forward to visiting a number of projects and developments across the islands. I know that these are difficult times for Turks and Caicos Islanders. I can all the more readily sympathise as we are going through many of the same problems in the UK. In the UK the Coalition Government has had to prune departmental budgets, other than health and overseas aid with some budgets pruned by 19% over four years. Cut backs in funding are causing understandable concern among British public servants as they are here in the TCI. But there is no alternative if we are going to restore public finances to the sustainable basis necessary to a healthy economy.

I want to look at the milestones now and go through them. The first key milestone is the implementation of a new Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution Order, in support of recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry, which underpins good governance and sound public financial management.

I recognise that this is a difficult message and one that gives rise to very real worries about unemployment in both the public and private sectors. However, such has been the extent of the impact of the global economic downturn that, regrettably, many countries in the world face the same challenges. But I know, too, that the impact of the global economic downturn on the TCI has been exacerbated by the legacy of financial mismanagement of the previous administration and the high probability of systemic corruption that was identified by the Commission of Inquiry. That‘s why we want to help ensure that the restoration of sound public finances is underpinned by a broader framework of good governance. It is also why the work of the Special Prosecutor and of the Civil Recovery team is so important, and why I am encouraged by the progress made by both. It is not surprising that our objectives to help restore good governance and sound public financial management to the TCI should be reflected in the Coalition’s developing strategy towards the Overseas Territories in general. The UK Government has been considering our relationship with the Overseas Territories for some time. We very much want to strengthen the engagement and interaction between the Territories and the UK, including working more closely with a wide range of UK Government Departments. Also partnerships with local government, the private sector, NGOs and professional bodies in the UK. We want to continue our work with the Territories

Let me now turn to the Milestones. The milestones set out by myself and the Minister of State for International Development on 9 December last year, point the way to that future, as well as being crucial to our ability to set a date for elections in 2012. That is why I was delighted that we were able to complete the substantive work on the first milestone at the end of the visit of the Turks and Caicos Island delegation to the UK last month.

As you know, the preparation of the new Constitution has been a considerable undertaking, and rightly so. It has taken 15 months of lengthy, widespread and sometimes emotive public consultations that have involved so many from across the TCI. The consultations were not easy as one would expect, for what will be the single most important piece of legislation for everyone in the Territory. But I’m pleased with the progress made and please to have helped the process by inviting a delegation from the TCI to come to London for a final round of meetings in the FCO last month. I was delighted to have the opportunity to hear for myself the main areas of outstanding concern. As expected, consensus on all the provisions was not possible; and I had to take difficult decisions on some sensitive and important issues. But I am convinced that we have got a good result for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I am pleased to confirm that yesterday the Order in Council containing the new draft constitution was made at the Privy Council’s meeting and passed. The conclusion of the consultations was a very considerable achievement on the path back to elected Government. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the TCI who attended the public meetings and offered their views. Turning to the next most important milestone, the introduction of a number of new Ordinances, including those making provision for: (i) the electoral process and regulation of political parties; (ii) integrity and accountability in public life; (iii) public financial management. The new constitution provides a solid platform for progress on the other milestones. In particular, certainty over the electoral system means that we can now start work on the Ordinance governing the electoral process. The Integrity Commission Ordinance already provides the cornerstone for work on integrity and accountability in public life; and work is in hand to prepare a new public financial

JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

management Ordinance which will underpin the provisions in the new Constitution and reflect best practice in other Overseas Territories. Legislation in this and other areas covered by the milestones is an important priority for the Attorney General’s Chambers. I am pleased to say that the UK Government has offered to fund the cost of hiring additional legislative drafters so that prompt progress can be made. The third key milestone is the establishment of robust and transparent public financial management processes to provide a stable economic environment and a strengthening of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government's capacity to manage its public finances. I am encouraged by the progress made by the Chief Financial Officer, Caroline Gardner, and the Ministry of Finance. Robust processes have been put in place to address the most urgent weaknesses in the system of public financial management. Priority has been given to strengthening spending controls including the management of cash flow and supplier payments; and tougher measures have been introduced to ensure everyone pays their taxes in full and on time, such as by monitoring the collection of revenues due to Government and taking swift enforcement action when necessary. To improve the transparency of the TCI Government’s public finances, work is underway to bring the backlog of financial accounts up to date so that they can be audited and published. This will provide a public record of income and expenditure since 2007 and, importantly, set a baseline for the future. Whilst this work is in hand, I am pleased that the Ministry of Finance has also committed to provide quarterly reports of financial performance during this financial year. These will start with a report for April to June 2011 which will be published next month Furthermore, succession planning is a key part of this milestone, so I am particularly reassured by the plans that have been put in place to build financial management expertise within the Ministry of Finance and across the Government by training staff, including professional training for Ministry of Finance staff. Another key milestone is the implementation of budget measures to put the Turks and Caicos Islands Government on track to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending 2012/13 Since my last visit, the UK Government has guaranteed a significant financing package to underpin the Territory’s financial strategy which has been designed to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending 2012/13. This has enabled the completion of the 2011/12 budget which itself marks a significant step towards fiscal surplus, with a budgeted deficit of $9million, compared with an unaudited deficit of $64 million last year. This is a very significant improvement and I am grateful to Caroline Gardner and her team for achieving this. To this end, the Ministry of Finance is closely monitoring progress against the budget to ensure that the Government remains on track; and it will take action to tackle any shortfalls in revenue or unbudgeted expenditure. As I have already acknowledged, many of the measures introduced have been tough at a time of uncertainty for islanders as the TCI struggles in the wake of the global economic downturn. But the TCI, like the UK and many other countries, must take the difficult steps needed to live within its means. Those taken by the Interim Government have been designed to minimise the impact on the public and make the revenue system fairer.

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JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

Speech by UK Minister for Overseas Territories, Hon. Henry Bellingham

Another milestone is progress towards meeting a fair and transparent process for the acquisition of Belongership. At the conclusion of the recent meetings in London on the draft Constitution, I agreed minimum conditions for the grant of Belongership, and the replacement of the term ‘Belonger’ with ‘Turks and Caicos Islander’. Work is now in hand to begin consultations in the TCI in the coming months on all the conditions to be included in a new legal process under which people of good character, who have made a contribution to and are assimilated in the Islands, may qualify for permanent residence; or may proceed in due course to be granted Turks and Caicos Islander status. In parallel the TCI Government is putting in place additional resources, new guidance and improved procedures under existing legislation, to clear the backlog of PRC applications built up over many, many years. In addition, the UK has funded an expert team from the UK Border Agency who visited the TCI earlier this year to review procedures and to provide training of Immigration staff in the application of British nationality law in respect of British overseas territories citizenship. It is vital for the implementation of a fair and transparent process that there is in place a strong administrative infrastructure of well-trained staff, applying clear rules against published guidance, under streamlined procedures, which are robust against interference. HMG will continue to support the development of this capability by the provision of assistance and training, by UK officers back in the TCI and by opportunities for TCI officers in the UK. Another milestone is significant progress with the civil and criminal processes recommended by the Commission of Inquiry, and implementation of measures to enable these to continue unimpeded. I am pleased to say that the Civil Recovery programme is now well into its second year and I am pleased to see that some sets of proceedings have already been completed, or reached significant stages. The recovery of the 750 acres of Joe Grant Cay in June was very welcome; as this was a development which featured prominently in the Commission of Inquiry Report. Even more significant cases involving other developments identified by the Commission are progressing well, with trials on the Salt Cay and Third Turtle Club cases expected later this year or early in 2012. The interim judgment of $1.25m on the Emerald Cay stamp duty evasion case just a few weeks ago was also very welcome; stamp duty evasion was not an issue identified by the Commission of Inquiry and so is a good example of the type of further cases which have come to light following investigations by the Civil Recovery team. Aside from the major cases, there has been a steady stream of smaller recoveries of land and money this

into the private sector as the economy recovers. So what are the next steps?

year. I am very encouraged that we have begun to see voluntary settlements as well, and I hope that there will be an increasing number of those going forward which will avoid the need for legal proceedings.

I am very pleased that the Interim Government has made such considerable progress against the milestones Alan Duncan, the DFID minister, and I identified in December last year. Similarly, much has been achieved towards implementing recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry. This has been an extensive and difficult task.

Also the Special Prosecutor and her team are also making good progress. As you would expect and given the sensitivity of their work, I cannot go into detail; but I remain encouraged by the steps in hand.

There is still a lot of work left to do and many challenges ahead for everyone but I am confident that, by working together, we can meet the objective of achieving the milestones in time to set a date for elections next year in 2012.

Another milestone is the implementation of a new Crown Land policy. I am particularly impressed by the extensive work on Crown Land reform. There has been a significant overhaul of the operational capability needed to implement a new Crown Land policy and to oversee changes necessary to place Crown Land administration in the TCI on a sure and sustainable footing for future generations.

And on the future, a reduction in public expenditure has been a recurring theme in what I have said. But we also recognise the importance of encouraging economic activity. Last year I gave approval for the Interim Government to borrow $40 million to repair and extend the runway at Providenciales airport. As I was able to see on arrival today, the expansion has been completed and this investment is already proving its worth, having attracted additional airlines and flights from new North American destinations. International passenger flows at Providenciales rose by 10 per cent in 2010; and have continued to rise significantly this year. I arrived on a Jet Blue airplane this morning and saw four other airlines in the airport; American Airlines, United, Delta and one other. So this is even more welcome progress; it’s all about people coming here to enjoy themselves and spend money.

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I am also pleased that the UK Government was able to contribute £2 million towards putting in place transitional arrangements to ease the impact of some of these steps on public servants and towards wider public sector reform. These steps taken are essential to build a prosperous and vibrant future for the Turks and Caicos Islands so that they can thrive and fulfil their potential as an attractive place to live, visit and do business.


I am very pleased that following public consultations across the Territory last year, work on the new Crown Land policy has now been completed. It places priority on five key areas: transparency; safeguarding Crown land and Protected Areas; priorities for Crown land use; new eligibility requirements for access to Crown land; and, the transition to the new policy. I understand that many of these are already being adhered to by the Crown Land Unit and considerable progress in implementing the transparency measures has already been made. Looking ahead, the next stage will be to draft the Ordinance that substantially incorporates the terms of the policy and is consistent with the revised constitutional changes. Another milestone is substantial progress in the reform of the public service. I am encouraged by progress in reforming the public sector to ensure that it is of a proportionate size to deliver the services needed for the future of the TCI. So far reviews have been completed for three ministries, and for a number of support services provided across the whole of the public sector. These have already identified considerable potential savings to the public purse, and work is on track to contribute to the savings needed to achieve a fiscal surplus in 2013. All Permanent Secretaries have been involved and will continue to have an important role in this delicate process to balance the requirement of improving effectiveness in the delivery of services, and efficient use of resources. Throughout this exercise priority is being given to minimising the effect, both financially and socially, on public service employees. In particular, emphasis is being placed on redeploying staff within the public service where historically there has been under-resourcing. A good example is that I am pleased that this has already resulted in identifying scope for increasing the number of personnel needed in the fire and rescue services by over 25%. This will be a positive move in the TCI’s commitment to meet internationally required standards of safety. Inevitably and unfortunately, some staff will leave the public service. But work is already in hand to develop a package of support for staff affected, to be delivered with private sector partners and through the provision of training. It will be designed to help staff move successfully within the public sector or

I am encouraged that talks continue with investors interested in starting new developments or taking over other stalled ones. Accessing finance is not as easy as it was a few years ago. But I hope that the prospective investors and their backers will be encouraged by this evidence of increasing numbers of visitors to the TCI; and by the new markets the airport redevelopment will help open up. In short, I know that the Interim Government’s aim is to build a prosperous and vibrant future for the Turks and Caicos Islands so that all who live here will thrive and will fulfil their potential in an environment that offers stability and security for work, investment and tourism. And finally, as many of you know, our Governor is going to be leaving the Turks and Caicos Islands quite soon. I would like to take the opportunity of my visit here to thank him for his hard work on behalf of TCI over the past three years. He is one of very few FCO senior diplomats who have had the privilege to serve as Ambassador, in Ethiopia, High Commissioner, in Ghana, and Governor, to the TCI. I believe he has steered TCI carefully through very troubled waters during his three years here. He has worked tirelessly, always with the territory’s best interests at heart, with the result that TCI is stronger and better positioned to meet the challenges ahead. I am sure that you will all join with me in recognising his great contribution to TCI and wishing him all the best for the future. Finally, I am an optimist – a glass half full rather than half empty person. On my visit to TCI last year, I saw spirit, drive and extraordinary natural resources and the self belief of TCI. With this we can get through the current problems. The new constitution is fit for purpose; TCI will go from strength to strength; and the people of TCI will once again be the masters of their destiny with a democratically elected government. Thank you. HENRY BELLINGHAM

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011


1 DOMESTIC WORKER Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 941-4540


06 Polar 2700 CC, Twin 140 hp In need of TLC $30,000 OBO Contact: 649-946-1040


Kitchen helper Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 345-8645

WeSleY MethODiSt SchOOl

neeDeD UrGentlY Applications for vacancies which exist at the Wesley Methodist High School for the following positions.

(1) Building technology and technical Drawing (2) Science – chemistry, physic and Biology Qualification and experience Applicants must possess a Degree in the particular subject area for which the application is made and a Teachers’ Diploma for Secondary Education from a recognized institution and a minimum of five (5) years teaching experience. Applicant must be honest and trustworthy individuals, who will be expected to uphold the tenets of the institution and strive diligently to raise the standard of education in the school. In addition, applicant must be of the Christian Faith, must submit the Name, address and telephone number of their Pastor/Minister. Salary – commensurate with experience


1 LABORER TO WORK IN SCRAP METAL YARD Working hours Mon to Sat 7:00 to 5:00 $5 per hour Contact 649-946-4629 or Labor Office

Interested persons must submit application accompanied by their curriculum vitae, a police record and a contact number and references from two individuals, to The Chairman or the Principal Wesley Methodist School P.O. Box 513 Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Telephone (649)941-4791/946-5786 Fax: (649)946-4163 Email:

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011


With all the events that are unfolding in the TCI today, one has to wonder, are we approaching a paradigm shift in the way we think, act etc here in the TCI or just on a blip in the road back to business as usual? This question is posed because only a paradigm shift in the way we think of ourselves or our nation will produce the sustainable results of any of the so called reforms or milestones. For a historical example lets’ look back to the thinking of people in the Western World pre -1492 when Christopher Columbus made his historic and accidental voyage to the “New World”. All great and simple minds in Europe at the time were certain that the Earth was flat and had an end from which you could fall off into the Great Abyss should you venture too far out to sea. As we “know” today, the earth is



round. This discovery was revolutionary as it forced scientific thinkers to completely change the way they thought of the world. This needs to be the case for us in the TCI. We must not return to or continue a system in which you are rewarded purely on the basis of your connections to decision makers. This can be as simple as the timely processing of document in a random government office, to the receiving of a government scholarship. In both instances we have a person deciding based on their personal criteria how their interaction with us will be, rather than on an objective criteria based on merit. Can we truly build a nation if our soon to be elected leaders are judged on what they can do for us as individuals, rather than what they can do to sustainably develop our infrastructure, economy, and markets that all persons residing in the TCI may benefit in having productive, fulfilling lives?

Ask yourself right now if a business opportunity presented itself such that you can make $3 million dollars legally over the next 10 years or you and nine other persons would make $1 million dollars each over the same time period, which would you take?? Being honest with ourselves, we should think of the reasons why we would make the choice we’d make. Obviously the latter choice benefits more persons and generates a greater disposal of cash some two plus fold. But why do I have the feeling that many of us would take the $3 million dollars and say tough cookies for everyone else. We probably would because we have been bred since childhood to think being in first place was all that matters not are we reaching our full potential. The problem with only first place mattering is that there is only one first place, so what about the rest of us?? We are not only perpetuating a cycle created within the last 20-30 years of the haves and have-nots, but we encourage it. Why would we help someone to grow and get better if they could someday replace us as number

one? That would be foolish now wouldn’t it? Going forward we must understand that the Country is big enough for a growth of many individuals in many areas. How are we going to nation build, if only a select few can reach their full potential? We need Entrepreneurs, Business Persons, Foremen, Managers, you name it we in the TCI need it. We also need an opportunity. Once the opportunity is given, we must embrace it, for we know not when one will come again. We must maximize our talents, best foot forward always. We are all cogs in the machinery of running this still great nation. As we know, a simple fan belt can stop a vehicle from running, so too can be the effect from an ineffective cog in our machinery. Every task completed is important, different yet equal. It begins with us as individuals. Individuals change households, households change neighborhoods, neighborhoods change communities, communities change islands, and Islands change Nations. We all have a role to play to build this beautiful by nature TCI.

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Beaches recruits enthusiastic

Summer Students

Beaches Resort Villages and Spa, the Turks and Caicos’ leading hotel resort kicks off their highly anticipated summer employment program which has already seen over 70 enthusiastic High School and College students secure several summer internships. The summer program which aims at exposing students to the tourism industry is spearheaded by Human Resource Trainee Manager in charge of local talent recruits Lorenzo Seymour. Seymour, commenting on the successful initiative, said, “We have had a fantastic turnout for this year’s program, students were very persistent and show tremendous enthusiasm during their interviews,” and concluded, “We are delighted to be able to help students with employment over the summer, no not only will the resort receive valuable service but we also have the opportunity to showcase tourism as an ideal career for future leaders of these Islands.” This year’s program took an interesting twist from the previous years. Students were given the opportunity to not only select their desired department placement but they were also given the

opportunity to work in areas that will enhance their choices of career goals and future aspirations. The annual summer employment program has seen a large number of students every year and has also helped several individuals secure permanent positions at the resort. Beaches Resort has also extended employment invitation to many laid- off Government workers, the resort is looking for several positive and hardworking Turks & Caicos Islanders to compliment their existing workforce. Applicants are encouraged to send in resumes via fax or email to the Human Resource office to secure an interview time. All applicants must have valid identifications, proof of Turks & Caicos status, a clean police record, and a good command of the English language. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays, and week-ends. For more information applicants are encouraged to contact the Beaches Resorts Human Resource Department at 946-8000, fax 941-4870 or via email at




REPORTS TO: DIRECTOR OF HEALTH SERVICES MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: The pharmacist will work with the Ministry of Health in the development and enforcement of pharmacy policies relation control drugs, drug management inclusive of procurement, storage, prescribing, dispensing, and monitoring of utilization and adverse drug reactions. The Pharmacist will also be responsible for overseeing the management of the dispensaries operated by the Primary Health Care Clinics and for all aspects of the logistics cycle of drug management. MAIN DUTIES 1. Assist the Director of Health Services/CMO in the development and or revision of national drug policies with the input of stakeholders and for consideration by political directorates 2. Assist the Director of Health Services (DHS)/CMO or the Director of the HRA and any other such agency or agents tasked with the responsibility for the enforcement of pharmacy regulations 3. In conjunction with the DHS/CMO to review all applications for the importation of controlled drugs and process them accordingly for the approval and issuance of an import license by the DHS/CMO. 4. To prepare all documents for the DHS/CMO for submission to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) relating to import, export, consumption and estimates of narcotic and psychotropic substances 5. The assist with the completion and or periodic revision of the Public Health Drug Formulary 6. To determine the appropriate drug consumption at Primary Health Care Clinic Dispensaries and prepare a procurement drug list based on Public Health Drug Formulary and National Health Insurance Board Drug Formulary 7. To be responsible for the procurement of all drugs for Public Health Programmes (Primary Health Care Clinics, National AIDS Programme, Mental Health and Substance Dependence and Environment Health) 8. In collaboration with the relevant department heads to develop and maintain drug inventory and drug management systems electronic and paper based


Governor Wetherell disturbed by PDM comments Governor Gordon Wetherell is disturbed by recent comments which People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) leader Doug Parnell made about Doreen Quelch-Misick of the Advisory Council and Lillian Misick, chairperson of the Consultative Forum. In a press release, the Governor said: “As I have made clear in statements since my return from the Constitutional talks in London last month, I believe that the outcome was one in which all participants can take satisfaction; and which provides a good platform for moving forward. I was therefore disturbed by some of the comments in the PDM statement. There is absolutely no cause to mischaracterise the contribution of the Chair of the Consultative Forum and member of the Advisory Council in London by suggesting that they were somehow motivated by animosity or hatred towards the TCI people.” The Governor added: “Different persons are entitled to different views as to how the interests of Turks and Caicos Islanders are best met. But there can be no doubt that the real motivation of the Chair of the Consultative Forum and the member of the Advisory Council in London, as throughout their tenures of office, has been what they see as the best interests of the TCI and its people. I should also point out that the results of the talks in London are not a departure from the first milestone of the Written Ministerial Statement of 9 December 2010. Rather, as a result of the talks, this important milestone is on the verge of implementation; and it is to implementation of the remaining milestones (on a number of which good progress has been made) that we should now look to fulfil the hope expressed in the same Statement for elections in 2012.”

9. To directly supervise the Pharmacy Assistants and the Public Health Nurses at the Primary Health Care Clinics in the dispensing of drugs 10. To ensure that all Public Health programmes comply with all pharmacy regulations and or maintain acceptable standards for pharmacy and drug administration 11. To visit all primary Health Care Clinic Dispensaries at least once per quarter or as frequently as directed by the DHS/CMO 12. To monitor the prescribing practices of all Primary Health Care Programme Physicians to ensure that they are consistent with acceptable or approved clinical treatment protocols and guidelines 13. To implement and manage an Adverse drug reaction monitoring / reporting system 14. To prepare quarterly reports of dispensary management and drug utilization highlighting areas of concern with recommendations for rectification and improvement 15. Prepare annual reports of Public Health Programme drug management and making recommendations to ensure a cost effective drug programme 16. To participate in the administration to continuing medical education to all health care providers on all aspects of drug management and prescribing practices 17. Any other duty assigned as deemed appropriate and consistent with the area and level of training and as directed by immediate supervisor and other superiors. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE 1. Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy (B. Pharm) or Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm. D) 2. Pharmacy internship and or fellowship 3. At least 4 years post internship 4. Work in hospital pharmacy setting 5. Work in a public health setting or with a ministry of health is desirable SALARY T 18-T23 $21,708.00 - $24,732.00 PER ANNUM For persons recruited outside the Turks and Caicos Islands a two (2) year extendable contract is offered. Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include a Housing Allowance, end-of-contract gratuity of 15% of salary, return passages for a family of up to two children under the age of sixteen (16) years, freight cost and duty exemption on personal effects imported within six (6) months of the appointment. Applicant’s resume including contact number or email address, two letters of reference and a police certificate should be sent to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands. Fax (649) 946-1582, email: or APPLICATION DEADLINE: 3rd August 2011 ONLY CANDIDATES SELECTED FOR AN INTERVIEW WILL BE NOTIFIED



JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

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JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011


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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

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Digicel celebrated their fifth anniversary in the Turks and Caicos in a big way! Fashion shows by very promising local designers, games and giveaways including a $5000 prize were par for the course in addition to fine food (on sale) and cultural displays by The Turks and Caicos islands, Jamaica, Haiti and the Phillipines. The celebrations took place in Grand Turk on July 2nd and in Providenciales on July 9th and below are some photo highlights of the event. 1. Shalawn Delancy was the lucky winner of $5000 courtesy of Digicel. 2. Food from the Philippines was on display and also for sale 3.House of Jerrit design by Jermell Williams 4. The Jamaican booth 5. Digicel Staff Mike Dizzo performes to the delight of the crowd 6. House of Jerrit design by Jermell Williams 7. Saint George Fashion House Collection (SGFH) 8. Digicel staff in Grand Turk kick off the celebrations 9. The Band kept the Provo crowd entertained throughout the day 10. Ray-N-Elis and Justice Collection 11.RTCs Damian Wilson stops for a picture


12. Grand Turk residents participates in Domino tournament 13. Turks and Caicos booth 14. Digicel CEO E. Jay Saunders & Mr. Ben Kennedy of Grand Turk 15.The crowd was entraced by the fashion show 16. House of Jeritt design 17. David Bowen performance was an exciting folktale 18. A few of Digicel’s fans display their caps and tshirts. 19. This lucky lady (L) on a cell phone from Digicel! 20. Saint George Fashion House Collection 21. Grand Turk residents vote for best dancer 22. Ray-N-Elis Collection


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JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011



JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

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JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

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I could stick around and get along with you Hello oh-oh-oh-oh It doesn't really mean that I'm into you Hello oh-oh-oh-oh You're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party Don't get too excited cause that's all you'll get from me Hey Yeah I think you're cute but really you should know I just came to say hello Hello Hello Hello oh oh oh oh! I'm not the kinda girl who'd get messed up with you Hello ho-ho-ho-ho I'ma let you try to convince me too Hello oh oh oh oh It's alright I'm getting dizzy just enjoy the party It's OK with me if you don't have that much to say Hey Kinda like this thing but there's something you should know I just came to say Hello Hey I could stick around and get along with you Hello oh oh oh oh It doesn't really mean that I'm into you Hello oh oh oh oh

JULY 15TH- JULY22ND 2011

(you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party) (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party) (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party) (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party) (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party) (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party) (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party) (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party) (you're alright but I'm here darling to enjoy the party Hey I just came to say hello Hello Hello Hello oh-oh-oh-oh I'm not the kinda girl who'd get messed up with you Hello *oh-oh-oh-oh I'ma let you try to convince me to Hello ho-ho-ho-ho It's alright I'm getting dizzy just enjoy the partyyyy It's OK with me if you don't have that much to say Hey Kinda like this thing but there's something you should know I just came to say hey ho Hey

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011



Jaycee Dugard book sells 175,000 copies on first day Rescued kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard's book, "A Stolen Life," sold 175,000 copies in its first day of release, publisher Simon & Schuster said on Wednesday. The book, written by Dugard, went on sale July 12 and included print books, audiobooks narrated by Dugard and nearly 100,000 ebooks. "Stolen Life" set a new record for the publishing house for one day ebook sales, Simon & Schuster said. Dugard was kidnapped at the age of 11 by convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido and kept in captivity for 18 years where she was raped, handcuffed and gave birth to two girls fathered by Garrido. She was rescued in northern

California along with her two daughters in 2009, when Garrido aroused suspicion while on campus at a northern California university. Dugard has since been reunited with the family that lost her in 1991 and she lives with her mother and her two children. Garrido was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping and multiple counts of sexual assault. His wife, Nancy, was sentenced to 36 years. Her family has received a $20 million settlement through a state victims' compensation fund. "Stolen Life" covers the period from her abduction in 1991 to present day. The book was recently excerpted in People magazine and Dugard was interviewed

by Diane Sawyer on ABC's "Primetime" July 10. The show was watched by almost 15 million viewers, making it the most-watched TV program of the night. "Clearly the book has touched a nerve," said Jonathan Karp, executive vice president and publisher of Simon & Schuster. "The millions of people who read the excerpt in People magazine and watched Jaycee Dugard's interview on Diane Sawyer want to hear more of her voice, on the page, and the comments we're seeing online indicate that readers are finding inspiration in Jaycee Dugard's strength and resilience." Simon & Schuster said it has already gone back to press five times on "Stolen Life" for a total of 425,000 copies in print.

'Sister Wives' stars challenge Utah bigamy law The polygamous family featured on cable television's "Sister Wives" has filed a federal challenge to the Utah bigamy law that makes their lifestyle illegal. Attorney Jonathan Turley filed the lawsuit in Salt Lake City's U.S. District Court on Wednesday on behalf of Kody Brown and his four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. Kody Brown is only legally married to Meri Brown. The lawsuit asks a federal judge to declare Utah's bigamy statute, unconstitutional. Under the law, it is illegal for unmarried persons to cohabitate, or "purport" to be married. A person is also guilty of bigamy if they hold multiple legal marriage licenses. The third-degree felony is punishable by up to five years in state prison. Both men and women can be prosecuted under the law, which also applies to unmarried, monogamous couples that live together. Like most polygamists in Utah, Brown married the other three women only in religious ceremonies and the couples consider themselves "spiritually married." Formerly, of Lehi, the Browns belong to the Apostolic United Bretheran, a fundamentalist church that practices polygamy as part of its faith. The Browns and their 16 children moved to Nevada in January after Utah authorities launched a bigamy investigation. No charges were ever filed, but Tuesday, Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman said the investigation is ongoing. Turley, a law professor at George Washington University in Washington D.C., said the lawsuit doesn't aim to challenge Utah's right to refuse to recognize plural marriage, nor are the Browns seeking multiple marriage licenses. "What they are asking for is the right to structure their own lives, their own family, according to their faith and their beliefs," he said at a news conference outside the federal

the Brown family - Kody Brown and his four wives

— Meri, Janelle, Christine and roby

courthouse. The lawsuit contends Utah law violates an array of constitutional rights, including freedom of religion, free speech, due process and equal protection. On Tuesday, however, his spokesman, Paul Murphy said the state is prepared to defend its bigamy law. Utah has not prosecuted a polygamist for bigamy since 2003, when former Hildale police officer Rodney Holm was convicted of bigamy and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor for entering a religious marriage with a 16-year-old girl when he was already married to her sister. Holm was 32. He served a year in jail and probation. Polygamy in Utah and across the Intermountain West is a legacy of the early teachings of Joseph Smith, founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mormons abandoned the practice of plural marriage in the 1890s as a condition of Utah's statehood. An estimated 38,000 self-described Mormon fundamentalists continue the practice, believing it brings exaltation in heaven. Most keep their way of life a secret out of fear of prosecution, although over the past 10 years an advocacy group made up mostly of polygamous women has worked to educate the public and state agencies in Utah and Arizona about the culture.

'Frightened' halle Berry granted restraining order LOS ANGELES— Halle Berry obtained a restraining order against a man who was taken into custody outside her home hours earlier, the third such arrest in as many days. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Goodson ordered Richard Franco, 27, to stay 100 yards (90 meters) away from Berry and her young daughter if he is released from jail. It was Franco's third arrest for trespassing at the Oscar-winning actress' home in three days. "This person has jeopardized not only my personal safety, but also the safety and well-being of my family," Berry wrote in a sworn declaration. "This person has invaded and trampled upon the most fundamental sense of security I have, and I am extremely frightened of him and what he might do to me or those I love." Berry said Franco had come within a foot of her on Sunday, when he apparently followed her to her kitchen door. The actress wrote she was able to lock the door and call police before Franco got into her home. Franco was also spotted by Berry and her manager at the actress' home on Saturday, according to court files. Off-duty police officers hired by Berry to patrol her property saw Franco scale a security gate at her home late Monday. Berry wrote she was home alone with her 3-year-old daughter when Franco was arrested that night. He remained jailed in lieu of $150,000 bail on Tuesday. A hearing on whether to extend the order for three years was scheduled for Aug. 1. Berry won the best actress Academy Award in 2001 for her role in "Monster's Ball."

Jane Austen manuscript fetches $1.6M at auction LONDON - An unfinished early Jane Austen manuscript sold at auction in London on Thursday for almost $1.6 million, triple its highest presale estimate. The draft of "The Watsons" sold for $1.601 million. The price includes a buyer's premium. The auction house said the document sold to an anonymous buyer after extended four-way bidding in the salesroom. The incomplete work is the earliest surviving manuscript for a novel by Austen, probably written in 1804 but not

published in Austen's lifetime. Austen died in 1817 at age 41. It centers on a family of four sisters, the daughters of a widowed clergyman Sotheby's books specialist Gabriel Heaton said the heavily corrected draft "has afforded an extremely broad audience an insight into the author's writing process and reworkings." Sotheby's says it is the only major manuscript by the author still in private hands. Six Austen novels were published, including "Pride and Prejudice," but none of the original manuscripts survives.

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Cayman Islands Auditor General releases damning report on procurement practices GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands – The Office of the Auditor General has outlined recommendations which it says should be adopted by the government to better improve the procurement of services and lessen the risks for fraud and corruption in this British Overseas Territory. In a 39 page report, the Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick, said in the past year, there have been significant concerns raised, both in the public domain and within the public sector, about the practices used by government to procure and acquire supplies, assets and services. He said the government buys approximately US$250 million worth of supplies, services and assets every year, estimated at half of its spending and that give the economic constraints facing the country, such a service be managed properly. “Our audit found that the Government has not been effectively managing procurement and that there has been a fundamental breakdown in controls to ensure fairness, efficiency and transparency in procurement, as well as compliance with the laws and regulations,” Swarbrick said, adding “the issues our audit identified also clearly indicate that there has been little regard to the consideration of value for money”. The Auditor General said he is

Cayman’s Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick

“extremely concerned” by the absence of senior management leadership across the public services to ensure that there is effective and efficient procurement of supplies, services and assets, adding “we could not find anyone in the Government who has taken responsibility for this function; either centrally or at the entity level. “This lack of leadership is clearly demonstrated in the absence of the development of procurement expertise and guidelines, implemented by way of policies, procedures and practices, to

ensure an effective procurement function. “This in turn has led to every manager in the Government doing what they believe is appropriate to implement the obligations set out in the Public Management & Finance Law (“the PMFL”) and Financial Regulations.” Swarbrick warned that without the expertise and guidelines necessary to effectively carry out the procurement functions “it came as no surprise to my audit team when they found numerous situations where the practices being followed and the behaviours of officials were far from ideal. “Good governance of public sector operations demands that there is a clear line of responsibility between the politicians who make the policy decisions and the bureaucrats or administration that should be responsible and accountable for developing the management systems and practices to deliver on those policy decisions and provide assurance that laws and regulations are being followed. “Therefore, of great concern to me is the frequency and impact of political interference in the day to day operations of this critical government process,” he said, warning that “political interference has created significant risks for fraud and corruption that are virtually impossible to mitigate because of the

lack of checks and balances introduced by the practice. “Even if the Government implemented the best practices available to manage the procurement function, political interference would still create risks for fraud and corruption that are virtually impossible to mitigate,” he said, adding that in the statutory authorities and government companies, “we found that boards of directors are also interfering with the procurement activities of their entities. “In some cases, we found board members directly involved in the tendering and contracting processes. This interference has had the same impact on those organizations as we found in the core government.” Swarbrick said the audit has made numerous recommendations as to how the government’s current procurement framework needs to be fully implemented to operate effectively. “ In addition, we have made a recommendation for the Government to review its current framework, including how it is organized to ensure fairness, transparency and due regard for valuefor-money,” he said, urging senior government officials “to act expeditiously by developing an action plan that will fully implement the Report’s recommendations and be accountable for achieving results”.

Barbados economy shows modest growth BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The Barbados economy grew by 2.1 per cent during the first six months of the year and is on course to achieve “modest growth” in the region of 2.1 per cent this year, the Central Bank of Barbados (CBB) said Tuesday. In a review of the local economy, the CBB said that after two years of decline, winter tourism rebounded and the sector grew by 5.5 per cent during the first half of the year. It said the growth in non-tradables had been slower, with increases in whole sale and retail estimated at two per cent while the construction industry grew by 3.8 per cent. But even as the island welcomed the increase in winter tourism, the CBB said that there had been no build up in foreign exchange reserves as tourists spent less while vacationing on the island. “Nonetheless reserves remain more than adequate at the equivalent of 20 weeks of import. Business profitability has not recovered and corporation tax receipts fell short of expectations. “This made it difficult for government to meet financial targets in spite of the increase in the VAT (Value Added Tax) rate and restraint on discretional spending,” the Central Bank said. It said that the real growth in Gross Domestic

Product (GPD) in the first half of the year is estimated at 2.1 per cent. According to the CBB, the United Kingdom market continues to be a bright spot in the tourism recovery with arrivals to May posting a 14 per cent increase over the same period a year ago. Arrivals from Caribbean destinations grew by about two per cent to May and the CBB said that this was due to several sporting events including the West Indies Cricket Board’s One-Day international series and the CARIFTA Swimming Championships. The sugar harvest this year was adversely affected by excess rainfall and the CBB said that as a result, earnings from the sector are expected to be slightly below the amount received in 2010. It said that total manufacturing output fell by approximately six per cent in the first quarter of 2011. “It is estimated that tourism receipts contributed approximately 50 per cent of foreign exchange earnings for January to June compared to 52.1 per cent in a similar period last year. The share of domestic exports is estimated to be around 14 per cent of foreign earnings, compared to the 11 per cent recorded in 2010,” the CBB added. It said that high international oil and commodity prices contributed to a widening of the current

account deficit and that net capital inflows for the first half of the year were estimated at BDS$319 million (US$159.8 million) of which the major inflows included the shares in Barbados light and Power Company, financing to tourism and private projects and real estate flows. Provisional estimates indicate that during the first quarter of 2011, the level of employment declined from 10.5 to 10 per cent at the end of December 2010. The CBB said that the economy remains on course to achieve modest growth in the region of 2.2 per cent this year, provided there is no slowdown in the tourism sector. “The construction sector could also see further measured expansion with some contribution from foreign inflows, mainly to finance tourism related projects,” the CBB added. “As a result growth of these two sectors which make a major contribution to employment, the rate of unemployment is expected to continue to ease. “There are no inflationary pressures from domestic demand, but inflation is expectations are very uncertain, because of the unpredictability of import prices, especially for petroleum, “the Central Bank said.

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

Murders in The Bahamas increase by 40 percent Forty percent more murders were recorded between January 1 and July 11, 2011 compared to the same period last year, according to Nassau Guardian records. Up to Monday, the murder count stood at 69 compared to 49 at this point in 2010, which ended up seeing a record 94 murders. The count has seen a steady increase over the past fiveand-a-half years. The number of murders up to June 30 this year already surpasses the total number of murders recorded in all of 2006. The murder count stood at 65 up to June 30, 2011. In 2006, the number stood at 24 up to that same period. That’s 41 fewer murders than were recorded in the first half of this year. Murder figures up to the mid-year

point generally showed very little change during the next two years. In 2007, 41 murders were recorded during the first six months. In 2008, the figure stood at 38 — one more murder than was recorded in 2009, which stood at 37 up to June 30. Sixty-one murders were recorded in 2006; 78 in 2007; 73 in 2008; 85 in 2009, and as stated above 94 in 2010. If current trends persist, the country would set another murder record this year. Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade recently categorized the high rate of murder in the country as “disgraceful” and “unacceptable”. “You can’t explain that. For a nation that prides itself on respecting God and maintaining Christian values,

Widow of Scottish aristocrat challenges millions willed to St. Lucian national CASTRIES, St. Lucia – The widow of former Scottish aristocrat Lord Glenconner, says she intends challenging a will left behind by her late husband that gives a St. Lucian national who served as his servant at a beach house situated within the famous Piton Mountains. A Lord Glenconner, bought the island of Mustique and turned it into a millionaires' playground and gave a parcel of land to Princess Margaret when she visited the island on her honeymoon. A report in the British press said that Lady Anne wants Kent Adonai to hand over the house and all of it contents estimated at millions of dollars that were willed to him by the 83-year-old Lord Glenconner, also known as Colin Tenant, who died here last August. The Daily Mail reports that Adonai 48, who served as a servant to the former aristocratic for more than 30 years, is being told that the inheritance should have been handed over to Lord Glenconner’s 17-year-old grandson, Cody. Lady Anne has indicated that she is looking into the possibility of challenging the will even as family member admit that it may be a very difficult matter under laws of St. Lucia. Glenconner was married to Lady Anne for more than 50 years. According to the Daily Mail newspaper report, they were happy but lived largely apart. "Unfortunately, he changed his will seven months before he died and not one member of his family was named in this new will - not me, his wife for more than half a century, or any of his children or grandchildren", the paper quoted her as saying. The Daily Mail reports that the Scottish aristocrat, who died last August at 83, cut his entire family out of his will in the months before his death. Lord Glenconner (pictured above in 1989 with his wife Anne) was born Colin Tennant, inheriting the title of his father in 1983. The family grew rich in the 19th century thanks to Charles Tennant, who owned the patent to a bleaching powder. In the 1960s, Glenconner inherited £1m after his father sold the family business. He used the money to modernise Mustique, which he had bought in 1959. In a brilliant marketing stunt, he gave a parcel of land to Princess Margaret when she visited the island on her honeymoon. However, Glenconner eventually fell out with the island's management committee and sold his stake and his home. In 1992 he moved to St Lucia, and it is this estate that he has left to his manservant, Kent Adonai, who cared for him for years. The estate includes a beach house overlooking the Pitons - a world heritage site - and a valley worth millions of pounds. Adonai, 48, has reportedly cleared Glenconner's beach house and is selling the contents through the auction house Bonhams.

that is unacceptable,” he said last week at the Bahamas Christian Council Conclave at the British Colonial Hilton. Of the murders committed so far this year, guns have been identified as the weapon of choice in just over 70 percent of the killings, according to authorities. National Security Minister Tommy recently said the police department is determined to rid the country of illegal weapons. Turnquest said a major contributing factor to the surge of gun-related crimes has been the trafficking of narcotics, coupled with the availability of firearms. “We have seen that firearms have been the weapons of choice for the protection of the contraband during transportation, and are also smuggled

in along with the drugs. There has also been evidence that illegal drugs are traded for illegal firearms, in addition to cash,” he said. “These weapons are used for protecting turf, for intimidating customers and competitors, for empowering recruits into criminal enterprises, for maintaining discipline, and for executing informers. “As such we have seen a direct correlation between the drug trade, illegal firearms and violent criminality.” Since the beginning of the year, the government and the police force have launched several initiatives in an effort to stem the tide of violent crime. So far this year, nearly 220 guns have been seized.

BTC eliminaTes inTerisland Cell phone raTes in The Bahamas The Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) mobile customers will now pay the same rate to call any cell phone in the country, as the company has eliminated the extra charge for interisland cell phone calls. BTC has also made it possible for cell phone users to call or text any other cell phone on its network without using the prefix ‘242’, simplifying the process of making calls and messaging. The changes went into effect July 10 and are part of Cable and Wireless Communications’ strategy to transform the telecommunications provider since it bought a majority share in April, BTC CEO Geoff Houston told The Nassau Guardian yesterday. “We felt that to make it more competitive, more customer-focused, we needed to deal with what we felt were some of the barriers to communication within The Bahamas,” Houston explained. “One of the barriers was obviously the surcharge that customers were paying across the mobile network to call the Family Islands.” BTC now allows customers to dial and text message using only the receiver’s seven-digit number. Customers can also return calls to numbers that appear with ‘1-242’ or simply ‘242’ in front of them. Houston said the previous process was “making calling unnecessarily complicated,” and the two major changes should “make calling easier for customers and cheaper as well.” “We see our business in The Bahamas as one business whether you’re in Exuma or Abaco or New Providence or any of the cays, we see it as one network, one business,” he said. But BTC’s move won’t come cheap. The company will lose the 18 cents per minute it previously charged for interisland calls. Houston said the move to eliminate the extra charge will have a negative impact on the company’s revenue in the short-term, but both changes should have the opposite effect in the long-term. “We’re actually making it cheaper

and more importantly we’re making it easier to call,” he said, adding that business will probably increase in a few months time. “I think it will take some time as people figure out it’s easier to make calls and return calls. And people will start to figure out that it’s now a bit cheaper. Over the coming months I think it’s going to be quite positive for the business and actually help grow the business and grow the services.” Houston said BTC has three goals at the top of its agenda: Reorganization, transformation and integration. In terms of reorganization, BTC recently concluded the application phase of a voluntary separation exercise program (VSEP) which the company hopes will trim its workforce by 30 percent. “We’re cautiously optimistic that we’re making progress with the program,” he said. “Obviously the offer stage is closed and now we’re starting to process all the applications and I would expect that over the month of July some of our colleagues will start to leave the business. And that will kick-start the whole process of reorganizing the whole company as we start to get much more lean and more customer focused.” Houston said that transformation is also a critical component of the company’s strategy as it seeks to prepare itself for competition when the mobile market is liberalized in three years. The second big thing on the agenda is to manage the integration of the business into the Cable & Wireless family, in particular in terms of LIME in the region. He admitted that integrating BTC into Cable and Wireless Communications’ Caribbean operation (LIME) will take more time given the other two major objectives.As far as how Cable and Wireless has fared since the controversial acquisition of the majority stake in BTC, Houston said: “We’re pleased with progress as it stands at the moment.”

JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

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Officials say Libyan opposition to be recognized ISTANBUL — More than 30 countries will recognize the Libyan opposition as the "legitimate authority of Libya," officials said Friday, a move that would keep up the military pressure on Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and potentially free up cash the rebels urgently need. Such a move would be a major upgrade for the opposition Transitional National Council, which has been seeking formal recognition from the United States and others for months. As it becomes increasingly clear that the council will govern a postGadhafi Libya, senior U.S. officials have said the Obama administration was preparing to strengthen ties once it presents detailed plans for a democratic and inclusive government. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been pledged to special financial mechanism, but tens of millions in

frozen Gadhafi regime assets in the U.S. and elsewhere are still inaccessible to rebels because of the lack of recognition and U.N. sanctions. Speaking on the sidelines of the fourth meeting of the Contact Group on Libya in Istanbul, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told reporters that "the entire Libyan Contact Group decided to recognize the TNC as the legitimate authority of Libya." French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said, "this means that we will be able to unfreeze a certain amount of money belonging to the Libyan state since it is the Transitional National Council which as of now will have this responsibility." A road map to end the conflict demands that Gadhafi must resign and a cease-fire be declared with a goal for democratic elections, Juppe said. He stressed that military pressure will be

kept until Gadhafi steps aside. Earlier Turkey's foreign minister urged delegates to find "innovative ways" to support the Libyan opposition. Ahmet Davutoglu suggested the group open lines of credit to meet the Libyan rebels' "urgent need for cash" before the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, which starts next month. Turkey has already started a $200 million credit line, he said. Davutoglu also stressed the need to increase humanitarian aid as the holy Muslim month of Ramadan approached, warning that ongoing U.N. sanctions are causing suffering among people living under Gadhafi's control. There have been concerns about whether the initial government would represent the full spectrum of Libyan society, and Human Right Watch called on the Contact Group on Libya to press the opposition to ensure that civilians

are protected in areas where rebels have assumed control. The right groups said Friday it has documented abuses in four towns — Awaniya, Rayayinah, Zawiyat alBagul, and Qawalish — recently captured by rebels in the western mountains, including looting, arson, and beatings of some civilians who remained when government forces withdrew. "Rebel abuses may pale in comparison with the atrocities by Libyan government forces, but they require immediate attention," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. "Governments supporting the NATO campaign should push the opposition to protect civilians in areas where rebels have control, especially where some people may support the government."

BomB exPloded during funerAl for AfgHAn President's AssAssinAted BrotHer Explosives hiddern in a man's turban were detonated inside the mosque funeral service of Hamid Karzai's half brother, Ahmed Wali. A suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden under his turban Thursday after entering a mosque here where hundreds of people had gathered to pay respects to President Hamid Karzai's half brother, who was assassinated on Tuesday. The mosque attack killed at least three people and raised fears that Kandahar was entering a cycle of violence in the wake of the death of Karzai's brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, who was the most powerful man in the region. The assassination and the mosque bombing, coming so close together, further unsettled people and increased their sense of vulnerability to attacks by the Taliban and other groups who might want to take advantage of the perceived lack of local leadership after Ahmed Wali Karzai's death. Little new emerged Thursday about Sardar Muhammad, the man who shot Karzai to death, other than that he had run four security posts near the Karzai family's ancestral village of Karz in the Dand District. Eleven men worked for him, and they were at Ahmed Wali Karzai's house at the time of the killing, said the Kandahar police chief, General Abdul Raziq. All of them have been

detained, he said. The Taliban neither accepted nor denied responsibility for the mosque attack, raising suspicions that they were behind it, but were uncomfortable that it had occurred in a place of worship. President Karzai, who had visited Kandahar a day earlier for his half brother's funeral and burial, had returned to the capital and was not in the mosque on Thursday, but many government officials from Kandahar and Kabul were there for the memorial service. In recent years, Kandahar has been a center for violence, but many expected that security would be so tight in the days after Ahmed Wali Karzai's death that there would be little risk in attending the service. Raziq said the bomber seated himself next to Hikmatullah Hikmat, the chief of the Kandahar province religious council, and detonated the explosives. Hikmat and two others, including another senior imam, were killed, and 15 people were wounded, according to the Interior Ministry. It appeared that the bomber might have entered the mosque with the clergymen, taking advantage of the cover that they provided because imams are not searched, said Haji Mohammed Ehsan, a provincial council member who was near the blast. The chief of intelligence for Kandahar, General Mohammed Naim

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, attends the burial of his half brother in his family's ancestral village of Karz, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, July 13, 2011.

Momin, condemned the attack and said it violated the Pashtun legal code known as Pashtunwali. "We respect those people who wear turbans and did not check the turban as a sign of respect, but he betrayed this respect and hid explosives in his turban," he said. The attack came as the United Nations released a report that found the Taliban and other antigovernment groups were responsible for 80 percent of the fatal attacks on civilians. The UN special representative in

Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, said that the United Nations has been in discussions with the Taliban about civilian casualties, but now wanted to see action to lessen them. "They will not like this report," he said. "But, our message remains the same: They can contribute by correcting any factual mistakes in the report, but they also have to contribute by reducing the use of these improvised explosive devices," he added, referring to the roadside bombs that are the biggest cause of civilian deaths.

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

FBI opens inquiry into Murdoch's News Corp. The phone hacking scandal that has ignited a political firestorm in Britain jumped the Atlantic on Thursday as the FBI opened an investigation into whether British reporters tried to access cellphone messages and records of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in violation of U.S. law. The preliminary probe further rattled the New York-based global media empire of Rupert Murdoch, who was forced this week to withdraw his $12billion bid to take over Britain's largest satellite broadcaster, and raises new questions about the future of News Corp. U.S. officials said the FBI is trying to determine if a full investigation is warranted, and no evidence has yet emerged to confirm that News Corp. employees sought to hack phones in the United States. But the unfolding scandal sent the company's battered stock down another 3% in trading. The FBI's New York field office launched the investigation after several members of Congress urged an inquiry into British media reports that journalists at News Corp.'s recently closed News of the World tabloid in London had tried to gain access to phones of Sept. 11 victims and the families of those who died, according to federal law enforcement officials. "We are doing this based on their requests," said one official, who requested anonymity because the investigation is underway. "But after reviewing the letters and their

Rupert Murdoch

allegations, and after consultation with the U.S. Attorney's office in New York, we are proceeding." Felony convictions in a U.S. court could imperil the 27 federal licenses that News Corp. uses to operate TV stations across the country. The stations are part of the Fox Broadcasting Co. network. Overall, News Corp.'s U.S. holdings are larger and more profitable than those in Britain. They include the 20th Century Fox movie studio, the Wall Street Journal and New York Post newspapers, and HarperCollins Publishers.



Facing an angry backlash by lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic, Murdoch told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that corporate executives would create an independent, internal committee to "investigate every charge of improper conduct." Murdoch defended his company's handling of the widening controversy, saying executives had made only "minor mistakes." Murdoch said he was "getting annoyed" with press coverage of the scandal, but said, "I'll get over it." He predicted that the financial and political damage to News Corp. was "nothing that will not be recovered." A News Corp. spokesman said the company had no public comment on the FBI investigation. Separately in Britain, Murdoch and his son James, after initially refusing a summons, agreed to appear Tuesday before a committee in Parliament that is investigating the alleged phone hacking and police bribery there. Rebekah Brooks, who heads the company's British newspaper division, also agreed to testify. She was editor of the News of the World when some of the hacking allegedly occurred, but has denied any knowledge of it. News Corp. has faced a deepening crisis in Britain since reports in a rival publication that News of the World reporters hacked into the phone of a teenager kidnapped in 2002 who was later found slain, and may have

impeded a police investigation into the girl's disappearance. The pressure intensified Thursday with the arrest of former News of the World executive editor Neil Wallis, the 9th person who worked at the tabloid to be detained by police. Separately, lawmakers called for the FBI, Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission also to investigate whether U.S.-based News Corp. violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which forbids bribery of foreign officials to obtain or retain business. Legal experts said that if News Corp. journalists bribed London police, the company and its employees could be criminally prosecuted. But with British authorities already pursuing the case, it would be unusual for the U.S. to get involved. "I don't think the Justice Department would be in a rush to insert itself" in a British bribery case, said Richard Cassin, a Charlottesville, Va., lawyer who helps clients comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. "But because of the disgusting allegations, the public revulsion and the political hornet's nest that all of this created, the Justice Department may feel pressure to get involved," he added. Violations of U.S. anti-bribery provisions carry penalties of up to $2 million. If convicted, employees could face up to $250,000 in fines and five years in jail.

services. 5. Responsible for the dissemination and enforcement of Policies related to the protection of clients, and the general public, the environment, and employees. 6. Coordinate and conduct on-site and off -site educational health and laboratory presentations. 7. Report communicable disease findings as required. 8. To develop the standard operating procedures for all. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Must have a Bachelors of Science degree in Medical Technology. At least five years work experience in a Medical of Public Health Laboratory.


SALARY T28 – T33 $28,512.00 - $32,292.00 PER ANNUM

Under the general direction of the Director of Health Services, is responsible for the administration, coordination and evaluation of all Public Health Laboratory services such as, investigation and test procedure for Food Microbiology, Water and Waste Water, Entomology, Veterinarian, Pollutants and heavy metals, virology, Microbiology (bacteriology parasitology, mycology) for the purpose of obtaining information for the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring of all clients for the investigation, surveillance and control of environmental conditions and factors that are of public health importance.

For persons recruited outside the Turks and Caicos Islands a two (2) year extendable contract is offered. Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include a Housing Allowance, end-of-contract gratuity of 15% of salary, return passages for a family of up to two children under the age of sixteen (16) years, freight cost and duty exemption on personal effects imported within six (6) months of the appointment.

MAIN DUTIES 1. Plan and Coordinate the activities of the Government Public Health Laboratory. 2. Responsible for reviewing and revising laboratory procedure and policies. 3. Responsible for budget request for supplies and equipment. 4. Monitor the cost effectiveness of all Public Health Laboratory

Applicant’s resume including contact number or email address, two letters of reference and a police certificate should be sent to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands. Fax (649) 946-1582, email: or APPLICATION DEADLINE: 3rd August 2011 ONLY CANDIDATES SELECTED FOR AN INTERVIEW WILL BE NOTIFIED

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011



Chavez says cancer fight my longest walk CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez turned to philosophy and Twitter to describe his efforts to beat cancer on Monday, summoning the words of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. "I find myself before my highest mountain and my longest walk," Chavez said in a message posted on his Twitter account. "That's how Zarathustra spoke!" That quoted a passage from Nietzsche's treatise "Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None." Nietzsche's book focuses on a prophet who reflects on his life as he descends from a mountain retreat and returns to mix with mankind. Chavez occasionally quotes the German philosopher in his speeches. Chavez's government also said Monday that the president is recovering quickly after undergoing surgery last month that removed a cancerous tumor. Chavez remarked on his health during a telephone conversation with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday while exercising outdoors, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

recovery and told him he could count on Russia's help if needed. It said Medvedev told him that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov plans to visit Caracas on Aug. 22-23, and that he hopes to host Chavez in Moscow soon. Chavez's remarks followed other optimistic assessments by his allies. Bolivian President Evo Morales, who visited the Venezuelan leader last week, told Colombian radio station Caracol on Sunday that Chavez "has survived the bad moment, the worst." Aristobulo Isturiz, a prominent member of Venezuela's ruling party, dismissed allegations from opposition In this photo provided by Miraflores presidential press office, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, politicians that Chavez is not fit to third right, exercises as part of his health recovery process at the Alejandro Petion military govern due to his illness. He told a academy in Fuerte Tiuna, Caracas, Venezuela news conference on Monday that Chavez is diligently attending to his Chavez told the Russian leader surgery in Cuba on June 20 to remove duties as president. "that he has experienced a rapid a tumor from his pelvic region. Chavez "The president is governing, and recovery from the complex operation," hasn't said what type of cancer is he has not stopped governing for a the Foreign Ministry said, adding that involved. single moment," Isturiz said. "Despite the president has been undergoing a Since his return to Caracas on July his process of recuperation, he's been first phase of rehabilitation. 4, the 56-year-old president has slowed working." It said that "has generated an his normally heavy agenda and has Another ally, former Venezuelan optimal scenario" as he starts a second limited the length of his televised Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel, phase of recuperation, adding that speeches, saying he is under strict said in an interview with the Chavez now has a "feeling of realistic orders from his doctors. Colombian magazine Semana that "for optimism." The Foreign Ministry said the moment he's not going to need Chavez has said he underwent Medvedev wished Chavez a speedy chemo

US suspending $800M in Pakistan aid WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has ordered the suspension of $800 million in aid to the Pakistani military, his chief of staff said Sunday, as part of what experts say is a tougher line with a critical U.S. partner in the fight against terrorism. Top aide William Daley described the U.S. relationship with Pakistan as "difficult" and said it must be made "to work over time." But he added that until "we get through that difficulty, we'll hold back some of the money that the American taxpayers are committed to give" Pakistan. The suspension of U.S. aid, first reported by the New York Times, followed a statement last week by Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, that Pakistan's security services may have sanctioned the killing of a Pakistani journalist who wrote about infiltration of the military by extremists. The allegation was rejected by Pakistan's powerful military establishment, including the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency, which has historic ties to the Taliban and other militant groups and which many Western analysts regard as a state-within-a-state. Daley, interviewed on ABC television's "This Week," suggested the decision to suspend military aid resulted from the increasing estrangement between the U.S. and Pakistan, especially since the U.S. raid in May that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden not far from Pakistan's equivalent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. "Obviously there's still a lot of pain that the political system in Pakistan is feeling by virtue of the raid that we did to get Osama bin Laden," Daley said. A senior U.S. official said the suspension was triggered by the Pakistani army's decision to significantly reduce the number of visas for U.S. military trainers. "We remain committed to helping Pakistan build its capabilities, but we have communicated to Pakistani officials on numerous occasions that we require certain

support in order to provide certain assistance," said the official, who was not authorized to discuss the issue publicly and spoke only on condition of anonymity. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently told senators that "when it comes to our military aid, we are not prepared to continue providing that at the pace we were providing it unless we see certain steps taken." Pakistan army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas declined comment on the suspension. He pointed to comments by Army Chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who last month said U.S. military aid should be diverted to civilian projects. Hasan-Askari Rizvi, a Pakistani political and defense analyst, said the U.S. decision to suspend aid is an attempt to increase pressure on Pakistan, but he believes it could hurt both sides. "The Pakistani military has been the major supporter of the U.S. in the region because it needed weapons and money," said Rizvi. "Now, when the U.S. builds pressure on the military, it will lose that support." George Perkovich, an expert on Pakistan with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, called the suspension "overdue." "We've been trying for years to get, persuade, push the Pakistani army to conduct military operations on their border with Afghanistan, especially in North Waziristan, and they've said it's not in their interest, that they're overstretched already," Perkovich said in a telephone interview from Paris. "I think it's smart to say, 'We hear you.'" Perkovich said if U.S. financial aid didn't change the behavior of the Pakistani military, then withdrawing it probably wouldn't either. But he said the termination of the $800 million in assistance could lead to a re-examination of the military's role in that country. "Internally in Pakistan, there's going to be a much more intense debate now on whether the Army has put the country on a good course," he said.


3 Waitresses 1 Kitchen Helper 1 Labourer Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 941-4653

Manager Wanted An experienced senior manager to handle multiple desalination plants and waste water treatment plants in the private sector. Must have proven and verifiable track record in the daily management, supervision, coordination of work. Must be able to develop detailed technical and commercial reports and be prepared to assume significant administrative and financial responsibilities. Must be an excellent communicator with excellent computer, planning and administration skills. Salary commensurate with experience Please submit applications to The Manager, P.O. Box 97, Caribbean Place, Providenciales, Fax 649 946 4564, with a copy to Department of Labour, Providenciales

TAYLOR’S VARIETY STORE 5 LABOURERS at $6.50 per hour. Must be able and willing to work on weekends and holidays. 5 DOMESTIC WORKERS at $5.50 per hour 5 SALES AGENTS at $6.00 per hour Contact No. 232-1199


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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

S&P warns of downgrade if no debt deal reached Ratings agency Standard & Poor's has warned there is a one-in-two chance it could cut the United States' prized AAA credit rating if a deal on raising the government's debt ceiling is not agreed soon. Putting the U.S. on negative watch, S&P warned that it could cut the rating as soon as this month if talks between the White House and Republicans remain stalemated. Any cut would be by one or more notches, it added. The dollar fell on the news. U.S. Treasuries were largely steady. John Chambers, the chairman of S&P's sovereign ratings committee, said "this is the time" for the two sides to tackle the country's long-term debt problems. "If you get a small agreement, that will lead to a downgrade," he told Reuters in an interview. A downgrade could raise borrowing costs not only for the United States but also for loans that use the Treasury rate as a benchmark. Some money managers that are restricted to investing only in AAArated assets would be forced to dump Treasuries, which could spread

disruption through global financial markets. The S&P warning comes just a day after Moody's Investors Service warned the U.S. may lose its top-notch credit rating in the next few weeks if lawmakers fail to increase the country's legal borrowing limit of $14.3 trillion and the government misses debt payments. The deadline to raise the ceiling is on August 2. "Today's CreditWatch placement signals our view that, owing to the dynamics of the political debate on the debt ceiling, there is at least a one-intwo likelihood that we could lower the long-term rating on the U.S. within the next 90 days," the agency said in a statement. "We have also placed our shortterm rating on the U.S. on CreditWatch negative, reflecting our view that the current situation presents such significant uncertainty to the U.S.' creditworthiness," S&P said. "Further delays in raising the debt ceiling could lead us to conclude that a default is more possible than we previously thought. If so, we could lower the long-term rating on U.S.

government this month," S&P said. U.S. Treasuries reaction was generally muted, perhaps because Moody's had already raised the possibility of a downgrade. Dealers said the market might also be hoping that the pressure from the agencies would jolt U.S. lawmakers into reaching a deal. As a result, Treasury prices dipped only modestly, lifting 10-year yields to 2.97 percent from 2.92 percent late in New York on Thursday. The dollar fell against the euro to a session low of $1.42 before pulling back a bit to $1.4180. Dealers said the market was wary of buying the euro ahead of the results of Europe-wide stress tests on 90 banks due later Friday which could force some to seek state aid. "Markets won't be able to shrug this off completely," said Adrian Foster, head of financial markets research for Asia Pacific at Rabobank International in Hong Kong. "But the United States is in a different position from other countries. This is not some fiscal reform program that they have to put in place. This is just political machinations.

Apple tests new chips with TSMC Taiwan's TSMC has begun trial manufacturing of next generation chips for Apple Inc's mobile devices, a source with knowledge of the matter said on Friday, in a sign that the iPad maker is shifting from its traditional chip supplier, Samsung Electronics. Samsung is the sole supplier of the A5 chips used in the iPad 2, but Apple has hinted it is keen to diversify away from the Korean company. The two are battling a legal dispute over patents, and Samsung has also emerged as Apple's toughest competitor in the smartphone and tablet market. Apple faces several hurdles should it want to make a switch to TSMC, including patents and chip design issues as well as a push by Samsung to retain the business. "Apple is trying to diversify its orders but it will still maintain some kind of relationship with Samsung," said Fubon Securities analyst William Wang. "I think TSMC will get the new chip orders,

the issue however is allocation. Apple won't give the whole 100 percent to TSMC. Maybe it'll allocate only 20-30 percent." Analysts and other sources had previously said TSMC, the world's largest contract chip maker, was set to become a supplier of a next-generation processor chip to Apple, likely starting next year. However the chip may not be called the A6, as some reports have indicated, the sources said. TSMC is an obvious candidate to win processor business from Apple as it has budgeted $7.8 billion this year to update technology and add capacity. It also has experience with the architecture of British chip designer ARM Holdings Plc, widely used by Apple to make power-efficient mobile chips. TSMC spokeswoman Elizabeth Sun told Reuters she could not comment on this issue or on market rumors. Apple was not immediately available for comment and a Samsung spokesman declined to comment.


1 LABOURER Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 243-7785

"It has less of a market impact, because we're programed to think the political machine will come through at the end of the day." So protracted has been the wrangling over the budget that S&P warned that even if there was a deal done on raising the ceiling, it might still cut the rating if it was not convinced the agreement went far enough to address medium-term debt strains. "If an agreement is reached, but we do not believe that it likely will stabilize the U.S.' debt dynamics, we, again all other things unchanged, would expect to lower the long-term 'AAA' rating, affirm the 'A-1+' shortterm rating, and assign a negative outlook on the long-term rating," said S&P. The S&P statement showed the need for Congress to act to raise the debt limit, Jeffrey Goldstein, the U.S. Treasury's under secretary for domestic finance, said in a statement. "Congress must act expeditiously to avoid defaulting on the country's obligations and to enact a credible deficit reduction plan that commands bipartisan support," he said.

Shares of TSMC have slipped 1.5 percent so far this year, outperforming the broader market's 4.4 percent decline. "TSMC has got all the authorization and details ready. Whether Apple puts in a formal order will depend on the yield rate," said the source with knowledge of the matter, who requested anonymity on the grounds of not being authorized to speak to the media. The source did not provide further details of the orders. Whether TSMC would get actual orders for the chips would depend on its yield rate, or the amount of chips per batch that come out with no defects, the source said. The global semiconductor industry is set to grow by 7.2 percent this year, boosted by soaring sales of tablets and smart phones, research firm His iSuppli says. The market for tablets, created only last year with Apple's iPad, is expected to surge to 108 million devices next year from an estimated 70 million in 2011 and just 17.6 million in 2010, according to research firm Gartner.

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011



Bernanke warns spending cuts could derail recovery US- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned on Thursday that overzealous cuts to government spending in the short term could derail a shaky recovery and said a debt default could wreak financial havoc. "I only ask ... as Congress looks at the timing and composition of its changes to the budget, that it does take into account that in the very near term the recovery is still rather fragile, and that sharp and excessive cuts in the very short term would be potentially damaging to that recovery," Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee. Congress and the White House are stalemated in talks on cutting the budget deficit, with Republicans seeking $2.4 trillion in spending cuts in exchange for agreeing to raise the $14.3 trillion government borrowing limit. The Treasury has said it will run out of money after August 2 to pay all of the country's bills if a deal is not reached to raise the debt ceiling. On the second day of delivering the Fed's semiannual monetary policy report to Congress, Bernanke renewed his warning that a United States debt default would be devastating for the U.S. and global economies. "It would be a calamitous outcome," Bernanke said. "It would create a very severe financial shock that would have effects not only on the U.S. economy, but the global economy." Failure to raise the debt limit in time would constitute a "self-inflicted wound" to the economy, he added. Moody's Investors Service warned

U.S.F ederal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

late on Wednesday that the United States could lose its top credit rating in coming weeks if a standoff between the White House and congressional Republicans over raising the statutory borrowing limit is not resolved. Earlier on Thursday, China -- the United States' biggest foreign creditor - urged the U.S. government to adopt responsible policies to protect investors' interests after the Moody's warning. Another ratings agency, Standard & Poor's, also privately told U.S. lawmakers and business groups, a congressional aide said on Thursday, that it might still cut the United States' rating if the government fails to make any of its expected payments -- on debt

IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Mechanic Technician • Must have knowledge and experience in repair and maintenance including preventative maintenance to prevent down time on commercial laundry equipment including 250lb washer, flat ironer, folding machines, steam dryers, valet equipment, boilers, 150hp boiler feed tank, steam water heater and chemical injection system. Duties Include: • Maintain proper preventative maintenance to laundry equipment and boilers. • Maintain proper inventory on designated parts to avoid down time. • Maintain proper amount of chemical injection on boiler feed tank and proper conductivity at boilers. • Preventative maintenance to steam traps and steam lines. • Must be able and willing to work all shifts Bar Back Requirements: • Prior experience working in a luxury restaurant • Excellent communication skills • Attendance and timeliness • Ability to understand the guest, internal and external, and meet and exceed the needs of both the guest and the company • Ability to provide genuine service through actions that display self-confidence, grace and courtesy to guests and colleagues Duties Include: • Cleaning counters, floors, shelf and refrigerators; and removing trash • Checking coolers and shelves to ensure proper stocking of beers, wines and liquor • Restocking bar with ice when needed • Checking for supplies such as sugar, salt, stir sticks, straws, napkins, etc.; and requisition supplies when needed • Cuts fruits and garnishes • Restocking bar with clean classes • Must be able and willing to work all days and shift

or other obligations. In comments that mirrored his remarks on Wednesday, Bernanke said the Fed is prepared to act if the modest recovery from the recession that ended two years ago falters. He made clear, however, the Fed is not at that point now. For one thing, inflation is higher than in late 2010, when the U.S. central bank readied its most recent round of bond buying, he told lawmakers in response to questions. "Today the situation is more complex," Bernanke said. "We're not prepared at this point to take further action. On Wall Street, stocks fell as Bernanke's comments raised questions about the Fed's readiness to ease rates further. The dollar rose against most major currencies as another round of monetary stimulus looked remote. Economic reports released on Thursday suggested the economy will struggle to regain speed in the second half of the year, as the Fed has forecast. The number of Americans claiming initial unemployment benefits dropped last week, but remained elevated, and retail sales barely rose in June, government data showed. Also, producer prices in June posted their steepest decline since February 2010 as energy prices eased. While Fed policymakers have been worried about rising inflation, the risk of a damaging deflationary spiral could force the central bank to act to promote growth. Economists polled by Reuters cut

their outlook for U.S. growth to 2.5 percent this year. That forecast put the United States ahead of major European economies except Germany, but behind some major emerging markets including China. Although Bernanke told Congress the Fed's recently completed $600 billion bond-buying program has been effective in lowering long-term interest rates and coaxing investors to take greater risks, it has been controversial, and several lawmakers questioned it on Thursday. "I believe the stage is set for a resurgence of inflation if the Fed is not careful," Senator Richard Shelby told Bernanke at the hearing. Former Fed chairman Paul Volcker on Thursday also raised doubts about the Fed's ability to ease policy further, adding that more efforts might have negative unintended consequences. "There are limits as to how much more they can do within things that are feasible for a central bank," he said in an interview with Reuters Insider TV on the sidelines of a conference in London. "With interest rates so low, practically to the vanishing point, there is always a question of whether you end up inadvertently stimulating speculative activity that you'd just as soon not stimulate," he said. Volcker's reputation as a former Fed chairman is high because he was willing to plunge the U.S. economy into a painful recession to break the back of high inflation.

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Williams-Darling Delano Williams to highlight Panthers Track Meet By Vivian Tyson

The Turks and Caicos Islands will see its first international track since 2007, when the Panthers Track Club hosts its inaugural international meet to take place at the National Stadium at Venetian Road, Providenciales on August 1. The meeting is to be highlighted by Olympic 400m champion Tonique Williams-Darling and the 2011 Carifta Track and Field Championships 100m champion Delano Williams. This meet is being sanction by the TCAAA and is first of its kind to be hosted in the Turks & Caicos Islands, according to President of the Club, Judith Robinson. Already international athletes out of the Bahamas have signaled their intention to take part

in the meet, among them 400m runners Andrae Williams and Andretti Bain. A number of track clubs out of the Bahamas will also take part. They are Sliver Lightening, Road Runners and Ambassadors Athletic Club all from Nassau. There will also be a great deal of local participation in the event which is billed to be an epic affair. The Green Machine out of North Caicos and the Pistons –from Grand Turk are only a few of the teams expected to take part. There will also be a primary section, which will see schools such as Enid Capron Primary and Champion for Christ School taking part. “The feedback from our youths, community and the Bahamas has been positive, for many had indicated their willingness to participate in this event, namely our very own Mr. Delano

Williams who will be performing for the very first time since he left for School. We also will have Mrs. Tonique Williams-Darling one of the Bahamas Olympic Gold medalists in the women 400m,” Robinson noted. She also said companies are invited to field teams to compete against each other as the meeting opens to all sectors, to foster community spirit. “We are inviting your organization to be apart of this historic moment as we work together to develop Track & Field in these our Turks & Caicos Islands. We would like to take this time to invite your company to consider putting a team together for this event to run in our open company 4x100m relay or the company 100m,” Robinson said.

TCIFA not responsible for players’ immigration status

By Vivian Tyson

The TCI Football Association has rubbished claims by midfield ace Gavin Glinton and striker Billy Forbes that it was not doing enough to fast track immigration status for players desirous of donning the national colours so as to strengthen the national team. Glinton and Forbes made the comments on Monday, July 11, just before the former’s departure to the United States. The claims came against the 10-0 aggregate drubbing of the TCI National Team by the Bahamas in the two-way tie qualifiers for FIFA 2010 World Cup finals to be held in the Brazil. As a result of the losses, the TCI has crashed out of contention. The two contended that the TCI was loaded with talented footballers with foreign nationalities, who have been living in the TCI for a number of years and are interested in representing the TCI at the international level, but have been excluded due to their status. The two claimed that apparently no efforts were being made to get those players’ eligibility up to par so that they can become standardbearers for the national side. However, President for the TCIFA, Christ Bryan issued a stinging response, dispelling those and many other claims, while accusing the players of sewing discord within the team instead of being examples to younger players. According to Bryan, the TCI FA is not responsible for securing eligibility status for persons wanting to play for the National Team, but will be able to instruct them as to what steps to take. “FIFA rules are clear on eligibility to play for a National Team. The player must be born in the Turks and Caicos Islands and hold citizenship or their parents or grandparents hold citizenship or they have gained citizenship through marriage or residency. FIFA also allows in the case of Dependent Territories that players holding the passport of the governing territory and that have been resident for five years are also eligible to play.

Chris Bryan

“The TCIFA is not responsible for a player’s application for citizenship. This is their responsibility and theirs only, if they want to play for the National Team. If players do qualify for citizenship under the Ordinance and approach us for help then we will advise them on how to file the documentation to an appropriate standard acceptable to the Ministry of Border Control. The claim that we have not done enough to make sure that players had the necessary paperwork to play is therefore misleading,” Bryan said in the statement. Responding to the player’s claim that it appears that TCIFA was accountable to no one, Bryan stated that the FA is accountable to FIFA and CONCACAF, which he said have high regard for the Association and its national programmes. He said that TCIFA is fully audited and the audits have to be approved by FIFA each year. He added that the executive committee is elected by the members of the association such as the clubs, leagues and youth associations at the Annual General Meeting. Bryan said the TCIFA has built a youth development structure that includes age groups from Under 7, to Under 20 for both genders, pointing out that currently there are more than 500

youth players registered with the Association. He noted, too, that the country has entered male and female teams at the FIFA's U17 and U20 World Cup Qualifying Competitions, also ranking alongside the likes of Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti. The FA President said the minimum fee for any child to take part in the Association’s programmes is $20 a year to help contribute to the uniform cost, saying also that a maximum voluntary annual donation of $50 is also charged. “No child in the community is excluded from our programmes due to lack of financial means. We have invested heavily in football infrastructure at our National Academy in Providenciales and we have just installed a US$750,000 state of the art artificial pitch to help alleviate the wear and tear on our international sized grass pitch. We will continue to invest to improve the facilities that are already the envy of many other Caribbean countries. “We have a football programme currently running in Grand Turk and we have been trying to run similar programmes in South Caicos and North Caicos but need someone to step forward on these islands to help us to establish youth football there. The claim that we are not doing enough to develop football in the country is therefore false,” Bryan charged. According to the football boss, the TCIFA and its executive committee is always open to dialogue on differing opinions, while accommodating to individuals desirous of participating through administration, coaching, refereeing, sports medicine and club participation in our leagues. “What is not helpful to everybody involved is when uninformed individuals who have not been present in the country in the past three years pass judgment on the Association and what it is trying to achieve for the Turks and Caicos Islands. We had hoped these individuals would have been proud to play for their country and would have led by example as role models to the younger players, instead of continually trying to undermine the coaches and the National Team's unity,” Bryan said in the release.

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JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

TCI crash out of FIFA World Cup qualifiers The Turks and Caicos Islands were sent packing from the CONCACAF FIFA World Cup qualifiers when after being trounced 6-0 by the Bahamas in Nassau last Saturday to lose the two-way tie 10-0 on aggregate. The TCI lost the first game played at the National Stadium in Providenciales 4-0. Lesly St. Fleur scored five times for the Bahamas in the rout. St. Fleur scored four second half goals, three in a 17-minute span. Demont Mitchell and team captain Nesley Jean shared the other two goals for The Bahamas. St. Fleur, one of the tiniest players on the field, took over in the second half after missing a few opportunities in the first half. At just 5’6” tall, he was able to manoeuvre through defenders, particularly in the second half, thereby giving himself opportunities to score. In topping hockey’s version of a hat trick, he put the game out of reach, propelling the Bahamas into CONCACAF’s second round. Bahamas Head Coach Kevin Davies said: “These young guys are the ones who deserve all the credit. They worked hard and they really deserve to win. We threw away a lot of chances but we’re more than happy with the outcome. The game could have easily been in the double digits in our favor, but we still came out with the victory – 10-0 in two games is more than what we could have asked for. “Against the stronger teams, we won’t get that many easy chances so we’ll definitely have to take advantage of the ones we have. When we get them, we’ll have to put them away. We’re just hoping for a good draw. Obviously, we have no control over who we play so we’re not focused on that at this point. We feel that as long as we’re on the field we have a chance, and obviously we’ll be on the field for the second round so we have a chance. For now, we’re just going to enjoy this win though.” The draw for the second round will be held July 30, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – the host country of the 2014 World Cup. The Bahamas along with 23 other teams from around the region will be grouped into six pools of four teams each. Only the winner from each group will advance to the third round of qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Quality Kings open account with a win

The Quality supermarket kings beat KB Home in the first match of the Quality Supermarket/ vita Malt-sponsored Seven Teams Cricket Competition played on Sunday 10 July 2011 at the Meridian field. Batting first after winning the toss, Quality Supermarket kings posted 167 runs for 9 wickets from 20 overs. Top-scorer for the Kings was George Niles with 26 runs and Pawan kumar and Jetu Gangalani added 20 runs each. Bowling KBHome Neil Coles claimed 3 wickets for 20 runs from 4 overs and Blair Mason bagged 3 wickets for 34 runs from 4 overs. KB Home in reply were bowled out for 93 runs in 17 overs. Blair Mason top-scored with 32 runs and Gareth Butler made 25 runs. Bowling for Quality kings Earl Henry Pawan kumar and Anish Thomas Took 2 wicket s apiece.

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TCI Footballers feel let down by coaching staff

By Vivian Tyson

Turks and Caicos Islands International Gavin Glinton is knocking the national football programme for the team’s failure to advance to the next round of the FIFA qualifier for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, after suffering a humiliating 10-0 aggregate loss to fellow minnows the Bahamas on July 2 in the TCI and July 9 in Nassau. The TCI was swamped 4-0 in the first leg played at the National Stadium and decimated 6-0 in the second in Nassau. Apologizing on behalf of his teammates to the country, Glinton charged that had the right team been fielded for the two-way tie, the Bahamas would have had trouble overcoming the TCI team. In the meantime, TCI’s main striker, Billy Forbes, who is attending college in Texas, USA, said he would consider whether or not to represent the TCI should the same level of apparent nepotism and or coaching incompetence continues. Glinton, who has been with the Turks and Caicos Islands National Team since 2002, said prior to the latest round of losses, the Bahamas, edged the TCI 3-2 in a previous tournament. But it appeared that no efforts were being made to bolster the TCI football to at least set it on par with that of its neighbour. “The reason I came back here to play in the TCI as opposed to anywhere else – the USA or anything like that – is because of my country, my people and my friends here. I love this country, it’s my home, that’s where I was born, and it has been great pride for me to be back here and playing. “Unfortunately, these last two weeks have seen us get beaten 10 to zero over the course of two games by the Bahamas. In 2006, we went down to Cuba to play in the Digicel Caribbean Cup and we lost to the Bahamas 3-2. “In the past five years apparently there has been a gap that has been opened, that I personally find unacceptable and, which I find unacceptable for the people of the country. So, let me first issue an apology to the people of the country, and say that was never our intent to go out and lose in such a way,” Glinton said. Glinton told reporters at the Providenciales International Airport on Monday, July11, shortly before departing to the US, where he plays professional football, that while he acknowledged that the FA was trying to give exposure to young players, this level is not the place for experiment, but rather, the strongest possible team should be fielded. Glinton said from his observations,

many of the younger players brought in appeared lost against a Bahamas team that seemed ordinary. “I will start at the fact that we had quite a number of youngsters in the team, who, in my opinion, were not ready. It is common practice that when you want to bring youngsters in a team that they should be ready. If they are not ready, that’s what you have the Under 17 and Under 20 for. “I felt that we had quite a number of young players, who in some way or another were affiliated with the coaching staff and members of the FA that were put on the field and I think it showed in the first loss, 4-0 to the Bahamas at home. Many senior players were upset that many players were moved around in positions that they were not comfortable with, to accommodate some of these (young) players, who weren’t ready,” Glinton said. Glinton told the press corps that it was all chaos in the camp, pointing out that the team lacked basic necessities such as ice for injured players and nutritional drinks to revitalize exhausted players, saying all that was available was a jug of water. “We also had some issues with players not being able to get their eligibility in. Some of these players were the same players that three years ago in 2008, when we lost to St. Lucia 3-2, were still fighting for (immigration status). Three years down the road and nothing has changed. It is quite frustrating for myself and a number of people that things haven’t been sorted out. “Some of these issues were personal; people not getting along with certain members of the staff, and being excluded from the National Team. That should never happen. The National Team should be the best players for the country regardless of who they are, and not if you are getting along or agreeing with this person, that person or the other. So, for that, I think were not able to field our best team for the National Squad, which is quite a shame, because there is quite a bit of talent on this island, and I think we could have advanced,” Glinton said. Glinton added: “Three years ago we played at home and we won our first ever qualifying match against St. Lucia, and we narrowly lost in the St. Lucia 2-0, to lose aggregate 3-2 and, to come back three years later and get beat by a Bahamas team, who, with all due respect, wasn’t as good as that St. Lucia team, is quite disheartening.”

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JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

Footballer Gavin Glinton writes open letter to TCI people My name is Gavin Glinton and the reason I write this letter is two-fold. One reason is to refute some of the untruths Matt Greene has told in regards to the recent World Cup qualifying campaign. The other, and most important reason is that I love my country and want to see football develop both domestically and internationally. I was born in Grand Turk. I am the Son of Earle Glinton and Grace Collymore. Grandson of Ona Glinton. I am the brother of Cheryl Shand and Claire Robinson. Nephew of Hyacinth Saunders. I'll just give a very brief football (soccer) background: I am a 4-time Division 1 University All-American soccer player, a 7 year Professional soccer player (5 years in Major League Soccer), and have been a part of the TCI National Team since 2004. In addition, I am a two year Division 1 University Assistant Coach and possessor of Gavin Glinton a United States Soccer Federation National 'B' Coaching License. I write this letter in response to heels of a 4-0 loss). Again I ask, 'why'? All of this is verifiable just by asking the players my recent WIV interview and subsequent rebuttal by Matthew Greene, Technical Director of the themselves. Why Matt lies when he can be disproved TCIFA. Matt Greene has made unfounded talks so easily is beyond me. Matt continues to make baseless talks when about the players’ nutrition, the so-called rebellion, speaking about eligibility of players. There were a and about players being left off solely for eligibility number of people who were fighting and all close reasons. In regards to nutrition, the physio was present to getting their passports before and after the first for one training session in the almost three weeks leg. When I spoke to Matt one-on-one about a that I was in camp. At no time did he discuss particular player, Dukens Dorisca, Matt told me, nutrition with any of the players while I was there. "he's not playing", and continued to repeat it when I asked why. Other players only needed letters of For Matt to say otherwise is simply disgusting. In fact, none of the players who reside in Provo support from the FA and received none. If his claim were given anything in terms of per diem for food. of personal feelings towards players was not a My brother Duane Glinton and I were initially factor is true, explain how certain players were able offered $120/week for food and told that that would to receive passports IN-BETWEEN legs 1 and 2? be consistent with what the guys from Grand Turk The bottom line is that the push for eligible players were getting. That comes out to about $17 dollars started long after the games were announced, and a day for food (I can assure you Matt Greene is on there was plenty of time for things to be in order. It is my opinion that this was done purposely to ensure much more than that). We were also told to find our own certain players would not be eligible. Matt also speaks about the 3-2 loss to the accommodation and transportation while in Provo. After we replied that accommodation and food Bahamas in 2006 saying 'we were allowed to field per diem is standard in any World Cup Qualifying international players'. There are a few things wrong camp, we were given a minimum amount of funds with this statement. One is the fact that the Bahamas to cover everything (accommodation, food, and was allowed to field them as well. Also a number of transportation for three weeks). We knew it would our players would by now have had their eligibility be nowhere near close to enough, but decided to if the FA was truly concerned with improving the do it anyway because of our passion and history of National Team. Matt also oddly glosses over the 3-2 loss to St. Lucia in 2008 when all players held TCI playing for our country. Billy Forbes told me himself that he received Passports. Matt Greene says it's a good thing to have so nothing while in Provo despite being in from many young players in the team as opposed to excollege in Texas. As for Matt's statement about 'rebel' players pats. Again, I fail to see how losing 10-nil to the trying to undermine the team, he somehow fails Bahamas with an inexperienced team just three years to mention that the fifth player in the meeting the after a narrow loss to St. Lucia can be considered a night before the game was his own team captain good thing in any sense. Young players get promoted and 4-time World Cup qualifying veteran Philip to the Senior National Team after they have proven Shearer. Why he decides to leave that out I'll leave themselves first. Imagine any profession where this is not the case. to you to decide. Furthermore, how can Matt say he's concerned It is also very curious as to why Matt fails with developing the National Team if the two games to note that the experienced players tried on numerous occasions before and after the first leg against the Bahamas are the FIRST TWO official to speak with the coaching staff about selections. games for the senior team since 2008? No Digicel After the 4-0 loss at home, there were serious Cup, no friendlies, nothing. How many national concerns about the lineup. Concerns that were, in teams have not played ONE SINGLE GAME in between World Cup Qualifying campaigns? Maybe, my opinion, rightly justified. He also fails to note that this meeting was not if he had done so, he would have found that most of just the wants of the five players, but a consensus his young players weren't ready. I also find it odd that Matt talks about developing of most of the team who we had spoken to on football in the country, but then uses work permits as numerous occasions leading up to the match. The response we got is, "we're not changing anything." an excuse to shrink the league and alienate football In all of my experience I have never seen a staff fans. He might have an argument if the league was dismiss the suggestions of a teams best and most paying anything to players but since it is not, it just experienced players so easily (especially on the seems like a reason to exclude others in an attempt

to consolidate power. What good is it to have a 4 team league in which 2 teams are TCIFA controlled/affiliated? You only have to look at the crowds that the newly created unofficial leagues are getting, to see that this view is not only ineffective, but actually stifling the growth of football as players are not getting the best competition possible. Matt also claims that I don’t know what’s going on since I’m not on the island most of the time. The truth of the matter is that I was here before him, and I’ll be here after him. I speak from what I have seen, and the truth is that football has declined in this country on the senior level. Speak to older footballers on the island and they will say the same thing. These comments are by no means the rants of one person; I have spoken to many, many people who feel the same way. It seems that Matt is the one who is out of touch with the larger football community on the island. Again, why are crowds in the newly separated leagues larger than in the domestic league? He speaks about the youth developing as if that should supersede the National team. As if school politics should supersede Government politics. This claim in itself shows a lack of competence in the FA. Who are the young players learning from? What are the standards being set for the youth? It’s not as if he’s bringing teams over to play; or giving the senior team any matches for that matter. While youth development is necessary, just setting up the youth to play in itself is not enough. What are the results of this youth development? Or, is it a case of someone using youth to prolong a position in a job? I believe it is a case of the latter. The job that Matthew has is simply results based; just getting out and ‘competing’ (like he keeps repeating) isn’t adequate. I am completely baffled by his claim that the senior team ‘competed’ for large parts of a 10-0 aggregate loss. These types of statements coupled with his fact-free utterances lead me to believe it is a case of a man saying anything to stay in power. As for Matt's claims that the senior players are to blame for the loss, we are all to blame. If you heard my interview, you heard me say that many times. However, I'll leave that to you to ask the players and fans who performed well and who didn't. It's actually just as laughable as the rest of his argument. It does not surprise me, though, that as the chief man in charge, he is cowardly trying to deflect any and all blame from himself. Simply put, Matt Greene's fact-free utterances are, in my opinion, an attempt to keep the people of the TCI unaware of the reality of the situation in hopes of keeping a job in which he has failed on the most important level. Trying to use youth development to explain away regression on a senior level is a weak argument at best, and deceptive at worst. I further would ask the people and or Government of Turks and Caicos to look closely into the dealings and actions of the FA over the last years in order to find out just how and why we go from 3-2 to 10-0 in three short years. I hear that the FA receives at least $250,000 a year from FIFA and there appears to be no clear accounting as to how this is spent in developing football in the country. Any organization with no checks and balances is a dangerous one, and I think these results warrant a change in that.

JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

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notICe oF Sale By PuBlIC auCtIon Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. of Cherokee Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands: 1. Parcel 60503/225 Blue Hills and Stammers Run Providenciales, comprising of two existing structures each containing two bedrooms, one bathroom, living/dining area and external deck area. Registered Proprietor: Alice Louise Arthur 2. Parcel 60505/132 Blue Hills and Stammer Run, Providenciales, comprising of a two storey residential development, upper level accommodation consists of two, one bedroom units, containing a kitchen, living room and dining room. The ground level accommodation consists of a three bedroom unit, containing a kitchen, living room and dining room. In addition contains an incomplete single storey building comprising three, one bedroom, one bathroom units containing kitchen, living/dining area and front deck area. Registered Proprietor: Jean Baptiste Millien and Jeannial Israll Baptiste

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3. Parcel 60101/21/K42 Northwest Point Providenciales, comprising of a one bedroom unit on the second floor, one bathroom, living room and balcony. Registered Proprietor: Elizabeth Lynn Perch

6. Parcel 60609/23 Norway & Five Cays, Providenciales, comprising of a two storey residential development, three bedroom, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room, and terrace areas. Registered Proprietor: Patseylee Corina Gray 7. Parcel 60002/209 North West & North Central Providenciales, comprising of a one storey residential development, two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining room. Registered Proprietor: Tamara Erica Williams 8. Parcel 60804/49 The Bight & Thomas Stubbs Providenciales, comprising of a two storey residential development, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room and laundry room. Registered Proprietor: John Alexander Williams 9. Parcel 60900/195 Leeward Going Through Providenciales, comprising of a single storey residential development, two bedroom, one bathroom, living room and kitchen. Registered Proprietor: Dexter Alexander Ingham 10. Parcel 60610/184 Norway and Five Cays Providenciales, comprising of a single storey residential development, two bed rooms, open plan living room, dining room and kitchen. Alongside, there is a new two storey structure which provides a small one bedroom unit on each level. Registered Proprietor: Earl Nathan Tucker 11. Parcel 60003/114 North West & North Central Providenciales, comprising of a single storey residential development, three bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, great room, laundry room and covered porch. Registered Proprietor: Stephanie Bernadette Forbes & Oneil Edward Riley 12. Parcel 60002/253 North West & North Central Providenciales, comprising of a single storey residential development, three bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, great room, laundry room and covered porch. Registered Proprietor: Christopher Ricardo Reid & Cathyann Donita Harris Reid. 13. Parcel 60900/156 Leeward Going Through Providenciales, comprising of a two storey residential development, consisting of two one bedroom apartments on the lower level, each unit contains a kitchen, living/dining area and bathroom. Upper level unit comprises of three bedrooms, two bathroom, kitchen and living/dining area. Registered Proprietor: Evans Bobby Lavard The auction will be held at the offices of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Grace Bay Branch, Providenciales at 11 o’clock in the morning on Friday the 22nd day of July 2011 A reserve price will be fixed on all parcels. A deposit of 10% is due immediately upon all accepted bids. Terms and Conditions of Sale by Auction are available by request from Scotiabank Collections Manager (649) 946-8034 or fax number (649) 9464409.

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4. Parcel 60703/164 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill Providenciales, comprising of a three storey detached main house incorporating four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, living area, dining area, office, kitchen, laundry, recreation room, 2nd living area, master bedroom lounge, garage, pool and terrace areas. In addition guest house contains a one bedroom guest room and maid quarter. Registered Proprietor: Thomas Chalmers Atkinson Misick and Joyanna Roselee Misick 5. Parcel 60809/168 The Bight & Thomas Stubbs Providenciales, comprising of a single storey apartment building containing four one bedroom, one bathroom units, kitchen, living/dining area. Registered Proprietor: Paulamae Patyslee Missick


A Cook Jamaican dishes Salary $7.00 per hour Quality Supermarket is recruiting an experienced Freezer/Inventory Supervisor to supervise and operate the activities. Suitably qualified belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged. Salary is based on the experience and the qualification.

Freezer/Inventory SuPervISor

- Suitable candidate must have minimum of 4+ years of experience in the same field - Must have degree from a reputed university preferably a business management degree - Must have an extensive experience and knowledge of preparing or purchase orders - Must have extensive knowledge in foodservice business - Extensive knowledge working with QuickBooks Pro is must - Must be Fluent in English - Closing Date: July 27th 2011 Suitably qualified candidates should apply in writing or send resume Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm Managing Director Quality Supermarket Limited Leeward Highway Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Tel:941-7929

Quality Supermarket is recruiting an experienced Manager to manage entire business activities of quality supermarket ltd. Suitably qualified belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged. Salary is based on the experience and the qualification.

Manager - Suitable candidate must have 10+ years of experience in the business management - Must have degree from a reputed university preferably in area of business/science or maths - Must have an extensive experience and knowledge of preparing business plans and budget - Must have extensive experience in managing foodservice business - Must have experience in working with POS systems - Extensive knowledge working with QuickBooks Pro is must - Must possess a strong IT & HR background - Must be Fluent in English Suitably qualified candidates should apply in writing or send resume Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm Managing Director Quality Supermarket Limited Leeward Highway Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Tel:941-7929

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JULY 15TH- JULY 22ND, 2011

NBA lays off about 114 league employees NEW YORK — The NBA laid off about 114 people over the last two days, planned cost-cutting moves that a league spokesman said Thursday are "not a direct result of the lockout." The laid off employees represent about 11 percent of the league office workforce in New York, New Jersey and internationally. Spokesman Mike Bass told The Associated Press the layoffs are "not a direct result of the lockout but rather a response to the same underlying issue; that is, the league's expenses far outpace our revenues."

"The roughly 11 percent reduction in headcount from the league office is part of larger costcutting measures to reduce our costs by $50 million across all areas of our business," Bass said. The league said it lost $300 million this season after losing hundreds of millions in each previous year of the collective bargaining agreement that expired at the end of the day June 30. Owners locked out the players after the sides remained far apart in their final proposals. Commissioner

David Stern said at the time it was too early to think about how it could affect staff, but acknowledged that the league would "have to go back and look at everything now with our operations." But the reductions had already begun. The NBA and teams had trimmed staff by about 275 since October 2008, either through layoffs or by leaving positions vacant when employees departed. The league has also cut administrative costs, travel and new technology. It consolidated offices in

Europe and Asia, closing offices in Paris and Tokyo, and is shutting down the studio in Secaucus, N.J. where it annually holds the draft lottery. The NBA Store on 5th Ave. in New York has been closed, though the league has said it will reopen in another location. Already at least two teams, Detroit and Charlotte, have cut staff since the work stoppage was announced exactly two weeks ago. Stern said that day a lockout "has a very large impact on a lot of people, many of whom or most of whom are not associated with either side."

Rogge pledges to step up IOC fight against doping

Keith Carmickle of Kingman, Arizona was saved from falling by his brother and a friend who grabbed him around the ankles and held him until help arrived

RAngeRs FAn Dies, AnotheR AFteR him sAveD FRom DeAthly FAll Four days after a fan died trying to catch a baseball at Texas Rangers game, a spectator at Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby came close to replaying the fatal fall at last week's game, the Associated Press reported. Keith Carmickle of Kingman, Arizona toppled over a railing at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, trying to snag a home run hit by Milwaukee Brewers Prince Fielder. He leaned forward to reach for the ball and lost his balance, falling headfirst toward a pool deck 20 feet below. He was saved by his brother and a friend who grabbed him around the ankles and held him, dangling there, until others arrived to haul him back to safety. "I thought: I've lived a good life," Carmickle said about dangling. His near miss came the same day as the memorial service for Shannon Stone, a 39-year-old fan who died last Thursday whilst trying to catch a ball thrown to him by Rangers All-Star Josh Hamilton. But in Carmickle's case, a tossed ball wasn't the problem; he'd reportedly already caught three. Standing atop a metal table about 18 inches wide, Carmickle reached for the ball, only to have it hit a wall several feet below him. "I stepped up on the table, I missed the ball by 2 or 3 feet and went over," Carmickle said. "We caught three balls and I told the guys I was going to go for the cycle. Dude, they were really holding onto me."

A DoMESTIC WoRKER CAREgIvER is required for

the summer break. Salary $5.00 per hour Please call E. Smith @ 242-1063

"Doping is most certainly the biggest threat to sport because it undermines the health of the athletes and it undermines the credibility of the athletes," Rogge told a meeting to mark the 100th anniversary of the Japanese Olympic Committee on Friday. "We've made the fight against doping our priority on the International Olympic Committee. We have doubled the number of tests between the Sydney Olympics (in 2000) and London (2012)." Rogge admitted that keeping sport totally free of the scourge of doping was a near impossible task but the IOC would continue to adopt a zero-tolerance policy. "While we will never be able to have zero doping, I can say with great pleasure that we are making bigger progress. "Today it is far more difficult to (get away with) doping than it used to be a couple of years ago." Rogge also called for countries to clamp down on crowd violence before the Olympics in Britain, which has seen its share of soccer hooliganism in the past. "The second major danger for sport is violence, in and out of the venues," he said. "This is a major problem, mostly in team sports, where we need a good association between the public and the sports authorities. "Sport alone cannot solve it, but we have to lead by example."


1 MAID NEEDED For general house cleaning Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 946-4355


4 Barbers 3 Hairdressers

Salary $6.00 per hour Contact 346-8933/347-2180



Interested persons contact us Email:



JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

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JUNE 25TH - JULY 2ND 2010 JUNE 18TH - JUNE 25TH, 2010


Page 45 JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011Page 45 JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011



JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

JULY 15TH - JULY 22ND, 2011

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