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by hayden boyce Sun Publisher & editor-in-Chief

RESIDENTS OF THE Turks and Caicos Islands will have to pay a whole new set of taxes, including a ten percent tax on the consumption of electricity and water, from April 1st, 2011, and more soon after. As part of its new tax reform package, the Interim Government has announced some new revenue measures which are designed to secure a more sustainable source of funds to improve Government’s revenue and ensure that this country can pay its own way. Continued on Page 2


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Provo Power Company (PPC), this week acquired a $20-million diesel engine which is expected to boast its generation capacity as it expands across the Turks and Caicos Islands. Under the guidance of the police and the Department of Road Safety, the Wärtsilä 20 VW 32 engine took approximate four hours from South Dock to its destination along Leeward Highway, bringing traffic to a crawl in the process, as the engineers ensured that the pricy equipment was meticulously cared for along its journey. The power company described the engine’s acquisition as the realization of another element of its capital investment programme in the Turks and Caicos Islands. They said its installation would boast the utility company’s generation capacity to 59.5 megawatts.

COST Of Civil SeRviCe and STaTuTORY bOaRdS TO be CuT bY 25 PeR CenT STORY On Page 13

Man wiTh 39 wiveS and abOuT 100 ChildRen STORY On Page 37

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New taxes in TCI from April 2011


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Government’s financial year starts on April 1st, and according to the Tax Reform bulletin which was released to the media, there is a proposal to introduce temporary taxes on the consumption of electricity and water for the financial year 2011 to 2012, plus a proposal to introduce a temporary tax on Bank and Insurance service charges over that same period. In answer to the question that electricity and water are already too expensive in TCI, and why should we consider taxes on electricity and water to further increase the cost of these utilities, the TCIG stated: “It is still necessary to generate additional revenue to assist in the reduction and eventual elimination of the fiscal deficit. Preparations for VAT implementation usually take between 18 and 24 months. However, the introduction of a sales tax on the consumption of electricity and water would not only generate a significant revenue stream quickly but also facilitate future VAT introduction. If VAT were to be introduced it would apply to both electricity and water consumption.” The introduction of a 10% sales tax on the consumption of electricity and water would generate around 5 US$ million per year. 10% is the likely rate for VAT in TCI. It was explained, however, that the proposal is to have a separate threshold for monthly usages of electricity and water, below which, consumers would not be subject to either tax. The TCIG is undertaking a study to establish the thresholds under which the electricity and water taxes would not apply. So whatever the threshold is established it would appear, for example, that a family of six that uses significant amounts of water and electricity and would be subject to the water and electricity taxes whereas a family of two would use significantly less and may not be subject to the taxes. There is also a proposal to implement a Value Added Tax (VAT) and a proper structure of excise taxes. According to the Interim Government, if VAT is introduced, the Accommodation Tax, the Stamp Duty on Vehicle Hire, the temporary Electricity sales tax, the Water sales tax, and the Bank and Insurance Services Tax would be repealed and customs tariffs would be reduced on average by 50% in the financial year 2013 to 2014. There is also a proposal to introduce a Customs Processing Fee

of 4% and apply it to all imports and importers (except for government). They are also proposing amendments to an increase in fees, licenses, and charges, because many of the amounts associated with fees, licenses, and charges have not been adjusted for some time. For example, the TCIG noted, business licenses were introduced in 1996 and have not been adjusted to reflect the effect of inflation (36%). In most cases the increases will be around 35%. However some fees and charges will be eliminated. The cost of licenses, fees, and charges will be reviewed on a periodic basis and adjusted accordingly.. In terms of what will be eliminated, the TCIG listed the following:. Administration feeBusiness License, Temporary work permits, Audit fees, Dental fees, Examination fees, ID card fees, Medical Fees, Salt Cay Boat Fees, Tender Document Fees, School fees, Migrant Health Processing Fees and Taxi meters. The press statement noted: “Other changes were looked at but these were complex and would overturn last year’s changes which were designed to simplify the customs duty system, help small businesses and improve social welfare. It is fair to say some of these reductions have not been passed on to consumers because of the lack of scale and competition in many business sectors in the TCI.” Government also proposes to modify the system of fees, licenses and charges to simplify, account for inflation and increase revenue. There is also a proposal to transform the work permit process into a monthly charge based on the work permit holder’s salary rather than the category of work. The Interim Government said it will not introduce property taxes because “currently there is no definitive database and it is not the appropriate point in the economic cycle. A low annual property tax is also unlikely to generate significant annual revenue”. Explaining why it should look at Customs to raise more revenue since it already changed tariffs in July 2010, the TCIG stated: “ Evaluation of the potential impact of the new tariff structure on revenue was completed prior to the introduction of the tariff changes last year. Unfortunately, a lack of data on demand forced the use of static scenarios that did not take into account the different import elasticity of the construction, hotel and restaurant sectors. The assumption that import values would be



proportional to total GDP did not work as anticipated. TCI imports are heavily dependent construction rather than on other economic sectors. With the construction sector at a standstill, imports did not reach previous years’ levels and revenues fell. Consequently, changes are required to generate additional revenue to compensate for the expected lower value of imports in the forthcoming years.” It added: “An immediate fix involving a “one off” increase of the tariff rate across the board and the elimination of most exemptions in place is considered to be the simplest and fairest way to improve revenues. However, since the elimination of the exemptions will require new legislation and it could not be completed in the short-term, a flat rate Customs Processing Fee

(CPF) on all imported items can be implemented by April 1, 2011, and is consistent with Customs Processing Fees present in many other Caribbean countries.” In relation to whether the Customs Processing Fee (CPF) affect the price of food, the TCIG stated: “ The 4% Customs Processing Fee (if approved) would apply to the value of all imported goods, including food. Consequently there is likely to be an “one off” increase in the price of food.” It was also noted that currently there are many organizations and individuals such as Statutory Bodies, Charities, Youth Organizations, Sports Clubs, Museums, Public Servants and Taxis and Passenger Carrying Vehicles and some developers who enjoy an exemption from customs tariffs. The CPF will apply to everyone who imports except for government.


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Work permit system in Turks and Caicos Islands TO BE CHANGED


By Hayden Boyce SUN Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

THE GOVERNMENT OF the Turks and Caicos Islands plans to transform the work permit process into a monthly charge based on the work permit holder’s salary rather than the category of work. This is part of the new tax reform system aimed at increasing revenue for the Turks and Caicos Islands. Answering the question why it is considering a reform to the work permit system, the TCIG stated in a tax reform bulletin: “ Work Permits and Residency Fees represent almost 10 percent of total revenue. Notwithstanding the fact that they are called fees, the great number of work categories and charges defined in the permit fee schedule appears to be a tax levied on income, but charged only on the employers of non-residents. The system of work permits and residency fees is cumbersome and full of distortions. A streamlining of the current system is necessary.” It added: “The downturn within the construction sector has adversely affected revenues from work permit application and renewals in recent years. Companies in this sector that used to employ a large number of non-residents are leaving or have left the country and are not returning. This situation highlights the need to replace the current work permit


system–based to a large degree on the performance of the construction sector–by a system that relies more on tourism activities, since the latter has proven to be more resilient to the global financial crisis.” The highlights of the proposed work permit system will include: • the elimination of the repatriation program, • the establishment of an efficient monthly fee collection mechanism, • 10% of work permit holder’s monthly salary paid by employer to NHIB, • Employer of record, should the permit holder change jobs, is responsible for payments, • Euitable-based on salary, rather than category of worker, • Employee monthly earnings reported to NHIB as well, • Increased revenue

Regarding why has the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP) rather than the National Insurance Board (NIB) been selected to collect the 10% of monthly salary from employers, the Government said both statutory bodies were considered as the collections agency for the new work permit system. “However, NHIP currently has a more widespread standard for items included in salary and they request that employers report total salary as

opposed to the NIB, which caps the amount that is reported,” the bulletin said. As to when will the new “Work Permit” system become operational, it was noted that preliminary discussions have taken place with the NHIP and the Immigration Department and that legislative changes will be required to support the new system as well as changes to the systems operated by the NHIP, the Immigration Department and employers. Once these changes have been completed the new system will be implemented. In response to the question of whether bonuses and other benefits be included in salary for work permit purposes, the TCIG said all emoluments, including bonuses and other benefits will be included in salary for work permit purposes. It was stated that there will be no cap on salary subject to the 10% fee. Consequently, if a nonresident earns $5,000 in a month then the fee would be $500, however if a nonresident earns $12,000 in a month then the fee would be $1,200. It was noted that in the seafood industry, payments to fishermen as well as plant workers are basedon production. The question was asked, how will the work permit fees be calculated in this case? TCIG said that work permits should be levied on all income

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His Excellency Governor Gordon Wetherell

received by the work permit holders. In the case of fishermen, employers calculate earnings based on production and 10% of these earnings should be paid to NHIB. The introduction of the new work permit payment process (employer pays while non-resident employee works) appears to be similar to how income tax is paid by employees in countries that operate a personal income tax regime. The question was asked if this the first step in a movement towards personal income tax in the TCI? TCIG stated: “The responsibility for the payment for work permits rests with the employer and not the employee. Although the monthly payment for the work permit is based on the non-resident’s monthly salary it is not an income tax on these individuals, but a fee the employer is required to pay for the work permit.”

EU funded revenue study presentation goes online

FOLLOWING A SERIES of live radio broadcasts and meetings last weekend on the EU funded revenue study the Government has published the presentation made by taxation experts on their revenue options. The presentation has been provided to all media houses to publish on their websites. Chief Economic Adviser, Mr Brian Titley, underlined the need for a modernising economy to have a modern, efficient and fair tax system. ‘The present system in the Turks and Caicos Islands is unduly complex and expensive to administer. It is distortionary, too easily avoided by some sectors and falls heavily on others. Any administration here should be seeking to simplify the tax system to reduce

public sector costs, remove unnecessary burdens on business and to stabilise public revenues necessary to plan and deliver more efficient public services’. Mr Delton Jones, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance added: ‘It is unfortunate that some taxes and fees will need to rise in the short to medium term to close the deficit and reduce the significant public debt that has accumulated, particularly since the end of 2006, and which amounts to around $12,000 for every man, woman and child in the economy’. They both agreed the interim administration and its Advisory Council will need to make some tough decisions on public



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revenue and spending in the long-term interests of the TCI economy. Comments on the revenue options developed by the European Union funded experts are invited from stakeholders and can be sent to The consultants report they have already received a number of useful comments, for example, about how the proposed system of new work permit fees would apply to industries such as fishing in which employee remuneration is usually based on the catch. However, alternative proposals submitted by businesses and the public must be technically and economically feasible and demonstrate how they adhere to sound principles of taxation design.


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Aftermath of Closure of BBC Caribbean Service - Private media have responsibility too LOCAL NEWS

BY Sir Ronald Sanders

If the closure of the BBC’s Caribbean service leaves a vacuum for a daily pan-Caribbean radio news service, it is the fault of the Caribbean news media not the British government or the BBC. Others have lamented the decision by the British Government to close the Caribbean Service of the BBC as part of its cost cutting exercise. My lament is different. First, I regret the loss of employment by the hardy group of Caribbean broadcasters who diligently kept the service alive; and second, I deplore the fact that, in all the years since the independence of Jamaica and Trinidad in 1962 and Barbados and Guyana in 1966, Caribbean radio stations have not, built on early efforts to make such a service permanent and sustainable in the Caribbean by the Caribbean. I admit now to a vested interest in this matter. As far back as 1969, I was among a handful of people from around the Caribbean that helped to establish the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) and a few years later, the Caribbean News Agency (CANA) on whose inaugural Board of Directors I sat. We did so against the background of the collapse of the West Indies Federation in 1962, and the formation of the Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA) in 1968. It was clear to us that, in part, the West Indies Federation had collapsed because dissenting politicians had been able to capitalise on the paucity of knowledge about each other that existed among the Caribbean people of the time. We knew that, if a new integration process were to have any chance of success, there was an urgent need for daily information and communication. The second reason that motivated us to establish the CBU and CANA was that up to then, there was no direct flow of information between the countries that made up CARIFTA which later became the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM). For instance, news from


Guyana to neighbouring Trinidad, was despatched via Reuters to London, edited there, and then sent back to Guyana and Trinidad. The same principle applied across all the countries of the Caribbean. Again, we felt that with several of our countries then freshly independent and others on their way, it was time that Caribbean countries exchanged news directly amongst themselves, and not through an intermediary in London, Paris or New York. In its first few years, the CBU produced more programmes about the region, and broadcast more live and direct programmes between radio stations than they do today. As an example, GBS in Guyana, 610 Radio in Trinidad and CBC in Barbados linked every Sunday at Noon to carry a one-hour live news and current affairs programme originating in all three countries. No such thing exists today. CANA, in its early stages in the late 1970’s, delivered not only a daily news service to the print media, it initiated a daily news broadcast as well for radio stations throughout the region. Today, while its print service continues, its radio news broadcasts have disappeared and its Monday to Friday TV News broadcast is a shadow of its original self, and is treated like a rival step-child by national TV stations. In the event, the lack of financial support by the members of the CBU to the institution has brought it to its knees. It no longer produces any radio programmes for broadcast. CANA has suffered from the same neglect. Its shareholders have not invested the capital required for a vibrant news agency. As a member of the Board of the International Programme for the Development of Communications at UNESCO and later as a member of the Executive Board of UNESCO, I fought alongside the late Hector Wynter of Jamaica, to get international support for a struggling CANA in the 1990s. By now, if CANA had received equally strong support from the Caribbean media

Editorial Cartoon


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some of whom owned it – and others who were its clients – no one would be lamenting the closure of the BBC’s Caribbean service. Indeed, a vibrant CANA would long ago have absorbed the BBC Caribbean’s staff if they were ready to leave Britain. The reality is that when the CBU was started, three radio stations located in Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad, carried the initial cost before others came along. Many slipped away with the passage of time for reasons that had nothing to do with either less regional integration or less need for panCaribbean information. In the case of CANA, it has to be said that the initiative to start it came from the CARIFTA Heads of Government at the time who subscribed to the vision of a network of direct information as the web on which regional integration would be overlaid. There was then, as there continued to be, a resistance by the regional privately-owned media either to be involved with governments in media ownership or to allow governments or governmentowned media to own majority shares in the entity. Their fear was government control of information flow. The fear was – and is – a legitimate concern, but the matter should not end there, for over the years, the two regional information institutions have been paralyzed by the lack of financial support. It was what made the BBC’s Caribbean service so attractive to Caribbean radio stations – it was free, paid for by the British taxpayers. The shareholders of the CBU and CANA, and indeed all the media in the region – newspapers, radio and TV – now need to decide to pay for the production of pan-Caribbean news and current affairs coverage on a daily basis. And, really, to pay not just for a service but for one that is highly professional and well-delivered. The cost is not prohibitive; it would be less than the cost of one lunch per day. Some leading official in CANA or the CBU should convene such a meeting now, and show that they are ready and willing to meet their responsibilities to the Caribbean people. There is a need now for more not less regional information. And, for one that does not depend on the interests of others and which can end when their interests change.

Another bike death!


By Vivian Tyson Sun Senior Editor

THE TURKS AND Caicos Islands is mourning yet another motor cycle accident – the only two road fatalities recorded since the start of the year – when Berlyn Missick, 30, allegedly collided with a Benz motor car in the Turtle Cove area of Providenciales on Friday, February 18. Missick’s accident came a day before the funeral service of Rodney Adams Jr., 23, who was killed after his motor bike collided with two vehicles along Airport Road on Providenciales on Saturday, February 5. Missick succumbed to his injuries in Nassau, The Bahamas after he underwent surgery in the TCI and was later flown out for further medical attention. Information officer for the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force, Sergeant Calvin Chase, said the black Yamaha motor-bike which Missick was riding collided with the black Mercedes Benz motor-car - ID # 20279 - at the intersection of Bridge Road Turtle Cove. He said the motor-bike received extensive damage while the car received damages to its right side. “Berlyn received internal injuries and succumbed to those injuries on Monday morning 21st February


Berlyn Missick

2011.The driver of the car received no injuries,” Sergeant Chase said. InterHealth Canada, the operators of the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre in Providenciales and the Cockburn Medical Centre in Grand Turk also weighed in on the accident, seeking to clear on what transpired from the scene of the accident to Missick’s airlifting to Nassau, Bahamas. According to the spokesman,




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The position requires the incumbent to have a Masters Degree in Land Law, Real Estate Management, Surveying, Geography or some related field, with experience in conveyance law practices. The incumbent is also expected to have (10) years on the job experience to acquire the necessary competencies to effectively respond to the challenges of the job, five (5) of which must be at a senior managerial position. RENUMERATION PACKAGE:


For more information on the Job Description please contact the Office of the Public Service Management; Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension#: 10322. All resumes with contact information and two letters of References as well as a Police Certificate should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 9461582, Email: APPLICATION DEADLINE: 16TH March 2011

Missick underwent what they deemed lifesaving surgery and was stabilised before being airlifted to Nassau, and was saddened to learn of his death in that neighbouring country. “A male motorcyclist was brought into the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre by ambulance shortly

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after 6pm on Friday. He had been involved in a road traffic accident in Turtle Cove and was suffering massive internal injuries. “After emergency treatment, the patient immediately underwent extensive, and what initially proved, life-saving surgery. Once stabilized, he was then flown to a hospital in Nassau, Bahamas, where he sadly lost his life in the early hours of Monday (Feb 21).” The spokesman added: “His tragic death, some 48 hours later, comes despite the very best efforts of both ambulance and medical staff in Providenciales. “Cheshire Hall’s off-duty nurse practitioner, who happened to be passing, was quickly on the scene of the accident to offer first aid, while the ambulance response was also very fast. “The treatment carried out by both emergency department staff and surgeons was both highly skilled and extensive. InterHealth Canada expresses its sincere sympathies to the family and friends of the victim.” The spokesman told The SUN that the transferring of patients from TCI for overseas medical attention is not a decision taken by InterHealth Canada but are rather sanctioned national healthcare providers the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP).

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PPC acquires new $20-million diesel engine



The new PPC engine being transported to its plant along the Leeward Highway By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

I N THE NEXT few months the generation capacity of Provo Power Company (PPC) is expected to climb another tier with acquisition of a $20-million diesel-generating engine. Under the guidance of the police and the Department of Road Safety, the Wärtsilä 20 VW 32 engine took approximate four hours from South Dock to its destination along

Leeward Highway, bringing traffic to a snarl in the process, as the engineers ensured that the pricy material was meticulously cared for along its journey. The power company described the engine’s acquisition as the realization of another element of its capital investment programme in the Turks and Caicos Islands, saying that its installation would boast the utility company’s generation capacity to 59.5 megawatts. According to CEO and President


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The newly-acquired Wärtsilä 20 VW 32 engine by PPC

Eddington Powell, this has been the second engine that PPC has acquired in a little over a year, to boast its output to the community, as smaller version was sourced in 2010. According to him, the new engine should further boost PPC’s operations by increasing fuel efficiency, reducing the per kilowatt hour (KWH) cost of generation maintenance and improve plant availability through integrated control and monitoring systems. “Four years ago we developed and implemented a very strategic capital investment programme. This programme is a roadmap which provides us with direction and guidance on how to plan and manage our infrastructure investments. At approximately twenty million dollars ($20,000,000), the Wärtsilä project is the largest single capital project in the history of the company. “The arrival of the second engine demonstrates PPC’s commitment to providing the most reliable, most efficient, and least costly electricity to the people of Providenciales, North Caicos, Middle Caicos and South Caicos,” Powell said. Added Powell: “Our motto is the ‘Relentless Pursuit of Progress’ and from 2007 to the end of 2010, the company has invested approximately one hundred and ten million dollars ($110,000,000) in infrastructure projects. The Wärtsilä engines represent a perfect example of the advanced state-of-art technology used by PPC to provide the best quality electricity and service to residents and businesses within our

service territory.” Powell further noted that in addition to the new generation infrastructure, PPC has expanded its transmission and distribution division, built a new fuel storage facility, improved and increased their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and built new support facilities such as the customer care centre and corporate facilities. P.P. C. Limited (PPC) and Atlantic Equipment & Power Limited (Atlantic) became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortis Incorporated located in Newfoundland Canada in August 2006. PPC and Atlantic serve approximately 9, 000 customers or 80% of electricity customers in the Turks & Caicos Islands. PPC is the sole provider of electricity in Providenciales, North Caicos and Middle Caicos. Atlantic is the sole provider of electricity in South Caicos. The utilities have a combined diesel-fired generating capacity of approximately 56.7 megawatts (MW). Fortis Inc., the largest investorowned distribution utility in Canada, serves almost two million gas and electric customers and has approximately $12 billion of assets. Its regulated holdings include a natural gas utility and electric utilities in five Canadian provinces and three Caribbean countries. Fortis Inc. owns non-regulated hydroelectric generation assets across Canada and in Belize and upper New York State.

Airport shutdown grounds aviation industry


IN AND OUTBOUND domestic international and flights at the Providenciales International airport on Tuesday, February 22, were hampered for up to 10 hours courtesy of a fault along sections of the runway caused from expansion work currently being undertaken there resulting in a temporary shutdown of the facility. The airport was closed from about 2pm and reopened a little after 8pm that day, but some flights which were waiting to depart from the time of the shutdown left after midnight or close to it. The Airports Authority which issued a statement on the matter noted in part: “In the interest of safety all flight operations into Providenciales International Airport are temporarily suspended. This is a result of the separation of sections of repairs performed last night rendering the runway unsafe for continued operations.” The SUN understands that overnight work had created a wide hole in a section of the strip, which the Authority deemed dangerous and as a result shut down the facility until it was rectified. It is not clear the dimension of the hole. The scenario caused anxious moments for airline companies and ground operators which were forced to apply contingency measures in order to satisfy their hundreds of disgruntled guests. Some airlines were forced to fly in new crews to ferry their passengers out due to duty times of those on the ground had expired under Federal and international aviation law rendering them illegal to fly for the rest of the day.



Deborah Aharon, Chief Operations Officer for the Provo Air Centre, said as a result of the problem approximately eight outgoing flights were affected – four of which ran out of crew duty time and had to remain overnight – and the other four which left after the airport was reopened approximately 8pm. Additionally, Aharon said five inbound flight had to be rescheduled for the following day – Wednesday, February 23. “The (Provo Air Centre) staff were just kind of very, very busy trying to keep the customers updated, staying in touch with the tower and of course dealing with the hotels; trying to find hotel rooms which were very scarce, and of course kept giving the people food and drinks,” Aharon said She said also that the Provo Air Centre’s sister company, Air Turks and Caicos, had to house customers overnight as a result of the problem. Aharon further noted: “We appreciated the towers’ patience with the endless phone calls, looking for updates. It was a necessary evil that they closed it (airport), but we were really pleased that they did.” The SUN understands that American Airlines, US Air and other carriers were forced to find overnight lodgings for their customers as a result. However, JetBlue Airways – one of the newest carriers into the TCI market managed to fly out its customers late into the night. Winston Wright, General Manager for JetBlue said the craft was about to depart the gateway minutes before 2p.m., when they were told that it could not leave due to the problem at the facility. “We had extensive delay.

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However, our flight was not cancelled. We brought in an aircraft from Ft. Lauderdale to fly our customers out because the crew that was here ran out of duty time. It did not affect incoming flight; our aircraft was already on the ground when the airport was closed. “We had already locked up and were ready to push back, when they told us that they had to temporarily close the airport,” Wright said. He noted that the Airports Authority kept them in the loop as to every progress made, so that they could effectively inform their guests as to the nature of the problem and how much longer they had to wait. “I will say that the Airports Authority informed us of the situation, and we relayed as much information that we got from the Airports Authority to our customers, and for the most part, they were understanding. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 2:01pm, and we did not get our passengers out until about a little bit after midnight. “The airport was opened at about 8 o’clock or a little bit after 8pm, but at that point our crew that we had on the ground was of duty time – they were not legal (to fly) anymore (for that day),” Wright noted. Olga Taylor, the TCI Country Manager for American Airlines, said the carrier’s operation was affected both here and in the US. She said the

evening flight from Miami was cancelled and passengers were accommodated on the next day’s flight into Providenciales. She noted also that its New York flight was diverted to Miami, while its Providenciales flight departed almost two hours after the airport reopened on Tuesday night. “Our operation was affected, however, in the airline business irregular operations happen, and we are prepared to handle them,” Taylor noted. The airport’s closure was not all bad news, as some hotels benefitted tremendously from the hiccup. Chief Executive Officer for the Turks and Caicos Islands Hotel and Tourism Association Caesar Campbell told The SUN that a number of its members recorded revenue intake as a result. “It (airport closure) was disruptive, but I think the Airports Authority handled it well in getting the airport’s operation back up and running. We basically worked with the Airports Authority to accommodate the passengers. “In fact, it was a positive impact, even though our occupancies were high, we were able to increase occupancies in accommodating the passengers who couldn’t leave until today (Wednesday). It was difficult, but we were able to house them,” Campbell said.


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This position requires general maintenance skills such as painting and masonry, to facilitate maintenance of all buildings and public areas in optimum condition. Knowledge of pool and fountain maintenance would be an asset. Assisting in line handling for docking cruise ships as needed. Assisting in any various tasks, necessary to keep GTCC operating to the highest standard. Applicants must be willing to work nights, weekends and holidays. Must be able to lift min. of 50lbs, speak English and able to work well as part of a culturally diverse team. SALARY / WAGES BASED ON QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE. Interested persons should contact: GTCC Human Resources Fax: (649) 946-1041 or E-Mail:

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US snow storms good for TCI tourism


THE SEVERE WINTER conditions in the United States come as good news for Turks and Caicos Islands Tourism, this according to the Hotel and Tourism Association CEO Caesar Campbell, in an interview with The SUN. According to the Hotel and Tourism Head, more people are trying to escape the severely conditions for warmer climates, and the TCI happens to be one of those tropical hotspots. The only concern for the tourism interests, according to Campbell, would be the threat of the severe snow storms preventing people from leaving their homes and airlines from flying, but noted that so far that is not the case, as tourists have been flocking the TCI to soak up sunshine.

GARDENERS/ LABORERS NEEDED Applicants must be able to work outdoors performing manual and physical labor. They must be able to operate a jackhammer, lawn mower and chainsaw. They will be asked to dig holes, mix and spread topsoil/cow manure and plant. They must be able to speak and communicate in English. Starting salary is $ 5.00 / hr and maybe require to work on weekends and holidays if needed. Please drop all applications to Environmental Arts located at Grace Bay (at the back of Lemon Café) or email to c/o Natalie Zaidan. Successful applicants will be notified by phone for interview.


“The snow storm in the US is very good for business, if the visitors can get out. With the harsh winter, we will definitely see an increase in visitor arrivals, but of course, there is the concern that they won’t be able to get out or they won’t be able to fly. “But that has not really impacted us negatively in terms of them not being able to fly. (There had been) one or two delays, but we have not had any major issues with the snow storm. But as I have said, it is good for business. “The colder the winters are the better it is for business, that tends to drive visitor arrivals, but again, there is the concern that they might not be able to get out if there is a snow storm or blizzard,” Campbell noted. The severe snow storm in the US has impacted negatively on especially airlines and city budgets. Vaughn Cordle of AirlineForecasts, who advises institutional investors, estimates last week's storm cost U.S. airlines between $120 million and $150 million in lost profit. Cordle's estimates include lost revenue offset by money saved because the airlines don't burn fuel on canceled flights. Last week, ice and frigid temperatures led to more than

Hotel and Tourism Association CEO Caesar Campbell

20,000 cancelations, and that followed big storms in December and January that wiped out thousands of flights. Since December, a series of harsh storms has hit the Midwest, the Northeast and, uncharacteristically, the South. Oklahoma - which normally sees very little snow - witnessed a blizzard that dropped eight inches of snow on much of the state. Days later Chicago got slammed with 20 inches,


the city's third highest total on record. The West, while spared much of the snow, has instead gotten excessive rain. Southern California received the equivalent of six months of rain in just a few weeks - as much as 21 inches in some areas - resulting in widespread flooding and numerous mudslides. The Northeast has been hit the hardest, however. So far this winter, New York City has gotten 58 inches of snow, far above the normal 12 inches for this point of the season. And 71 inches have fallen on Boston, well over its normal accumulation of 20 inches. On Wednesday, another blizzard dropped more than a foot of snow on parts of Oklahoma and Texas en route to Georgia, all of which have been hit at least once already this season. The barrage of frozen precipitation has busted city and town budgets across the country. New York has exceeded its total-season $38 million snow-removal budget, but that's just part of the cost to the city. The New York Times estimated that the paralyzing December blizzard alone would cost the city $68 million in snow removal, additional labor costs and lost transit revenue.

Jan Messam can sue SIPT


By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

FORMER GOVERNMENT PROTOCOL officer Jan Messam reserves the right to take legal action against the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) for what her attorney claimed was a violation of her human rights when she was taken into custody on January 18. Messam, whose Leeward Highway home, according to her attorney Norman Saunders Jr., was raided before sunrise, by members of the SIPT, was treated in subhuman fashion for as long as she was in custody at the Chalk Sound Police Station for the approximately nine hours during which she was held. Saunders said a formal investigation has been launched by the office of the Police Commissioner on the conduct of the investigators following complaints by his office, saying also that he was waiting with baited breath to see where the probe ends up. “There is a formal investigation on the fit and lawfulness of the investigation – two different complaints. There are regulations governing the police and the conduct of the police. The police cannot arrest you unless there is reasonable basis for the arrest. The first complaint is that there was no reasonable basis for the arrest, and that the arrest was unlawful. “The second complaint, which was clearly the case, was that the


conduct (by the police) and the treatment of Jan were overboard. And I think they acknowledged and admitted that, but what they said was those (Messam’s treatment) are local standards and would never happen in the UK, and that they were sorry,” Saunders told The SUN. Saunders said Messam was arrested at about 6a.m., before she could have breakfast, and from that time until about 5p.m., when she was released, was refused food and even turned away her husband, Rex Messam, when he brought her lunch and attempted to find out the reason for her detention. “They held her all day until about 5 o’clock. They didn’t give her any food; they turned away Rex Messam when Rex came with food to give her. So she hadn’t eaten all day. More importantly, Jan said the last time she had eaten was 4 o’clock the previous day, which would mean that she hadn’t eaten in more than 24 hours. “I was there with her, and I can tell you that I ate at 9 p.m., the previous evening, and I hadn’t eaten through-out the day. When I left there (police station) at 3 o’clock, I was weak on my feet and dizzy,” Saunders explained. The attorney further noted that Messam was held in a small cell where there was no seating, and she was made to stand for about two hours. “Downstairs (in the cell) was very hot and upstairs was extremely cold, so they had her in huge fluctuating temperatures. Basically, they were


CLEANER Responsibilities: The successful applicant will be responsible for the general cleaning of communal areas, sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning of windows and removal of trash. The applicant will also be responsible for any other duties assigned in regards to general cleaning. Requirements: The successful applicant must be able to work with little to no supervision, should be physically fit, hard working and reliable. Wages: $6.00 per hour Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by March 7, 2011 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.

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playing tricks on her and games with her, and the law said that’s unlawful,” Saunders claimed. Saunders added: “First of all, in the United Kingdom, when you arrest someone, every four hours you have got to feed them, you can’t hold them and starve them; they have got to be in reasonable comfort and the surroundings have got to be reasonably comfortable. You can’t have them a very cold and a very hot environment; you can’t have them standing for two hours in a small room, you just can’t do that. And they Former government protocol officer Jan Messam said that it is local standards, that’s not may be some level of truth to; they local standards,” Saunders charged. Saunders claimed that the SIPT said somebody in the community told arrested Messam on the basis that them something, but that was not first once they entered her home they hand information. They said that John would find culpable evidence, Wildish told them that David Smith stressing that the law explains that the told them something. That is not first police need to have reasonable hand information; you don’t go and suspicion before entering one’s arrest somebody on hearsay,” Saunders noted. dwelling. The attorney noted that while he “They arrested her – got into her was eager for the investigation’s house on the basis that, oh gee, once outcome, was not holding high hopes, we get in, we will find something that since lead investigator Deputy would incriminate her. But the law Commissioner Hubert Hughes would said you have to have reasonable retire in a matter of weeks and his post to suspicion before you can get the arrest be filled by a Canadian, and as such, did warrant in the first place. And during not expect the new commissioner of the interview, the reasons they gave police to do anything about it. were lies. They made several He noted that if Jan wanted to take assertions to the effect that David legal action against her treatment he Smith told them something. Well, would back her to the fullest, but David Smith could not have told them stressed that from his experience, judges what they said he told them, because have been very reluctant to rule against what they said were lies. And I know police in unlawful arrest cases. from inside sources that they are just “There have been instances where now going to interview David Smith. they have been found guilty of it “They made another statement of (unlawful arrest), but they have to be fact – which was very stupid – saying extreme; they would give the benefit that there was a property listed for a of the doubt to the police. But she certain price; we know that was a lie (Messam) would have to decide what because there was never a property to do, whether or not she wants to listed for that price. There was one pursue it in principle, because they did (statement) that they said where there go overboard,” Saunders noted.


Kwatcha Holdings is seeking applicants to fill the position of an Requirements/Duties: 1. CPA/ACA qualified with a minimum of five years experience in management accounting. 2. Budgeting, management accounts, preparation of consolidated financial statements. 3. Process Re-engineering Project experience 4. Development Accounting. 5. Knowledge of international accounting standards 6. Strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to deal with diverse audience. 7. Attention to detail and flexibility to manage multiple projects Salary ranges from $48,000.00 – $55,000.00/annum.

Qualified applicants are kindly requested to send applications before April 25th 2011 To the attention of: Edith Cox Group Finance Director Graceway House, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

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Let’s get this party started



CIVIL SERVANTS ALL over the Western World are discovering that unreasonable and untenable promises of job tenure, salary, health benefits and retirement payments made to them by long-gone unaccountable dishonest politicians who were spending other people's money are .....well, unreasonable and untenable. The fact that such promises are untenable is not caused by economic policy, social or political philosophy, class warfare, party affiliation, union bashing or any other social factor. It's arithmetic! For various demographic reasons, which differ somewhat from country to country, there aren't as many productive workers as there used to be and we remaining taxpayers literally can't afford to pay what was promised dishonestly behind our backs years ago as some never ending and unearned entitlement for those who vote for a living. In many jurisdictions, a roaring economy has camouflaged the arithmetic for 10 or 20 years. Accordingly, it has been difficult for those who have been living well beyond their means and abilities for years to get their heads around the harsh economic reality that has always existed. Public employees worldwide have certainly understood their untenable positions at different rates of speed. Recently, it was mentioned on the TCI ("free speech as long as it suits us") Journal that TCIG and its tax base were carrying approximately 2300 civil servants. Without objection, The Torch will use that figure. Clear numbers on the national budget are difficult to find in the media and it is pointless to ask the Brits. They won't provide hard data because it was their boy, Tauwhare, who was asleep at the wheel while these untenable promises were made. The Torch wonders what part of Section 13 of the TCI Constitution the FCO didn't understand: 13. (1) The Governor, acting in his discretion, shall be responsible for the conduct, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, of any business of the Government of the Islands with respect to the following matters–– ....... (d) the appointment of any person to any public office," Yeah, yeah. The Torch understands the concept of delegation. He also understands the concepts of discretion and mandatory responsibility. If our overall population is now 30,000 and the civil service is at 2300 (The torch assumes this does not include the police force, but who knows?), then our civil service to population ratio is at 7.6%! The Torch will not even dare to do the math to look at the ratio of civil service to native population. The civil service ratio issue is skewed in many jurisdictions by the existence of separate civil service entities for cities, counties and states. What little information is available on the Internet appears to indicate an overall ratio of between 1.5% and 2%, total civil service to population. When The Torch was doing his due diligence on his retirement destination (So THAT worked out well!) in the mid '90's, he looked at Andorra, an "island" high in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Andorra has a highly educated wealthy population. There is almost no crime. At that time, it had a population of 62,000 and a total civil service, including the police force, of less than 100. Even allowing for a 50% inter-island redundancy in services to accommodate Andorra's double population, is the TCI civil service 23 times less efficient than its Andorran counterpart? Or just 23 times more entitled? However, this is not a knock at those civil servants themselves. They did exactly what The Torch would have done himself given the same circumstances. The occupying Brits signaled early on that the issue of civil service pay was a primary fiscal problem when they cut it by 10%. Of course, that move was timid in relation to the size of the problem. The annual TCI budget deficit figure being


mentioned now is $50M. Again without objection, The Torch will rely on that estimate.

The Torch has searched local newspapers in vain this past few weeks for civil service job advertisements. Perhaps there are none going right now. Good! So he is really going to spitball some figures here. Economists and accountants please provide corrections. The Torch guesses on the basis of prior civil service job advertisements to which he barely paid attention that the AVERAGE TCI civil service gross monthly salary is $1200. The Torch has found no one in his circle who has disagreed with that guess. The Torch will also assume an extra 40% on top for the cost to TCIG to provide a workplace, equipment, holidays, sick days, health and retirement benefits, etc. That means each civil servant costs TCIG on AVERAGE about $1200 + $480 (40%)=$1680 per month. If we had a 3% ratio of civil servants to resident population, that would mean 900 civil servants. That would mean we are now paying 1400 untenable civil servants an AVERAGE of $1680 each, including benefits, per month. The Torch is assuming a level redundancy across all wage levels of the civil service as he has no data indicating there are more hangerson at the top or the bottom. 1400 unnecessary civil servants X $1680 per month X 12 months = $28,224,000 in target budgetary savings per annum from the civil service payroll. That's over 56% of the overall annual budget deficit. Just for giggles, add to that target savings the entire unknown budgets of the completely unnecessary Tourism Board and any Department of Tourism, which perform no necessary function not already performed better at no public cost by private enterprise. The 8 or 10 sheets of paper that need to be shuffled every year re tourism (mostly turning down invites to expensive useless junkets for Tourism Board hangers-on) can be thrown away by a Tourism Minister, who has other portfolios, and no Tourism Ministry at all. Then tell all government departments to reduce their current spending by 10%. Then how to move approximately 1400 surplus civil servants off the entitlement dole into better paying private sector jobs that provide purpose, dignity, confidence, independence, training and career advancement? Well, as you know, The Torch has proposed the creation of an Executive Certificate (EC) of permanent residency with the right to work, but without the right to solicit or accept work or business from within the islands and requiring a $500K real property investment. EC holders will not qualify for Belongership. The public treasury will receive enhanced immigration fees, stamp duty and customs duties (systems already in place) from EC holders' natural and normal activities. No competitiondestroying VAT will be required. Many EC holders will hire and train TCI citizens within their EC businesses, thereby moving many from the public trough to private employment. EC holders will pump the local economy, creating even more private sector jobs for TC Islanders. Once the "deer in the headlights" Brits have encompassed and instituted The Torch's Executive Certificate program under the administration of the Governor's office, such that the political gangs will not be able to destroy it, private enterprise (jobs for TC Islanders) will naturally advertise and promote the EC to the North American Baby-Boomer market of retireds, semi-retireds and professionals who can run their businesses without connection to any physical location. There will be no public cost to implement and expand the EC program. It's a cash spinner from day one. The EC program addresses a demand that already exists, but is not being exploited by the TCI at all. The Torch suggests something like the following


as a sample marketing outreach that could be used by TC entrepreneurs to kick off the EC program:

SAMPLE PRINT MEDIA MARKETING PIECE (Craigslist, Social Media, WSJ, Drudge Report, Huff Post, etc., money and travel mags and sites, professional journals and sites, etc., etc.)

ENTREPRENEURS, PROFESSIONALS, INVESTORS & SEMI-RETIRED's -COME LIVE AND WORK YOUR DREAM IN OUR ISLAND PARADISE: On January 1, 2011, the tiny Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) airport on Providenciales accommodated 113 private jets. What do those millionaires know that you don't? The Government of the TCI, a British territory in the Caribbean, has created a business-friendly Executive Residency immigration program that is tailored perfectly to the requirements of any healthy crime-free professional who can run his or her business remotely from a friendly warm beautiful island chain in the Caribbean. Run your business(es) and investments income tax-free (personal and corporate) in the TCI. No business license is required and you cannot solicit local business, though you may hire from our friendly, British-educated workforce. A modest real estate investment is necessary. Please note that while this residency status can be lifelong and can extend to your life partner after your own demise, it can never lead to TCI citizenship. We offer first class supermarkets, banks, Internet, FedEx and DHL. Vonage and Skype round out your communications needs. We are EST, use USD and are 110V. Please note also that this residency program qualifies you for the IRC 911 exclusion of the first $183,000 (plus housing allowance) of gross income from US taxable income. See your CPA for details. TCI Executive Residency, LLC is a TCI-owned professional concierge consultancy firm providing immigration, legal, accounting, insurance and real estate services, plus a burning desire to set up your personalized introduction package to the islands. Visit us at for further info. END OF SAMPLE So what are the economic recovery options available to the TCI. The Torch, standing on the shoulders of Fred Skovberg, Richard Berke and now Bill McCollum, has suggested the EC program. (Did you notice how McCollum got page one last week while The Torch's game saving plan was on page 14? That's alright. The Torch is not bitter. He will say almost nothing to his editor about this obvious oversight.) The cumulative brain trust of the two political gangs plus the entire wisdom and foresight of the remaining TCI business community and civil society has come up with......, well, Sweet FA - means "NOTHING!" The Torch is not referring to the Football Association. What about the world's biggest tax and spend borrowers? They're in town. The Torch is shocked, shocked he tells you, to find that the Brits have borrowed $260M for us to pay back (Now you can borrow enough to get completely out of debt!) and will further hamper our ability to do so by hobbling us in the Baby Boomer competition with a VAT that will ensure more middle income investors do not come here to pay for our bloated civil service. Thanks, chaps! So what does The Torch recommend from these three available options? That's a tough one. The Torch finds that he naturally leans towards recommending the Sweet FA option. After all, that is almost exactly what you now have and it is certainly what you deserve. The Brit economydestroying plan is tempting too. Hmmmm. No, The Torch tells you what. He's gonna go with the game saver. Now let's get it started.

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Governor says final support package in place with funding from Scotia Bank





“Following my statement of 3 February I am pleased to announce that the UK Government-backed financial support package is now in place, centred on new loan funding from Scotiabank. This will refinance both our high level of existing debt and also the monthly deficits that, even with new budget measures, we expect to continue for around two more years. It is a vital step for the Turks and Caicos Islands, because it buys us the time we need to tackle the dire fiscal legacy the Interim Government inherited. Tackling the severe and structural fiscal problems will not be easy. We must make significant changes to get us on course for a fiscal surplus in the FY 2012/13. This is a key milestone to reach before a date for elections can be set. The financial package itself gives us a head start in achieving a fiscal surplus, since it will sharply cut the cost of our debt – the UK Government guarantee means we

get very low rates of interest on the Scotiabank loan. In addition, more work is needed to strengthen the Government’s capacity and systems to manage its public finances. As previously stated, the UK Government currently intends to retain sufficient control over public finances to ensure that the Turks and Caicos Islands Government emerges from its financial crisis as soon as possible, and that the package of UK support is no longer needed. In line with this, while the loan guarantee is in place the Department for International Development will reserve the right to require the Turks and Caicos Islands Government to retain the current role of Chief Financial Officer and to nominate the holder of this position who shall be appointed by the Governor. The March budget will set out in detail the measures that will be needed to set us on the road to fiscal surplus. Key measures will include: •raising revenues through the introduction of new revenue streams, changes to existing streams, and

improved collection and enforcement; •cutting the cost of the public service by 25% by 2013/14, while building capacity in the most important services; •reducing the costs of statutory bodies by 25% by 2012/13; •introducing a new, more targeted system of student support; •cutting Government expenditure on rents by 25% by 2012/13; •eliminating all non-essential expenditure and improving financial management and reporting;

Interior Design Position AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY

His Excellency Governor Gordon Wetherell

• Applicant must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the Interior Design and Marketing Field • Ability to manage multiple projects on a deadline schedule • Be able to create a budget for a project and manage and maintain the budget to completion of project • Must possess strong leadership, organizational and communication skills, strong sales and interpersonal skills • Must have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of construction as it pertains to the client needs such as the ability to read architectural drawings and understand their physical application on any given job. • Be proficient with Auto Cad, Excel, Word, Quick Books and Photoshop • Have experience and knowledge in the recruitment of prospective clients and projects • Applicant must be prepared to supervise the container offload and install of client furnishings • Must be prepared to work some holidays, weekends and nights as required • Salary to Start (U.S.$2,000.00 per month plus commission). Resumes references can be sent to Faye Ellingson-Lewis of Design Studio All applications will be given serious review and any that meet the criteria as above will be contacted for an interview

Chief Financial Officer of the TCI Caroline Gardiner

•requiring all purchase orders and contracts over $5000, and all new leases, to be approved by the CFO. At the same time as implementing these measures much work must also be done to help stimulate the TCI economy. Government finances cannot be healthy without a healthy economy. It is now up to all of us to take this great opportunity to forge a better future for the Turks and Caicos Islands. I am confident that the people of TCI will rise to the challenge.

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Attorney Mark Fulford called to TCI Bar


By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

THE BRILLIANCE AND oratory skills of rising star attorney Mark Fulford mesmerized those who were in attendance to witness his ceremony of admission to the Turks and Caicos Islands Bar, including presiding judge, Chief Justice Gordon Ward. Fulford was admitted to the TCI Bar on Friday, February 18, with the ceremony held in the Supreme Courtroom in Providenciales. A wide cross-section of the TCI society was in attendance to witness the event, including former premier Galmo ‘Gilley’ Williams, former chief minister Washington Misick, business woman Sandra Garland, publisher Blythe Duncanson and former Physical Planning Department director Earl C. Handfield. The young attorney, who said he was saddened that his grandmother – Emily Parker - who died on February 5, could not be in attendance, bemoaned the political situation it the Turks and Caicos Islands. Even while discouraging the rising star attorney from completing his acceptance speech due to its incisive analysis of the current political and economic situation of the TCI, Chief Justice Ward told Fulford that he admired his passion and tenacity towards the profession and urged him not to allow anyone to trample or thwart his efforts from attaining his desired goal, using his own action to



coincide with ours?” Fulford noted. According to him, it has been the tradition of TCI lawyers to challenge the status quo in order to ensure that the rights and freedoms of the TCI people are protected. “Is it not our duty to see an immediate return to democracy; to negotiate for political and economic plurality? Is it not our duty, to free ourselves, of the shackles of neocolonialism?” Fulford asked. Fulford added: “Should we not demand to know what areas of the 2006 Constitution failed, rather than submissively accept wholesale revision? Should we not demand to know, in the 21st century, what role the Governor plays? We should be under Newly-admitted attorney to the TCI Bar, Mark Fulford (left) in discussion with seasoned attorney no illusion he is not our representative; Wendell Swann to Britain he is their man in TCI. Should we not demand to know what curtail the young attorney’s speech as only include prosecuting and is Britain’s plan for our economy, example. defending, but now has to include rather than just be saddled with more Justice Ward also reminded advocating for the advancement, not debt and a whole load of strings Fulford that he should be mindful of retreat, of the Turks and Caicos attached to it? the forerunners of the profession, who Islander’s way of life. “I, Mark A Fulford, Turks and have set the standard, and encouraged “We all know too well that our Caicos Islander, lawyer and citizen ask him not to allow circumstances make Country appears to be like a sinking you, to join with me, in demanding him function below those standards. ship. With that the original promised date, of July In his acceptance speech, Fulford holes below the waterline, 2011 be our election month return us, remarked that his call to the bar came punctured by those who care not for to the democracy, to which we are at a time when his country was going TCI; the helm, is now in the hands of entitled, or will we be forced to riot in through what he described as a very those, who want to go to a different the streets, as in Cairo and Tunisia.” significant period in its history when place from us, it’s sails only hoisted by Fulford was recommended to the the Turks and Caicos Islands’ a captain, doing the bidding, of some TCI Bar by the organisation’s Vice Constitution will be changed. far off Admiral. Are we once again, to President, Wendell Swann, who told “I deem it a privilege to be joining be cast as the slaves in the galley, the Chief Justice that he had served his the legal minds of my homeland at this awaiting our fate, at the behest of six months under his tutelage and time, where a lawyer’s job does not those, whose interests hardly ever supervision with distinction.

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Sandy Lightbourne, Chairman of the Financial Services Commission stepping down


MR SANDY LIGHTBOURNE, Chairman of the TCI Financial Services Commission (FSC) is stepping down with effect from 31 March 2011. His Excellency Governor Gordon Wetherell said Lightbourne informed him some time ago of his wish to step down, and indicated that he thought it right to leave somewhat earlier to enable his successor to oversee implementation of the recommendations of reviews currently in train from the start. The Governor said Lightbourne agreed, however, to remain in position until a suitable successor could be found. “I am now pleased to announce that Mr Errol Allen, formerly Deputy Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, has agreed to be appointed Chairman in succession to Mr Lightbourne. He will be taking up



his position in the near future and guiding the next phase of the FSC’s continuing development,” the Governor said in a press statement. “Accordingly Mr Lightbourne will be stepping down with effect from 31 March 2011. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to him for his service to the Commission over the last nine years and for the valuable contribution he has made to the development of the regulatory regime in the TCI. Although he will shortly be stepping down as Chairman, Mr Lightbourne has kindly agreed to make himself available so that his successor can draw on his knowledge and experience as needed.” Lightbourne is a veteran banker, having worked for many years as a senior manager of Barclays Bank. He also served as managing director of the former Belize Bank, which is now British Caribbean Bank.

HAB MANAGEMENT LTD HAB Management Limited is seeking qualified applicants to fill the following positions:

WAiTEr -


Main Duties Applicants will be required to greet and take food and beverages order from restaurant guest, serving the orders and accommodating guest requests. Applicants will be required to serve guests’ promptly and according to established standards, policies and procedures.

Alonzo Malcolm wins $1000 from LIME

LIME- The leading telecommunications company in the Turks & Caicos Islands saw Alonzo Malcolm capturing the prize of $1000 as the winner of the “Pay early raffle” recently held by LIME Turks & Caicos Islands. Customers who paid their bill in full in January were eligible to be a part of the draw. LIME continues the “Pay Early” campaign with those customers who pay their bill in full in February. There will be two prizes: $1000 for the top winner and $500 for another winner. General Manager Drexwell Seymour says: “Customers have the opportunity to be a part of a draw that would give back. A couple of lucky winners will receive a total of $1500 this month for paying their bill on time.” LIME congratulates Mr. Alonzo Malcolm and looks forward to giving kudos to the upcoming winners in the “Pay Early” campaign.

requirements Must have a minimum of three years experience working in a restaurant. Must have a strong working knowledge of dining room procedures, policies and EPOs system. Applicants must be a customer service advocate, maintaining a high level of customer service standards. Maintain a friendly, cheerful and courteous demeanor at all times. Perform other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management. Applicants must be willing to work varied shifts, split shifts, nights, weekends and holidays as required by management. Applicants will be required to work on a full time basis. Must be able to walk, stand or stoop for the duration of shift (at least 8 hours). Applicants must be able to understand/speak/read/write English proficiently. All applicants must be hardworking team players. Wages range from $ 6.50 - $8.00 per hour commensurate with experience and training. interested applicants should contact Veronica rigby via email by March 7, 2011 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Only persons selected for an interview will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.

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Successful TCHTA Board returned


By Vivian Tyson Sun Senior Editor

BASED ON THE tremendous success achieved by Turks and Caicos Islands Hotel and Tourism Association, members attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) returned the executive in a wholesale show of confidence in that body. Karen Whitt of the Regent Palms was returned as the tourism body’s President. Adrian Whitehead of Beaches Resort was returned as Vice President. Beverly Williams of Director, Point Grace Resort, Mike Hryniuk of North West Point Resort, Pierre Beswick of The Sands Resort and Tierria Missick of The Tuscany were all returned as Directors, while Alan Jardin of Dive Provo and Chloe Zimmerman of Marco Travel were returned as Allied Directors. John Smith, CEO of the Airports

Authority was returned as Ex Officio Member. In recent months, especially, tourism in the TCI has begun to shoot upward following some level of decline said to have caused from the financial crisis which has sent a number of countries across the globe spinning out of control. Just last week, the TCI was able to lure two of North America’s most popular commercial airlines – the award-winning JetBlue and Continental Airways. JetBlue, which is making weekly flights from New York and weekly Saturday flights from Boston, arrived on Thursday, February 17, while Continental Airways arrived 24 hours later, Friday, February 18. Even prior to the additional airlift into the TCI hotels and restaurants have been recording monster bookings with some resorts reaching 100 percent, and



restaurants turning away last minute bookings and walk-in guests. According to a release from the TCHTA, the overall objective of the meeting was to address issues affecting the tourism industry in addition to announcing the 2011 Board of Directors. Caesar Campbell, CEO for the TCHTA, who chaired the meeting revealed the accomplishments likewise the impressive figures to the association’s members in attendance. Campbell also used the meeting to embark on a campaign to chart the way forward for 2011 while encouraging members to remain steadfast in their support of the association. Whitt, who announced the executive, also explained that a decision was taken to amend the by-laws so as to extend the tenure of serving members from one term which comprised two

years, to two terms which now comprises four years. “The by-laws stipulate that members are not eligible to serve more than one consecutive term, which is identified as a two-year post. It was unanimously agreed to amend the bylaws to allow board members and elected officers to serve two consecutive terms, for a total of four years.” The Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association represents a wide range of members from hotels and resorts to insurance companies and financial service providers, from water sports operators to catering outlets, from taxi drivers to human resources. The Association aims to assist the organisations through networking opportunities, training, promotional activities and representation at all levels of decision-making in the Turks and Caicos Islands and the region.

Tourist Safety Committee “Zero Tolerance” Turks & Caicos Islands

SEEKING TO KEEP the Turks & Caicos as the lowest crime destinations in the entire Caribbean, group installs CCTV system, repairs Police and Ambulance vehicles, sets next priority on new Police station On February 10, members of the Tourist Safety Committee, a community action initiative whose motto is “Zero Tolerance for Crime” is a joining of forces from the Royal Turks & Caicos Police, the Governor’s office and volunteer property owners in Providenciales. The committee announced that it had begun operating its long awaited Closed Circuit Television System in the Grace Bay area. Over 20 cameras are now in operation at undisclosed areas in the tourist heavy Grace Bay area, with cameras focused

on property entries and the main road in Grace Bay. Property owners and the Police are now able to monitor activity on a 24 hour basis and it is expected that additional cameras will be installed in other areas as the program grows. The group also announced that it had “adopted” and repaired two non operating Police vehicles and assumed responsibility for repairs to the old Ambulance that was being used prior to the two new units that recently arrived. Members of the Zero Tolerance group volunteered efforts in inspecting these vehicles, purchasing needed parts and performing the necessary repairs though local private sector companies. Finally, the group has now chosen the Police Station as its next project, seeking to assist in the




Requirements and responsibilities Strategically deal with planning administration and general management issues, including staff training. Must have good knowledge of OSHA At least 3 yrs. Experience in keeping inventory control up to date, planning future capacity. Requirements and monitoring shipments received. At least 9 yrs experience of 2 cycle gasoline, diesel, and electrical systems. Computer literate. Read and speak English fluently. Be able to work weekends and holidays. Hold a valid TCI driving license and hold a clean police record. A minimum of two work references is a must. Wages $2500.00 a month. Applicant will be subjected to extensive testing and background checks to confirm the above criteria. Deadline for submission of applicants with Resume and reference is 11th March 2011. Submit to:

move of the Police from the existing facility on Old Airport Road, to its anticipated new location in the old Myrtle Rigby Hospital building. The Zero Tolerance group has offered its volunteer assistance to the Government and Police through donating skilled project managers, quantity surveyors, labor and general guidance where needed. With such an effort, it is the group’s hope that Government will accelerate this project and the initiative could be completed sooner and for less cost than would be anticipated. Committee member Ken Patterson, Managing Director of Seven Stars commented: “The Turks & Caicos enjoys a reputation as having the lowest crime rate in the entire Caribbean and our tourists visit us over and over because they feel safe. In this difficult economic climate, we are extremely fortunate and one of the few Caribbean islands who are seeing tourism growth and new airlift. This is a unique competitive advantage for us. Our goal as a committee is to ensure this remains so for the long term and that our guests feel safe each and every time they visit us.”

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TCI should grow and tax marijuana, says Bill McCollum


AS THE TURKS and Caicos Islands searches for ways to diversify its ailing economy, with the prospects of some level of taxation looming on the horizon, one brave member of the community is calling for the growing of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The call came from longstanding businessman Bill McCollum, who told The SUN that the country must find ways to tackle its current economic situation and return to prosperity, which was once enjoyed as recent as three to four years ago. “We have to start to think outside the box, for example, one of the things that might open during the meetings is implementing the growing of marijuana for medicinal purposes and the Government can taxi it under (cultivation and sales) license. If we think that we are going to solve this economy by thinking along traditional lines, and thinking that it would all get better, we should think again,” McCollum warned. He pointed out that Government could raise well-needed revenue from the cultivation of the plant, since it would collect taxes from its sales which he said would be used to shore up the economy and help to address



Businessman Bill McCollum suggest TCI cultivate marijuana

some of our social and financial ills. McCollum, operator of TC Gas, said he had planned to raise the issue during the series of revenue-generating brainstorming community meetings that Government would be hosting over the next few weeks. McCollum noted that even while he was expecting push from sections of the community regarding his proposal, believe that all options should be explored, stressing that others should ensure that they bring


COOK Requirements: • Experience preparing a variety of different cuisines in a fine dining environment • Knowledge of food preparation techniques and health/safety requirements Duties Include: • Prepare all food items according to recipe cards and correct handling procedures. Wages $17,000 per annum not including service charge KITCHEN STEWARD Duties Include: • Clean & sanitize all areas of the kitchen. • Operate dishwashing machine in a safe, accident free manner Starting salary $5.70 per not including service charge ROOM ATTENDANT/PUBLIC AREA ATTENDANT Requirements: • Ability to work with heavy cleaning machinery. Duties Include: Starting salary $5.25 an hour not including service charge

FRONT OFFICE MANAGER Requirements: • Solid experience in Front Office including Front Desk, Night Audit, PBX, Reservations, Bell staff, and Guest Services. • Familiar with Front Office/Reservations training techniques. • Verifiable record improving guest service and satisfaction. • Track record resolving customer complaints to benefit of guests and the property. • Ability to ensure guest expectations are exceeded through proper employee training. • Experience overseeing Transportation Department. Duties Include: • Develop and implement strategies for front office, bell stand, PBX, concierge, transportation, etc. • Recruit and select qualified candidates, and provide training. Prepare annual budget Salary $38,000.00 per annum not including service charge ASSISTANT FINANCIAL CONTROLLER Requirements: • Solid training in all areas of Accounting from A/P, A/R, General Ledger, Credit, Collections, Audit, Inventory control, Payroll, Budgeting, Costing, P&L preparation and

ideas to the table also. He also noted that while Government was at it, should make effort to decriminalize marijuana so as to lessen the prison population. “I expect that (opposition), but solving this economy will not take more thinking along traditional lines. Also (the growing of medicinal marijuana) would ease the pressure on the Grand Turk Prison if we legalise it. Remember that they (State of California) narrowly lost that vote last

year (to legalise marijuana). “That (cultivating marijuana for medicinal purposes) would be a big help, but anybody who has got fresh ideas, fresh thinking, I would be very pleased to listen to them, because we need new business coming into this country,” McCollum said. In recent time, the Turks and Caicos Islands has been finding it extremely difficult to raise enough revenues to tackle the raft of obligations, including internal and external debts. Recently it has toyed with a number of revenue-raising ideas, including the implementation of property tax, which it has since abandoned. Now it has staged a series of meetings to gather feedback from the populace on how well-needed funds can be raised so as to lighten its economic burden. In the meantime, McCollum, who is also batting for a repopulation of the country in order to cut costs, is warning that in the event that a suitable solution is not quickly found, schemes such as the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP) or the National Insurance Board (NIB) could collapse, and if not, rates could double.

analysis, etc. • BA/BS Degree or equivalent. • Strong budgetary, projections, and cost control skills with ability to audit complex transactions for adherence to accepted industry accounting principles and policies and direct corrective action on exceptions. • Proven experience at resorts of similar size and quality Duties Include: • Work closely with Front Office, Reservations, Sales, and Catering Department to assist them in identifying optimum ways to drive revenues while balancing market segments. • Supervise and participate in regular periodic reports and inventories • Perform required audits, review submitted reports and follow up as needed • Oversee training and cross training of accounting staff Salary $40,000.00 per annum not including service charge

SECURITY OFFICER Requirements: • Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently. • Must be CPR and First Aid certified. • Must have knowledge of emergency procedures and processes, typing or legible hand writing, written and/or typed hotel security reporting Salary $6.50 an hour not including service charge

REVENUE & RESERVATIONS MANAGER Requirements: • Solid understanding of the reservation process including the role of WRS, distribution channels and reservations flow • Ability to prepare revenue forecasts for department based on business booked to date, current and historical booking pace and impact of special promotions • Ability to act as project leader for hotel utilization of the HARMONY Product Suite • Ability to develop of business strategies for reservations which are aligned with the overall objectives of the hotel Duties Include: • Maximize room revenue by utilizing yield management techniques and managing the operation of the Reservations Department • Prepares accurate twelve day, three and six month forecasts, monitors revenue and yield management and takes corrective steps to improve results. • Develop and implement strategies and practices which support employee engagement • Work with Systems to manage and monitor inventories, rates and reservations Starting salary $45,000.00 per annum not including service charge Interested applicants should apply to the Regent Palms, in person, for a first interview Monday through Friday 10AM to 12PM and bring along a recent C.V. Appointments may also be made by calling the Regent Palms Human Resources department at 9468666 during business hours.

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TCI: The Unfinished Revolution!


By Ryan Garland

DURING THE 1960’S, 70’s and 80’s much of Britain’s Colonies in the Caribbean region had organized themselves in such a manner that they all would be granted, however reluctantly, an increased measure of self-determination, if not independence. Be it Jamaica in 1962, a member of the Commonwealth, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 1963 or the Turks Caicos Islands in 1976 having elected its first Chief Minister. This reference is used to highlight that these nations had an opportunity to exercise their will, in determining the destiny of their respective Countries. Obviously, all countries have had their fair share of successes and failures; however, it is my view that the full potential of the TCI has not and could not be reached over the decades since Ministerial System of Government came into force. This, primarily, is owing to events surrounding four key leaders that By most accounts our first Chief Minister JAGS McCartney was a transformational figure much in line with the likes of Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley of Jamaica; Lester Bird of Antigua and Barbuda; Dr Eric Williams of Trinidad and Tobago; or Sir Lynden Pindling in our neighboring Bahamas. Be it charisma, intellect, passion, vision or sheer will, Hon McCartney possessed all the tools needed to lead the country towards its destiny. Unfortunately, as we know - he died before he or the Country could reach or realize their potential. Cut from the same cloth as McCartney, though they may have had differing views politically and, the way in which they would seek to move the Country forward was Hon Norman Saunders. Another of this Country’s most dynamic intellectual beings, Hon Saunders much like JAGS, had a great love for our Country and its people. Progress would continue to be made in the administration of the country’s affairs and relationship under Saunders’ leadership until his abrupt removal due to his arrest and subsequent

imprisonment related to drug related offences. A Commission of Inquiry would follow shortly there after, along with the suspension of Ministerial Government. Within ten years of the introduction of said Ministerial Government, the TCI had lost two of it most influential, consequential and prolific leaders. Under the Chief Ministership of the Hon Hugh Derek Taylor, the TCI would see its longest sustained period of prosperity like no other leader before him or since. Known for his quiet demeanor, pragmatism was his best quality. From the expansion of the tourist product, to his aptitude for finding low risk high reward developments for the country to grow its consumer base while positioning our institutions to best handle our growing economy. This resulted in the TCI being called the ‘Star of the Caribbean’, the most watched island nation. Going into a historic third term in office, Hon Taylor’s leadership abruptly ended after the 2003 general elections when two constituencies’ results came into question. A court case ensued. Byelections were held. The Taylor administration was out! What would have another four years under the helm of Taylor looked like? We will never know… Finally, this brings us to Hon. Michael Eugene Misick: the face of the new generation of politicians in the TCI and the country’s first Premier. Misick was a leader who could relate to the Youth of the Country better than anyone since JAGS; with a bravado that had the majority of the Country willing to follow wherever he would lead. All of the tools and skills needed to push the TCI to its full potential were possessed by Misick - had he chosen to use them appropriately! The most active five-year period of economic activities would occur under his watch, but his administration would fall under the cloud of alleged corruption and mismanagement; which resulted in this country’s second Commission of Inquiry in 20 years, and another suspension of the Constitution. This



highly regarded and revised Constitution had only come into force in 2006. Of the four cases outlined above, three administrations ended by something other than the ballot box. So it is pretty clear that sustainability and continuity of most governments in the TCI since 1976 has been hard to achieve. That being said, I will use an apt analogy to compare today’s TCI with that of our sister British Overseas Territory, Anguilla, which – as it so happens, is going through a similar situation like the TCI. Back in the 60’s Anguilla was in association with St Kitts and Nevis, and was administered through St Kitts. Given the unfair treatment of Anguilla by St Kitts, the people of Anguilla cried out to the UK for many years for a direct relationship with Britain, but their cries fell on deaf ears! In 1967, Mr. James Ronald Webster declared himself President and seceded from the St Kitts association and the UK. Rather than negotiate with the people of Anguilla who only months earlier declared their love for Britain, the UK organized Operation Sheepskin to “Take Back” Anguilla. The invasion would be known later on as the “Bay of Piglets” - as not a single bullet would

be fired. It would take more than 14 years or so before Anguilla would be granted B.O.T. status. The point being made here is that the UK misinterpreted the action of secession as a slap in the face, when in truth Anguilla no longer wanted to be administered by St Kitts, which is a similar case as is in the TCI today. The call for the UK to look into alleged acts of corruption was never made so as to give rise for the UK to return the TCI to direct rule, but to work with those not found to be connected to the alleged corruption and clean up the mess made under the UK’s watch altogether. Once again, the UK has over reached or misunderstood the cries of the people of one of its territories. How much longer will the people of the TCI go without questions being answered? How long will we go on without knowing the blueprint for our future? Whatever the true destiny of the TCI turns out to be, whether a relationship with the UK in line with that of Bermuda or outright independence like Barbados or Trinidad and Tobago; the process of getting to that point must be a shared one, not of one of Parent and Child but as respected colleagues with a shared vision, much like that which was envisioned in the document “Progress Through Partnership”. Otherwise, who knows when the revolution will continue!!!



Requirements: • Solid experience in Front Office including Front Desk, PBX, Reservations, Bell Staff, and Guest Services with min.2 years Luxury Hotel experience and supervisory experience. • Advanced knowledge of Front Office computer systems. • Ability to deal with guest service issues Duties Include: • Oversees front desk operations and supervise staff effectively. • Monitor fluctuations in occupancy and daily transportation manifests and change the schedule accordingly. • Ensure group rooming lists are accurate and coordinate any special group requests. Salary $22,000 per annum not including service charge


TROPIC EQUIPMENT Is seeking one Mason, one Domestic worker and Two Helpers

Application must be Submitted to: Director, Tropic Equipment Rental,South Dock Road, Providenciales, Email:

Requirements: • Solid experience in concierge with minimum of two years Luxury Hotel experience and supervisory experience. • Advance computer skills • Must have direct knowledge of key local area points of interest, attractions and dining. • Must possess excellent communication skills to work with local vendors, and business. Duties Include: Oversees concierge operations and supervise staff effectively. • Monitor fluctuations in occupancy and daily transportation manifests and change the schedule accordingly. • Ensure guest request are handled in a timely manner and luxury standards. Salary $22,000 per annum not including service charge


Requirements: • Computer skills • Be able to lift and carry up to a minimal of 50 pounds • Ability to ascertain departmental needs and adapt duties accordingly • Excellent guest service skills Salary $8.00 per hour

Interested applicants should apply to the Regent Palms, Human Resources Department or send your resume to

Digicel Group hits 11.5 million subscriber mark



DIGICEL, THE BEST value mobile operator in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific today announced another impressive set of financial results for the quarter ended December 31st 2010. With subscribers up 7% year on year to 11.5 million across Digicel’s 32 markets worldwide, Digicel continues to perform well across the board. It has seen growth in all of its major markets including El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and Trinidad and Tobago and data revenues have doubled year on year. In terms of Digicel Group Limited – which comprises the 30 markets of the Caribbean, El Salvador and the Pacific – for the quarter ended 31st December 2010, revenues were up 32% year on year to US$580 million, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) was up 32% year on year and reached a record high of over US$240 million. Digicel Group CEO, Colm Delves, comments; “I am pleased to report that we have had another very strong quarter. Digicel has outperformed its industry peers with strong revenue growth and robust margins. He continues; “We remain committed to ensuring our customers benefit from best value, service and network – and in our

ongoing efforts to give back to our communities. I would like to thank our valued customers and staff for making Digicel the success it is today.” Key achievements in the quarter include: • Launch of mobile money services in Haiti under the “Tcho Tcho” Mobile brand and award of the “first to market” grant of US$2.5 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation • Successful launch of 3G+ service in the French West Indies • Successful issuance of US$300 million of senior notes – proceeds of which are to be used for general corporate purposes • Acquisition of two ICT businesses – Netxar in the Caribbean and Datanets in Papua New Guinea - to further expand Digicel ICT expertise and capabilities • Breaking ground on the new Digicel global headquarters in downtown Kingston, Jamaica • Digicel named “Best Operator in a Developing Market” at the World Communications Awards and Denis O’Brien winning the Jamaica Observer Business Leader Foreign Investor Award • Renovation of the central point of trade – the Coronation Market – in downtown Kingston, Jamaica

Island Routes

Caribbean Adventure Tours

Island Routes offers an opportunity for enthusiastic persons to join our team as a:

Island Routes Specialist

The successful applicant will be responsible for bringing to life the destination experience for all visitors to the island to ensure that their vacation includes an “island route”. This includes being the authority on their Country, their culture and all that visitors can see and do while on vacation coupled with selling all tours and excursions marketed by Island Routes. Applicants should satisfy the following: • Must have a pleasant disposition with the ability to work in a multi-cultural environment • Must be service driven with excellent customer service skills • Competency in following up on issues related to the job • Excellent Organizational Skills • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and written • Ability to focus on details • Ability to effectively multitask • Ability to perform job functions to company’s standards under pressure • Ability to work without direct supervision • Ability to be flexible with work schedule • Must have the ability to analyze and resolve problems, exercising good judgment Qualifications and Experience • Computer literate with computer application and software i.e. Windows/Excel/Access/Outlook • Minimum two years work experience in Tourism Industry • Ability to use own initiative • Proven track record of excellent Customer Service Skills • Sales and/or Marketing certification

Remuneration is commission based Interested persons should submit their applications by March 11th 2011 with curriculum vitae via E-mail to: Island Routes Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands E-mail: Fax: 649 941-4870

Or The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

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Islandcom Wireless teamed up with Grace Bay Club and The Veranda, The Atabeyra and Parallel 23 at The Regent Palms to share the love this February for Islandcom’s Valentine’s Day Giveaway! In the spirit of sharing, Islandcom focused on sharing the love, the minutes and the savings. Customer who took advantage the Valentine’s Day promotions were automatically entered to win amazing romantic prizes provided by Grace Bay Resorts, The Atabeyra and Parallel 23. Of all those who were entered, only three would win. Susanne Hodge couldn’t believe it when she received the call on Valentine’s Day informing her that she was the winner of a romantic dinner for two at The Regent Palms’ Parallel 23. Next to receive her call was second prize winner Filipina Marcoso. She was thrilled to learn she had been picked to receive a private sunset cruise for two on Sun Charters’ Atabeyra. The Atabeyra is a 77ft traditionally rigged trading schooner- a retired rum runner refitted as a charter vessel. Filipina and her guest will enjoy a 2 hour cruise where they will experience the sunset from the crystal clear waters surrounding Provo. Finally, an overjoyed Laura Miller won the grand prize provided by Grace Bay Club and The Veranda. Laura was shocked when she was told she had won this fantastic prize stating “I had just switched network providers to Islandcom as they have great prices, packages and the 3G network. I was so surprised and ecstatic to find out I won [first place] in the raffle. Thank you Islandcom!” Laura and her guest will enjoy a romantic one night stay at the luxurious Grace Bay Club as well as a signature couple’s massage at The Veranda’s Sabai Spa. Islandcom was thrilled to reward these customers with such amazing prizes. Special thanks go out to the generous sponsorsGrace Bay Resorts, The Atabeyra, and Parallel 23 who provided these fantastic gifts.

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Continental Airlines launches flights between New York and the Turks and Caicos Islands


CONTINENTAL AIRLINES LAST week inaugurated nonstop flights between its New York hub at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (PLS). Initially the flights will operate four times a week, on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, converting to daily service on March 6, 2011. “We are pleased to offer convenient access to Providenciales, a world-class get-away and an exciting new addition to the list of Caribbean destinations served by Continental and United,” said Rigoberto Alvarenga, Continental Airlines’ Regional Director Caribbean. The approximately three-and-ahalf-hour flight (CO 610) will depart Newark at 9:35 a.m., arriving in Providenciales at 1:10 p.m. The return flight (CO 609) will depart Providenciales at 2:05 p.m., arriving in Newark at 5:45 p.m. Continental will utilize a Boeing 737-800 for the

new service with seating for 160 passengers (16 in first class and 144 in economy). “The Tourist Board is delighted with the new Continental service to the islands from Newark, which is the main airline hub in the northeastern United States busiest cities in the tristate area,” commented Ralph Higgs, director of the Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board. “This is a step in the right direction for us, and it reinforces the fact that our continued marketing and promotional efforts are paying off. Turks and Caicos has the airlift, the attractions, the services and amenities and, more importantly, we have the friendliest personalities that will make each visitor feel welcomed and ensure that they will come to visit us again and again. The Tourist Board is excited that this service will present new travel options for potential visitors and investors, and we join our tourism partners in welcoming Continental Airlines.”



The new service complements the airline’s service to other top Caribbean leisure destinations like Aruba, Punta Cana and Nassau. A popular vacation destination, Providenciales (also called Provo) is the most well known of the Turks and Caicos Islands. While geographically part of the Bahamas chain of islands, Turks and Caicos Islands is a separate country consisting of 40 different islands and cays. Providenciales features the 12mile white-sand Grace Bay Beach, ranked “Best Beach” by Condé Nast magazine and by the World Travel Awards for several years. Visitors also can enjoy the island’s coral reef; water sports such as diving, snorkeling and fishing; golf; a marine park; the world’s first conch farm; and luxury hotels, villas and spas. Providenciales’ official language is English, and its currency is the U. S. dollar. Continental Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of United

Continental Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: UAL). Continental, together with Continental Express and Continental Connection, has more than 2,600 daily departures throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, serving 142 domestic and 140 international destinations. Continental is a member of Star Alliance, which overall offers more than 21,200 daily flights to 1,172 airports in 181 countries through its 28 member airlines. Continental has hubs serving Cleveland, Guam, Houston and New York, and together with its regional partners carries approximately 63 million passengers per year. United Continental Holdings, Inc., became the holding company for both United and Continental upon close of the merger transaction. The two airlines will operate separately as they begin to integrate key customer services, marketing activities and airport processes


Is seeking suitable qualified applicants to fill the following positions:

LABORERS / CLEANERS X 6 Qualification and Responsibilities includes

• Minimum 3 years experience in landscape maintenance • Responsible for weeding, pruning, trimming all plants on property, sweeping walkways, • Cleaning windows, restrooms and removing of trash and solid waste • Must have good knowledge of gardening techniques and ability to apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers properly • Responsible for the upkeep and general look/maintenance of entire grounds • Ability to maintain and repair irrigation systems • Willingness to perform numerous laborious tasks, heavy lifting involved • Willingness to perform all other tasks in relation to general cleaning and or labor • Self motivated and industrious applicants need only apply Salary: $7.00 per hour


Qualification and Responsibilities includes • Working from blueprints, layout, measuring, arranging materials • Experience using numerous power tools • Final steps involving accuracy, and making adjustments • Must be experienced in all aspects of the job • Attention to detail is a must • Ability to prepare estimates for required materials and time required to complete the job • 5 years experience in the construction industry • Diploma in the related field from a trade school of applied technology • Layout / Install Foundation/ Footing Systems • Layout/ Build any Concrete Form System • Layout/ Cut Wood Floor & Wall Systems • Layout/ Cut Wood Stair & Roof Systems • Build Decks, Patios, Breezeways, Carports, Sunrooms • Working knowledge of electrical, plumbing and mechanical trades • Excellent written and communication skills a must • Self motivated and innovative Salary Range $21,800.00 - $24,000.00 Annually


Qualification and Responsibilities includes: • 5 years experience in related field • Must hold degree or diploma in associated field • Ability to produce schedule of works for construction / maintenance projects • Project assembly and scheduled works programming • On site operational management of logistics and work force • Experience with the following programs: -AutoCAD, Microsoft excel, Task planner, Power projects and QuickBooks • Production of progress reports and implementation of development programs • Ability to manage several projects simultaneously • Working knowledge of electrical, plumbing and mechanical trades

• Must have diagnostic experience in power generation and sewage systems • Must have strong aptitude for contract negotiation • Excellent written and communication skills a must • Self motivated and innovative • Able to work nights, weekends and holidays Salary ranges from $30,000.00 – $45,000.00/annum:

DIAGNOSTIC - HYDRAULIC MECHANIC X 1 Qualifications and Responsibilities:

• Ten years of successful mechanical repairman experience of a comparable industrial setting. • Knowledgeable and capable of performing basic welding techniques including out-ofposition angles and various fabrication welding. • Ability to read, understand and apply information from technical manuals, prints, and schematics for trouble shooting and repair. • Technical College Diploma Hydraulic Mechanic. • Working knowledge of Computer based record keeping and planning/scheduling. • Perform maintenance on fork lifts, pallet jacks, garbage compactors and other equipment • Perform maintenance, troubleshoot and repair hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic systems. • Willing and able to work weekends, holidays, rotating shifts and both scheduled and unscheduled overtime at a 24 hour/day, 7 day/week, 365 day/year operation. Must be able to work with minimal supervision. Salary $18, 000 to $20,000 per annum.

Commercial refrigeration tech 10 years experience in commercial refrigeration for supermarket storage Experience in HV/AC systems Sound knowledge of Danfoss computer control systems Certificates required Experience in repair and diagnostics’ of digital scales and scanning equipment Technical knowledge in plumbing, electrical and mechanical works, certificates preferred Installation of new equipment including gas fitting, ability to repair all supermarket equipment Supervision and development of daily routines of maintenance staff Development and production of maintenance budgets, including parts and equipment orders Development and implementation of preventative maintenance schedules Ability to complete tasks swiftly, problem solving skills a must Experience in the supermarket maintenance industry preferred Required to be on call 24 hours Salary $21,000 per year Closing date for applications is March 4th 2011 Interested persons may apply to the Director of Finance Premier Contracting Services Ltd ▪ Graceway House Leeward Highway ▪ Providenciales ▪ Turks & Caicos Islands

Please note: only short-list applicants will be contacted to attend interview



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THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT LEAVING TURKS AND CAICOS IS THE RETURN FLIGHT. Introducing new nonstop service between Turks and Caicos and Boston or New York (JFK). Fly now at


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The man of the cloth marching down the isle to receive his PHD in Divinity

Members of the church’s praise team performing during the event

Officiating Minister Bishop Dr. Herbert Scott asks God’s blessing on Bishop Dr. C.A. Williams III during the ceremony

First Lady Chiquita Williams ropes her Bishop, Dr. Coleta Alexander Williams III

Cara Saunders, a member of the church’s helps ministry applauds her pastor’s latest achievement


Former Minister of Health Dr. Lillian Dr. Hugh Fulford affixes the academic Boyce fits the tasseled tam to the head hood on Bishop Dr. C.A. Williams III of Bishop Dr. Williams III

Congregants celebrate the occasion

Praise team leader Randy Ellis

Keno Forbes, one of Bishop Dr. C.A. Williams’ protégés congratulates him

From left – First Lady, Elder Chiquita Williams, Bishop Dr. C.A. Williams, Dr. Lillian Boyce, Dr. Hugh Fulford, former MP Amanda Misick, and Rev. Dr. Herbert Scott

Bishop Williams (centre) is flanked by family members and friends

Bishop Dr. Williams’ sister, Dottie was one of the first to congratulate him on his latest academic success

Two of Bishop Dr. Williams’ congregants Lyn Chase (left) and Jackie Lightbourne congratulate him





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Mashramani is a modern-day manifestation that comes from a word that connotes “a community celebration after successful cooperative work.” Mashramani Festival is Guyana’s annual countrywide celebration in observance of anniversary of the republic. Mashramani is celebrated on the 23rd February each year. Here in the TCI we parade the streets as we celebrate success through cooperative work. Here are some photos from the event.

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Location: Unit F101 Regent Village, Grace Bay (just before Vino Tiempo) Hours of Operations:


Monday to Thursday 11am to 6pm


Friday to Saturday 11am to 7pm CLOSED ON SUNDAY’S Email: Tel: 941.4016 Find us on Facebook, search for ‘Philosophy Boutique’


Buy Any 1 Accessory &

Receive 15% off Another Accessory!


(jewelry, bags & belts only. Discount applies to item of lesser value)


Shape-wear Promotion

10 – 50% OFF

Buy 1 Pair of SCULPTZ


Receive 50% off The Second! (Discount applies to item of lesser value)






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e You're not easy to lov o) e (n You're not easy to lov love to sy ea t no e You'r e (no) You're not easy to lov

you so complicated? Why is everything with te it rd to love you, oh I ha Why do you make it ha a be alone Cause if ya really wann up cause baby I tried I will throw my hands so complicated Everything with you is Oh, why?

Sometimes I get you rstand Sometimes I don't unde you Sometimes I love n't stand Sometimes it's you I ca g you Sometimes I wanna hu ay sh you aw Sometimes I wanna pu a kiss you nn wa I es Most tim your place in u yo t Other times pu

u start switching up Cause every minute yo e you don't give a f-ck And you say things lik with you Then I say I'm through u Take my heart from yo th wi back after me and baby I'm you And you come runnin

Oh e lov You're not easy to o) (n e You're not easy to lov love to sy ea t no e u'r Yo e (no) You're not easy to lov


Why is everything with you so complicated? Why do you make it hard to love you, oh I hate it Cause if ya really wanna be alone I will throw my hands up cause baby I tried

Everything with you is so complicated Oh, why?

Sometimes I catch you Sometimes you get away Sometimes I read you Other times I'm like where are you on the page? Sometimes I feel like we will be together forever But you're so complicated My heart knows better

Why is everything with you so complicated? Why do you make it hard to love you, oh I hate it Cause if ya really wanna be alone I will throw my hands up cause baby I tried Everything with you is so complicated Oh, why?

I'ma stick around just a little while longer Just to make sure that you're really sure you like sleeping alone (x2)

Why is everything with you so complicated? Why do you make it hard to love you, oh I hate it Cause if ya really wanna be alone I will throw my hands up cause baby I tried Everything with you is so complicated Oh, why?

You're not easy to love You're not easy to love (no) You're not easy to love You're not easy to love (no)

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Judge eases restraining order against Chris Brown




SINGER IS STILL FORBIDDEN FROM HARASSING RIHANNA, BUT DOESN'T HAVE TO STAY AWAY LOS ANGELES — Chris Brown doesn't have to stay away from Rihanna anymore after a judge on downgraded a restraining order in the singer's felony assault case. Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg's ruling came after an attorney for Rihanna said she didn't object to removing the stay-away provisions of an order issued after Brown pleaded guilty to beating her in February 2009. The old order required Brown to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna, but the restriction was reduced to 10 yards if they were at a music-industry event. The judge said she never would have considered relaxing the order without Rihanna's consent and until Brown completed domestic violence counseling. Prosecutors did not object to the change. Schnegg praised Brown, who was in the court and left holding a one-page copy of the new order. She noted he continues to make progress on completing the physical labor

Chris Brown and his lawyer

requirements of his probation and said the R&B singer does not have to attend a June 22 progress report hearing. The new order remains in effect


The man with the golden voice is about to turn his life into TV gold. According to several gossip sites, Ted Williams has plans to star in his own reality show. TMZ reports that a deal has already been signed, while Williams' rep told Gossip Cop the deal with a "major network" should be signed "in a few days." The rep also said the show will be called "Second Chances at Life," and will follow Williams' journey to rebuild his career and life. Williams once had a promising radio career before he lost his job and home to alcohol and drugs. A reporter in Ohio came across Williams panhandling and video taped an interview, which became a YouTube hit. From there, Williams found fame again. Just last Thursday, he told our pals at E! News that his newfound fame was too much too soon, and that it created new challenges. "I just wanted to take advantage of every media outlet that I could for the sake of not having to wake up and have somebody say it was a dream, so I rushed into a few things," Williams told E! Both Gossip Cop and TMZ report that the show will be filmed in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Ohio, and will begin taping in two weeks. For season two, the show will reportedly follow other individuals who are getting a second chance in life. Caption: Ted Williams was a homeless man from Columbus, Ohio, whose deep, velvety voice and touching story prompted an outpouring of sympathy and job offers from across the country.

until August 2014 when Brown's probation is scheduled to end. He and Rihanna, 23, can now see and speak to each other. But if Brown

harasses, threatens, assaults, or tracks his ex-girlfriend's movements, he could be found to be in violation of his probation. Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, can record any threatening conversations with Brown and present them as evidence to authorities. Her attorney, Donald Etra, said he thought the new order was adequate protection. Brown, 21, was charged with felony assault for the February 2009 fight in which he repeatedly struck Rihanna in a rented car after they left a pre-Grammy Awards party. Both entertainers missed that year's awards show, although both have had renewed success in their careers since the incident. Both Brown and Rihanna were nominated for Grammys this year, and she performed during the glitzy awards ceremony. Brown did not attend the show, but performed on Saturday Night Live a day earlier.

Michael Jackson estate earns $310 million in revenue since death Michael Jackson's estate has generated $310 million in revenue from album sales, a film, merchandising and other products since the "Thriller" singer died in 2009, according to court papers filed on Thursday. His estate's administrators have used $159 million to pay down the pop star's debt, which when Jackson died amounted to more than $400 million, court records show. "Although there remain unresolved creditor claims, pending litigation and additional challenging business, tax and legal issues, and the estate is not yet in a condition to be closed, the executors have made substantial progress in reducing the estate's debt," the documents state. The records, which were made public as part of the estate's probate proceedings, are the most detailed accounting yet

of the finances of Jackson's estate from his death until December 31, 2010. Beneficiaries of the estate are Jackson's children, his mother and various charities. Attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain were named administrators in a will the "Thriller" singer signed before he died in June 2009 from an overdose of drugs, most prominently the anesthetic propofol. The singer's physician at the time, Dr. Conrad Murray, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death and has pleaded not guilty. Jackson's 1982 release "Thriller" remains the best selling album of all time. Industry players think his estate can generate cash for years to come, just as dead stars like Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Elvis Presley continue to rake in millions.

Among the projects making money for Jackson's estate are the new album "Michael," which contains previously unreleased songs, and the concert movie "This Is It," which compiled videotaped rehearsals for a series of comeback concerts in London. Various merchandising and licensing deals have also swelled the coffers. Jackson's recordings are released by Epic Records, a unit of Sony Corp. Noteworthy costs included a $900,000 payment to Forest Lawn Memorial cemetery where Jackson's body is interred, and $35,000 in expenses listed as "costume for memorial." Administrators paid $27.2 million in taxes, as well as $5.3 million for Jackson family members and properties he owned. They made $4 million in mortgage payments on his properties.


NEW YORK — The ex-husband of actress Sandra Bullock who admitted infidelities caused the collapse of their marriage has signed a deal to pen a memoir, Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books imprint said on Tuesday. Jesse James, 41, has signed a deal for a tell-all book tentatively titled "American Outlaw," that will be released later this year. A spokeswoman for Gallery Books would not comment on what the deal was worth. James was vilified by the media when his fiveyear marriage to Bullock ended days after the popular

actress won a best actress Oscar in March 2010 for "The Blind Side." He later admitted cheating on Bullock and their divorce was finalized last June. Last month the tattooed, motorcycle-riding James announced he was engaged to tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D. They have been dating since last summer. "2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend.An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs," James, 41, told People magazine in January.

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February 21, 2011




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February 21, 2011

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You might feel more encouraged about changes in your personal and/or professional life. However, it might be best not to rush things but rather work with them as they evolve. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) The Bovine’s business sense is especially keen this week. But remember that it’s always best to investigate before investing. Make sure there are no hidden factors that can rise up later on. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Working on a family project could create tension between and among those concerned. Your good sense and your patience can help reduce bad attitudes and raise positive feelings. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You should be seeing more progress in the development of your plans and more supporters joining in. News from the past could help change someone’s longheld position. LEO (July 23 to August 22) With personal aspects strong this week, Leos and Leonas might want to spend more time with family and others who are especially close to them. Also expect news of a possible career change. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Taking a strong stand can be helpful this week. But be careful you don’t cross the line into obstinacy. Best to take a position on facts as they are, not as you want them to be. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You have a strong sense of the needs of others. This week, turn some

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King Features Weekly February 21, 2011 February 21, 2011



Freak hands produce freak results, as witness this deal from the World Pair Olympiad many years ago. All kinds of results occurred at the 30 tables where the hand was played, but we report here only those of two American pairs who sat East-West. At one table, with Robert Jordan and Arthur Robinson sitting East-West, the bidding went as shown. The artificial two-diamond bid —17—showed gameby North going strength but not necessarily diamonds. Jordan then leaped to five diamonds, partly in the hope of making it and partly to jam the bidding. He later doubled six hearts

of that sensitivity into an honest self-appraisal, and let it find places where you can help yourself. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Creating an emotional comfort zone to handle a personal problem helps at first. But by midweek, you’ll realize you need to deal with it directly or it could linger for too long. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Turning the page on a mistake to start fresh might not be the thing to do. Better to go over each step that led up to the decision you made and see which one misled you. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Goats enjoy a varied diet, but eating crow isn’t on the menu — at least not this week. An embarrassing situation might have gone wrong before you got into it. Check it out. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Your sense of honesty might impel you to speak up about a situation you disapprove of. That’s fine. But do so without sounding accusatory. You might not know all the facts behind it. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Being asked to create a reassuring attitude in the middle of chaos isn’t easy, but you can do it. Support for your efforts comes slowly, but it does come. Enjoy an arts-filled weekend. BORN THIS WEEK: Your honesty about people and issues is expressed in a positive, not painful, way.

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but wound up taking second money when the Dutch declarer lost only a spade trick and scored 1,210 points. In fact, South would have made an overtrick if Robinson had led a diamond instead of a club. The other American pair, Marshall Miles and Phil Feldesman, had far better luck. The bidding at their table went: West North East South Pass 2 [D] 5 [D] Pass 7 [D] Dble Here West, after South had passed, added a second pre-emptive bid to his partner’s. Over seven diamonds, North, who had not yet shown either of his suits, found himself completely frustrated. He doubled, for want of anything better to do, and everyone passed. South had to make a blind opening lead and, after great travail, selected the jack of spades. This allowed declarer to score four spade tricks instead of three, and he eventually got rid of his club loser on dummy’s seven of spades to make the grand slam for a score of 1,630 points! This was 2,840 points better than their compatriots had done with exactly the same cards! ©2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

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February 21, 2011


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Bahamas police issued order to 'secure the House' against protesters


Protesters clashed with police yesterday in a mass demonstration against the sale of BTC. The heated demonstration left one woman in hospital and a man in police custody for his alleged involvement in an attempt to assault Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security. Glenn Miller, assistant commissioner of police, said protesters threw ice towards Bank Lane as Mr Turnquest was walking across the road. The man who was arrested is being investigated in connection with the matter. He is a member of the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union (BCPOU). Tribune sources claim the hospitalised woman was beaten by police with a baton during the demonstration. Mr Miller confirmed the woman "is making some allegations," and they are being looked into. Police sources said the hundreds of protesters represented "several factions", including unions, political parties and citizen groups, and did not seem to be "centrally organised." There were also "a lot of onlookers", possible downtown employees, said the police.


Police clash with protesters outside Parliament

At its peak, Mr Miller said the crowd grew to more than 1,000 people. Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters were dressed visibly in yellow "no turning back" shirts. There was also a large contingent of PLP youth dressed in custom-made designer "unity shirts." Union leaders were present from most of the member unions of the National Congress of Trade Unions (NCTU) and the Trade Union

More Cuban doctors heading to Jamaica JAMAICA is to strengthen its health partnership with Cuba following a trip by officials from the health ministry to the neighbouring Caribbean island earlier this month. The new agreement is expected to come into effect by July of this year. "We have requested about 81 physicians but we expect about 50 per cent of these skilled health workers prior to the finalisation of the agreement. These include family physicians, general surgeons, paediatricians, accident and emergency consultants and orthopaedic surgeons," said Minister of Health Ruddy Spencer at a press conference earlier today. The new agreement, which is still being developed, will focus on the continued rehabilitation of hospital equipment, the establishment of preventative maintenance schedules and on the job training for the country’s biomedical staff. "We are also expanding the programme to develop our capacity in nephrology (treatment of kidneys). We are going to focus on training more of our nurses in this area of expertise having regard to the increasing demand for dialysis services," said Spencer.

Congress (TUC). Some union members were identifiable by their T-shirts, as well as members of the National Development Party (NDP) and Worker's Party coalition. Spokespersons for the various groups said the objective was to stage a peaceful demonstration; however some protesters were in a "militant" mood. Sporadic confrontations broke out whenever protesters stormed the

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police barricades. A major push by protesters challenged the strength of the police, causing officers to shout commands to "secure the entrance to the House." The metal barricades that stretched across Parliament Square to the south were elevated in the air as protesters and police pushed against each other. A protester threw a filled water bottle in the direction of the police in Parliament Square. It is unclear whether a young boy who was on the front line at the time of the confrontation was trampled. Police officers used batons in their attempts to gain control. Protesters lost shoes, hats, sun glasses, and in at least one instance, a hair weave. During the demonstration, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham was present in the House of Assembly. He left after tabling the mid-term budget report. Protesters jeered him as he left the House. Tourism officials said Bay Street was a ghost town. Motorists faced long delays as traffic was diverted away from the area. A security guard working at a Parliament Square business said the demonstration was "hurting us."

Billion-dollar fund launched for Haiti’s reconstruction

Head of the Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA), Clinton Williams, last weekend returned from the second CARICOM Private Sectorled forum in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The forum was held last week primarily to bring on board members of the Haitian Private Business community and ‘encourage their participation in the overall effort to reconstruct the nation’s infrastructure and economy. It was organized by the Trinidad-based Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (CAIC), and the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) is leading Guyana’s participation. Last week’s forum in Haiti is the precursor to a larger event titled “The Caribbean Construction Forum” that will take place March 21st and 22nd, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. This meeting will bring together Haitian businessmen and women with their Caribbean counterparts to establish partnerships and work out parameters for bidding for the various construction projects. Against this initiative, a special fund worth US$1 Billion was officially launched to finance mainly infrastructural development. This fund was established with donor funds and financing from multi-national lending

agencies under the auspices of former Prime Minister of Jamaica, P.J. Patterson, is now being managed solely by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and will be disbursed only to Haitian and Caribbean business owners participating in the reconstruction of this CARICOM member state. The head of the GMSA said that the reconstruction process in Haiti has financial benefits for Guyana’s artisans and business owners involved in Construction and Engineering (including Architects, building contractors and building material suppliers), Manufacturing, Distribution, Agriculture, Transportation logistics, Financial Services and Telecommunications, among others. “Private sector business owners in Guyana are not being asked to donate their services,” he reiterated, but to offer their considerable expertise without having to compete with companies from metropolitan countries for the same dollar. To this end, the GMSA will hold a special briefing on Friday 25th February for business owners who are interested in the Haiti Project. The session is scheduled for 10:00 am in the Association’s boardroom, 157 Waterloo St., North Cummingsburg.

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Grammy-winning reggae star Buju Banton convicted on cocaine charges


Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton, who won a Grammy Award a week ago, was convicted Tuesday of brokering a cocaine deal with an undercover drug informant. The jury in Tampa, Florida took 11 hours to convict Banton, born Mark Myrie, for conspiracy to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute it, possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking, and one more trafficking charge. He was acquitted on a fourth charge of attempted cocaine possession. Banton, born Mark Myrie, reached the zenith of his singing career Feb. 13 when his album "Before the Dawn" was awarded the Grammy for best reggae album. But in a flash, his life has seemingly bottomed out as he faces a sentence of up to life in prison. Prosecutors said Banton was the middleman in a cocaine transaction between Tampa dope dealers and a confidential informant working with the Drug Enforcement Administration. The charges stemmed from a December 2009 DEA drug sting. Banton, 37, was caught on covert audio and videotape boasting about


the "no-risk" drug deal and sampling the illicite white powder. I'm fighting for my freedom," Banton told the court during the trial's final hours. "I'm fighting for my life." "This is not about Buju Banton, the reggae singer. This is about Mark Myrie, the drug defendant," Assistant U.S. Attorney James Preston said during his closing argument last Thursday. Banton's lawyer, David Markus, countered that the singer did not profit from the drug deal. He said Banton was snared in the DEA probe because he is "a big talker" and was trying to impress the confidential informant - who ended up with a $50,000 commission following the bust. "He tried to act cool," Markus said. Bantan could face up to 15 years in jail. Assets safe for now But lawyers in the US disagree about whether the state has any grounds on which to go after Buju's assets. David Oscar Markus, the lead attorney said that there was no basis

11 Trinis trapped in Libya

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad— The Trinidad and Tobago government says it is proving "difficult" to get its nationals out of Libya where street protests are taking place in a bid to force the government of Colonel Muammar Al Gaddafi out of office. Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, speaking on state-owned television yesterday, said that there are at least 11 nationals trying to leave Libya. "I have been directly contacted by two of the (three) families... They want to get out of Libya, they have tickets but the problem is they can't get to the airport," he said. Rambachan said he understood that Britain is likely to send a charter to Libya and the Trinidad and Tobago nationals, who work for international oil firms, could possibly be included. "The whole idea is to get them out, it is very difficult I must tell you. It is very very difficult," Rambachan added. In the meantime, Francis Deng, the United Nations' special adviser on the prevention of genocide, as well as special adviser on the responsibility to protect, Edward Luck, yesterday expressed alarm about reports of mass violence in Libya by the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

for the state to move to seize his assets. Markus, who was obviously devastated over his failure to secure an acquittal for Buju, was curt as he declared the state could not take the assets. However, controversial Floridabased Jamaican attorney, Professor David Rowe, warned that the US government could still institute forfeiture proceedings against Buju based on the conviction. Pointing to legal precedent, Rowe said: "Among the statutory grounds for forfeiture are that the property was used or intended for use or to facilitate drug trafficking." In a superseding indictment handed down last November, prosecutors increased the charges against Buju from two to four and indicated that if he was convicted on any count punishable by imprisonment for more than one year, they would be seeking the forfeiture of some of his assets. "Mark Anthony Myrie, aka Buju Banton, shall forfeit to the United States ... all of (his) right, title and interest in property constituting and

"Widespread and systematic attacks against civilian populations by military forces, mercenaries, and aircraft are egregious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. If the reported nature and scale of such attacks are confirmed, they may well constitute crimes against humanity, for which national authorities should be held accountable," the UN officials said in a statement yesterday. They added: "We remind the national authorities in Libya, as well as in other countries facing large-scale popular protests, that the heads of State and Government at the 2005 World Summit pledged to protect populations by preventing genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity, as well as their incitement." They urged all parties to exercise utmost restraint and to seek peaceful means of resolving their political differences. Libya has become the third country in as many weeks where its citizens have taken to the streets calling on their leaders to step down and bring democratic rule to the countries. Egypt and Tunisia are the other countries where the leaders have been forced into exile.


Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton

derived from any proceeds ... obtained directly or indirectly as a result of such violations. "And property used and intended to be used in any manner or part to commit or to facilitate the commission of such violations," read the indictment in part. It added that if Buju was convicted on the firearm charge, he would have to forfeit the firearm and ammunition to the state.

MASSIVE TOURISM PROJECT STARTS IN BAHAMAS NASSAU— Work on a multi-billion dollar resort on Cable Beach in the Bahamian capital, Nassau, has started after several financial and other challenges. A ground breaking ceremony for the US$2.6 billion Baha Mar development was held on Monday and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Brent Symonette has described it as a “long, painstaking process and the rebirth of a critically important part of the Bahamian tourism establishment.” “As we are aware, this project has faced numerous challenges since the signing of the initial Heads of Agreement with the government in April 2005,” he said. “These challenges have included the withdrawal of the initial joint venture partners in the project, as well as the dramatic and prolonged downturn in the global economy, which has had a major impact on resort development in The Bahamas and other parts of the world.” Symonette said that the details of the project have been painstakingly negotiated between the government and Baha Mar to ensure a well-received and successful development for the investors in and operators of the development. “The government and its agencies will continue to work with Baha Mar to achieve the implementation of the agreements concluded and thus a successful development,” he assured. The project is the brainchild of Sarkis Izmirlian, chairman and chief executive officer of Baha Mar Resorts Ltd., who has partnered with the China Export Import Bank and the China State Construction Engineering Corporation to build what is touted as the largest luxury resort in the region. It has also been agreed that the value of construction works be awarded to Bahamian contractors and sub-contractors totalling $400 million. The Baha Mar resort will comprise six hotels with approximately 3,500 rooms and condominiums, an approximately 100,000 square foot casino, 200,000 square feet of convention facilities, a 20-acre beach and pool experience, an 18-hole golf course and a 60,000 square-foot retail village and additional residential products.

Gadhafi forces strike back at opponents


BENGHAZI, Libya – Army units and militiamen loyal to Moammar Gadhafi struck back Thursday against rebellious Libyans who have risen up in cities close to the capital, attacking a mosque where many were holding an anti-government sit-in and battling others who seized control of an airport. Medical officials said 15 people were killed in the clashes. In a rambling phone call to state TV, Gadhafi accused al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden of being behind the uprising. The Libyan leader said the revolt that began Feb. 15 has been carried out by young men hopped up on hallucinogenic pills given to them "in their coffee with milk, like Nescafe." "Shame on you, people of Zawiya, control your children," he said, addressing residents of the city outside Tripoli where the mosque attack took place. "They are loyal to bin Laden," he said of those involved in the uprising. What do you have to do with bin Laden, people of Zawiya? They are exploiting young people ... I insist it is bin Laden." The attacks Thursday aimed to push back a revolt that has moved closer to Gadhafi's bastion in the capital, Tripoli. Most of the eastern half of Libya has already broken away, and parts of Gadhafi's regime have frayed. In the latest blow to the Libyan leader, a cousin who was one of his closest aides, Ahmed Gadhaf al-Dam, announced that he has defected to Egypt in protest against the regime's bloody crackdown. He denounced what he called "grave violations to human rights and human and international laws." In Zawiya, 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of Tripoli, an army unit attacked the Souq Mosque, where regime opponents

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Moammar Gadhaf

had been camped for days in a protest calling for Gadhafi's ouster, a witness said. The soldiers opened fire with automatic weapons and hit the mosque's minaret with fire from an anti-aircraft gun, he said. Some of the young men among the protesters, who were inside the mosque and in a nearby lot, had hunting rifles for protection. A doctor at a field clinic set up at the mosque said he saw the bodies of 10 dead, shot in the head and chest, as well as around 150 wounded. The witness said that a day earlier, an envoy from Gadhafi had come to the city and warned protesters: "Either leave or you will see a massacre." Zawiya is a key city near an oil port and refineries. After Thursday's assault, thousands massed in Zawiya's main Martyrs Square by the mosque, shouting for Gadhafi to "leave, leave," the witness said. "People came to send a clear message: We are not

afraid of death or your bullets," he said. The other attack came at a small airport outside Misrata, Libya's third largest city, where anti-government rebels claimed control Wednesday. Progovernment militiamen with rocketpropelled grenades and mortars barraged a line of their rivals who were guarding the airport, some armed with rifles, said one of the rebels who was involved in the battle. During the fighting, the airport's defenders seized an anti-aircraft gun used by the militias and turned it against them, he said. A medical official at a military air base by the airport said five people were killed in the fighting — four from the opposition camp and one from the attackers — and 40 were wounded. He said personnel at the base had sided with the Misrata uprising and had disabled fighter jets there to prevent them being used against rebellious populaces. Gadhafi's crackdown has so far helped him maintain control of Tripoli, home to about a third of Libya's 6 million population. But the uprising has divided the country and raised the specter of a civil war: In cities across the east, residents rose up and overwhelmed government buildings and army bases, joined in many cases by local army units that defected. In those cities, tribal leaders, residents and military officers have formed local administrations, passing out weapons looted from the security forces' arsenals. The leader's cousin, Gadhaf al-Dam, is one of the highest level defections to hit the regime so far, after many ambassadors around the world, the justice minister and the interior minister all sided with the protesters.


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said Thursday he's confident that markets will be able to ride out the situation in Libya and the price of oil will stabilize. Obama made the brief comments during a discussion with a new council of business and labor leaders he's appointed to work on economic competitiveness. He said that energy costs are generally a source of uncertainty for businesses. But as for the spike in oil prices, the president said: "We think we'll be able to ride out the situation in Libya and it will stabilize." Oil prices rose again Thursday as the rebellion in Libya appeared to have shut down even more crude production than previously estimated. At the pump, gas prices rose more than 2 cents to a new national average of about $3.23 per gallon. Some lawmakers on Capitol Hill have urged Obama to tap into the country's Strategic Petroleum Reserve emergency supply to ensure prices don't spike even higher. Presidential spokesman Jay Carney said the U.S. was monitoring the situation and consulting with oilproducing nations. "We are examining our options and we have the capacity if necessary to act in case of a major disruption," Carney said at Thursday's White House press briefing.

US Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas hits five years without asking a question

The Supreme Court engaged in a fast-paced argument Tuesday over whether a microbiologist who tried to poison her husband's lover with a toxic chemical could be charged under a federal law intended to regulate chemical weapons. One justice, as usual, said nothing during arguments — as he has for exactly five years. Justice Clarence Thomas speaks in the court only on the few occasions each year when he reads a decision. He last spoke during oral arguments on Feb. 22, 2006, during a South Carolina murder case, and has since sat silently through more than 350 cases. Thomas has said oral arguments are unnecessary to deciding a case and are perhaps even a sideshow. The justices rely on written briefs and lower court opinions in making their decisions, he says. He has also suggested that more of his colleagues should follow his example, rather than interrupt the lawyers making their arguments. "So why do you beat up on people if you already know?" he told law students at the University of Alabama two years ago. "I don't beat up on them. I refuse to participate. I don't like it, so I don't do it." The other justices do not agree. They say the backand-forth with lawyers gives them an opportunity to

clarify aspects of the case. uplifted by the heroism of the troops Sometimes, they also use the who stormed the Normandy beaches. arguments to suggest ideas to get their His frequent topic is his journey colleagues' attention. from poverty in the South. When he On occasion, the justices say, the was nominated to the high court in answers they hear persuade them to 1991, he repeated that he owed his change their decision. success to his grandfather, who took Thomas, by contrast, indicates he him in when he was young. has his mind made up before the Four years ago, he published a argument. memoir, titled "My Grandfather's Justice Antonin Scalia often asks Son," that again told of how his 20 questions during an hourlong grandfather's influence shaped his argument. On her first full day on the life. bench in October 2009, Justice Sonia During Tuesday's argument, Sotomayor asked more than 30 Thomas appeared closely attentive as Justice Clarence Thomas questions in a pair of cases, eclipsing the justices debated whether Carol Thomas's career total in just one day. Bond, the woman charged under the chemical Thomas' aversion to legal arguments goes beyond weapons law, should be allowed to argue that this use the courtroom. In public appearances, Thomas usually of the law was unconstitutional. steers clear of legal topics and controversies. A lower court in Philadelphia ruled that she did He usually charms audiences with his folksy, not have standing to make a type of states'-rights claim, down-to-earth manner. He speaks of his devotion to but all of the justices who spoke appeared ready to Nebraska Cornhuskers football and his fondness for reverse that decision and give Bond a new chance to war movies. He says that when he is feeling down, he argue she should have been charged with assault under watches "Saving Private Ryan" in his den and is state law, not with a major federal offense.

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4 American hostages killed by pirates




NAIROBI, Kenya – Four Americans taken hostage by Somali pirates off East Africa were shot and killed by their captors Tuesday, the U.S. military said, marking the first time U.S. citizens have been killed in a wave of pirate attacks plaguing the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean for years. U.S. naval forces who were trailing the Americans' captured yacht with four warships quickly boarded the vessel after hearing the gunfire. They tried to provide lifesaving care to the Americans, but they died of their wounds, U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida said in a statement. Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle, both from Seattle, were guests onboard the Quest Jean and Scott Adams owners of the Quest were shot and killed. when it was hijacked off the coast of Oman were shot and killed. A member of a U.S. special operations force killed one of the pirates notified about the deaths at 4:42 a.m. also found. Macay and Bob Riggle, of Seattle, with a knife as he went inside of the yacht, Washington time, had authorized the The U.S. military didn't state how those Washington. said ViceAdm. Mark Fox, commander of military on Saturday to use force in case two died. It was unclear if the pirates The Quest was the home of the U.S. naval forces for Central Command. of an imminent threat to the hostages, had fought among themselves. Adams who had been sailing around the Fox said in a televised briefing that said White House spokesman Jay Negotiations had been under way world since December 2004 with a the violence on Tuesday started when a Carney. to try to win the release of the two yacht full of Bibles. rocket-propelled grenade was fired from Pirates hijacked the Quest on A total of two pirates, including the couples on the pirated vessel Quest the yacht at the USS Sterett, a guided- one who was knifed, died during the when the gunfire was heard, the U.S. Friday several hundred miles south of missile destroyer 600 yards (meters) ensuing confrontation — which military said. Fox, asked by reporters Oman. Fox said mariners are warned away. The RPG missed and almost happened around 9 a.m. East Africa about the nature of the negotiations, about traveling through the area immediately afterward small arms fire time — and 13 were captured and said he had no details. because of the dangers of pirate attacks. was heard coming from the yacht, Fox detained, the Central Command said. He identified the slain Americans Gen. James N. Mattis, commander said. as Jean and Scott Adam, of Marina del of U.S. Central Command, said: "We The remains of two other pirates who President Barack Obama, who was were already dead for some time were Rey near Los Angeles, and Phyllis express our deepest condolences for the innocent lives callously lost aboard the Quest." In total the U.S. said that 19 pirates were involved in the hijacking of the Quest. Two days before the attack, a New York court had sentenced a pirate to 33 years in prison for the 2009 hijacking of the Maersk Alabama, a U.S. cargo vessel. That hijacking ended when Navy sharpshooters killed two pirates LONDON – Julian Assange can be the question of a possible extradition holding the ship's captain. A pirate in extradited to Sweden in a sex crimes to the U.S. or the U.S. prison in Somalia told the AP last week that inquiry, a British judge ruled Thursday, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, given the pirates were more likely to attack rejecting claims by the WikiLeaks absence of any evidence that Assange Americans because of the verdict. founder that he would not face a fair risks torture or execution. Only minutes before the military trial there. Assange's lawyer said he The Swedish case stems from announced that the four Americans had would appeal. charges of sexual misconduct made died, a Somali pirate told The Judge Howard Riddle said the against Assange by two women after Associated Press by phone that if the allegations of rape and sexual he visited Sweden last August. yacht were attacked, "the hostages will molestation by two women against Lawyers for Sweden have argued that be the first to go." Assange meet the definition of authorities made repeated attempts to "Some pirates have even suggested extraditable offenses and said the interview Assange while he was in rigging the yacht with land mines and Swedish warrant had been properly Scandinavia, to no avail. explosives so as the whole yacht issued and was valid. In Sweden, Claes Borgstrom, the explodes with the first gunshot," said Assange, 39, a key figure in the lawyer representing the two women, the pirate, who gave his name as release of tens of thousands of secret said the decision had been expected. Abdullahi Mohamed, who claimed to U.S. government and military "It's just too bad that it took so be a friend of the pirates holding the documents, has been out on bail during long," Borgstrom said. "(Assange) Julian Assange four Americans. the extradition fight. He has seven days will probably appeal this decision for The military said U.S. forces have to appeal the ruling in British courts. some reason that is hard to understand. He claims that he been monitoring the Quest for about After hearing three days of testimony this month, hasn't committed a crime so he should just come here and three days, since shortly after the Friday Riddle concluded "there is simply no reason to believe sort it out. I expect that he will be on Swedish soil before attack. Four Navy warships were there has been a mistake" about the European Arrest the summer." involved, including the aircraft carrier Warrant issued by Swedish authorities. Bjorn Hurtig, Assange's Swedish lawyer, told The USS Enterprise. In his ruling, the judge dismantled the defense case Associated Press that he was already preparing to The killing of the four Americans against extradition point by point. He rejected the claim represent his client. appears to underscore an increasingly that comments made against Assange by Swedish "If he comes to Sweden I think he has great chances brutal and aggressive shift pirates have prosecutors and politicians would pervert the course of of being freed," Hurtig said. "And I'll be waiting for him, been showing toward hostages. The justice. ready to fight for him tooth and nail." conventional wisdom in the shipping Assange's lawyers also said that Sweden's custom of The hearing Thursday attracted Assange's usual industry had been that Somali pirates hearing rape cases behind closed doors meant he would coterie of high-profile supporters, including Bianca are businessmen looking for a ransom not get a fair trial, but Riddle said the practice was Jagger and Jemima Goldsmith. payday, not insurgents looking to common in Sweden. About a dozen WikiLeaks and Assange supporters in terrorize people. Assange's lawyers have questioned Sweden's judicial ski hats and parkas gathered outside the court hours Pirates — who currently hold 30 process and expressed concern their client risks being before the hearing, hanging banners and signs saying ships and more than 660 hostages — handed over to the United States, which is investigating "Free Julian Assange and Bradley Manning," the U.S. typically win a multimillion ransom for whether Assange and WikiLeaks have violated U.S. laws Army private suspected of leaking the documents to releasing their captives, a huge sum that by distributing secret government documents. WikiLeaks. is shared among investors and pirates. WikiLeaks has released tens of thousands of U.S. Vaughan Smith, the founder of the Frontline Club The money is often spent on alcohol, military documents on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who has been hosting Assange at his country estate, said drugs and prostitutes. One ransom paid and on U.S. diplomatic efforts worldwide, deeply the ruling was "disappointing." last year was reported as $9.5 million. angering U.S. officials. Smith said Assange remains welcome at his house. Most ransoms are worth several million The judge said it was wrong for the defense to raise "He's good company," Smith said. dollars.

Judge says WikiLeaks founder Assange can be extradited

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Man has 39 wives, nearly 100 children

Mr Ziona Chana poses with his 39 wives

He is head of the world's biggest family - and says he is 'blessed' to have his 39 wives. Ziona Chana also has 94 children, 14-daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren. They live in a 100-room, four storey house set amidst the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram, where the wives sleep in giant communal dormitories. Mr Chana Britain’s Sun newspaper: 'Today I feel like God's special child. He's given me so many people to look after. 'I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the world's largest family.' The family is organised with almost military discipline, with the oldest wife Zathiangi organising her fellow partners to perform household chores such as cleaning, washing and preparing meals. One evening meal can see them pluck 30 chickens, peel 132lb of potatoes and boil up to 220lb of rice. Coincidentally, Mr Chana is also head of a sect that allows members to take as many wives as he wants. -He even married ten women in one year, when he was at his most prolific, and enjoys his own double bed while his wives have to make do with communal dormitories. He keeps the youngest women near to his bedroom with the older members

of the family sleeping further away and there is a rotation system for who visits Mr Chana's bedroom. Rinkmini, one of Mr Chana's wives who is 35 years old, said: 'We stay around him as he is the most important person in the house. He is the most handsome person in the village. She says Mr Chana noticed her on

The Ziona mansion which ahs 100 rooms

The Ziona family in its enterity with all 181 members

a morning walk in the village 18 years ago and wrote her a letter asking for her hand in marriage. Another of his wives, Huntharnghanki, said the entire family gets along well. The family system is reportedly based on 'mutual love and respect' And Mr Chana, whose religious sect has 4,00 members, says he has not

stopped looking for new wives. 'To expand my sect, I am willing to go even to the U.S. to marry,' he said. One of his sons insisted that Mr Chana, whose grandfather also had many wives, marries the poor women from the village so he can look after them.

Egypt arrests three former ministers on corruption allegations CAIRO – Egyptian authorities arrested on Thursday former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly and two other ex-ministers who are under investigation for corruption, security officials said. Authorities also arrested steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz, once a prominent member of the ouster leader Hosni Mubarak's ruling National Democratic Party. El-Adly, whose job gave him control over the 500,000-strong security forces, has been widely blamed for the deadly brutality used by riot police against demonstrators in massive protests that began Jan. 25 and forced Mubarak to step down Feb. 11. ElAdly served in his former post for 12 years. News of el-Adly's arrest followed the detention earlier Thursday of former Housing Minister Ahmed Maghrabi, ex-Tourism Minister Zuheir Garana and Ezz. All four face allegations that range from money

laundering to abuse of authority and squandering state wealth. The protesters who ousted Mubarak in 18 days of demonstrations against his regime often mentioned the deep corruption of the regime as a key reason behind their movement. The security officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media, said all four of the men would also be initially held for 15 days. All four had previously been banned from travel abroad and had their assets frozen, measures that are normally a prelude to a criminal investigation and possible trial. They are among some dozen exministers and businessmen who are under investigation for corruption or abuse of authority. Most of those under investigation belonged to a clique of businessmen-turned-politicians who

rallied around Mubarak's son and one-time heir apparent Gamal in the ruling party. Gamal Mubarak, 47, rose rapidly through the ranks of the party over the past decade to become the most powerful politician in Egypt after his 82-year-old father. Gamal Mubarak and his circle of businessmen have been blamed for orchestrating economic reform that liberalized the economy but left the country's poor masses unable to reap the benefits of economic growth. Ezz, an upstart who used his vast wealth to promote his political career, is widely blamed for the widespread fraud that marred parliamentary elections held in November and December. The ruling part won all but a small fraction of the chamber's 518 seats. Ezz has denied the charge in a TV interview.



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Airlines raising fares as oil prices rise

Airline passengers should prepare themselves for sticker shock this year. As the carriers have tried to keep up with rapidly rising oil prices, they have already increased their fares four times since the start of the year, compared with only three increases for all of 2010. The airlines have also raised some of their fees, imposed summer peak-time surcharges and added hefty fuel surcharges on international flights. Even traditional low-cost carriers that have long undercut their rivals are joining in. Southwest Airlines, for example, which usually resists industrywide fare increases, participated in several rounds, including one this week. While the rising ticket prices have matched the steady increase in fuel costs in recent months, the turmoil in the Middle East has sent oil prices sharply higher. That surge now threatens to derail the airline industry’s fragile recovery and may lead to even more surcharges. At today’s prices, fuel accounts for about 40 percent of the industry’s costs, up from about 30 percent just last year. As a result of the uncertainty in the oil markets, airline stocks

extended their losses on Wednesday, after Tuesday’s steep declines. Airline stocks are down 11 percent just this week. The airlines have few options to deal with their rising costs. Most carriers were already hedging some of their fuel purchases to protect against sudden price increases. They can also look for more fuel-efficient planes, but that requires billions of dollars in investments and takes years. In the meantime, they have little choice but to pass on costs to travelers. So far, thanks to growing demand from both business and leisure passengers, the airlines have not had any trouble selling seats. Because they have not added much new capacity as the economy has picked up, their planes are still flying full, especially during peak hours. And as airlines continue to find customers for their most expensive fares, analysts said, they are reducing the number of their cheapest seats — and even those are not so cheap anymore. “Airlines are raising their fares because, right now, they think they can,” said Jeff Streabler, a strategist at RBS. “People will actually buy the tickets at those fares.”

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In January, the cheapest round-trip fare from any of the top 50 airports in the country averaged $367 — 10 percent higher that the average of $333 for the same time last year, according to, a consumer airline research Web site. Rick Seaney, FareCompare’s chief executive, said each increase in the last three months had averaged $5 to $12 for the least expensive tickets. On top of that, some airlines are also increasing their fees. US Airways recently raised its fees for a variety of overweight and oversize bags — those weighing 75 to 100 pounds — to as much as $175 a bag, from $100. It also raised the cost of a third checked bag, to $125 from $100. “We’ve had a lot of airfare hike activity compared with the last two years,” Mr. Seaney said. In recent weeks, the carriers have also bumped up their base ticket prices for travel during the summer by as much as $250, in Virgin Airlines’ case. In addition, the airlines have introduced “peak travel” surcharges of $20 to $60 round-trip on some summer departure dates. Oil prices jumped more than $12 a barrel this week, rising above $98 a barrel in New York on Wednesday, after the violent uprising in Libya, a major oil producer. In London, Brent crude futures rose to $111.25 a barrel. The price of jet fuel, which is now $2.99 a gallon, has soared 58 percent since last summer’s lows of $1.89 a gallon. “Airlines are under a lot of pressure,” said Severin Borenstein, a professor of public policy at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. “Demand is

recovering but rising fuel prices may short-circuit that.” The Air Transport Association said last week that passenger revenue had grown 10 percent in January compared with the same time last year. That was the 13th consecutive month of revenue growth for the airlines. “We have slightly fuller planes and stronger pricing,” said John Heimlich, the chief economist at the Air Transport Association. “There is no question we are enjoying the coattails of a stronger global economy after a very depressed period. We are making up for lost years.” The airlines, meanwhile, have been resisting an Obama administration proposal to increase ticket fees to help finance airport projects. The president’s budget, released on Feb. 14, would raise the passenger facility charge to a maximum of $7 per flying segment, from the current $4.50, to offset a cut of $1.1 billion to airport grants. Delta has argued that this increase means that a family of four will pay $112 in ticket fees, instead of $72, assuming they buy round-trip tickets with one stop. A world of higher fuel prices and higher fees might substantially change the way passengers think of air travel — less a convenient mode of mass transportation and more a luxury, one analyst said. “Flying is getting more expensive, there is no question about it,” said Robert Herbst, a former commercial pilot and independent airline analyst. “These rising energy costs have to be passed on to consumers. For some, this means flying will become less affordable.”


If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then there will be few women in the world who won’t swoon over this handbag. Crowned by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most expensive, the " Mouawad1001 Nights Diamond Purse" is valued at $3.8 million. The bag was handcrafted from 18-carat gold. It took 10 artisans, working over a period of four months, an incredible 1,100 hours to create the purse. The heart-shaped bag is encrusted with more than 4,517 diamonds – 105 yellow, 56 pink and 4,356 colorless. The diamonds on the bag weigh a whopping total of 381.92 carats. The purse was on display at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition over the weekend of Feb. 20. There has been no word yet if anyone has bought the purse.

Toyota recalls 2.17 million vehicles in US




WASHINGTON – Toyota Motor Corp. recalled 2.17 million vehicles in the United States on Thursday to address accelerator pedals that could become entrapped in floor mats or jammed in driver's side carpeting, prompting federal regulators to close its investigation into the embattled automaker. The Transportation Department said it had reviewed more than 400,000 pages of Toyota documents to determine whether the scope of the company's recalls for pedal entrapment was sufficient. "As a result of the agency's review, (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) asked Toyota to recall these additional vehicles, and now that the company has done so, our investigation is closed," said NHTSA administrator David Strickland. Toyota has now recalled more than 14 million vehicles globally to fix gas pedals and other safety problems since 2009. The company has received intense scrutiny from the government since August 2009, when four people were killed in a high-speed crash involving a Lexus near San Diego. U.S. regulators largely cleared the company earlier this month, saying that electronic flaws were not to blame for reports of sudden, unintended acceleration that led to hundreds of complaints. Transportation officials tied the problems to mechanical defects dealt with in recalls and "pedal misapplication," in which the driver stepped on the accelerator instead of the brakes. The company has,

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however, paid the U.S. government a record $48.8 million in fines for its handling of three recalls. The world's No. 1 automaker has tried to move beyond the recalls, vowing to heed customer complaints and upgrade its safety technology. The company has installed on new vehicles brake override systems, which automatically cut the throttle when the brake and gas pedals are applied simultaneously, and created engineering teams to examine vehicles that are the subject of consumer complaints. In its latest safety action, Toyota said more than half of the vehicles under recall were being added to a massive 2009 recall that fixed gas pedals getting trapped in the floor mat. The Japanese automaker said it would add three models to the 2009 pedal entrapment recall: about 600,000 4Runner SUVs from the 2003-2009 model years; 761,000 RAV4 compact SUVs from the 20062010 model years; and 17,000 Lexus LX 570s from the 2008-2011 model years. Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons said the additional pedal entrapment recalls were "based on our continued constructive dialogue with NHTSA. While our actions up to now have led to a substantial reduction in reports of acceleration concerns, we mutually agreed that Toyota would take these additional steps to help ensure that acceleration concerns are further reduced." The recall also includes 372,000 RX 330, RX 350

and RX 400H vehicles from the 2004 through early 2007 model years and 397,000 2004-2006 Toyota Highlander SUVs and hybrid versions to replace floor carpet covering and retention clips on the driver's side that could interfere with the accelerator pedal arm. Toyota also recalled 20,000 2006 through early 2007 GS 300 and GS 350 all-wheel drive vehicles to change the shape of a plastic pad embedded in the driver's side floor carpet that could cause pedal interference. Lyons said the company was unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the new recalls. He said Toyota was pleased NHTSA had closed its investigation. Toyota still faces dozens of lawsuits from owners. NHTSA has received about 3,000 reports of sudden acceleration incidents involving Toyota vehicles during the past decade, including allegations of 93 deaths. NHTSA, however, has confirmed five of them. The company said owners of the recalled GS 300 and GS 350 vehicles will be notified of the recall in early March. Owners of the RX and Highlander vehicles will be notified in the "near future" and receive a second notification once replacement covers are available. Owners of the recalled 4Runner, LX 570 and RAV4s will also receive an initial notification in the near future, followed by a second notification once the recall preparations are complete.

Legal fight over Facebook continues

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss say they — not Mark Zuckerberg — invented Facebook. And they are willing to risk $160 million for the chance to prove it. The ambitious young Olympic rowers made famous in the Oscarnominated "The Social Network" are taking their last shot at the gold — in London in 2012 and in San Francisco, where they are contesting an out-ofcourt settlement they reached with Facebook three years ago. If they prevail, their legal appeal would overturn the settlement, now worth in excess of $160 million because of the soaring value of the privately held company. The Winklevosses won't say exactly how much they would seek in their high-stakes grudge fest with the billionaire Facebook founder, but by their own calculations they argue they should have received four times the number of Facebook shares. That would make any new settlement worth more than $600 million based on a recent valuation of Facebook at more than $50 billion. The Winklevosses, who have taken a lot of guff for pursuing Facebook after having already negotiated such a hefty payout, say they came close to dropping the appeal but "just couldn't do it." They insist it's not about the money. They say they are fighting out of moral principle. "If it was about the money, we would walk away right now," Cameron Winklevoss said during an interview in San Diego, where the brothers have been training for the Olympics. "Mark Zuckerberg wouldn't be sitting where he is if it weren't for us. They think it's over. We believe there is another chapter to be written." Facebook doesn't see it that way. "We consider the Winklevoss matter closed," company spokesman Andrew

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Noyes said. Zuckerberg, in a recent interview on CBS' "60 Minutes," said he had spent less than two weeks worrying about the Winklevosses' lawsuit. When asked whether he had any regrets, he replied: "After all this time, I feel bad that they still feel bad about it." For the last six years, the Winklevosses have been brawling with Facebook over their contention that Zuckerberg ripped off his Harvard classmates to build the world's most popular social networking site. In a sequel that picks up where "The Social Network" leaves off, the Winklevosses last month asked a federal appeals court to overturn the 2008 settlement, saying they were duped about the value of the shares they would receive. "To me, it looks like it's got everything you would want in a contract," U.S. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Alex Kozinski said during a hearing last month where the Winklevosses, dressed in identical dark suits but different-colored ties, watched the legal proceedings from the front

row in the courtroom. A decision is expected in the next few weeks. Facebook has won multiple court rulings, and legal experts say the Winklevosses are likely to lose this one too. "You always have a shot; it's just a long shot," Brooklyn Law School securities professor James Fanto said. "The courts are very reluctant to reopen settlements in the absence of significant fraud in the context of the settlement." Should the appellate court rule against them, it will be another legal setback for the Winklevosses, who are also battling their former lawyers who negotiated the settlement. They fired them, accused them of malpractice and refused to pay them. In November, the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan upheld a binding arbitration that sided with the lawyers and ordered the Winklevosses to pay the 20% contingency fee of $13 million. The money and stock are being held in an escrow account. If they win the appeal, the Winklevosses can seek a new

Mark Zuckerberg

settlement or take their chances in court, where they could end up with more or nothing at all. If they lose the appeal, the Winklevosses will keep their current settlement, the stock portion of which has been rising in value. "My clients are in an unusual and fortunate position," their attorney, San Francisco appellate specialist Jerome Falk, said. "No matter what happens, the outcome is good for them." The 29-year-old, 6-foot-5-inch identical twins have nothing nice to say about Facebook, its legal team and, most of all, Zuckerberg, their techsavvy Harvard classmate whom they say they hired to work on their social networking site but instead surreptitiously launched his own. The Winklevosses cast Zuckerberg as ruthless and remorseless, themselves as honest and guileless. They have become famous for fighting Facebook, but they shrug off public derision, saying that critics who accuse them of being motivated by greed or opportunism don't understand that they are just looking for a "fair shake."

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Recruitment drive pays off for TCIFA

Principals at the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) have hit the ground running in their quest to bring more players to the world’s most loved sport – football. A recent recruitment drive on Providenciales has paid great dividends with around 300 youths having joined both the boys and girls leagues. Schools that have previously not been involved in TCIFA’s Youth Development Programme, have, this year, shown more interest. This bodes well with Association principals - as it is their aim to have more players, teams and league matches, so that ultimately players from the Turks and Caicos Islands can be more competitive at local and regional level. “Institutions such as Shining Stars, BEST

Institute and Whole Gospel Academy have joined other government and privately run schools thereby ensuring that their students are exposed to other sports and a diverse athletic conditioning,” said Matthew Green, TCIFA’s Technical Director. “What is even more pleasing is that the kids are TCI nationals and their parents seem very supportive. Several schools have also started after school soccer clubs, which is creating further interest,” added Green. Green has been visiting several schools, speaking during their general assemblies, at Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, as well as conducting sessions and helping to set up soccer clubs. Of the drive, Christopher Bryan, President of

the Association said: “It’s extremely encouraging seeing the increase in numbers of youth players this year. It’s the Football Association’s aim to give every child in TCI the opportunity to play a sport which is beneficial to a child’s development on many different levels and this is being realized through the hard work of Technical Director Matthew Green, our General Secretary Sonia Bien-Aime and all our youth coaches.” With regard to implement Youth Development Programmes on the islands of North and Middle Caicos, the TCIFA is hopeful that the Sports Commission can assist in this area, as it its aim to cultivate a love for football and develop the sport in the country goes from strength to strength.

Jamaica makes it to Under 17 World Cup Finals


MONTEGO BAY, St James — It’s been a long time coming, but finally Jamaica have snapped a 10-year spell from a global football tournament. The nation's Under-17 team did yesterday what had eluded all others since the Under-20 qualified for the Argentina World Cup back in 2001 — booked a place in their age-group World Cup set for Mexico this summer. The feat follows that of their predecessors, who did so 12 years ago for the New Zealand edition of the Under-17 FIFA World Cup. A brace from top striker Jason Wright secured the Jamaican dream as the stocky forward hit the target in the 13th and 46th minutes in a dominant and crowd-pleasing performance for a 2-1 quarter-final victory. Honduras made a fight of the contest in the latter stages when substitute Bryan Rochez closed the gap in the 64th which sent a chill through the Montego Bay Sports Complex. The win sealed the final qualifying spot of the two-week tournament after Canada did so in the earlier game, blanking Trinidad and Tobago 2-0.


The Team celebrates

In Tuesday's quarter-finals, Panama shocked Costa Rica 1-0 in a Central American derby, while the mighty USA dug deep to fight off the challenge of El Salvador, 3-2. Having secured their places in the global event, there is still work to be done as the top four teams will contest the semi-finals of the CONCACAF tournament, which will crown a

champion. Jamaica will test their mettle against USA, while Canada and Panama will battle tomorrow to see who advance to the final, which will bring the curtains down on a magical two weeks of football on Sunday. In the widely anticipated triumph against Honduras, the Young Reggae Boyz were in their element by

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possessing the ball through crisp passing, with the architect being captain Omar Holness, who led his troops with distinction in a rarified and electrifying atmosphere "never seen before" at this level. Jamaica head coach Wendell Downswell was beside himself with joy at the accomplishment. "I'm ecstatic for the youngsters because they have been away (in Brazil) for so long and all the sacrifice they have made," he said. Downswell, who was instrumental in the Under-20 team which qualified for the World Cup in 2001, said the team gave a markedly improved performance, though they slackened off the accelerator for periods of the second half. "This is the best game they have played; what they need to do now is (consistently) play two good halves," he told a post-game press conference. Honduras coach Eugenio Umanzor said it "was a tough loss", but he and his players had no regrets. "I thought the players did well and fought back into the game," he noted.

West Indies lose World Cup Opener

The West Indies cricket squad lost their opening match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Thursday, succumbing to South Africa by seven wickets. The Windies were outplayed by the Proteas at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium as A.B. de Villiers hit a superb unbeaten 107. The kncok helped South Africa easily reached 223-3 off 42.5 overs, to win with more than seven overs to spare. De Villiers played shots to all parts of the field and hit eight boundaries and two sixes off 105 balls

to seal the victory. During the Windies innings, West Indies Vice Captain Dwayne Bravo was forced to leave the field as he injured his left knee trying to save a run. He will have a scan this morning, Feb. 25th, to determine the extent of the injury. Earlier, left-hander Darren Bravo excited the large crowd with a number of breathtaking shots in a polished half-century on his ICC Cricket World Cup debut. The 22-year-old hit eight fours and a six in 73 from 82 balls to lead the West Indies.


Experienced Senior Litigation Paralegal required to act as Paralegal to litigation partner with appropriate experience and qualifications. Must demonstrate experience and knowledge of having dealt independently with all matters relating to contentious practice, litigation, employment law dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution. Must have excellent communication skills, both written and oral and be capable of production of documents and forms as required. Must have vehicle and clean driving record. The applicant must be able to work overtime when required due to case urgency. References will be required. Remuneration based on experience – commencing $40k per annum. Belongers only need apply. Apply to the Managing Partner P O Box 260, Beatrice Butterfield Building Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Fax (649) 946-4663 Email:

Bravo’s older brother Dwayne supported with 40 at better than a run a ball before he was run out. Opener Devon Smith made 36 on his return to the ODI side, while Shiv Chanderpaul scored 31. West Indies batting was undermined by Pakistan-born leg-spinner Imran Tahir. Playing in his first match for the Proteas, he was the most successful bowler with 4-41 from 10 overs. Fast bowler Dale Steyn also bowled well to take 3-24 from 7.3 overs as the last five wickets fell for 19 runs.



Requirements: • Must have 1 year restaurant serving experience. • Must have a pleasant personality. • Must be able to work weekends, nights and holidays. • Must have knowledge of beverage preparation and service of alcoholic beverages.

Duties Include: • Greeting and seating guest. • Service food and beverages to guest in a prompt manner and anticipate guest needs. • Maintain proper set-up of working area and cleaning of same area upon closing. Salary $150.00 weekly plus tips.

Interested applicants should send Resume/CV and references to Delthia Bassett, at within 2 weeks of the date of this notice. Suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview. Tel: (649) 244-3572



COME AND JOIN OUR WINNING TEAM!!! Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond all inclusive property in the Caribbean and its authorized Recruitment Agencies are inviting applications from suitably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that only short listed applicants will be contacted for an interview. LAUNDRY DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in generating payroll for over 100 persons • Experience in scheduling over 100 persons • Experience in inventory maintenance and ordering for multiple outlets • Knowledge of wines and menus Salary for the above mentioned positions range from $15,000.00 to $23,000.00

Laundry Attendant Requirements include: • Physically fit • Previous experience in commercial Laundry an assist SECURITY DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Security Officers Requirements include but are not limited to: • Physically Fit • Ability to write reports • Attention to detail and ability to enforce procedure Hourly rate for the above mentioned positions range from $5.00 to $7.00 THE TRAINING DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:


Assistant Store Keeper Store Porter Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in working in a refrigerated storage. • Experience in operating in a multiple warehouse environment • Physically Fit • Computer literate THE CONCIERGE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Training Manager (Regional) Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in Managing Training departments in 4 Hotels • Qualified to teach English Butler Programme to certification • Knowledge of Food and beverage, Front office, Concierge (this is not exhaustive) • Ability to design training programs

Night Auditor Requirements include but are not limited to: • Auditing experience. • Experience in a hotel environment • Three (3) years similar experience Hourly rate for the above mentioned positions range from $6.00 to $11.00


Grounds Manager Assistant Manager/ Senior Supervisor Requirements include but are not limited to: • Minimum 2 year diploma in related field. • Experience with tropical or sub tropical plants, Greenhouses and Irrigation • Physically Fit THE COST CONTROL DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Cost Control Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in controlling cost example fuel, electricity, water. • Experience in controlling a multi-million dollar portfolio • Ability to cover day and night shifts Salary for the above mentioned positions range from $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 THE ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Office Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in managing the affairs of an Office of a Regional Manager. • Extremely confidential • Professional designation and asset

Director of Guest Services Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in solving guest concerns to resolution including compensation • Knowledge of and a ability to interact with Rooms, Kitchen, Dining Room (this list is not exhaustive) • Five (5) years relevant experience Salary for the above mentioned positions range from $20,000.00 to $35,000.00 THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Administrator/ Administrative Assistant

THE MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Assistant Maintenance Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • A multiple technical skill portfolio • Knowledge of RO plants • Knowledge of pools including heating and repair • Knowledge of Generators • Five (5) years relevant experience THE SPA DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Spa Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Ability to manage Spa, Gym and Tennis Portfolios • Ability to meet sales targets in areas indicated above • Five (5) years relevant experience Salary for the above mentioned positions range from $20,000.00 to $38,000.00 THE KITCHEN DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Executive Chef Requirements include but are not limited to: • Maintain control of the standards for purchasing and receiving items. • To create recipes and production methods, as well as compile new banquets methods when required. • Oversee the training and development of all kitchen staff. • Experience in managing over four (4) kitchens THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Food and Beverage Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in managing multiple Restaurant outlets with seating of over 200 • Five (5) years relevant experience in Fine Dining, Al La Carte and Buffet Salary for the above mentioned positions is negotiable and based on experience

-Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road


The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

and should reach not later than March 11th 2011. Otherwise, please call anytime for an appointment tel # 649-946-8000 ext 4138

Did LeBron’s Departure Cost Cavs Owner $100 Million? FEBRUARY 25TH - MARCH 4TH, 2011

Six years ago, Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert bought the Cleveland Cavaliers for $375 million. If Gilbert wanted to sell it today, one sports investment banker, who requested anonymity because he helps clients buy and sell sports teams, told CNBC that Gilbert could get about $275 million for the team. The price Gilbert agreed to pay in January 2005 was undoubtedly boosted by the fact that hometown boy LeBron James, then in the middle of his second season, was helping to fill up the arena on a regular basis. James was worth plenty to Gilbert over the next 5½ seasons, as average per game attendance was never lower than 18,000 fans per game, a number the Cavaliers hadn't ever achieved before. But when LeBron "took his talents" to Miami this past summer, he left the cupboard bare. The result? A team that is 10-46 at the All-Star break, thanks to a league record 26-game losing streak. If they lose as many games in the second half of the season that they did in the first half, they'll have their worst season since 1981-82. The investment banker made the valuation based on projected revenues as well as the team's location in Cleveland. That's why it's so far off from what the Golden State Warriors sold for ($450 million) in July. Revenues are obviously expected to plummet due to the team's fortunes. Mark Klang, who says he is the Cavaliers biggest season ticket holder in terms of number of tickets, is predicting that, at best, 50 percent of season ticket holders will renew given the prices the Cavaliers have given

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LeBron James

season ticket holders for next season. The prices, which were sent to current season ticket holders in late January, reportedly have been reduced between 0 and 20 percent. The lower level center court seat, which teams usually don't have a problem selling to corporations, is being reduced from $158 a game to $155 a game. Klang, a ticket broker who says he currently owns 300 season tickets which he pays close to $1 million for, says his lower level baseline seats are being held at $140 each per game. The Cavaliers have more than 100 different price points due to seat location and season ticket holder history. "Gilbert has that hustler sense to him, that's how he was raised," Klang,

owner of Ohio-based Amazing Tickets, told CNBC. "It's tough for him to admit when his product isn't good, so it's just not his mentality to own up to it. He believes there is an entertainment value to the team and there is when they are winning, but there's clearly not when they aren't." Klang should know. Given the team's performance, Klang says he is lucky to get $40 for a seat he paid $150 for. What he doesn't understand is how Gilbert could not know about what the market demand is, especially when he also owns Flash Seats, an online ticket reseller. "There were $850 tickets to the Lakers game the other night, which includes food and drink that the Cavs value at $54," Klang said. "They went on his site for $200. And that was a Lakers game." Cavaliers spokesman Tad Carper said that Gilbert isn't concerned about the one banker's valuation because he is not selling the team anytime soon. Carper said Gilbert also doesn't believe that valuation to be accurate. Carper also said that the againstall-odds scenario is something Gilbert is used to. "He guided Quicken Loans through the mortgage crisis and the company now has its highest average loan volume and has increased market share," Carper said. Quicken Loans, the nation's largest online retail mortgage lender, closed a record $29 billion in retail home loan volume in 2010, having recently closed its one millionth loan. To be fair, this will likely be the highest year of revenues for Gilbert. A center court, lower bowl seat cost $95

a ticket to season ticket holders in the year that Gilbert bought the team. This year that ticket costs $158 a game. Fans had to purchase their season tickets in March – which is typical for the team – at the highest prices the Cavaliers had ever charged, so they were locked in by the time LeBron decided to leave in the summer. That's why, despite the Cavs horrible season, announced attendance this year is averaging 20,343 per game, an average only trailing the Chicago Bulls and the Portland Trail Blazers. Then take into account that the Cavs are spending roughly $40 million less due to a reduction in payroll and lack of luxury tax. There's also an argument to be made that, without his high profile status as the Cavaliers owner, Gilbert would not have gotten approval to build two casinos, along with Penn National Gaming, in Cleveland and Cincinnati. The statewide referendum was passed in November 2009, when Gilbert's popularity was arguably at an all-time high as Cavs owner. The casinos likely will be bigger revenue generators than the Cavaliers will be. Carper says the Cavaliers have had "incredible fan support in the past and still have that and we want to work hard to continue to earn that." But Mark Klang says he wants to see further reductions in the price of tickets to reflect the Cavs lack of a good on-the-court product. "Out of my 300 season tickets, I'll probably renew about 12 for next season at these prices," Klang said. "If they reduced the prices like they should, by 30 to 40 percent, I would probably keep 100 seats."

ICC Chief Slammed by ICC for Ticket Fiasco

MUMBAI - Warring cricket officials, the shortage of public tickets for India's highprofile matches and violent clashes between fans and baton-wielding police took the spotlight away from the players at the World Cup on Thursday. On a day when the cricket community should have been hailing Imran Tahir's fourwicket haul on his ODI debut and AB de Villiers's brilliant century as South Africa thumped West Indies by seven wickets, the World Cup looked like it was turning into another public relations disaster for India. The tournament's top official was severely criticized after police battered hundreds of fans with bamboo sticks outside Bangalore's M Chinnaswamy Stadium as anger at the lack of tickets for the clash between India and England boiled over. In a letter leaked to the media, the governing body of the sport (ICC) accused its own president Sharad Pawar of mismanagement and said he was "threaten(ing) to undermine" the whole tournament with the way tickets were being distributed -- or rather not being distributed -- in India. Pawar, who is also the chairman of the tournament's Central Organizing Committee, was under attack for bringing ICC's relationship with its corporate sponsors to "breaking point" as they had yet

to receive their allocation of tickets despite investing millions of dollars into the Feb 19-April 2 event. In Bangalore, meanwhile, violence erupted after thousands of fans who had camped outside the 50,000-seat stadium since Wednesday were told all 7000 tickets allocated for public sale for Sunday's India v England game had sold out. "The policemen are torturing the people. What Sharad Pawar the hell is going on?" an anguished fan called Tony told Reuters TV. The severity of the situation did not seem to obviously register among those responsible for running the sport. "The biggest challenge we face today is to meet the expectations of the people, that is not possible, that is never possible," former player Javagal Srinath, who is now the secretary of the Karnataka Cricket Association responsible for the Bangalore match, told a news conference. "There is a limit where we can keep people happy. There is not much we can do. Around 7,000 tickets were all sold out in three hours," a bizarrely grinning

Srinath added as he exchanged jokes with the assembled media. However, it was no laughing matter for those fans who had queued up all night on a dusty lane desperate to get a their hands on the tickets. After the box office sold its quota of tickets by 1130 local time (1 a.m. EST), those who missed out vented their frustration by hitting out at police, causing damage to the area. Ticket sales for the tournament have proven to be a major headache for organizers, who are unable to meet demand for the high-profile matches, especially those featuring India as well as the April 2 final in Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium. Indian cricket board officials simply shrugged off the fiasco by saying "these things happen in India" while Pawar himself stayed silent on the issue all day. "This is a mess. I just hope the Cricket World Cup doesn't bring shame to India like the Commonwealth Games did," Mumbai resident Sanjay Goel told Reuters. On Monday, the official online ticket agency that had been expected to sell 1,000 tickets for the final crashed as 10 million fans tried to log on in just 20 minutes. Of the 33,000 seats at the Wankhede, around 4,000 are available to the public -- 1,000 via an online ballot while some 3,000 have been earmarked for box office sales.



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