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By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

ELECTIONS THAT WOULD return the Turks and Caicos Islands to self-rule, could be in jeopardy if government does not meet its fiscal target for the next financial year, according to Chief Executive Officer, Martin Stanley. Speaking at a post Advisory Council news conference on Wednesday (November 30) in Providenciales, Stanley reminded that there were eight milestones set out by Her Majesty’s Government that the TCI must achieve in order to grant an election next year. He pointed that if a balanced budget is not achieved all hopes could be dashed for a return to local polls soon. Continued on page 2



This pair of Bay Bistro Restaurant representatives could not contain their excitement after the restaurant was adjudged winners of the Specialty Dish category at the Conch Festival held on Saturday, November 26, at the Three Queens Restaurant in Blue Hills, Providenciales. The overall winner of the festival was Hemmingways Restaurant. The Conch Festival, which is only rivaled by the Boxing Day fair – Maskanoo, held in Grace Bay – is regarded as the biggest puller of tourists. Each year visitors to the event look to have outnumbered local patrons. Photo: Vivian Tyson




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Balance budget or no elections (cont’d) Continued from Page 1

“Another milestone, which is number four, is the implementation of budget measures, to put the Turks and Caicos Islands Government to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending March 2013. In other words, the books have to be balanced starting next April and March the following year. If we don’t get that milestone, then elections are imperiled,” Stanley said. At the current trajectory of budget deficit, it appears that such fiscal target could prove elusive, as the figure gets wider with each passing year and more so over the last few months. He said in March of 2009, government’s net debt was $71 million. A year later in 2010, the figure romped to $102 million. In March 2011, the figure vaulted to a staggering $175 million. Stanley noted that the figure over that period showed government spending about $70 million more than what it brought in. He said since March 11 to September 11, the budget deficit further widened to an additional $16 million, bringing the total net debt at the end of September to a whopping $191 million. “The figures suggest that unless we do some really difficult things, it will be difficult to achieve a fiscal surplus next year. So that puts us under pressure to raise taxes; it also puts us under pressure to cut cost where we can, and it is a conjunction of those two things that made us feel that it


would be a good idea to run a voluntary severance scheme. “Because, if we can have a successful voluntary severance scheme, we can move quickly get to the right size for the government and hence meet the reform of the public service target. And we can get there before the next fiscal year starts, because if we get to the next fiscal year on the first of April at a lower expenditure rate and hopefully, with a rising revenue, then we are in a good position to get good fiscal surplus and elections,” Stanley outlined. He said the purpose of the voluntary service is not to hit a particular target but to speed up the right-sizing of the sector thereby hurdling over a significant part of the reform of the public service. “The aim of the voluntary severance scheme is to speed up something that is going to happen anyway; getting ministries to the right structure and the right number of people. We have got a very tight timetable; if we are going to get this through by March of next year,” Stanley continued. The Dr. Rufus Ewing-led Civil Service Association, however, is not happy with the how that the severance scheme was being crafted, saying that it would leave those axed from the service in precarious financial position. The CSA also batted for the reinstatement of gratuities for those who joined the service after 1992 and were leaving now. The government


said such gratuities were not provided by law and a decision was made some time ago to phase them out. Not happy with the government response, the that public sector body staged a number of industrial actions over the past two weeks ending with a two-day strike earlier this week. The industrial action reduced services to some arms or government but did not grind operation to a halt. Stanley outlined that initial proposal made by Government to the civil service under the severance scheme was reviewed on the recommendation of the executive of that body “They came back to us and said that the money we were offering the weekly paid persons were not very generous. We said to the monthly paid persons that if you choose to leave the government and we agreed that you should go, then you can get up to two year’s salary, which is pretty generous in some terms, but the weekly offer was much less than that. “And they (CSA) said they weren’t happy with that, and we, upon reflection, thought they were dead right, and we, in effect approximately doubled the amount of money available to the weekly paid. We said initially, once you take voluntary severance, that’s it, you can’t come back and work for the TCI government. And again they said ‘that’s pretty silly, you may need some of these people. Some of these people may go off and trained in a different skill, and you may want them back’.

And we said ‘good point’,” Stanley said Stanley added: “And we said after four years you can come back, no strings attached. Those were two significant improvements, not under pressure from the CSA (but) simply because they made good points “The next thing in effect that we knew that there was a totally surprised strike on Tuesday the 22nd of this month (November). The first we heard about this was on the Monday evening that it was going to happen the next day. No sort of request to us for discussion was made. It (strike) just kind of happened. The civil service CEO said he met with the CSA on Wednesday (November 23) for two hours, where a number of other salient issues regarding voluntary severance were raised by that body. “As a result of that, we told them that we would slow down the speed of the voluntary severance scheme; not a huge amount, but enough to make it easier to cope with. We would tweak the four year rule, so that persons could come back to government within four years if they paid back a portion of their severance; and crucially, we would base voluntary severance salaries before the 10 percent reduction in salary that was introduced in the previous year,” Stanley said. He said he left the meeting with the intention to iron out some of the later requests by the CSA, only to hear on the weekend that a decision was taken by its members to stage a two-day strike this week. He told the news conference that a possible meeting was to take place sometime Thursday, but at press time, no word was available on the outcome.







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By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

BY THIS TIME next year, the Turks and Caicos Islands should boast a spanking new state-of-the-art Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at the Providenciales International Airport brining the number of private aerodromes in the country to two. The launch of the project was done on Thursday, December 1, in the VIP Lounge at the Providenciales International Airport and was unveiled by the Governor for the TCI His Excellency Damian ‘Ric’ Todd. To be located on the southern side of the facility, on completion, the apron should be able to accommodate between 50 and 60 jets. It is also to be outfitted with a hanger to cater to jets belong to visitors staying for extended periods. There will also be a pilots’ lounge and catering area. The $15 million project, which is to see construction commencing in the spring of next year, is being advanced by M Aviation Limited, which is a team of just under 10 investors, comprising local and foreign partners, including longtime TCI resident and hotelier Michel Neutelings, who spearheads the project. M Aviation Limited is registered locally. Neutelings, who was integrally involved with the development of two of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ most exclusive resorts – Parrot Cay and Amanyara - said his plans to venture into the FBO business was fueled by the increase in private airlift into the TCI in recent times. Majority of the jetsetters that visit the TCI stay at the very two resorts that Neutelings helped to develop. Last year during the Christmas season, a number of jets were forced to reroute from the TCI to the Dominican Republic, as there was not enough space at airport to accommodate them. “Over the last three years there has been a growing trend in private

New jet centre for TCI

From left – Joshiah Harvey, local partner in the New FBO; Governor Ric Todd; Michel Neutelings and Lloyd Inswords – two other partners; and CEO of the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authorities.

aircraft traffic. Our economy is based on tourist at the high-end, and so, we have decided to take a very good look at this, and decided that it was a good idea to be able to prepare and cater to the growth of the private jet market. “It is going to be a growing trend in the next five to 10 years…every single indicator in the economy of the high net worth of the individuals, how they fly and their luxury lifestyle, indicate that we will have significant growth in private jets,” Neutelings predicted. He said, too, that the developing of the FBO will serve beneficial to the stopover tourism in the country, benefiting not only the hotels, but should also trickle down into other areas. For his part, Chief Executive

Officer for the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority, John Smith, said last year the TCI set the record of accommodating most private aircraft anywhere in the world. “We weren’t able to accommodate all of them at the time; we also realized that, in response to that demand, we need to look at, and embrace opportunities for additional FBOs based on market analysis, of course. “So, we welcome the new FBO, as it brings to the Airports Authority an opportunity to expand and fulfill its mandate, as it relates to the development of the airports within the TCI; but the wider support that it gives to the economy is equally important to us,” Smith said. Smith said the current FBO accounts for more than 36 percent of aircraft into the Providenciales International Airport and three percent passenger movement. He also revealed that there has been great demand from small carriers using the TCI as stopover route to other destinations within the region. The FBO will be constructed on 45 acres of Crown Land courtesy of a 99-year lease agreement between the developers and Government. The new FBO facility is an integral part of the overall airport expansion strategy. Phase One saw the extension of the runway to 9,200 feet and 36,000 sq m additional apron to accommodate B777-300ER and B747-400 aircraft on direct long haul flights, especially from Europe. This phase was completed ahead on schedule and within the fixed price $36m budget. TCIAA is currently undertaking minor refurbishment work on the existing terminal, leading into the development work required to facilitate Phase 2, the terminal and car

park project. Phase 2 is estimated at around a $30-$40m investment with a construction time frame of two years. During construction, the FBO should employ 50 individuals, 75 percent of which should be locals, and on completion should be able to employ at least 20 stable jobs. In the meantime, Governor Todd noted that the planned construction of the FBO is a telltale sign that business confidence is returning to the TCI, and investors are now looking to this territory as a choice place to invest. “It is very important that we see important signs that business confidence is growing. The confidence of the investors in the TCI as a place to put your money; as a place you know you can do well, where there is a sensible frame of the laws; a stable economy; a good situation in terms of security and policing both personal and institutional; and also a place where you can have a good time,” the Governor said. Governor Todd added: “This investment that we are talking about today, it is important for three reasons. First, it shows that there are investors, who are confident in the TCI, who, believe this is a place which is growing, and where they can have success as investors. “Secondly it is a significant investment- it is fifteen million dollars - its 50 jobs in construction. Its 20 full time jobs once the terminal is completed; and the third reason why it matters, it is a significant reputational boost to the Turks and Caicos Islands. It shows that there are people that want to come here, and most importantly, piece of marketing for the TCI. Its the people that come here and have a good time and enjoy it; and like the islands, the people and the whole atmosphere (that sell the destination).”

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The Commonwealth and the Organization of American States (OAS) recently observed general elections in two Caribbean countries – Guyana and St Lucia – and may be observing a third – Jamaicabefore year end. But, how effective are these election observation missions, and should they continue in their present form in which they arrive in countries only eight days or so before Election Day? The presence of external agencies, such as the Commonwealth and the OAS, are undoubtedly beneficial to the elections process. If they were not present, it is likely that, in some countries, there would be many election irregularities that could materially affect the result. External observers do exercise a restraining influence. However, much of the mischief that surrounds elections can occur before external observer missions land in a country. And, the eight or so days that the missions are in place do not allow them enough time to unearth and expose political chicanery. The most effective thing they can do is to monitor the actual polling day for misconduct. Consequently, there is a genuine risk that Observer missions could declare an election to be free and fair when, in fact, the process of manipulating it was in place long before the election campaign period. At the end of many missions, both Commonwealth and OAS teams have submitted reports to governments recommending reforms and improvements. In the majority of cases, these recommendations have been ignored. Neither the Commonwealth nor the OAS has the authority or the resources to monitor whether or not its recommendations have been implemented and to insist that they should be. Presently in the island of St Lucia, the Commonwealth has a small three-person mission. The OAS is doing somewhat better with eight persons. In the massive mainland territory, Guyana, the OAS has 25 observers on the ground, and the Commonwealth will field 15 persons. While the presence of these external Observer missions is extremely important, the question has to be asked whether they would not have been more effective had the Commonwealth and the OAS combined their efforts, and, also, gone into the countries earlier than the last eight days before the

elections? Further, would not their findings carry far more weight if they made a joint report, and would not their recommendations be more likely to be implemented if they jointly monitored their application? Observing elections is a costly business even though, for the most part, Observers are not paid. Nonetheless, transporting them to countries and paying for their accommodation and other costs mount up. This is a good reason for organizations such as the Commonwealth and the OAS, when they are observing elections in the same place to do so jointly in order to be more effective. Further, it would be beneficial if both the Commonwealth and the OAS in collaboration with the UN organization and relevant international organizations, such as the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, trained local organizations to mount their own electoral observation missions. It was heartening to learn that, for the current general elections in Guyana, the Electoral Commission accredited local groups as observers. It is time that civic groups begin to share the responsibility for ensuring that the will of the electorate is reflected in elections in their countries. In its report to Commonwealth Heads of Government at their meeting last month in Australia, the Eminent Persons Group (EPG), of which I was a member, said: “We believe the present system of strengthening democratic institutions, processes and culture should be improved by broadening the Secretariat’s mandate on election observation to include assessment of political transition arrangements and the promotion of civic education. We are mindful that some governments, including members of the Commonwealth, have defied the will of the electorate by disregarding the results of elections and either seeking to maintain, or maintaining, themselves in power. Although the cases are few, flawed political transitions are destabilizing. They trigger political violence, undermine peace, intensify individual and group insecurity and can cause humanitarian crisis. Apart from the adverse effects on the countries concerned, flawed political transitions also have a tendency to affect neighbouring and other states through, for example, the flight of refugees“. The Group called for civil society to play a greater role in monitoring elections in their own countries, and stressed that to do so effectively and


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with maximum utility, their representatives need to be trained. In considering how such training could be achieved, the EPG recommended that “an Academy for Democracy should be established within a Commonwealth country to reach beyond the physical processes of democratic government to instill the ideals and culture of democracy, and the foundations of democratic leadership. No such Academy exists, and it would be a path-breaking service for the global community if a Commonwealth country were to establish such an institution to which governments, elections commissions, civil society and other relevant organizations could send people to be trained in best practices on a fee-for-service basis”. The EPG had Barbados in mind for such an academy given its tradition of relatively good governance, its long parliamentary history, and the commitment of its people to democracy. Importantly, the Group recommended that the Commonwealth should broaden its election observation mandate by providing Observer Teams that arrive optimally two months in advance of a planned election day, or, where the election is called suddenly, as close as possible to the date on which the election is called to ensure an open and democratic electoral process leading up to, including, and following, election day. Recognizing that the period after a general election is as crucial as the period leading-up to it, particularly to achieve an orderly and peaceful transition of government, the EPG also recommended that the remit of the Observer Missions should be expanded to include an assessment of the adequacy of institutional and operational arrangements for post-election political transition and to advise the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth on actions that may be required to improve such arrangements and to ensure that political transitions respect the results of elections. This recommendation is also valid for the Secretary-General of the OAS. But, the two Secretaries-General could be much more effective if they formed a strategic partnership for elections in the 12 countries that are members of both their organizations. Meantime, we must hope that the elections in St Lucia and Guyana – and their aftermath - will be orderly and peaceful, and so too for Jamaica whose elections beckon.




Commissioner of Police to mend fence with disgruntled members

Commissioner of Police Colin Farquhar is extending the proverbial olive branch to disgruntled officers who wish to see the back of him and his deputy, Brad Sullivan, as a result of their approach to local policing. The Commissioner’s invitation came during a news conference hosted by him on Monday, November 28, at the Providenciales Police Headquarters located on Old Airport Road. In a seven page letter that was delivered to The SUN electronically and in hard copy, which was addressed to the Governor Ric Todd in an open letter format, the disgruntled police officers accused the two, especially Deputy Commissioner Sullivan, of making their lives miserable. However, the Commissioner said some of the comments were unfair, disingenuous and onesided. He said his and is Deputy Commissioner’s detractors may have been those who do not readily accept change; especially the sort of change designed to spike them from their comfort zone. “I definitely believe some of the comments were unfair. Some of the comments were made about the deputy commissioner…I don’t think were fair, they really weren’t. “Change is difficult, whether its change in the uniform slightly or

whether its change within a structure slightly; there is always going to be those types of concerns. And people generally will look at ‘where is the benefit for me’, and quite often within police organization, people look at where they see themselves in the future,” Commissioner Farquhar said. Commissioner Farquhar added: “I can understand that there are some questions, but I believe that we are communicating well. We are getting the message out. I have not had any members come up to me and say they want to have me fired. Sometimes it’s quite easy to put a letter forward instead of actually saying it yourself.” Commissioner Farquhar told the news conference that he was concerned about contents of the letter, and that he would make a fresh attempt to ensure that the message of the direction in which he wants to force to go will be articulated even clearer for those who are still unsure. “I always said I would be open and transparent. Ask me the questions and I will give you the

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Commissioner of Police Colin Farquhar

answer. My door is open and we do have a lot of officers who have come in and suggest certain things. And I will take those ideas and, take those suggestions and see how we can incorporate them in our day to day activities. “I don’t foresee any police officers being laid off here. We have a good complement of officers. We have some good systems that we are developing, and so, no officers are going to lose their jobs. The only thing that I want to encourage is


3 CASHIERS Salary $5.00 per hour Must speak English & Spanish 5 years experience Proficient with computers ALL APPLICANTS - Must have a clean police record - Belongers only apply - Must be willing to work weekends/holidays if necessary

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that, we are really pushing people out of their comfort zone in some ways, as to how they do policing. “We want people to proactive, not reactive. So, sometime when you push people out of their comfort zone, some people fight back a little bit. But as long as they come up with good ideas as to why not to do a certain thing a certain way, then let’s move forward,” the Commissioner said. On the matter of making promotions, the commissioner said such exercise was made based on files examination and recommendations from senior officers, saying that the old system was opaque. “At the end of the day, I have to rely on the information that I have given, and at the end of the day I have to make a decision based on that. So, we have to make some of those promotions based on just the way the system is, because the old system was not open and transparent. “There were questions even when the old system was in place, on some of the promotions. So, as much as some may say there is a promotion system in place and I should be using it, the system that was in place was inadequate,” he said.

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Civil Servants call off strike for Tuesday December 6th



TURKS AND CAICOS Islands Government’s negotiating team met with the Civil Service Association (CSA) on Thursday December 1st to discuss the issues that have led to recent strike action by Public Servants. In a joint statement, the CSA confirmed after the meeting that there would not be a strike on Tuesday 6 December. The CSA outlined their current position on the issues that were previously tabled. However, the meeting was focused on three specific issues which the CSA considered to be critical to its members and both parties agreed to move forward in a positive

manner on these issues. The current financial situation of the TCIG was outlined by its Finance Team, and a number of details were shared with the CSA, with some further data to follow. The difficulty that the Government faces in considering any cost increases before the end of the 2012/2013 financial year end, was outlined. The CSA made two specific proposals in relation to the three issues discussed and, having been armed with the relevant additional financial and human resource information, will now document the proposals in more detail before sending them to


TCIG by Monday 5th December 2011. The TCIG negotiating team agreed to give serious consideration to those proposals, and will endeavor to respond in the week commencing 12th December 2011. Both parties agreed that the meeting had been very useful and that they would continue to discuss the issues in good faith. The CSA will continue work with the Office of Public Service Management within the coming week to address critical human resource issues. The TCIG team agreed to see whether it would be possible for the CSA to meet the Governor and/or DFID Minister Alan Duncan early next week.

Chal Misick charged with money laundering

CHAL MISICK, LOCAL attorney and brother of ex-premier Michael Misick was arrested and charged with money laundering by the United Kingdomsanctioned Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) and has been placed on $3million charge. Misick is reported to be the ninth of 10 individuals charged so for by the Helen Garlick-led SIPT since its probe began some two years ago. The attorney, who is represented by Guy Chapman of Savory and Co., is to return to court on December 6, to further answer to the charges. The prosecutors told the court that was charge is in relation to $14 million worth of funds he channeled from

international investors, including an Austrian developer, to local politicians, including his brother Mike Misick and for himself, between June 2006 and July 2009. The money, the prosecutors said, had to do with commercial developments on Dellis Cay and Joe Grant Cay. Additionally, they said during the period Misick pocketed approximately $2.7 million in bribes as a result of those deals. As part of his bail condition, Misick is to report to the SIPT office located upstairs the Hilly Ewing Building adjacent to the Supreme Court three times a week between the hours of 8am to 10am or 4pm to 5pm.



Requirements • Must be able to read, write and converse well in English. • Possess strong organizational skills and ability to work independently. • Ability to stand and exert well-paced mobility for up to 8 hours in length. • Two years experience in the hospitality industry preferred. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Responsibility for the guest registration process and communication of hotel services. • Promote and sell special hotel programs, special rate packages, and upgrades when appropriate. • Follow set procedures on posting, charges, cashing checks, safe deposits, and refunds. • Close guest accounts at time of check out and ascertain satisfaction.


Requirements: • At least 2 years supervisory experience in a similar role at a luxury spa • Knowledge of retail products and services offered by the spa • Excellent telephone manners with ability to read, write and speak English • Must have administrative skills • Previous experience using Microsoft Suite • Must have payroll and scheduling experience • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Supervising and assisting with overseeing the spa department • Supervising and maximizing the revenue of the department through treatments and retail product sales • In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the manager



Chal Misick

He should also live and sleep at his home and, if he wishes to stay at any

other location the SIPT should be contacted. He is also to surrender all travel documents, and report to the SIPT if he has plans to travel by boat or plane within the islands. A house curfew has also been imposed on him. Missick was picked up by the SIPT and was confirmed to have been held overnight before being taken to court the following day, to face presiding judge Clifton Warner. The already small and limited capacity courtroom was filled with family members, friends and wellwishers. Among the attendees was Misick’s brother former chief Minister Washington Misick.

• Diploma in massage therapy or equivalent. • Prior experience in a 5-star luxury environment. • Extensive knowledge of Eastern style massage, wraps, facials and other treatments. • Proficiency in English. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Providing spa treatments to resort guests and day spa guests. • Maximize the revenue of the department through massage and retail product sales. • In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor.


Requirements: • Must possess and demonstrate the ability to interact with all guests and team members effectively with tact and diplomacy in line with property's service standards. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Ensure that standards of cleanliness and organization are met at all times in the spa area. • Escort guests from reception; provide locker keys, towels, robes, water etc. and assist with guest needs as required.


Requirements: • Possess strong organizational skills and ability to work independently. • Ability to stand and exert well-paced mobility for up to 8 hours in length. • Two years experience in the hospitality industry preferred. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Stay knowledgeable and informed about all resort services and operations, local information on restaurant, shops and activities. • Ensure that all island excursions and general vendor collateral is available, current and presented to the guest in an upscale manner reflecting Regent’s standard of luxury • Follow up with all vendors supplying services to guests to ensure that all arrangements are as reserved. • Gathers and records guest information in guest history system and uses guest knowledge to ensure a high level of guest recognition and personalized service • Ensures that as a hotel concierge, you have a full knowledge of the contractual obligations of the ER relationship Interested applicants should apply to The Regent Palms and bring along an updated resume, or by emailing to no later than Friday, December 9, 2011.

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British MP coming to TCI next week


By Hayden Boyce Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

CONTROVERSIAL BRITISH MP Alan Duncan will be in the Turks and Caicos Islands next week. Duncan, who is a member of the David Cameron-led Conservative Party and the Minister of State in the Department for International Development (DFID), will arrive on December 4th and leave on December 7th. The MP for Rutland and Melton is expected to have meetings with Governor Ric Todd, Chief Executive Martin Stanley, officials from the Progressive National Party (PNP), People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) and members of the business community. The TCIG said it would see whether it would be possible for the Civil Servants Association (CSA) whichis currently in a stormy labour dispute with the Interim Government. to meet the Governor Duncan early next week. Of particular interest to Duncan should be the shambled state of the Turks and Caicos Islands economy, since it was his department, DFID, which in July 2010 provided a loan guarantee in favour of Scotiabank, for an amount of up to US$260million, to the TCI Government for an amount of up to five years. Speaking in the House of Commons in February this year, Duncan confirmed that TCIG will immediately repay DFID its loan of £29.9 million plus interest from that money. He said then: “This level of commercial borrowing is vital if TCIG is to turn around its dire financial situation. It will provide the time TCIG needs to implement budget measures which will lead to achieving a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending March 2013….This is one of a number of key milestones to be reached before a date for elections can be set. Once the territory is in fiscal surplus it will be able to start to pay off its debt and should, after the fiveyear period is over, if not before, be able to secure new and reduced bank lending without the need for a UK Government guarantee.” He added: “The guarantee is intended to cost the UK taxpayer nothing. It will ensure that TCI does not fall victim to financial ruin and it is in line with DFID’s responsibility to underpin the reasonable needs of all British overseas territories.” It was also DFID who appointed Caroline Gardner, Deputy Auditor General for Audit Scotland, as Chief Financial Officer of the Turks and Caicos Islands in September 2010, following the announcement last year about the temporary package of financial support from the UK Government. Gardner’s mandate was to work closely with Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Delton Jones to strengthen the Government's capacity and systems to manage its public finances and balance its budget within three years. Gardner left the TCI in September and in less than two months that the Turks and Caicos Islands deficit has shockingly spiraled out on control. Speaking in the House of Commons earlier this year, MP Duncan strongly and stoutly defended Gardner’s job performance, although it was widely felt by officials in the


Ministry of Finance and in the Interim Government, that she was a complete disaster. In Gardner’s defence, MP Duncan stated: “The current chief financial officer has done an excellent job in getting a grip on TCIG’s public finances. To ensure that the financial plan stays on track to achieve a fiscal surplus DFID reserves the right to require TCIG to retain the position of chief financial officer for as long as the guarantee is in force and to nominate the holder of this post who shall then be appointed by the governor.” At a news conference on Wednesday November 16, 2011, her successor Chief Financial Officer, Hugh McGarel-Groves explained that the Government’s financial position has worsened this year with its overall shortfall expected to increase from the planned $8.5m deficit to a projected $35m if he took no action. This increase in the deficit, he said, was caused by a combination of delaying new taxation measures earlier this year, slower progress in achieving the public service cost reduction targets and substantial unexpected increases in expenditure on liabilities from the past. However, financial analysts believe the sky-rocketing deficit is a clear indication that the economic, fiscal and financial policies of the Interim Government have been spectacular flops and massive failures. What is even more interesting, is that in June 2011, Duncan didn’t seem to know the true extent of the deficit in the Turks and Caicos Islands, although he was receiving regular reports on the economy. According to Hansard, which provides official transcripts from the UK House of Commons, on June 29, MP Emma Reynolds asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what recent assessment he has made of the progress made by the Turks and Caicos Islands towards reducing its budget deficit. Mr Duncan, who is well known as the first openly gay Conservative Member of Parliament, having publicly come out in 2002, replied: “The Department for International Development (DFID) officials receive weekly and monthly revenue and expenditure reports from the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Government which show that financial performance in the opening period of this financial year is in line with the budget to March 2012. The budget to March 2012 sets TCI on a path to substantially reduce the deficit from last year's outturn.” Duncan is regarded as a moderniser within the Conservative Party. One of the chapters in his book Saturn’s Children, is devoted to an explanation of his support for the legalisation of all drugs. However this chapter was removed when the paperback edition was published to prevent embarrassment to the Party leadership. The omitted chapter was available on Duncan's personal website; however, as of 2011 it no longer appears. He believes in minimising the size of government, and in Saturn’s Children advocated limiting government responsibility to essential services such as defence, policing and health.

Duncan was the first sitting Conservative MP voluntarily to acknowledge that he is gay; he did this in an interview with The Times on 29 July 2002, although he has said that this came as no surprise to friends. Indeed, in an editorial published on the news of Duncan's coming out, The Daily Telegraph reported, "The news that Alan Duncan is gay will come as a surprise only to those who have never met him. The bantam Tory frontbencher can hardly be accused of having hidden his homosexuality." On 3 March 2008, it was announced in the Court & Social page of The Daily Telegraph that Duncan would be entering into a civil partnership with his partner James Dunseath, which would make him the first member of either the Cabinet or the Shadow Cabinet to enter into a civil partnership. The two were joined as civil partners on 24 July 2008. Duncan has a committed following in the gay community and is active in speaking up for gay. He was responsible for formulating the Conservatives' policy response to the introduction of civil partnership legislation in 2004, which he


British MP Alan Duncan

considered his proudest achievement of the Parliament between 2001 and 2005. In April 2009, he was reported to be one of sixty-five MPs to claim an expense on second homes whilst simultaneously receiving rental income from privately renting out other properties. Since 2001, he had claimed a total of £143,392 in second home allowance, despite owning two properties in Westminster, one of which he rents out. Reacting to McNulty's expenses claims, he has argued for the abolition of the allowance, in conjunction with an increase in MPs' salaries.


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Public Health Nurse within the Ministry of Health and Human Services. The incumbent in this position must be able to deliver effective primary health care, which focuses on disease prevention, intersectoral collaboration and community participation. The main duties include but are not limited to the following: to conduct and supervise the health care delivery services in the government clinics, communities and schools; conduct child health clinic sessions, including the administration of Expanded Programmes on Immunization (EPI) vaccines; conduct and or supervise antenatal clinic sessions in the Primary Health Care clinic; refer antenatal clients to the Obstetrician/Gynecologist according to established schedule or as appropriate; collect data on communicable diseases and make reports available to authorized bodies; assist with screening of ophthalmology clients prior to and during the ophthalmologist visits. The incumbent is also expected to conduct staff performance appraisal exercises for junior staff, and perform any other duties as may be required. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to be a Registered Nurse/Midwife with a diploma in Public Health Nursing from a recognized training institution. Must have at least two (2) years post basic training in Public Health with a current license. The successful candidate must demonstrate good interpersonal relationships and the ability to work independently and interdependently. A valid driver’s license is also a necessity. He/She must also possess the ability to communicate in English effectively both written and verbally and exercise good judgment in the application of established policies and procedures.

SALARY: $22,248 - $24,354 PER ANNUM For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands, a two (2) or three (3) year extendable contract is offered. Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include Transportation allowance, Telephone allowance, Housing allowance, Midwifery allowance, on-Call allowance and end-of-contract gratuity of 15% of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen (16) years, as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801 Extension: 10318, Facsimile: 649946-1582, E-mail: . All resumes should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Resumes must include applicants current contact information and be accompanied by two letters of reference and a police certificate. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 12th December 2011 ONLY SUITABLE CANDIDATES WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED

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Former chief minister Washington Misick says SIPT probe is a witch hunt LOCAL NEWS

FORMER CHIEF MINISTER and prominent businessman Washington Misick believes that the SIPT probe into allegations of widespread corruption in government is a witch hunt aimed and tarnishing the reputation of Turks and Caicos Islanders. Misick, the brother of ex-premier Mike Misick, was speaking on the background of his brother and local attorney Chal Misick being arrested and charged with money laundering on



Salary $5.00 per hour Please call 242-1582


Tuesday, November 29, and appeared before Magistrate Clifton Warner the following day. He told reporters outside the court precincts on Wednesday that the SIPT was throwing charges at individuals hoping some would stick, and so, he does not believe that anyone charged would get a fair trial. “After two years they (the SIPT) must be under tremendous pressure to get something done. They are spending tens of millions of dollars (in their investigations), by latest estimates, it is equal to 8 percent of the GDP of the country. In Britain, I understand that would be equivalent to between 20 and 30 billion pounds. “And today, it is absolutely despicable that, with all of the money they are pulling out of the country, there were no seats in the court for the public to even listen to the proceeding. “Clearly, I don’t think, Chal or Mike,


or any of the (former) ministers for that matter, can and will be able to get a fair hearing. That is unfortunate, but I don’t think they can’t get a fair trial in this country,” Misick lamented. Misick said that he believes his brother was not surprised by the arrest, since there was always the feeling that the authorities were out to get him. The former chief minister was quick to point out that when someone run afoul of the law, that individual should receive the commensurate punishment, but stressed that he has a problem with the nature of the investigation. “If they have evidence to believe that Chal or anybody else committed a crime, it is only fair that they be brought before the court and dealt with. My problem with this whole takeover by the British is always been the process and the manner they have gone about trying to humiliate everybody and trying to paint a picture that this whole country is nothing else by

Cairsea Services Limited requires a

U.S. BASED SALES COORDINATOR Caicos Caribbean Lines Apply in person

Washington Misick

criminals,” he added. Misick continued: “I am not against them prosecuting people for wrong doing. I think ultimately if we are going to live in a country that’s governed by law and order, the court system is here to make sure that the law is upheld. Given the incestuous nature of the administration, particularly now that there is no trial by jury, begs the questions whether anybody, particularly charged with any serious offense can get a fair trial. “Let us not cast any aspersion on the judges, but I think it does beg the question now as to whether, particularly anybody in this process will be able to get a fair trial.” In the meantime, the former chief minister said he had no glue on the whereabouts of his former premier brother, Mike Misick, who the SIPT said is living in the neighboring Dominican Republic. “I have not clue where Mike is or any knowledge of anything relating to him at this stage,” Misick said.

Salary compensation: Subject to experience

FINANCE ANALYST Graceway Trading is looking to fill the following listed Financial Positions:


Main Purpose of Job: To develop and maintain all necessary financial controls, systems and processes to ensure the efficient and effective management of the company's finances and compliance as per standard, company and statutory requirements.

Main responsibilities • Production of financial budgets and forecasts incorporating profit and loss projections, cash flow analysis and capital expenditure estimates. • Direct and control Finance staff to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained and carry out their responsibilities to the required standards • Prepare and present financial presentations to the Board of Directors to support investment decisions. • Produce accurate and timely financial information concerning the company's financial status and performance to enable decisions to be taken relating to the company's financial strength and security • Produce all necessary financial statements and reports to enable the accurate measurement of cash flow, profit and loss, stock and debtors. • Develop and oversee all financial controls, specifically relating to cash and inventory control • Coordinate with bankers, auditors, insurance brokers and attorneys as required • Act as the main point of contact with external auditors and coordinate the production of financial statements in preparation for annual audit. • Carry out any necessary internal audit reviews and monitor the financial effectiveness of systems and controls • Recommend any changes necessary to improve the company's financial performance and financial controls Knowledge, skills and experience required • Must be a professional qualified accountant (ACA or CPA) with a minimum of 8 years of post qualification financial management experience. • Must have advanced knowledge and experience of analyzing day-to day retail and wholesale financial accounting and system processes and controls • Experience managing computerized accounting systems, and analyzing financial data is a must • Must have sound managerial experience • Excellent communication skills are required

Requirements/Duties: • CPA/ACA/ACMA qualified with a minimum of two years experience in a financial accounting position • Extensive experience of preparation of Financial Statements, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow essential • Management and development of accounting system and processes, including chart of accounts, expansion of capability, and relationship management with external parties • Manage systems integration projects in relation to accounting system with operational systems • Operational and financial analysis of key business issues • Finance team development and training on accounting system and processes • Knowledge and experience in implementation of systems or process projects beneficial • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Attention to detail and flexibility to manage multiple tasks Salary range: $50,000-$70,000/annum.


Requirements/Duties: • CPA/ACA/ACMA qualified with a minimum of four years experience in a commercial finance position • Managing a team of four accounting staff • Supervising all transactional accounting functions of the business including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Cash reconciliations • Communicating KPIs to major stakeholders of the business on a weekly basis, investigating and responding to any subsequent queries • Ensuring accuracy of all entries posted to the general ledger through review of general journals and detailed general ledger account reconciliations • Managing cashflow to ensure that funds are available to meet the financial commitments of the company • Strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to deal with diverse audience essential • Attention to detail and flexibility to manage multiple projects Salary range: $55,000 - $75,000 annum.

Deadline for submission of applications is December 15th 2011 Submit to: Graceway IGA Supermarket main office complex or email:

Please Note: Only short-listed applicants will be contacted to attend interviews.

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New Work Permit fee increases from Dec. 5th, 2011 DECEMBER 2ND - DECEMBER 9TH, 2011

THE PUBLIC IS reminded that the recently announced thirty five (35) percent across the board increase in work permit fees comes into effect on Monday 5th December 2011. Some other fees also take effect on December 5th. These include fees for: Temporary work permits, from $500 to $700 Endorsement of accompanying dependents on a work permit (in the case of a spouse from $150 to



$300; and in the case of each child from $50 to $300 Residence Permit from $1000 to $1,500 Residence Permit for spouse of a Belonger, $300 and $150 for endorsement of each child. Endorsement of dependents on a Permanent Residence Certificate in the case of a spouse and each child; a fee of $200 plus an administrative fee of $150 Certificate of Belonger Status to a spouse of a Belonger, from $300 to $1000, and a non-refundable

administrative fee of $150. Issue of labour clearance certificate increased to $100 Entry Clearance (Visa) from $100 to $250 These revenue raising measures are essential to help reduce the fiscal deficit and put the TCIG on track to achieve a budget surplus by March 2013, which is one of the key milestones to be achieved ahead of the return to elected government.

Deadline passed for Permanent Residence Certificate application

THE MINISTRY OF Border Control and Labour is continuing to work towards clearing all outstanding PRC applications by the end of 2011. According to a Government press release, in support of this, the

ministry recently requested that any applicant with an outstanding case provide all the necessary documentary evidence required by the Ministry, by Friday 18th November.

Domestic Worker Required

Applicant must be willing to work holidays and weekends Salary is $6.00 per hour Interested persons should contact Kenny Rigby @ 649-232-9532


1 LABOURER Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 231-0250

ACA/ACCA/CA Opportunities exist for two fully qualified accountants who possess a minimum of five years professional experience gained within a “Big Four” public accounting firm. General audit experience is essential as well as knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards. Salaries range from US$45,000.00 to US$75,000.00 per annum. If you wish to be considered for these opportunities please apply in confidence by sending details of your experience and qualifications to either: KPMG or The Labour Commissioner P.O. Box 357 Labour Office The Village at Grace Bay Butterfield Square Providenciales Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Islands or fAx your pArtiCulArs to 946-4619

“The deadline has now passed and no more documentary evidence will be accepted for outstanding cases. Any case without the required evidence to enable a decision will now be regarded as withdrawn and the file will be closed,” the release said. “All approved cases will receive an approval letter which will provide details of the relevant

fee to be paid prior to the issuance of the certificate.” All payments are to be made by 29th January 2012 and any case where payment has not been received by this date will be regarded as withdrawn and the file will be closed. This will not apply to applications from former dependents who had been endorsed on their parent’s PRC but have now reached 18 years, which continue to be accepted despite the moratorium. Applicants for a PRC are reminded that they should maintain their legal status via work or residence permits or the Government stamp.

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Governor against civil servants running government LOCAL NEWS


By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

GOVERNOR FOR THE Turks and Caicos Islands His Excellency Ric Todd believes that civil servants are not the best managers of government and that the running of a country should be left to politicians. Responding to questions at the post Advisory Council news conference at the Department of Disaster Management in Providenciales on Wednesday (September 30), Governor Todd pointed out that civil servants should run a country only for the short term.

“In a number of countries, we think of Italy, for example, and Greece; they have opted for a government of civil servants. And that, I think, was because of a breakdown in fiscal consensus. My very strong views, as a civil servant, who is doing a sort of semi-political job now, is that, in anything other than the short term, government needs to be run by democratically-elected politicians,” Governor Todd said. He however, stated that those politicians who have gained the trust of the people should not betray such trust by either make promise that they are unable to keep or treat the electorate



Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of International Banking Group (TCI) Ltd. (the “Company”) will be held in the board room of the Company, at International Banking Group House, Graceway Plaza, Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, on Thursday, the 15th Day of December, 2011, at 4.00 pm. Date: 29 November 2011 By Order of the Board. Chairman

Note: Any member of the Company entitled to attend and vote at the meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy. Proxies have been dispatched to all members via mail and email.


Duties include cooking, cleaning and caring for 2 children. Must have a valid driver’s license. $250.00 per week plus board. Contact Steve Guess at 946-5701



Responsibilities: The successful applicant will be responsible for the general cleaning of communal areas, sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning of windows and removal of trash. The applicant will also be responsible for any other duties assigned in regards to general cleaning. Requirements: The successful applicant must be able to work with little to no supervision, should be physically fit, hard working and reliable. Wages: $6.00 per hour Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by December 16, 2011 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.


with distain after being elected. “Those politicians need to be honest with the people, and they need to assume their responsibilities, and not make promises that they can’t keep. And above all, I think countries fail either when politicians think that they are the masters and not the servants or when politicians promised things to people which they know are not sustainable,” Governor Todd pointed out. He stressed that it is ethically bankrupt for a politician to promise what he or she knows can not be delivered, and as a result treat the constituent with disregard after they make certain demands. “So, promising people things that you cant deliver is wrong, and I think people in the Turks and Caicos Islands, like people everywhere else, deserve honest government, which I hope they get after the elections which I hope will be next year,” the Governor Todd said. In the meantime, Governor Todd has defended the policies of the Interim Administration over the past three years, rubbishing suggestions that all have failed. “I don’t think it is true that policies have failed over the last three years. The policies have succeeded, for example, the economy is stabilised, the public sector is moving towards surplus, the economy is growing, we have investment in the airport, there are new development potentially coming, and the economy is better than it was. “We are making progress in changing the nature of public service in

Governor for the Turks and Caicos Islands His Excellency Ric Todd

these islands, for example, the health care reform, which we have been talking about a few weeks ago. Before those reforms, the situation was unaffordable and unsustainable. There was $61.5 million (that was being spent) on secondary care and only $1.5 million on primary care. We are moving money away from expensive hospital treatment towards primary health care,” Governor Todd said. The Governor added: “Everybody, from the Chief Medical Officer (Rufus Ewing) to the district nurse on Middle Caicos tells me it is the right thing to do. So, I would not agree that nothing has been achieved. If you say to me ‘is there a lot more to do’? I would say yes. If you say to me, ‘do you think we should be aiming to do better’? I would say yes, as well,” Governor Todd noted.

La Famalia


Salary $6.00 per hour Contact 241-0348


CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS: 3-5 years experience as a customer service agent. Qualified in but not limited to Customer Service Agents servicing Delta, US Airways and Air Canada. All positions require the following: • Excellent command of the English language – reading, writing and speaking. • Good communication skills and team player • Detail oriented & organized individual Ability to work shifts, early mornings, late nights, weekends and Holidays. • Able to work under pressure • Clean police record Salary commensurate with experience.

Belongers need only apply. Interested applicants should apply to or via fax to HR Department 649-946-4040. No phone calls please. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.





Annual Conch Festival a delicious, fun and rocking good time

The 8th Annual Turks & Caicos Conch Festival, was cultural and culinary delight this past weekend, with thousand of attendees flocking to scenic Blue Hills to enjoy sampling the best conch dishes from local restaurants, sipping on tasty Mojito’s from the island best bartenders, and enjoying the cool tunes and fun games that have become a staple of the island’s most popular festival. A host of new participants joined a cast of Festival veterans in the marquee “conch-e-tition” but in the end, the conch masters at Hemingway’s at the Sands Resort won the Best In Show Award for the first time this year. Bay Bistro came in a close second ending their two year winning streak. The competition was tastefully tight, judged by an impressive panel of international and local judges which included: Debra Anderson, Chicago, Illinois, travel and hospitality media consultant; Deandrea Hamilton, Providenicales, local TV personality; John Kendall, Houston, Texas, conch enthusiast and part time resident; Phillip Legagneur, Providenciales, former participant and chef at IGA Gourmet; Sean Long, Chicago, Illinois, TV producer; Doug Parnell, Providenciales, local businessman and Melanie Reffes, Montreal, Canada, travel journalist. The winning restaurants in each category are: Conch Salad: 1st Place: Refresh (Interhealth Canada)

2nd Place : Bay Bistro (Sibonne’ Beach Hotel) 3rd Place: Native Cuisine Conch Chowder: 1st Place: Parallel 23 (Regent Palms Resort) 2nd Place: Hemingway’s (Sands Resort) 3rd Place: Refresh (Interhealth Canada) Specialty Dish: 1st Place: Bay Bistro (Sibonne’ Beach Hotel) 2nd Place: Opus (Ocean Club East) 3rd Place: Bay Bistro (Sibonne’ Beach Hotel) In all only 12 restaurants competed and Festival attendees came away wanting more of the delectable mollusk that is an icon of Turks and Caicos culture and history. Restaurants competing restaurants this year included: Opus, Hemingway’s, Anacaona, Jojo’s Café, Raymond Mompremier, Danny Buoy’s, Parallel 23, Refresh, Bay Bistro, Salt Mills Café, Native Cuisine and Seaside Café. In the highly anticipated Mojito-making contest, top honors went to the Junior Brown of Bay Bistro. Director of Culture David Bowen did his usual stellar job of MC’ing the day’s activities, which included a variety of kids games, an adults tug-owar, and the always entertaining conch blowing and conch knocking contests. There was also an informative Culture Quiz that had everyone putting their local knowledge to the test.


Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience


To lead and direct the operations and financial activities of a five star luxury resort, maintaining the highest level of guest service and owner satisfaction.Ensure the selection and ongoing direction of resort team members to achieve the highest levels of integrity, job satisfaction, morale and team spirit. Job Requirements • At least 10 years five star resort/international management experience in Senior Level Hotel Operations • 2 to 3 years of direct related experience as a General Manager for a five star luxury property • Hospitality degree preferable • Strong Rooms or Food & Beverage background • Luxury Brand Hotel Chain experience a must • Delivers business results through effective management of planning, forecasting, improving yield, budgeting, cost management and all aspects of business • Energetic, positive visionary leader, dedicated to motivating and developing team members • Ability to balance many priorities, resolve problems and meet owners and guest expectations • Exceptional communication and customer service skills and live the standards of our organization Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

The professional musicians kept the crowd entertained all afternoon with appearances by Tempest Marching Band, Lee Forbes and the Force and Grand Turk Salt Pond Ripsaw band, culminated by a Junk A Noo rush for the ages. And of course, Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, Santa Claus himself, delighted the kids and adults alike with his annual cameo at the beachside festivities. Major sponsors for this year’s festival included: Island Com, James Kennedy, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Wine Cellar, Amanyara, Power 92.5FM and KISS FM, the Turks & Caicos Tourist Board, Carib Gaming, Scotiabank, Ward Construction, Tropical Shipping, Villa del Mar, Grace Bay Resorts, Grace Bay Suites, Fortis, Digicel, Island Rhythms Tours, LIME, The Royal Turks & Caicos Police Force, Turks and Caicos Road Traffic Dept., Turks & Caicos Fire Department EMS unit, The Security Centre, Sky Juice, the Rotary Club and Crazy George “Santa” with a host of other companies and individuals lending their support. The bigger and better 2012 Conch Festival will be held on Saturday, November 24, 2012 with a host of other activities planned for each weekend during the whole month of November. The Conch Festival is an annual familyfriendly event with plenty of games and activities for the kids, including kids’ games on the beach and a showcase of local culture.


Job Requirements: • Folds and places item in appropriate storage area. • Sorts torn and stained articles. Sorts dried articles according to type. • Loads articles into washer and adds specified amount of detergent, soap or other cleaning. • Operates laundry machinery such as washers, driers and ironers. • Lifts clean, wet articles from washer and places them successively into driers for measures time cycles. • Soaks contaminated articles and processes in de-staining cycle. • Iron and fold dried clothes and deploy to the designated rooms or areas. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


Job Requirements: • 1-2 year related experience and/or training. • Provide towels/chairs/umbrellas to guests. • Perform side work including the folding of towels, preparing water and fruit skewers. • Clean ashtrays, straighten chairs and keep all outside beach and pool areas free of debris. • Personable, professional, flexible, always smiling and helpful. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than December 16, 2011 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050 Email: or Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies


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AND head CAICOS DECEMBER 2ND - DECEMBER 9TH, 2011 ofTURKS the digital endSUN offers support by providing expert assistance and knowledge to the management and diagnostics of proprietary software systems.

Caicos Television Holding Ltd


Primary Duties: The Digital Video Engineer (DVE) is responsible for the day to day operations of all head end equipment providing digital video service to all cable and IPTV customers on Providenciales and Grand Turk.

Main Duties and Responsibilities: • The DVE will work under the technical leadership of the CTO to design, develop, deploy, configure and maintain the master IP digital video network and all supporting equipment to ensure consistent, high quality digital video signals are delivered to the outside plant. • The DVE will be responsible for apprenticing and providing leadership to junior technical staff in support of head end operations. • The DVE will be responsible for budgeting for and administering expenses related to spare parts and equipment, software and annual maintenance contracts for all equipment deployed in the head end. • The DVE will work with and support members of the management team in marketing, selling and supporting the overall video and data operations of the company. • Monitoring and performance tuning of Application, and DHCP servers, Bacchus 150 Mpeg 2 Encoder, ASI turnaround units, 3200dt units, ZeeVee prolSO,Stream Cache, Arris D5 Universal Edge Qam switches, and Set Top Boxes. • Work with the CTO to develop a detailed business continuity plan for digital video operations, taking in to considerations risks such as hurricanes, fire, loss of critical employees, network security breaches etc. • Research, evaluate and recommend new technology solutions to address emerging business and technical needs • Prepare annual budgets for on-going operational and support activities and appropriate sparing for professional 24/7/365 operation

Technical Skills • Knowledge of an operational experience with MPEG-2 transport streams • Knowledge of an operational experience with SD & HD digital video equipment • Wide knowledge of Operating Systems • Extensive knowledge of Set Top Boxes (Evolution, Amino, Xavi, ADB) • Video Technology and Multimedia • IPTV feature testing Qualification • Associate Degree or equivalent certificates • Minimum of five – ten years experience • Thorough knowledge and expertise in performance tuning • Extensive knowledge of emerging technologies • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to manage vendor relationships • Skill in conducting tests to newly installed/upgraded software • Skill in effectively communicating orally and in writing • Skill in isolating and resolving complex problems and utilizing appropriate diagnostic tools • Ability to analyze information and formulate conclusions and recommendations • Ability to plan and execute a platform change with minimal disruption in service to clients Salary: $35,000.00 - $45,000.00 per annum Contact: No phone calls please WIV Cable P.O. Box 679 Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands


Temple Mortgage Corporation Ltd., The Temple Financial Centre, Providenciales HEREBY GIVES NOTICE that it will cause to be sold by public auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks & Caicos Islands: 1. Parcel No.10304/63, Front Street, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands. Comprising of commercial vacant land only. The property is located across from the Tourist Board and a short walk from the new Carnival Center now under construction. Registered Proprietors: Robert N. D’Arceuil

Providenciales. This development comprises of a Commercial property with 12 apartment units centrally located. This property also has room for future expansion. Registered Proprietor: South Bay Properties Ltd.

6. Parcel No.60703/44 & 11, Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hills, Providenciales. This a Residential located off Cherokee Road with 5.23 acres of land with excellent views of both the Northern & Southern shores of the Island. The property supports two detached residential homes. Registered Proprietor: Blue Coral Ridge Development Ltd.

The auction will be held at 11:00 a.m. Friday 16th December 2011 at the 2. Parcel No.60811/10, Long Bay Hills, Providenciales, Turks & offices of Temple Mortgage Corporation Ltd., Temple Financial Centre, Caicos Islands. The property comprises of approximately .51 Acre of Leeward Highway, Providenciales. Conditions of sale may be obtained Land over looking the Long Bay Highway and the Northern Shores of the from Temple Mortgage Corporation Ltd., The Temple Financial Centre, Island. This property is further comprised of a two-storey building with 4-2 Leeward Highway, Providenciales, telephone (649) 946-5293, fax (649) bedroom apartments. 946-5289. Registered Proprietor: McAllister Eugene Hanchell Interested persons may bid by way of sealed tender delivered not later 3. Parcel No.60719/94, Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill, than 4:00 p.m. Thursday, December 15, 2011 addressed to Temple Providenciales, Comprises a main two-storey house with a separate Mortgage Corporation Ltd., Temple Financial Centre, Leeward Highway, detached guesthouse. Both homes are positioned on a elongated Providenciales clearly marked “ AUCTION BID-OCTOBER December peninsular canal lot with approximately 400 linear feet of water frontage. 16TH 2011.” Should the bid meet the reserve price and constitute the The property therefore, has direct water access to the South Shore via highest offer, the property will be considered sold to the person making Turtle Lake. the bid. Note that a 10% deposit is required immediately from the Registered Proprietor: Daniel S. Simmons successful bidder at the auction. 4. Parcel No.60804/120/k57 (Unit #3503), The Bight & Thomas Stubbs, Providenciales. Comprises a fifth-floor condominium at the Alexander Resort Development on Grace Bay Beach. This is a twobedroom unit in the Prima Donna Building in the Northeast section of the Resort and benefits from extensive beach, ocean and pool views of the Resort. Registered Proprietor: Daniel S. Simmons 5. Parcel No. 60715/28 & 29, Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill,

Note that Temple Mortgage Corporation Ltd. accepts no responsibility in respect of the receipt or otherwise of sealed bids and prospective purchasers are encouraged to ensure safe delivery of sealed bids to Temple Mortgage Corporation Ltd. in good time and further to attend at the auction to ensure that the bid is properly made.

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By Royal S. Robinson, MBE

OVER THE LAST few days, I watched in awe as the public service workers in Britain prepared for and participated in the biggest strike action in that country’s history. Now, let us remember that in the 1970’s Britain used to be called “The Striking country” because every week there was one strike or another. I think that the coal miners’ strike was the longest and most protracted of them all! When Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, she was credited with breaking the backs of striking unions. It cannot be just a coincidence that the UK civil servants and the TCI civil servants are agitating for and striking for the same thing. The common thread is the fight to protect their pension rights once they are retired. Why is it so difficult for the Interim Administration to understand that Turks and Caicos Islands civil servants want only what is justly theirs? What they are trying to do is like asking a carpenter to put on your roof for $5,000.00, the carpenter does it and when the owner views the beautiful handiwork, then he tells the carpenter that he would be paid a measly $500.00 for the work that he has done. Nowhere in hell can that be fair! So I cannot see how it can be fair for the Interim Administration, led by Governor Todd could in their wildest imagination step on the rights of the civil service and they would all roll over and play dead. What these guys are trying to portray is that is somehow wrong or illegal for persons to be in receipt of pension payment from more than one source. That is a totally preposterous position for them to take, given that that is what is obtained in Britain, our “Mother Country”. Now I can fully understand and accept that it might not be right for someone to receive in the aggregate a monthly pension that is greater than what he would have received when he was actively at work. How that is calculated has been the subject of much recent debate. What is not fair is that after the contract is made and the worker performs his task, then the paymaster wants to change the terms and condition of the contract. In law that is a “no no” in the private sector; why should it be so different for the public sector? Lord Hutton of Furness was charged with the responsibility to review and make recommendations as to how pensions in the UK should be administered. His final report came out in March of this year. Sometime ago, I wrote to Mark Capes, pointing out the folly of his ways with respect to Pensioners and their pensions here in Turks and Caicos Islands, particularly in light of Lord Hutton’s report. He


just failed, in his bull-headed way to approach the matter in a sensible manner and do what is right. You see where he ended up? On the island of St. Helena to oversee the kingdom to which Napoleon was banished. We have two pieces of Legislation that control pensions in the Turks and Caicos Islands, The Pensions Ordinance and the NIB Ordinance. The former speaks to a noncontributory scheme, while the latter require a direct, compulsory contribution by way of deductions from the salary of a person to be paid in by his employer. The first was enacted a very long time ago, because when I went into the service in 1967, it was on the books then, while the second came into force in 1992! In any event, it could be said that we contributed indirectly by us taking reduced pay in comparison with the private sector expressly so that we would receive a pension in our sunset years. It certainly could not have been in the minds of any of the framers of either piece of Legislation to deprive the worker of his just due! If as the phony argument of this current AG, is that there is some anomaly between the two, then amending legislation should be brought to rectify the

situation to the benefit of the worker! Is it not strange that this AG who says that he is about modernizing Legislation to protect the Turks and Caicos people and bring us into the 21st century has failed to do that which is right to harmonize the Ordinances dealing with pensions in this country. The bad part of this is that he has received good and proper advice as to how to proceed. However, he has chosen to follow Capes, Stanley and now Todd, down the path of screwing Turks and Caicos Islanders of their just deserves. Can the AG and the rest of his cohorts not understand that we too would fight for our rights? Why should they be entitled to a better benefits package than the people of our country? And the worst part of this is that they are saying that they are doing it in our name. So much hogwash and foolishness! They have to know by now that we are as connected or better connected than them. Yes, in some instances, we do not use the information that is at our finger tips to better advantage, but that is not to say we do not know. Martin Stanley and Huw Shepherd can overnight change the General Orders and any other piece of regulation or Legislation if it is


ROYAL ROBINSON CONTRIBUTER designed to further their ends, but they cannot find time to perform something that is clearly in our best interest. I do not think that any fair-minded Turks and Caicos Islander thinks that the public service is not bloated, but what must be the concern is how those persons that are deemed to be surplus to requirement at this point in time are fairly dealt with. They cannot be tossed aside as trash to be burnt on the garbage heap! The Governor keeps talking about doing things in the best interest of the tax payer. But who are the tax payers if it is not those persons working for government as well as those working in the private sector? It is the arrogance of such a statement that is very troubling. He feels that he can jet into our country and know what is best for us. To date, I have not seen a single policy initiative that rightly could be seen as in our best interest. Putting layers of taxes upon more taxes surely cannot be in our best interest, when over time, we have been seen as and promoted as a low tax jurisdiction. Making it nigh impossible for the ordinary Turks and Caicos Islander to obtain a piece of Crown Land on which to build his house cannot be in our best interest. Taking away our automatic right to ‘trial by jury’ that had previously been enshrined in our Constitution cannot be in our best interest. Trying to use a cut and paste method to design a “Hearsay Legislation” to convict Turks and Caicos Islanders cannot be in our best interest. These are just some of the atrocities that have been visited upon us in recent times by the Interim Administration in the name of being in our own best interest. Now all civil servants were given a 10% pay cut so as to create sufficient slack in the payroll so that public servants need not have to be sent home. My question, and that of all fair thinking Turks and Caicos Islanders is whether the Governor got his 10% pay cut as well. Remember now, he gets his pay from the public purse as well, and given the fact that even contract workers given such a cut! With respect to himself, the question must be “In whose best interest is he operating”?


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LABOURER (2) Salary: $6.00 per hour Suitable Person: • Must be willing to work six (6) days per week. • Must be honest reliable and proficient. • Work is mostly manual and lifting inventory is a must. Hours are from 8:30am – 4:00pm – six days per week. Some extra hours maybe required at times. Contact: Applications must be submitted via: Email: or fax: 649-946-4871




Salary $5.00 per hour 6 days per week 1 Labourer Salary $5.00 per hour 6 days per week 1 Sales person Salary $5.00 per hour 5-6 days per week Contact 244-0277

HIRING NOW! Danny Buoy's

WAITRESS needed for days, nights and mornings. Please apply in person and bring a resume.

IVAN BARBERSHOP Is seeking 1 Barber To work fulltime Salary $5.00 per hour For information please contact Paola Hidalgo at 331-1977




Maintenance Technician

Requirements • Must have knowledge and experience in repair and maintenance including preventative maintenance to prevent down time on commercial laundry equipment including 250lb washer, flat ironer, folding machines, steam dryers, valet equipment, boilers, 150hp boiler feed tank, steam water heater and chemical injection system. • Must be able and willing to work all shifts Duties Include: • Maintain proper preventative maintenance to laundry equipment and boilers. • Maintain proper inventory on designated parts to avoid down time. • Maintain proper amount of chemical injection on boiler feed tank and proper conductivity at boilers. • Preventative maintenance to steam traps and steam lines.


Duties Include: • Clean & sanitize all areas of the kitchen. • Operate dishwashing machine in a safe, accident free manner • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts


Requirements: • Experience with, and are comfortable preparing a variety of different Cuisines in a fine dining environment • Understand the importance of consistency

Turks & Caicos Water Company d.b.a. Provo Golf Club is seeking a suitably qualified individual to fill the following position. Only candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be considered.


Must be knowledgeable and experience in the areas of Plant Pathology, Plant Propagation, Entomology, Integrated Pest Management, Soil Science and Landscape Design Principles. REQUIREMENTS • Must have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture. • Should have at least 10 years or more experience working on a Golf Course. • Requires knowledge of landscape construction and materials. • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. • Must be self-motivated and willing to work long hours. The salary for this position is commensurate with experience, training and education. Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by December 16, 2011 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.


Requirements: • Ability to work with heavy cleaning machinery. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties include: • Ensuring that standards of cleanliness and organization are met at all times in assigned areas. • Responsibility for care and maintenance of all equipment and machinery • Restock linens and amenities on carts • Run needed items to guest floors • Assist housekeepers as required


Requirements Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • General laborer duties as assigned by the supervisor or manager. Interested applicants should apply to Regent Palms, and bring along a recent C.V., or by emailing to, no later than December 16, 2011



Salary $120.00 per week 4 days per week Contact 344-6873


• Knowledge of food preparation techniques and health/safety • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Prepare all food items according to recipe cards and correct handling procedures. • Maintain highest quality and appearance of all foods sent from kitchen and make sure plates are clean and appetizing. • Maintain orderly and clean refrigerators and work areas. • Rotate all foods and correctly fill out production charts.


Margaritaville Grand Turk seeks to identify a


REQUIREMENT: - Associates or Bachelors’ Degree in Hospitality Management or related field and/or at least 5 years experience at the international level. - At least one (1) year experience working in the capacity of cook, bartender and server, each. - Computer knowledge in excel and other spreadsheet programs. - Ability to work under stress. - Ability to communicate orally and in writing. - Ability to work with minimal supervision. - Ability to work flexible hours including public holidays, weekends and night shift. - Energetic and people oriented, reliable with problem solving skills OTHER POSITIONS ARE: BARTENDERS,



All applications need to be submitted to the HR department by 16th December, 2011. Belongers only need apply Margaritaville Grand Turk. Grand Turk Cruise Center White Sands Beach Grand Turk

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Scotiabank named Bank of the Year in the TCI





SCOTIABANK HAS BEEN named “Bank of the Year” in Antigua, Belize, Cayman Islands, Guyana and Turks & Caicos Islands by The Banker, a leading international finance and investment magazine. “We are proud to be the recipient of this award and we want to thank The Banker magazine for recognizing Scotiabank’s success,” said Cecil Arnold -Country Head Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Ltd. “Our continued strength in the Caribbean is a result of the Bank’s dedication to continually improving customer service across the region and providing our customers with quality products with the goal of helping our customers become financially better off. Scotiabank received the award at a ceremony in London, England on November 30, 2011. The results will be formally announced in the December issue of the The Banker magazine. The winning banks are selected for their ability to deliver

shareholder returns and to gain strategic advantage. All entries are judged by The Banker’s editorial team. Scotiabank has been part of the Caribbean and Central America region since 1889 when the Bank opened its first office in Kingston, Jamaica. It is now the leading bank in the region, with operations in 27 countries, including affiliates. The Bank has more than 15,000 employees in the region, including affiliates, serving more than two million customers, with 450 branches, kiosks and other offices, more than 1,000 ABMs. The Banker’s Bank of the Year Award is in its 12th year. The magazine is the world’s longest running international banking magazine, recognized as a leading source of information on finance and investment around the globe. The magazine is a key source of data and analysis for the banking industry and is read in more than 180 countries.

RESIDENT MANAGER REQUIRED AN ON ISLAND VILLA IS PRESENTLY SEARCHING FOR A MANAGER TO RUN ALL ASPECTS OF A PRIVATE DWELLING HOUSE. The successful candidate should possess the following skills: • Manager must be a team player and able to manage the entire facilities and service staff. • Must be fluent in the English language. • Should have a knowledge and understanding of building operations and support, with proficiency in accounting and financial analysis. • Should have an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with people with varying skills and competencies. They should be detail orientated, analytical decision-makers and also have good communications skills. They must be versatile and can multi-task to be able to do several tasks at the same time, quickly analyze and resolve specific problems, and cope with deadlines. • Initiate an active campaign on the safety of the buildings and create a schedule of regular evaluations of the facilities. They are tasked with managing and performing in-house maintenance, recruiting facilities service staff, and training them to ensure competent work output. The manager participates in preparing the budget for the facilities maintenance. Evaluates the work quality of staff and makes sure that high safety standards are being followed and maintained. On top of this the manager should use performance management techniques to monitor and demonstrate achievement of agreed service levels. • Must have extensive experience and knowledge in the security field. • Ensures the safety of the buildings from fire, flood and other hazards and makes sure that all the equipment and other facilities are working properly, They also assess current conditions of electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and other essential utilities and equipment. • The manager is responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of the villa. A person in this position manages, plans and directs the day to day facility operations. In addition to people, manage buildings and grounds as well. Formulate policies,, manage daily operations and maintain smooth operations at the villa . Excellent business practice to improve efficiency, by reducing operating costs while increasing productivity. • Be responsible for the day-to-day running of the facility with a broad vision of the facility as well as an attention to detail. From knowing the number of poolside towels that are in stock, to recruiting, hiring and training new staff including housekeeping, plumbers, electrical, landscaping personnel. • The Villa manager will be responsible for maintaining lodgings, supplies, hospitality services and event offerings. SALARY: $10.00 an hour and expected to work various hours up to six days a week and during busy season may have to work holiday days.

If you fit the above qualifications please send your resume to the following address: PO Box 560, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.

Scotiabank is one of North America's premier financial institutions and Canada's most international bank. With more than 70,000 employees, Scotiabank Group and its affiliates serve some 18.6 million customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Scotiabank offers a broad range of products and services including personal, commercial, corporate and investment banking. With assets above $567 billion (as at July 31, 2011), Scotiabank trades on the Toronto (BNS) and New York Exchanges (BNS

SCOTIABANK makes two promotions

Cecil Arnold -Country Head Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Ltd

SCOTIABANK (TURKS and Caicos) Ltd announces the promotions of Mr. Ira Taylor to Branch Manager of Grace Bay Centre; and Mr. Michael Simmons to Branch Manger of Grand Turk Centre. Both men are Turks and Caicos Islanders with a combined total of over 33 years banking experience. Mr. Ira Taylor joined Scotiabank (Turks and Michael Simmons Ira Taylor Caicos) Ltd on July 2nd, 2000. He has held several Caicos as we continue to focus on supervisory positions over the years. providing exceptional service to all Mr. Taylor was appointed Branch customers and the entire community. Cecil Arnold, the new Managing Manager for Grace Bay Centre on November 1st 2011; and says he is Director for Scotiabank Turks and excited about this career move. Mr. Caicos, said “the bank recognizes Taylor holds a Bachelor Degree in the need to identify and train Turks Business Administration from St. and Caicos Islanders to hold senior positions within the Bank in Turks Gregory’s University, Shawnee, and Caicos and through our Oklahoma. recruitment efforts we have attracted Mr. Michael Simmons joined a number of Turks and Caicos Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. on Islanders to management positions”. July 25th, 2011 and was appointed He went on to say “we are Branch Manager for Grand Turk focused on developing employees Centre, Waterloo Plaza, Grand Turk who display leadership qualities, on November 1st, 2011 after going take responsibility for their personal through intensive training. Mr. development and aspire to hold Simmons said he's ecstatic about senior leadership positions. Both joining Scotiabank the 'Bank of Mr. Simmons and Mr. Taylor have Choice' in the Turks & Caicos attended leadership training courses, Islands, and looks forward to the are dedicated to the job and have challenges and rewards as we displayed the core values we look for continue to be the best bank in in a leader. We congratulate them on Grand Turk and indeed the Turks and their appointments.”

BUS DRIVER Bishop Coleta Williams III Seeks a

6 Days a week. Interested persons should contact 941-4750/246-4341

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Turks and Caicos Real Estate Agency to Offer Real Estate Tour The most populated island in the Turks & Caicos, Providenciales (locally known as Provo) is renowned for Grace Bay, one of the top ranked beaches in the world, and some of the most luxurious real estate in the Caribbean. Located just 575 miles south of Miami, the island has long been an exclusive retreat for the wealthy but in more recent years has witnessed the introduction of more affordable real estate options. “We’re offering guided tours in response to market demand,” says Prestigious Properties president Washington Misick. “We’re seeing a growing number of prospective buyers coming here to look for real estate, and they are overwhelmed by the choices available and all of the information they need to know regarding banking, property registration and so forth." Tour package prices will include accommodations, guided tours with transportation, seminars with legal and banking representatives, some meals, and a boat cruise. Tour participants will stay at the Alexandra Resort, a beachfront resort located on Grace Bay that offers condos from as low as $199,900.





“Thumbs up” to

Roshawn Jake Been “When I do nothing, I feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when I get involved, I feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing that I am working to make things better for my family, my country, but most important myself.” - Roshawn Roshawn Been also known as Jakey and to some as "Jake" is a 2009 graduate of Whole Gospel Christian Academy. Presently, he is a Sophomore student at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, studying Business Administration majoring in Accounting. In April of 2011, Roshawn was merited as an honor student after obtaining an overall GPA of 3.89. In addition, he was awarded a Certificate and a Gold Pin. This Gold Pin Award was given only to students that obtain a GPA of 3.7 and above. With this High achievement he also made it on both the Dean's and the President's list. Ever since attending Shaw University from January of 2010, Roshawn manage to obtain a GPA of 4.0 two out of three semester. Because of this, he was inducted in the Honors College Society on Thursday October 20th 2011 at the Thomas J Boyd Chapel with guest speaker ‘Dr. Dorothy Cowser Yancy’, President of Shaw University. After all this academic achievement, he still finds time to play the sport that he loves most, "Basketball", which he was awarded the Most Valuable Player for the city of Raleigh Basketball league for two consecutive seasons. Here is a true picture of a young man who portrays that most of the important things in this world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all and nothing can stop him with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Congratulations Roshawn! I can see that you are determined to make it to the end.


DIRECTOR OF HEALTH SERVICES/CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) Service for the post of Director of Health Services/Chief Medical Officer. The incumbent in this position is expected to work closely with the Permanent Secretary to oversee the development and management of a robust Health Care System. Duties include assisting in managing the relationship and contractual obligations between Inter Health Canada and TCIG; collaborating with the Health Management Team and stakeholders to develop the Strategic Health Care Framework, policies and programmes that will enhance health care delivery; overseeing the development and enforcement of a Health Regulatory System; participating as a member of the Executive Team in developing and managing the health care financing system; supervising staff; assisting in the development and execution of Health Projects and providing advice to Agencies / Departments on policies and programmes with a health impact; as well as working closely with the Disaster Management Team to ensure that TCIG is well equipped to

handle any disease outbreaks. The incumbent is also expected to work with the Management Team to establish, implement and monitor a system for Disease Surveillance, prevention and control; maintain and upgrade the database of Regional Practitioners for the Health Migrants Programme; and provide advice to the Permanent Secretary on the development and implementation of Health Care Policies. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires a Master’s Degree in Public Health or Health Services Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and at least ten (10) years experience, five (5) of which should be functioning at a Managerial Level in the Health Sector operating within primary, secondary and tertiary health care. REMUNERATION PACKAGE: SALARY: $65,448.00 Applicant’s resume must include contact number, email address, two letters of reference and a police certificate which should be sent to Mrs Susan Malcolm, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands. Telephone 649-946-2801 Extension: 10318 Fax (649) 946-1582. E-mail: APPLICATION DEADLINE: 16th December 2011 ONLY SUITABLE CANDIDATES WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED



(Questions 34-35) Circle the correct word or expression from A-D that should complete the following sentences. 34. The rain _______ right now, so Jerry cannot come over to play. A. fell B. have been falling C. had fallen D. is falling 35. Dwight ________ his paintings at the public library next month. A. exhibit B. exhibiting C. will exhibit D. exhibited PART OF SPEECH (36-40) (Questions 36-38 Write in the space provided the part of speech A, B, C, or D, which BEST represents the underlined word in each sentence. A Verb B Adverb C Pronoun D Adjective 36. The boys slowly scrambled up the soft, sloping bank of the river.___________ 37. Are Dennis and Denise twins? _________ 38. Thomas said he would help her with the project. _________ (Questions 39-40) Circle the part of speech from A—D that correctly describes the word underlined in the following sentences. 39. My uncle was angry because he was deceived. A. conjunction B. preposition C. noun D. interjection 40. The woman was behind the machine. A. noun B. proverb C. preposition D. interjection LANCUAGE USAGE (41-45) Choose the correct word in order to complete each sentence. 41. I have not been to school ________ I had the accident. A. because B. when C. but D. since 42. She will make an _______ for the job. A. applies B. applied C. application D. apply 43. We started ________ the photograph of the gorilla for a long time. A. on B. upon C. at D. in

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44. The grade six student listened ________ the invigilator’s instructions. A. too B. when C. to D. at 45. They shared the cake ________ the twelve members of the team. A. in B. between C. among D. into VOCABULARY (46-50) Which word _best completes each sentence in these items 46-50? 46. He could not afford to attend college because the fees were _________. A. excessive B. cheap C. excusable D. less 47. My school bag is ________ so I have no fear that my books will get wet when it rains. A. transparent B. worn C. waterproof D. new 48. The case was___________ until next month because the chief witness did not appear in court. A. postponed B. cancelled C. suspended D. scraped 49. According to the dictionary, a person who eats human flesh is a ____________. A. vegetarian B. camivore C. omnivore D. cannibal 50. Before going to bed, John used the __________ to look at the stars each night. A. thermometer B. telescope C. thesaurus D. thermostat ANALOGIES (51-55) For each sentence below, fill in the word that completes the analogy. 51. Teacher is to school as doctor is to _________ 52. Apple is to fruit as potato is to ________. 53. Perfume is to nose as noise is to _________. 54. Book is to library as ink is to _________. 55. Wings are to birds as _______ are to fish. SYNONYMS (56-60) Which word is SIMILAR in meaning to the one underlined? 56. There are many poor people in the world. A. destitute B. begging C. respectful D. proud 57. Steven likes to provoke his classmates when they are wrong.

A. applaud B. tease C. ill-treat D. admire 58. The mother’s eyes were full with affection for her hungry children. A. compassion B. offence C. content D. mercy 59. The silly boy made many errors on his test paper. A. corrections B. promises C. flaws D. products 60. After the storm, there was a peaceful mood hovering over the island. A. horrific B. placid C. happy D. dull DEGREES OF COMPARISON (61-63) Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence. 61. Middle Caicos is the _________ of the island in the TCI. A. most large B. largest C. larger D. most larger 62. “This is the _____________ conch fritter I have ever tasted and I have eaten a lot!” said Sandra. A. good B. better C. best D. more good 63. Tamera is the ________ of the three sisters. A. more smart B. smartest C. most smart D. smarter PARAGRAPHING / SEQUENCING (64-70) Rearrange the sentence to tell a story. A. Everyone except Billy managed to get of the way B. Within minutes the ambulance arrived on the scene. C. The drunken driver was speeding towards the group of boys. D. Billy was rushed to the hospital where he later died. E. Billy laid motionless after being struck by the speeding car. F. Everyone felt sad when they heard the news of Billy. G. The driver was charged for driving drunk and sent to prison.

Stay tuned next week for more past papers

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The 2011 renewal of the Annual Turks and Caicos Islands Conch Festival, which is normally, held at the Three Queens Restaurant in Blue Hills, Providenciales attracted huge amount tourists this year, which appeared to have surpassed that of last year. It also attracted a number of locals and residents, who mingled in one big atmosphere of fun and excitement. It was held last Saturday, November 26. The following are highlights of the event. 1. Chefs from Refresh Restaurant preparing conch fritters 2. The Breezy Beach Dancers showing their motion

3. Tourist moving to the beat of popular local rhythm 4. The Turks and Caicos Marching Band was well received


5. This pair of cuties enjoys individual cups of ice cream


6. Owner of the Grace Bay Club, Mark Durliat (right) obviously enjoys the fun 7. Jerk Chicken was also on sale at the event 8. Refresh Restaurant preparing conch salad 9. These young ladies demonstrate a dance craze


10. A section of the crowd at the event

11. Director for Culture in the TCI David Bowen demonstrates a cultural dance 12. Entertainment was aplenty at the event













14 15








13. Conch galore at the event

14. A pair from Coco Bistro could not contain their excitement after being awarded tops in one of the categories

15. These tourists march ahead of the Turks and Caicos Marching Band

16. Hemmigways Restaurant was voted overall winner of the Conch Festival 17. WIV’s Cynclair Musgrove and Conch Festival Exec Bernard Gerbex 18. Jerk Chicken aplenty

19. Children also got the opportunity to get their faces painted


20. This little girl gets a bird’s eye view on the shoulder of her father 21. Items created locally

22. These girls lead the Junkanoo parade

23. These girls lead the Junkanoo parade

24. The event was also blessed with local beauties 25. A pair of roller skaters sharing in the fun



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the date just l ady

Jais_178343_1111.indd 1



24.11.11 11:27





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Want to Win an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4S? Register today!

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Because lIfe Is


Owned by

APOLLO VENTURES LTD is proud to announce term loan and operating line refinancing. Lender

Insurance when you need it most.

SCOTIABANK (Turks & Caicos) LTD.

p r o p e rt y. a u t o . l i a b i l i t y.

Turks and Caicos September 2011


A member of the BAF Global Group Bahamas • Cayman • Turks & Caicos Islands * Trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used under licence.

Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray sentenced to four years


Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in prison today for involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death. Judge Michael Pastor called Murray's treatment of Jackson a "cycle of horrible medicine" and "medicine madness." Jackson's parents and siblings Jermaine, LaToya and Randy were present at today's sentencing, but did not speak, instead allowing family friend and attorney Brian Panish to read a statement on behalf of the Jackson's three children and family. In the statement, Michael Jackson's children told the Los Angeles court that they lost their "father, best friend, and playmate" when the singer died, but stressed they were not seeking "revenge". The statement asked the judge to "impose a sentence that reminds physicians they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder."


"As Michael's parents, we never imagined we would live to witness his passing," Panish read, on behalf of the singer's parents Katherine and Joe Jackson. "There is no way to describe the loss of our beloved brother, son, father and friend." Judge Michael Pastor began the proceeding by rejecting a motion by Dr. Conrad Murray that cameras be evicted from the courtroom during his sentencing. The district attorney asked for the maximum sentence of four years as well as $100 million -- the singer's projected earnings from the 50-show "This Is It" tour -- payable to the Jackson estate. The prosecution also asked Murray to pay $1.8 million in costs associated with Jackson's memorial service and funeral. Lawyers for Murray, who has no previous criminal record, will ask that he received a minimum sentence of probation.

Grammy Awards nominations in top categories

Prosecutors painted Murray as a callous physician who knew he was doing wrong by administering the powerful sedative propofol to Jackson, and then took pains to hide the drug when Jackson died. "The defendant [Murray] acted as a drug dealer and completely corrupted the trust necessary in a proper doctorpatient relationship," a prosecution memo stated. Murray's attorneys filed a 45-page memo asking that the judge "impose a sentence of probation with substantial community service," taking into account that the doctor has no criminal record, will most likely never practice medicine again and has already been publicly disgraced. The defense memo highlighted Murray's humble beginnings in Trinidad and stressed his dedication to the medical profession and his love for his family, including his seven children, which has been "strained close to the

LOS ANGELES — Nominees announced Wednesday in top categories for the 54th annual Grammy Awards:

Record of the Year: "Rolling in the Deep," Adele; "Holocene," Bon Iver; "Grenade," Bruno Mars; "The Cave," Mumford & Sons; "Firework," Katy Perry. Album of the Year: "21," Adele; "Wasting Light," Foo Fighters; "Born This Way," Lady Gaga; "Doo-Wops & Hooligans," Bruno Mars; "Loud," Rihanna. Song of the Year: "All of the Lights," Jeff Bhasker, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter and Kanye West, songwriters (performed by Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi and Fergie); "The Cave," Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford and Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford & Sons); "Grenade," Brody Brown, Claude Kelly, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Bruno Mars and Andrew Wyatt, songwriters (Bruno Mars); "Holocene," Justin Vernon, songwriter (Bon Iver); "Rolling in the Deep," Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth, songwriters (Adele). New Artist: The Band Perry, Bon Iver, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, Skrillex. Pop Vocal Album: "21," Adele; "The Lady Killer," Cee Lo Green; "Born This Way," Lady Gaga; "Doo-Wops & Hooligans," Bruno Mars; "Loud," Rihanna. Rock Album: "Rock 'n' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul," Jeff Beck; "Wasting Light," Foo Fighters; "Come Around Sundown," Kings of Leon; "I'm With You," Red Hot Chili Peppers; "The Whole Love," Wilco. R&B Album: "F.A.M.E.," Chris Brown; "Second Chance," El DeBarge; "Love Letter," R. Kelly; "Pieces of Me," Ledisi; "Kelly," Kelly Price. Rap Album: "Watch the Throne," Jay-Z and Kanye West; "Tha Carter IV," Lil Wayne; "Lasers," Lupe Fiasco; "Pink Friday," Nicki Minaj; "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," Kanye West. Country Album: "My Kinda Party," Jason Aldean; "Chief," Eric Church; "Own the Night," Lady Antebellum; "Red River Blue," Blake Shelton; "Here for a Good Time," George Strait; "Speak Now," Taylor Swift. Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album: "Entren Los Que Quieran," Calle 13; "Entre La Ciudad y El Mar," Gustavo Galindo; "Nuestra," La Vida Bohème; "Not So Commercial," Los Amigos Invisibles; "Drama y Luz," Maná. Jazz Vocal Album: "'Round Midnight," Karrin Allyson; "The Mosaic Project," Terri Lyne Carrington & Various Artists; "The Gate," Kurt Elling; "American Road," Tierney Sutton (Band); "The Music of Randy Newman," Roseanna Vitro. Contemporary Classical Composition: "Elmer Gantry," Robert Aldridge and Herschel Garfein; "The Ghosts of Alhambra," George Crumb; "String Quartet No. 3," Jefferson Friedman; "Lonely Motel-Music from Slide," Steven Mackey; "Piano Concerto No. 2," Poul Ruders.


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Conrad Murray

breaking point." Along with it, the defense provided 56 pages of letters from Murray's former patients, family members and ministers. The doctor was found responsible for the pop singer's death on June 25, 2009, after he had injected Jackson with propofol, a sedative Jackson had requested to help him sleep during his grueling rehearsals for an upcoming summer 50-show tour.

COGNIZANT OF THE difficult times that some locals have been facing recently, Double Helix Production will be staging the first of an annual event dubbed Hard Times Fest to be held at the Casablanca Casino parking lot on December from 12 noon to 12 midnight. While the event promises to be full of fun, the main attraction will be the musical duo Keno and Kaz. The main prize for the event will be a 32 inch flat screen television set sponsored by Kishco. There will also be a number of fun activities for children, including bouncing houses, pony rides to be made possible by Provo Ponies, storytelling by David Bowen, Sesame Street characters from beaches. There will also be a domino tournament. The event is to be hosted by George Penn and Paula Rigby. The committee noted that the aim of Hard Times Fest is to raise enough funds to assist the

very needy in the TCI society with among other things, repairing of decrepit dwelling structures, reconnecting electricity and water for a month while the recipient works to get back on his/her feet and to provide the needy with groceries. “Over the past year Turks and Caicos has been facing its share of hard times. These hard times are due to various reasons. However, each individual, school, enterprise, mom and pop shop etcetera, all could say the same ‘things are hard’. The Hard Times Fest committee would like to change the thoughts of the struggling from the word ‘hard’ to the word ‘hope’. “If one of our neighbors has lost her home; are we willing to come together to build a new one; If a family we know has not seen food in their refrigerator for weeks; are we willing to provide them with a month or year’s supply of food to eat;. If a friend we know is sick and can’t afford to get the treatment that he/she needs are we willing to find a way to bring ‘hope to their lives?’ We plan to make dreams come true for these people,” the committee members declared. Admission for the event is a dollar ($1), and there are plans to bus people into the event from neighboring communities, but that has not been finalized. For further information contact: 244-1079 or 341-3186.

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Provo Water Company Ltd is seeking suitable applicants to fill the following positions:


MINIMUM QUALIFICATION: • Registered Civil Engineer • 5 to 10 years experience in the general construction and design works particularly on waterworks buildings and piping networks. • Have a strong knowledge of hydraulics and piping design calculations. • Effective organization skills and ability to work effectively both in a team setting and independently • Computer proficient with exposure in Microsoft Word and Excel. JOB DESCRIPTION: The System Design Engineer works under the direction of the head of the Engineering Department. This individual provides technical direction and management for the design compliance and construction works leading to the maintenance of the islands waterworks system. This position can be adapted to either primary or construction or facility maintenance functions. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO: • Provide Surveys, Designs and detailed engineering for proposed waterworks, civil works, engineering projects, modifications and maintenance. • Monitor and Record hydraulics input - output data such as system’s pressures, velocities and flows including pumping stations and water storage facilities for engineering design task. • Carry out continuous engineering studies, investigations and design calculations for the maintenance of water supply system in the island. • Provide cost-effective solutions to waterworks requirements/situations and establish review procedures to minimize cost growth. • Perform Engineering field surveys for establishing boundaries and limits , developing contours and profiles, piping routes and levels. • Develop company standards for all construction and or facility maintenance works. • Apply standard practices and techniques in specific engineering assignments, including proficiency in use of engineering/project scheduling tools. • Provide technical assistance to the Operations and Maintenance Department • Ensure that the integrity of master plans is maintained and maintain and update the general site plans for all waterworks facilities including new connections and facilities. • Ensure all subcontractors employed to execute engineeringconstruction tasks conform to applicable company standards for security, safety, environmental controls, hazardous materials and underground utilities. Salary Range: US$ 36, 000 – 48, 000 per annum

POSITION: CONTRACT AND DOCUMENT CONTROLLER MINIMUM QUALIFICATION: • Graduate of Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering or similar discipline. • At least 5 years experience in contracts and documents preparation, dissemination and monitoring including the safekeeping thereof particularly acquired from a construction or utility industry. • At least 2 years experience in storekeeping and stock control system. • Good communications and organization skills • Computer proficient. JOB DESCRIPTION: A Contract and Document Controller is required to maintain a master contract and document register of all the latest transactions and drawings on every project and purchasing activities of the company and ensure that all recipients are transmitted the documents they require as soon as new revisions are received. This individual reviews contracts; formulate, revise and finalize documents according to what was required and has been agreed upon by the company and parties concerned such as contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and the likes. This individual is in charge with all the liaison works including the submission and transmittal of contracts/documents to all concerned government and private agencies relative to the on going projects or purchasing activities. This position reports to the Head of Engineering. THE DUTIES of a Contract and Document Controller are: • Reviews and registers internal and external contracts and documents. • Maintenance of controlled and uncontrolled documents registers. • Prepares field work orders including attachment of agreements and drawings for approval by management and execution by field


staff. • Prepares reports of investigations, tests, maintenance or other works of the department • Reconciles contractor invoices against work completed to ensure field work invoices are paid accurately • Sending of document transmittals and submittals to all parties concerned. • Log, reference, distribute, and file all related correspondence, drawings, and documents. • Ensuring that contracts and document transmittals are acknowledged in case there is a dispute on whether the said papers were transmitted. • Manage the contracts & document/drawing review process, Internal and External. • Designs and formulate office forms and control system whenever necessary. • Inspect, accept, and store delivered materials and equipment including documentation and control thereof. • Archiving data for historical purposes. • Maintain an accurate and up to date data base of all engineering documents. • Performs other task as may be assigned from time to time relative to the day to day operation of the engineering and administrative department such as detailed engineering and inventory management task. • Assist in leak detection, field investigations, asset maintenance • Performs other duties as instructed by the Head of Engineering Salary Range: US$ 32, 400 – 42, 000 per annum


MINIMUM QUALIFICATION • Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering • 3 to 5 years AutoCAD experience a must. Must have previous experience in mechanical, electrical and civil drafting, blue print reading and 2 or 3 dimensional work • Must have at least 2 years of experience in a waterworks environment • Strong proficiency in AutoCAD Civil, ArcGIS or equivalent software for piping network design is a must. • Strong knowledge of Primavera (P3) planning software and Microsoft applications. • Must be able to work under time pressure to meet strict deadlines while producing accurate work JOB DESCRIPTION: The AutoCAD Operator reports to the Head of Engineering and must be able to prepare design and as built drawings in AutoCAD, generate engineering flow diagrams from engineer’s examples, update and modify building and piping layouts, update and modify piping networks and details in AutoCAD in a water utility environment. The duties of an AutoCAD Operator include: • Able to prepare plans and exhibits which entail making accurate computer drawings from design sketches, conceptual drawings, field compiled survey data, and verbal instructions. • Updates mechanical, electrical and civil plans and drawings according to amendments and revisions. • Produce and compile standard facility and utility drawings. • Make all required revisions to approved designs and maintains complete and accurate drawings. • Perform 3D view layout, layer and dimensioning techniques. • Create new drawings out of survey data and verbal instructions. • Follow through with all projects to ensure successful fabrication and installation. • Complete field surveys using manual and modern methods to produce accurate location or as built drawings • Maintain a highly organized and accurate database of the company’s field assets including location and detailed drawings • Assist in leak detection investigations that may require periods of night work • Assist in engineering investigations that may include meter testing and other technical work • Assist in performance of maintenance schedule of the Engineering Department • Other duties as assigned by the Head of Engineering to meet the objectives of the Engineering Department and the Company Salary Range: US$ 32, 400 – 42, 000 per annum All applications must be submitted by December 16th, 2011. Office Manager PROVO WATER COMPANY LTD. P.O. Box 39, Grace Bay Road Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Fax: (649) 946-5204 Email:

Kerzner transfers ownership of Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas


Kerzner International is to transfer ownership of its flagship Atlantis resort to Brookfield Asset Management as part of a broad debt restructuring. The resort owner and operator, which has been locked in talks with lenders over its $2.6bn debt pile over the past year, said it would hand ownership of the Bahamas-based Atlantis and One&Only Ocean Club resorts, as well as the One&Only Palmilla in Mexico, to Brookfield. The Canadian property and asset management company will exchange $175m of Kerzner debt in return, in effect turning it into a day-to-day resort management company rather than an owner-operator. The company, whose Atlantis resort is famous for its extravagant water slides and marine life, also reached a deal with lenders to restructure other debt obligations. “For some time now, we have been actively engaged in constructive discussions with our various lender groups in order to improve our company’s capital structure, optimise the value of our assets and position Kerzner for sustainable long-term growth as a global management company,” said Sol Kerzner, chairman and chief executive. “(This) announcement is an important step towards that goal, allowing Kerzner to substantially reduce debt and streamline our balance sheet and operating structure,” added the 76-yearold South African businessman. Kerzner International is the single largest private sector employer in The Bahamas. It accounts for some 5% of the labour force with 8,000 direct jobs attracting an annual payroll of approximately US$189 million. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said that he had several meetings with Brookfield and Kerzner officials leading up to the transaction to get assurances on job security given that the operation


The Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas

contributed an estimated 18,000 – 20,000 direct and indirect jobs, or 15% of all jobs in The Bahamas economy. "There is not very much scope for negotiation to pay the loan,” said Ingraham, adding that the shareholders of Kerzner have been ‘either unable or unwillinging and/ or both’ to come up with the money. He suggested that this turn of events came about because the Christie administration allowed Kerzner to borrow against its Bahamian assets for international developments. “The reality is Kerzner International in The Bahamas is a very profitable company," Ingraham said. “It has nothing to do with whether Atlantis makes enough money. It has more than enough. It has more than $100 million in cash. “lt just happened to have too much debt piled up on top of it for all things that weren’t done in The Bahamas and it did so with your (the Christie government’s)

blessing and support. Each direct job at Kerzner creates an additional 1.25 to 1.5 indirect jobs in the economy — 10,000 to 12,000. In all therefore, some 18,000 to 20,000 jobs; 15 percent of all jobs in our economy, are related directly to the operations of Kenner International in The Bahamas." Kerzner International first entered The Bahamas as Sun International in 1994, which Ingraham described as a low point in the country’s tourism performance, and he credited the group with being “overwhelmingly responsible” for the revitalization and expansion of the Bahamian tourism sector. The prime minister outlined additional contributions to the Bahamian economy from Kerzner’s operations as being $190 million annually in local purchases of goods and services; $47 million paid annually for electricity consumption; nearly $27 million annually in business licence fees; and $20 million

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annually in room occupancy tax. He added that Kerzner has also been a generous contributor to community and charitable causes most recently making a generous contribution to hurricane relief following the passage of Hurricane Irene. Ingraham also said that the Resort has been a reliable partner with the Government in the development and maintenance of public spaces having expended some $26 million on contributions to public parks and recreational space development, annual Independence Celebrations and Hurricane Relief. Like other hotel chains, Kerzner has grappled with its debts after hotel room rates dropped on weaker demand following the financial crisis. In October last year, Kerzner International rejected an unsolicited $3.4bn cash offer from BMB Group, an investment company for wealthy Middle East and Asia investors, as the company’s future and debt restructuring came under speculation. Kerzner has struggled to increase cash flow at the Atlantis resort as many holidaymakers chose to stay at home against a backdrop of high unemployment and uncertainty about global economic growth. Blackstone, Kirkland & Ellis and Zolfo Cooper were advisers on the restructuring, which is expected to close by the end of 2011, the company said. Kerzner said it will continue to own rights to the Atlantis and One&Only brands. It added that employment levels, marketing and capital investment at the two Bahamian resorts will also be maintained. Kerzner was taken private in 2006 in a $3.8bn deal involving the Kerzner family and private equity groups, including Istithmar, the Dubai investment firm, Goldman Sachs’s Whitehall Street Real Estate Funds, and Colony Capital, the private equity group. The company teamed with Istithmar to open Atlantis resort The Palm in Dubai, which will not be affected. The resort on the man-made Palm Jumeirah island stands alongside its Bahamian counterpart with a water park, marine habitat, and spa and luxury stores.

CARICOM Secretary General hails Barbados’ achievements as inspiration to the Caribbean

Georgetown, Guyana- Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, has hailed the achievements of Barbados over the past 45 years as “an inspiration to the rest of the Community.” Congratulating the CARICOM Member State on the occasion of its 45th Anniversary of Independence on November 30th in a message to Barbados Prime Minister, The Honourable Freundel Stuart, the Secretary-General said that Barbados had made a “sterling contribution to the regional community in the social and economic sphere, while distinguishing itself at the international level in a wide range of fields, including diplomacy, culture and sports.” He hailed the country’s leadership and the responsibility it had displayed in advancing the

CARICOM Single Market and Economy. Ambassador LaRocque also singled out for commendation, Barbados’ advocacy of “important regional issues” in sustainable development that has yielded global recognition. In a message to the people of Barbados, he said: “On behalf of the Caribbean Community I extend warmest congratulations to you and the people of Barbados on the occasion of your country’s FortyFifth Anniversary of Independence on 30 November 2011, a significant milestone in your history. During its 45 years as a sovereign country, Barbados has made a sterling contribution to the regional community in the social and economic spheres, while distinguishing itself at the international level in a wide range of fields, including diplomacy, culture and sports.

As the world moved towards liberalization, Barbados adapted accordingly by embracing diversification and placing emphasis on improving the welfare of its people, whilst increasing education and job opportunities. Its achievements have become an inspiration to the rest of the Community. Barbados is also recognized for the leadership and responsibility it has displayed in advancing and promoting the Single Market and Economy which forms the First Pillar of the Community, and is critical to the success of the regional integration movement. Moreover, the championing by Barbados of a number of important regional issues through the sustainable development and protection of the Caribbean Sea in various international fora has yielded global recognition and support for the Caribbean Community.”

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Kenny Anthony leads SLP to victory in St Lucia


CASTRIES, St Lucia – The St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) came storming back into government in Monday’s general election, five years after it was swept aside by the United Workers Party (UWP). SLP Leader Dr. Kenny Anthony told St. Lucians that the “days ahead will be hard, it will be difficult” and that the right message would be sent by not declaring a public holiday as has been the tradition over the years to celebrate the victory. “We will get to work immediately. There is a hard job ahead of all of us and it is important for the sake of this country that we take the right step from now,” he added. Preliminary results show that the SLP secured a majority of the 17 seats, and could be victorious in as many as 11 constituencies given that some of the results were being contested by both parties. The SLP victory crushed the hopes of outgoing Prime Minister Stephenson King, who had predicted a 14-3 victory for the UWP and a second consecutive term in power. King has not issued any statement either conceding defeat or congratulating the winner.. A number of cabinet ministers including Sports and Social Development Minister Lenard “Spider” Montoute, National Security Minister Guy Mayers, Health Minister Dr. Keith Mondesir, Tourism Minister Allan Chastanet and Foreign Minister Rufus Bousquet, all tasted defeat in the election, the ninth since the island


attained its political independence from Britain in 1979. But there were immediate calls for recounts in some constituencies, such s Gros Islet, where Montoute was defeated by newcomer Emma Hippolyte by 15 votes. For the first time in more than three decades, the name Compton, was not successful in the Micoud North constituency, where former University of the West Indies (UWI) lecturer, Dr. Gale T.C Rigobert, defeated Jeannine Compton, the daughter of the late Sir John Compton, who contested the seat which her father held for more than three decades as an independent candidate.


Despite the heavy rains that have been a feature here over the past few days, some SLP supporters took to the streets during the early morning of Tuesday rejoicing at the party’s turn of fortunes following the 11-6 defeat it suffered in 2006. Anthony easily won the Vieux Fort south constituency which he has represented in Parliament for the past 15 years, brushing aside Karl Wilfred Daniel, while King also easily retained his Castries North seat, moving past the challenge from Ubaldus Raymond. Anthony says the primary task of his new administration is jobs creation and reconstruction of the country's infrastructure.

Dr. Kenny Anthony

Digicel now biggest mobile provider in Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Telecommunications company Digicel announced yesterday that it has completed its acquisition of Claro in Jamaica and the sale of its business in Honduras to América Móvil, Claro’s parent company. Digicel also said that an update on the previously announced sale of Digicel’s business in El Salvador to the Mexico-based América Móvil will be provided in due course. Under the transaction, which essentially marks a retreat from each other's turf, Denis O'Brien's Digicel Group is selling its Honduras and El Salvador assets to Carlos Slim's America Movil, in turn buying its Jamaica business. According to figures from the Mobile World analysts, the combined market share of the two companies in Jamaica comes to 80%, leaving Cable & Wireless (now rebranded as Lime) with the remaining 20%. America Movil's Claro subsidiary operates in

UK PROCEEDS WITH HIKE IN CONTROVERSIAL AIR TRAVEL TAX LONDON, England - The cost of air travel from the UK to the Caribbean looks likely to rise further next year after the British government announced yesterday it will proceed with a 10 per cent increase in the controversial Air Passenger Duty (APD). The decision was immediately condemned by airlines, including Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. “By increasing this tax by double the rate of inflation, he (Chancellor George Osborne) is further deterring inbound tourism and foreign investment, and choking off yet more job opportunities for young people,” airlines said in a joint statement. The Treasury said in its Autumn Statement that the tax would increase on April 1, 2012 as was previously announced. Owners of private aircraft could, for the first time, start paying the APD in April 2013. The Caribbean could still get a reprieve as the Treasury department will, on December 6, address possible changes to APD’s contentious banding system, under which the rate is calculated. Regional governments and industry partners have argued that the system favours other destinations like the United States. For the past two years, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation and other groups have been lobbying the British government to adjust or scrap the travel tax, stating that it discriminates against the Caribbean and its Diaspora in the UK. The British government wants to generate about £2.6 billion from the APD in 2011/12, up from £2.2 billion during the previous financial year. The Office of Budget Responsibility said the figure will increase to £2.8 billion in 2012/13.

Honduras and El Salvador, with about 33 percent market share in Central America. America Movil had 241.5 million wireless clients throughout the Americas as of the end of September. The Digicel/Claro transaction was initially set to close by the end of June but was delayed by regulatory scrutiny. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, however, Digicel is set to receive a net cash payment, reportedly of US$350 million. Digicel began operations 10 years ago in Jamaica and expanded into some 32 countries over the decade and has 11 million customers mostly in the Caribbean and Central America. The company last year reported US$2.23 billion in revenue and a subscriber base of more than two million in Jamaica. Digicel's acquisition of Claro Jamaica gives it access to a 3G network in its home market.

Jamaican scammers preying on seniors, reaping millions

MIAMI- United States authorities say that millions of dollars, tucked away by senior citizens for their retirement, are now ending up in the pockets of Jamaican crime syndicates. “It is a plague,” said US Postal Inspector Bladismir Rojo, adding “when word-of-mouth spreads of free money, there is no way to put it out”. Rojo told reporters that lottery frauds, based in Jamaica, have exploded in popularity, with estimates that as much as US$300 million will be bilked from US residents, largely the elderly, this year alone. He said proceeds from the alleged swindles are used to buy guns, drugs and flashy cars in Jamaica, with gang members sometimes fighting and dying over the illicit cash. Rojo said during this month alone, he received separate complaints involving senior citizens in Fort Lauderdale and Aventura, who each lost more than US$50,000 to Jamaican-based lottery scams. Authorities say victims of the frauds have lost homes, maxed out their credit cards and sometimes become targets of physical threats. While there are variations of the scam, the essence is always the same. Victims are informed they have won prizes or money, but to claim their winnings, they need to wire money to cover fees or taxes, Rojo said. He said once victims send money, the telemarketers press them to send more. In extreme cases, authorities say, victims have ended up losing more than US$500,000. Rojo said the telemarketers often disguise their phone numbers to make it look like they are calling from somewhere in the United States. He said sometimes the fraudsters ask for the

money to be wired directly to Jamaica, while, at other times, they use middlemen in the United States, or they persuade other victims to act as intermediaries. Complaints regarding Jamaica-based scams have more than doubled in each of the last four years, skyrocketing from 1,867 in 2007 to 21,342 in 2010, according to the US Federal Trade Commission. Law enforcement officials fear the reported complaints may represent only a fraction of the true number of victims. The US immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency said it unveiled a task force in May 2009 with the Jamaican Constabulary Force, the nation's police agency, to combat the scams. Project JOLT (Jamaican Operations Linked to Telemarketing) was modeled after a similar effort established more than a decade ago to curb telemarketing fraud from Canada. Carmen Pino, ICE assistant special agent in charge for South Florida, said, in the last three years, US and Jamaican authorities have launched 389 investigations, arrested 111 people in Jamaica and the United States, and seized US$1.13 million in assets. In addition, she said US$251,000 has been returned to US victims. Pino said, in September, US and Jamaican authorities raided 12 locations and arrested 14 people in Montego Bay, the alleged hotbed for the lottery fraud in Jamaica. According to one official nearly 40 per cent of reported victims of lottery scams last year were over the age of 70.

South Korean firm moves to build multi-million dollar plant in Haiti


CARACOL, Haiti — The biggest international project aimed at helping Haiti rebound from the 2010 earthquake eased closer to reality at a ceremony Monday. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Haitian President Michel Martelly broke ground for an ambitious $224 million industrial park in northern Haiti that they hope will generate tens of thousands of jobs, house 5,000 of the workers and educate 500 of their children in a new school. Those involved hope the South Korean garment manufacturer Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd. will set an example and urge other foreign businesses to invest in Haiti, a country long ignored by outsiders because of its cumbersome laws, heaps of red tape and occasional political tumult. "Investors still do not believe or understand the value and potential of Haiti as we do," Kim Woong-ki, chairman of Sae-A, said through an interpreter in the northern town of Caracol. "Let's open this closed door


and mind set toward Haiti and highlight the true value and potential of Haiti." The project on the 617-acre (250hectare) site was in the works long before the January 2010 earthquake but became a priority after Clinton was named the United Nations' special envoy for Haiti in 2009 and given responsibility for spurring private investment. On the eve of the quake's first anniversary, the Haitian government and Sae-A signed an agreement to create the industrial park, which will export clothing to the United States. Among the company's 20 existing factories are plants in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indonesia and Vietnam. The United States has provided $120 million for generating electricity, housing for workers and improvements to a port in the north. The Inter-American Development Bank will provide $50 million for building factory shells and infrastructure.

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The Caracol industrial park is intended to be Haiti's largest private employer, with a goal of providing 20,000 jobs at the park and creating 133,000 in all through cottage industries. The first T-shirts are scheduled be made in May or June of next year. "This is the kind of change we need," Martelly said from a stage surrounded by bulldozers and other heavy machinery. "This is the kind of development we need." Workers will be paid Haiti's minimum wage, which is $5 a day, and will be eligible for bonuses based on performance. Clinton said the industrial park will eventually improve the lives of about 500,000 people as the complex brings in other tenants and small businesses emerge around the plant. Thirty percent of Sae-A's jobs will be set aside for women. Nella Felix hopes to be among them. She's a sometime street vendor who makes up the 60 percent of the

population that makes about $2 a day. "For me, it's a real way for the youth of the community to live, to find jobs and work," Felix, 42, said after the ceremony. "I'm waiting to see what they can do for us." Critics of the industrial park argue that Haiti would be better off investing money in its long-neglected agriculture sector instead of the garment sector, which has stumbled along because of sporadic political upheaval. Rudy Boulos, a business leader and former senator for the region, acknowledged the shortcomings but said the thousands of jobs will stimulate the area's economy, allowing parents to send their children to school. "I don't think an industrial plant is the best way to create jobs," Boulos said before the ceremony started. "But it's a beginning. It's a first step to being self-sufficient." Separately, Clinton and Martelly announced Monday that the Digicel phone company will help build a $45 million, 173-room hotel with Marriott International. The new franchise is expected to create 175 jobs. Construction is expected to begin next year in Turgeau, one of the few middle-class neighborhoods in Portau-Prince proper. Opening is scheduled for mid-2014.


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said law enforcement agencies will continue the onslaught on criminal elements in the country in the wake of the discovery of an alleged plot to assassinate her and three of her cabinet colleagues. The prime minister termed the threat “an evil, devious act of treason against the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.” Security has since been ramped up for Persad-Bissessar, National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and Foreign Affairs and Information Minister Dr Surujrattan Rambachan. The head of government said a curfew, which was lifted earlier this month, will not be reinstituted at this time. She said her administration will continue to be advised by law enforcement agencies about the State of Emergency that has been in place since August 21 and is up for review in December. "The cowardly plots against me and the People's Government serve only to strengthen my resolve and embolden efforts to eradicate this scourge from our society,” the Prime Minister stated. “For far too long these criminals have been allowed to flourish as the untouchables, some with their sinister connections of legitimacy. The intense pressure brought to bear by our initiatives will be intensified and I will stop at nothing to return Trinidad and Tobago to the peaceful state we once enjoyed.” Around a dozen people have been detained in connection with the plot, including members of the protective services. The Prime Minister said the involvement of law enforcement officers was “disturbing” but not unexpected. “It is not something totally unexpected because for years we have been hearing about bad elements of the protective services and law enforcement agencies…there are good human beings and there bad human beings…nothing surprises me anymore,” she noted. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Australian government have since updated travel advisories on this country following reports of the assassination plot. UK travelers have been advised to exercise extra vigilance during this heightened state of alert, while Australian citizens were told to “pay close attention to your personal security at all times and monitor the media about possible new safety or security risks.” More than 7,200 people were arrested between August 21 and November 23 under the State of Emergency. The majority of them were held for serious crimes; 6.4 per cent were arrested for gang-related activities.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – After a decade of providing telecommunications services across the Caribbean, Digicel is branching out into a whole new field – the hospitality sector. The Digicel Group is the single largest private investor in Haiti, and the country’s largest telecommunications provider, but now it has set its sites on designing and building the US$45 million, 173-room Port-au-Prince Marriott Hotel. Construction on the property is expected to begin in 2012, with opening expected in mid-2014. Digicel, through its subsidiary Unigestion Holding S.A., is responsible for the hotel and chose Marriott International’s flagship Marriott Hotels & Resorts brand as its operating partner. In addition to creating 175 new jobs, Marriott will invest in hospitality training to benefit Haiti’s tourism sector. The Port-au-Prince Marriott will be located in the Haute Turgeau area of the city. It will offer 168 rooms and five suites with Marriott’s signature amenities and features. The hotel will include flexible meeting space, a fitness center, swimming pool, and sundries shop/marketplace. With roughly 500 hotel rooms operating in the city, the Port-au-Prince Marriott will add 173 rooms to the capital city and create much needed lodging and meeting space for business travelers seeking to invest in the country, non-government organizations (NGOs), humanitarian organizations, reconstruction teams, financial institutions and visitors to the capital. Port-au-Prince is located in the southern part of the country on the Gulf of Gonave and is home to approximately 20 percent of the country’s population. The Clinton Foundation has worked closely with Marriott and Digicel to develop this project. The Foundation

Denis O’Brien

connected Marriott and Digicel knowing their mutual interests in the hotel sector, visited proposed construction sites with the parties and facilitated introductions to the Haitian government and the Haitian Tourism Association. “This new hotel project will stand as a symbol of Haiti’s recovery, providing much needed jobs to the Haitian people and encouraging foreigners to visit, invest and work in Port-au-Prince,” said President Clinton. “My Foundation has worked with both Marriott and Digicel, and encouraged them to form this partnership. Their investment proves that Haiti is open for business and on the path to economic recovery.” Digicel Chairman and founder, Denis O’Brien, commented; “Working with Marriott International to bring the flagship Marriott Hotels & Resorts brand to Haiti, communicates confidence in the country’s outlook and is a huge step towards attracting more long-term investment into the country. With lodging options severely limited in Portau-Prince, this is indeed bright news.”

US hands main war base, Saddam palaces back to Iraq TURKS AND CAICOS SUN

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BAGHDAD - The U.S. military passed a milestone in its pending withdrawal from Iraq on Friday, vacating its vast main base near Baghdad airport that once housed the American war operations hub and hosted a captive Saddam Hussein before his execution. Victory Base Complex, a site ringed by 42 kilometers (27 miles) of blast walls and razor wire, was the U.S. nerve center for the Iraq war almost from the moment American troops entered the capital and pulled down Saddam's statue in 2003. The handover of Victory Base to Iraq's government was a big step in the U.S. pullout from Iraq as Washington consolidates its presence in Baghdad at its sprawling embassy on the Tigris River in the capital's heavily fortified Green Zone. Fewer than 500 U.S. troops remain in the capital, according to a U.S.

official. About 12,000 troops are still in Iraq, down from a peak of about 170,000 at the height of the war. All of the remaining forces are due to leave by the end of this year, except for a small contingent of under 200 attached to the U.S. embassy. "The Victory Base Complex was officially signed over to the receivership of the Iraqi government this morning," Colonel Barry Johnson, a U.S. military spokesman, said by email. "The base is no longer under U.S. control and is now under the full authority of the Government of Iraq." American forces have been closing down operations for months at the Victory complex, which once housed around 42,000 U.S. military personnel and another 20,000 support staff. The top U.S. war leaders from Ricardo Sanchez to David Petraeus to

Norway killer found insane, unfit for prison

OSLO, Norway — Confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik belongs in psychiatric care instead of prison, prosecutors in Norway said Tuesday after a mental evaluation declared him legally insane during a bomb-and-shooting rampage that killed 77 people. The court-ordered assessment found that the self-styled anti-Muslim militant was psychotic during the July 22 attacks, which would make him mentally unfit to be convicted and imprisoned for the country's worst peacetime massacre. The report, written by two psychiatrists who spent a total of 36 hours talking to Breivik, will be reviewed by a forensic Anders Behring Breivik panel before the Oslo district court makes a ruling on his mental state. Their conclusions surprised many outside experts and contrasted with earlier comments by the head of the review panel, who told The Associated Press in late July that it was unlikely that Breivik would be declared insane because the attacks were so carefully planned and executed. But prosecutors insisted the psychiatric report describes a man living in a "delusional universe" — a paranoid schizophrenic who's lost touch with reality. Breivik, 32, has confessed to setting off a bomb that ripped through Oslo's government district, killing eight people, then opening fire at the summer camp of the governing Labor Party's youth wing. Sixty-nine people died in the mayhem at Utoya island, outside the Norwegian capital, before Breivik surrendered to a SWAT team. He denies criminal guilt, saying he's a commander of a resistance movement aiming to overthrow European governments and replace them with "patriotic" regimes that will deport Muslim immigrants. Investigators have found no sign of such a movement and say Breivik most likely plotted and carried out the attacks on his own. "The conclusion of the forensic experts is that Anders Behring Breivik was insane" and that he during an extended period "developed the mental disorder of paranoid schizophrenia, which has changed him and made him into the person he is today," Holden said. The two psychiatrists — Torgeir Husby and Synne Soerheim — met Breivik 13 times. Husby told AP that their conclusions were "clear" and unanimous. In Norway, an insanity defense requires that a defendant be in a state of psychosis while committing the crime. That means the defendant has lost contact with reality to the point that he's no longer in control of his own actions.


the current commander, General Lloyd Austin, lived at one of Saddam's villas on the base, a 20-room, 25,000-squarefoot mansion where King Hussein of Jordan was said to have liked to fish off the back porch during Saddam's reign. U.S. officials said Saddam built the network of palaces and villas and a complex of lakes on the grounds, including his Victory over America palace feting the 1991 Gulf War, in which U.S. forces drove Iraq out of Kuwait, and the Victory over Iran palace commemorating the 1980s campaign against his neighbor. U.S. forces used as their war operations center Saddam's al-Faw Palace, a 450,000-square-foot edifice of 62 rooms, including 29 bathrooms, designed with France's Versailles in mind and decorated with French provincial furniture. U.S. officials said they left behind a massive, throne-like wooden chair given to Saddam by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Saddam Hussein was imprisoned at Victory Base for about two years in a maximum-security facility built in the bombed wreckage of a villa once

used by security forces headed by his son Uday, U.S. officials said. "Building 114," as U.S. troops knew it, was located on a small island in a lake, connected by a causeway and a drawbridge, and was shared by Saddam and his henchman, Ali Hassan al-Majeed, or Chemical Ali. Both were executed. The base was a home-away-fromhome for hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops who served in Iraq and was thoroughly Americanized over the course of eight years with everything from water and power plants to Burger King and Subway restaurants. U.S. soldiers could be seen jogging around the lakes in off-duty hours or smacking golf balls into the water from the terraces of Saddam's palaces. "There is a sense of excitement about leaving because the base because it means we're heading home," said Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Brooks, a U.S. military historian. "Mainly it's a sense of satisfaction over a job done to the best of our abilities and the knowledge that we left it better than we found it."

TURKS AND CAICOS WATER COMPANY LTD TURKS AND CAICOS WATER COMPANY LIMITED is seeking a suitably qualified individual to fill the following position. Only candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be considered.


Job Description • Responsible for maintaining the general condition of the company’s properties with regards to all aspects of electrical, plumbing and mechanical. • Complete daily tasks as outlined by Supervisor. • Complete maintenance request work orders on a timely basis. • Performs all weekly, monthly and other scheduled preventative maintenance programs. • Actively pursue new tasks or jobs when assigned work is completed. • Maintain Wastewater Treat Plant. Requirements • Should have eight years experience as a Maintenance Technician or experience working in a similar position. • Must have strong skills in troubleshooting and repair of electrical, plumbing and general maintenance. • Work with minimal supervision. • On standby for 24 hours call out emergencies. • Should have great oral and written communication skills. • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office. The salary for this position is commensurate with experience, training and education. Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by December 16, 2011 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.

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London hit hard by Public Sector Workers strike


A strike over pensions by up to two million public sector workers caused disruption in London on Wednesday. Predicted to be the biggest strike for more than 30 years, schools, hospitals, airports, courts, refuse collections and libraries were among the services affected by walk-outs. Workers are manning picket lines and taking part in demonstrations throughout the day. Thousands of people took part in a march through central London. Some 39 people were arrested in Hackney after trouble flared, and this

afternoon police swooped in when protesters stormed an office building in Panton Street near Piccadilly. Councils said nearly 2,000 schools were closed or partially closed. London Councils, an organisation representing the capital’s 32 boroughs, said 1,573 schools – about two thirds – were be shut during the strike with another 387 partially closed. Unison, the country’s biggest union, reported strong support for the strike. General secretary Dave Prentis said: “There are hundreds of thousands

of Unison members taking action to protect their pensions today – with solid support across the country. “We know that today’s strike is being led by women – 3.7 million could be affected by the plans to make detrimental changes to pensions. And they won’t be fooled by government ministers’ claims that their justified action will hit jobs. They know the real reason that the dole queues are growing are the disastrous choices the government is making. “Its own Office of Budgetary Responsibility has predicted that

Britain orders Iran’s diplomats to leave UK after students destroy British embassy LONDON — Britain ordered all Iranian diplomats out of the U.K. within 48 hours and shuttered its ransacked embassy in Tehran on Wednesday, in a significant escalation of tensions between Iran and the West. The ouster of the entire Iranian diplomatic corps deepens Iran's international isolation amid growing suspicions over its nuclear program. At least four other European countries also moved to reduce diplomatic contacts with Iran. The British measures were announced by Foreign Secretary William Hague, who said Britain had withdrawn its entire diplomatic staff after angry mobs stormed the British Embassy compound and a diplomatic residence in Tehran, hauling down Union Jack flags, torching a vehicle and tossing looted documents through windows. The hours-long assault Tuesday was reminiscent of the chaotic seizure of the U.S. Embassy in 1979. Protesters replaced the British flag with a banner in the name of a 7th-century Shiite saint, Imam Hussein, and one looter showed off a picture of Queen Elizabeth II apparently taken off a wall. "The idea that the Iranian authorities could not

have protected our embassy or that this assault could have taken place without some degree of regime consent is fanciful," Hague told lawmakers in the House of Commons. The diplomatic fallout from the attack quickly spread to other Western countries with embassies in Iran. Norway announced it was temporarily closing its embassy as a precaution, and Germany, France and the Netherlands all recalled their ambassadors for consultations. Italy said it was considering such a recall. Iran currently has 18 diplomats in Britain. About 24 British Embassy staff and dependents were based in Tehran. The White House condemned the attacks and spokesman Josh Earnest said the U.S. backed Britain's ejection of Iranian diplomats. European Union foreign ministers were to meet Thursday to consider possible new sanctions against Tehran. France's budget minister, Valerie Pecresse, said the EU should consider a total embargo on Iranian oil or a freeze on Iranian central bank holdings. British officials said the U.K. would likely support new measures against Iran's energy sector.

Pope seeks end to death penalty

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI voiced support Wednesday for political actions around the world aimed at eliminating the death penalty, reflecting his stance as an opponent of capital punishment. He made the comments during his weekly public audience to participants at a meeting being promoted by the Catholic Sant'Egidio

Community on the theme "No Justice without Life." He said he hopes "your deliberations will encourage the political and legislative initiatives being promoted in a growing number of countries to eliminate the death penalty." Benedict, like his predecessor Pope John Paul II, has appealed for commutation in a number of death penalty


1 Nail Technician 1 Hairdresser Salary based on commission Contact 245-7777



cases, many in the United States. In the late 1990s, the Roman Catholic church hardened its opposition to the death penalty in a revised statement of its teaching. It said the death penalty is permissible only in the narrowest of circumstances, and only when there is no other way to protect the public.



Applicant must be honest reliable and hardworking Contact 244-9696

710,000 public sector jobs will go by 2017. This, alongside pay freezes and the pensions tax, will suck vital demand out of our economy – strangling any chance of the private sector coming to our rescue.” A “handful” of staff at 10 Downing Street joined the strike action, Prime Minister David Cameron’s official spokesman said. The strikers did not include any of the PM’s senior advisers and operations at the heart of government were continuing as usual, the spokesman said.

UN SAYS SYRIA IN A STATE OF CIVIL WAR BEIRUT — Syria has entered a state of civil war with more than 4,000 people dead and an increasing number of soldiers defecting from the army to take up arms against President Bashar Assad's regime, the U.N.'s top human rights official said Thursday. Syrian President Bashar Assad has been trying to crush an 8-month-old revolt against his autocratic rule, but the violence has only intensified. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, said the U.N. is putting the death toll for the revolt "at 4,000 but really the information coming to us is that it's much more than that." "As soon as there were more and more defectors threatening to take up arms, I said this in August before the Security Council, that there's going to be a civil war," Pillay told reporters in Geneva. "And at the moment that's how I am characterizing this." The scathing criticism from Pillay comes as the pressure piles on Assad from home and abroad. On Thursday, the European Union imposed fresh sanctions on Damascus, and the Syrian opposition called a general strike inside the country. The recent spate of economic sanctions from the EU, the Arab League and Turkey are punishing Syria's ailing economy, a dangerous development for the government in Damascus. Syrian business leaders have long traded political freedoms for economic privileges in the country, where the prosperous merchant classes are key to propping up the regime. But the sanctions, coupled with increasing calls for strikes, could sap their resolve. The new EU sanctions target 12 people and 11 companies, and add to a long list of those previously sanctioned by the EU. The full list of names of those targeted will not be known until they are published in the official journal of the EU on Friday. The 27-member bloc also imposed some sanctions on Syria's ally Iran in the wake of an attack this week by a mob on the British Embassy in Tehran, the Iranian capital. British Foreign Secretary William Hague accused Iran of supporting Assad's crackdown, saying "there is a link between what is happening in Iran and what is happening in Syria."



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TEU foreign ministers fail to agree on Iran oil ban


EU foreign ministers failed Thursday to reach an agreement to impose an oil embargo against Iran — a measure that some argued would have choked off funding for Iran's alleged program to develop nuclear weapons. But the ministers, incensed by the attack Tuesday by an angry mob on the British embassy in Tehran, did impose a new round of sanctions targeting dozens of people, groups and businesses in the country. The ministers also imposed new sanctions on Syrian individuals and businesses in hope of pressuring the regime there to halt its deadly crackdown on anti-government protests. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said the two issues are related, accusing Iran of supporting the violence in Syria. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights estimates Sryian President Bashar Assad's regime has killed more than 4,000 people over the past several months. "There is a link between what is happening in Iran and what is happening in Syria," Hague said. In Iran, EU sanctions were imposed on 37 people and 143 "entities" — companies or organizations. The sanctions include a freeze on assets held in the European Union and a ban on traveling to EU countries. The full list of names of those targeted will not be known until they are published in the official journal of the EU on Friday. But the official conclusions of the meeting said they include the Islamic Republic of Iran



Shipping Line and members of, and entities controlled by, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said that Greece, which relies on Iranian oil, had objected to a ban on buying it. But he said work toward an embargo would continue. "Greece has put forward a number of reservations," Juppe said. "We have to take that into account. We have to see with our partners that the cuts can be compensated by the increase of production in other countries. It is very possible." Iran has denied it is pursuing nuclear weapons. The attack on the British embassy is believed to have begun as a state-approved protest over Western sanctions linked to the country's nuclear program. Britain pulled its diplomats out of Iran after its embassy was stormed. Germany, France and the Netherlands have recalled their ambassadors in solidarity. With regard to Syria, the EU foreign ministers imposed sanctions on 12 people and 11 entities, adding to the list of those previously sanctioned by the EU. The bloc is working with the Arab League to halt the violence, and the league's chief, Nabil Elaraby, attended Thursday's meeting. A statement from the foreign ministers said the crackdown by the Syrian government "risks taking Syria down a very dangerous path of violence, sectarian clashes and militarization."


Joran van der Sloot, the man still suspected of murdering disappeared American student Natalee Holloway in Aruba, has filed a lawsuit against authorities with the Chilean and Peruvian government as well as Richard Flores, the father of a second murder victim whom van der Sloot is suspected of slaying. Van der Sloot's suit, which seeks $10 million in damages, alleges that the defendants violated Stephany Flores (L) and her accused killer Joran van der Sloot his human rights as he was investigated for the murder of Stephany Flores. The 24-year-old van der Sloot is alleging that Chilean authorities violated his rights during his forcible extradition from Chile to Peru to face murder charges in the May 30 killing of Flores, a 21-year-old Peruvian business student, who was found dead in van der Sloot's hotel room in Lima on June 2, 2010. Van der Sloot has been charged with first-degree murder and robbery in the Flores case after his prior indictment by the U.S. government on charges of attempting to extort $250,000 from Holloway's family in exchange for information on her death and the alleged location of her body. The lawsuit alleges there was "pressure from the then-President of the Republic Alan Garcia Perez" to have him extradited. The suit further argues that police in Chile denied van der Sloot access to a telephone or computer so he could communicate with his family and alleges he was "deprived of his right to counsel." Peruvian officials claim van der Sloot made a full confession to the murder of Flores, claiming he broke her neck after catching her using his computer to research his involvement in the Holloway murder case. Van der Sloot later retracted the confession, saying it was made under duress. "I did not want to do it," van der Sloot allegedly said about the attack. "The girl intruded into my private life. ... We argued, and she tried to escape. I grabbed her by the neck, and I hit her." Van der Sloot faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted, with his trial set to start just after the New Year on Jan. 6.


SEATTLE- The manager of the Sears store in downtown Seattle says an elderly man has repaid — with interest — cash the man says he stole in the late 1940s. KING-TV reports that the man hand-delivered an envelope Monday addressed to "Sears manager." Inside were a note and a $100 bill. The note said the man stole $20 to $30 from a cash register decades ago and wanted to pay back $100. Manager Gary Lorentson says he thinks the man's conscience "has been bothering him for the past 60 years." Store security cameras recorded the man, but Sears officials said they don't know who he is and they won't release the video. The store plans to put the money toward helping needy families in the holiday season.

Islandcom, the exciting new mobile phone operator in the Turks and Caicos Islands, is looking for high quality, motivated candidates for the following position.


The Information Technician reports to the Network Manager and provides hardware and software maintenance, training and consultation, and recommendations about future planning and development of resources. Providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure maximum access to and implementation of technology services and resources. Candidate must possess strong technical and analytical skills, problem solving skills, and interpersonal skills Job Requirements: • 2+ years of Telecom and Networking experience in a technical support environment. • Minimum 2 years related experience in hardware, software, communications and network-related knowledge. • ability to follow procedure and efficiently trouble-shoot network, hardware and software operating system • Proven ability to function in a self-directed environment. • Must excel in a fast-paced environment where critical thinking and strong problem solving skills are required for success. • Strong written and verbal communication skills. • Keep up-to-date with emerging technology, especially wireless Required knowledge • Be familiar with all hardware, software and network operating system • Provide orientation to new users of existing technology • Train staff about potential uses of existing technology, new and potential use • Provide individual training and support on request • Provide recommendations about accessing information and support • Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources Compensation commensurate with qualifications and experience Deadline for submission of applications is December 9th, 2011 Please submit all applications to: Islandcom Telecommunications Ltd. Graceway House, Unit A-108 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI Fax: (649) 941-8199 Email:

American Airlines files for bankruptcy protection


DALLAS — The parent company of American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday, seeking relief from crushing debt caused by high fuel prices and expensive labor contracts that its competitors shed years ago. The company also replaced its CEO, and the incoming leader said American would probably cut its flight schedule "modestly" while it reorganizes. He did not give specifics. American said its frequent-flier program would be unaffected. AMR Corp., which owns American, was one of the last major U.S. airline companies that had avoided bankruptcy. Competitors used bankruptcy to shed costly labor contracts, unburden themselves of debt, and start making money again. Delta was the last major airline to file for bankruptcy protection, in 2005. American — the nation's thirdlargest airline — was stuck with higher costs and had to match its competitors' lower fares or lose passengers. Other airlines also grew by pursuing acquisitions and expanding overseas. American was the biggest airline in the world in 2008, but has been surpassed by United, which combined with Continental, and Delta, which bought


Northwest. In announcing the bankruptcy filing, AMR said that Gerard Arpey, a veteran of the company for almost three decades and CEO since 2003, had stepped down and was replaced by Thomas W. Horton, the company president. Horton said the board of directors unanimously decided to file for bankruptcy after meeting Monday in New York and again by conference call on Monday night. In a filing with federal bankruptcy court in New York, AMR said it had $29.6 billion in debt and $24.7 billion in assets. With reductions to the flight schedule, Horton said there would probably be corresponding job cuts. American has about 78,000 employees and serves 240,000 passengers per day. For travelers, American said it would continue to operate flights, honor tickets and take reservations. AMR's move could also trigger more consolidation in the airline industry — some analysts believe American is likely to merge with US Airways. The company will delay the spinoff of its regional airline, American Eagle, which was expected early next year. AMR, however, wants to push ahead

Economy improving but job growth still weak

WASHINGTON — The economy is picking up. If only job growth would follow. A spate of data Thursday showed U.S. factories grew last month at the fastest pace since June, construction spending increased for a third straight month, and both retail sales and auto sales rose in November. But the number of people applying for unemployment benefits is still too high to signal strong hiring. The reports offered a mixed picture for the economy one day before the government reports on job growth in November. Economists project that employers added a net 125,000 jobs. That's not enough to lower the unemployment rate, which is projected to stay at 9 percent for the second straight month. And manufacturers could face strains overseas in key export markets, especially if Europe's debt crisis worsens and leads the continent into another recession. For now, factories are growing. The Institute for Supply Management, a trade group of purchasing managers, said Thursday that its manufacturing index rose to 52.7 in November, up from 50.8 in October. Any reading above 50 indicates expansion. An index that measures new orders rose to a seven-month high. Bradley Holcomb, chair of the ISM's survey committee, said manufacturers "are cautiously more optimistic about the next few months based on lower raw materials pricing and favorable levels of new orders," he said. Still, companies have tempered their outlook with concerns about future economic growth, government regulation and the debt crisis in Europe, he added. Ian Shepherdson, an economist at High Frequency Economics, said the increase in new orders suggested that factory output will expand at an even faster pace next month. "The economy seems finally to be developing real momentum; growth is accelerating," he said in a note to clients. Manufacturing has grown for 28 straight months, according to the index. Factories were among the first businesses to start growing after the recession officially ended in June 2009. Still, the report is consistent with only modest economic growth. Earlier this year, the index topped 60 for four straight months.

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with plans to order 460 new jets from Boeing and Airbus, plus more than 50 previous jet orders. New planes would save American money on fuel and maintenance, but the orders will be subject to approval by the bankruptcy court. AMR stockholders will be wiped out. The stock had already lost 79 percent of its value this year on fears of bankruptcy. The stock fell to 35 cents Tuesday afternoon, down $1.26 from the day before. AMR has lost more than $12 billion since 2001, and analysts expect it will post more losses through 2012. Speculation about an AMR bankruptcy grew in recent weeks as the company was unable to win union approval for contracts that would reduce labor costs. The company said it was spending $600 million more a year than other airlines because of labor-contract rules. On Tuesday, Horton said no single factor led to the bankruptcy filing. He said the company needed to cut costs because of the weak global economy and high, volatile fuel prices. The price of jet fuel has risen more than 60 percent in the past five years. Ray Neidl, an analyst with Maxim Group LLC, an investment banking

company, said AMR was wise to file for bankruptcy while it still had about $4 billion in cash. That way, the company will have a cushion to keep operating without worrying immediately about lining up new financing, he said. Neidl said the company has strong assets but needs to find labor peace and more revenue. He said American might be pushed into a merger with US Airways. The president of the pilots' union, Dave Bates, said his members were concerned about what the bankruptcy will mean for them. Other airlines used bankruptcy to terminate pension plans. "While today's news was not entirely unexpected, it is nevertheless disappointing that we find ourselves working for an airline that has lost its way," Bates said in a message to pilots. AMR, which has headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, lost $162 million in the third quarter and has posted losses in 14 of the past 16 quarters. American was founded in 1930 from the combination of more than 80 smaller airlines. Its hubs are New York, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago and Miami. Its major international partners are British Airways and Japan Airlines.

NEW YORK — AT&T Inc. blasted the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday for compiling what it called an unfair and biased report on what would happen if AT&T were allowed to buy T-Mobile USA. AT&T agreed in March to buy TMobile USA for $39 billion, but the deal has encountered opposition, first from the Justice Department and then from the FCC. Analysts now give it only a slim chance of going through. The FCC took the unusual step of releasing its analysis of the merger on Tuesday. It found "questions of fact" about AT&T's stated justifications for the merger and dismissed most of AT&T's arguments. It said competition in the industry would suffer if AT&T swallowed T-Mobile, and potentially lead to higher prices for consumers. AT&T immediately attacked the release of the report, saying it was a draft that had never been voted on by the five-member commission. The "questions of fact" would have been addressed at an administrative hearing that now won't take place, since AT&T has withdrawn its merger application. The company is expected to resubmit the application. On Thursday, AT&T released a more thorough, combative response to the report. It's an unusual one for a company that spends heavily on lobbying and cultivates close

relationships with regulators. "The document is so obviously one-sided that any fair-minded person reading it is left with the clear impression that it is an advocacy piece, and not a considered analysis," the Dallas-based company said. The FCC report said the merger would threaten fragile competition in the industry, yet AT&T pointed out that it also cites existing competition from Verizon Wireless as a strong motivator for AT&T to build out its new data network, even without the resources it would gain by buying T-Mobile USA. The FCC report disputed AT&T's claims that the merger would create jobs rather than eliminate them, as is usual for mergers. AT&T says the expansion of wireless broadband will stimulate job creation, and points out that the FCC itself says its own $4.5 billion broadband fund would create half a million jobs over six years. That's counting not just phone-company jobs, but jobs created by the availability of broadband. "This notion — that government spending on broadband deployment creates jobs and economic growth, but private investment does not — makes no sense," AT&T said Thursday. The war of words is unlikely to affect the outcome of AT&T's quest to buy T-Mobile USA, since the chief hurdle is a suit filed in August by the Justice Department to block the deal.

AT&T slams FCC report on T-Mobile merger


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Red Devils are Sailrock U11 Boys Champs

The Sailrock U11 Boys league came to a close last weekend as the Red Devils finished with two wins to clinch the league championship. The Devils kept two clean sheets as they despatched of Green Galaxy 2-0 and the Sky Blues 3-0. Jack Small scored in both games and Lucas De Boer grabbed a goal against the Galaxy, Evance Dorcius helped himself to two goals against the Sky Blues. The Sky Bluesput themselves in a position to steal the runners up spot from the Orange All Stars with a 2-1 win. Michael Smikle scored twice for the Blues and Shadown Sainjour scored for the All Stars. Despite this setback the All Stars recovered in fine style as they defeated the Green Galaxy 7-1 thus ensuring they finished in second place. Junior Paul and Juvens Joseph each scored a hat-trick and Johnly Kolas added another for All Stars and Pendino Brooks scored a consolation goal for the Galaxy. After the games were completed trophies and medals were handed out to the players. The awards were as follows: Champions: Red Devils Runners Up: Orange Allstars Top goalscorer: Junior Paul 14 Most improved player: David Simmons MVP Red Devils: Lucas de Boer MVP Orange Allstars: Junior Paul MVP Sky Blues: Javaughn Jackson

Sailrock U11 Boys

MVP Green Galaxy: Pendino Brooks MVP Overall: Michael Smikle Coaches Peter McKnight, Dane Richie and Haroon Swaby were on hand to give out the awards. Technical Director Matthew Green was full of praise for all concerned. "It is pleasing to see so many young players enjoying the game and competing in such a good spirit. They love the game and they conduct themselves in a disciplined manner which will serve them well as they grow older.

Women’s Football League update The eagerly awaited top of the WFL table clash between Net Rockers FC and AFC Academy Hurricanes ended in a 1-1 draw at the weekend. In a competitive and exciting game both teams fought hard for the win that would have put them on course to become this season's champions. Net Rockers started brightly and it took some time for the Hurricanes to find their rhythm and play the passing game that they are reknown for. In an even first half it was the Academy team that went into the break with a half time lead courtesy of Kadine Delphin who converted Christina Hinds shot after she had rounded the Net Rockers goalkeeper. In the second half Net Rockers started off well again and were soon

level when Jancilia Cox had burst through the Hurricanes defence to score a well taken solo goal. Hurricanes had several chances to regain the lead, Sarah Cenary went close with a fierce drive and Bertha Lee Belle pulled of a great save to deny Hinds' goal bound effort. However, the Hurricanes could not convert their chances and the Net Rockers always looked dangerous on the counter attack. Both teams gave maximum effort to snatch victory but the game ended in a 1-1 stalemate. AFC Academy Hurricanes 1-1 Net Rockers Goal:Kadine Delphin Jancilia Cox Assist: Christina Hinds

The coaches are doing a great job with the players and 2012 promises to be an exciting year for them." Results for week 6: Sky Blues 2 (Michael Smikle 2); Orange Allstars 1 (Shadown Sainjour) Green Galaxy 0; Red Devils 2 (Jack Small, Lucas De Boer); Sky Blues 0; Red Devils 3 (Evance Dorcius 2, Jack Small); Orange Allstars 7 (Junior Paul 3, Juvens Joseph 3, Johnly Kolas) Green Galaxy 1 (Pendino Brooks).

Javaughn Jackson and Coach Peter McKnight


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TCIFA stages successful referee’s course The TCIFA conducted a Referee's Course last weekend as over twenty participants were given an opportunity to become qualified referees. Due to the expansion of its programmes in recent years the TCIFA has had to go on a recruitment drive to find more officials for the various leagues that are in place. The partcipants were given two days of intense training both on and off the field. The course focussed on professionalism, roles and responsibilities, laws of the game as well as practical advice on how to be a competent match official. Technical Director Matthew Green, who conducted the course, was pleased with the turn out."It is good to see that people are interested in developing all aspects of the game. The fact that there are a lot of young people involved is particularly pleasing. Hopefully, they will become fully qualified FIFA International Referees in years to come". TCIFA president Chris Bryan who was on hand to offer his experience and knowldege of the game was equally pleased with how the course

Participants in the referee’s course

went. "Our association is fully committed to expanding in all areas and we are finally beginning to see a big improvement in the professionalism of our referees. Hopefully this course will give us another ten

Youth Cricket programme proves a big hit

Cricket in the TCI has a bright future if these youngsters are anything to go by. The Ashcroft School pupils have just completed a nine-week training programme at their Leeward headquarters. Students have worked on all aspects of the game from batting and bowling, to fielding and wicket-keeping. And coach, Paul Baker is now hoping to arrange a few games for the Ashcroft School's newest sports team. He said: "The programme has proved very successful and we have unearthed some great talent amongst the Ashcroft guys. They have all worked very hard, but also had a great deal of fun which is what cricket at this age is all about. "Hopefully we can start arranging some games between different schools across the TCI and I have no doubt some of these youngsters will go on to represent the TCI in the future." One of the players, 10-year-old, Manuel Soler, said that cricket was now his favourite sport. "I had never played cricket before", he said, "but now I love it. There are so many aspects to the sport and I have really enjoyed the sessions."

referees that we can use in 2012. Ultimately we hope these referees can get opportunities on the world stage by being involved in world cup qualifiers and other FIFA competitions." Association referee Bobby Kwatt was also on hand to offer his advice. Having recenly returned from a referee's course in the Bahamas he was eager to share his experiences with the trainee referees. "Hopefully we can find a few referees who want to reach the highest level. It would be great for our country if we could have referees involved in world cup games. That is what I would like to do and I am sure others feel the same. Thankfully our association is very supportive and will give us all the encouragement and training we need" The TCIFA will be running further courses in the New Year for referees and coaches including Beach Soccer. Any person who is interested in attending these courses should contact the TCIFA at 941 5532 or 231 1860.

Super 7’s football at playoff stage The Super 7's entered the play-off stage this week as three teams played to determine who will finish in the bottom three positions as well as contest the B Final on December 12th. In the opening game HAB Harriers came from behind to tie with Provo Golf Club 1-1. Bensley Jean put the Golf Club ahead before Elmond Blanc levelled. Excellent keeping from both teams ensured that the game finsihed as a 1-1 stalemate. In the second game of the evening Phil Shearer and Jordan Bolton gave SWA Sharks a 2-0 win against Provo Golf Club to book their place in the B final. Sharks controlled posession well and showed that on their day they can beat anyone in the league. However, the last game of the evening saw HAB Harriers defeat the Sharks 2-1. Craig James scored the opening goal for the Harriers before Xavier Gili equalized. Sanjay Campbell fired home from the penalty spot to give the Harriers a 2-1 lead. Both sides had chances to score more goals but the Harriers held on for the win and will fancy their chances against the Sharks on the 12th December as they play-off for the B final and overall 5th and 6th place. The A group play offs will be played on Monday 5th December.

Miniature Golf Ltd Is seeking 3 waitresses Salary $5 per hour please contact 941 4653

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Turks & Caicos Water Company Limited would like to fill the following position for a Reverse Osmosis Technician. Applicant must have 6 years experience in Sea Water Reverse Osmosis, working for facilities producing a minimum of 2.0 MGD of potable water. Applicant must be proficient with RO Pro software, customized SCADA systems, design of membrane arrays, rebuilding of high pressure pumps & energy recover devices, TIG welding, and laboratory analysis of potable water. Applicant must be drug free, have a valid driver’s license, dependable transportation and clean criminal record. Position requires swing shift hours and 24/7 on call for emergencies. Resume with cover letter must addressed to Plant Manager and be mailed to PO Box 483, Providenciales or faxed to 649946-5191. Suitable resumes will be offered to complete an application process, which includes basic written examination regarding safety and process technologies, police background check and drug test. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview. The salary for this position is commensurate with experience, training and education. All resumes must be received by December 16, 2011. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.


SENIOR FINANCE / PROJECT MANAGER Applications are invited for the position of

The applicant must possess the following; • Post Graduate Degree / Professional Qualifications in Finance or Accounting • 10 years of working experience in demonstrated financial and/or analytical functions with a variety of complex, multifaceted projects • Experience in large-scale business planning, feasibility studies, and Project Management • Extensive knowledge on several or all of the following: finance theories and methodologies, feasibility studies, large scale business planning, financial modeling, project management and corporate restructurings. • Ability to identify feasible project options and present recommendations to a board of directors Belongers need only apply. Please Submit Application to: P.O. Box 270 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

HAB Group wishes to recruit a


The successful candidate will be required to demonstrate considerable experience in the preparation of all pre-contract construction documentation including but not limited to; detailed take offs, bills of quantities, specification production, material scheduling. The candidate will also need to be experience in the co-ordination and control of various design consultants employed in the pre contract design process with relevant input to the design process. The candidate will be required to demonstrate a familiarity with relevant industry standard compute software such as Autodesk, AutoCAD, Autodesk Design Review and Collaborative Project management software as well as standard Microsoft Office products. Applicants for this position will possess relevant industry recognized qualifications in addition to 12 years or more practical experience. The salary for this position is commensurate with experience, training and education. Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by December 16, 2011 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.




1 LABOURER Salary $6.00 per hour Contact 244-3369



DESCRIPTION OF JOB: • Process and record all daily sales for departure customers • Prepare sales summary sheet for customs. • Complete daily sales slip and daily deposits. • Weekly inventory count

SUITABLE PERSON: • Applicant must have a positive attitude to work and excellent customer service skill • Must be familiar with counterpoint system • Must have 5 years experience and skills of the beverage industry Salary: $11.00 per hour Applications must be submitted via email to DISCOUNT@TCIWAY.TC or fax 946-4871


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Senior Public Health Nurse within the Ministry of Health and Human Services. The incumbent in this position must be able to participate as a member of the Interdisciplinary Health Team in the planning and evaluation programme of Health Care Services at the primary care level. He/She must be able to participate in plans to further enhance Community Nursing Services based on stated goals and objectives; identify number levels and categories of nursing personnel needed to ensure services are maintained in the assigned areas; plan activities to ensure that there is effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the plan for Community Nursing in assigned communities. The incumbent is also expected to prepare and submit appropriate records and reports according to protocol and make recommendations for recruitment, appointments and promotions. He/She must also be able to establish and maintain direct working relationships with other Health Care Agencies and Community groups; assist the Primary Care Manager in collaboration with the Health Educator in the planning and organizing of activities for Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) and health promotion activities and any other duties as may be required. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to be a Registered Nurse/Midwife with a diploma in Public Health Nursing from a recognized training institution and must possess at least five (5) years post basic training in Public Health and is currently licensed to practice. The successful candidate must demonstrate good interpersonal relationships and the ability to work as a team. Intermediate or Advance computer skills would be an asset. A valid driver’s license is a necessity. He/She must also possess the ability to communicate effectively both written and verbally and exercise good judgment in the application of established policies and procedures. SALARY $25,056 - $27,918 PER ANNUM For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands, a two (2) or three (3) year extendable contract is offered. Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include Transportation allowance, Telephone allowance, Housing allowance, Midwifery allowance, on-call allowance and end-of-contract gratuity of 15% of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen (16) years, as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801 Extension: 10318, Facsimile: 649-9461582, E-mail: . All resumes should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Resumes must include applicants current contact information and be accompanied by two letters of reference and a police certificate. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 12th December 2011 ONLY SUITABLE CANDIDATES WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED



Tropical imaging/Brilliant is looking for the following talented people.


Tropical Imaging requires an experienced administrator/ customer service specialist who will be heavily involved in the company’s “back end” client support services Applicants should have at least 5 years commercial work experience and be able to demonstrate the ability to manage multiple ongoing tasks, have well-defined communication skills in person, on the telephone and written correspondence, be a team player and be a fanatic for attention to detail and customer service.


Experienced in all aspects of high-end digital photography and workflow, plus several years practice in creative wedding, portrait and commercial photography. Self-motivated, willing to work weekends and holidays you must also be a customer service fanatic.


Tropical Imaging/Brilliant is considering taking on the right individual(s) who are interested in making photography and imaging a career. For over 16 years Tropical Imaging has pushed the boundaries of photography and professionalism in the TCI and Caribbean. After numerous requests for internships we are considering mentoring and working with a motivated individual who displays “the right stuff”. There are no prerequisites for this possible position apart from your ability to demonstrate that you have what it takes to be a member of our team. This program will only take place if we find the right person/people. This is a real opportunity for the right person. Show us what you have?

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1. To consult sales team on promoting products carried at our wholesale and retail operation 2. To consult team on visiting our wholesale customers in the trade on regular basis in an effort to increase sales and awareness of our products 3. Consult sales team in helping to grow retail sales by doing in store promotions and assisting customers. 4. Assist in streamlining inventory in an effort to maximize inventory turnover ratio while maintaining adequate products to service the trade efficiently. 5. Consult in the coordination and assist in devising and implementing various sales and marketing strategies for the wine cellar retail and wholesale divisions, along with similar programs for all other affiliated businesses within the group. 6. Consult in liaising with suppliers/vendors to determine, learn and implement various product campaigns within our markets. 7. Consult sales team in the provision of regular swot analysis reports to management on the progress or detriment of each account, in order to determine appropriate strategies for account success. 8. Consult where necessary the sales and marketing team of existing and future business ventures of the group. ANNUAL SALARY Application must be submitted via E-Mail or Fax to: The Manager DISCOUNT@TCIWAY.TC (OR)Fax: 649-946-4871

Email all resumes/links to


Veranda is currently seeking qualified candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. Our ideal candidates must love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization.


Responsibilities To manage the daily operations of the housekeeping department, promoting a safe environment and quality service to achieve maximum guest satisfaction, protection of assets and minimal expenses. Job Requirements Experience in leading and successfully coordinating and organizing FF&E projects, final set up of rooms including house wares, soft goods and art Able to create and implement SOP’s and standards of presentation and cleanliness of guests rooms and public areas Vast experience in recruiting and training of room attendants, housemen, supervisors, and managers for housekeeping, public areas and laundry Extensive knowledge in rooms division operation and revenue oriented Manage the daily housekeeping team, public areas and laundry department effectively to consistently guest satisfaction Create and implement in and out of season projects that improves the standards of the hotel Able to maintain a high degree of visibility and participation in the daily operation of the departments to ensure a high level of understanding of both guests and colleague issues at all times


Oversees and is responsible for all service, sales, administrative and profit aspects of the above areas. This includes the supervision and training of employees, manpower utilization, budget preparation, planning and implementation of promotional activities. Works closely together with the Special Events Manager in the organization and execution of all banquet and conference business. Replaces the of F&B Manager in his absence.

Job Requirements Hotel Management Degree or Diploma Computer proficiency, sound food, wines and beverage knowledge Previous experience in the similar position at a Luxury hotel.


Job Requirements Middle level culinary skills Dependable , proactive, organized team player At least two years cooking experience; preparing international breakfast, lunch and dinner in regional cooking environment Must be willing to work shifts and on holidays and weekends Ability to plan, organize, and execute meal plans Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience

Interested persons may contact our Human Resource Manager No later than December 19, 2011 Email: Or hand deliver to our office at Veranda Resort and Residences Princess Dr. Lower Bight, Providenciales


Page 44 RICARDO FULFORD CONSULTANTS SERVICES On behalf of its clients: Is seeking: Gardeners, (2) Salespersons (2) Painters (2) Plumbers (2) Electricians (2) Labourers (5) Carpenters (3) Masons (2) Babysitters (3) All applicants must have two (2) or more years of exp at these various employments Salary starts at $5.00 per hour and over, base on special skills Interested candidate must be able to speak a different language in some of these categories Best of luck to all interested candidates. Call tel: 346-1121 to apply

TCI WASTE DISPOSAL SEEKS A LABORER Job Includes: collect and dispose of customer’s trash and waste; clean yard as required, Closing date for application is: December 15th 2011 PLEASE SUBMIT APPLICATIONS TO TCI Waste Disposal Caribbean Place Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

HIRING NOW! (649) 941-2411

Danny Buoy's

BARTENDER needed for days, nights and mornings. Please apply in person and bring a resume."

3 WAITRESSES Miniature Golf is seeking

Salary $5 per hour. Please contact 941-4653




Description of Position 1) Promote all the products carried at our wholesale and retail operation. 2) Maintain a complete sales history and purchase pattern of our wholesale customers. 3) Visit our wholesale customers in the trade on a regular basis in an effort to increase sales and awareness of our products. 4) Help grow retail sales by doing in store promotions and assisting customers. 5) Assist in streamlining inventory in an effort to maximize inventory turnover ratio while maintaining adequate products to service the trade efficiently. 6) Assist Operations Manager in setting up proper inventory purchasing cycles in an effort to maximize the use of the business’s cash flows. 7) Assist the financial controller in devising an appropriate inventory control system for the safe custody and control of the company’s inventory. 8) Any other duties within your abilities as delegated by Management. 9) Salary in the range of US$36,000 per annum 10) Must have 5 years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the beverage industry. Applications must be submitted to: Discount Liquor & Wine Cellar E-mail: (or)fax: 946-4871


1 Electrician - $7.00 per hour 1 Office Assistant - $5.00 per hour Please contact us at 242-5459

Position Available: Sous Chef

Place of Work: West Bay Club, Providenciales

Scope and General Purpose: To assist the head chef in the day to day running of the kitchen. Responsible to: head Chef

Responsible for: All subordinate kitchen staff Main Duties: • To deputise in the head Chef's absence. • To ensure that all kitchen staff are familiar with the day's requirements. • To ensure that the necessary stocks are on hand at the right quality and quantity. • To ensure that fair discipline is maintained. • To ensure that all staff are treated fairly and with commonly accepted courtesy. • To ensure that timetables, leave rosters and attendance registers are up-to-date. To ensure that all statutory, as well as company, hygiene regulations are being strictly adhered to. • To ensure that all maintenance problems are timely reported and followed up. • To ensure that all communications between restaurant and kitchen run smoothly. • To ensure that each cook receives the correct orders for the appropriate tables. • To ensure that each dish leaving the kitchen is checked for quality, quantity, presentation and correct temperature.

Liaises with:

All other heads of department Restaurant supervisor housekeeping

Hours of Work: flexible – all days (Minimum of 44 hours per week) Salary Range:

$18,000 to $20,000 per annum Negotiable dependant on experience

• To ensure that the dining room/ restaurant personnel are "standing by" when delicate dishes are served. • To ensure that regular on-the-job training is carried out so that subordinate staff perform their duties correctly. • ensure proper conduct of weekly & monthly physical inventory • To attend seminars and training courses as and when directed. • To further your own knowledge of management methods and principles to ensure future advancement and further upgrading in management standards for the profession as a whole. ONLY BELONGERS NEED APPLY Closing date for applications is December 4th, 2011 Kindly submit all Applications at West Bay Club front Desk office or thru fax at 941-8695





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