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The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police could find themselves on a path to solving the 2009 murder of 35 year-old construction worker Dorsette Gardiner, after the Jamaican authorities on Thursday, March 8, handed over a prime suspect who had eluded local crime sleuths since the incident. The suspect, who the SUN understands is Sinclair Delancey, was handed over to the Police Cold Crime Unit by Jamaican Authorities at the Providenciales International Airport after he was said to have overstayed his time in that neighbouring country, where it was alleged that he fled after the murder. A statement from the Special Constable Paul Baker, the Public Relations Officer for the police, said that: “Police, acting on information received, today (Thursday March 8) arrested a man as he disembarked a flight from Jamaica at Providenciales International Airport. The arrest is in relation to an unsolved murder that is being investigated by the RTCI Police Cold Crimes Unit (CCU).” Police sources told The SUN that the man disappeared from the country shortly after the murder, and was being sustained in Jamaica, for the most part, by family members, who often remit cash to him. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2




NATIONAL PRIDE DAY AT ENID CAPRON PRIMARY On Thursday, January 8, the Enid Capron Primary School staged its annual Pride Day, which focused on local culture, food, and practices. The day also zeroed in on, and highlighted historic sites across the country, and also the uniqueness of individual islands. It was a day filled with fun activities for teachers, students and the number of visitors that went to the event. Rachel Taylor, Principal for the Enid Capron Primary School said that the event was also held to inculcate the culture in our youth, so that they will be able to carry on the tradition into the next generation. Here in photo, students representing the fishing Mecca of South Caicos, depicting fishermen at sea.


MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


VAT to be introduced April 2013 Value Added Tax or VAT, regarded as a general consumption tax is slated to come into effect on April 1, 2013, this according to His Excellency Governor Ric Todd, who was addressing a post Advisory Council news conference in Providenciales on Wednesday, March 7. He said the legislation for the tax’s introduction would be passed later this year, setting the staged for its introduction. Governor Todd told the media gathering that the background work was being done by the relevant government agencies and consultations were being done, to facilitate the smooth implementation of the tax model at the time specified, while explaining that the cost for some items could be reduced when the tax system comes into effect. “VAT will be introduced from 1 April, 2013. We are doing lots of work inside government; we have taken advice from regional experts. We know that there are a number of countries who have VAT, and were successfully implemented, including

Barbados, and many countries around the world, including small countries and islands. “So there is no reason why VAT can’t be successfully implemented on TCI. VAT is a good tax because it is widely based, because it is predictable, and it enables government to be confident about revenue stream. It is generally bad when a government has revenue streams which are cyclical; it is generally good when the revenue is predictable,” Governor Todd said. He further explained that before the VAT can be implemented, Government would have to consider a number of factors, including its effect on small businesses in the Turks and Caicos Islands. “With VAT, there are so many decisions to be taken, for example, what the rate would be, what are the exceptions, and what are the thresholds to be applied for small firms because it is usual across the world that smallest businesses don’t have to register for VAT,” Governor Todd said. He said that a group of persons now working in the Finance Ministry was charged with the responsibility of

working out the mechanics for the implementation of the tax, saying also that he was fully aware of the concerns that local businesses would have regarding its introduction. “I think there are a lot of concerns about VAT for two reasons; one, it is new, and second, it can seem a bit intimidating at first. However, I said, it is usual with VAT for smaller businesses to be able to not register with VAT, therefore they are not involved in the operations of collections, but equally, they are not able to benefit from VAT in their own accounting. “So, we have listened to what people say, but ultimately I think VAT is in the interest of the economy, of the government and of the taxpayers of these islands. It is a much better and fairer tax than the present taxes, Governor Todd indicated. Governor Todd pointed out that an important element of its introduction would be public awareness, so as to education businesses and the general populace about its benefits. In the meantime, Governor Todd said that no decision was being made at this time to figure out which of the

current taxes and charges were earmarked for scratching when the VAT comes into effect. “No decision has been taken yet as to exactly how other taxes will be dealt with, but it is very clear, always has been, VAT is not an additional tax, it is a replacement tax. I would say at the moment, the most likely taxes to be reduced as VAT comes in, are those on imports. “At the moment much government revenue is being raised from customs duties. So, as you broaden and establish the collection from VAT, you would be able, for example, to reduce the levels of Customs and Import Duties,” Governor Todd explained. He said that VAT would also prevent retailers from arbitrarily jack up prices on goods, as there would be prohibitive mechanisms in place. He was however; quick to point out that it was no way a price control device. “It doesn’t meat price control; it just means businesses comply with the rules, which, of course, is what we want everywhere,” Governor Todd said.

ieves try to steal ATM Woman arrested for Nichelle Farrington accident

Police have arrested a woman in connection with the death of television journalist Nichelle Farrington. Sharonna Walkin was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving following the fatal incident that occurred on Sunday February 26, along South Dock Road, Providenciales. She was later released on police bail. Farrington, who was killed less than a mile away from her home, was a journalist with PTV and previously WIV Channel 4.

‘Stop living on the dumps’ The thieves were unsuccessful in their ambitious smash and grab attempt to steal and entire ATM machine

Thieves and robbers in the Turks and Caicos Islands are becoming more creative in their illegal activities. In an act that has occurred many times in the USA and which has been seen on television, most commonly featured in comedies; thieves used a vehicle and chain as they attempted to steal an Automatic Teller machine (ATM) from the IGA Gourmet supermarket in Grace Bay, Providenciales. Police media spokesman Paul Baker said three masked men wearing black clothing, drove a white van into the car park of the IGA Gourmet Supermarket at about 2.40am on Wednesday. He said the occupants then removed tables and chairs from a seating area outside the building before reversing the vehicle at full speed into a large window on the side of the entrance area. “They then attempted to drag an International Bank ATM machine out of the foyer with a chain attached to the van bumper. The attempt was unsuccessful and the culprits made off in the vehicle before police arrived,” Baker said, adding that the registration plate from the vehicle was left at the scene. Investigations revealed the van, a white Chevy, belonged to the Seven Stars Resort and was stolen from the complex shortly before the attempted theft. Police officers on patrol later discovered a white Chevy van with smashed rear windshields and a chain tied to the bumper, abandoned in the Long Bay area. Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 911 or Crimestoppers on 1-800-8477. Tips can also be left in English, French or Spanish at or by becoming a friend of Crimestoppers TCI on Facebook.

The Environmental Health Department, through the Ministry of Health is working tirelessly to improve the management of the main waste disposal sites (dumpsites) on Grand Turk and Providenciales. In this regard, the department is keen to transfer management of the sites to the successful bidder for the solid waste project. However, one of the main impediments to this transfer is the large number of persons residing at the Providenciales site. It is the Turks and Caicos Islands Government’s intention to ensure that all persons so residing at the waste disposal sites be removed and that all unauthorized access to the site is restricted. In this regard, the Environmental Health Department wishes to advise those persons who are currently residing at the site that they are to immediately leave or vacate these sites. Failure to do so may result in their being forcefully evicted from these sites or further actions being taken according to the Public Health Ordinance. All persons who are residing at the sites are asked to ensure their compliance with this notice.


On behalf of clients

1 Salesperson $5.00 per hour 1 Driver $6.00 per hour 1 Carpenter $6.00 per hour Contact

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

A DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO DISTRACT The public spat between what the British have been doing to Carlos Simons and I as to us. Some of us might have thought whether Mr. Greene should that they were disrespectful of us, remain as leader of the but their actions every day reinforce Progressive National Party that position. (PNP) and how he approached One by one now, the chips for the matter have been out there us are falling in the right places. for a few days now. Persons who for whatever reason in What is abundantly clear is the immediate past have been sitting that from the inception, Mr. on the fence are now coming out of Simons’ intervention at this the wood work to be counted. Their particular point in time was inertia and apathy are daily being designed to create new talking overcome and they are prepared to points. Having challenged his lend their effort to the fight. premise, it is important that we It is this coming together and return to, and move full steam meeting of the minds of Turks and ahead with the dethroning of the Caicos Islanders that have started to ROYAL ROBINSON Interim Administration. give this Interim Regime pause, so CONTRIBUTER Whether you watched on in the wake of that, they have television, or as I did by started to redeploy their agents to listening to RTC, it is clear that these people have in subvert our efforts against them. We have seen that recent times have become totally emboldened in movie before, and the end is the same, no different their lack of respect for us as a people, or the from the very first time that we watched it. institutions that they themselves have set up. This recent attempt to put a wedge between us Mr. Jones, as P/S Finance, might have will not work. We are better than that as a people. It subscribed to the view that he would “go along to is a fact that no matter how slow the fire is under the get along”, but that does not qualify him as the pot, if you have slow fire, constant heat, water will Attorney General. How in heaven’s name is it boil. We are on the brink of that boiling point! All of expected that he would be able to answer effectively the signs and symptoms of that boil over are present the queries of members of the Forum with respect to now. certain aspects of the Bill? He might be able to give We have to refocus our fire power on the real an opinion as to the financial implication of the Bill, enemy that is within our midst and get away from but he is not geared to give advice on the legal any distractions that are deliberately designed to ramification of such as the Public Financial keep us apart and therefore dilute our real Management Bill. effectiveness. That the members of the Forum were rightly The recent effort by the group of men in Grand enrage by such a callous approach by both the AG Turk is a clear indication, that where there is a will, and CEO to the jobs that they are duty bound to carry there is a way. That effort had no labels whatsoever! out, particularly as we are paying them handsomely It was just Turks and Caicos Islanders, understanding for, is more than justifiable! the gravity of what was being proposed had to come As Pastor Hamilton said, “I am disappointed, together to “head it off at the pass”. We were that you are disappointed” in the way that the Forum successful in our initial effort and must endeavor to has been treated, given what transpired at the replicate such to other issues that are adversely Governor’s recent public meeting in Providenciales. impacting us. I think that the goodly Pastor understands his role There is a void that has to be filled to our benefit more clearly now, if he did not before, in that talking before the infidels fill it with disinformation, half shop. There is a saying “keep your mouth shut and truths and innuendos. We must understand that these people may think that you are stupid, but open your people have been at it for more years than you can mouth and remove all doubts”! That is analogous to shake a stick at. But we must cling to the view that


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right in the end overcomes might. We are certain that in this fight to restore our country to a position where we have a democratically elected government, by, for and of the people is more than a laudable goal. It is our democratic right as Turks and Caicos Islanders. We cannot continue to be by-standers here while these people from outside trample upon our rights in the name of good governance and transparency, when we can see that they have no clue as to how to revive or stimulate our fragile economy. What they do not seem to understand is that the tourism numbers that we are seeing have nothing to do with them, but are as a result of those dollars that had previously spent to positively lift our profile in the areas from which our major pool of tourist come. If there is no effort to reinforce that positive image as well as making this destination a good place in which to do business, we will certainly fall by the wayside! Do not let anyone fool you. The trajectory of our success has been put in place by successive elected governments in Turks and Caicos Islands. Four years ago, the rate of growth might have been slowing down as a result of the lagging US and world economies. Now under this administration, it has been in total reverse. We cannot continue on this trend. Their response to a shrinking economy is to cut through the bone of public service employment and balance the books. The social impact of such measures seems not to be of any concern to them. They are daily bringing in more and more of their rejects and retreads as experts. Nepotism is rampant in every appointment. It is their “old boys’ network” in full swing. That is all well and good for them, but if any semblance of that is evident here, it is totally frowned on by them. Is that not one of the things they came here for? But I am sure that the majority of Turks and Caicos Islanders are not enthralled by their performance. No matter how bad you child might be, a parent would rather his child crash his car than the neighbor’s child doing so. We are paying these guys to crash our car and that is not a nice feeling. We have to reverse this situation now and restore thing to the proper order that is beneficial to us. • Royal Robinson was a former Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance and Health in the Progressive National Party (PNP) Administration.


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


AG drops case against Clement Howell Principal


Attorney General, Huw Sheppard has ruled that the child abuse accusation pursued by a parent against principal for the Clement Howell High School, Lloyd Fearon, was frivolous and therefore dismissed it on the grounds that the headmaster, in his pursuit to break up a volatile group of students, was not meant to cause injury. The decision was made on Thursday, March 8. Fearon was accused of using his cane to cause injury to a male student, in an attempt to disperse a fight at the school on February 8. The statement said that the Attorney General’s decision was predicated on section 39 of the Constitution, that it was not in the public interest to institute criminal proceedings against the principal. “This decision has been reached following a full investigation of the facts and circumstances; including the background of a highly volatile and disruptive gathering of students, the lack of intent to cause injury on the part of Mr. Fearon, and the requirement on him to maintain order and discipline in a hostile environment,” the statement from the Attorney General’s Chambers said. About an hour before the news release, Fearon’s attorney, Mark Fulford of F. Chambers and Co., held a news conference with his client to inform the media that the law firm saw it fit to take up the matter with the Attorney General on the conviction that the charges were baseless. “On February 8, 2012, an incident

From left – Attorney Fulford, Lloyd Fearon and his wife Winsome Fearon

took place at the Clement Howell High School. We took Mr. Fear’s matter on, on February 14th. On February 21st we made representation to the AG’s Chambers. Today, the AG’s Chambers has indicated to us that following their careful review of the police investigation, they had concluded that it is not in the public interest to prosecute Mr. Fearon, and therefore, I would not be charged,” Fulford explained. The Attorney General’s Chambers stated that on the day in question, what it described as a violent fight broke out and attracted more than hundred observing students, many of whom formed a barrier to stop security guards from ending the violence. “Eventually the two students involved in the fight were brought to the Principal’s office. The students outside remained unruly. Mr. Fearon requested that all students return to classes. This instruction was not




complied with. As a last resort he began swinging the cane to move the students to their classrooms. The student, subject of the complaint, was hit in the leg once with the cane causing a welt. “Witnesses described the student subsequently following behind Mr. Fearon and challenging him in what was described as a threatening and derogatory manner. The student did not comply with repeated requests to return to class, and was struck with the cane for a second time before returning to class,” the statement said. The Attorney General’s Chambers continued: “Upon going home at the end of the school day the student’s father reported the matter to the police. A report was taken and the student was brought to hospital for consultation. Two bruises were recorded and no medical treatment was administered at the hospital.” In the meantime, Fulford indicated that Fearon was recruited to bring

discipline to the Clement Howell High School, pointing out that before the principal’s arrival the indiscipline there was a heralded one. “Prior to Mr. Fearon being recruited, the community is well aware of the numerous negative reports that came out of Clement Howell High School. And it is for this reason, mainly, why Mr. Fearon, a firm disciplinarian, was sought. “Form 2006 to 2011, the Clement Howell School experienced tremendous turn-a-round in all areas, External examinations results have been very good, ranging from 85 percent to 89.7 percent. Clement Howell High School has moved from last place to first and second place in the last five years at the Inter-High School Track and Field Meet. “They came in first in the National High School Science and Project display; first place in the National High School Spelling Bee; First place in National Youth Week Banner Competition; and first place in National High School Song Competition. This is just a few of the success that Mr. Fearon was able to achieve,” Fulford pointed out. In the meantime, Fearon said the incident negatively affected the smooth running of the school, affecting both staff and student. “Persons (teachers) were somewhat hesitant now, in administering disciplinary measures themselves, awaiting the outcome of this incident. However, this is just a bump in the road; we will put this behind us, and we would progress forward. And we will be able to continue to help our students to achieve excellence,” Fearon pledged.


Suitable for construction uses Also local sand We can deliver, or load your truck.

PROVO BUILDING SUPPLY TEL:232-3210 or 246-2526

1 Labourer 1 Waitress


Salary $5.00 per hour Interested persons should contact 946-4653

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

Bahamian drug pushers using TCI as a trans-shipment point, says US State Dept. Bahamian drug trafficking organizations are using the Turks and Caicos Islands as a transshipment point. This was revealed in the 2012 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) which was released by the State Department in Washington on Wednesday. “Information acquired by host country law enforcement suggests that drug trafficking organizations have utilized air drops and remote airfields to deliver large cocaine shipments to the Turks and Caicos Islands and to The Bahamas from Venezuela and Colombia. Recent investigations reveal that Bahamian drug trafficking organizations are using the Turks and Caicos Islands as a transshipment point,” the document stated. According to the INCSR report, cocaine continues to transit The Bahamas via go-fast boats, small commercial freighters, containers, and small aircraft. Small sport fishing vessels and pleasure crafts move cocaine from The Bahamas to Florida by blending in with

legitimate traffic that transit these areas. Larger ―go-fast and sport fishing vessels transport marijuana from Jamaica through The Bahamas and into Florida in the same manner as cocaine. Traffickers also skirt along the loosely monitored Cuban coast line, looking for opportune moments to break for Florida through Bahamian waters. During 2011, The Bahamas and U.S. law enforcement assets worked together on over 35 successful interdictions. U.S. antidrug-related agencies estimate that there are 12 to 15 significant drug trafficking organizations operating in The Bahamas. It was noted that Haitian and Haitian-Bahamian drug trafficking organizations continue to play a major role in the movement of cocaine from Hispaniola through The Bahamas. Investigations of these organizations are hindered by an enduring lack of Creole speakers within the Drug Enforcement Unit. Meantime, the report added that the US Coast Guard (USCG) is moving forward with its plans to rebuild the OPBAT hangar on the

Career Opportunities

Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience


Requirements: • Bachelors Degree to High Vocational Diploma in any field. • 3 years Cost Controller previous experience of demonstrated experience in a related area. • Product knowledge of Food &Beverage and hotel consumable/durable items • Proven ability to utilize and develop computerized spreadsheets • Excellent communication skills. • Ability to work in a team oriented environment. • Ability to work independently in a time sensitive environment • Ability to communicate clearly, timely and accurately • Ability to organize workload, adapt quickly to change, and deliver under the pressure of deadlines.

Duties include: • Monitor inventory control in different areas. • Monitor all requisitions made to the warehouse by different departments. • Organize Cost Controlling Systems under supervision of Financial Controller • Track all records of all expenses in different departments, and make recommendations to Financial Controller. • Assist in and coordinate monthly inventories. • Supervise all supporting documents for in-going/out going merchandise from the warehouse. • Verify if Standard Operating Procedures implemented by the Resort are being followed up by the different departments. • Constantly keep track of price variance for all major/recurrent purchases. • Research inventory and cost of goods variances and prepare monthly internal cost of product analysis report, using sales and inventory reports from various systems. • Assist Financial Controller in verifying implementation of overall internal control procedures. Must be willing and able to work all days and shifts. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than March 23, 2012 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050 Email: Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

island of Great Inagua. This twoyear construction project will allow USCG to base helicopters flying in support of OPBAT on Great Inagua. Since Hurricane Ike destroyed the original Great Inagua hangar in 2008, USCG helicopters temporarily operate out of the Turks and Caicos Islands as part of its participation in OPBAT. The report revealed that although maritime means remain a significant method of drug transit through The Bahamas, the majority of cocaine seized in recent years has been concealed in containerized cargo transiting the Freeport Container Port on the island of Grand Bahamas. DEA believes that Colombian traffickers are utilizing containerized cargo as a means to thwart the efforts of law enforcement officials in The Bahamas. Approximately three metric tons of cocaine have been seized at the Freeport Container Port since 2007. Nevertheless, the amounts seized from containers have diminished in recent years, including 2011. “Contraband is smuggled

through a variety of vessels, employing myriad strategies. Larger vessels are known to offload drugs on to small vessels before checking in with Bahamian Customs, and many vessels do not register at all when entering Bahamian waters. The DEU, in conjunction with the DEA, continued a program in Great Inagua to enforce Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas requirements that vessels entering Bahamian territorial waters report to Bahamian Customs,” the report stated. “The Bahamas archipelago, covering an area about the size of California, is home to several transit points for South American cocaine and marijuana and (mostly) Jamaican marijuana bound for the United States. Cocaine and marijuana are transshipped through The Bahamas‘ many islands and cays. Drug Trafficking Organizations take advantage of the vast geography and many hidden inlets by utilizing small commercial and private conveyances, both marine and aerial, to avoid detection.”

Turks and Caicos Utilities

Turks and Caicos Utilities limited invites application from suitable qualified applicants for the following positions:-

GENERAL MANAGER Application should have the following qualification/experience:

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Masters degree in Business Administration A proven track record in electric utility business At least five (5) years experience working in a similar position Salary being offered: - $85,000.00 $90,000.00 GENERATION ENGINEER Core Function includes: All engineering functions relating to the maintenance and operation of a power plat Training and staff development Qualification/Experience Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering with a minimum of five (5) years relevant experience in a power a plant environment Training in projection management Formal Training in Supervisory Management Sound Knowledge of diesel engine operation & Maintenance Sound knowledge of distribution system operation and maintenance Working knowledge of PLC systems Salary being offered $$48,000.00 $54,000.00 DISTRIBUTION ENGINEER Core Functions include: All engineering function relation to the maintenance and operation of overhead & underground 12.47KV HV distribution systems Training and staff development Qualification/Experience Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical

Engineering with a minimum of five (5) years relevant electric utility experience in a similar position Training in project management Formal Training in Supervisory Management Sound Knowledge of transmission and distribution line operation and maintenance Sound knowledge of system protection, line design, load flows and network analysis Working knowledge of power plant operations Salary being offered: - $ 48,000.00 $54,000.00 per annum

JOURNEYMAN/LINEMAN Core Functions include: The construction and maintenance of high voltage distribution system Working on both overhead and underground distribution systems Qualification and Experience Completion of an approved Journeyman/Lineman training programme Certificate in Electrical Installation and maintenance or equivalent from a recognize technical institution 3 – 5 years working experience on a high voltage distribution system Should be computer literate Ability to operate specialize utility vehicles for pole-line maintenance Salary being offered: - $ 28,000.00 - $ 31,000.00 per annum Application along with detailed resume should be sent no later than 16th April 2012 to: General Manager Turks and Caicos Utilities Limited P.O. Box 80 Pond Street, Grand Turk Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


300 civil servants to go this month BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

A total of 300 people could be chopped from the public service by the end of this month under the Civil Service Severance Scheme which was mounted by government to reduce the size and better manage the sector. This was disclosed by Chief Executive Officer for the Civil Service, Patrick Boyle, during a news briefing on Monday, March 5, at the Disaster Manager Office on Providenciales. He said approximately 72 persons were sent home from the service in February, which he said should have been much more but said the process was hampered by the extent of the number of persons who signed up for the scheme. Boyle said that at the end of the process, government would like to retain approximately 1,700 public sector workers. “It could be 300 people that could go by the end of this financial year. So, that would down to under 2,000. As we go through the process we have not

Chief Executive Officer Patrick Boyle (left) and Government Spokesman Neil Smith

finished yet; we are still making decisions about those who may go in March; we are yet to establish that, and also we have got to reach decisions on the wage stats. “We are pleased by the number of people that come forward on a voluntary basis; people who have clearly made their decisions that they want to leave the government, which means that we can then minimize those people that will have to leave the


Veranda is currently seeking qualified candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. Our ideal candidates must love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization.


• Handle the entire accounting receivable process, from verifying documentation, issuing invoices to processing cheque receipts. • Chase actively overdue payments, by email and phone. • Control accommodation advance deposits. • Manage credit card collection process. • Calculate and prepare travel agency commission and incentive payments. • Maintain a filing system for accounts receivable records. • Assist in the reconciliation of accounts. • Liaising with clients and internal departments. REQUIREMENTS • Accounting qualification, Certificate or higher. • 2 years accounting experience, preferably in the hotel industry. • Proficient in Microsoft Excel. • Knowledge of an accounting system will be a definite advantage.


To be responsible for the preparation of all marinades and tandoori dishes, ensure quality service, food and presentation and meet and exceed guest expectations REQUIREMENTS • Fully conversant with operating a tandoori oven for cooking, charcoal • Knowledgeable of tandoori breads, marinades, Indian herbs and cuisine • Able to work individually without supervision to prepare all dishes on menu using tandoori and showcase skills in front of guests • Able to prepare menu for Indian banquets, buffet and wedding parties for up to 500 people • Able to introduce new tandoori dishes, create recipes and maintain high quality • To assist the Executive Sous Chef for menu planning and other tasks assigned • Minimum 5 years experience in luxury hotels working as tandoori chef Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience Interested persons may contact our Human Resource Manager No later than March 26, 2012 Email: Or hand deliver to our office at Veranda Resort and Residences Princess Dr. Lower Bight, Providenciales

government on a compulsory basis,” Boyle said. Boyle explained that there were some departments that government would not be too ready to shed, such as Water and Health, based on the high level of expertise in those areas. “What I have been trying to say, encourage permanent secretaries to do all along, where people have expressly wanted to leave the government, try as much as possible to let them go, if that

is the decision that had made. But we have got to run public service; we can’t let everybody go,” Boyle explained. Meanwhile, Boyle said that while government was moving to reduce the size of the service, it had to also look at affordability of the severance payments, while explaining that the packages ranged from a low of $13,000 to a high of $90,000. And while stating that the scheme was over subscribed, Boyle pointed out that it was not surprising, as that was his experience from an executive in the United Kingdom. “We want to make sure we are able to afford that because we have to set aside part of the money to be able to do that, and as I said, the scheme was over subscribed; there were more people than we were expecting, so we may have to up the amount of money than what we have available, to be able to afford that,” Boyle said. The Civil Service CEO said that almost equal numbers of applications were received from across all subsectors, including critical departments, such as law enforcement, education and health.

Field Technician

Primary Duties:

Installation and disconnection of Television Cable Services to subscriber’s home or establishment. Respond to customers’ service calls and request in a prompt manner to resolve challenges identify ways and solutions that will increase customer’s satisfaction

Main Duties and Responsibilities 1. Install, reconnect or disconnect aerial or underground cable service in customer homes or establishments in accordance with company procedures and standards. 2. Install converter to TV sets and related subscriber electronics, ie VCR and fine tune using appropriate test equipment. 3. Use of Signal Level Meter and VOM 4. Demonstrate and explain converter operation to subscriber 5. Exhibit a positive image to subscribers 6. Report any accident, losses, injuries or property damage to supervisor as incurred. 7. Responsible for required paper work. 8. Must be willing to handle special projects 9. Perform all job functions with appropriate safety measures 10. Must be capable of carry/lift heavy equipment and climb 32ft ladder 11. Must be able to perform physical labor including but not limited to kneeling for long periods of time 12. Must be able to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays if required 13. Valid driver’s license and ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner 14. Maintaining and repairing cable television transmission lines 15. Communicating with other employees to coordinate the preparation and completion of work assignments 16. Inspecting, testing and repairing cable television signals and associated equipment at subscriber’s premises. Verifying that repairs are made to the satisfaction of the customers and meet company standards. 17. Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work 18. Know specifications perform pole transfers and hard line construction work 19. Knowledge of using Safety graff poles, climb ladders, towers and other structures as needed. 20. Assist in the repair of broken lashing wire, strand and construction of plant extensions. 21. Know specifications perform pole transfers and hard line construction work. 22. Ability to read and understand all plant blue prints. Qualifications: Associates Degree or equivalent 5 - 10 years of job related experience Computer skills (Excel, Word and Outlook a plus) Salary: $25,000.00 - $35,000.00 per annum Contact: (No phone calls please) WIV Cable P.O. Box 679 Grand Turk Turks and Caicos Islands



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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012



Passage of new bills could grant TCI $3million EU money


Two bills that are predicated on whether or not the Turks and Caicos Island will be able to access an initial $3 million European Union (EU) grant and which also form part of the milestones to return the country to elected government have been introduced by Interim Administration. Government asserted that it was imperative that the Public Financial Management and National Audit Office Bills passed before the end of this month so that it could apply for the grant and also march towards legislating good governance and the strongest possible financial management processes for the Islands. Governor Ric Todd told a post Advisory Council news conference that a draft of each bill was dispatched

to members of the Advisory Council and Consultative Forum since mid February, and views have also been sought from TCI Government Accounting Officers and the UK National Audit Office. According to Governor Todd, the Advisory Council had its second review of the bills on Wednesday, while the Consultative Forum should provide its final input during its sitting in the coming week. “These bills are, in a sense, pickup legislations which existed in the past, but they are both designed to strengthen and improve that legislation. They being the product of a great discussion inside TCIG; we have had discussions informally with the Consultative Forum in closed sessions. They have also been discussed twice by the Advisory Council. They have benefited from the views of experts, not only from

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the UK but also from the Caribbean. “The objective of these bills is quite straight forward, and that is to make sure that the TCI Government has in place very effective means for controlling how money is spent. It talks about structures under which the Legislative Assembly set out frameworks for spending, and it goes right way down to how individual permanent secretaries (and) accounting officers are actually responsible for making sure that the money under their care is properly spent. “And it sets up arrangement for the National Audit Office, which I think, has been described by the British National Audit Office something as a model,” Governor Todd said. Governor Todd hoped that the process of the bills’ passage would be done with alacrity so that the TCI could cash in on its legislative and financial benefits. “We need to move quite quickly to pass these bills for two reasons; one, these bills are part of the milestones, and the second reason that we want

to pass the bills so that we can put ourselves in a position to access some EU money – several million dollars which can be of benefit to the TCI - in particular in the field of infrastructure development. “We are looking at three million US dollars; if we can get the right arrangements in place to satisfy the European Commission that the money would be spent properly, we hope to get the money in the next financial year,” Governor Todd said. An earlier statement from the Governor’s Spokesman, Neil Smith stated that The Public Financial Management Bill sets out the high standard of public financial management framework that the UK expects from its Overseas Territories. According to him, this included measures: to strengthen the management of public finances; improve medium term fiscal planning; put value for money first; limit borrowing; and to deliver greater public sector accountability to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


Open letter to Governor Ric Todd from Albray Butterfield Jnr. 7th March 2012 H. E. Damian Roderick Todd Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands Waterloo, Grand Turk Turks and Caicos Islands British West Indies Dear Governor Todd, Reference: THE TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS STATE OF AFFAIRS First, I would like to say thank you for your letter dated 24th February 2012, responding to my letter of 20th February 2012, addressed to the Hon. Minister Bellingham at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), with reference to Turks and Caicos Islands, and the United Kingdom’s Oversight Authority. In your response letter you mentioned among other thing that: “The United Kingdom government and the Governor and UK funded advisers in the interim administration are working hard with TCI public service colleagues to institute the reforms defined by the milestones, …with the aim of preventing a reoccurrence of the maladministration perpetrated by the last elected government. The issues in question have been well documented in the Commission of Inquiry report in 2009. In addition, the modern requirements of good governance are being introduced to the TCIG public service with the aim of achieving a more efficient and accountable administration of public services”. Then you went on to say in your last paragraph: “…any issues of a commercial nature you may have that relate to the functions of the Airports Authority and the effect of relevant ordinances, you should engage in discussion with the TCIAA to clarify the matters in question. If in your view this in not possible or appropriate then you may wish to seek legal advice about what other courses of action are open to you”. Governor, the last paragraph in your letter seems to be contradicting your opening paragraph. In words, you have stated that your administration is working hard to “institute the reforms defined by the milestones, …with the aim of preventing a reoccurrence of the maladministration perpetrated by the last elected government”, but when it comes to performing the deeds, in your last paragraph you have chosen to circumvent your oversight authority by your omission to exercise those oversight powers. Hence, you have given the standard bureaucratic runaround response as a subliminal brushoff, with the hope that I wound become so frustrated with the long process I would give up and go away. Well you are sadly mistaken, and once again you have been given inept advice from your trusted Advisors. With all due respect, you have taken us for granted, and in turn

Albray Butterfield, Jr.

insulted my intelligence and the intelligence of the Turks and Caicos Islands indigenous citizenry, by thinking that your response was so comprehensive and equitable, it would resolve this serious issue at hand and the matter would go away quickly. From the contents of your letter, it is clearly evident that this interim government administration is completely out of touch and un-synced with what is happening within the local communities, and the doctrine of Oversight Authority apparently does not apply to this UK interim government administration, and that the UK have no intention to honour its contingent liability when it comes to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Be that as it may, enough is enough with the blatant condescending attitude and disrespect you and your UK executive branch have displayed to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The final straw that has broken the back of this Turks and Caicos Islands Camel is the recent disrespect displayed in open forum for the world to hear and see at the 6th March 2012 sitting of Turks and Caicos Islands Consultative Forum (CF) meeting, which was cancel due to the Attorney General (AG) Huw Shepheard and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Patrick Boyle’s decision not to attend the meeting or call the Chairman of the CF – Hon. Lillian Missick to inform her that they would not be in attendance. Both the AG and the CEO were in the country, so there was not excuse for their actions other than to show the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands that they could do whatever they want to do without being severely discipline by you. They see the head of the government (you) doing whatever you want to do without any apparent accountability, so why should they do or act any different? Governor, within the six months since you have been posted to the Turks and Caicos Islands, you have set a very bad precedent among your executive branch, and we the people will no longer tolerate your form of governance. Therefore, we the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands are requesting the following: 1. That the appointed members of the Advisory Council tender their

resignation to this administration with immediate effect in protest to you and your executive branch continued disrespectful treatment of the Turks and Caicos Islands indigenous citizenry; and 2. This United Kingdom interim government administration has run its course; your time has come; you have tried, but failed. Hence we are respectfully requesting that this administration be packed up as early as possible and call it a day. Give us back the management of our country and let us chart our own fate. You are acting like the mighty Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II. So therefore, I am asking of you oh mighty Pharaoh, TO LET MY PEOPLE AND ME GO; we will no longer live under your oppressive governance; we as a people will no longer remain divided; we will unite and overthrow this regime and end being disrespectfully conquered. On the afternoon of 11th May 1812, Hon. Minister Henry Bellingham’s great ancestor John Bellingham, as a result of years of being ignored and given the runaround by the UK government of the day, and in addition was disrespected in public by Prime Minister Spencer Perceval, drove Mr. John Bellingham to commit a heinous act out of frustration and desperation. The UK government at the time sat and allowed John Bellingham, in his mid-thirties and a father of three, to become bankrupted, his family ruined and his reputation destroyed, merely because, as per Bellingham: “…it was Mr Perceval's pleasure that justice

should not be granted; sheltering himself behind the imagined security of his station, and trampling upon law and right in the belief that no retribution could reach him (prime minister Perceval)." Bellingham also added among other things "I trust that this serious lesson will operate as a warning to all future ministers, and that they will henceforth do the thing that is right, for if the upper ranks of society are permitted to act wrong with impunity, the inferior ramifications will soon become wholly corrupted.” (BBC News did an article in 2009, on John Bellingham’s sad situation. You may read it for you self at the following web link: litics/8375544.stm, and also read Minister Henry Bellingham’s sympathetic comments on the issue). Governor, please discontinue taking the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands for granted, and make an immediate 360 degree turn in the direction you are charting for the Turks and Caicos Islands and its people. We as a people cannot and will not live under any more of this disrespectful treatment; at this point we have nothing more to lose. Please take us very seriously. Thank you in advance for considering my humble advice on behalf of the Turks and Caicos Islands people and its future generation. Yours Sincerely, Albray Butterfield, Jr. A proud and concerned Turks and Caicos Islander.


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WITH LILLIAN BOYCE This week our country, the Turks and Caicos Islands celebrated Education Week under the theme: “Centers of Learning: Our Heritages, Our People.” During the Ecumenical Service on Sunday at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Ministry and Department of Education paid tribute to our people and highlighted the former Ministers of Education who were in attendance. I am pleased to offer thanks to the Ministry and the Education Department and to Mrs. Rachel Taylor and Ms. Dara Thomas who were the orators. You both spoke beautifully and demanded our attention as you reminded us from whence we came. At times there were eye-watering moments to really hear our former students, turn teachers, explain what we meant to them and our country. I am proud that our people realized some of the dreams and visions of our great leaders who has served our country; the dreams and vision that Hon JAGS McCartney, Gustavus Lightbourne, Clement Howell and many of our other leaders including us former Ministers of Education had for our people and Country. I believe that is what nationhood is all about. Our ancestors had to survive in order for us to be. We are here because they didn’t give up. They

were determined to succeed even though they faced much tougher times than we will ever experience. They were the generations before us who paved the way. Any acknowledgment or thanks I have received for my tenure as Minister of Education has to be shared with the great men and women, and of course the staff of the Ministry and Department of Education and the people who served with me. They were always willing to go the extra mile, even without adequate compensation. Through the challenges I have faced in my life and those faced by others, I have learned that problems can be debilitating or empowering, depending on the value and meaning that we attach to them. I choose to use my challenges as stepping stones and as a reason to empower myself. You can do so also. On Thursday I left my businesses using no excuses why I couldn’t attend the National Pride Day at The Enid Capron Primary School in Five Cays. Truly it was amazing to see all the hard work that was put into creating historical symbols and traces of our cultural heritage. I was only able to visit the South Caicos and Grand Turk tents where hand -crafted art of our rich architectures including the post office and an interesting reminder of our South Caicos regatta were on

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display. The hand-crafted models of the historical sites of the Islands, the large variety of foods, the music, and the beautiful costumes all combined to prove the institution a great centre of learning and a success. Before leaving to attend the Science Fair I enjoyed the rake and scrape music by yellow man and Mr. Robinson, but the highlight was the spur-of-the-moment old folks dance by Mrs Almartha Thomas and Mrs Rachel Taylor; the kind of folks dance that brought back memories of Grandma tying up her back and placing her hands on it to really express the music. At the Science Fair it was also amazing to listen to our students explain their projects using what belong to us, what we have inherited as a people. I was impressed with the information given by the students about our salt pond, the salt fish and many more interesting projects that I wish I had the space to explain. However, I was so proud of our teachers, students and the sponsor Fortis who continue to give back to the Turks and Caicos Islands community. You know, there is so much to learn about life and I thought about how ironic it was for Education Week and the International Women’s Day to coincide. I was able to attend the midday event as I sat in the wind at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Centre just outside the Science Fair and look around at my sisters giving of their time to pray and show their support.

MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

I reminisced as I looked at the green field that had replaced the potholes and mud and I reflected on the Sunday tribute and the theme. I looked again, but this time for my sisters who were missing, the ones we were talking about, the ones who needed to be embraced and to be told that they can survive. These days, violence is a commonplace in the lives of so many young women and girls in the Turks and Caicos Islands regardless of economic, educational, and racial background. Their conditions of poverty, is not taken seriously. Rape and sexual violence are on many occasions excluded from a human rights framework -- and reduced instead to conversations of cultural pathology and crime. I listen yet I wondered what those other sisters were doing at that time while we left our businesses and jobs to join other women around the world on the bridge. The same bridge that signifies standing with women on March 8 to build bridges of peace and hope for the future. Finally, it was time to return to the inside to celebrate the students for the judges had done their tally. All of these events in the space of a few hours in one day, reinforced in my mind that we are the hands of God with different talents and strengths needed to do God’s work here for a season and to make the world a better place for our people to live in.


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


PNP Leadership issue plays out in emails Queen’s Counsel Carlos Simons has created a fire storm by calling on Progressive National Party (PNP) leader Clayton Greene to resign, at the same time that he announced he will be going after the leadership position. In an open letter to the PNP’s NGC on March 6, 2012, Simons wrote: “Dear Members and Leadership of Our Party, I begin by restating my commitment to our Party and my intention to contend for its leadership (again) at the next available opportunity. I fully realize that publication of this letter might well put paid to my hopes in that regard, but so be it! I also believe strongly that truth will always win out over spin and that good will always prevail over evil. “It has been one month now since the Leader of our Party has been charged with a serious criminal offence. He protests his innocence. He promised after he was first arrested and released on police bail that he would “consider” the issue of resignation - if he was charged. He protested his innocence then as he does now, and what consideration of resignation there might have been is anyone’s guess. So far as I am aware, the Leader has not procured a meeting of either of the two governing bodies of our Party (the NEC and the NGC) to report on his position; and there has been no indication that he intends voluntarily to step down.” “Calling a spade a spade, the Leader’s behavior is outrageous and contravenes every accepted norm of proper conduct in public office. Just as the charge against him has been made publicly, he must now publicly offer his resignation and leave it to the Party to decide whether or not to ask him to stay on until a new leader can be elected in an orderly way. The matter might be different had there been a Deputy Leader, but thanks to the Leader, and contrary to the Constitution of our Party, there is no Deputy! I anticipate the response of my detractors might be along the lines of “we should stand up to the British”. We must understand however that as long as we hold ourselves to a lower standard of behaviour, and continue to concede the moral high ground to the British we will never be able to face them down. I will write again soon – about the British, and why the Interim Administration has outlived its usefulness.” Carlos W. Simons Simons’ letter to the NGC prompted a strong response from former deputy Premier Royal Robinson, who wrote back to Simons saying: “My Dear friend and Brother, I was totally taken aback by your letter to members of our party that you saw fit to share with the public without at least concurrently sending it to the persons to whom it was addressed. Nothing is wrong with your taking the stance and calling for the resignation of the current leader of the PNP Party, Mr. Clayton S. Greene. What is reprehensible from my stand point is the manner in which you made such a public pronouncement!” “You as much as anyone knows the Party’s Constitution which provides that the only way that the leader can be displaced is through a duly constituted NGC meeting held specifically for that purpose. If you really felt so aggrieved, all you had to do was to collect the appropriate number of signatures of members of the NGC and ask the Chairman to convene such a meeting with that issue on the agenda.” “Your agenda was laid public when I looked at the persons to whom your email was sent. The first person on your distribution list was Neil Smith, the Governor’s talking parrot the last person on the list was the other pariah, Shaun Malcolm. Neither the Party Leader, the Chairman of the Party nor any senior party functionary received your letter. That gave rise to my coming to the conclusion that your letter was one of total mischief making and intended to ingratiate yourself with this unlawful and unholy Interim Administration. Given what took place in the Forum today, your letter has not stood you in good stead with the membership of the Party, but will serve to further alienate you from the rank and file and therefore make any chance of a successful bid for the leadership of the party totally impossible. And yes, you yourself said it correctly when you said, “I fully realize that publication of this letter might well put paid to my hopes in that regard”! “This is the most self-serving act that I have ever seen coming from a man of your stature and ability. Your actions today only display your true egotistical and

Carlos W. Simons

Clayton Greene

selfish nature to the members of the great PNP Party and the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I must make it abundantly clear, that in my opinion, you have lost every ounce respect that you may once have had within the rank and file of the Party, and in no uncertain terms, that I am disappointed and feel betrayed by your actions. You say in your letter that you are committed to the Party but your actions belie that commitment which now rings hollow. The really choice words that I would like to express to you, protocol dictates that I refrain from committing them “to paper”. But you have known me for some considerable time now and know exactly to what I am alluding.” “Neither the British, nor that small faction of the Party that call you “Prince”, can elect you leader or make you electable. You seem to have buried your head in the sand like the ostrich, and like that bird, the posterior part of your anatomy is completely exposed! Man, your stocks in the Party have completely dwindled by your actions and there is nothing that you can now do as far as damage control is concerned to revive some semblance of your becoming a viable candidate; so don’t try your usual pandering. This is so sad for me to have to express such sentiments to you today. Yours sincerely Royal S. Robinson PNP Leader Clayton Greene then wrote an email saying: “Dear Royal, I read your response to Carlos’ email calling for my resignation. I was more shocked than you because Carlos’ position to me (privately of course see his email attached) was that the interest of the Party would be best served b y me staying on until a successor could b e elected in an orderly manner. Clearly if he genuinely had a change of heart or if he genuinely had any concern for me, my family, this country or this party he would have indicated that to me in the same way as he purported to offer his words of support. Simply put he speaks out of two sides of his mouth depending on who the listener is. It is telling that his email about me was not copied to me. Clearly he is being dictated to or is prepared to sacrifice the party for his own selfish interest. His recent letter descended into a personal attack on me. His time could be better spent helping to expose the atrocities that are being meted out to the people of this Country at the hands of the British on a daily basis. Whenever the British want to divide and rule they will find someone. Unfortunately it is usually someone that is weak with an exceedingly low self esteem and that can only measure their self worth b y the yard stick of the British and build themselves up b y b eating others down. I am never going to b e one of those people. As for me I shall continue to champion the cause of the People of this Country without fear of favour. I have said before and I say again – what our Country needs right now are people of Courage, people with back bone, people that refuse to be anybody’s puppet or pawn, people that are driven b y a love of Country above self. I have no desire to get into a personal fight with Carlos it is not in the interest of the Party but if he picks a personal fight with me he will not leave without knowing that he has been in a fight. Take care, Clayton

Simons then responded to Robinson with the following email: “Dear Royal, As a former Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier in the last PNP administration, I consider you are entitled to a reply to your letter.

Royal Robinson

I regret that you take such umbrage with my open letter to the members of the NGC of our Party. The letter was after all aimed at the Leader. It is also a fact that it’s the NGC who elects the Leader and to whom he ultimately reports. This Leader has never done so, save for the one occasion on which an NGC meeting was requisitioned by persons other than the Leader to hear from him as to his appointment of a Deputy. That is unacceptable and I make no apology for saying so. You concede that I have a right to call for the resignation of the Leader but you say nothing as to why he ought not to resign. You quarrel only with the public manner in which I made the call. The answer is simple - the public has a legitimate interest in the matter! Our Party is one of the pillars of the parliamentary democracy that we practice. How our Party conducts itself, whether in or out of office, is a matter of national import. The charge against the Leader is in the public domain. The public, in addition to the Party, is entitled to know what he intends to do about it and to draw conclusions as to his leadership qualities based upon his response. Besides, my letter was directed to resignation, not displacement or removal from office. Putting aside your pitiful perceptions as to my motives and connections, I wish to correct two factual errors that you have made: (1) I did in fact send my letter to the Chairman and to the Leader at the same time as it was released to the media, and (2) the list of media houses and their email addresses was sent to me by a member of the media unconnected with either Mr. Neil Smith or Mr. Shaun Malcolm. Mr. Smith’s name just happened to be the first on the list and Mr. Malcolm’s name the last. I fail to see how their names in the pecking order matter in the least! As to your assessment of my chances of winning the leadership of our Party, I believe you are in the minority. I intend to take my chances and time will tell. The choice of words that you felt unable to commit to paper may be expressed to me the next time we meet or speak on the telephone. However knowing range of your vocabulary, I have a fairly good idea what those words might be! Best as always. Carlos. Robinson then wrote back another email which stated: Dear Carlos, I will always concede that as far as the copying the of the English accent, i will never excel to those lofty heights to which you have attained. However, as to the command of the actual English language, I will give no quarter to no one! That being said, i will not conduct any more of this aspect of our Party’s business in the public domain. But as to the manner in which you circulated your original correspondence, all I will say is that if it were your original intention to circulate it to the membership of our great Party, you would have done so at the outset. Even at this late hour, you have failed to do so. Now as to the leadership itself, all that I would say, “ You bad? Then put your name on the dotted line” and we shall see. Roll that dice of chance and you will see if crop does not show up! The current leader has indicated that the question of leadership will be determined at a special NGC called for that purpose, and it will be sooner rather than later. So until that date and time, he will remain the leader, and no urging by you to do otherwise will carry the ball further towards the goal. I can tell you what it is to run and lose on more than one occasion, so welcome to the fray and let us see if you have the intestinal fortitude to prevail. As to those additional words, I will continue to defer, and no manner of ‘egging on’will persuade me to do otherwise. Regards, Royal

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

Education Week 2012 Tribute to former Turks and Caicos Islands Ministers of Education

Oswald Skippings

Robert Hall

Arabela Smith

Clarence Selver

Lillian E. Boyce

Dr. Carlton Mills

Education Week 2012 Tribute to former Turks and Caicos Islands Ministers of Education A tribute by Mrs. Louise Thomas and Mrs. Rachel Taylor Mrs. Taylor: Paraphrasing the words of Wilbur Cross; “For the blessings that have been our common lot and have placed our beloved country with the favoured regions of earth … for the richer yield from labour of every kind that has sustained our lives …for steadfast courage and zeal in the long, long search after truth. We the people of the Turks and Caicos are blessed. We come from good stock, and it is within that historical context that we stand as deeply humbled people. Ms. Thomas: Today, as we commence this education week of activities under the theme, Centres of Learning – ‘Our Heritage, Our People’ we are challenged to reflect on the foundation laid by our forefathers and continue the work by embracing opportunities which will allow us to further enrich our culture, so as to leave a heritage for generations to follow; a generation being compassionate about what we do becoming HEROES in our unique ways. Mrs. Taylor: Leave a Heritage for generations to follow! Girl, what is Heritage? Ms. Thomas: Heritage is WHO we are, What we bring to the world, and Where we came from. Mrs. Taylor: Heritage?

Then, what encompasses Our TCI

Mrs. Thomas: Our Heritage, Mrs Taylor is simply, our past, our traditions, our customs, our way of life, that have been passed down through generations upon generations. For examples, our salt ponds and windmills are relics of the past salt industry that once fueled our economy. Our traditional Watch Night Services and tasty peas and harmony with fry bonefish are also components of our country’s heritage. Our heritage also encompasses everyone who has been part of our upbringing - I may like white rice and stew beans because it was my grand mother’s favourite dish to make- we may sound just like DJ Pleaser on the phone or be a perfectionist like Dr Linda Williams. Mrs. Taylor: OH!!!! Maybe we are as tall as Gallan or maybe our hair turned gray at 30 like one of

our former teachers Mrs. Malcolm. Mrs. Taylor: We may be a “splitting image” of Great-Grandpa Barba Watty or Aunty Cherry-bell or can imitate them. Or maybe we know how to haul bonefish like the people of South Caicos or can dig Wilkes like the people from Salt Cay. Ms. Thomas: Yes, our heritage is a combination of all these things. The things we learnt along the way in our communities, the things that make us unique as individual islands and as a country, all while still identifying us by our family heritage. Mrs. Taylor: We must be proud of our heritage, Proud of Our People and proud to know that during our pathway to success as a people, we have been encouraged to LIBERATE ourselves and it is through our attitudes that we will reap great rewards. Our very own National Hero, James Alexander George Smith McCartney said ‘ I, my party and government, are completely devoted to the achievement of political, economic and social advancement of this country, and we will not stop until this is attained. This is indeed not an idle dream, it is not impossible; I see it; I feel it; it is real; indeed I am living in it already.’ Ms. Thomas: In keeping with our theme, we thought it fitting to pay homage to eight outstanding men and women. Men and women who have lived JAGS dream, being devoted to the advancement of Educational Achievement which has allowed us to liberate ourselves. We wish to recognize: Mr. Wendall Swann, Mr. Clarence Selver, Mrs. Lillian Boyce, Dr. Carlton Mills and we apologize for the absence of Ms. Amanda Missick who is currently out of the country.

Wendall Lawrence Swann

Amanda Missick

laden with new challenges and opportunities. Yes, challenges that made you stronger and wiser. Your dreams were not idle, but rather possible. We can see it, It is real and indeed we are living it today. Ms. Thomas: Former Ministers of Education, your investment is truly a powerful, living, and long lasting tribute to the vision and sacrifice of JAGS McCartney. You have taken on the challenge when he implored us and I quote .... (VOICE OF JAGS) I say to you, we must never forget our main goal – to unite our people as one – to ensure that all Turks and Caicos Islanders live a life that is prosperous and happy, one which is meaningful and free. Mrs. Taylor:Mrs. Boyce, Mr. Swann, Mr. Selver, Dr. Mills and Ms. Missick as former ministers of education your contributions are acts of longstanding gratitude. We acknowledge your service. You stepped into the role of Ministers of Education and through your relentless efforts you have all paved the pathway that allowed many of us from all walks of life to receive a good education. Ms. Thomas: Former ministers, in doing our research for today, one notable memory of your commitment to Education for me was during our college years. Do you remember Mrs. Taylor? how excited we would get whenever we received the news that our Minister of Education was coming for a visit. Mrs. Taylor: Of course I do, we were the envy of every nationality on campus; as they were never afforded such luxury of having their Minister pay them a courtesy call. And boy! Ms. Thomas you know, we sure did rub it in.

Mrs. Taylor: Also acknowledge today at our Ceremony in Grand Turk, are Mr. Oswald Skippings, Mr. Robert Hall and Mrs. Arabella Smith; all former Ministers of Education in our country.

Ms Thomas: But, Mrs. Taylor aside from bragging to the other students, you know! what we all looked forward to; the day of arrival, because we knew on THAT! day, Noodles would not be dinner.

Ms. Thomas: Like JAGS they are heroes in their own way. Like JAGS they have written their pages of history as it relates to education in particular and they continue to make worthwhile contributions to this our society.

Mrs. Taylor: In addition to a four course meal, we were able to hangout in five star hotels and explore places we knew we could not afford on college student budget. These visits allowed our minister to became more aware of the concerns we had as students and how best to cater to our needs. You see ladies and gentlemen what might have seemed as a simple gesture to our then minister, spoke volumes to us as students. It was a source of motivation and encouragement and a clear indication that not only our families were interested and depending on us to be

Mrs. Taylor: Esteemed former Ministers of Education, you have given a heritage of faith, courage, obedience, and sacrifice; encouraging us to reach higher. Today, we reflect, honour and celebrate you our people. You have lived with faith and courage in times


Page 15

MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


successful. But also Our Minister of Education -Our Government! We felt special, because they knew who we were and cared about where we were going.

determination of Mrs. Boyce, we can boast that CARIFTA 2007 was hosted on the shores of this tiny country and in style.

Ms. Thomas: Former Ministers, on behalf of all the college students you have assisted, we say thank you for the memories.

Mrs. Taylor: Dr. Mills, you have defined the edges of equality and the power of education to change us for the better. As a teacher, you inspired us to be teachers. In your act of duty as Minister of Education you introduced the Bachelor’s Degree for teachers in joint collaboration with Nova University; a course that teachers have and are currently pursuing while working on the job allows teachers to have equal opportunity to those who are studying abroad. Having a passion for the advancement of young people, Dr, Mills was instrumental in the introduction of the National youth Parliament, laying the foundation for the future politicians. You have acknowledged that there are no challenges before us that we can’t fix with hard work and dedication, and getting in touch with the collective character that is our heritage.

Mrs. Taylor: Former Ministers of Education, you have worked tirelessly to restore that sense of being compassionate in our doings. You hold a special place in our hearts and our history because of your efforts. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you are seated surrounded by history, the echoes of educators, business men and women who over the years were called to a higher purpose, that is public service. Ms. Thomas: We take this time to identify what we believe to be some of their greatest accomplishments during their tenure: Mr. Wendall Swann for seeing the need to encourage and attract more natives to the teacher profession, at time when our classrooms were predominantly expatriates. And we are here today as examples of your persistence. Mrs. Taylor: Mr. Clarence Selver who introduced the teacher training programme at our Community College and who saw the need for our people to take advantage of our very own higher level of learning by introducing the two plus two program; two years at the Community College and if successful, two years abroad for further training. That’s a visionary!!!! Ms. Thomas: The honourees seated before us may have been from various political parties, but they were on similar pathways to Educational Advancement. Seeing the need to further empower and educate our people and strongly believing in the philosophy of no child left behind, many of our students received the opportunity to study abroad, especially students from the Prevocational Programme. Mrs. Boyce can boast that she was the Scholarship Minister. She followed Our National Hero’s dream; to ensure that all Turks and Caicos Islanders live a life that is prosperous and happy, one which is meaningful and free and it is through education that these may be achieved. Thanks to the

Ms. Thomas: Ms. Amanda Missick, though her tenure was short, we never doubted her capabilities for any moment and knew she would have continued with the legacy of those who came before her; she was at teacher and know the importance of education. Mrs. Taylor: We congratulate each of you. We acknowledge the heroic service of you brave men and women from our great country, The Turks and Caicos Islands, we hope and pray that we will be as compassionate as you were in your heroic acts. We thank you for your dedication to our country. We believe that what is in our history, that you have helped to create and what is in our hearts are intertwined to create a DNA of sorts that defines us as a people. Ms. Thomas: We are, indeed, at a crossroads of crisis and opportunity. Yet you have paved such a way that encourages us to remain steadfast and dedicated to the tasks set forth. For this we thank you. We will need to reach deep to our inheritance, those of strength, yet compassion, commitment yet innovation; we continue to call on you. Mrs. Taylor:

And, most importantly, we will need



PRIMARY OBJECTIVES OF THE JOB DUTIES: Proven Senior Management experience in the areas of technical operations, finance and accounting, customer relations, personnel and electric operations ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • It is mandatory that the applicant have strong interpersonal skills and maintain a positive attitude. • Must be a team builder. • Must be able to develop and maintain positive long term relationships with the customers, community organizations, legislators, associated regional and national organizations, the employees and the board. QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS: • Must have obtained a bachelor’s degree from a four year accredited college, or equivalent combination of

education and experience. • Will be required to deal with telecommunication and regulatory issues on a local, national and international level. • Willing to work on a 3 years contractual basis EXPERIENCE: • 10 years minimum experience in senior management in the telecommunication industry • 10 years minimum experience in technical operations, finance, accounting, customer relations

Salary: $80,000.00 - $120,000.00 per annum Plus Benefits not limited to: Health Insurance Cable and Internet discount Company saving plan

Contact: WIV Cable P.O. Box 679 Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands or fax 649-9462896

No telephone calls please

to solve our problems — together — by pursuing with great urgency good ideas that know, no political master or agenda. JAGS said that we must UNITE AS A PEOPLE ‘All this fighting, all this war-brother against sisters, fathers against sons, friends against friends – all in the name of politics, all in the name of a party must stop and must stop NOW. Ms. Thomas: We will do these things so that in our future we can celebrate shared prosperity for us all, which on balance can only come from shared sacrifice from each of us. Today, then, marks quite a bit more than the singular act of a transition from one administration to another. It is a demarcation between where we have been and where we are going, about remembering who we are and what we are capable of when it counts the most. Mr. Swann, Mr. Selver, Mrs. Boyce, Dr. Mills and Ms. Missick we have counted on you and so you delivered. Mrs. Taylor: We ask our honourees to stand at this time. We applaud you for a job well done. When we compare how things have been done in the past, and to take a different path forward, we are constantly reminded of the renowned poet Robert Frost, a fellow New Englander, when he wrote in The Road Not Taken: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and you — you took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Ms. Thomas: Thank You Ministers of Education!!!! We will conjure up the true grit and courage of our heritage and take the road less traveled. We will reach back to our heritage for determination, to make an honest assessment of where we are, and to join together to define our collective future as a people. Mrs. Taylor: It’s going to be tough to finally address our most difficult problems while being true to ourselves, but the question is not whether it can be done. We already know we can from our history. Ms. Thomas: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please stand with us as we give a standing ovation to our HEORES who have taught us to reach higher in spite of it all.

Government Vacancy


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Senior Press Officer. The incumbent is responsible for overseeing performance and service delivery standards for the Government Press Office. Duties include working with Management to spearhead, monitor and evaluate communication and information policies; arranging and participating in covering press releases, events, conferences, seminars and meetings and ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of a database. The incumbent is also expected to research, draft and update newsletters, brochures, leaflets and handbooks for the Service; work closely with crucial Ministries and Departments and Non-Governmental Organisations in cases of emergencies to sensitise the public; supervise staff; draft reports as well as oversee the development and content management of Government Website and Portal.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires that the incumbent should have a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications, Journalism, Public Relations and/or Marketing. Good interpersonal skills and good work ethics are required. Experience in the field of work will be an asset. The successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to work independently and interdependently. He/She must also possess the ability to communicate in English effectively both written and verbally and exercise good judgment in the application of established policies and procedures.

SALARY $34,992.00 - $38,880.00 PER ANNUM For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801 Extension: 10318, Facsimile: 649-946-1582, E-mail: . All resumes should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Resumes must include applicants current contact information and be accompanied by two letters of reference and a police certificate. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 22nd March 2012 ONLY SUITABLE CANDIDATES WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED

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Governor thanks people of TCI for participation in public meetings His Excellency Governor Ric Todd would like to thank the several hundred people who attended his public meetings across the Turks and Caicos family islands over the past few weeks. The series of six public meeting concluded at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Centre, Providenciales, last night Wed, 22 Feb 2012. Other meetings were held in Grand Turk, Salt Cay, and North, Middle and South Caicos throughout January and February. The purpose of the meetings was twofold. Firstly, the Governor believes that the people of the TCI should be given an opportunity to hear directly from him about the work of the Interim Administration. He promised at his inauguration to meet more regularly with the people across all of the Islands.

Secondly, given the importance of the Interim Administration’s milestones, that he should update the people in person about the good progress being made. While the Provo meeting was perhaps the most boisterous of the six sessions, the Governor believes that the meeting was extremely worthwhile, providing him with an opportunity to respond directly to questions about the economy, immigration, the transfer of £10m from the NIB, and, of course, progress against the milestones. “I believe that it is important that during my term as Governor that I try to develop meaningful two way communications with the widest possible variety of stakeholders including politicians, party officials and supporters, community leaders and


Every year, Rotaractors and Rotarians around the world celebrate World Rotaract Week during the week of 13 March to commemorate the founding of the first club in 1968. World Rotaract Week is a time for celebrating the success and importance of the Rotaract program. This year the Rotaract Club of Providenciales has an excellent line up of events and invites all residents and visitors of Providenciales to take part in them and look forward to seeing you there: March 11th 2012—Worship at Harvest Bible

private individuals from across the TCI,” said Governor Todd. “While the various parties involved might not agree with each other’s positions, I am determined that we can and do meet to discuss issues of mutual concern in a respectful and constructive fashion. Amongst the excitement and exuberance of last night I genuinely believe that good progress was made towards achieving this and improving the quality of our ongoing dialogue.” During last night’s meeting the Governor took the opportunity to reemphasise the importance of achieving a fiscal surplus by March 2013 and how this was an essential first step towards bringing down and eradicating the Islands’ debt which currently stands at $189m. To achieve this he accepts that recent tax rises affect those on lower

Chapel at 9:00am. March 12th 2012—Fellowship at the Commonwealth Day Celebrations held at Froggies on the Beach March 13th 2012—General Meeting & Games Nite at the Games Room, Upstairs the LRaye Cinema Complex, 6:30pm US$7.00 cover charge March 14th 2012– 4th Annual Poetry and Spoken Word Nite at the Havana Club, Windsong Resort 7:30pm. US$5.00 cover charge March 15th 2012—Rotaract joins the Rotary Club of Providenciales weekly meeting at Middle Caicos Café II 6:30pm. March 17th 2012—Community Service Project, SNAP Centre Clean-up “the Sequel” 7:00am. ROTARACT is an international program for adults ages 18 to 30 who want to make a difference. It was founded in 1968 by Rotary international, an association of clubs made up of service-minded

MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

incomes the most, but points to many reason to be more optimistic about the economy, citing expansion at the airport, Digicel’s newly announced $8.5m investment in the country, record visitor numbers and a sound plan to reduce the running costs of Government. The Governor recognised the concerns of people at all the meetings over the issues relating to becoming a TCI Belonger. He expressed his confidence that the Consultative Forum led public consultation, which has been extremely well supported, will produce positive proposals acceptable to Islanders over the next few weeks and months which will establish a clear, simple, transparent pathway to achieving citizenship. Other immigration related issues, such as work permits, will be addressed through the creation of the five new ministries in the TCI Government. He also clarified that all British Officials and advisors present in the Territory are paid for by the UK and not the people of the TCI; that the Police Marine Unit is up and running.

business and professional leaders. Rotaract clubs enable Rotaractors to grow personally and professionally, address community needs, and promote international understanding through friendship and service. Rotaract Club of Providenciales holds meetings, every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Edward Gartland Youth Centre at 6:15pm, which feature speakers, discussions, and workshops. Rotaractors also get together for service projects, social activities, and leadership workshops. Beyond the club level, Rotaractors can take advantage of district conferences, projects and training seminars and participate in an international meeting. If you are interested in attending a Club meeting, event or would like to learn more about the work Rotaract is doing in Providenciales please contact us on

Chukka Caribbean Adventures (TCI) Ltd.

in association with a leading Nature Adventure tour company with affiliated facilities in Jamaica and Belize invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the position of:


The successful applicant must satisfy the following: • 5 years experience • 3 years trail ride experience • Have a valid passport • Be well spoken • Tourism experience a must • Be CPR and First Aid trained • Lifeguard certificate a must • Be able to work on own initiative • Have a love for horses that one would stay up all night with a horse if it has colic.

Please note the following for successful applicants: • That our horseback riding operation requires guides, not just horsemen who have trail ride specific experience with non riders which enables them to see many of the potential problems and to react to prevent accidents. • Guides need to knowhow to react and what to say to guests when there are accidents to reduce potential lawsuits • We do ongoing in-house and external training and have safety standards in place, however the tour delivery and safety of guests relies on the guides. Selection of horses for guests, identifying guests who are scared and sending a guide to be close by, identifying body types that may not enjoy the balance and therefore choosing the correct horse for them. • Guides need to understand which horses get along with which in the line so that horses can be assigned accordingly.

NOTE: Any applicant, who does not possess all of the necessary requirements but would like to apply, may be considered for immediate training at one of our facilities in Jamaica once found suitable for the position. This training may take up to a year both in Jamaica and Grand Turk to ensure that the applicant is up to the standards that are required. Applications must be sent to: CHUKKA CARIBBEAN ADVENTURES (TCI) LTD. c/o Morris, Cottingham Hibiscus Square Pond Street PO Box 156 Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands Fax: 649-946-2503 Email: All applications must be received no later than March 24th, 2012.


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

Madison Drake, Assistant Manager of the Horse Eye Jacks, is seen with members of staff at the venue


A chef preparing meat on the grill

Horse Eye Jacks has new owners and different focus Popular Blue Hills seaside restaurant Horse Eye Jacks is moving to refashion its image from a ‘wee hours’ dancehall style party venue to a restaurant and beach activity destination with an ambience of sobriety. Horse Eye Jacks was sold in January of this year, and new Californian owner Dennis Pfister, on the day of purchasing the venue, wasted no time in giving the location an image makeover, literally and figuratively. Assistant Manager, Madison Drake, told The SUN that the intention of the new owners was to return Horse Eye Jacks to its 2005 heyday, when it was opened. “So, we have changed the menu and went to a fresh approach; we are doing grilling. I think we have some of the best jerk barbecue on the island. We brought

in a special barbecue guy who is from Blue Hills. And then, we have local fishermen who come in the morning and come in the afternoon bring us fresh fish. “You can pretty much have it your way, so you are not forced into a specific entrée, so you can pick your fish, you can pick your rib tick and you can pick your sides,” Drake explained. She also pointed out that Horse Eye Jacks would soon run daily specials so as to attract more clients, and that prized wines at the venue were the most affordable anywhere on Providenciales. She said that the popular Full Moon Parties that the venue hosted up until December when it was closed would be a thing of the past, as the restaurant was intending on shedding such image. “We will do live bands, steel drums and some island things. There wont be anything with boom boom music like

rap, that is not who we are. We would never do a Full Moon Party. They parties that we are going to have, people will be able to bring their kids. We will have bon fire, but after midnight that is over with. I think it is disrespectful to the neighbourhood for the place to be open at 4 (a.m.) or 5 o’clock (a.m.),” Drake pointed out. Drake was particularly upbeat about impending new additions to attraction, including the operation of watercraft such as kayak rentals. She said also that beach volleyball would return to the venue.. She said also that the owners of the venue plans to operate a water taxi in the Grace Bay area from a pier that they would construct on a designated beach along that tourism strip. Drake said while Horse Eye Jacks has been transformed into an eyecatching venue in the day, the night was

also a sight to behold. “We have beautiful deck lighting; the whole area is lit up at night. We also lit up the beach for safety, and the whole are is a romantic and people want to sit out there. Looking towards the future, we want to do some entertainment; we are kind of sorting through things; we have just opened for two weeks. She said that while the venue has been welcoming a great deal of tourists, it was being patronizing a great deal by locals. Madison said that Blue Hills residents were happy to learn of the plans that the new owners have for the property, since many of them were not in favour of how it was being run previously. “We want to bring back more family oriented activities. I think we have done very well with the neighbourhood. We have hired a lot of people from Blue Hills and they were excited to see the place developed and grew. They saw what it went down to – it was not a good situation – and they actually came and helped. They said ‘we didn’t want money; we just want to get it together’. It was totally amazing,” Drake noted.

• Maintain a professional demeanor when dealing with customers • Communicate with customers / team members / Directors, at a peer technical / nontechnical level. • Work with team members in resolving hardware/software/network issues. Salary Ranges, $49, 000.00 - $65,000.00 per Annum

Grace way IGA Supermarket is seeking suitably applicants to fill the following positions:

IT Analyst X 1

Duties and Responsibilities include: • Supporting all hardware related issues and reviewing all new hardware capabilities as required, such as cash registers, scales, and database and POS systems. • Assist in resolving any software issues, review and upgrade of all new software packages. • Maintaining good documentation relating to all IT related work plans and schedules such as backups and flowcharts. • Assisting with updating and improving the current Graceway IGA website • Providing reports generated from systems as requested by senior management – operational, financial or IT based. • Troubleshoots hardware and software problems, takes appropriate corrective actions and/or interacts with vendors in performing testing, support, and troubleshooting functions. • Forecasts systems demand, recommend upgrades, expansion, and reconfiguration • Participates in site set-up, user training, hardware/software installation, maintenance and support, and documentation of hardware/software logs and operating procedures. • Leads projects or subprojects including developing project plans, assigning tasks and facilitating team process. • Provide support for network devices, including firewalls, workstations, and servers. Requirements/Qualifications • Must thoroughly understand have at least a bachelors or higher degree in Computer or Information Systems • Must thoroughly understand Windows Server 2000/2003 Operating Systems (A/D, DNS, DHCP) • A minimum four years on the job experience as an information technology programmer/analyst (SQL language preferable) is required • Experience in data processing, computer information systems, data communications, networking, systems analysis, and computer programming is a must. • Ability to conduct training and informational sessions.

Finance Analyst X 1

Job Requirements & Responsibilities: • CMA/ACA/CPA qualified with a minimum of 5 years post qualification experience in a financial analysis position • Operational and financial analysis of key business issues • Management and development of accounting system and processes, including chart of accounts, expansion of capability, and relationship management with external parties • Manage systems integration projects in relation to accounting system with operational systems • Extensive experience of preparation of Financial Statements, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow • Finance team development and training on accounting system and processes • Experience in financial analysis work in a retail/wholesale environment • Business process re-engineering experience in implementation of systems or process projects • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Attention to detail and flexibility to manage multiple tasks • Excellent communication skills are required Salary Ranges, $48, 000.00 - $66,000.00 per Annum • CAKE DECORATORS X2 • CLEANER X1 • STOCK CLERKS X1 • DELI SERIVCE CLERK X1 • PRODUCE CLERK X1 • FLOOR CARE MAINTAINER X1 Salary Ranges $6.50 TO $7.00 / HOUR Deadline for submission of applicants is March 23rd 2012 Submit to: Graceway IGA Supermarket main office complex or email: Please Note: Only short-listed applicants will be contacted to attend interviews

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

Cookie Monster, a big hit at local school A group of 170 kindergarteners at Sandals Foundation sponsored Enid Capron primary were treated to a delightful surprise this week when Sesame Street furry friend Cookie Monster visited the school to host a fun filled reading session and to share some of his favorite cookies with the kids. The successful fun-filled event saw an exciting group of kindergarteners gathered at the Five Cay Community centre for an exclusive storytelling session featuring the well-known Sesame Street tale, Happy and Sad, Grouchy and Glad— while youngsters were encouraged to read along, identify colors, shapes and numbers. The Storytelling event, which was held to celebrate the 2012 Education week, is a part of the Sandals Foundation literacy program which aims to create a fulfilled learning environment where children are taught the importance of reading while being rewarded for their efforts. Principal Rachel Taylor believes that the students enjoy and benefit from story time and elaborated on this by saying, “Our students really look forward to the storytelling event with the sesame street characters, and it’s the highlight of their Education Week experience “she continued, “It’s an exciting treat for them to be able to move away from the traditional classroom setting to a fulfilled learning experience with the help of their favorite character.”

Cookie Monster, Sandals Foundation volunteers and Enid Capron Primary School Kindergarten Class

“Reading to kindergartners with the help of Cookie Monster creates learning in a fun interactive way,” said Beaches Public Relations Manager Elanor Finfin Krzanowski, who was on hand to help with the reading session. “We are very grateful that we were given the opportunity to incorporate our partner Sesame Street into our sponsored school learning curriculum to give the kindergartners an interactive reading experience while sharing delicious chocolate chip cookies to enhance the experience.” The Five Cays based primary

school is the second Sandals Foundation adopted school in Providenciales. The foundation is committed to making an impact in the school through creative education by giving kids the opportunity to interact with their favorite Sesame Street characters while learning at the same time. In addition to the Enid Capron Primary reading session, the foundation also hosted two hosted Teacher’s appreciation lunches for 103 teachers from both Enid Capron Primary and Clement Howell High School at their Lavish restaurant

Come and join our winning team!!!

Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond all inclusive property in the Caribbean is inviting applications from suitably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates

The Accounts Department requires: Assistant Accountant Requirements include but are not limited to: o Professional Accounting designation preferred o 3 years relevant experience Salary for the above mentioned position range from $25,000.00 to $35,000.00 Cost Control Clerk Requirements include but are not limited to: o Ability to meet deadlines o Knowledge of Accounting procedures o Computer literate The rate for the position listed above is $6.50 to $9.00 an hour. Watersports/ Catamaran Department Requires: Lifeguard Requirements include but are not limited to: o Ability to Swim o First aid/ CPR Certification

Deck Hand/ First mate Boat Captain Requirements include but are not limited to: o Boat Captain license (for boat captain position) o Ability to Swim o Knowledge of a boat and its handling operations o First aid/ CPR Certification The rate for the positions listed above is $5.00 to $10.50 an hour.

Engineering Department requires: Painter Requirements include but are not limited to: o Attention to detail o 3 years’ experience The rate for the position listed above is $5.00 to $6.00 an hour. The Administration Department requires: Trainee Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: o Successful applicant and participant of the SRI Trainee Management program Salary for the above mentioned position is $16,000.00

Guiseppes in French Village. Across the Caribbean, the resort chain has adopted a total of 27 schools, including the Enid Capron Primary School and Clement Howell high school here in Providenciales. The foundation works closely to provide support and assistance to the schools which also provides a focus on education. Working with the parents and teachers, resort team members provide practical support by helping to maintain buildings, organize student seminars and visits, special events, and Christmas treats for around 9,000 pupils.

must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that only short listed applicants will be contacted for an interview.

VIP Driver Requirements include but are not limited to: • Must be a Belonger with a valid driver’s license, a Public Service license and a certificate in TCI Host Training • A professional team player and knowledgeable of the Hospitality Industry and the history the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Region • Willing to work flexible hours and to go the extra mile to welcome our valuable guests to our shores and Resort The rate for the position listed above is $6.00 to $10.00 an hour. Spa Department Requires Spa Attendant Cosmetologist Spa Therapist Hair Braider Receptionist

Successful candidate will direct all efforts toward guest satisfaction, achievement of Spa standards and profit maximization. The ideal candidate must satisfy the following criteria: o Certification in one or more of the following areas: Massage, Esthetics, Body treatments, Hair services, Tattoos and Nail services. o Must have a friendly and nurturing personality. o Must be sensitive to the needs of the customer. o The ability to communicate in English both verbally and written. o Must be flexible with work schedule supporting the needs of the Spa covering evenings, weekends and Public Holidays. o Must be sales driven with proven customer service skills, upgrading of services/ retail. o Team player o Must lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and have a positive approach to life and work. o Set high standards as it relates to professional grooming and presentation. Remuneration: Bi-weekly base pay plus commission The Food and Beverage Department requires: Food and Beverage Manager

Requirements include but are not limited to: o Experience in managing multiple Restaurant outlets with seating of over 200 o Five (5) years relevant experience in Fine Dining, Al La Carte and Buffet Salary for the above mentioned position is negotiable and based on experience Offsite Properties requires: Labour Care Taker Requirements include but are not limited to: o Physically Fit o Ability to carry out labour intensive task The rate for the positions listed above is $5.00 to $9.00 an hour.

Gift Shop Department requires: Shop Attendant Requirements include but are not limited to: o Two years sales experience a must o Ability to meet sales targets and quotas The rate for the position listed above is $5.00 to $7.00 an hour. Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road and

The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

and should reach not later than March 13th 2012 Otherwise, please call for additional information tel # 649-946-8000 ext 4138


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


The Fortis TCI-sponsored Ministry of Education Science Fair 2012, was held over two days at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Complex on Wednesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 8. Clement Howell High won the Science Project category, while British West Indies Collegiate won the Quiz Competition. Jo-Anne’ Tyson of Clement Howell High won the Poster contest, while Aquinta Missick & Shamie Gardiner Raymond Gardiner High School won the Graphic Art Poster category.

Dr. Jamallah Berry (right) of the Ministry of Health explains to this gentleman aspect of medical health

The Clement Howell High School display

Students from the Richmond Hill Primary were particularly intrigued by the Fortis TCI

Clement Howell High students explained to the Leader of the PNP, Clayton Greene (second left) and Director for Health Services Dr. Rufus Ewing, of what their project was all about

The British West Indies Collegiate booth

The National Trust display The Holy Family Catholic School display

Students from the Richmond Hill Primary were particularly intrigued by the Fortis TCI booth The top two posters in this year’s Science Fair. At the top is the winning poster, designed by JoAnne’ Tyson, while second place art piece designed by Malique Farette is seen below

The Ianthe Pratt Primary School students gave a sterling performance

The Wesley Methodist High School booth

A Clement Howell High student leads the singing of the National Anthem and the National Song

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


Science paper 2 Section B

This section consists of five (5) structred questions. You are required to answer ALL questions from this section. 1. What is the main function of the leaf of a plant? _____________________________________________ 2. Name the three main things that plants need to make their food. A________________________ B________________________ C________________________ 3. How is water carried from the root of a plant to its leaves? __________________________________________________ 4. Explain why flowers of plants have bright red colours. ___________________________________________________ 5. List two functions of the roots of plants A________________________ B________________________ 6. The shoot system in a flowering plant is made up of a stem, leaves, buds and flowers. State one function of the stem of a plant. __________________________________________________ 7. Use the words below and correctly label the eye Iris Cornea Lens Pupil Lens Retina Optic Nerve

15. What are the functions of the Digestive System? __________________________________________________ 16. What Happens to Food in the Small Intestine? __________________________________________________ 17. How does our food move through our bodies? __________________________________________________ 18. What Happens to Food in the Stomach? __________________________________________________ 19. How does our bodies break down food? __________________________________________________ 20. What is the human body’s biggest organ? __________________________________________________ 21. The tongue is an elongated muscular organ located in the mouth. Study the picture below and answer the questions which follow.

8. The colored part of the human eye that controls how much light passes through the pupil is called the? __________________________________________________

9. Label the diagram of the skin below

(a) List two functions of the tongue 1________________ (2) _____________________ (b) What four tastes do taste buds recognize? 1_____________________ (3) _____________________ 2_____________________ (4) ____________________ (c) State two ways by which your sense of taste and smell can protect you. 1___________________ (2) _______________________ This section consist of two (2) questions. Answer ONE question.

10. What is the name of the substance that gives skin and hair its pigment? __________________________________________________ 11. What is the outside layer of skin on the human body is called the? __________________________________________________ 12. The flow of blood through your heart and around your body is called? __________________________________________________ 13. What are the two chambers at the bottom of your heart called? __________________________________________________ 14. Label the Digestive System and answer the questions below

22. Give five things you can do at school and at home to prevent the spread of Cholera. 1__________________________________________ 2__________________________________________ 3__________________________________________ 4__________________________________________ 5__________________________________________ 23. Explain five ways in which you can stop yourself and others from discriminating against people living with HIV/AIDS. 1__________________________________________ 2__________________________________________ 3__________________________________________ 4__________________________________________ 5__________________________________________


MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012



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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


The Enid Capron Primary School in Providenciales staged its Annual National Pride Day, where students and teachers took part in cultural events such as dances, music, foods and historic sites representative of each island. The event this year took place on Thursday, March 8, on the school grounds.

Bambara Rum is representative of Middle Caicos

Principal for the Enid Capron PrimarySchool Rachel Taylor (left) and Almartha Thomas seem to be having fun while performing a traditional TCI dance

These students display a map of Providenciales

A variety of foods was on display

The event would not have been completed without a clown

This student displays a map of North Caicos which is regarded as the greenest island in the TCI chain

Some historic sites on Grand Turk are being displayed

A likeness of the Seven Stars Resort on Grace Bay, Providenciales

Workers in Jennings’ Store count the day’s sales

The Rip Saw is one of the TCI’s traditional musical instruments

Fishing is a rich tradition in the TCI

A game of dominoes is a popular pastime in the Turks and Caicos

A model of the Raymond Gardiner High School in North Caicos

These students represent the island of South Caicos; the pinkclad ones represent the Miss Regatta pageant

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012



MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012



MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

Strong support for International Women’s Day

Women from the across the Turks and Caicos Islands celebrated International Woman’s on all the inhabited islands on Thursday, March 8, which was held under the theme “Connecting Girls, Inspiring future”. Events were on Salt Cay, Grand Turk, South Caicos, Middle and North Caicos. The event was observed locally under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, Home Affairs and Road Safety and Gender. This year’s observance was dedicated to the women of Rwanda, who were being raped by warring factions, as a weapons of war. The women from the opposing sides of war came together to say “No, to war and Yes, to peace’, and to show how they could build the bridges of peace for the future, thus the mantra for this year - “Standing on the Bridge”. The following are highlights from the Providenciales event, which was held at the Down Town Ball Park.

Pastor Claudette Basden chaired the event

Barbara Handfield, Deputy Gender Affairs Coordinator addresses the audience

Rebecca Trayler of the Salvation Army invokes God’s presence at the event

Alleveia Butterfield-Chan Jon Chu addresses the audience

Karen Delancy from the Consultative Forum brings greetings

Human Rights Commissioner Doreen Quelch-Stubbs speaks of the issues affecting women and girls in the TCI

A Section of the gathering at the Down Town Ball Park

Businesswoman Josephine Conelly speaks on integrity of being in business as a woman

Alexandra Taylor renders the closing prayer

TURQUOISE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Ltd is looking for qualified and experienced applicants for the following positions. All interested applicants should please leave their resumes at Turquoise Construction front Desk. Only short listed individuals will be notified by phone. For more information: Tel: 941-7396/ 941-7376 Fax: 941-7397 E-MAIL:

• Ability to work independently with minimum supervision


Experience: 10 years Salary: $24000.00 per annum

• Ability to work in cooperation with other crews and contractors. • Ability to read and layout construction and drawing to site conditions. • Assist the manager of construction in producing purchasing documents, assisting in study of spreadsheets such as fuel usage ,hours etc

Description: • Reporting directly to the CEO, this is a key position where you will be heading the whole construction and engineering team. • Independently supervise all existing portfolio through Manager construction of each project • This role will includes responsibility for management of the existing portfolio and the identification of new ventures, growth of the company across construction projects and contracts, overall management of the portfolio ensuring timely execution within the budget.

CIVIL ENGINEER: Required an individual with knowledge of the principles and practices of Civil Engineering and the ability to apply them to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of facilities. The individual should be able to prepare correspondence and reports, analyze facts and exercise independent judgment; establish and maintain effective working relations; deal effectively with representatives of other organizations and the public. Experience: 5 – 10 years Salary: $36000.00 per annum

Experience: • 10 years or more of experience managing construction projects of increasing complexity. • Ability to work under pressure and coordinate numerous activities and groups of people who need to cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency. • Good oral and written communication skills. Academic qualifications: Bsc. Civil Engineering, Business administration. Salary: $36,000.00 per annum

FINANCIAL CONTROLLER Looking for an experienced individual to manage and supervise the planning, coordination, reviewing and evaluation of financial and /or administrative programs activities for a major construction company within the country and perform related tasks Qualifications: CPA / University Degree in accounts / Finance Experience: 10-20yrs as a Financial Controller in construction Companies, familiar with US GAAP Salary: $36000 per annum


All applicants should be prepared to work on weekends and overtime. A detailed job description will be provided at the office to qualified individuals.

• Requires the individual to direct lead people and projects and meeting standards set out by the management.


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


Clement Howell tops at Science Fair Clement Howell High School walked away with two of the four top awards and two second places at this year’s Science Fair that was held at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex in Providenciales between Wednesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 8. The Lloyd Fearon-principled school, captured the top spot in the Science Project, which was creating dye from an invasive plant Cassyntha Filiformis better known as Love Vine. British West Indies Collegiate was second, while Holy Family Academy was third. Clement Howell High placed first and second in the Creative Art Poster category, with Jo-Anne’ Tyson taking the top spot and school mate Malique Ferrette securing the second spot. Rashana Capron of Maranatha High School rounded off the top three. British West Indies Collegiate walked away with the Quiz Competition ahead of Maranatha High in second and Wesley Methodist in third. Raymond Gardiner High’s Aquinta Missick and Shamie Gardiner secured top spot in the Graphic Art Poster category, finishing ahead of Oshin Whyte of the Clement Howell High School and Jonbonae Chung & Hollie Hastings of British West Indies Collegiate. This year’s Science Fair was

The victorious Clement Howell Science team and their teachers pose for the camera. From left (standing) – Jo-Anne’ Tyson; Gemely Lubin; Windilina Macion; Snwanva Adams; C. Daniels; Doris Owoh; and Andrea Francis. Stooping from left – Malique Ferrette; Clevesha Outten; and Rosedona Williams.

sponsored by Fortis TCI, which donated cash and other goodies to the winners. There were exhibits from a number



SCOPE As a member of the IT team, this position is primarily responsible for providing support to the Chief Technology Officer. Responsible for configuring hardware and software, setting up peripherals such as printers or routers, repairing equipment and providing daily support for computer network users. Respond to customer inquiries and performs day-today administrative/clerical tasks as needed. Essential Duties: • Setup new computers including installation of Operative System and appropriate software used in the operations of NHIB • Install and maintain computer hardware, software and networks. • Troubleshoot hardware, software and network operating systems • Maintain log and/or list of required repairs and maintenance • Troubleshoot and fix networking issues • Provide orientation to new users of existing technology and train staff about potential uses of existing technology • Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources. • Monitor security of all technology used in NHIB

of other entities, including the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR); Turks and Caicos National Trust; Times of the

Islands; Department of Health and Human Services; TCI Civil Aviation Authority; and the National Cancer Society.

• Control and post contents to Websites maintained by NHIB. • Control and manage Network Security. • Develop, implement and maintain effective backup strategy and proper documentation of all strategies in order to secure data. • Perform other related duties as assigned by CTO • May perform other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor or any other person authorized to give instructions or assignments. Minimum Requirements/Skills • A first Degree in Computer Science/Information Systems from a recognized institution. • At least 1 year experience in maintaining and supporting computer systems and software applications. • Sound Knowledge of network cabling and Operative Systems and security of computer networks • Experience working with Relational Database Systems would be an asset • Must have a good communication and interpersonal skills. • Sound knowledge and aptitude in the use of productivity tools such as spread sheets, word processors, database management and query facilities. • Ability to work on own initiative. Salary • Salary will be reflective of qualification and experience. Deadline for submission: March 30, 2012 All applications should be addressed to:

Human Resource Officer National Health Insurance Board Salt Mills Plaza Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands British West Indies Email: or

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012



The Lockhorns on page 24 & 25 Page 34


FUN & GAMES Mama’s Boyz


by Jerry Craft

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Guess what, Lamb? You’re about to experience a new perspective on a situation you long regarded quite differently. What you learn could open more opportunities later. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) The Bold Bovine is tempted to charge into a new venture. But it might be best to take things one step at a time, so that you know just where you are at any given point. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) It’s a good time to go on that fun getaway you’ve been planning. You’ll return refreshed, ready and, yes, even eager to tackle the new challenge that awaits you. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) The Moon Child loves to fantasize about magical happenings in the early part of the week. But the sensible Crab gets down to serious business by week’s end. LEO (July 23 to August 22) What goes around comes around for those lucky Leos and Leonas whose acts of generosity could be repaid with opportunities to expand into new and exciting areas of interest. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Your concern about your job responsibilities is commendable. But you need to take some quiet time to share with someone who has really missed being with you. LIBRA (September 23 to


If you encounter a player who always seems to guess the location of a missing queen, don’t write him off as just being exceptionally lucky. Chances are the fellow knows what he’s doing. Consider this deal where South was in four hearts and West led the K-A-Q of diamonds, declarer ruffing the third diamond as East discarded a club. Having lost the first two tricks, declarer now had to deal with the possibility of also losing a spade and a trump to the queen. The potential trump loser could be avoided by guessing correctly whether to cash the A-K, or whether to cash only the ace and then take a finesse against East on the basis that East’s diamond shortness made him more

H October 22) Aspects favor getting out and meeting new people. And as a bonus, you might find that some of your newly made friends could offer important business contacts. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) You might take pride in wanting to do everything yourself. But now’s a good time to ask family members to help with a demanding personal situation. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Pay more attention to the possibilities in that workplace change. It could show the way to make that long-sought turn on your career path. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Your need to succeed might overwhelm obligations to your loved ones. Ease up on that workload and into some welldeserved time with family and friends. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Love rules for amorous Aquarians who can make good use of their ability to communicate feelings. Don’t be surprised if they’re reciprocated in kind. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Fishing for compliments? No doubt, you probably earned them. But it’s best to let others believe they were the ones who uncovered the treasure you really are. BORN THIS WEEK: Your good works flow from an open, generous heart. Nothing makes you happier than to see others happy as well. © 2008 King Features Synd., Inc.

likely to have length in hearts. But rather than commit himself one way or the other, South adopted a line of play designed to eliminate the danger of misguessing altogether. He began by cashing the K-A-Q of clubs. (Had West started with only two clubs and trumped the third club lead, declarer would have been able to overruff in dummy.) Next came the ace of spades followed by a spade to the king. When West followed suit to both spades, making the contract became a certainty. Declarer next cashed the ace of hearts and then led the jack. When East followed low, the jack was allowed to ride. It didn’t matter to South whether the finesse won or lost — he was sure to take the rest of the tricks. Since West had already shown up with six diamonds, two spades, three clubs and a heart, there was room in his hand for only one more card. If it was a spade or a club, the heart finesse against East was bound to succeed. If West’s unknown card was the heart queen, West would win but would then be forced to return a diamond, allowing declarer to ruff in dummy and discard his spade loser. Just another lucky guess! © 2008 King Features Synd., Inc.


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


Whitney Houston left nothing to ex-husband Whitney Houston's will shows she left all of her assets to her daughter Bobbi Kristina, born from her troubled marriage to singer Bobby Brown, who gets nothing. Bobbi Kristina, who is currently 19, will receive the proceeds from all of the late singer's money, furniture, clothing, personal effects, jewelry, and cars, according to the will published by news show Inside Edition on Wednesday. The inheritance will be placed in a trust until Bobbi Kristina is 21. She will get more money when she turns 25, and the rest when she is 30. Houston's mother, Cissy, is the will's executor, with her brother Michael and sister-inlaw Donna trustees. A copy of part of the will, first drafted in 1993 and amended in 2000 when she was still married to Brown, was published on the show's website. The last testament states that if her daughter had died before Houston, her assets would have been shared between her ex-husband, her mother Cissy and other relatives.

Late pop queen Whitney Houston’s will was recently revealed, and she left everything to her 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Houston was found dead on February 11 in a Los Angeles hotel room, aged 48. She was laid to rest in a a New Jersey cemetery next to her late father, after a funeral ceremony celebrating her life on February 18.

The singer of hits including "I Will Always Love You" sold over 170 million records during a nearly threedecade career, but fought a long battle against substance abuse while trying to keep her performing talent alive.

Ex-husband Bobby Brown

Speculation has raged since her death that the singer may have succumbed to a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol, though official results from her autopsy were not expected for several weeks.

Rihanna’s dad called her fat, Apollo to induct Lionel praises 'nice'-guy Chris Brown Richie, Etta James If you've ever wondered why Rihanna's had a rocky relationship with her father over the years, a new interview with her dad might offer a couple of clues about his parenting approach. In the upcoming issue of Heat magazine, Ronald Fenty, aka Rihanna's sometimesestranged father, explained how he feels about Chris Brown three years after the singer assaulted his daughter. ''Chris is a nice guy, and everybody's entitled to make mistakes in their life," Fenty said in an excerpt from the interview published to the New York Post. "God knows how many I've made." According to Rihanna, some of Fenty's past mistakes involved domestic violence against her mother, which could explain his forgiving nature toward Brown. As for Rihanna's forgiving nature toward Brown, evidenced by their recent musical reunion, dad thinks that's just fine, too. He told Heat, "She's her own woman now." And at one point, just few months ago, Fenty found himself worrying about just how much of a woman she was. "I actually thought she was a little fat the last time I saw her," the not-so-sensitive father said. But if Rihanna worries about what Fenty thinks of looks now (and really, here's hoping she doesn't), she can rest assured that he approved of what he saw on the Grammys telecast. "When I saw her at this year's Grammys, I thought she was back to her normal size," Fenty stated. "I used to joke with her, 'Robyn, you're getting too fat.' But I think she's fine. I think she looked excellent, as everyone saw, at the Grammys. She's dieting; she's working out." And she's probably happy not hear any more of those "too fat" jokes dad so fondly recalls. Meantime, though she's been collaborating -- and hooking up -- with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna is still very much a single lady -- and she isn't particularly happy about it.

NEW YORK - Singer-songwriter Lionel Richie and the late Etta James will be inducted into the Apollo Theater's hall of fame. The ceremony will be held at the historic Harlem theater on June 4. Richie is a multi-award winning artist who performed with The Commodores at the Apollo in the 1970s. His hits include "Stuck on You" and "Endless Love." James' versatile style included blues, soul, jazz, R&B and rock. She's known for ballads such as "At Last" and "Trust in Me." She performed at the Apollo in 1957 and again in the 1960s. Her last album, "The Dreamer," was released just three months before her death on Jan. 20. She was 73. Past Apollo Legends Hall of Fame inductees include Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle.

Rihanna and her father, Ronald Fenty

During an appearance on the UK's "Jonathan Ross Show," the "We Found Love" singer, 24, told the host she thinks single life is "so overrated." "I have such incredible experiences in my life," Rihanna told Ross. " want to share your life with someone. That's what I'm missing right now." The busy star admitted she's not making a huge effort to put herself out there, but added that she'd be thrilled if the right guy came along. Her type? "Somebody cool, fun, [and] funny," she shared. During the interview, Rihanna also dished about a recent encounter that left her starstruck: meeting Adele during the Grammy Awards. "I love her," Rihanna exclaimed. "I'm a big fan ... Her last album, "21," spoke to me so much." In fact, Rihanna says the soul singer's heartbreaking lyrics struck too much of a chord with her -- and eventually, she had to give herself a break from the album of the year. "I feel like everyone in the world identified with [21], to the point that I had to stop listening because it was depressing me so much. If you identify with it, sometimes you don't want to hear about it."

Intrusive Question Diminishes Expectant Mom's Joyful News DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are in our 30s and have been happily married for almost six years. After two years of trying, we're finally expecting our first child. The problem is, how do we handle questions as to whether or not we conceived naturally? I am appalled by people we hardly know asking if we did in vitro fertilization. As a matter of fact, we DID conceive using IVF, after having tried numerous other options. We don't see anything wrong with it nor are we ashamed. But I don't think it is anyone else's business. Please help me respond properly without seeming as rude as those who ask. -- INTRUDED ON DEAR INTRUDED ON: Handle it by saying, "That is a very personal question and I'd rather not discuss it." That an acquaintance would have such little respect for boundaries to ask this question is appalling, I agree.

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


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• Average weather expected

for hurricane season • Bill Clinton urges officials to Stanford stem Haiti’s cholera outbreak convicted

Second Obama term worrisome for Caribbean financial centres The prospect of a second term in office for United States president Barack Obama has caused some concern for the future of international financial centres across the Caribbean and further afield. Irish economics lecturer Steve Kinsella has cautioned that countries like Barbados, which allow multinationals corporations tax savings on their profits will almost certainly be targeted if US President Barack Obama wins re-election in November. Writing in the “Irish Independent” on March 6, the University of Limerick lecturer said international financial centres like Ireland and Bermuda were being branded as “tax havens” by the cash-strapped US administration. “We will tremble before the US Internal Revenue Service,” he says. “Noises are being made as part of the US presidential election. The fact that so many US multinationals are availing of tax havens abroad is beginning to dawn on a cash-strapped US administration. “If re-elected, Obama may close off the dozens of tax loopholes multinationals currently use, cutting Ireland’s recovery off before it starts.” Last month the Obama administration took aim at so-called corporate tax havens in a proposed overhaul of the US corporate tax system which would lower the tax rate for companies and try to encourage job creation in the United States. US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner expressed disdain for the

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

current business tax system, calling it “uncompetitive, unfair and inefficient” and riddled with special favours. According to the “Wall Street Journal”, the White House plan would eliminate “dozens” of tax loopholes and use the savings to lower the top income-tax rate for corporations to 28% from 35%. To stop multinationals from shifting profits to low-tax jurisdictions, the administration would set out the rate for the new minimum tax on foreign earnings. Upward of US$100 billion in taxes are avoided annually by big corporations by booking their profits outside the US in offshore financial

Former President Bill Clinton urges officials to stem Haiti cholera outbreak MIREBALAIS, Haiti - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is urging officials to stem a cholera outbreak that has killed more than 7,000 people in Haiti since it was introduced to the country by a U.N. peacekeeper. Clinton made the remarks Wednesday as he toured a new hospital in Haiti in his role as U.N. special envoy to the impoverished Caribbean country. He said the soldier may not

have known he was carrying the bacteria. Studies have showed that U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal likely introduced the disease to Haiti. An international panel appointed by the United Nations blamed the outbreak on bad sanitation. Haiti has the world's highest cholera rate. The disease has sickened more than 526,000 others.

Grenada’s economic citizenship scheme in doubt Plans by the Grenada Ministry of Finance to implement a new economic citizenship scheme could be delayed indefinitely due to doubts in the government camp. Reports are that just days before the presentation of the 2012 budget, an initiative called Grenada Individual Investor Program (GIIP) is being revisited by ministry of finance officials after the idea allegedly did not receive the approval of a majority of Cabinet members who recently met to discuss the program. However, Information Minister, Senator Glen Noel, has insisted that the proposed revenue-generating

centres. Corporate tax avoidance became a hot-button issue in the US last year after the Bloomberg financial news service revealed details of Internet giant Google’s use of a network of offshore financial centres including Bermuda to cut its tax bill by more than $3 billion in three years. Recently the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations issued highly critical report on the subject, citing multinationals’ use of offshore financial centres suche as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to reduce — or entirely eliminate — their American tax bills

initiative has not been shelved permanently. He stated that Cabinet members decided to put the implementation of the programme on hold while consultation is held on whether Grenadians approve of GIIP. The country was expecting to generate millions of dollars under GIIP as Finance Minister Nazim Burke had promoted the programme as an initiative that could "increase the revenue base for the country, increase employment generation," and provide an "additional source of foreign exchange for Grenada." The country is facing a budget

deficit estimated to be about EC$100 million. However, detractors have pointed to echoes of the failed “passportselling’’ Economic Citizenship Programme of the New National Party (NNP) government of former Prime Minister Keith Mitchell in the GIIP structure. The NNP program, which allowed successful applicants to secure Grenadian passports, is said to have contributed to the party’s 2008 general election defeat, and led to Canada’s inclusion of Grenadians on a list of foreign nationals who now require visas to enter that country.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton

In a series of media appearances in late February, Minister Burke acknowledged that there is likely to be “a lot of national anxieties” about GIIP because of the failed economic citizenship program of the NNP. But he was confident that GIIP, once approved by government, could “bring substantial benefits to Grenada if it is well designed; if it is properly managed; if it is well implemented.” Burke said GIIP “provides an opportunity to expand the national economy; to increase the revenue base for the country; to increase employment generation; and is an additional source of foreign exchange for Grenada.” The 2012 budget, which was rescheduled from its expected January presentation, will be delivered on Friday (March 9) by Burke, who is also minister of planning, economic development, cooperatives and energy.

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

Allen Stanford convicted in $7 billion fraud HOUSTON— Texas tycoon R. Allen Stanford, whose financial empire once spanned the Americas, was convicted Tuesday on all but one of the 14 counts he faced for allegedly bilking investors out of more than $7 billion in massive Ponzi scheme he operated for 20 years. Jurors reached their verdicts against Stanford during their fourth day of deliberation, finding him guilty on all charges except a single count of wire fraud. Stanford, who was once considered one of the wealthiest people in the U.S., looked down when the verdict was read. His mother and daughters, who were in the federal courtroom in Houston, hugged one another, and one of the daughters started crying. "We are disappointed in the outcome. We expect to appeal," Ali Fazel, one of Stanford's attorneys, said after the hearing. He said the judge's gag order on attorneys from both sides prevented him from commenting further, and prosecutors declined to comment after the hearing. Prosecutors called Stanford a con artist who lined his pockets with investors' money to fund a string of failed businesses, pay for a lavish lifestyle that included yachts and private jets, and bribe regulators to help him hide his scheme. Stanford's attorneys told jurors the financier was a visionary entrepreneur who made money for investors and conducted legitimate business deals. Stanford, 61, who's been jailed since his indictment in 2009, will remain incarcerated until he is sentenced. He faces up to 20 years for the most serious charges against him, but the once high-flying businessman

Indicted financier R. Allen Stanford, right, was convicted on all but one of the 14 counts he faced for allegedly bilking investors out of more than $7 billion in massive Ponzi scheme.

could spend longer than that behind bars if U.S. District Judge David Hittner orders the sentences to be served consecutively instead of concurrently. With Stanford's conviction, a shorter, civil trial will be held with the same jury on prosecutors' efforts to seize funds from more than 30 bank accounts held by the financier or his companies around the world, including in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Canada. The civil trial could take as little as a day. Stanford was once considered one of the wealthiest people in the U.S. with an estimated net worth of more than $2 billion. But he had court-appointed attorneys after his assets were seized. During the more than six-week trial, prosecutors methodically presented evidence, including testimony from ex-employees as well

as emails and financial statements, they said showed Stanford orchestrated a 20-year scheme that bilked billions from investors through the sale of certificates of deposit, or CDs, from his bank on the Caribbean island nation of Antigua. They said Stanford, whose financial empire was headquartered in Houston, lied to depositors from more than 100 countries by telling them their funds were being safely invested in stocks, bonds and other securities instead of being funneled into his businesses and personal accounts. The prosecution's star witness — James M. Davis, the former chief financial officer for Stanford's various companies — told jurors he and Stanford worked together to falsify bank records, annual reports and other documents in order to conceal the fraud.

Stanford had wanted to testify and jurors were told he would do so, but his attorneys apparently convinced him not to take the witness stand. Stanford's attorneys told jurors the financier was trying to consolidate his businesses to pay back investors when authorities seized his companies. Stanford's attorneys highlighted his work to build up Antigua's economy as well as his philanthropic efforts on the island. Stanford, the largest private employer on the island nation, was widely known as "Sir Allen" after being knighted by Antigua's government. The financier's attorneys accused Davis of being behind the fraud and of lying so he could get a reduced sentence. Davis pleaded guilty to three fraud and conspiracy charges in 2009 as part of a deal he made with prosecutors. Three other indicted former executives of Stanford's companies are to be tried in September. A former Antiguan financial regulator accused of accepting bribes from Stanford was also indicted and he awaits extradition to the U.S. The financier's trial was delayed after he was declared incompetent in January 2011 due to an anti-anxiety drug addiction he developed in jail and he underwent treatment. He was also evaluated for any long-term effects from being injured in a September 2009 jail fight. Stanford was declared fit for trial in December. Stanford and the former executives are also fighting a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit filed in Dallas that makes similar allegations.

Weather experts expect an average hurricane season Hurricane season is still a few months away in the Caribbean but businesses and homeowners are being given early indicators that this season should not be excessively fierce. The National Hurricane Center’s new director, Bill Read, said this week that they expect an average season, with 12 tropical systems, and around 6 becoming hurricanes, in contrast with last year’s busy season in which there were 19 storms. Read attributed this likelihood to the fact that sea surface temperatures is forecast to be cooler this year than in 2011. The hurricane season officially starts in the Caribbean and Atlantic on June 1 and ends on November 30 and the centre is expected to issue a more comprehensive forecast during the second half of May. On average, the Atlantic-Caribbean hurricane season brings 12.1 tropical storms, with 6.4 of those strengthening into hurricanes. The region is still in the midst of a multi-decade busy period, and 2011 saw 19 tropical storms, with seven growing into hurricanes, including three major ones. The famed Colorado State University hurricane forecasting team, led by William Gray and Phil Klotzbach, is expected to issue its hurricane season

forecast on April 4 but a preliminary forecast released last December showed that they too were predicting an average season. Their December forecast stated that there was a 45% chance of this season featuring 12 to 15 named storms, seven to nine hurricanes, three to four of those being major ones. Weather Services International, a private weather forecaster, also released an early pre-season forecast in December predicting a relatively tame 2012 season with a total of 12 named storms and seven hurricanes. However, all these predictions aside, Read told reporters while attending the March 5 conference with representatives of other federal agencies to discuss hurricane forecasting and warning, that there was very little confidence in a forecast issued this far ahead of the season. "My guys don't think seasonal forecasts have any meaningfulness," he added, saying the Hurricane Center is focused on warning people so they get out of harm's way. This is a stance shared by Gray and Klotzbach who stated on their website that the December 2011 forecast would be their last December forecast in future since their seasonal hurricane forecasts of the last 20 years “have not shown real-time forecast

skill”. Read said at the conference on Monday that he was looking forward to the day when science had improved to the point where forecasters could reliably issue forecasts showing where a hurricane would be a week ahead of time. "We're two to five years from a seven-day forecast," Read said, but admitted that the Hurricane Center, which now issues five-day forecasts on the giant storms, did not want to issue a seven-day forecast until there is greater confidence in the predictions. "No one makes decisions based on that kind of forecast that can kill them," Read said. "There is plenty of time to recover from a bad decision to play golf on Saturday when it's Monday; it's not going to kill you. If you start moving nursing home patients at seven days (ahead) you could kill them." But, he said, better forecasts won't help the public if they ignore them. "The biggest challenge is to crack the denial. If you haven't cracked the `it won't happen to me thought process' you can do everything else right and they are going to say it won't happen to me and not do it," he said. "If you can get past the denial, the rest of it is not as difficult as you think.”


MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

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Trinidad Government easily rebuffs motion of no confidence in Prime Minister PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad- The fiveparty People’s Partnership coalition Saturday closed ranks and easily defeated a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar and reiterated early positions that the measure was “frivolous and senseless”. Instead the government voted in support of an amendment that read “whereas the Prime Minister and her historic People’s Partnership government inherited an economy in decline, a culture of wastage, raging and rampant crime, debilitating corruption and a style of arrogance in leadership, which led to its disconnect between the people and the government”. When the vote was taken, the government defeated the opposition motion by a 29-11 margin. Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning was not present in Parliament as he is still recovering from a stroke. The government last Friday used its majority to amend the motion that had been filed by Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley, recalling that in 1995 and 2008, the then People’s National Movement (PNM) government had used its majority to amend motions of no confidence against Manning. By amending the motion, it meant that Prime Minister Persad Bissessar

closed the debate and she told legislators that “the motion has brought forth a lot on both sides of the House”. She said after more than 27 hours of constant debate, it was obvious that her administration had taken the motion “very seriously” and that she was pleased with the “overwhelming support’ shown in her defence by her Cabinet colleagues. “I have every confidence in my ministers,” she said, adding that at the end of the presentations by the opposition provided no new information to the public. She said the anticipated “bombshells” had fizzled out to “as one legislator described it as conch shells” adding that the presentations were a “rehash of the same things. “What was the nation put on pause for,” she said in reference to the motion, adding “in a sense there is very little to respond to. ‘It is a frivolous and senseless exercise,” she said, adding that “no an iota of evidence has been presented to this House. What we got were spurious and wild allegations. “This motion was doomed to fail from the start. When you come with a vote of no confidence… you are trying to unseat a government. In other words

Government Vacancy


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Head of Strategic Policy and Planning Unit (SPPU)/Chief Economist.

Key Responsibilities 1. Manage the establishment and operation of the new Strategic Policy and Planning Unit (SPPU) that focuses on National Economic Planning and Development Planning. 2. Lead the review and execution of the Government’s economic and fiscal policy, where appropriate linking this to the production of the NDP. 3. Work with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on forward fiscal planning and appraisal. 4. Hold responsibility for the formation, design, execution and review of the capital budget, both domestic and donor funded. 5. Overview the design and execution of an appropriate statistical programme. 6. Lead the provision of economic advice to the Governor’s Office, and to other Govt. Departments, as appropriate. 7. Hold responsibility for a small specialist Private Sector and Public Bodies Relations Unit (PSPBRU) regarding current and proposed foreign investors and publically owned and regulated bodies, together with the promotion of domestic business activity. Nature and Span of Authority 1. The post-holder would report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), except on fiscal matters, when he/she would report to the CEO through the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Required Experience and Skills 1. A Masters degree in Economics or its equivalent in a related subject area. 2. At least eight (8) years experience working as an economist in the public sector, preferably in a national planning office, and in the Commonwealth Caribbean.

you are trying un-seat a government without evidence. You come into Parliament with a fishing expedition,” she said of the Opposition motion that read she was incompetent because of “an unending series of events (that) have demonstrated :the Prime Minister’s gross incompetence; failure to stimulate the economy and create sustainable employment; a consistent unwillingness to act in the best interest of the people of Trinidad and Tobago; an absence of effective management of officers under the control of the Prime Minister, resulting in persistent confusion and encouragement of wrongdoing in the conduct of the national affairs of Trinidad and Tobago”. The Prime Minister told Parliament that she was never fearful of the motion succeeding telling legislators “I have no fear of anyone but God. She described Rowley’s presentations as perhaps “the weakest… in history” and reiterated that her coalition administration that came to power on May 24, 2010 is as strong as ever. “There is no palace coup in the People’s Partnership, no conspiracy of any kind in the People’s Partnership,” she said, defending her administration’s policy on dealing crime and the

economy. The Prime Minister also used her contribution to refute suggestions that the former head of the director of the Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) Reshmi Usha Ramnarine, who has since changed her name, “had something holding over her. “Show me where there is an illegality in that (someone changing their name). I can’t see why you have no confidence in me,” she said, adding that the suggestion by the Opposition Leader was to tarnish “my character in something that is a total falsehood. ‘Nothing is further from the truth. There is nothing to blackmail me with” she said accusing Rowley of using the Parliament to spread “ludicrous” statements about her. “Give me evidence in this House that I encouraged wrong doing,” she added. Earlier, Rowley said that the prime minister by her actions had forced Trinidad and Tobago to lose his front line position within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). He accused her also of failing to attend an important CARICOM meeting at which the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) was being debated.

3. An excellent range of communication skills. 4. Some experience in public finance. 5. Commercial experience and/or involvement in private sector development would be useful.

Specific Tasks 1. The central co-ordination of the development planning process. 2. Undertake and supervise a programme of fiscal analysis at both macro and micro levels. 3. In co-operation with the MOF, and in liaison with the NDP process, the management of the formulation and execution of the development budget. 4. In close co-operation with the MOF, review the efficiency and effectiveness of elements of the tax collection machinery and components of public expenditure. 5. Support the assessment of requests from the private and parastatal sectors for Govt support, co-ordinating the public sector response to these requests. 6. Manage the prioritisation of data collection and the execution of an agreed programme of data collection, analysis and presentation. 7. In support of item 1 above, facilitate the evolution of specific priority items of public policy. 8. Lead the provision of economic advice to the most senior elements of the administration and, where appropriate, to other Depts. of the Govt.

SALARY $75,000.00 PER ANNUM For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands, a two (2) year contract is offered. Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include a Housing allowance of $1200.00 per month and end-of-contract gratuity of 15% of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen (16) years, as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801 Extension: 10318, Facsimile: 649946-1582, E-mail: . All resumes should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Resumes must include applicants current contact information and be accompanied by two letters of reference and a police certificate. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 22nd March, 2012



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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


• Bin ladin’s wives arrested in Pakistan • Winner of $336M million jackpot is a 81 year old woman • Accused Madam: cash, not credit!

Canada looks to ease huge immigration backlog OTTAWA - The government of Canada is looking at ways to streamline its immigration system in order to eliminate a backlog of more than a million applicants. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said on Wednesday the government was considering a wide range of options to create a more nimble immigration system better able to meet employers'

needs for skilled labor. "The doors are always going to be open. We're planning on continuing to receive over a quarter of a million immigrants per year," he said. "The question is how do we select those who are most likely to succeed and do so on a fast basis." He stressed that he had not made any decisions. One idea is to have provinces go

through the backlog of applicants and pick out people with the qualifications companies need, such as engineers in the oil business. "It's about ... matching the immigrants with the jobs rather than just pushing them into the general labor market to sink or swim," Kenney said. Canada remains relatively open to immigrants, but many newcomers

complain it is difficult to get their education and professional qualifications recognized, forcing them to retrain or find work in a different, often unskilled, field. Kenney said he was considering requiring prospective immigrants who already have credentials to get a preassessment from professional associations in Canada of their chances of having their credentials recognized.

Envoy Annan warns against more force in Syria CAIRO/BEIRUT - Kofi Annan, the U.N.-Arab League envoy to Syria, said on Thursday he would urge President Bashar al-Assad and his foes to stop fighting and seek a political solution, drawing angry rebukes from dissidents. "The killing has to stop and we need to find a way of putting in the appropriate reforms and moving forward," said Annan, who is due in Damascus on Saturday. One Syrian opposition activist voiced alarm at Annan's call for dialogue, saying it sounded "like a wink at Bashar" that would only encourage Assad to "crush the revolution". On a separate mission to Syria, U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said she was "devastated" by the destruction she had seen in the Baba Amr district of Homs city and wanted to know what had happened to

its residents, who endured a 26-day military siege before rebel fighters withdrew a week ago. Amos is the first senior foreign official to visit Baba Amr since the government assault, which activists said ended in reprisals by Assad loyalists. A Syrian Arab Red Crescent team that accompanied her there on Wednesday found few inhabitants among the ruins. As world pressure on Syria mounted, the deputy oil minister announced his defection, the first by a senior civilian official since the start of a year-long popular uprising against Assad, whose Baath party marked 49 years in power on Thursday. The minister, Abdo Hussameldin, 58, said he knew his change of sides would bring persecution on his family. The Syrian pound fell as low as 100 pounds to the



Job Purpose: The Compliance Supervisor/Legal Officer would provide legal, financial and administrative support in order to ensure an effective, efficient, accurate and timely financial and administrative operation.

SCOPE The Compliance Supervisor /Legal Officer reports to the Chief Executive Officer on all financial Issues; Chief Executive Officer on legal and other related matters. This includes ensuring compliance with the National Health Insurance Board Laws and Regulations. Providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure that municipal finances are accurate and up to date and that delinquent accounts for Employers and Self Employed persons are settled in a timely manner.

Essential Duties: • Effectively delegate delinquent Employer/Employee Accounts to Compliance Officers • Supervise activities of all Compliance Officers on a daily basis. • Meet with Compliance Officers to resolve compliance issues as they arise. • Submit Monthly Reports to Executive Management on all compliance activities • Initiate Prosecutions and Prosecute Employer and Self-employed arrears. • Interpret the National Health Insurance Board Ordinance and Regulations for all staff on a needs basis. • Assess and advise on all eligibility of beneficiaries. • Interpret other Ordinances as it relates to the registration and benefits of NHIB beneficiaries. • Draft legal opinions for advancement to the Chief Executive Officer on all matters arising under the Legislation. • Make recommendations for the amendment to the Legislation. • Conduct ongoing training on the National Health Insurance Board Legislation. • Make recommendations for the improvement of the compliance activities. • Contact Employers in relation to the submission of Contribution Statements. • Prepare spreadsheets illustrating debt owed by Employers and the Self Employed. • Assess, Negotiate and Prepare Payment plans on delinquent accounts. • Conduct field visits to Employer/Self-Employed Establishments, to inspect their books.

dollar from about 47 a year ago. Dealers said it had plunged about 13 percent in the last 24 hours on fears of U.S. military action. Tunisia and Turkey, a neighbor of Syria, declared their opposition to intervention by any force from outside the region, and Annan argued against further militarization of the conflict. Speaking in Cairo, the former U.N. chief said, "We should not forget the possible impact of Syria on the region if there is any miscalculation." He added that he would ask the government and its opponents to come together to find a political settlement, Tunisian President Moncef al-Marzouki said his country, which has offered Assad asylum to end the bloodshed, would be ready to join a possible Arab peacekeeping force in Syria.

• Conduct surveillance of all delinquent Employer/Self Employed Business. • Monitor all signed payment plans. • Travel to the other Islands to meet with Employer/Self Employed in relation to collection of arrears and other compliance issues. • Draft daily reports on compliance activities conducted. • Initiate Prosecutions and Prosecute for Employer and Self-employed arrears. • Ensure all agreed targets are conscientiously pursued and realized. • Provide administrative support in order to ensure effective and efficient office operations. • Ensure that all supporting documents are accessible and filed appropriately. • Ensure the confidentiality and security of all financial files. • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Skills/Qualifications: • Must be able to use Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and Power Point etc.) • Excellent team player with team building skills • Excellent writer and oral communication skills • Ability to deliver to strict deadlines and to work under pressure The successful candidate must have: • Excellent knowledge of the Turks and Caicos Islands Legal Procedures • Excellent working knowledge of Information Systems • General book-keeping knowledge • Minimum of 5yrs working experience (legal/enforcement service experience preferred) • Ability to write reports and business correspondence • Demonstrate a high level of integrity and professionalism • Ability to work as a team Salary Salary will be reflective of qualification and experience.

Deadline for submission: March 30, 2012 All applicants should be addressed to: Zaneta Burton Chief Executive Officer National Health Insurance Board Salt Mills Plaza Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands British West Indies Email: or


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


Pakistan charges bin Laden wives with illegal entry Pakistan has charged Osama bin Laden's three widows with illegal entry, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Thursday, without saying when it had done so or when a trial would begin. Pakistan took the Al-Qaeda terror chief's wives -- two Saudis and a Yemeni -- and around 10 of their children into custody after US Navy SEALs killed him at his house in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad on May 2, 2011. "The case has been registered only against the adults," Malik told reporters in the capital Islamabad. "They can have a lawyer and they have full liberty to go to court and defend themselves," he added. Malik said bin Laden's children were being kept in a five-bedroom

house "with proper facilities as if they were in their own home" but that they were free to return to their native countries if their mothers agreed. A commission probing how bin Laden lived undetected for years in Pakistan investigated his widows and daughters and took statements from them last year. Pakistan had not previously indicated any restrictions on the women leaving the country. The investigating committee said late last year that it had no further need to speak to them, giving the green light to their repatriation. When they were detained 10 months ago, the government said they would be handed over to their countries of origin "as per policy".

Barack Obama chides Republican rivals for pounding drums of war with Iran WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama made clear Tuesday he has no intention of rushing into conflict with Iran, chastising his foes in the Republican party for beating the drums of war in a country already paying high human and economic costs for its current military missions. "Those folks don't have a lot of responsibilities," Obama told a rare news conference at the White House, his first since October. "They are not commander-in-chief. And when I see the casualness with which some of these folks talk about war, I'm reminded of the costs involved in war .... in terms of sending our young men and women into battle, and the impact that has on their lives, the impact it has on our national security, the impact it has on our economy." Obama's remarks came two days after he addressed a pro-Israel lobby group and delivered a dire message to Iranians, warning them that the U.S. would use force if necessary to prevent Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. "I will take no options off the table, and I mean what I say," Obama told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee said on the eve of a White House meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama denied on Tuesday he was softening that stance, assuring reporters he stands behind Israel but has no interest in engaging in pro-war bluster to score political points. "This is not a game, and there is nothing casual about it," he said. He added that if his Republican foes would like to embroil the nation in yet another war, they should let Americans know. "One thing that we have not done is we haven't launched a war," he said. "If some of these folks think that it's time to launch a war they should say so, and they should explain to the American people exactly why they would do that and what the consequences would be. Everything else is just talk." Both Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum assailed Obama's policies on Israel and Iran earlier in the day during their own addresses to AIPAC. Republicans have been attempting to woo Jewish voters, who voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008, by painting the president as weak on Iran. In an opinion piece in the Washington Post on Tuesday, Romney also accused Obama of "fretting" about what to do while Iran beavers away at developing a nuclear program. He also called Obama the most "feckless" president since Jimmy Carter, a popular whipping boy for Republicans.

The interior minister did not specify what punishment the widows could be liable to receive. Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali, a lawyer working with the Federal Investigation Agency that registered the case, told AFP that the maximum sentence was 10 years in jail and a fine of up to 10,000 rupees ($110). According to an interview with bin Laden's Yemeni brother-in-law published in British newspaper The Sunday Times, the Al-Qaeda leader urged his younger children to go and live peacefully in the West and get a university education. Zakaria al-Sadah told the newspaper that in November he had seen his sister, bin Laden's fifth wife, Amal, for the first time since she was shot in the knee during the raid, and

was allowed to have several meetings with her. He said the three wives and nine children who were in the compound -- some are bin Laden's children and others are his grandchildren -- have been held for months in a three-room flat in Islamabad. They are guarded by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency, he said. Alongside the article last month, The Sunday Times published what it said was the first photograph to show some of the young children from the compound: two sons and a daughter, and two grandsons and a granddaughter. The children were still traumatised after seeing the raid in which bin Laden died, al-Sadah said.

Strong space weather storm hits Earth The strongest space weather storm in five years struck Earth on Thursday, causing some airlines to reroute their flights, threatening power disruptions and sparking a show of the northern lights. NASA and other agencies warned that the storm had the potential to disrupt global positioning systems, satellites and power grids, and had already caused some air carriers to change their planes' polar flight paths. However, the Earth's magnetic field appeared to be absorbing the brunt of the shock and it was unlikely to reach the most severe levels, US experts said. The leading edge of the coronal mass ejection -- a burst of hot plasma and charged particles -- that erupted from the Sun early Wednesday reached Earth on Thursday at 1045 GMT (5:45 am Eastern time in the United States), said an update from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Predictions that the storm would reach a level three on a scale of five, or a "strong" level of solar radiation and geomagnetic storming, continue to "look justified," NOAA said. "So far the orientation of the magnetic field has been opposite of what is needed to cause the strongest storming. As the event progresses, that field will continue to change." NASA had forecast late Wednesday that the storm could reach "severe" levels, and its effects were expected to last through Friday. The storm is likely "the strongest one since December 2006," NOAA scientist Joseph Kunches said on Wednesday. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station were not expected to be affected by the radiation storm, NASA said. A vivid display of the northern lights -- aurora borealis -- created when highly charged particles interact with the Earth's magnetic field, causing a colorful glow, was expected to be visible over central Asia at nightfall Thursday. Geomagnetic and radiation storms are growing more frequent as the Sun leaves its solar minimum period and moves into a solar maximum over the coming years, but people are generally protected by Earth's magnetic field. However, some experts are concerned that because the world is more reliant on GPS and satellite technology now than it was during the last solar maximum, more disruptions to modern life are likely. The fuss began late Sunday at an active region on the Sun known as 1429, with a big solar flare that was associated with a coronal mass ejection that thrust toward the Earth at some four million miles per hour (6.4 million kilometers per hour). A pair of solar flares and a CME followed overnight Tuesday-Wednesday, setting off a strong geomagnetic and solar radiation storm registering at level three on a five-step scale. NASA said the first of the two flares on March 6-7 -- classified in the potent X class and facing directly at the Earth -- was the biggest this year and one of the largest of this cycle known as the solar minimum, which began in early 2007. In fact, it was second only to a stronger one that erupted in August. The solar flares alone caused brief high frequency radio blackouts that have already passed, according to NOAA.

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

Accused Manhattan madam Anna Gristina reaped all of her millions in cash, source says She was the $10 million madam. Anna Gristina’s stable of 50 highclass hookers and the sexual appetites of her highflying clientele helped her reap millions of dollars — all of it cash, sources told the Daily News. “She accepted no credit cards,” one source said of the upper East Side madam whose workers earned $2,000 an hour — or $25,000 for a lucrative weekend getaway in Europe or Asia. The News uncovered the inner workings of the Orange County housewife’s massive money-earning prostitution ring Tuesday as she returned to Rikers Island under protective custody following a brief court appearance. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan kept Gristina — who has pleaded not guilty to all charges — behind bars on $2 million bond after prosecutors argued she was a flight risk, in part because her wellconnected pals don’t want a trial. “There are certain high-wealth individuals, friends and business associates, who have an interest in not having this case go forward and would help her flee,” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Charles Linehan said.

Anna Gristina

No names were mentioned, but there was rampant speculation over the identities of the wealthy Wall Streeters, lawyers, real estate speculators and corporate board members reportedly involved with Gristina’s girls. The 44-year-old Scottish immigrant took a 40% cut of her hookers’ takes — collecting more than $10 million across 15 years in the flesh-peddling business, according to

sources. The Manhattan district attorney also reportedly has evidence that the married mother of four was involved in a money-laundering operation with an ex-IRS agent and Russian immigrants in Brooklyn, sources said. “She’s not admitting to anything,” said her co-counsel Peter Gleason. “What she’s admitting is that she’s a loving, kind mother who was ripped away from her four children.” He said that the closest his client got to the oldest profession was trying to establish a dating website to rival The business didn’t advertise, and clients were referred. The Soccer Mom Madam also kept a low profile despite her high earnings. “She never let anybody meet her,” a source said. “She was very private. . . . She didn’t even like to use the phone for calls or texts.” Sources told The News that Gristina handpicked the women who operated out of the four-story E. 78th St. apartment house. “Her clients don’t want girls whose appearance screams, ‘Hooker!’

Winner of $336.M Powerball jackpot is an 81year-old Newport woman CRANSTON, R.I. — An 81-year-old woman from Newport won last month’s $336.4 million Powerball jackpot, sleeping with the winning ticket in her Bible until coming forward to claim the sixth-largest U.S. prize on Tuesday, a family representative said. At a news conference at state lottery headquarters in Cranston, Louise White said little, calling herself “very happy” and “very proud.” Her attorneys said she was a regular lottery player who bought the winning ticket at a Stop & Shop supermarket in Newport where she had stopped for rainbow sherbet. The ticket is being claimed in the name of the Rainbow Sherbet Trust. White kept the winning ticket in a Bible after she realized she won. The winning ticket was among three tickets with random numbers purchased on a $9 wager, officials said. “It was unbelievable,” White said in a statement released Tuesday by her attorneys. “None of us can believe it yet. We’re excited, very blessed and will determine in the coming months how we’ll spend the money but we know we’ll always have rainbow sherbet.” White said she wrote down the numbers when they were read on television after the drawing, but missed a few — so she waited 10 minutes to hear them again. She didn’t check her ticket immediately. When she did, each of the numbers was the same. “Is anybody awake — I want you to come look at something,” she yelled. Not believing she was the winner, she said, she checked the numbers online. Still the same. “We still didn’t believe it, so we turned off the

computer and turned it back on and went back to the website and my numbers were still there,” White said in the statement. “We hugged each other and jumped up and down screaming!! ... We hid the ticket in the Bible and went for breakfast on Sunday since we couldn’t do anything with it.” The Newport Daily News reported that White lives with her son, LeRoy White, a local musician, and his wife, Deborah, a surgical nurse at Newport Hospital, on the seaside city’s south side. LeRoy White is listed as a member of the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. Louise White will take a lump sum payment of $210 million, the highest ever for Powerball, officials said. The jackpot was the third largest in Powerball history and the largest ever won in Rhode Island, officials said. The top lottery jackpot in U.S. history was a $390 million Mega Millions prize won in March 2007. The Powerball jackpot win is the first since the ticket price increased from $1 to $2 in January. Rising sales nearly doubled the jackpot from $173.5 million on Feb. 1. There is no bonus for the supermarket for selling the winning ticket, officials said. Instead of paying out a bonus, Powerball retailers in Rhode Island get eight cents on the dollar for every ticket sold. Rhode Island will get about $14.7 million in taxes on the prize in a lump-sum payment, lottery officials said Tuesday. Powerball is played in 42 states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The chance of matching all five numbers and the Powerball number is about 1 in 175 million.

” one source told The News. “They don’t want a quick fix from a Barbie who can’t handle the conversation with their friends.” Gristina, who operated under the aliases Anna Scotland and Anna Tennant, worked with a London-based partner in finding work for their employees, the source said. A co-defendant in the case whom sources identified as Jaynie Mae Baker — who operated a boutique matchmaking service in Brooklyn — remains free, a law enforcement source said. At its peak, Gristina’s operation featured 50 women — typically young, beautiful and stylish, The News learned. Their globetrotting dates, who owned homes all over the world, squired the hookers on pricey getaways. While some regulars received the house discount of $800 for 60 minutes, the going rate was reportedly $2,000 an hour. “Anna’s girls are totally different from anybody else’s,” one source told The News. “That’s why men paid the big money for them.”

Evangelist Pat Robertson wants you to smoke pot legally Pat Robertson and marijuana legalization make for strange bedfellows, but he's actually been championing the cause—specifically its place in the conversation about prison reform—since 2010. Yes, according to an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday, the strict evangelical who believes gay people cause hurricanes and that mac 'n cheese may be a "black thing," is also for the legalization of marijuana. But it isn't because he's tried the stuff. It's a bit more complicated than that. “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol,” Robertson told The Times. "I’ve never used marijuana and I don’t intend to, but it’s just one of those things that I think: this war on drugs just hasn’t succeeded." This has been a talking point for Robertson for some time now. Back in December 2010, The Atlantic's Chris Good wrote about "Pat Robertson's Christmas Present to Marijuana Legalizers', his take on a recent airing of The 700 Club where Robertson said, "We're locking up people that take a couple of puffs of marijuana, and the next thing you know they've got ten years ... it's costing us a fortune and it's ruining young people. Young people going to prisons--they go in as youths and they come out as hardened criminals, it's not a good thing." Back then Robertson's spokesman said it wasn't a call to decriminalize pot. So, fast forward to last week on The 700 Club where Robertson, as The Atlantic's Andrew Cohen writes, "devoted nearly nine minutes of the broadcast to commentary and a (really well produced) piece on the topic." Adding, "He's also right in identifying the notion that decriminalizing pot possession is one of the easiest ways to break the cycle of incarceration that ruins people -- and government budgets." Following that broadcast, Robertson told The Times' Jesse McKinley, " I just want to be on the right side... And I think on this one, I’m on the right side."


MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


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• Apple introduces new iPad

Carlos Slim tops Forbes rich list for third year Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim retained his position atop Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's billionaires on Wednesday with an estimated worth of $69 billion. Microsoft Corp cofounder Bill Gates ranked second at $61 billion and Warren Buffett third at $44 billion. France's Bernard Arnault, the richest person in Europe, repeated at No. 4. They were the same top four as last year. The youngest self-made woman at age 41 was Spanx founder Sara Blakely, whose net worth of $1 billion from her business of making slimming undergarments affirmed there was profit in vanity. Blakely, ranking at No. 1,153, was among 104 women on the list. Fifty-eight countries were represented on the list of a record 1,226 billionaires whose average fortune was $3.7 billion. Some 128 billionaires were new to the Forbes rankings this year, including Colombia's Alejandro Santo Domingo, 35, the richest new billionaire in the world ($9.5 billion) and the face of Santo Domingo Group after last year's death of his father. In addition to the usual ageing plutocrats and heirs, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 27, ranked 35th with a net worth of $17.5 billion. The social media heavyweight announced plans last month for an IPO that would value Facebook at a projected $100 billion. Zuckerberg jumped 17 spots and $4 billion while the combined value of seven Facebook billionaires was $28.7 billion, including the $3.5 billion belonging to Dustin Moskovitz, 27, Zuckerberg's former Harvard roommate who was listed as the youngest self-made man. Notable drop-offs included "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling, whose wealth fell below $1 billion due in part to Britain's high tax rates and an estimated $150 million in charitable giving. Also falling off was Jim Balsillie, the former co-CEO and co-chairman of Canada's Research In Motion, the

troubled maker of BlackBerry. The United States led the rankings with 425 billionaires, seemingly unfazed by the burgeoning "Occupy" movement which sought to shine a light on income inequality. Russia overtook mainland China as the country with the second-most billionaires, by a margin of 96 to 95. New to the list was Morocco, which had three billionaires. Among cities, Moscow led with 78 billionaires followed by New York at 58 and London at 39. Slim, 72, and his family have taken the top spot for three years in a row, climbing up the list for years based largely on assets from his telecommunications empire now led by America Movil . Slim made much of his money as a telecommunications magnate who has expanded into retail, finance, commodities and energy. In recent years he has taken larger stakes abroad, owning parts of department store operator Saks Inc, publisher New York Times Co and money manager BlackRock Inc. In June he sold his stake in oil services company Bronco Drilling for a tidy profit. His fellow Mexican, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, was the world's biggest gainer in dollar terms, adding $9.2 billion to his net worth and ranking at No. 37 on the list. Like Slim, he has benefited from the clubby nature of Mexico's business elite, building an empire that includes the country's No 2 broadcaster, TV Azteca, and retail conglomerate Grupo Elektra . In contrast to Salinas Pliego, Forbes listed India's Lakshmi Mittal as the biggest loser, saying Mittal lost $10.4 billion, falling to a net worth of $20.7 billion and out of the world's top 10 for the first time since 2004. The drop came after shares in his ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, fell due to surging costs and soft demand in Europe. Microsoft's Gates narrowed the gap with Slim this year after the

ABUNDANT LIFE FRENCH MINISTRIES SEEKS Four persons 1 Pastor 1 Bus driver

1 Musician 1 Cleaner

Salary $6.00 per hour Hours 9 to 4pm Contact 241-2336

Mexican tycoon's estimated net worth fell from $74 billion to $69 billion. Forbes estimated Gates' net worth rose from $56 billion to $61 billion. Forbes now has a competitor in the billionaire-listing business: the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which debuted on Monday with a Top 20 list that is updated each day. Bloomberg hired away Matthew Miller, a former editor of the Forbes list, more than a year ago to head up compilation of the list. Forbes will launch its Billionaire Real-Time Ticker this month with 50 of the top billionaires updated in real time. The Bloomberg list will exclude New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, owing to a

Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim

Bloomberg News policy not to cover Bloomberg LP, a major competitor to Thomson Reuters. Michael Bloomberg is ranked at 20 in the Forbes list at $22 billion. Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away in October 2011, entered the ranking at 100, and is worth $9 billion.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures (TCI) Ltd. in association with a leading Nature Adventure tour company with affiliated facilities in Jamaica, Turks & Caicos Islands, and Belize invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the position of:


The successful applicant must satisfy the following: • Must be a holder of a General Drivers License for at least 3 years • Must be at least 25 years old • Must have operated a tourist passenger vehicle for at least 3 years • Defensive driving certificate or an excellent driving record would be an asset • Have a valid passport • Be willing to travel and do an internship in Jamaica • Be well-spoken • Any other prior experience in the tourism industry would be an asset • Be CPR and First Aid trained • Must have experience in the tour guiding business • Be able to work on own initiative • Must be a competent swimmer

NOTE: Any applicant, who does not possess all of the necessary requirements but would like to apply, may be considered for immediate training at one of our facilities in Jamaica once found suitable for the position. Applications must be sent to: CHUKKA CARIBBEAN ADVENTURES (TCI) LTD. C/o Morris Cottingham Hibiscus Square Pond Street P.O Box 156 Grand Turk Turks & Caicos Islands Phone: 649-332-1339 Fax: 649-946-2503 Email:

All applications must be received no later than March 24th, 2012

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Apple to stay ahead of rivals with faster iPad Apple Inc will continue to retain the lion's share of the tablet market as its new 4G-enabled iPad readies for competition from Windows 8-based products, and a cheaper iPad 2 takes on Amazon's popular Kindle Fire, analysts said. Shares of Apple inched up a percent to as much as $535.89 in morning trade on Thursday, after the company unveiled an upgraded version of its popular iPad tablet, featuring a more powerful chip, highdefinition screen, sharper camera and access to new high-speed wireless networks. "Apple's ability to increase the screen resolution, graphics capabilities, and integrate 4G LTE without compromising battery life on the new iPad will be a key differentiator versus the competition and a tough act to follow," J.P. Morgan Securities analyst Mark Moskowitz wrote in a note. Last month, Microsoft released an incomplete version of Windows 8. It is

Demonstrations at the launch showed off the power of 4G, with videos that played from the web near-instantly - but British consumers will miss out

the first Microsoft operating system compatible with low-power microprocessors designed by ARM Holdings Plc and will run on tablets as well as desktops and laptops, in an

effort to counter the runaway success of iPad. But Apple's latest iPad will allow the company to sustain its competitive advantage and drive a dominant

US adds Vatican to money-laundering concern list The Vatican has for the first time appeared on the State Department's list of moneylaundering centers but the tiny city-state is not rated as a high-risk country. The 2012 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report was made public on Wednesday and Washington's list of 190 countries classifies them in three categories: of primary concern, of concern and monitored. The Vatican is in the second category, grouped with 67 other nations including Poland, Egypt, Ireland, Hungary and Chile. It was added to the list because it was considered vulnerable to money-laundering and had recently established programs to prevent it, a State Department official said. "To be considered a jurisdiction of concern merely indicates that there is a vulnerability to a financial system by money launderers. With the large volumes of international currency that goes through the Holy See, it is a system that makes it vulnerable as a potential money-laundering center," Susan Pittman of the State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, told Reuters. Last year, the Vatican adapted internal laws to comply with international standards on financial crime. The Vatican is seeking inclusion on the European Commission's so-called "white list" of states who comply with international standards against tax fraud and moneylaundering. A decision on its inclusion is expected in June. "Our aim is to make the 'white list' and we are happy that we have been put in the State Department's less vulnerable category," a Vatican official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The category of most vulnerable centers

includes all members of the Group of Eight countries, including the United States, Germany, Italy and Russia, because the size of their economies and banking systems can facilitate money-laundering. It also includes small centers such as Britain's Channel Islands. The State Department's methodology is different from that of the Financial Action Task Force's International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG), which concentrates on a nation's compliance with international law and money-laundering regulations. VATICAN BANK HAS SCANDALOUS PAST The Vatican Bank, founded in 1942 by Pope Pius XII, has been in the spotlight since September 2010 when Italian investigators froze 23 million euros ($33 million) in funds in Italian banks after opening an investigation into possible money-laundering. The bank said it did nothing wrong and was just transferring funds between its own accounts. The money was released in June 2011 but the investigation is continuing. The Vatican's new financial transparency laws set up internal regulations to make sure its bank and all other departments adhere to international regulations and standards, and cooperate with foreign authorities. Two months ago, Italian newspapers published leaked internal letters which appeared to show a conflict among top Vatican officials about just how transparent the bank should be about dealings that took place before it enacted its new laws. The Vatican Bank was formally known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) and was entangled in the collapse 30 years ago of Banco Ambrosiano, with its lurid allegations about money-laundering, freemasons, mafiosi and the mysterious death of Ambrosiano chairman Roberto Calvi - "God's banker".

MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

position in the fast-growing tablet market, said analysts. According to Credit Suisse, Apple will command 66 percent share of the tablet market in 2012, thanks to its brand, hardware offering and superior ecosystem. The global tablet user base already reached 67 million in 2011, according to researcher Strategy Analytics. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook introduced the highly anticipated third iteration of the tablet, but broke away from the tradition of calling the thirdgeneration tablet the iPad 3, as some had expected, referring to it simply as the "new iPad." Still, analysts say the company "is just getting started," and that it will have more to offer, including a fullfledged TV offering and a thinner iPhone 5 that may be capable of operating on the "LTE," or Long-Term Evolution, network. At speeds roughly 10 times faster than current 3G technology, that may help banish the sometimes shaky video quality of older devices. "We expect the company to have several other strong new product cycles over the next 1-2 years, including the iPhone 5 (LTE-enabled) and the iTV," said FBN Securities' analyst Shebly Seyrafi said. FBN raised its price target to $730 from $650.

Whistleblower says Bank of America defrauded mortgage program NEW YORK - Bank of America NA prevented homeowners from receiving mortgage-loan modifications under a federal program in order to avoid millions of dollars in losses while benefitting from financial incentives for participating in the program, according to a complaint unsealed in federal court Wednesday. The suit is the second whistleblower complaint unsealed so far with apparent ties to the $1 billion False Claims Act settlement announced by Bank of America and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York on February 9. The Bank of America settlement is also part of the sweeping $25 billion agreement reached between state and federal authorities. Final settlement documents have yet to be filed in the BoA settlement, which the U.S. Attorney's Office said was the largest ever False Claims Act payout related to mortgage fraud. The settlement resolved claims that Bank of America's Countywide Financial subsidiaries defrauded the Federal Housing Administration by inflating appraisals used for government-insured home loans, as well as claims involving the Home Affordable Modification Program, a federal program to help American homeowners facing foreclosure. The complaint unsealed Wednesday was filed by whistleblower Gregory Mackler, a Colorado resident who said he worked alongside Bank of America executives while an employee at Urban Lending Solutions, a company to which Bank of America contracted some of its HAMP work. While working at Urban Lending, Mackler said he saw BofA and its loan servicing subsidiary, BAC Homes Loans Servicing LP, implement "business practices designed to intentionally prevent scores of eligible homeowners from becoming eligible or staying eligible for permanent HAMP modification." The bank and its agents routinely pretended to have lost homeowners' documents, failed to credit payments during trial modifications and intentionally misled homeowners about their eligibility for the program, the complaint alleged. BoA let through just enough HAMP modifications to avert suspicion and allay congressional critics, while not enough to incur any substantial losses to its own bottom line, according to the complaint. A lawyer for Mackler could neither confirm nor deny that the complaint was tied to the settlement.


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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


The Oseta Jolly Primary School on Tuesday, staged its annual Crazy Sports competition, which saw participants engage in a number of funny sporting activities.

Wesley Methodist, Provo Primary, Clement Howell score football wins

The TCIFA School's Tournament finished its first phase last week as over 300 students representing 35 teams competed in four categories, Under 11 Boys, Under 11 Girls, Under 13 Boys and Under 13 Girls. Each age category initially had a group phase with the top teams progressing to semi-finals before the eventual finals were played on Friday 2nd March. The U11 Girls group saw Wesley Methodist defeating Oseta Jolly in a suddendeath penalty shoot out. Wesley Methodist, in the group stages, won all their preliminary games and defeated a spirited Provo Christian team in the semi-finals. Wesley Methodist had the better chances in the final but Shanaria Morris pulled off some great saves to force extra time. Neither team was able to make a breakthrough and the game went into a very tense and dramatic penalty shootout. Both teams had chances to win the game but excellent goalkeeping from Makayla Ellis and Morris kept the competition running until both teams had taken nine penalties each. When Ellis pulled off another save Amanda James had the chance to secure the win and her well placed penalty gave Wesley Methodist their first taste of victory in a school's football competition. Makayla Ellis received the MVP award for her heroics on the pitch and in goal during the penalty shoot-out. In the Under 13 Girl's category Wesley Methodist completed a double as they defeated BWIC 4-2 in the final. Again Wesley had looked strong throughout the event knocking-out last years winners Enid Capron 4-0 in a semi-final but the Collegiate girls had found progress a little bit tougher having to come back from behind to beat Clement Howell in their semi-final. In the final Wesley raced into a 3-0 lead with goals coming from Yarileke (2) and Yarileny De La Cruz, however Crystal Stirling gave her team hope of a revival with two goals before the elder

Action from the game between Wesley Methodist and British West Indies Collegiate

De La Cruz sister (Yarileny) secured a 4-2 win with her second goal. Yarieleny De La Cruz received the MVP award, for the second time in two years. Previously she had won the award for her primary school, Enid Capron. The Under 11 Boys competition proved to be the most keenly contested of all as twelve teams entered the event. In the semi-finals Provo Primary defeated Enid Capron 4-1 and Oseta Jolly beat Ianthe Pratt by a solitary goal. The final was a very open and entertaining game as Oseta Jolly took the lead through Timothy Gill. Oseta held onto the lead until mid way through the second half when Livingston Ferdinand equalized for Provo Primary. Ferdinand managed to give Provo Primary the win with a well taken goal late in the game. Oseta threw everything at their opponents in the final stages but resolute defending by MVP Bradley Ayer saw his team hold on for the win. Victorious coach Toby Barkworth-Knight said his team's hard work had paid off.

The victorious Wesley Methodist team

The last final of the day saw Clement Howell defeating BWIC by a 2-0 margin. Both teams had dominated the group stages and came into the final undefeated. BWIC had defeated Enid Capron 4-1 and Clement Howell overcame the Community Christian School by 2-0. Ras Diamond opened the scoring for Clement Howell. As the game went on Collegiate put the Clement Howell defence under a lot of pressure. However a break away goal from Jeff Beljour secured his team victory late in the second half. Ras Diamond was voted MVP for his overall play and leadership on the field. In summing up Technical Director Matthew Green was very pleased with the event. "Every year this competition gets bigger and bigger with more teams competing. This year saw the changing of the guard so to speak in the girls divisions as Wesley Methodist has become the team to beat, however the boys groups are still very open and keenly contested".

Newcomers Kishco beat Quality in T20 league Provo Basketball

playoffs begin

Its March madness in the P.A.B.A as the regular season came to an end and the final playoff spots determined. The teams are seeded follows: South Caicos #1, Flyers # 2, Lions # 3, Predators # 4, Knights # 5 and Police # 6. Playoff Schedule - Friday 9th March Game 1. Lions vs Police. Game 2. Knights vs Predators. Saturday 10th March - Game 1. Police vs Lions. Game 2. Predators vs Knights. The March to the finals is on!! Come out and support the P.A.B.A!

A Blistering unbeaten 52 runs 3x6 and 5x4 from Pawan kumar enabled newcomers Kischo to beat Quality Supermarket Kings Sponsored by Caribbean Energy in the first match of Hab Group/Gansevoort Resort Sponsored T20 Cricket competition that was played on Sunday 4th March 2012 at the Down town Ball Park. Kiicho Call correctly and inserted the Quality Supermarket Kings who chalk up 143 runs for 5 wickets from their allotted 20 overs. The top scorers were Kevin Hinds with 39 runs 6x4 and 1x6 and Earl Henry with 30 runs 5x4 Bowling for Kischo Sanjay Fantani claimed 3 wickets for 19 runs from 4 overs In reply, Kicho stuttering at 86 runs for 6 wickets and staring defeat in the face look beyond

The Victorious Newcomers; Kischo Team

recovery. but with some power hitting by Pawan kumar and Simijo Devasi saw kischo reach 144 runs for 7 wickets from 19 overs with Simijo losing his wicker with 2 runs from the target Bowling for Quality kings Earl Henry bagged 3 wickets for 23 runs from 4 overs and Thirumalaiyandi Kuthalingham and Nagarajan Kuthalingham tock two wicket a piece Meanwhile the competition continued on Saturday 10th march with JAMTURK taking on TCIFRU and Sunday 11th March 2012 the roaring Guyana Jaguars taking the star studded Police Team at the same venue

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012



The Crazy Dress contest

The Education Department Team shows off their crazy dress

Crazy Sports sizzles at Oseta Jolly Primary

The Oseta Jolly Primary School on Tuesday, staged its annual Crazy Sports competition, which saw participants engage in a number of funny sporting activities. Four teams took part in this year’s activities. They were LIME, Amanyara Resort, The Education Department and Oseta Jolly. The following are photo highlights of the event.

Participants race to get dressed

A participant in the Crazy Dress competition shows off her talent

Drexwell Seymour of the LIME team races ahead of the pack with a cup of water in the jug-filling competition

The egg and spoon race

Members of the Education Department Team, led by Louise Garland Thomas (second right) show that they have got rhythm

The LIME team headed by Country Manager Drexwell Seymour (centre) show off their cheerleading talent

The potato race

The bun eating contest generated a great deal of fun


MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012


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British royal Prince Harry beat the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt in a track race on Tuesday – by sneaking an early start while the athlete was distracted.


Prince Harry gets a jump on Jamaica's Usain Bolt Britain's Prince Harry gave Usain Bolt, Jamaica's champion sprinter, a run for his money Tuesday on the track at the University of the West Indies. Minutes after teaching the prince the basics of starting, Bolt was surprised to see his royal competitor race 50 meters down the track, in what would be described internationally as a false start. "Prince Harry gets a head start, although we are not sure @UsainBolt is really trying," Clarence House, the official residence for Harry and his father The Prince of Wales, said in a message on Twitter. Dressed in Jamaica green, gold and black colors, the prince took on the world and Olympic 100 and 200 meter record holder during a tour to mark Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years on the throne. Anxious to get a good start, Prince Harry told Bolt to look to his left, then right, and then just took off. Bolt and the prince then struck the sprinter's trademark "to the world" pose.

After beating champion sprinter Usain Bolt in a friendly race (above), the Prince Harry joined Bolt in his trademark to the world pose (right)

Praising the wealth of track and field talent in Jamaica, the prince told his hosts, "So don't go running off to America, you have enough talent here. You have athletes for a generation to come." The prince was visiting hospitals

InterIsland Aviation Services Group


Five (5) years or more experience. Willing to work flexible hours. Proficient in word, power point and excel: 90 words per minute crew quality data entry. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Manage over all safety, crew coordination briefing paper work and in flight entertainment. Instill quality Customer Service in front line position. All positions require the following: • Excellent command of the English language – reading, writing and speaking. • Good communication skills and team player • Detail oriented & organized individual • Ability to work shifts, early mornings, late nights, weekends and Holidays. • Clean police record • Able to work under pressure Salary commensurate with experience. Belongers need only apply. Interested person should apply to Interested applicants should apply to or via fax to HR Department 649-946-4040. No phone calls please. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

and service organizations during his stay. He was to meet Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and was to be the guest of honor at a state dinner at King's House later in the day

Chukka Caribbean Adventures (TCI) Ltd. in association with a leading Nature Adventure tour company with affiliated facilities in Jamaica, Turks & Caicos Islands, and Belize invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the position of:


The successful applicant must satisfy the following: • Must be an energetic, results-driven leader with a collaborative approach. • Must be experienced at nurturing business relationships. • Must have a passion for customer service excellence. • Be able to organize, prioritize, and meet deadlines. • Be able to implement and develop financial processes and procedures. • Be able to prepare and manage budgets. • Oversee the human resource function. • Be well-spoken. • Must have experience in the soft adventure tour business. • Any other prior experience in the tourism industry would be an asset. • Possess a Business and/or Hospitality Management Degree. • The ideal candidate should have a Masters of Business Administration Degree.

NOTE: Any applicant, who does not possess all of the necessary requirements but would like to apply, may be considered for immediate training at one of our facilities in Jamaica once found suitable for the position. Applications must be sent to: CHUKKA CARIBBEAN ADVENTURES (TCI) LTD. C/o Morris Cottingham Hibiscus Square Pond Street P.O Box 156 Grand Turk Turks & Caicos Islands Phone: 649-332-1339 Fax: 649-946-2503 Email:

All applications must be received no later than March 24th, 2012

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MARCH 9TH - MARCH 16TH, 2012

After the Colts decided not to pick up Manning's $28 million bonus, team owner Jim Irsay released the 14-year veteran and longtime face of the franchise. READ: MANNING AS FREE AGENT BELOW

Manning starts sorting out life as NFL free agent INDIANAPOLIS — Peyton veteran and longtime face of the Manning is getting an early franchise. Indianapolis is likely to glimpse into life as a free agent. find Manning's replacement in Hours after a tearful, trying April's draft, presumably Stanford's farewell news conference in Andrew Luck; the Colts have the Indianapolis, Manning flew first overall pick. back to his home in Miami and For Manning, Irsay and Colts was immediately peppered with fans, it was heart-wrenching saying questions about his next landing goodbye. spot. He'd better get used to it. Irsay and Manning exchanged The scene is likely to play out at hugs, laughs and even took turns every destination he visits until fighting back tears during a news he decides where to play next conference at the Colts' team season. complex. The room is normally "I haven't thought about used for celebrations such as hiring teams and I don't know who is coaches or general managers or interested, I really don't. This is retirements, and it's decorated with all new to me," Manning said. "I banners of the Colts' greatest Peyton Manning think my agent has been getting calls players. Manning's banner is flanked at 4 o'clock today since this started. I haven't talked by two Hall of Famers, Eric Dickerson and John to him because I literally just got off the plane and Mackey. am ready to start back on my training again because But this was a sad occasion, filled with emotion. that's what I need to do." "I do love it here, I love the fans and I will always If Manning is healthy, he'll be the hottest enjoy having played for such a great team. I will leave commodity to hit the open market in decades: a Super the Colts with nothing but good thoughts and Bowl-winning quarterback with Hall of Fame gratitude to Jim, the organization, my teammates, the credentials. media and especially the fans," Manning said, his After the Colts decided not to pick up Manning's voice cracking. "As I go, I go with just a few words $28 million bonus, team owner Jim Irsay ended left to say. A few words I want to address to Colts months of speculation by releasing the 14-year fans everywhere. Thank you very much from the

bottom of my heart. I truly have enjoyed being your quarterback." At age 35, the man who won one Super Bowl, a record four MVP awards and who helped the Colts land a new stadium and the city's first Super Bowl is starting over. Gone will be his longtime friends and teammates and the system he perfected. Manning knew the Colts' offense so well, he could literally point out a flaw in the defense, flap his arms, bark new play calls and signal the changes to teammates — usually before the play clock expired. Gone, too, will be the familiar No. 18 in blue and white. Irsay promised no Colts' player would wear that number again. Instead, Manning must learn the proper freeagent etiquette. "I have no idea who wants me, what team wants me, how this process works. I don't know if it's like college recruiting where you go take visits," he said. "I mean, this is all so new to me. The Indianapolis Colts are the only team that I've ever played for, the only team I ever worked out for." Workouts will almost certainly be part of the process as Manning attempts to prove he can perform like his old self after missing the entire 2011 season because of a damaged nerve that caused weakness in his right arm. He had the most recent of his multiple neck surgeries Sept. 8. On Wednesday, Manning insisted he's closer than ever to being 100 percent though he's not completely recovered. Even Irsay acknowledged Manning is on the mend. "I'm throwing it pretty well. I still have some progress to make, but I've come a long way," Manning said. "That's been the most fun part is being back out there on the field. I'm doing better, I continue to work hard and hope to continue making progress."

Trump plans to inject $200M into Doral Golf Resort Donald Trump is investing more than $200 million into the Doral Golf Resort and says it will be one of the best golf resorts in the world when he's finished. Trump said Thursday he will be different from previous owners of the Miami area resort. Instead of looking at it sheerly as an investment, Trump wants to keep the resort for a long time and get his return by making it a destination. He has hired Gil Hanse, who on Wednesday was named architect of the new Olympic course in Brazil, for a renovation. Trump hasn't decided on a name for the course, which has hosted a PGA Tour event since 1962. He says Doral will be part of the name. The sheer size of the Blue Monster, spanning 320 acres, provides a vast canvas with limitless possibilities, and Trump has hired course designer Gil Hanse to transform the Blue Monster into "something that will be as good as there is anywhere in the world. ‌ He's going to do something really, really special."

Donald Trump, right, speaks during a news conference at the Cadillac Championship golf tournament, as golf course designer Gil Hanse looks on. Trump purchased the Doral Hotel & Country Club, which includes four championship golf courses.

Trump closed the deal for the resort and four of its five golf courses last month for $150 million, a bargain in his view. Known for his own illusionary hair stying, Trump plans much more than a comb-over for the resort and golf

courses. Over the next three years more than $200 million will be spent "to bring it back to a level that even Doral has never seen." While the resort will remain open

during upgrades to the hotel, clubhouse and other buildings, the Blue Monster will close immediately after the 2013 WGC-Cadillac Championship to undergo significant changes to the golf holes. Hanse, who was chosen to design the course for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, plans to shift six greens to new locations, completely rebuild No. 15 and introduce a significant amount of water on 15 and 16 "to hopefully provide some more drama to the finish," he said. The Trump Organization already owns 10 golf courses in North America, Europe and the Caribbean, including the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, ranked among the best in Florida. He is building one in Scotland that he has already proclaimed will be "the best course in the world," though his plans have stirred considerable controversy with the Scots. "Doral can be the absolute best," Trump said Thursday. "All I do is provide the canvas. You know, it's not my major business, but I love golf and I've had a great relationship with golf." Trump will take over operation of the Doral resort on June 1. He has already told Marriott, "You're fired." Management of the 700-room hotel will be taken over by Trump Hotel Collection.




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