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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

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Former Director for Health Services and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rufus Ewing appears to be eying the leadership of the Progressive National Party (PNP), but for right now would rather settle for securing the one of the five At-Large places on the party’s ticket in anticipating for the announcement of national elections that is expected later this year. Dr. Ewing, who was a leading voice for civil servants especially during the twilight months as President of the Civil Service Association, promised The SUN that he would declare his hands during an address at the PNP Headquarters that was scheduled for this past Friday, March 30. Ewing said that, while he was interested in the leadership of the party, he would not be challenging the current leader Clayton Greene, but would readily avail himself in the event that Greene decided to call it a day. “I would not announce my candidacy for leadership; that is not up in the air as yet. CONTINUED ON PG2

Randesha Ellis was crowned the 2012 queen of the Miss Clement Howell High School Pageant, which was held at the school on Friday, March 23. On her way to taking the crown, Randesha swept all but two of the sectional prizes, those of Most Congenial , which went to Clevisha Outten and Most Photogenic , which Zenada Boswell secured. Randesha won Best Smile; Most Aware; Most Talented with a creative rap piece; and Best Gown. Outten was voted First Runner-up, while Boswell captured the Second Runner-up position. Here in photo, Randesha is seen with father Randy and stepmother Dianne Ellis.


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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012



Dr. Ewing eyes PNP Leadership... cont’d


There is a leader right now in that position, but if he steps aside, I would consider running, but my intention now is to run At Large,” Dr. Ewing pointed out. In the recent past, few voices have come forward urging Greene to demit office, as a result of him being charged with money laundering by the United Kingdom-commissioned Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT). Greene was charged earlier this year, and like most of the others who had been charged, made one court appearance. When he was first notified by the SIPT of possible charge, the party leader said that in the event that he was charged, he would consider on whether or not to demit office. But since charges were formally brought against him, at least two prominent figures – talk show host Robert Hall and QC attorney Carlos Simons - had raised objections to Greene remaining as leader. And while he did not respond to Hall, Greene and Simons veered off into a war of words that was played out through the internet. At that time Greene hinted that he would not be forced the party’s top job, but would rather make up his mind in the interest of the party on whether or not to toss in the towel. But Dr. Ewing said while he was interested in the party leadership position, now was not the

time for having a public jostling, but rather to focus on the future of the country, while endeavor to burnish the image of the PNP so that it would be attractive enough to form the next government. “Basically, I am willing to speak to the PNP as an organization and the achievements over the years. We will speak to where we ought to be going and where we ought to go, and where we will go in the future. From my perspective, some of the major areas that we ought to be focusing on are education, jobs and employment opportunities and health care issues,” Ewing said. The aspirant leader told The SUN that one of his main missions was to craft ideas on how to make a push towards independence, so that the Turks and Caicos Islands would be able to chart its own destiny not too long from now. “Another area that I will be focusing on is the push and drive towards independence for sometime in the near future. Right now we should be preparing ourselves for independence, and as time goes by, beginning with the meeting, I will be outlining my vision in that regard,” Ewing asserted. In the meantime, Ewing pointed out that he was leaving the sector with his head held high, since he had worked tirelessly to make the lives of Turks and Caicos Islanders much better in terms of health care. “Some of them (health care plans that he put in place) people would understand; some of them

my staff would understand more that the average man on the street, which include the plan to the strengthening the Ministry of Health to ensuring that there was adequate staff to carry out the Ministry of Health’s policies – that was under my direction and guidance. The health care system, as it stands now, even though it was put in place by other persons such as Floyd Hall and the PNP, I would still take some responsibility for what is there, even though the policy direction to shape all of it was not my decision, but in terms of having to drive that process, I would take that as well as the health insurance plan. “There are some challenges with them, and those challenges need to overcome. And those challenges are there partially because of the policies that were implemented, and some of them, because the British Administration just does not know how to manage it, and has not put the policies in place to support it to serve the best interest of the people,” Ewing noted. He also hailed his passion for the civil service, which he revived and headed up until his last day as a civil servant, as another of his signature achievements. Ewing said he got the Interim Administration to realize how important the civil service was to the running of any country. He last day in office as Director for Health Services and Surgeon came to an end on Friday, March30.

Lillian Misick is new chair of the National Insurance Board

The Government is pleased to announce that Ms Lillian Misick has been appointed as Chair of the National Insurance Board with effect from 1st April 2012. Ms Misick will replace Mr Ervine Quelch whose 5 year term as Chair officially ends tomorrow, 31 Mar 2012. Speaking of the appointment, the Acting Governor, Patrick Boyle said: “I am very pleased to confirm that Lillian Misick will be the new Chair of the NIB. Ms Misick is a well respected figure in the Turks and Caicos Islands and has repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to the Islands, in particular through her work on the Consultative Forum which she will continue to Chair. I have no doubt that Ms Misick’s considerable strength, energy and enthusiasm will make her an effective Chair of the NIB. On behalf of the Governor, Ric Todd, I would like to thank Ms Misick for agreeing to lead the NIB over her

coming 5 year appointment.” Ms Misick said: “I am delighted to have been offered and to accept this responsible and important position. I am looking forward to meeting the Board and staff, and to working with them in the interests of the NIB and the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I know that the NIB has some challenges to resolve, some of which have become controversial in recent months. I want to work hard to bring these to a sensible conclusion quickly for the good of all the NIB’s contributors and beneficiaries, as well as taxpayers and the people of the TCI. Above all, I want to help the NIB to fulfil its potential as an exemplary public body in the TCI and in the region.” Ms Lillian Misick


MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012



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Turks and Caicos Sun Suite # 5, Airport Plaza competent legal advice on its Providenciales behalf is tantamount to being Turks and Caicos Islands criminal. Why should they “go to 30TH -Tel: MARCH APRIL 6TH, 2012 TURKS & CAICOS SUN 241-1510 TURKS AND CAICOS SUN(649) 946-8542/ MARCH 16TH(649) - MARCH 23RD, 2012 a gun fight with a knife”? 941-3281 Fax: (649) But is the arrogance of these Email: people seeping through! What they

In all of my 27 years as a public servant and subsequently some 20 years in the private sector have I Page 6 a sitting TCI Governor under seen so much public duress. seem not to be able to deal with is AND CAICOS SUN TURKS MARCH 16TH - MARCH 23RD, 2012 Read us online at This has come about because the quality and quantity of of the stance that he has taken educated Turks and Caicos with respect to public policy and Islanders that they have to deal Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce the delivery of services to the with these days. I have yet to see a Senior Editor: Vivian Tyson people of the Turks and Caicos Governor with even a first degree Web Designer: Patrina Moore-Pierre Islands. It is abundantly clear to behind his name, but he would Graphics Editor: Joleen Grant all and sundry that the man has come here and talk down to Turks and Caicos Rigby Sun Office Manager: Dominique not a clue as to what to do to persons in our heritage with PhD’s. Suite # 5, Airport Plaza Distribution Manger: Kelano Howell effect positive changes. It all now The push back has started in Providenciales Advertising and Marketing Managerharks back to what he said when earnest the best of us By R oyal S. Robinson , MBE little “bad” Turks and Caicos Islands Patrina Turks and Caicos Sun he first came here and that he did more“good” than encouraged Tel: (649)Moore-Pierre 946-8542/ (649) 241-1510 and Iawas little in the a Suite # 5, Airport Plaza not know why he was chosen and few days ago when I read the Fax: (649) 941-3281 It is no secret that at times the worst of us. In any event, Providenciales Email: The Turks Caicos SUN is a subsidiary surprised by hisinbeing chosen. Editorial the Weekly News two political parties the Turks we mustin remember that in ROYAL ROBINSON Turks and is now apparent to Prize, which was chiding of The SUN MediaCaicos GroupIslands Ltd. and Caicos ItIslands, the People’s CONTRIBUTER we aretheonEditor a journey, and the Tel: (649) 946-8542/ (649) 241-1510 Read us online at although he has now passed away, Governor for the double standard Democratic Movement (PDM) as with any journey, there Fax: (649) 941-3281 having becomeNational the Minister thatnothe always was engaging in with We are&committed to excellence in journalism, and thethatProgressive is a straight Email: Publisher Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce of Everything Affairs in this country; he is finding respect to the incident between the AG, Mr. educating and informing our readers, serving Party (PNP) have had at it for the line between “A” and “B”! Senior Editor: Vivian Tyson himself hard press to deliver the goods for us. What Shepherd and Crown Council Mr. Franklyn. satisfying advertisers and assisting in ReadPatrina usouronline at bulk of their existence. Weband Designer: Moore-Pierre However, it is imperative he has been able to do effectively is to alienate the This is the man who in his maiden speech here the overall development of the Turks and Graphics Editor: Joleen Grant However, in the last few days, that we do not lose sight of people of this country that he is supposed to be espoused transparency and in this matter, promised Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce Caicos Islands. Office Manager: Dominique Rigby there has been a meeting of the our goal or destination. serving. to bring in an independent, Regional AG to deal with Senior Editor: Vivian Tyson Distribution Manger: Kelano Howell minds to ensure the survival of both whatever Weband Designer: Patrina Moore-Pierre Let us start with the NIB debacle! We know that the matter. He failed For to do so and at hisreason, meeting at Advertising Marketing ManagerROYAL ROBINSON entities. It is evident to all persons, people tend to take their Graphics Editor: Joleen Grant at one point in time that NIB owed TCIG some sum Ona Glinton on Tuesday night, tried to trivialize the Patrina Moore-Pierre CONTRIBUTER at home ofand abroad that one of eyes off the ball, but Manager: Dominique Office money for services rendered to clients as a result incident. He was sternly chided for his remarks as so vilified in public in this country. Rigby To openly, and the express the Interim Distribution Manger: Kelano Howell nothing focuses the mind The Turks and Caicos SUN is a subsidiary the job of injury. of onwishes they were inappropriate. to his face call the Governor a liar, Managermust at the very Advertising Marketing Administration The SUNand Media Group Ltd. a very a swift askick As Iand haveby saidextension, before, that amount was agreedROBINSON Having been,that and admitted much,uponethe of the least beof ROYAL disheartening. We are by nature, Patrina Moore-Pierre certain factions of the Consultative posterior. We have had that CONTRIBUTER by TCIG and NIB and paid over because the architects of bringing the British back into our accommodating group of people. We are committed to excellence in journalism, Forum, itverifiable to see allinvoice political a result, weMinister are wasparties submitted on both occasions. business, I was kick glad and that as former Chief But The as many before when wake educating and informing ourfound, readers, Turks andhave Caicos SUN isserving ayou subsidiary disbanded andthat there a free for all now focused oncould doingnot things thattongue makeany sense and and upand Now the be Governor, as Minister of Finance has hold his further Skippings the satisfying “sleepingofdog” inSUN us thatMedia canand beGroup very dangerous. our assisting in Theadvertisers Ltd. as far as found apolitical agenda andheidentification our best interest. We cannot forget that no the Thisthe himself in a bind, has decided toare look to are the inlashed out at the Governor for mis-characterizing overall development theHe Turks Governor has done justofthat. hasand sown the Caicos Islands. concerned. outside can articulate for us what is best in wind, and pool of funds that has been accumulated, from one the from accomplishments of previous administrations Weheare to excellence in journalism, willcommitted certainly reap the whirlwind! He and informing our readers, serving This contributions notion, in themade C21,bycannot a means personsbeliving and working to this for us.bringing It is justdevelopment presumptuous oncountry. the partSkippings of some told started iteducating and we certainly will finish it. andonsatisfying our advertisers and assisting in of promoting in TCI, toDemocracy hijack some ofinthe any, peoplehim no uncertain terms that he had better stop to in think so! He was this fool’s errand of trying to go around the overall development of the Turks and is veryand irksome the approach ourfew meekness forpolitical weaknessparties and started particularly, What the Turks Caicosis Islands. Thatthat this Intaking the last day both have the the country and saying Caicos thing that are not factually Islands. has taken everything. is hisand way or been the refrain Minister “enough is enough”! people should harbor suchtoviews in thisItday correct and thought the people would havegood lappedto engaged in the exercise of reviewing draft heard so much to thethat contrary. It is always might work in someposition. cases, but people of thisprocess country,asnowell matteraswhat age, musthighway. be takenThat as an unenlightened that and up and think that they were being done well by legislationThe oncitizens the voting howtheircome view things for yourself rather than rely willallallow happenare for fighting a small time political stripes are, are certainly realizing that the actions. That is not so, and he is finding out the his People overthat theto world and“t”, and campaigns are to be funded. It was clear to both solely on persons that have their own bias. I am then push Thatthemselves the actuaries and for NIB and and his cohorts do notdrafts have were the bestconvinced hard way,that up close andout personal thatdiscussions, that would not dying forwould the ability to back. express sides Governor of the political fence that those coming of these we NHIP do not agree is not uncommon. What is needed interest of the people at heart. In fact, someone be so. be associated for the common good of various done in part to make criminals of a number of will get a product that is closer akin to where we arbiter, agreeable to both to remarked that be the well manintentioned. has no heart at all, even The Governor, foraall of his bravado has been segmentsis an of independent the population. The ability to sidespersons who might are, rather than having total imposition. come up with a compromise that is fair to both sides. he professes to be of a Christian faith. though rattled! he misspoke and called assemble and have free speech is a fundamental Mind you, some of the things that were done Make That no mistake, the faction thattheismilestones against us Minister Todd does not want that, as he would But The people of this country are not going to sit by what they really are, millstones is a signs of the right guaranteed by our Constitution. To as the way of doing business had to be changed, have powerful voices and friend behind the scenes come up short. All he wanted was to get his hands any longer and allow one man to ruin this country times. His words are ringing hollow with every now, circumscribe that by trying to curtail the but not changed such that we lost our identity that continue to hide in anonymity. But having on $10M come what may. He was prepared to, and and then cut and run. Every move he makes will be pronouncement and are being viewed for what they effectiveness of political parties is a throw-back as a people in the process. What some people shone light, and given clarity of our positions, did make a specific law, without public consultation challenged if it is seen to be not in our best interest. are, some signifying nothing! to the dark ages. continue to fail to realize is that you cannot some changes the better. Wetheare not to affect this. I am not sure what his upbringing was, and wouldwe willHesee needs a new set offor talking points as ones We cannot at this stage in our development every day impose your will on people without an out of the woods by a long shot. But many of What he did not bargain for was the fight back not even try to figure it out. he is using are like old news and relegated to theus allow such things to happen to us. If some adverse reaction. truly seeing thewhence light ofthey daycame. and are prepared from the Board of NIB! That he and his henchman But what I would say is that never in all of myaregarbage bins from persons are of the view that they do not want to We as a people have progressed a long way to press forward to that mark. It will not be easy. are trying to say that NIB should not avail itself of years on God’s green earth have I seen a Governor




subscribe to the tenets of any political party, that is their right so to do. However, it is bad form for them to try so hard to erase the current political parties from the landscape of this country. In recent times, there has been a covert and overt action to perform this bit of surgery. But what some of them failed to realize, that although some of us do not read as we should, a lot of us do, and understand the nuances of the written and spoken work. They cannot dazzle us with brilliance, but they continue to try and baffle us with b s. We have in the 30+ years of Ministerial government come a mighty long way. There is no way now for us to turn back. They try to continue to put out there the notion that there is a large segment of the population that is in favor of this bland situation where you cannot and should not be associated with one group or other in a formal and structured way. That is certainly a recipe for disaster. Of course no one person is perfect, and by extension, no political party is perfect. However, we are all on the road to create a situation, as President Obama likes to say, “A more perfect Union”, meaning the United States of America. So we have only scratched the surface to date, but in time, we aspire to that point where we can say as near as possible, we have created a perfect country. What must be remembered is that there is a

along the road of nation building. We cannot let our detractors succeed in continuing to divide us. We can all disagree, but that does not mean that we have to be disagreeable. In the last draft of the Legislation dealing with the proposed voting process, they tried to sneak in a provision where the symbols of the political parties are removed from the ballot for the All Island constituency. The rationale for this is that having it there would intimidate the voter as he proceeds to cast his ballot. What total and utter nonsense. That was being put there to appease a small group of individuals that wanted to run and wanted their chances of winning enhances by a bit of confusion on the part of some potential voter. That had to be changed because when you saw it, and the flimsy excuse for it being there, everyone had to strike that provision down. The UK politicians sent down to assist is the process had to agree that it was utter nonsense. What was quickly realized by both political parties was that whatever rules were put in place would be there to govern the conduct of both sides and the system that is agreed to, both sides would have to live with whether in government or out. I was totally heartened by the way we conducted ourselves as advisories in one sense, but totally Turks and Caicos Islanders in the other. The UK members were taken aback by the frank and cordial way in which we conducted ourselves. They could not believe that having read and



Some will faint and fall by the wayside, but we have a• nucleus of men, good, and trustworthy Royal Robinson wastrue a former Deputy thatPremier will continue to fight for the of Turks and Minister of Finance cause and Health in and Caicos Islands. WeNational are on Party that (PNP) journey of a the Progressive thousand miles andAdministration. we have taken that first steps together!

TURKS AND CAICOS SUN’S LETTERS POLICY The Turks and Caicos SUN welcomes Letters to the Editor. Letters containing libelous or defamatory charges, personal attacks or abusive language will not be considered for publication. We would prefer letters of 500 words or less, and we will not print anonymous letters or letters tagged with initials. All letters are subject to the final approval of the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, who reserves the right to accept or reject submissions and to edit letters and headlines to meet our established standards for grammar, clarity and length.


MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

$7.8million paid out 399 to severed Civil Servants

The Interim Government has paid out $7.8million to 399 Civil Servants who opted for voluntary severance. The highest payout was for $194,000, while the lowest was $975, according to spokesman for the Governor’s office, Neil Smith. Those who were paid out received an average of $19, 548 per person. Smith, who noted that the budget for administering the severance scheme was $8.3million, said there were 700 expressions of interest received from individuals who all received quotes. In all, 500 people applied to go (both salaried and weekly paid workers). Some 399 severance proposals were accepted and134 rejected Of the salaried staff, 186 were accepted and 60 applications rejected, while from weekly paid staff, 213 were accepted and 74 rejected. Patrick Boyle, Chief Executive, Turks and

Caicos Islands Government, said: “On behalf of His Excellency the Governor and I, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone who has volunteered to leave public life at this time for their service to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and wish them the very best for the future. Over the course of the past few weeks I have spoken to many civil servants who have told me about their new exciting plans for the future and see this as a real opportunity to take a new direction in their lives, whether retraining, re-entering education, setting up in business for themselves, or using their compensation to change their pace of life”. Boyle said Civil Service reform still continues and the five Permanent Secretaries and he are working hard to set up the new Ministries which will seek to continue to improve public services across the Islands.

Census progressing well despite two incidents

The 2012 Population and Housing Census is progressing well despite a couple minor incidents, head of the Census Team Shirlen Forbes said. He said enumerators and supervisors have made steady progress since fieldwork began late January, and a number of areas have been completely enumerated.’ “Our oversight and backup systems have been working effectively, which helped us to quickly pick up two incidents where procedures were not followed and to deal with them in a manner which protected the integrity of the census exercise,” Forbes added. “The first incident was at the start of the enumeration period where a few questionnaires were dropped off

at homes for the persons living there to complete them. While this practice is allowed in some countries, the questionnaires we are using in the TCI census have been designed for interview. When the Census office discovered the practice it was immediately stopped and the enumerator made to conduct the interviews. Members of the Census office also went into the field to make sure that the area in question was enumerated properly”. He added: “In the other matter, one of our supervisors, while doing spot checks, discovered that an enumerator had filled out the questionnaire for a resident who was a friend, without verifying the information. This matter has been investigated and

the supervisor has checked the other households in the area and confirmed that the incident was an isolated one.” Forbes said that this breach of census rules was not discovered by the resident but by the census supervisor. “The work of enumerators is checked first by the supervisor in the field and then by the census office. Once the supervisor has indicated that the area is complete, the census office will drive through the area and do its spot checks. A further check is done by calling the household.” “I must reiterate that these incidents are isolated and have been corrected. We are encouraging persons that have not encountered our enumerators to email us at or call us on 649-946-1700,” he added.

Governor declares additional holiday to mark Queen’s Diamond Jubilee As part of the Turks and Caicos Islands celebrations of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, an additional public holiday has been declared by His Excellency Governor Ric Todd. In order to allow people the maximum benefit of the holiday, the Governor is creating an extended weekend by bringing forward the Queen’s Birthday public holiday scheduled on Mon, 11 June to Mon, 4h June, to sit alongside the new additional holiday to celebrate HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary of acceding to the throne on Tue, 5 June 2012. These moves also have the additional benefit of allowing the people of the TCI to take part in Jubilee celebrations simultaneously with millions of people across the Commonwealth over the same weekend. The annual Queen’s Birthday parade and

medal ceremony will take place on 4th June at the Parade Ground on Grand Turk. The Queen’s Golden Jubilee on 5th June will be celebrated by the lighting of beacons on the beach at Grand Turk and Providenciales at sunset followed by music and dancing. More details on these events, their location and timings will be given in nearer to June. “These celebrations prove are the perfect opportunity to remember just how much we have in common with the two billion citizens across the 54 countries of the Commonwealth, in particular our deep respect for Her Majesty The Queen, our head of state” said Governor Ric Todd. “I am always being told that Her Majesty’s Birthday celebrations are one of the highlights of the TCI year and now we have twice as many reasons to celebrate together.”

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Police Force hires new director of corporate services

Peter Davis

The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police has appointed a new Director of Corporate Services. Peter Davis, will take up the position early next month. The 54-year-old brings a wealth of experience to the role, including previous postings in the Caribbean. Davis, who holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, is the former business manager for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS). He also served as a Detective Superintendent and Senior Investigating Officer for homicides and major crime in the Royal St Lucia Police Force. An ex-British Criminal Investigations Division Detective Chief Inspector and Senior Investigating Officer, he has also worked for the UK Department for Business. RTCI Police Commissioner, Colin Farquhar, said: “We are delighted to welcome Peter Davis. His appointment comes following an extensive recruitment process and his credentials and experience will prove a huge asset to the service. “Peter’s background is highly impressive and his extensive corporate, business and police investigative experience in both the Caribbean and the UK will be a great asset to the RTCI Police.” He added: “This is yet another clear indication of the positive steps being taken to ensure an efficient, productive and highly effective police service here in the TCI.” Davis, who is married with two grown up daughters, boasts an impressive record of achievements during his distinguished career. In the Cayman Islands, he was responsible for the latest RCIPS corporate strategy and business objectives, and was involved in developing key partnership agreements, budget control, and best value and fiscal control of the service for the Cayman Government. In Lucia, he worked on the high-profile murder investigations of Patricia Lee and Laurent Moynaton, and also headed a host of successful major and serious crime investigations teams in the UK. Davis said: “I am pleased to be joining the RTCI Police and look forward to the many challenges that lie ahead.”

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012



Suspect in Dorsette Gardiner’s murder released

Despite the release of a suspect in the Dorsette Gardiner murder and the attempted murder of Claudette Rigby, which occurred about three years ago, Head of the Cold Crime Unit, Inspector Stephen Webb, says the police are on the edge of a significant breakthrough. In an interview with The SUN, Inspector Webb said that the main suspect – Sinclair Delancy - who was deported from Jamaica on March 8, and was arrested immediately after he disembarked a flight from

that neighbouring country at the Providenciales International Airport, was released due to investigators not having sufficient evidence to charge him at this time. “He was released from custody; I don’t have enough evidence to charge him at the moment, and my inquiries still continue around that, so that is the current situation. We are still pursuing active lines of investigations regards to that,” Webb said. Webb assured the public though that the police were on top of their

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investigations and someone could be launching a search for the two charged soon. when family members reported “We are close to a breakthrough; them missing on Friday, December we are very close to getting to the 5, following their failure to contact bottom of this one. It is far from the them after numerous attempts. fact that (Delancy’s release) is a done The police became suspicious deal (for him not being charged). I when they found Gardiner’s vehicle just need to have sufficient evidence on a dirt track near the airport on to make the charge, which at the Saturday, December 5. They said moment I don’t have, so I keep the vehicle was found a far distance inquiries into the circumstances. from Gardiner’s body and the injured “He (Delancy) was arrested woman. in Jamaica because he overstayed. Gardiner was pronounced dead So I went to Jamaica and met with on the scene, while Rigby, who the Jamaican authorities, and it was health official said suffered a number agreed that they would deport him of life-threatening injuries, including back to the TCI for us, because a fractured skull, was flown out of the obviously, we have no jurisdiction country for medical treatment. She to deal with him there. And the TCI has since made remarkable recovery. doesn’t have any agreements for joint A number of persons were jurisdiction, so that is how he became questioned regarding the incident, to be back here,” Webb added. including police officers, who Gardiner’s body was found investigators said were merely in bushes near the Providenciales quizzed on their whereabouts on the International Airport on December night of Gardiner’s disappearance, 6 - about three days after he was since some members of the public reported missing. It was discovered were associating their names to the along with the badly battered Rigby, crime. who the killers, according to the The police authority at the police, at the time, may have thought time stressed that grilling of their they were successful in killing her as officers was not an investigation well. against them, but rather standard The police stumbled upon the operating procedure under such gruesome midmorning scene, after circumstances.

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A PASTOR & MINISTER OF EVANGELISM Interested persons should contact 242-0388


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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012


Taxi drivers protest at Gansevoort


Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA) has described as a hostage situation, an incident at the Gansevoort Resort, which saw taxi drivers using their buses to block an executive tour bus laden with guests from leaving the property to the Providenciales International Airport, on Tuesday, March 27. A Gansevoort employee said the problem was compounded when the taxi drivers, who brought in from off the street, began to hurl racial insults at the hotel management in full earshot of the group of visitors. The incident lasted for a little over an hour. The taxi operators used their buses to block the entrance and exit of the property, preventing the group of tourists, who spent a week in the TCI, from being shuttled to catch their flight. The group was said to have comprised top company executives, including CEOs. The taxi drivers justified their actions by explaining that the resort was preventing them from making money by soliciting

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From left – Stacy Cox, Executive of the TCHTA; Lewell Taylor, Acting Deputy Director for Road Safety; and Algie Missick, Owner of Executive Tours.

the services of Executive Tours – a company or private vendor, to and from private entity – to ferry the guests to the airport. She said the management the airport, which they insisted was company contracted Executive Tours not fear to their business. to do the transfers, but Executive In a news conference at the Tours decided it would allow the taxi Tourist Board office in the Bight later operators to transport the group to the that day, Stacy Cox, Executive of the resort, but would take them back when TCHTA said that her understanding they decided to leave. of the matter was that the group She said that the decision by had prearranged their transportation Executive Tours to allow the taxi through a destination management operators to transport the guests from the airport to the resort was an act of creating a level playing field, and so, it was unfortunate that the incident occurred. “It was really unfortunate that some guests were held hostage at the property because of a small group of cab drivers, who saw it fit that they would block off the entrance and exit to that area. The group (of tourists) spoke highly of the destination, and of course they ended their stay with something as such – this altercation that happened at this property,” Cox lamented. Following the ugly incident, the Tourist Board, led by its Director,

Ralph Higgs convened a meeting with key industry players and Acting Deputy Director for Road the Road Safety Department, Lewell Taylor, to embark on what Cox described as a fact-finding mission, stressing also that more information on the incident would be gathered. Cox said, too, that the Ordinance relating to transportation was consulted following the incident, and it was found out that Executive Tours was “well within its rights” to transport the guests to and from the airport. “The law is the law, and it doesn’t change for anyone. So, Executive Tours obviously had the rights, and they did what they had to do within the law. Executive Tours did not violate any ordinance; I think the only violation was, again, that you (taxi drivers) blocked the entrance and the exit to a property. If there was an emergency, it would have been a dire situation there. This just cannot happen,” Cox insisted. She emphasized that under the ordinance, private tour operators such as Executive Tours, had the right as a licensed taxi and tour company to transport guests or any individuals to and from the airport, also saying that the law outlined that hotels from 29 to 99 rooms may have one private transfer vehicle, while resorts with over 100 rooms are entitled to have four vehicles per resort. In the meantime, Missick, explained that since similar incidents to the Gansevoort situation had taken place in the recent past, Executive Tours, when approached to undertake the transfers, decided to share it with the taximen. He said the tourists, after revealing that their vacation in the TCI was wonderfully spent, expressed outrage over their detention by the incensed taximen. In the meantime, Taylor said that there were five categories of transportation set out in the ordinance, including Omnibus, VIP and Private Charters for Resorts.

ASSISTANT GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT Turks & Caicos Water Company d.b.a. Provo Golf Club requires a professional Assistant Golf Course Superintendant. The candidate should have advanced knowledge of agronomy and turf grass management practices, a working knowledge of golf course construction principles and a thorough understanding of the rules of the game of golf. Only persons with a minimum of five (5) years experience on a golf course with two years experience as a second assistant will be considered for the position. The successful applicant must have at least a Class C Membership with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). The salary range for this position is commensurate with experience, training and education. Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by March 30, 2012 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Only persons selected for an interview will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.


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MARCH 16TH - MARCH 23RD, 2012

MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

Former PS Finance Delton Jones exploring several job options

men. If women- our mothers and are seeing health education workshops; talk shows sed service or the weaker among have discussed several aspects of mental health, shown little or no concern, our infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, family and children’s services. eople will be hindered. The theme of this year’s Women’s History nister of Health I can proudly say vernment made several significant Month 2012 focuses on educating and empowering an effort to eliminate health women. So today, in this column, I encourage every ve never given preference to one woman to take her health seriously. Have regular we have never refused any human check-ups with your doctors, get mammograms, eat time off to decide his next move very kind to me, despite the fact lth services. healthy and please let us exercise. What better way BY VIVIAN TYSON that there were a number of tough at a final decision. mentioned, has a preexisting to continue tobefore showarriving that “Our Health Is Our pecting her new baby in about two Strength?” “I am not closing the door to decisions that had to be made,” Jones After April several ot allowed to see the 1st, doctor. Of permanent In doing so,anything; we will beyou improving individual have toour consider any pointed out. ed and so Isecretaries promised herwho faithfully either health were and notthus the wellness and life opportunities of Jones is also not ruling out going opportunity that comes about. I have t to youTURKS the readers and government seek help every woman, across the AND CAICOS SUN MARCH 23RD -family MARCHand 30TH,community 2012 selected by to head back to school to, according to him, a wife and children to live for, and I and Caicos Islands. To do otherwise is not only of the five new ministries that thereany are grave inequities in Turks “do some retooling’”. am a young person, so I am looking non seen option, but also is wholly unhealthy for the s and the health or quality decidedand that they ahad “As I move on now, what I with great people who depends on us.optimism on the basis of fferent populations women. enough ofofthe sector, walked into History Month traces its origins back Women’s certainly want to do is to build on the strong faith, into a very productive he racial and ethnic disparities in thetoo sunset of private Women’s Day, which was have left many of the first International experiences that I have gained. I will and prosperous future,” said. Delton is one of theMarch 8, 1911. By 1978 the event had celebrated men in poorer health,Jones, without probably be looking at assessing a The former Finance PS said that igh quality, affordable Secretaries, health care expanded Permanent who, longto an entire week, and in 1987 the United while he extended enjoyed the working in to the number local as well as a number of ely to die before prematurely and oftento reduce States Congress formally celebration the decision the auses. sector, the last three to four years international opportunities. I would an entire month. ministries was conceptualized, had2010, the Library of Congress has issued a make the health care decisions for Since was the most challenging based on like to get into business and put decided that he would demit office re the primary caregivers when a national theme for each year’s Women’s History the number of tough decisions that into practice the theory of some of lls ill. Therefore, health this of year, Month. This year’s is “Women’s Education and at the endthe of March to take he had to make in order to keep the the things that I might have written only the individual, but her family Empowerment.” up new challenges. y. about on my job. I am looking at countrytogether afloat. we can celebrate our working Days boast beforeabout his a19 progress, plusI believe years are that we cannot address the in women's lives and even partnering with some of the “It inequities was particularly challenging, re department anymore this came working the under service to animprove the quality of life of all women. ultimately especially in the last four years or so, other people who are leaving the civil wever, despite the slumping As I reflect upon the myriad of ways that women end, Jones told the SUN that he was service now, to create employment the whole and economic ne of many areas of our country have shared andwith constantly givepolitical of themselves, I wish mullingmany over afamilies number of options, peration among that we had thesituation time and space them for their such to ashonor the hurricanes and opportunities,” Jones said. whatshould this contributions. newspaper This will be an undertaking of Stepping men and including children, there He added: “It was certainly a the like; that has been a challenge, n the service of health to care. Stones understands be My an offer in next the available occasion. Some of our hard and lottheofTurks that and took placeIslands at the pleasure to have had the opportunity eady few Eastern in numbers and if our herea in Caicos Caribbean, even working though women he eive services because they are has used the stones time when I was PS. So we had thrown at them as steps to ato to serve in the public service for the opted elaborate on thatbrighter issue too ill eventually dieto- leaving behind futuredeal for with thema lot andoftheir families. It is past 19 or so years. I think I worked those issues. I think ot care formuch. themselves. important And while not denying thatto remind ourselves that there is work that on leaving now, it is time to move hard; I tried to do my best. I worked stillasserted remains to be done. This is especially true of he countless committedthe people he received offer,inJones with several governments, PDM and to new challenges. People had been e still doing very hard work. We women’s health issues.

that he would need to take some

Is in need of Two Launderers Contact 231-0047



d s an


Americlean Dry Cleaners 1 Gardener

5 ning

able h

PNP, and I would sincerely hope that I made a good contribution to the development of the Turks and Caicos Islands in my own small way,” Pagehe 9 said. Jones declared that he left the sector with just one regret: “I have worked a lot on reserves since about 2002, and policies relating to that, so the fact that this crisis came and we didn’t have any reserves, I think that was certainly a great disappointment for me. Not that if we had had reserves, it would have meant that some of the austerity that we had to undertake, we would not have had to take, but I still think you would have had sort of a cushion to strike a balance. He added: “The fact is, as you go along, you need to accumulate reserves. The fact of the matter was that we had a boom, and when the crisis came we did not have a lot of resources to cushion the impact of the fallout, because the economy moves in cycles.”


e y as

taff or


To work 6 days per week For 3 hours Salary $100.00 Contact 432-2390

The West Club The West Bay Bay Club


1 Bartender

Salary $5.50 per hour Contact 941-4540

ANDRE D GIBSON Is seeking a


IsIsseeking seeking 1 Kitchen helpers HELPERS 1 Labourer 2 KITCHEN Salary $5.00 to $7.00 per hour Salary $5.00 to $7.00 per hour Please call247-1554 or247-1554 or Please contact Dorothea Malcolm @ Email



Responsibilities: The successful applicant will be responsible for the general cleaning of communal areas, sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning of windows and removal of trash. The applicant will also be responsible for any other duties assigned in regards to general cleaning. Requirements: The successful applicant must be able to work with little to no


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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

MARCH 23RD - MARCH 30TH, 2012

Contract signed for managing dumps BY VIVIAN TYSON

Life for a number of residents on Providenciales and Grand Turk, who live near the respective dump sites should begin to get better in the coming days, as Turks and Caicos BY VIVIAN TYSON Environmental Management (TCEM), the SUN SENIOR EDITOR company that has been awarded the contract to carry out solid waste management for the two facilities, was scheduled to begin its operation by Monday, April 2. The initial five year contract, which was signed on March 21, will see TCEM embarking on the: •Extinguishing fires, and removing standing water; •Consolidation of the existing waste on site to minimize the footprints of the waste; •Compacting/densification of the waste to maximize the lie of the sites; •Cover of the entire waste mass with soil to minimize odors, vector and windblown liter; •Clearing and re-grading of access road; •Installation of perimeter fencing of the sites and full-time security; Tim Hodge, a member of the TCEM team The SUN that the site would be managed using internationally recognized solid waste handling practices geared at minimizing odor and litter, while controlling potential human health threats associated with scavengers, landfill runoff water, dust, smoke and vermin. He said also that the sites will be clean and covered with six inches of soil in all areas. He pointed out that that level of work that will be done at the facilities would minimize rodents, vermin and insects that can carry diseases such as typhus and dengue fever. He also said that

the operation would eliminate the congregation of birds, feral dogs, and other vectors that can carry disease to human populations. He said also that it would improve the air quality through the reduction of windborne dust, thereby reducing the potential for bronchial ailments. Hodge assured the public that there would be no new charge to those who dispose of their wastes at the facility, indicating that government was TCEM’s only client. “The contract with government is a design, build and operating contract. We design the facility, we design the operation and we will build out the initial cells and also do the clean-up of the whole site; then we operate on an ongoing basis. Our only client is government; government pays the service fees to do those services. There is no revenuegeneration, there is no new fees at the gate, there is no new charge; it is purely a service contract for the government,” Hodge said. He said that the agreement marked the culmination of an exhaustive procurement and planning process, and the result was a program that will quickly and aggressively address some of the TCI’s greatest environmental and human health challenges, while helping to ensure long-term sustainability. Hodge made it clear that TCEM would be using as many local subcontractors as possible, inclusive of bulldozers, excavators, tractors, trucks and rollers. He said the contract gave the operators six months to fully clean up the sites and transform them into landfills, but he said that the level of work that would be done there should end much sooner.

Career Opportunities:

Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience

Executive Chef

Duties and Responsibilities • Demonstrate a participative supervisory style which promotes effective use of subordinates calculating added value profit return against time and resources invested. • To act in the manner of a business person as if the business was their own. • To maintain exemplary cleanliness and hygiene standards in all food areas relevant to the kitchen department. • Meet all company and statutory requirements with regards to food hygiene and employee health & hygiene. • To remain alert to potential threats to life, safety and security of employees and guests, with particular emphasis being placed on fire prevention, training / awareness, evacuation and emergency procedures. • To solve all complaints satisfactorily and to exceed customer expectations at all times. • To show a positive attitude at all times and promote mutual respect within the Kitchen and through all departments. • To ensure budgeted food costs are met by structured, conservative buying and produce utilization. • To keep up to date records for compliance with health & safety regulations. • To assist the F&B Director to monitor department’s performance against budget and GSTS, communicating feedback and providing appropriate support/action where necessary. • Help to maintain appropriate levels of staffing, according to business levels and help to ensure staffs are motivated to deliver consistently high levels of guest service. • To help in maintaining discipline within the department with standards implemented by the company.


Explaining how the sites would be run on a daily basis Hodge noted: “We are going to start by putting a control system in place. We will regulate who is coming in and who is going out. No unauthorized persons would be allowed on the dump anymore, they either have to register as a guest up front before coming onto the property to dump their trash or use a space that would be provided for them. “All that trash will go in a specific area; all throughout the day we will have bulldozers there to spread out that trash and then compact it. So every day you will see a small area with trash and at the end of the day we will cover it with six inches of dirt. When you come there at the end of a regular working shift, the area would look like a big parking lot or an open field. There will not be anymore dogs, flies, cats or exposed trash.” He noted that the individuals behind TCEM possessed more than 30 years in solid waste management, having worked on a number of projects in the United States, including a 3.5 million –ton-per-year site in Washington State. The waste generated in the TCI is about 40 tons per year. In the meantime, speaking after the signing ceremony Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Human Services, Judith Campbell said: "This is a major achievement for the Government and critical for the protection of human health and the environment. This was clearly an unhealthy situation and if one person is prevented from carbon monoxide poisoning and cancer from dump pollutants, then the investment in this project is well worth it. The Ministry of Health expresses sincere appreciation to staff of the Environmental Health Department, the Engineering Supervisor and the Deputy Attorney General for making this project a reality".

• To maintain your personal equipment used to fulfill your job i.e. knives, shoes to the required standard. • To be responsible for the day to day running of the kitchen. • To assist the F&B Director in the maintaining of food cost percentage through control in wastage, purchasing, storing, portion control. • To assist the F&B Director in implementing and carrying out the departmental training needs. • To check mis en place is ready and is to the required standard for service. • To support colleagues at all times to ensure team work is maintained and discipline. • On a daily basis check with the function sheets and liaise with the F&B Director to the duties needed to be carried out that day. • To be responsible for the writing of menus in the F&B Director’s absence. • To be aware of Grace Bay Club and departmental objectives and to assist in achieving them. • To comply with and act in accordance with all Company fire regulations and to adhere to the Company’s fire policy. • To act in accordance with all Health & Safety and Hygiene regulations and to adhere to the Company’s Health &Safety policy. • To attend all statutory training as & when requested. • This JOB DESCRIPTION is not exhaustive; therefore the job holder may be required, from time to time, to carry out tasks as & when requested by Management. Job Requirements • Minimum 5 years experience as Executive Chef. • Extensive knowledge of International food including Asian, Indian as well as Mediterranean. • Qualified first aid trainer. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than March 23, 2012 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050 Email: Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012



Successful Wall Street adviser killed in boating accident Page 17


MARCH 23RD - MARCH 30TH, 2012

What was supposed to be a dream and memorable vacation for an American family turned into a nightmare – one that they would want to forget in a hurry - when the husband and father was allegedly mowed down while snorkeling in the Windsong Resort vicinity along the Grace Bay Beach strip on Saturday, March 24. Mark Wiley Lane, 44, of New York, USA, suffered multiple injuries and was pronounced dead by doctors at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre at about 4.50pm, according to police spokesman, Paul Baker, via press statement. He said the incident took place about 3:30pm. “A major investigation has been launched involving officers from CID, the Marine Branch and officials from Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources (DECR). Any witnesses are urged to contact the police on 911 or Crimestoppers on 1-800-8477. Information can also be left in English, French or Spanish at or by becoming a friend of Crimestoppers TCI on Facebook,” Baker said. Lane, a managing director at Lazard Capital Markets, recently returned to work after a 3 1/2-year hiatus to help raise four young sons. He was on Providenciales with his wife and their sons Wiley, 13, Peyton,

Mark Lane

12, Grant, 9, and Trevor 8. While the accident has caused a stir in the hotel sector, some hoteliers along that stretch of beach a fatal accident was unfortunately long in coming, based on the blatant disregard that many water craft operators paid to guests, while swimming or relaxing on the sand. “A guest, who made several visits to the Turks and Caicos before, told us that she would never come back here nor recommend anyone she knows to come because a boat operator almost hit her and her family while they were swimming in the water in front of their hotel. The guest said that she admonished the boat operator, and his reply was that she saw the boat coming ashore, so she should have gotten out


HAB Management Limited is seeking a suitably qualified individual to fill the following opening:

WAITRESS Main Duties Applicants will be required to greet and take food and beverages orders from restaurant guest, serve the orders and accommodate guest requests. Applicants will be required to serve guests’ promptly and according to established restaurant standards, policies and procedures. Requirements Must have a minimum of three years experience working in a restaurant. Must have a strong working knowledge of dining room procedures, policies and EPOS System. Applicants must be a customer service advocate, maintaining a high level of customer service standards. Maintain a friendly, cheerful and courteous demeanor at all times. Perform other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management. Applicants must be willing to work varied shifts, split shifts, nights, weekends and holidays as required by management. Applicants will be required to work on a full time basis. Must be able to walk, stand or stoop for the duration of shift (at least 8 hours). Applicants must be able to understand/speak/read/write English proficiently. All applicants must be hardworking team players. Wages for this position is commensurate with experience and training. Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by April 10, 2012 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Only candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.


of the way if she did not want to in the world. That comes with an be hit. enormous responsibility; when you “Firstly, boats are not supposed are promoting something like that, to come up on crowded beach like you are obviously promoting not that; as a matter of fact, I am not only the beautiful nature of it, but sure that they are permitted to the safety aspect as well. dock on those areas. But I believe “And to my knowledge there has that the authorities do not care not been the appropriate attention much about tourism. They still to that side of the equation, and we have not got it yet that tourism would like to see more effort being is the goose that lays the golden made to provide the DECR with egg, and so, they treat the industry the resources they need; to provide with scant regard,” the fuming EMS with the resources that they hotelier said. need, should such a tragedy occur, Members of the Hotel and and more education on behalf of Tourism Association, in response more of the individual resorts on to the tragic incident, hosted and what your responsibility is and question and answer-type news what you can do to avoid and to briefing at the Windsong Resort, to minimize episodes on the beach. publicly express their sadness on the “Virtually, there is no outreach, incident and as well as to stress their no education, and I think, that is call for better regulation and policing probably the next step that needs of water craft in areas where tourists to take place. There also has to be normally frequent. more awareness for water-sports Karen Whitt, President of the TCI safety, and this needs to come Hotel and Tourism Association, said from those agencies that have the that her organization would again try expertise,” Whitt further noted. to get the authorities to enforce strict Since joining New Yorkboating zones in the area so as to avoid based Lazard as head of fixedanother regretting incident such as last income trading in November, Saturday’s. Lane was helping to expand the “We want to establish any and business’s relationship with Lazard all protocol, procedures and safety Ltd. (LAZ), the world’s largest measures that we can, to try and protect independent merger adviser. He who go out and swim into the waters. had been working on Wall Street for We are really calling for a review on almost two decades, and ran debt behalf of the government – the DECR trading desks at firms including (Department of Environment and Merrill Lynch & Co., Deutsche Coastal Resources) in particular – to Bank AG and UBS AG in New look at and evaluate swim zones; are York and London. they adequate? Are they in place? “He touched every aspect of the Is the funding enough to provide credit world, and he did so very the markers, buoys, the zones? And successfully,” said Robert Okun, a from an education standpoint, are the senior partner at New York-based hotels and all the various businesses Oak Hill Advisors LP and a friend are doing all thatJOB theyTITLE: can, to inform of Lane’s. “He had an excellent Technical Manager the guest, the visitors, locals, anyone sense of risk and understanding TECHNICAL MANAGER who goes out for, to make sure that risk and managing risk.” we understand safety In 2008, Lane quit his job as coPrimary objectivethe of the job: measures? I• also want to stress the fact that we head of global distressed Manage the overall operation of the Network Switching, IP Transmission, RFtrading at ensuring a high quality of service for the Digicel network. also need to evaluate the regulations Zurich-based UBS to spend more • Oversee capacity planning various within the Digicel network. for the motor craft going for upthe and downnodes time with his family, friends and • Oversee budget Et spend for the various nodes ET operation of above the beach. We don’t have a copy of that relatives said. responsibilities. policy, but we want to be sure that the Lane, who lived in a townhouse • Good knowledge of AXE for GSM/BSC/HLR/SCP. • Good knowledge of GSM voice and regulations are appropriate, andDATA thatroaming in the Park Slope neighborhood • Good knowledge of Charging they are in place, and thatsystem thereand areVASofplatforms. Brooklyn, didn’t need to keep some governance to these activities,” working for financial reasons, his Main Duties and responsibilities: Whitt said. Andrew said in an Manage all Network Core Elements (MSC, BSC,father, HLR, SDP, Airserv,Lane, CCN 1-Gate In ITP the &meantime, Whitt Atram, VSTA and Power unit)said the interview. Before UBS, Mark Academicwas qualifications and with experience requiredLane for job: TCHTA dissatisfied the level was a managing director at in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science or similar. Degree/diploma of cooperation it had been getting from Deutsche Bank (DBK) and Merrill 15 years’ experience in the Telecommunication industry. government, as the resources to from Lynch, where he helped expand 3 years’ experience in Management Role. the authority was woefully lacking, the European leveraged finance Functional Skills: and so far, no efforts were being business. Lane was also a high• Ericsson AXE training made to address the matter. “Grace yield trader at Salomon Brothers • Veraz Training Bay Beach is the numberTraining. one beach Inc. in the mid-1990s. • Generic Telecommunication • Working knowledge of GSM & CDMA • Understanding IN platforms. • Knowledge of GPRS and EDGE within the GSM network • Working knowledge of SMS, MMS and VMS Is seeking a • Billing function Dishwasher, Kitchen Helper • Mediation International access • Roaming voice and Data Salary $5.00 per hour • STP SCCP Interested persons should • Good trouble shooting and problem analysis skills. Contact: • Good communication skill Madison Drake @941-4955 • SDP and PDH transmissions systems0

Horse-Eye Jack’s Beach Bar & Grill


Page 19 Page 13


30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012 MARCH 23RD - MARCHMARCH 30TH, 2012

Attorney General probing leak of SIPT documents

Attorney General Huw Shepheard has ordered a police investigation into Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) documents that were leaked to various media houses in the Turks and Caicos Islands and elsewhere. And he is threatening contempt of court proceedings and even imprisonment for thos responsible for leaking the documents. "The statements recently disclosed to the media are clearly part of the SIPT's ongoing criminal investigation, with a view to their being used as evidence in legal proceedings, Shepheard said. “"As such, these papers are covered by legal professional privilege and, in addition, by the law of contempt of court. The disclosure of this material to persons not involved in the litigation for which they were prepared is a contempt of court punishable with imprisonment. If the disclosure or any publication was made with the intention of frightening or intimidating the witness whose statement is disclosed or published, the offence of attempting to pervert the course of justice may also have

been committed. This is also punishable with imprisonment.” The AG said he has asked the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police to investigate this leak, and, if sufficient admissible and credible evidence is obtained to identify the persons who have disseminated these documents,he will bring proceedings against them with a view to their being imprisoned. Witness statements that were given to the Special Investigations and Prosecution Team (SIPT) by former Progressive National Party (PNP) Minister Karen Delancey and former People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) chairman Shaun Malcolm, are being widely circulated over the internet in the Turks and Caicos Islands and beyond. In the two separate witness statements, both Delancey and Malcolm provided the SIPT with

PRELIMINARY NOTICE OF AUCTION SALES FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Ltd, as Chargee, pursuant to section 72 of the Registered Land Ordinance, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold by Public Auction the scheduled property outside of its offices at 1271 Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands at 9:30 am on Thursday, April 05th 2012. 1. Gecko House, Turtle Tail, Providenciales – title number 61004/5 Juba Salina, Providenciales. Residential property comprising 0.60 acres located on iron shore with spectacular panoramic ocean view property. Property comprises (i) a detached single-storey dwelling house with open plan living and dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, utility room and (ii) a detached two-storey building comprising a garage, a studio unit, office and upper level studio apartment with bedroom (good for rental), large living area, kitchen and bathroom. Total gross floor area of the two buildings is approximately 4,930 square feet. For more information please contact Mr. Corey Clarke, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Head Office, Bridgetown, Barbados (Tel: 246 467 1654/email: or MCKNIGHTS International Law Firm, Attorneys at Law, 46 Salt Mills Plaza, Grace Bay, Providenciales (Telephone 649-941-2330/Fax 649-9412331/email:

Attorney General Huw Shepheard

some damning information about their former colleagues in the PNP and PDM respectively. Delancey’s statement is 26 pages long and was given on June 27th, 2011, while Malcolm’s 16-page statement was given on October 5th, 2010. In the documents, Delancey also told SIPT she received a $10,000 campaign donation from convicted fraudster David Smith, and a loan of $4,500 from his wife Tracey Smith. She also give the SIPT information about her colleagues Floyd Hall, McAllister Hanchell, Jeffrey Hall, Lillian Boyce, Greg

Lightbourne, Royal Robinson, Amanda Misick, Samuel Been, Wayne Garland, Norman Saunders Snr., as well as mentioning the names of Althea Ewing, Lisa Hall, Carlos Simons, Rex Messam, Alan Forest, Aulden Smith, Lord Ashcroft, Cynthia Astwood, Oswald Skippings, Ruth Blackman, Bishop Coleta Williams, Clive Stanbrook, and Mary Forbes. Malcolm, who described himself as civic leader, told the SIPT about bribery for political purposes within the PDM and that a member received a $40,000 payment for an appointment in the House of Assembly. He also said the PDM received a $100,000 payment from a developer. Most of Malcolm’s statement was blacked out. Malcolm said he was able to provide a personal example of how Government owned plots of land were not allocated in accordance with legal processes, saying that although he had all the qualifying requirements, he was once unfairly denied legal right to a plot of Crown Land for residential purposes, on Chalk Sound, Providenciales.

Charles Annuela Seeks

1 Domestic Worker Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 347-3638

Willy’s Barbershop Glenny’s Mini Morris Plaza 345 4832 Market

2 Barbers Needed needed 1 Domestic Salary Worker$5 To work 6 days per perweek hour

Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 342-1777

Sheik N Sassy Hair & Nails Studio Seeks

1 Hairdresser

To work 6 days per week Salary ranging from $5.00 to $7.00 per hour Applicants must be willing to work on holidays & weekends Please submit applications to Sheik N Sassy Contact Channy @3426787

Page 14

MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012



New Grand Turk police initiative pleases top brass


The hierarchy of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police believes that the pilot project on the capital island of Grand Turk aimed at making police more effective, appears to have been working even though there its final assessment was two months away. The initiative effectively converted the various divisions into patrolling, which the force’s top brass said was geared towards making the police more visible on the Grand Turk streets in order to minimize crime while boosting the people’s confidence in the police to enable a better working relationship. Deputy Commissioner of Police

Brad Sullivan told The SUN that an assessment on the programme’s successes or failures was too early to arrive at, since the initiative was in its fourth month of its six month allotment. “It is a six-month project and we are not yet able to do our assessment to determine if it is working. What we did was, we took our specialized units and incorporated them into the watch system; so we are trying that out to see how it meets our needs. We are in month number four, so I think it is time that we should be doing our halfway assessment and getting close to sitting down and do our final assessment, to see if it is going to work or not going to work. “By my assessment, the programme has its challenges, but

SOUS CHEF Requirements: •Minimum 5 years culinary experience in a full service, fine dining establishment as Sous Chef Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience •Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience •Must have strong knowledge of kitchen inventory and ordering process, staffing, expediting and ability to supervise the staff and kitchen operations under the direction of the Executive Chef •Excellent culinary technique and ability to work the line during all meal periods Exceptional customer service orientation, complying with company service culture •Must be able to work all days and shifts Duties Include: •Recruit and select qualified candidates, provide training and communication performance expectations •Coordinate the inventory, purchasing and disbursement of all supplies with the purchasing manager •Inspect and ensures the proper set up and readiness of each item on menus •Supervise daily food preparation for assigned areas. •Ensure that the level of quality, portion control, and plate presentation is adhered to consistently •Work closely with staff to exceed guest expectations •Maintain product consistency by conducting inspecting or seasonings, portion and appearance of food EXECUTIVE CHEF Requirements: •12 years plus experience in culinary and kitchen management, and must be in fine dining or luxury hospitality •Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience •Knowledge and skill in variety of cuisines, also room service and banquet operations •Practical creativity to provide innovative menus and recipes along with financial acumen to control cost and produce profit •Previous responsibility for food purchasing, including negotiating prices. •Prior experience standardizing recipes, plating instructions, and costing. •Must be able to work all days and shifts Duties Include: •Participate in the development and implementation of business strategy for Food and Beverage including development of annual budget, monitoring actual versus budgeted expenses and recommending menu pricing •Develop and implement menu and dining strategies •Prepare reports summarizing food and beverage profitability, customer satisfaction, etc. •Lead staff meetings and train and coach staff GARDNER Duties Include: •General landscaping duties as assigned by the supervisor or manager. •Must be willing and able to work all days and shifts. RESTAURANT AND BAR OPERATIONS MANGER The Restaurants and Bars Manager will oversee the daily operation of P23 fine dining restaurant; Plunge casual outdoor restaurant and bar, Green Flamingo bar and In-room Dining. Requirements:

we are working through them. But looking at it, the crime rate seems relatively low on Grand Turk, which said that we are meeting the needs of the community. It looks favorable, but we definitely want the input of our employees; the ones that are working it and upon whose progress the decisions are made,” Sullivan said. Commissioner of Police Colin Farquar, who implemented the initiative, told this newspaper at the time, that his decision was spurred by the needs On Grand Turk, but it was learnt that the decision did not go down well with a number of officers on that island, some of whom tagged the undertaking as a backward step. But the commissioner said that while he understood the officers’

position, he believed that their opposition could have been triggered by the fact that under the new system, they would be challenged to step outside of their comfort zones, and could be asked to do more. He further indicated that resistant to change was longstanding issue, and would have expected to even small pushback from his decision. He noted then that after the sixmonth period, a total assessment would be made to determine the success of the programme, with a view to making further adjustments, so as to strike a balance with meeting the needs of the community, while ensuring that the police officers were comfortable in their daily exercise.

•Minimum of 7 years management experience in luxury setting in at least 2 international locations •Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience •Strong knowledge of a variety of cuisines and wines/beverage •Strong understanding and proven track record of operational controls and sales •Proven ability to train and develop team members •Ability to take initiative while working effectively in a team environment •Excellent organizational skills •Passion for luxury food and beverage service; positive and cheerful attitude with high energy •Computer skills at advanced level (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) •Must be able to work all shifts and days Duties include: •Supervises, trains and coaches staff to meet Regent standard of luxury and ensure The Regent Experience for guests. •Develops business strategies for food & beverage outlets aligned with business objectives for maximizing revenue and guest satisfaction. •Participates in development of budgets and monitors status regularly to ensure achievement of financial targets. •Assists in developing and implementing marketing and promotions to increase business and revenue. •Works closely with culinary team to create and implement menus consistent with guest expectations and Regent standards of luxury and quality. CONCIERGE SUPERVISOR Requirements: •Two years of Luxury hotel concierge experience, with at least one year previous supervisory or management experience. •Must have excellent communication skills both verbal and written •Must have extensive knowledge of the luxury hotel business, its services and facilities •Must have excellent customer relations skills and leadership capabilities. •Must be detail oriented with outstanding organizational and communication skills. •Must possess highly effective time management skills and respond to guest requests within 24 hours. •Must possess excellent networking abilities to leverage supplier/operators to provide the best Regent Experience for all guests. •Must be able to work all days and shifts Duties Include: •Direct and assist concierge in organizing breaks, ensuring that all work is completed efficiently and according to schedule. •Observe all concierge staff to ensure that established procedures are completed in accordance with the Regent Standards. •Monitors all report functions, reservations, and email correspondence completed by staff. •Review the daily reservations availability and inform staff accordingly. •Conduct standard testing for all staff on a regular basis. •Review expected arrivals and check all VIP and special request reservations to ensure proper registration, reservation and any other special needs or requests. •Complete monthly reports and inventories. •Must act as a liaison between hotel departments and operators to provide the highest level of guest services. Interested applicants should apply to Regent Palms Monday through Friday and bring along a recent C.V., or by emailing a recent resume to, no later than Friday, April 13, 2012.


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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012


Veranda owner threatens to sue TCI SUN

Andre Serruys, the British multi-millionaire owner of the Veranda hotel, has threatened to sue the Turks and Caicos SUN, over an article the newspaper carried that called for a breakdown of how much money the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) is spending on accommodation at his resort. In its March 16th to March 23rd edition, The SUN, and subsequently several media houses in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Caribbean and around the world, printed an article containing a statement from former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Michael Misick, and which was also published in several newspapers and websites all around the region and the world which stated: There needs to be full investigation into the conduct and practices of certain past and present British Advisers, many of whom are involved or were involved in matters that are clear conflicts of interest. The FAC and the FCO needs to investigate the investments of


Job Title:

Andre Serruys

British advisers, the concessions they have received and the deals that they have been cutting. The public also needs to have a breakdown and full disclosure of how the $11million per year is being spent by the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) including how much they are paying for their luxury beach-front


Seamstress / Laundry attendant

The Housekeeping Department is looking for a suitable, qualified candidate to fill the abovementioned position that is capable of carrying out the following functions:

1. Maintains a professional manner and high level of customer service at all times. 2. Stocking cleaning linens in the closets in each department where usage is required . 3. Collecting dirty linens from the various departments for laundering. 4. Ensures that the laundry area is kept clean, neat and tidy at all times. 5. Dispose of non-clinical waste in accordance with Interhealth Canada Ltd (ICL) Infection Control Policy. 6. Performs cleaning duties associated with the department in order to maintain a clean environment and adhere to cleaning schedules. 7. Sewing and mending of staff uniforms and linens as required. 8. Serves clients which includes staff, patients and families, providing a high quality, efficient, friendly and client-focused service at all times. 9. To create and maintain discipline on a contract site in order that the agreed specification is carried out within set budgets. 10. Follows all universal precautions, blood borne pathogen procedures and uses personal protective equipment as needed while handling and sorting linens for laundering and in accordance with ICL Infection Control Policy. 11. Complies with hygiene, health and safety policies and procedures in accordance with legislation and ICL practice requirements. 12. Ensures safe working practices at all times and supports the implementation of best practice policies. 13. Reports faulty equipment and potential hazards on premises as necessary to the supervisor. 14. Maintains confidentiality of all information and material received or communicated at TCI Hospitals. 15. Attends inservices and participates in continuing professional development opportunities. 16. Performs other professional duties as may be assigned within his/her scope.

Knowledge, training and experience required      

High School Graduate / Vocational or on the job training in health & hygiene or customer service preferred Previous working as part of a team, prior healthcare experience preferred Exposure in dealing with the public, Listens keenly to and follows instructions Ability to read and write the English Language, Must be knowledgeable of basic Computer skills Physical ability to undertake work assignment, able to work shifts assigned and work to timeframes Reliable, Neat and tidy

Persons wishing to apply may drop off their applications to the reception at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre or submit the same via email at LLawrence no later than April, 16 2012. Please ensure th a contact telephone number or email address is enclosed with the application. The closing date is 12 march 2012

accommodation at the Veranda Hotel which is owned by a wealthy and controversial UK businessman Andre Serruys, who himself was under investigation for corruption in the UK.” On March 21, 2012, The SUN’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Hayden Boyce, received a letter from the law firm Misick and Stanbrook, which is owned by the former premier’s brother Ariel Misick, QC, (but which was not signed by him) threatening legal. The letter from the lawyers stated that “SIPT is not occupying luxury beach-front accommodation at the Veranda, (but) it is rather, occupying small units to the very rear of the site which are neither fitted nor furnished to the standards suitable for the resort’s mainstream guests”. The letter also stated that Veranda is “owned by Faez Ltd and not by Mr. Serruys, who rather has an interest in certain parent entities”. The correspondence from Misick and Stanbrook added: “Mr. Serruys is described as being “controversial” It is not clear what is meant by “controversial” but the context clearly suggests and implies that it is a pejorative term. In any event, it is not true that Mr. Serruys is “controversial” under any meaning of that term”. It continued: “It (the news article) stated that Mr. Serruys was himself ‘under investigation for corruption in the UK’. Mr. Serruys has never been under investigation for corruption in the UK. In 2010 he was involved in High Court litigation in the UK in the course of which the plaintiff in those proceedings alleged fraud and dishonesty on his part. Those allegations were wholly withdrawn by the party asserting them and a public statement issued to that effect. Moreover, the matter concerned was a civil matter and at no time was any allegation of corruption asserted. Mr. Serruys has never been the subject of criminal proceedings for corruption or criminal proceedings of any other kind.” The Misick and Stanbrook letter added that the SUN’s article was “libelous and defamatory” of Surreys’ “good name and reputation” and demanded an apology. The SUN’s publisher Hayden Boyce said that having consulted with his lawyers, he is well satisfied that there was nothing at all pejorative, libelous or defamatory in

the newspaper report. “Any reasonable and rightthinking person who reads the original article and then the letter from Mr. Serruys’ lawyers would be inclined to ask themselves whether or not this is just a case of a multimillionaire who is seeking to use his enormous wealth to suppress freedom of the press and muzzle and intimidate a small newspaper like the SUN,” Boyce said. “Mr. Serruys has just as much of a right to sue as I have to defend any such action. In my view, he is simply being quite petty and silly. Readers only have to Google the name Andre Serruys, see what comes up and judge for themselves,” said Boyce. The SUN publisher said that there can be no disputing that the Veranda is a beach-front luxury and that members of SIPT live there. Boyce said he could not understand why Serruys wants to dispute that he owns Veranda, when The SUN has correspondence from Serruys in which the Norfolk multi-millionaire spoke in his capacity as owner of the Veranda. The publisher said there are several official press releases which state that Veranda is developed by owned Faez Ltd., a Turks & Caicos company controlled by UK entrepreneur Andre Serruys. Several newspaper reports from the UK carried various articles in which Serruys, a scrap metal entrepreneur, was at the centre of a £91m lawsuit and that his assets were frozen without warning following allegations of fraud in May 2008, which were withdrawn by SITA when the case confidentially settled out of court. The case related to the sale of Mr Serruys’ Lenwade-based scrap metal business Easco to SITA in May 2007. SITA said before the case was settled that the business was “replete with dishonest practices” and “effectively worthless” - a claim the defendants strenuously denied and argued should never have been brought during five weeks of proceedings in the High Court. The complexity of the case required legal teams in Mills & Reeve’s Norwich and Cambridge offices and a barristers in London. According to a writ filed in the UK High Court accused of “organising and encouraging” widespread, dishonest practices in his scrap metal empire. By way of background, the writ stated that Serruys, former owner of the Lenwade-based Easco Group, was involved in a web of potentially fraudulent activity at eight Easco centres nationally. About 60 witnesses were called to give evidence for the defendants, and 60,000 documents had to be scrutinized.

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012



Election registration for Belongers to begin April 9th A major joint registration programme which will give TCI Belongers an opportunity to both verify their status and register for upcoming elections was announced by the Ministry of Border Control and Labour and the Electoral Office today, Monday 26th Thursday March 2012. The exercise, to be conducted on all islands, begins April 9th and runs until June 30th 2012. Over this period, Belongers over 18 years who wish to vote will be issued with a Belonger (Turks and Caicos Islands Status) Card, which under a proposed amendment to the Immigration Ordinance will be accepted as sufficient proof of Belonger (Islander) status for the purposes of the upcoming elections. The card will become available to Belongers under the 18-year voting age following this initial exercise.

“Registration stations will be set of the islands (this provision was up over the three month period on suspended in 2009). Currently however, only those all the islands and persons wishing to be registered will be invited to who are ‘granted’ Belonger status complete application forms which via marriage or bestowal have a will be made available online and at certificate confirming their status. On designated locations throughout the the other hand, there is no statutory provision for those who ‘acquire’ the islands. Applicants will also be required status by birth, descent or adoption to provide supporting documents, to be given a confirmation document. including birth and marriage The Immigration Department certificates,” said Permanent has tried to address this issue in the Secretary in the Ministry of Border past by providing a Belonger stamp in a BOTC or national passport, or Control Clara Gardiner. The Immigration Ordinance a letter from the Director or Deputy currently provides for a person to Director of Immigration, but these qualify for Belonger status through: have raised security and integrity birth, descent or adoption; grant concerns. The Belonger Card to as the spouse of a Belonger, living be issued in the upcoming exercise together, who has been married will provide security features similar to the Belonger for at least five to those of the current NHIP Card years; bestowal in recognition of including a magnetic strip, a bar an outstanding contribution to the code and a photograph. economic and social development The Ministry of Border Control and Labour will issue further information to the public via press releases and TCIG website regarding the registration process and timetables. An information paper will also be provided to assist persons

Street lights to be switched on by Interim administration and FORTIS TCI

Acting Governor Patrick Boyle announced today that a new agreement between the Interim Administration and FortisTCI has been reached permitting the restoration of broken street lights throughout Providenciales. The new Streetlight Takeover Agreement will consist of a $150,000 capital Contribution in aid of Construction (CIAC) from TCIG. FortisTCI will fund the additional costs. The contract includes the instillation, refurbishment or replacement, and ongoing maintenance of all street lights in the Utility’s service territory. TCIG feels the repairing of street lights damaged during Hurricane Ike in 2008 along Chalk Sound, Leeward and Grace Bay is a further indication of the improving financial situation. It will also address safety concerns of the general public for areas not well lit. “Switching back on the Providenciales street lights is a real symbol of the improving

financial situation of TCIG. We understand how such straightforward things can improve the quality of life for Turks and Caicos Islanders and the tourist visitor experience,” said Patrick Boyle. “As we work towards achieving a financial surplus in financial year 2012/13, resources can be better prioritised into the things that the people of the TCI want money spent on – primary healthcare, schools, roads and causeways.” FortisTCI’s President and CEO, Eddinton Powell commented saying “the agreement reached between Government and FortisTCI is another milestone and will allow for major improvements to public lighting in all areas of our service territory. The benefits to residents, businesses, and to the tourist industry will be significant. FortisTCI is proud to partner with TCIG on this important project.” The negotiating teams were led by Devon Cox, Director of T&D Operations & Engineering at FortisTCI and Norman Watts for TCIG.

with determining their status prior to attending the stations for registration. For the parallel voter registration exercise, the Elections Office is reminding the public that to be entitled to vote you must be lawfully registered as an elector on the date of the commencement of the 2012 constitution or on the qualifying date for elections. To be registered persons must have attained the age of eighteen years, be resident in the Islands for not less than twelve months, in the aggregate, out of the two years immediately preceding the qualifying date, or, be a member of Her Majesty’s Forces, a person working abroad on Government business or a student abroad in such circumstances as may be prescribed by Ordinance; and be a Turks and Caicos Islander. The Elections Office is also reminding persons applying to be registered that section 11(6) of the Elections Ordinance makes it an offence to make a false statement or to submit a document which is false or which has been unlawfully altered.

INTERISLAND AVIATION SERVICES GROUP is seeking PUBLIC AREA SUPERVISORS: Responsible for the flow of passengers through the operation bases. Management and lifting of passenger baggage and personal effects. . Salary commensurate with experience. TWO DISPATCHERS:Must have 5 years experience in navigation facilities over airline routes and at airports as well as the take off. Must be competent in airline communication and meteorology. Experience with monitoring, analyzing and/or calculating various flight factors such as weather reports, runway performance and weight balance issues. Salary commensurate with experience. Two Labourers Should be able to work shifts, physically capable to do

hard manual labour and lift heavy equipment. $5.00 per hour TWO AIRPORT HOST: 5 Years experience as an Airport Host servicing International Flights. Salary commensurate with experience. CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS: 3-5 years experience as a customer service agent. Qualified in but not limited to Customer Service Agents servicing Delta, US Airways and Air Canada. Salary commensurate with experience. All positions require the following:  Excellent command of the English language – reading, writing and

WANTED 1 Domestic Worker Applicant must be honest, reliable & hardworking Must be fluent in French & English Contact 246-0755

speaking.  Good communication skills and team player  Detail oriented & organized individual  Ability to work shifts, early mornings, late nights, weekends and Holidays.  Clean police record  Able to work under pressure Belongers need only apply. Interested applicants should apply to or via fax to HR Department 649-946-4040. No phone calls please. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.


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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012


Dellis Cay developer Dr. Cem Kinay Wins case in New York court

Dellis Cay developer Dr. Cem Kinay says a major lawsuit against him in New York was rejected by Southern District Court of New York on March 28th. Some of the Dellis Cay Villa buyers had brought an action in New York against Dr. Cem Kinay, his family and Mandarin Oriental Hotels for claims relating to the failed Dellis Cay project accusing Dr. Kinay siphoning funds from the Project for personal use, and failure to complete the Project. According to a press release issued by Dr. Kinay, the District Judge in New York ordered ‘The Court is persuaded that TCI is an "available and adequate forum" and that "the balance of Dr. Cem Kinay private and public interest factors Hotel. Construction of the first phase tilts heavily in favor of the alternative of the Project commenced in June forum." 2008 and was unexpectedly halted Accordingly, Kinay's motion to on October 2009. dismiss was granted and the case was According to the press statement, closed. Dr Kinay stated: “I welcome despite the world economic crisis in New York Court’s decision, and 2008, the construction of this billion hope a fair and just decision from the dollar project was continuing until courts in TCI.” the political turmoil hit the Turks and Dr. Kinay was creating a luxury Caicos Islands after the publishing island community involving unique of the unredacted Commission of designs from some of the world's Inquiry report in 2009. leading architects: Kengo Kuma, In August 2009 on the instruction Zaha Hadid, Piero Lissoni, Shigeru of UK Ministers, Hon. Governor Ban, David Chipperfield, and Carl Wetherell brought into force the Ettensperger. When completed, the Order in Council suspending parts development was to be comprised of the Turks and Caicos Islands of luxury villas and residential units constitution. The House of Assembly located around, and serviced by the was dissolved and Members’ seats world famous Mandarin Oriental

Lost Cay Bottling Company

Grand Turk Requires one Salesperson to distribute Islander Ginger Beer and related products. Must possess an intimate knowledge of the brewing process. Have good communication skills in English. Must also have marketing skills, drivers license and delivery vehicle. Telephone: 347-6745

were vacated. Shortly after these events, Dr. Kinay said, Dellis Cay’s funder, Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation has pulled its support to the project and appointed a Receiver. All construction activities stopped. Dr Kınay stated: “We are still trying to open a line of communication with Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation to end the dispute, we are discussing with potential investors opportunities to bring Dellis Cay back on track.” Dr Kinay said that despite the adverse conditions, he is investing all his time to see the project to come back to life, as this is the only way he believes the interest of all creditors will be served. Dr Kinay said he and his projects were victims of politics in Turks and Caicos Islands. “Governor Gordon Wetherell published an unredacted Commission of Inquiry Report which damaged our reputation, and caused our main finance partner, Trinidad and Tobago

Unit Trust to pull their support from Dellis Cay’. The Supreme Court of Turks and Caicos Islands had found on June 18th, 2009 that the adverse findings made against Dr Kinay were unlawful and that it was unlawful for the Governor to publish those findings. Only weeks before the publishing of the unredacted Report, the bank was giving us support letters, stating that they have full trust in our management, and our ability to complete the Project, but just after the unredacted report was published everything has changed.” Dr Kinay stated that the accusations against him and his companies in the Report are groundless. He added: “I have never bribed anyone in TCI, or elsewhere. I have offered full cooperation to the Commission of Inquiry, and later to the SIPT. I have provided them with hard evidence of our innocence. All our companies were audited by one of the world’s top audit firms. I am still very sorry for the loss of jobs and businesses when our project was halted in October 2009. I hope that the people continue to believe that I will get this project back on track.” Dr. Kinay appealed to the new Governor Ric Todd to support getting Dellis cay back on track.

Anytime Air-Conditioning Services

UNITED CONSULTANT Immigration Service On Behalf of Clients Zarvardo Outten, Mep Solution Ltd, Computer Plus Net, Heavy Construction Miky Tires

Domestic Worker ($5.00 p/h) Plumber ($6.00 p/h) Carpenter ($6.00 p/h) Driver ($6.00 p/h) Green Keeper ($6.00 p/h) Sale person/Sale Clerk ($5.00 p/h) Contact:

Anytime Air-Conditioning services is looking a qualified technician requirement: Minimum 10 years’ experience in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning Must have a valid driver’s license Must be fluent in written and spoken English Required to repair these commercial equipments: Hobart kitchen equipments to include Hobart mixers; Hobart meat saws; Commercial stoves; Deep fat fryers Must be able to repair (any brand) air condition units & Refrigerators Commercial washers and dryers; Diking refrigeration systems Must be able to install & repair commercial walk-in coolers & freezers Must have a strong knowledge to trouble shoot electrical circuits and read electrical diagrams Must be able to work on their own without supervision Belongers only need apply Salary Range : Commensurate base on qualification & experience Email CVs to:

Page 18

MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012




STANDFORD PIERRE is seeking a is seeking a suitably qualified HAB Management Limited

individual to fill the following opening: 1 DOMESTIC WORKER Interested applicant please call: 649-242-4805


Main Duties Applicants will be required to greet and take food and beverages orders from restaurant guest, serve the orders and accommodate guest requests. Applicants will be required to serve guests’ promptly and according to established restaurant seeking an standards, policies and Is procedures.

Woods Contractual ALBERT Services HIGGS Needed


OFFICE EXECUTIVE $5.00 per hour

Requirements LABOURERS Salary perworking hour in a Must have a minimum of three years $5.00 experience restaurant.Interested Must have apersons strong working knowledge of dining should contact: room procedures, policies and EPOS System. Applicants must Kaizeradvocate, Wood @941-4575 be a customer service maintaining a high level of customer service standards. Maintain a friendly, cheerful and courteous demeanor at all times. Perform other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management. Applicants must be willing to work varied shifts, split LTD shifts, COUGAR HOLDINGS nights, weekends and holidays as required by management. Requires Applicants will be required to work on a full time basis. Must be able to walk, stand or stoop for 1 the duration of shift (at least 8 Seeks Cook hours). Applicants must be able to understand/speak/read/write Immediate start Must have 5 years experience, English proficiently. All applicants must be hardworking team $6 per hour players. Wages for thisto position ison commensurate with willing weekends Pleasework call 946-5701 to arrange interview experience and training.

Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 243-7785

Winky’s catering


Salary $5.00 per hour Interested applicants should 345-1243 contact Veronica Rigby via Contact

email by April 10, 2012 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Only candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.

POSITIONS AVAILABLE One (1) Qualified IT Professional (Systems Information Engineer) Minimum Requirements - The applicant must have:  5+ years of IT Systems Administration experience  4 year college degree in information technology, systems engineering or equivalent.  Strong knowledge of VMware, SAN, SQUID, WEBMIN, NAGIOS  Strong knowledge of In-House Surveillance Camera Systems  Knowledge of Microsoft 2xxx Server architecture such as roles, networking, etc.  Knowledge of Microsoft’s Active Directory 2003 & 2008  Knowledge of SAN/NAS storage systems  Ability to multitask and support 24x7 for hotel operations  Use of Remote Desktop connection Linux use of SSH  Basic Linux shell scripting  Knowledge in Configuring SUDO  Knowledge in Virtual Private Network (VPN)  Online Billing Systems (Condo Owners online billing system)  Knowledge in Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  At least 5 years of extensive and intensive experience in IT desktop and network support and system administration  Well experience in help desk environment and datacenter management as well as web technology  Experience in Point of Sales and Jonas Accounting Software a must  Experience in state of the art electronics calibration, repair & maintenance  Capable of quickly adapting to various changing IT environment  Able to explain, translate and instruct technical matters to plain English for easy understanding of non-IT audience  Dedicated and flexible individual with excellent troubleshooting and communication skills  With an aim to further enhance knowledge and experience in different areas and field of information and communication technology Daily Activities: - Be responsible for server infrastructure support and maintenance (Linux Ubuntu) and (Windows) - Provide daily check for Symantec Backup systems - Provide email configuration and support. - Provide email marketing and live chat support - Provide MS Windows server support and Call Accounting Systems - Create technical documentation for IT processes/procedures and user tech tips - Provide system administration support to local/remote server infrastructure and Workstation - Install, support and maintain various types of Linux and Windows servers with different functions (OS & application) - Perform and verify system backups, and develop future IT infrastructure strategy - Manage and support a VMware environment Salary range: $30,000 to $40,000 annual based on education & Experience. Only Belongers need apply. Submit Resumes / CV directly to West Bay Club


Technical Manager


Primary objective of the job: • Manage the overall operation of the Network Switching, IP Transmission, RF ensuring a high quality of service for the Digicel network. • Oversee capacity planning for the various nodes within the Digicel network. • Oversee budget Et spend for the various nodes ET operation of above responsibilities. • Good knowledge of AXE for GSM/BSC/HLR/SCP. • Good knowledge of GSM voice and DATA roaming • Good knowledge of Charging system and VAS platforms. Main Duties and responsibilities: Manage all Network Core Elements (MSC, BSC, HLR, SDP, Airserv, CCN 1-Gate Atram, ITP & VSTA and Power unit) Academic qualifications and experience required for job: Degree/diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science or similar. 15 years’ experience in the Telecommunication industry. 3 years’ experience in Management Role. Functional Skills: • Ericsson AXE training • Veraz Training • Generic Telecommunication Training. • Working knowledge of GSM & CDMA • Understanding IN platforms. • Knowledge of GPRS and EDGE within the GSM network • Working knowledge of SMS, MMS and VMS • Billing function • Mediation International access • Roaming voice and Data • STP SCCP • Good trouble shooting and problem analysis skills. • Good communication skill • SDP and PDH transmissions systems0

COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS IN THE SUPREME COURT Divorce and Matrimonial Side BETWEEN VANRICO HANNA (Petitioner} AND KAMARDIA ROXANN HANNA (nee SIMMONS) (Respondent) TO:RESPONDENT address unknown TAKE NOTICE that a petition for divorce has been filed at the Registry of the Supreme Court by the Firm of Shurland & Company., Attorney for the Petitioner herein, and further TAKE NOTICE that leave of the court has been granted on the 21st day of march, A.D., 2012, to advertise the said Petition with a twenty-eight(28) day period from the date of the notice, you should take steps to enter an appearance at the Registry of The Surpreme Court, Garnet Levarity Justice Centre, Freeport, Grand Bahama. Should you not do so, the court may make such order as it deems fit without further reference to you. SHURLAND & CO Counsel & Attorney-at-Law Chambers Suite #20A, Kipling Building P.O.Box F-60-122 Freeport, Grand Bahama

Ricardo Fulford Consultants Services On behalf of its clients is seeking for Ricardo Fulford Contracting Job Advertisement for: 5 Domestic Worker 2 Labourer Mary shop: 1 Domestic Worker Jeff Clare: 1 Domestic Worker for the following duties: Home helper to reside with employer Babysit and assist in taking care two daughters Cook, clean and wash and other domestic duties that maybe assign by employer 5. J.B.S Salon: 1 Salon Helper 6. Froggies on the beach: 1Waitress All applicants must have two (2) or more years of experience at these various employments Salary starts at $5.00 per hour Interested candidate must be able to speak a different language in some of these categories. Best of luck to all interested candidate


MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

For Immediate Release National Health Insurance Board

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March 29, 2012

TURKS AND CAICOS, March 29, 2012 - Changes to the National Health Insurance Plan Ordinance have brought about fruitful meetings and intriguing exchanges with stakeholders of the health care plan, nationwide. The executive team has compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQs) which have been addressed during these sessions and which offer an insight and clearer understanding of the changes and how they impact individuals, households and businesses. In many households, there are two working parents. The NHIB has found parents want to know who is responsible for registering dependents as defined in the Ordinance. While the ultimate decision on which parent will do this is a personal one, we can confirm that only one parent has to register the dependants. A: Only one parent has to register children/dependants.  The form can be downloaded from the NHIB website, completed and presented with requisite documents to your employer who will begin deductions for up to three children/dependents per family.   Some people were uncertain about who falls into the category of dependant; we were happy to clarify this question. A:  A dependant is your child or children up to 18 years old, and can also be your child or children up to 25 years old who is enrolled full time in tertiary level educational facility, i.e., college.  A dependant is also considered an individual whom you have adopted or have legal guardianship to who falls within the above described age perimeters and situations.   The new ordinance says that at least three dependants have to be paid for by a parent, but does this mean your other dependants are not covered in your health plan. A:  Once a parent is paying for at least three children/dependants per family, the remaining children/dependents will be covered by the plan.  However, all children must be listed on the application in the registration process.   There were a myriad of questions coming from employers who want to better understand their role since the amendments. One FAQ is, “As an employer, am I obligated to also make a co-pay for my employees’ children?” A:  No, parents should pay the full amount of $10 each for their own children/dependants.  However, as an employer, you are obligated to make the deduction for payment to the NHIB.   The issue of contributors who have multiple jobs is always a headlining issue at this scheduled meetings at places of employment, therefore it was no surprise when the question popped up. Q:  What if I have a second or third job, do I also pay for my children/dependants again? A:  No, as the parent taking on the responsibility to pay, you are required to pay only once at your main employer.   We recognize, at NHIB, that there is always the potential for contributors to find ways to avoid meeting that monthly payment. However, we strongly advise against it and we encourage parents to take the responsibility to ensure children are protected by this generous and affordable health care plan. Remember, unregistered dependants will be charged the full costs of medical care and will not be able to access benefits which come only for contributors to the plan.   Other FAQs are… Q:  I have heard that there is a new minimum monthly contribution to the plan, is this true? A:  Yes, this is true.  It is now expected that every worker in the country will make a minimum contribution of $50 share; $25 by the employer and $25 by employee.  Q:  I am already paying NHIB at one job; do I still have to pay at the other? A:  Yes, contributions are due from all jobs that one may have. The contribution rate is 6% per month, shared with 3% by the Employer and 3% by the Employee paid up to an income ceiling of $7,800. The minimum contribution for NHIB is $50 per month. .  Q:  What if I am on vacation and away from the TCI, do I still have to make NHIB payments? A:  Yes, as long as you remain employed in the Turks and Caicos, you are required to continue payments as usual. In you absence, these would come from your vacation pay.   Q:  What happens if I do not register my children/dependants in time? A:  Due to the amendments in the ordinance; all children/dependants are required to be registered and a payment of $10 per dependent/child up to three per family is expected.  Failing to register your children/dependants will result in them being medically terminated from the NHIB plan.  Parents are encouraged to register children/ dependants immediately.   In this challenging economic climate, there are always questions about how unemployment affects payment and access to the plan. We have found these query to be leading concerns. Q:  If my wife is not working will she be covered by my personal payments to the plan? A:  Yes you can pay, but there is a spousal rate for your unemployed wife of $25 per month.  As long as you have registered your wife as your spouse, which means you are legally married, (as this rule does not apply to common law marriage) and are paying the requisite $25 per month… your wife, and any spouse (i.e., husband) is covered.   Q:  What if I am terminated from job, would I still be covered and expected to pay NHIB? A:  If you are terminated from your job,. there is provision for coverage to continue up to 90 days.  However, one must file unemployment with the Labour Department and the NHIB.  The NHIB gives you one month to make it aware of job termination in order for you to qualify.   The Turks and Caicos is also home to a robust ex-patriot labour force, so the NHIB has found many questions coming from the holders of work permits including what do I need to do to ensure I am registered with the NHIB? A:  All contributing legal work permit holders are covered under the plan.  NHIB also advises this category of employees to move quickly to renew work permits long before they expire; 90 days prior to expiration is stated in the ordinance.  NHIB is required to only permit legal workers into the plan.   The leading question, which has actually giving the NHIB the opportunity to explain the changes and the plan to employers and their employees is whether we would come in to address concerns? The answer is a resounding, “Yes! The NHIB has been and is prepared to be guests at meetings with companies to spell out and respond to queries on the plan and the recent amendments.   In giving the FAQs and their answers, Zaneta Burton, CEO of the National Health Insurance Board said:  “The NHIB is an important partnership between contributors, the government and the public and it will be around for a very long time.  The funds contributed keep this private public partnership going and ensures there is quality, accessible, affordable health care for all.”

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012


EDITION #8 As we approach the Easter season, I started thinking about the many seasons we encounter during life. Like so many others, this simple word has a wide range of meanings. There are seasons of the year, seasons characterized by weather (the rainy season), seasons characterized by holidays (Christmas or Easter seasons) and so on. But the common denominator in the definitions of all these seasons is the use of the words “a period” or “a time”. Like I said, we have many seasons in life and I hope to use this column to explore them all. But this week, I will focus on the season we as a country are experiencing today. By the time this newspaper hits the stands, many, many of the Turks and Caicos Islands most intelligent and hardworking citizens will join the ranks of the unemployed. For many, after more than 20 years, this day, (Friday March 30th)

WITH LILLIAN BOYCE marks the end of a season of public service to us, the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I want to express my deep gratitude to the civil servants, to congratulate them on their service and wish them the very best going forward. I had an opportunity to speak to a few of them over the past weeks and some of the things we spoke about have not left my mind. Remember our definition of seasons and the watchword ‘period’. Some see this period as a problem, while others are excited. With no plans, one group sees this as the beginning of harder times to come, while others see an open road before them, filled with potential. They see the many things they can and will do. Here are the stories of two different women I met. Both in the same season of life: losing a job they thought with hard work and perseverance would be held until retirement.


there are so many important nonprofit jobs to do that are both fulfilling and would enhance our communities. This is your new season to become just what you want to become. I am hoping that you will become an investor; you will get involved in politics at this critical time when our country really needs you. Just keep on giving of yourself. You are important to our survival. And for those who will need immediate employment. Start looking for a job. Use your experiences and be willing to apply them in unique ways. Apply for the jobs and you will find one.

The first woman sat in my office, and we began to speak. No sooner than the conversation began than she started to indulge in self-pity. She believed that her problem was unique and appeared to be depressed and worried she may not be able to find suitable employment, and may even have to relocate to another island with her children I believe that one of the first As I shared with this lady, I will share with you. This “woe is me” steps to solving problems is to attitude will never do. Everyone needs have confidence, the desire and a dream. Many good people with a lot the will-power to overcome. I of potential are going nowhere because told my down and distraught comrade that I have confidence they have no dreams. in her and I expect that she will Remember the watchword in any season is ‘a period. Many experiences overcome the barriers. In that meeting I shared and life events do not last forever. That some of my own life stories is why we must be prepared to use all our experiences, good or bad to create that I believe were relevant, and stepping stones to create the future we the atmosphere was changed. I thought to myself, if we can want for ourselves. just spend some time with our I believe that every person has hidden potential. In fact, I am people, low morale can be lifted, convinced that some elderly people possibilities are highlighted, become depressed and die much earlier excitement is realized, thinking than necessary because they stop becomes positive, ideas are looking into the future with hope and created, goals are set. expectation. Our seasons good or bad, Neither you, nor I nor anyone else will ever be all that God intends for do not last forever. We must be us to be until we focus in on what we waiting to make the good better, can become after one or another of our and be willing use the bad as stepping stones. seasons has ended. Here is the story of another You see unlike the excited lady. This woman, on the eve of her forced retirement was excited. She lady with the plan, the lady saw potential after this season ended, without a plan was sad and weary. and looked on with enthusiasm at Dreams have the power to keep the season ahead. She spoke about you alive and excited about life starting new service clubs to provide and the future. So please, let information to the public about health us keep dreaming and become and wellness. Her mind was filled with a group of productive people; business ideas. She was excited about busy making good, unselfish contributions to our families the changes she will make. I was so pleased with her attitude and country. It’s a new season. and I want to remind my readers that Happy Easter to all of you.


MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

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[Rihanna] I know you've been hurt by someone else I can tell by the way you carry yourself. If you let me, here's what I'll do I'll take care of you (I'll take, I'll take, I'll take) I've loved and I've lost. [Drake: verse 1] I've asked about you and they've told me things but my mind didn't change I still the feel the same what's a life with no fun, please don't be so ashamed I've had mine, you've had yours we both know, we know. They don't get you like I will my only wish is I die real cause that truth hurts, and those lies heal and you can't sleep thinking that he lies still so you cry still, tears all in the pillow case, big girls all get a little taste pushing me away so I give her space dealing with a heart that I didn't break. I'll be there for you, I will care for you I keep thinking you, just don't know try to run from that, say you're done with that on your face girl, it just don't show. When you're ready, just say you're ready when all the baggage just ain't as heavy and the parties over, just don't forget me we'll change the pace and we'll just go slow. You won't ever have to worry, you won't ever have to hide, you've seen all my mistakes, so look me in my eyes. [Rihanna] 'Cause if you let me, here's what I'll do I'll take care of you (I'll take, I'll take, I'll take) I've loved and i've lost. [Drake: verse 2] It's my birthday, I'll get high if I want to

MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

can't deny that I want you, but I'll lie if have to cause you don't say you love me to your friends when they ask you even though we both know that you do (you do). One time, been in love one time you and all your girls in the club one time all so convinced that you're following your heart cause your mind don't control what it does sometimes. We all have our nights though, don't be so ashamed I've had mine, you've had yours, we both know, we know. You hate being alone you ain't the only one you hate the fact that you bought the dream and they sold you one you love your friends but somebody shoulda told you somin', to save you, instead he said; don't a-ha-ha-ha-ha, tell me a-ha-ha-ha-ha, I don't care a-ha-ha-ha-ha, If you're hurt a-ha-ha-ha-ha. I won't a-ha-ha-ha-ha, tell you a-ha-ha-ha-ha, you don't care a-ha-ha-ha-ha, if you're true a-ha-ha-ha-ha, don't a-ha-ha-ha-ha, tell me a-ha-ha-ha-ha, I don't care a-ha-ha-ha-ha, If you're hurt a-ha-ha-ha-ha. I won't a-ha-ha-ha-ha, tell you a-ha-ha-ha-ha, you don't care a-ha-ha-ha-ha, if you're true a-ha-ha-ha-ha, [Rihanna] I know you've been hurt by someone else I can tell by the way you carry yourself if you let me, here's what I'll do I'll take care of you (I'll take, I'll take, I'll take) I've loved and I've lost.



MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

Judge ends Lohan’s probation, gives back freedom

LOS ANGELES — Lindsay Lohan's struggled with the case and her career since days as a criminal defendant could be the two drunken driving arrests in 2007. over — if she can behave herself. She had small appearances in films and A judge on Thursday ended the long- did some modeling but came nowhere near running probation of the problem-prone her heyday as the star of Disney films and actress in a 2007 drunken driving case after movies aimed at teens and young adults. a string of violations, jail sentences and Her career is already showing signs rehab stints. The 25-year-old actress will of a comeback. She is due to guest star on remain on informal probation for taking a an upcoming episode of "Glee," recently necklace without permission last year, but hosted a highly rated but criticized episode will no longer have a probation officer or of "Saturday Night Live," and is set to star face travel restrictions and weekly shifts as Elizabeth Taylor in a television movie. cleaning up at the morgue. "Lindsay is already talking about her Lohan, wearing a powder blue suit and next few projects," her spokesman Steve black blouse, let out a sigh of relief as she Honig wrote in a statement after the hearing. left Judge Stephanie Sautner's courtroom, "She is ready to start the next chapter in her possibly for the last time. life and get back to work and doing what "I just want to say thank you for being she loves to do making movies." fair," Lohan told the judge. "It's really Lohan's tortured four-and-a-halfopened a lot of doors for me." year effort to complete probation is not The judge said she wasn't going to unprecedented. Actress Michelle Rodriguez lecture the actress, but gave her some took more than five years to resolve her parting advice. drunken driving case, which featured many "You need to live your life in a more of the same elements as the Lohan saga mature way, stop the nightclubbing and missed deadlines and jail sentences. focus on your work," Sautner said. She Other celebrities resolved their DUI reminded Lohan that she will remain on cases much faster. Fellow female celebrities informal probation until May 2014 in the such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and necklace case and could face up to 245 Khloe Kardashian were all sentenced to jail days in jail if she gets into trouble again. and faced multiple court hearings because Still, the end of probation left Lohan they didn't properly comply with orders looking relieved. from a judge, but their cases have long She hugged her attorney, Shawn Holley, since ended. before leaving the courtroom, and was Lohan might still have to return beaming by the time she walked past the to a courthouse to resolve civil issues. rows of cameras waiting for her outside the Two weeks ago, a nightclub manager in courthouse near Los Angeles International Hollywood accused her of grazing him Airport. with her Porsche. The actress denied the Sautner's regimen of morgue duty, accusation and no charges have been filed. therapy and monthly court dates helped But the matter could end up in a civil court, Lohan weather the drunken driving case. where Lohan is already being sued by two The judge opened the hearing by calling the other people for auto-related incidents. case "endless." Three men who were in a car that Lohan Lohan is now free to focus on her career commandeered and used during a chase for the first time since May 2010, when she along Pacific Coast Highway are suing her missed a court appearance and was later and the case is scheduled for trial later this jailed for failing to complete the terms of year. The incident led to her second drunken her sentence.The "Mean Girls" star has driving arrest in 2007.

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Madonna's New Fragrance Ad

TV Network Sniffs at Racy Images, Asks Pop Star to Trim Boobage and Buttage Smell that? It's the aroma of yet another Madonna controversy!The pop superstar's racy new perfume ad left a bad stench among ABC TV execs, who have reportedly asked her to make some changes to the flesh-flashing spot in order to cover up her girls gone wild. Another day, another brouhaha: Yep, Madge's latest promo assault is clearly and cannily in full swing. How far did she go this time? According to the New York Post, ABC brass balked at revealing footage of Madge's breasts and butt in the 30-second spot for her new fragrance, Truth or Dare, and are pushing for some digital touch-ups before they deem it suitable for airing. "ABC viewed the ad [and] came back with a list of changes," a source reportedly told the paper. "They say they want her bra digitally made bigger, and to extend higher to cover more of her chest, and her corset longer to cover more of her bottom. ABC also wants to cut another suggestive scene where Madonna writhes around." The black-and-white ad, which hit YouTube yesterday, shows the star cavorting in fetishistic black getups that evoke her Erotica heyday, laced with a little Vogue glam. At one point, she dons a naughty black mask and briefly cups her breast—all to the strains of her new single, "Girl Gone Wild," which itself created its own hullabaloo with Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. The music video for the song was also recently deemed too raunchy for YouTube, which slapped it with a security age restriction. Ah, Madge. Gotta give it to the warhorse diva: After all these years, she still knows how to spritz on some smelly controversy.

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012



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KFWS • MindGym JUNE 19TH - JUNE 26TH, 2009

June 22-28, 2009


June 22-28, 2009

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June 22-28, 2009

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Ruling PNP wins local Government elections in Jamaica

Pope meets Cubas Fidel Castro, slams U.S. embargo

Pope Benedict called for an end to the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba and met with revolutionary icon Fidel Castro on Wednesday as he ended a trip in which he urged the communist island to change. He also spoke at a public Mass in Havana’s sprawling Revolution Square where the Vatican said 300,000 people gathered to hear the 84-yearold pontiff. In a trip laced with calls for change in Cuba, his last message was aimed at the United States, its longtime ideological foe, which for 50 years has imposed a trade embargo trying to topple the Caribbean island’s communist government. Speaking in a departure ceremony at a rainy Havana airport, Benedict said Cuba could build “a society of broad vision, renewed and reconciled,” but it was more difficult “when restrictive economic measures, imposed from outside the country, unfairly burden its people.” “The present hour urgently demands that in personal, national and international co-existence we reject immovable positions and unilateral viewpoints,” the German pope, dressed in white vestments, said in his soft voice and heavily accented Spanish. Beginning at his arrival in eastern Santiago de Cuba on Monday, Benedict sprinkled his speeches with thinly-veiled references to Cuban dissidents, political prisoners, Cuban exiles and the need for the Caribbean island to push ahead with its economic reforms. The pontiff rode in his Popemobile on the way to the airport and was bid farewell by streets lined with Cubans waving flags and cheering him. President Raul Castro, who attended the pope’s Masses in Santiago on Monday and in Havana on Wednesday, saw off the pontiff, who is frail and moves slowly, before he boarded his jet for Rome

Pope Benedict and Cubas Fidel Castro

and flew into stormy skies. Under 49 years of rule by Fidel Castro, the Roman Catholic Church lost its schools, hospitals, access to media and its prominent role in Cuban society. But Raul Castro, who succeeded his ailing brother four years ago, has improved relations with the Church and is using it as interlocutor on issues such as political prisoners and dissidents as he undertakes potentially disruptive reforms to the country’s struggling Soviet-style economy. He is encouraging more private enterprise to offset plans to cut 1 million jobs from government payrolls, which is 20 percent of the country’s labor force of 5.2 million. But while Benedict is urging Cuba to make deeper changes, the government sees its reforms as a way of strengthening communist rule, not weakening it. The pope mentioned several times during his visit that he was happy relations had

St. Lucia to introduce VAT later this year

CASTRIES, St.Lucia --The “However, consistent with its Government of St Lucia will manifesto promises the Government introduce the Value Added Tax, will maintain a basket of goods that commonly known as VAT, on will be zero rated, meaning that no September 01, 2012, according to VAT would be imposed on these Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony. goods,” he said. Anthony, who previously The St. Lucia leader also revealed opposed the introduction of the tax that the government will delay the while he was in Opposition, told introduction of VAT on the payment a news conference Thursday, the of electricity and water bills until move seeks to fulfill undertakings the Government is satisfied that the given to international institutions public is reasonably protected from by the former Government that VAT arbitrary increases by the companies would be introduced during this that provide these services. financial year. The VAT Implementation Unit is “In our Blue Print for Growth, the currently finalizing arrangements for St Lucia Labour Party’s Manifesto the introduction of VAT. for the 2011 General Elections, the Anthony said that while a Labour Party had also indicated considerable amount of work that St Lucia had no choice but to has been undertaken by the VAT introduce VAT. Implementation Unit in engaging

improved, but also said they needed to get better so the Church could help buffer against “trauma” or social upheaval. “This must continue forwards, and I wish to encourage the country’s government authorities to strengthen what has already been achieved and advance along this path,” he said. The Church, he added, “seeks to give witness by her preaching and teaching, both in catechesis and in schools and universities.” After the Mass, Fidel Castro, the president’s older brother, visited Benedict at the Vatican embassy where the two octogenarian world leaders with widely divergent political views chatted for 30 minutes in what a Vatican spokesman called a “very cordial” atmosphere. They discussed serious issues such as Church liturgy and the state of the world, but also joked about their age -- Benedict is 84. At one point, Fidel Castro asked a simple question - what does a pope do? Photographs showed the elder Castro and the pope shaking hands and smiling, with Castro wearing a dark track suit and a scarf around his neck that seemed out of place on a warm day. Witnesses said the former comandante arrived in a green Mercedes SUV with armed guards in a surrounding phalanx of black Mercedes sedans. Two assistants helped Fidel Castro, who has been in frail health since 2006, out of the car, then up the steps of the stately white embassy in Havana’s Miramar district. The friendly meeting contrasted with the beginning of Benedict’s visit when he sharply criticized the communist system that Castro put in place after taking power in a 1959 revolution and continues to defend as the last, best hope of mankind.

various stakeholders in consultations and educating the general public on the characteristics of a VAT, the work of the Unit will intensify in the coming weeks with a view to ensuring that the business community and the public in general are provided with all relevant information and are adequately prepared for the change in the tax regime. The Government he said expects to complete consultations with key stakeholders in the weeks ahead. St Lucia remains the only country in the Eastern Caribbean which has not introduced the VAT. Anthony said that further details on the implementation of the VAT will be announced in this year’s Budget Address to be presented in mid-April.

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

Red Cross considers building hotel and conference center in Haiti PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is considering building a hotel and conference center in Haiti on part of a $10.5 million property that it bought after the 2010 earthquake. The hope is that profits could sustain the work of Haiti’s local Red Cross in the coming years, the head of the international group’s Haitian delegation said. The 10-acre compound, known as the “Hilton Property,” was purchased from Comme Il Faut, Haiti’s local cigarette company, in the months after the quake, Eduard Tschan told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. The charity paid in a single payment, using funds donated by national Red Cross agencies for quake recovery. At the time, Haiti’s recovery was the largest operation in the organization’s history, with 3,000 people working here. Now that its work is winding down, the international Red Cross is putting together an exit strategy and as part of that process is trying to

figure out what to do with this property. The Haitian Red Cross, which works closely with the Haitian government as almost a branch of its health department, has a rebuilt headquarters on the property and that will remain. It’s a valuable spot, near the international airport in a growing city. Tschan said two ideas are being studied: selling the acreage not being used by the Haitian Red Cross or finding a business partner and building a hotel and conference center that would provide profits to sustain the Haitian Red Cross. CharityWatch president Daniel Borochoff, who evaluates nonprofit organizations, said the hotel plan is risky and highly unusual. More typically, charities invest in low risk securities, he said. “It’s not clear it would work,” he said. “And if they lose the money it’s going to be a problem.” Borochoff said a hotel and conference center could tie up funds that might be needed quickly in future disasters, and noted donors hadn’t been informed. “What would happen if donors learned that instead of giving money to treat cholera or build

Ruling PNP wins local Government elections in Jamaica

Portia Simpson Miller

Kingston - The ruling People's National Party (PNP) has won the 2012 Local Government Elections, gaining 149 seats to the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) 76, with Independents winning the other two. The elections, which were held on March 26, saw the PNP winning 12 of the 13 parish councils, including the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC). There was a tie in the Trelawny Parish Council with the PNP and the JLP winning four seats each, and the Independent candidate taking the other seat. In the Portmore Municipal Council, the PNP also took control of the municipality. The contest also saw the ruling party’s George Lee unseating the JLP’s Keith Hinds as the Mayor of Portmore. This is the second time in three months that the JLP is losing a national election, as on December 29, 2011, the PNP won the General Elections by gaining 42 seats to the JLP’s 21 seats. "We have done it again,” Prime Minister and President of the PNP, the Most Hon Portia Simpson Miller said. The Prime Minister said now that the elections are over, the Government can settle down and get on with the country’s affairs. She thanked persons who voted for the PNP and the JLP, emphasising that their action has shown that democracy is alive and well in the country. The voter turnout was just above 34 per cent according to the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ), way below the 53 per cent of registered voters who turned out to cast their ballot on December 29 last year. The current number of electors on the voters’ list is 1,648,036, the same number as the November 30, 2011 voters’ list used in the General Elections.

CARIBBEAN NEWS LOCALSPORTS NEWS LOCAL shelters, it’s going to build a hotel? I understand it’s an investment, but that takes some explaining,” he said. Raymond Joseph, a former ambassador to the United States, welcomed the project, saying it would expand the number of hotel rooms in Haiti and create employment opportunities in a country where there are few. Best Western International Inc. is building a seven-story hotel with 105 guest rooms, a restaurant and lounge, a full spa and a swimming pool. The inn, aimed at business travelers, bankers and diplomats, is scheduled to open this summer in the heart of Petionville, a hillside city southeast of the capital. Similarly, Marriott International Inc. is planning to build a $45 million, 173-room hotel in partnership with the Digicel mobile phone company. The hotel is slated to open in 2014 in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. There is precedent for the Red Cross building a hotel. The Red Court Hotel, a four-star hotel in Kenya, is owned by the Kenya Red Cross Society and all proceeds go toward the charity. The international Red Cross has spent $754 million in Haiti since the earthquake, with an additional $114 million spending planned for 2012. Other Red Cross organizations also have their own relief operations in Haiti.

Three police officers in Trinidad to face murder charges PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Three police officers are expected to be charged with murder after a Coroner Monday ruled that they were responsible for the death of a man in 2005. In an 87-page ruling Coroner Nalini Singh said the three officers Sergeant Terrence Roy and Police Constables Danny Bentick and Kero Baldwin, all assigned to the Inter-Agency Task Force, should stand trial for the murder of 24-year-old Nazim Cristian on may 5, 2005. A fourth officer was freed of the charges. “I am of the view that there is some evidence which taken at face value, establishes each essential element of the offence of murder. There is evidence in the record upon which a properly instructed jury could rationally conclude that Sgt Roy, PC Bentick and PC Baldwin are guilty of murder beyond reasonable doubt,” Singh read. Initial police reports had indicated Christian originally shot at a group of officers and was killed when the officers returned fire. However, residents have always claimed that Christian had been unarmed and was surrounded by a group of police officers when he was shot and killed. A total of 40 witnesses gave evidence in the inquest, with most of them being police officers and members of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment.

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012


IMF warns of strong challenges to fragile Jamaican economy

KINGSTON – The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday that the Jamaica’s ‘fragile’ economy faced ‘strong risk’ of a downturn with high unemployment, high government spending and lower tax revenue at home and high oil prices and an economic slowdown abroad. “The recovery is fragile and there are strong downside risks,” said Luis Breuer, the IMF’s mission chief for Jamaica, in the statement. The Washington-based multilateral lender said Jamaica’s economic growth is projected to remain low “at about one per cent, adding that “on present trends, the public sector and external current account deficits are projected to widen and the public debt to rise. Unemployment, the IMF said, remained high at 12.8 per cent and the country’s fiscal situation “deteriorated”. The IMF also noted that tax revenues were down while government spending rose in 2011, and the fiscal picture was further harmed by Kingston’s delays in implementing an IMF-prescribed structural reform programme. “The deficit of the public sector is estimated to increase to 7.3 per cent of GDP and the ratio of the debt to GDP to remain high, at 140 per cent of GDP.” The IMF included debt that was run up

from the one per cent interest on oil purchased from Venezuela’s PetroCaribe credit scheme. While the government in Kingston had set a budget target of 5.2 per cent of GDP for a surplus, this is expected to shrink to three per cent of GDP for the financial year ending on March 31. The Jamaican economy is also at risk from volatile prices for its imports, including oil, and “a slowdown in global growth, in particular in the United States”, the IMF said. “Higher oil prices contributed to a projected increase in the external current account deficit to over 10 per cent of GDP. Sluggish official inflows and foreign direct investment, combined with central bank foreign exchange sales, led to the decline in net international reserves to 1.8 billion US dollars at end-February. The IMF also included the island’s susceptibility to natural disasters, mostly earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, in its risk scenario. The international financial institution gave a mixed report card on the overall Jamaican economy. “Following three consecutive years of negative growth, real GDP grew by 1.5 per cent in 2011, primarily from increases in agriculture and bauxite/ alumina production. Inflation abated to 6.6 per cent (year-on-year) at end-January, reflecting both

moderate food and oil prices increases and real exchange rate appreciation. Interest rates continued to fall and the exchange rate remained broadly stable,” the IMF said. But, the IMF said: “Jamaica thus faces significant challenges. A key challenge is to attain higher and sustainable rates of economic growth, while reducing macroeconomic risks, including from the high public debt and high unemployment.” The IMF said its team and Jamaican authorities agreed on a three-prong strategy of medium-term priorities – from boosting growth through higher productivity, fiscal reform, tighter controls on the financial services industry and improved tax collection. The statement said: “First, a growth-oriented environment aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness, while raising efficiency. Second, strong macroeconomic policies through significantly higher primary fiscal surpluses, fiscal and financial reforms, and further strengthening financial sector regulation and supervision. Third, a framework to ensure social cohesion. In this regard, prompt implementation of tax reform and improvements in tax administration will allow the government to focus spending in priority areas while raising productivity.”

Bermuda to send gifts to the Queen to mark diamond jubilee

HAMILTON, Bermuda — Bermuda is to send Queen Elizabeth “warmly personal” gifts to celebrate her 60th anniversary on the throne. A book of photographs commemorating the Queen’s visits to the island, starting in 1953 – the year of her coronation – and a Bermuda cedar chest will be sent to London to mark the monarch’s diamond jubilee. Premier Paula Cox announced she wants all residents to get involved in the book that “truly represents the faces of Bermuda”. “Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and we recognise that the United Kingdom has suggested a number of celebratory events marking Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee,” Cox said. She said Governor Sir Richard Gozney, the Queen’s representative in Bermuda, had asked

her to consider approving a gift to commemorate the diamond jubilee. “I believe that our gift will be warmly personal and truly represents the faces of Bermuda.” The book, ‘Bermuda: A Diamond Jubilee History and a Jubilee Celebration’, and a Bermuda cedar chest, will be presented to the Queen, and Cox called on all residents to contribute. The Premier said that a Bermudian carpenter/ carver would be commissioned to create the chest which will be filled with small gifts from Bermudian groups and charities with a unique connection to the 85-year-old monarch. The 53 square-kilometre (20 square miles) island in the North Atlantic was settled by the English in 1609, two years after the colonisation of America at Jamestown, in what is now Virginia – in the reign of King James the First.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Four Americans killed in Bahamas plane crash TREASURE CAY, Bahamas -Four Americans were killed on Sunday afternoon when a small plane crashed at a small airport in the Abaco Islands in the northern Bahamas, local police said on Monday. There were no survivors. The accident occurred at around 1:33 p.m. local time on Sunday when the six-seat single-engine Piper PA-32R aircraft was attempting to take-off from Treasure Cay Airport, a small airport in North Abaco district on the Abaco Islands. The aircraft was scheduled to fly to Fort

Pierce in Florida. A spokesperson for the Royal Bahamas Police Force said the aircraft crashed into bushes between the end of the runway and S.C. Bootle Highway which runs adjacent to the airport. Four Americans, two males and two females, were on board the aircraft, but there were no survivors. Police identified the victims as 60-year-old Gregory Schwartzenberger and 56-year-old Janice Schwartzenberger of Neptune Beach, Florida, and 61-year-old Dennis Sartoris and 56-year-old

Janie Sartoris of Jacksonville, and Civil Aviation officials are presently on scene conducting Florida. Air traffic controllers did not their investigations," a police immediately realize that the aircraft spokesperson said in a statement. had crashed and only found out "Active investigations continue." In October 2010, eight people when personnel was sent to check were killed when a Cessna 402 on smoke that was rising from the area. Fire and Crash Rescue teams aircraft crashed into Lake Killarney then quickly responded to the scene after taking off from Lynden and found the aircraft fully engulfed Pindling International Airport on in flames. The fire was quickly the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. extinguished. The aircraft was on a flight It was not immediately clear what caused Sunday's accident. to San Salvador, located in the "Police along with Firefighters southern Bahamas.


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LOCAL NEWS mmit Fewer than half Arab leaders attend Iraq summit

As the summit opened in a former palace of ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the powerful Sunni monarchs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, other Gulf nations and Jordan and Morocco were absent.

Shooter of Florida teen appears uninjured in video

The neighborhood watch volunteer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager in Florida appeared uninjured when he was brought into the police station on the night of the shooting, according to a video released by ABC News on Wednesday. George Zimmerman told police he shot Trayvon Martin inside a gated community on February 26 in self-defense after Martin attacked him and repeatedly bashed his head into a concrete walkway. Police have declined to arrest Zimmerman, triggering nationwide protests from citizens, politicians and entertainers who argue that Zimmerman, who is half white and half Hispanic, found the 17-year-old Martin suspicious and followed him because he was black. Police at the scene said the 28-year-old shooter was bleeding from the nose and the back of the head, and Zimmerman's lawyer said his client suffered a broken nose from Martin's punch. But no blood or bruising is visible in the video taken by a police surveillance camera that shows uniformed officers leading a handcuffed Zimmerman into the police station, nor are there blood stains visible on his clothes. ABC obtained the video from Sanford authorities, who said it would be made available on the city's website. Zimmerman appears much leaner in the video than in the image that has been in the media, a 2005 mug shot taken after his arrest for a confrontation with a police officer. His head is almost completely clean shaven in the video, offering a clear view of the back, which shows no discoloration. "This certainly doesn't look like a man who police said had his nose broken and his

Bin Laden fathered 4 children while on run

head repeatedly smashed into the sidewalk," said Benjamin Crump, a civil rights lawyer representing Martin's family who has been calling for Zimmerman's arrest for weeks. Zimmerman's attorney, Craig Sonner, did not respond to a request for comment. Zimmerman was treated by the fire department at the scene, which raises the possibility first aid stopped any bleeding. The quality of the video also was not clear enough to determine he suffered no injuries whatsoever. In a separate development, Zimmerman's father said in a television interview that Martin, during the fight, had threatened to kill George Zimmerman upon discovering he was armed. Zimmerman had a license to carry a concealed weapon. "George is trying to get his head off of the concrete, trying to move with Trayvon on him into the grass," Robert Zimmerman, a former judge, told Fox television . "In doing so, his firearm was shown. Trayvon ... said something to the effect, 'You're going to die now' or 'You're going to die tonight.'" Witnesses report hearing an altercation, and one neighbor said he saw Martin getting the better of Zimmerman in the fight before the shot went off. But Martin's mother says she recognizes cries for help on a 911 tape as her son. Zimmerman told a police operator before the shooting he found Martin to be suspicious, though he ignored the operator's admonition against following Martin. "We have heard the 911 tapes with our own ears and now we have seen the video with our own eyes," Crump told Reuters. "For whatever reason, the Sanford Police Department and the state attorney have conspired to sweep the death of Trayvon Martin under the rug."

said Abdulfattah was born into a family of 17 children and married bin Laden because "she had a desire to marry a Mujahedeen", using the term for "holy warrior". The report, from the office of the inspector Osama bin Laden fathered four children as he hid out in Pakistan after the 9/11 attacks, his general of police in Islamabad, recommended youngest wife told interrogators, according to Abdulfattah and her children be immediately deported. a police report. After arriving in Pakistan in July 2000 on a Amal Abdulfattah's account provides rare details of the Al-Qaeda leader's life from when he three-month visa, in the company of her sister fled Afghanistan in late 2001 until his death aged and brother-in-law, Abdulfattah travelled to 54 last May during a US Navy SEAL operation in Kandahar, in neighbouring Afghanistan, at the time capital of the Taliban regime. Abbottabad, in Pakistan. The date of her marriage to bin Laden Abdulfattah, from Yemen, was arrested by Pakistani authorities following the US raid on was not specified, but the police report said bin Laden's compound near the Pakistani capital afterwards she moved in with him and his other Islamabad, along with two of his Saudi wives, two wives. In Haripur, Aasia, a girl, was born in 2003 and Ibrahim, a boy, was born the next year. and her five children. The three detained widows face charges On both occasions Abdulfattah gave birth in a of illegally entering and residing in Pakistan. public hospital, the police report said. The other two children, Zainab, a girl, and Abdulfattah, 30, was shot while trying to protect Hussain, a boy, were born in Abbottabad in 2006 her husband, according to the US. The Pakistan police report, dated January 19, and 2008.

Conservative Party Co-Treasurer Resigns After Donations Claims

LONDON: A Conservative Party treasurer has been forced to resign after undercover journalists secretly filmed him offering access to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, for donations of up to £250,000 ($378,900). The Sunday Times reports that its journalists were told that gifts of more than £200,000 got donors in the party's ''premier league''. A large gift would be ''good for your business'' and ''things will open up for you'', the senior party fund-raiser Peter Cruddas is alleged to have said. ''The first thing we want to do is get you at the Cameron-[Chancellor of the Exchequer George] Osborne dinners,'' he said. ''If you're unhappy about something, we will listen to you and put it into the policy committee at Number 10 - we feed all feedback to the policy committee.'' A Labor MP demanded that Mr Cameron explain how much he knew about the scheme. ''Time and again the Tory party has been the obstacle to capping donations from wealthy individuals. Now it appears obvious why,'' said Michael Dugher, member for Barnsley East. The journalists were posing as wealth-fund executives based in Liechtenstein, which would have made them ineligible to donate to a British political party. But the paper claims they were told they could get around the law by creating a subsidiary company or using British employees to pass on the money. Mr Cruddas was said to have claimed that attendance at dinners with Mr Cameron earned the party about £5 million a year. The meeting was arranged by Sarah Southern, a lobbyist who used to work as an aide to the Prime Minister and who allegedly said not to worry about making foreign donations as the party doesn't ''pry as to where the money comes from, at all''. Mr Cruddas resigned on Saturday night, saying, ''I deeply regret any impression of impropriety arising from my bluster in that conversation. Clearly, there is no question of donors being able to influence policy or gain undue access to politicians.'' In a statement, he said he had become principal treasurer only at the beginning of this month and had had ''an initial conversation'' without ''consulting any politicians or senior officials in the party''. Mr Cruddas is said to have a fortune of £750 million from spread betting in financial markets and is a member of the party's ruling board as well as a co-treasurer. A party spokesman said it always obeyed the electoral laws and that no donation resulting from any such offers had ever been accepted. ''Unlike the Labour Party, where union donations are traded for party policies, donations to the Conservative Party do not buy party or government policy. We will urgently investigate any evidence to the contrary,'' he said. Conservatives and Labour have been negotiating for years over party funding, with the Conservatives resisting the idea of state funding for political parties.

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

Annan says Syrian crisis can’t be allowed to drag on

Kofi Annan

MOSCOW — Kofi Annan, the United Nations and Arab League envoy to Syria, said Monday there can be no deadline for ending the Syrian crisis but it's urgent to move ahead quickly to stop the killing. Annan told reporters before leaving Moscow for Beijing that above all, the Syrian government and opposition must start a political process to resolve the yearlong conflict peacefully. "This cannot be allowed to drag on indefinitely," he said. "I think it is urgent to move ahead ... but it is not practical to put out timetables and timelines when you haven't gotten an agreement from the parties." Annan has been in Moscow since Saturday for talks on Syria with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Russia is Syria's most important ally and while Moscow — along with China — has twice shielded Syria from U.N. sanctions, both countries are strongly supporting Annan's mission. Moscow has signaled growing impatience with Syrian President Bashar Assad, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointedly criticizing him for being too slow with reforms. Annan has proposed a six-point plan to Assad to end the conflict and he said Russia's leaders indicated they will use their influence "to help me constructively." Medvedev strongly backed Annan's plan, adding that his mission "may be the last chance for Syria to avoid a protracted bloody civil war." Annan's spokesman, Ahmad Fawzi, said in a statement later Monday that the Syrian government has formally responded to Annan's plan, which has been unanimously endorsed by the U.N. Security Council in a nonbinding presidential statement. "Mr. Annan is studying it and will respond very shortly," Fawzi said. Annan said it will be up to the Syrians themselves to decide if Assad should step down. "It may in the end come to that, but it's not up to me, it's up to the Syrians," said Annan, a former U.N. secretary-general. "Our effort is to help the Syrians come to the table and find the way out of all of this." Annan said the message he wants to send out today "is that the transformational winds blowing today cannot be easily resisted, or cannot be resisted for long." "The only way to deal with this is through reform, through change — and change that respects democratic principles, individual dignity, the rule of law and human rights," he said. Annan's proposals include a cease-fire first by the Syrian government, a daily two-hour halt to fighting to evacuate the injured and provide humanitarian aid, and inclusive Syrian-led political talks "to address the legitimate concerns of the Syrian people." Russia and China twice vetoed European and U.S.-backed resolutions condemning Assad's crackdown on protesters, which would have been legally binding. They called the resolutions unbalanced, saying they only blamed the Syrian government and demanded an end to government attacks, not ones by the opposition. Moscow also argued that the resolutions promoted regime change in Syria and expressed fear of outside intervention to support the rebels, as happened in Libya. As part of his discussions with Syria, Annan said the possibility of a U.N. observer mission in Syria had been raised. "It's not excluded that a U.N. observer force may go in to ensure that the parties honor and respect the commitments that they are going to make," Annan said. "We hope that they would agree to cessation of hostilities very shortly, and if that happens we will have to be on the ground to monitor and ensure that all sides are respecting the agreement," he said.


Pentagon sees mass layoffs if budget cuts prevail

The Pentagon said on Thursday it would expect hundreds of thousands of layoffs across the defense industry if lawmakers did not take action to avert an additional $500 billion in defense budget cuts that could take effect in January 2013. Frank Kendall, the Defense Department's acting undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics, said the cuts would force the Pentagon to break many hard-won contracts with industry, including a multibillion dollar deal with Boeing Co for development of a new refueling plane. The Navy's contracts with Lockheed Martin Corp and Australia's Austal Ltd for littoral combat ships would also be vulnerable if the mandatory cuts, known as sequestration, took effect as planned, Kendall told the Senate Armed Services Committee at a confirmation hearing to stay in the job. Kendall said the defense industry would face fairly deep cuts applied indiscriminately, rather than on a targeted basis, given the way the Budget Control Act was worded. The Pentagon last month unveiled a budget proposal for fiscal 2013 that would begin to implement $487 billion in spending cuts that the White House and Congress agreed to make, spanning the next decade. If lawmakers did not come up with $1.2 trillion in other deficit-reducing measures, the Pentagon would have to cut its proposed funding by another $500 billion. Kendall said there was a good chance that President Barack Obama would use a legal clause to exempt the personnel accounts from the cuts -- which would increase the burden that would fall on spending for new weapons, research and development programs and upgrades for older weapons. "A lot of the work that we're done over the last couple of years to try to make more efficient acquisition decisions and get better contract structures would be broken," he said. Kendall said the cuts would ripple through all tiers of the defense industry, hitting small and medium-sized businesses particularly hard. He said some of the biggest companies in the sector had already approached him with concerns about having to provide advance notice of potential layoffs given the uncertainty caused by the current budget situation. Committee Chairman Carl Levin asked Kendall to provide a report by May 10 on the impact of the current budget cuts on small and mediumsized businesses. The Pentagon has been studying the defense industrial base on a sector by sector, tier by tier basis to better understand the impact of budget decisions on those companies. In written responses to questions from the committee, Kendall vowed to focus heavily on reining in cost overruns on many major weapons programs, and said he would do everything in his power to eliminate them. The committee said nearly half of all major weapons programs had exceeded cost growth standards established by the Nunn-McCurdy law. Kendall conceded that nearly all programs had some cost growth. He said the department had been setting affordability targets for major programs for the past year as another tool to ensure that programs remained focused on costs.

HAIRWAY TO HEAVEN BEAUTY SALON Hairway to heaven beauty salon is seeking a suitable qualified applicant to fill the post of a HAIRDRESSER Job task include. Keeping work station clean and sanitize tool such as scissors and combs, cut, trim and shape hair pieces base on customer’s instructions bleach, dye or tint hair using applicator brush shampoo rinse, condition and dry hair

and scalp Apply artificial fingernails Operate cash register to receive payments from customers Requirements: Must have five years experience in hairdressing Must have a certificate in cosmetology Working hours are Monday to Friday 10:00am to 7:00pm daily salary 40% commission Contact Roxie Williams on Tel: 231-0944 for an interview


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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

Chavez back in Venezuela after radiation therapy

President Hugo Chavez returned home to Venezuela on Thursday after a first session of radiation treatment in Cuba that he hopes will cure his cancer and allow him to win a new sixyear term in October. The 57-year-old socialist leader has said he will be flying back and forth to Havana over the coming weeks as he undergoes therapy, removing himself from the political stage just as his election rival gears up his campaign. Very little is known about Chavez's condition - he has had three cancer operations in less than a year - so doubts remain about the future of the man who has dominated politics in South America's biggest oil exporter for the last 13 years. "It's a hard battle ... I'm good and will continue to be good. I've taken the treatment very well, thanks to God," he said during an hour-long pre-dawn speech broadcast on state TV from the Miraflores presidential palace. The opposition has demanded the president appoint a temporary leader to run the government during his absences in Cuba, something that Chavez has repeatedly rejected. "I may have reduced my speed, but the government has accelerated ... there is no power vacuum," he said on Thursday. He said he expected to return to Cuba on Saturday to resume the radiation treatment, and to stay there for four more days. The president started the radiation therapy last Saturday, saying he would undergo one session a day for five consecutive days, then fly home to rest for a couple of days. Overall, Chavez has said, the treatment should last four or five weeks. He previously underwent four sessions of chemotherapy that caused him to lose his hair. It

President Hugo Chavez

has since has grown back. WEEKS OF TREATMENT The Venezuelan leader prefers being treated in Cuba because he is guaranteed discretion on the tightly controlled island and can lean on the counsel of his friend and mentor Fidel Castro. In his speech, in which he appeared animated and smiled and joked with his ministers, he forecast he would win the October 7 election with more than 60 percent of votes. Most recent polls give him a strong lead over his opposition rival, youthful Miranda state Governor Henrique Capriles. Political analysts say his strength in the polls is due to his strong emotional connection with the country's poor majority, as well as heavy state

spending on popular welfare programs. The surveys consistently show, however, that as many as a third of Venezuelans remain undecided, and both camps have been waging a fierce battle to win them over. "The undecideds are definitely going to define the election," Luis Vicente Leon, president of Datanalisis, said on Thursday at the presentation of the pollster's results from March, which gave Chavez 44 percent to 31 percent for Capriles. Leon said sympathy over Chavez's illness had supported his ratings and taken the edge off the political momentum Capriles gained when he easily won the opposition's primary in February. "Capriles has not lost the battle," he said. "Clearly it is not an easy task, but the opposition never had a real option at presidential elections before, and now Capriles has a chance." Capriles, 39, is widely seen as the opposition's best hope of unseating Chavez after years of failures via the ballot box and street protests. He has set off on a nationwide "house-by-house listening tour" to kick-start his campaign. The center-left politician has largely avoided direct verbal clashes with the president and is promising a Brazilian-style government for Venezuela that would promote free-market policies alongside strong social programs. Chavez, known for his radical populism, nationalizations and fierce anti-U.S. rhetoric, has denounced him as the "ultra-right" candidate and a treasonous puppet of Washington. Separately on Thursday, Venezuela's national electoral authority confirmed October 7 as the election date - squashing rumors that the poll might be brought forward, or delayed, due to Chavez's cancer treatment.

Fewer than half Arab leaders attend Iraq summit BAGHDAD — Fewer than half the leaders of the Arab world showed up at an Arab summit in Baghdad on Thursday, a snub to the Iraqi government, but the leaders agreed on an appeal to Syria's regime to stop its bloody crackdown on opponents.. As the summit opened in a former palace of ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the powerful Sunni monarchs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, other Gulf nations and Jordan and Morocco were absent. The only ruler from the Gulf to attend was the emir of Kuwait, Sheik Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, whose attendance was significant because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990 and occupied it for nearly seven months before a U.S.-led coalition drove his army out. Relations between the two neighbors have been fraught with tension since and even after Saddam's 2003 ouster. Sheik Al Sabah's attendance should cap recent improvement in relations. The one-day summit ended with a call on Syria's embattled regime to "immediately implement" proposals put forward by joint U.N.-Arab League envoy

Kofi Annan to end the deadly yearlong conflict. The summit's final communique said that the Arab leaders fully support the "legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people to democracy and freedom and their right to determine their future." The plan calls for Damascus to immediately stop troop movements and use of heavy weapons in populated areas and to commit to a daily two-hour halt in fighting to allow humanitarian access and medical evacuations. It includes a full cease-fire to be supervised by the U.N. so that all parties can discuss a political solution. In his first comments on Annan's plan, Assad says Syria will "spare no effort" to ensure the mission's success, according to the state news agency. Assad said Annan must also get a commitment from armed groups to cease their "terrorist acts" against his government. Speaking at the post-summit news conference, Arab league chief Nabil Elaraby suggested that the Annan plan was Assad's last chance for a diplomatic solution to the conflict, which the U.N. says has killed at least 9,000 people. "Assad was given more than one chance. The issue is now with

the United Nations and the Security Council," said Elaraby. "The ball is now in Syria's court. It will have to act positively." One reason for the absences was the Gulf leaders' deep distrust of Iraq's Shiite-dominated government, which they believe is a proxy for Iran. In unusually direct remarks, Qatar's prime minister said the lower representation was to protest what he called the Baghdad government's marginalization of Iraq's Sunni Muslim minority. Another reason was the bitterness surrounding the main issue hanging over the summit — the conflict in Syria — on which Iraq has taken an ambivalent stand. Iraq's foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, remained upbeat. He told a news conference at the end of the summit: "We are very comfortable with the level of representation considering the present conditions (in Iraq). The most important thing is that all Arab states participated. It was a historic summit." He , however, reacted angrily when asked about the representation of Saudi Arabia and Qatar by their ambassadors to the Arab League in its Cairo headquarters. "We are not concerned, we are

not bothered as long as they came." Arab leaders in the Gulf want tough action to stop the Syrian regime's bloody crackdown on the opposition, with their eye on ultimately bringing down President Basher Assad. If Assad goes, they hope, they can break Sunnimajority Syria out of its alliance with Iran. However, Iraq, which also has close ties to Iran, has resisted any strong measures by the Arab League on Syria, with Zebari saying he was opposed to foreign intervention there. The summit is the first held by the 22-member League since the Arab Spring revolts began sweeping through the region more than a year ago. The turmoil forced the cancellation of last year's summit. Since then, four perennials of the summit have been swept from the scene — Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh, Tunisia's Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Libya's Moammar Gadhafi. The new leaders of Tunisia and Libya were among the 10 heads of state who attended, but Egypt and Yemen sent lower-level figures, a reflection of the domestic turmoil still roiling those nations.

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Former Co-CEO Jim Balsillie is stepping down as a director. Read below.

Millions stay off the job to protest new labor laws in Spain

Millions of Spaniards stayed off the job Thursday to protest new labor laws that allow companies to opt out of collective bargaining pacts, reduce wages and fire workers more easily. The general strike stalled public transportation and shut factories and schools across the country. Angry confrontations erupted between hordes of protesters and riot police, long-running euro debt crisis might department store and yelled "Shame!" but no major violence was reported. otherwise flare up badly again and at police manning barricades that It was the first such large-scale engulf the Eurozone's fourth-largest allowed store employees to cross labor action against the policies economy. picket lines. "Without the uniform, of conservative Prime Minister But Spaniards are holding their you are one of us!" they yelled. Mariano Rajoy and the strongest breath for possibly punishing cuts Red union banners waved above public rebuke yet of his austerity in welfare, education and health, the crowded square, along with measures. hallmarks of the European welfare homemade posters depicting scissors In office for just three months, state that are now in danger across with a red line through them, to Rajoy has focused on cutting the continent. protest the budget cuts. spending to shrink the country's Spain's two largest unions "Food, fuel -- all the prices are yawning budget deficit and to going up," said Carlos Rodriguez, organized the strike in response meet European Union rules on 50, an elevator mechanic on strike. to labor reforms approved by fiscal discipline, which previous "Now with this labor reform, they lawmakers this month. Backers say governments routinely flouted. can reduce our pay and increase our the sweeping changes are needed to Rajoy is to unveil his 2012 hours. We don't agree with that." modernize an antiquated labor system budget Friday, including Spain's Hundreds of thousands of in which older, tenured workers have harshest cuts yet, up to $50 billion protesters packed town squares jobs for life and younger people are worth. EU officials and financial across the country. In Madrid's left struggling to get a foot on the markets are eager for a commitment central Puerta del Sol plaza, hundreds employment ladder. by Madrid to frugality, afraid that the staged a sit-in outside the doors of a But critics say the reforms

unfairly favor employers and will lead to a rise in unemployment. Nearly one in four members of the Spanish workforce is jobless, and the rate hits nearly 50% for people under 25. "If you lose your job, especially if you're over 40 or 45, it's very hard to find another one," said David Le More, a spokesman for UGT, one of the organizing unions. "So people fear a lot that with these new conditions, they'll get fired, and new people with lower-earning contracts will get their jobs." Union leaders have set a deadline of May 1 for the government to amend its labor reforms or face further unrest. Before the strike, independent polls showed that 30% of Spanish workers planned to take part, but authorities did not issue crowd estimates. Late Thursday, unions claimed participation of 77% of all workers. Most public transportation systems were running on reduced schedules. Garbage collection was suspended, and trash piled up on many city streets.

BlackBerry maker posts loss and shakes up head office Research In Motion said on Thursday former co-CEO Jim Balsillie is stepping down as a director as it posted a quarterly loss, stung by a further slide in BlackBerry smartphone shipments and anemic deliveries of its PlayBook tablet.

Shares dropped 9 percent in after-hours Nasdaq trading as RIM announced a net loss of $125 million, or 24 cents a share, in the fiscal fourth quarter - the first since Thorsten Heins since replaced Balsillie and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. The company booked write-downs on its BlackBerry 7 phones and goodwill in the period, ended March 3. On an adjusted basis, profit dropped to $418 million, or 80 cents a share, from $934 million, or $1.78, a year earlier. Revenue slumped to $4.19 billion from $5.56 billion. Analysts, on average, had expected RIM to earn 81 cents a share on revenue of $4.54 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. "They clearly have no fix on when this process will bottom, and until it really does, it's going to be very difficult for a lot of investors to come back in,"

said Eric Jackson, a hedge fund manager at Ironfire Capital in New York. The company shipped 11.1 million BlackBerry smartphones, down 21 percent from the third quarter, but slightly ahead of analysts' expectations. It sold more than 500,000 PlayBooks in the three months, a number inflated by deep discounts offered to boost sales of the product. German-born Heins took over in January, but immediately raised investor doubts about his turnaround chops by declaring RIM didn't need drastic change, a stance he later clarified as meaning RIM was not going to be split up or sold. But the results showed a major shakeup in the works at the Waterloo, Ontario-based company. RIM said Balsillie - long one of the company's public faces - had resigned from the board. David Yach, a chief technology officer, and Jim Rowan, a

chief operating officer, also stepped down. RIM dropped all specific guidance for the current and future quarters, saying only it "expects continued pressure on revenue and earnings throughout fiscal 2013." The company cited a weakness in the company's U.S. business and competitive pressure in global markets as it sells more low-end devices. RIM historically has provided a forecast for BlackBerry shipments, earnings per share and revenue, but has faced scathing criticism in the past year for missing these targets. RIM also said it is undertaking a review of "strategic opportunities including partnerships and joint venture, licensing, and other ways to leverage RIM's assets and maximize value for our stakeholders."

US economy grew 3% in final quarter of 2011 The U.S. economy grew at a solid pace in the final three months of 2011 but that growth likely slowed in the first three months of this year as businesses cut back on restocking their shelves. The economy grew at an annual rate of 3 percent in the October-December quarter, the fastest pace since the spring of 2010, the Commerce Department reported Thursday. The government's third and final look at fourth quarter growth was unchanged from the previous estimate. Slower

growth in exports than previously estimated was offset by stronger growth in business investment. Economists believe that growth slowed to around 1.5 percent in the current quarter. For the year, economists at JPMorgan believe the economy will grow 2.2 percent, slightly better than last year's 1.7 percent expansion. Growth at that level would be far below what economists believe is the pace needed to make sustained gains in employment. The unemployment rate has dropped to 8.3 percent

from 9 percent in September. But Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke cautioned in a speech Monday that the U.S. job market remains weak despite strong hiring in the past three months. He said for the hiring gains to be sustained, the economy needed to grow at stronger rates. For the fourth quarter, consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of economic activity, expanded at an annual rate of 2.1 percent, led by strong gains in car sales.


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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012


Best Buy to cut costs and close stores

MINNEAPOLIS — In order to grow, Best Buy is shrinking. The largest U.S. specialty electronics retailer for years expanded quickly by opening big-box stores across the country. But shoppers have started using the hulking stores as showrooms where they can test out products before buying them cheaper elsewhere. To revamp the struggling chain, Best Buy said Thursday it plans to close 50 of its U.S. big box stores, cut 400 corporate jobs and trim $800 million in costs. The company, which has about 1,400 U.S. locations, also plans to open 100 smaller and more profitable Best Buy Mobile stores throughout the country. "How do we position the company so we're where our customers need us to be?" asked CEO Brian Dunn in a call on Thursday with analysts. "We're clearly going to have more doors and less square footage." Best Buy is trying to avoid the fate of its rival Circuit City, which liquidated in 2009 after it struggled with the changing electronics landscape. Sales of TVs, digital cameras and videogame consoles — once the bread-and-butter of electronics retailers — have weakened, while sales of lower-margin items like tablet computers, smartphones and e-readers have increased. The rise in competition from Internet rivals like Amazon. com and discounters like Target also has hurt

electronics retailers. To better compete, Best Buy is shaking up its business. In addition to closing some of its big box stores, the company said it will focus on what sets it apart from its rivals: Trained sales staff that can help shoppers get the most out of their tablets, TVs and other electronic devices, including tech support from its "Geek Squad" service and repair unit. But even as the Best Buy announced its changes on Thursday, the Minneapolis-based company also posted a $1.7 billion fiscal fourth quarter loss that's partly due to restructuring charges. Despite the loss, Best Buy's adjusted results for the quarter topped Wall Street's expectations. But as investors worried that Best Buy's restructuring didn't go far enough, its shares slid about 7 percent to $24.66. Best Buy's loss amounted to $4.89 per share for the period ended March 3, compared with a profit of $651 million, or $1.62 per share, a year ago. Results included $2.6 billion in charges mostly related to its purchase of Carphone Warehouse Group PLC's interest in the Best Buy Mobile profitsharing agreement and related costs, as well as an impairment charge tied to writing off Best Buy Europe goodwill and restructuring charges. Taking these items out, adjusted earnings were $2.47 per share, above the $2.15 per share that analysts surveyed by FactSet forecast. Revenue rose 3 percent to $16.08 billion, but missed Wall

Street's $17.18 billion estimate. Revenue at stores open at least a year — an indicator of a retailer's health — slipped 2.4 percent. But it was a smaller drop than a year earlier when the company reported a 4.7 percent decline. For the full year, Best Buy lost $1.23 billion, or $3.36 per share, compared with a profit of $1.28 billion, or $3.08 per share, in the prior year. Adjusted earnings were $3.64 per share, which tops the previous year's $3.43 per share. Annual revenue rose 2 percent to $50.71 billion. Revenue at stores open at least a year fell 1.7 percent. In the prior-year period, the figure dropped 1.8 percent. Looking forward, Best Buy forecasts fiscal 2013 earnings of $2.85 to $3.25 per share and adjusted earnings of $3.50 to $3.80 per share. Analysts expect earnings of $3.67 per share. It expects fiscal 2013 revenue of $50 billion to $51 billion. That estimate falls slightly short of analyst predictions of $51.6 billion. Meanwhile, Best Buy expects revenue at stores open at least one year to fall 2 percent to 4 percent. "The firm is taking incremental steps to address its strategic challenges," wrote Goldman Sachs analyst Matthew Fassler. "That said, the soft close to the quarter, and subdued sales guidance, suggest that competitive pressure may be drifting into market share as well as margin."

PetroChina is now biggest oil producer

NEW YORK – A big shift is happening in Big Oil: American giant ExxonMobil now ranks behind PetroChina. The 13-yearold Beijing company was created by the Chinese government to secure more oil for that nation's booming economy. PetroChina announced Thursday that it pumped 2.4 million barrels a day last year, passing Exxon by 100,000 barrels. The company has grown rapidly the last decade by squeezing more from China's aging oil fields and outspending Western companies to buy petroleum reserves in countries including Canada, Iraq and Qatar. It's motivated by a need to lock up as much oil as possible. The company's output increased 3.3% in 2011 while Exxon's fell 5%. Exxon's oil production also fell behind Rosneft, the Russian energy company. PetroChina's rise highlights a fundamental difference in how the largest petroleum companies plan to supply the world as new oil becomes tougher to find and more expensive to produce.

Every major oil company has aggressively pursued new finds to replace existing wells. But analysts say Western oil firms like ExxonMobil have been more conservative than the Chinese, mindful of their bottom line and investor returns. With oil prices up 19% in 2011, they made money without increasing production. PetroChina has a different mission. The Chinese government owns 86% of its stock and the nation uses nearly every drop of oil PetroChina pumps. The country's appetite for gasoline and other petroleum products is projected to double between 2010 and 2035. "There's a lot of anxiety in China about the energy question," says energy historian Dan Yergin. "It's just growing so fast." While PetroChina sits atop other publicly traded companies in oil production, it falls well short of national oil companies like Saudi Aramco, which produces nearly 8 million barrels a day. And Exxon is still the biggest publicly traded energy company when counting combined output of oil and natural gas. PetroChina ranks third behind

Significant issues found at Apple product factories in China

Exxon and BP in total output of oil and gas. PetroChina is looking to build on its momentum in 2012. "We must push ahead," PetroChina chairman Jiang Jiemin said in January. PetroChina has grown by pumping everything it can from reserves in China, estimated to contain more than 6.5 billion barrels. It drilled thousands of oil wells across vast stretches of the nation's northern grasslands. Some of those fields are ancient by industry standards, dating close to the beginning of China's communist government in the 1950s. The commitment to aging fields distinguishes PetroChina from its biggest Western rivals. Exxon and other major oil companies typically sell their aging, low-performing fields, or they put them out of commission. PetroChina also has been on a buying spree, acquiring reserves in Iraq, Australia, Africa, Qatar and Canada. Since 2010, its acquisitions have totaled $7 billion, about twice as much as Exxon, according to data

An investigation into the Chinese factories that produce Apple products found “significant issues with working conditions," according to a report released by a labor watchdog group. The Fair Labor Association said Thursday that it had conducted a thorough inspection of three factories in China operated by Foxconn, a major supplier, and

had secured “groundbreaking commitments” that will reduce working hours, improve health and safety conditions and “establish a genuine voice for workers.” The group said it would continue to monitor the factories. The nearly monthlong investigation, initiated by Apple and its suppliers, was a response to widespread criticism after worker deaths and injuries

provider Dealogic. Several other Chinese companies have become deal makers around the globe as well. Total acquisitions by Chinese energy firms jumped from less than $2 billion between 2002 and 2003 to nearly $48 billion in 2009 and 2010, according to the International Energy Agency. More times than not, the companies are paying above the industry average to get those deals done. It's making some in the West nervous. In 2005, for example, CNOOC, a company mostly owned by the Chinese government tried to buy American oil producer Unocal. U.S. lawmakers worked to block the deal, asking President Bush to investigate the role the Chinese central government played in the process. Chevron eventually bought Unocal for $17.3 billion. "There's a resistance to Chinese investment in (U.S.) oil and gas," Morningstar analyst Robert Bellinski says. "It's like how Japan was to us in the 1980s. People think they're going to take us over. They're going to buy all of our resources." at the Chinese factories, which produce iPhones and iPads. The Fair Labor Assn., an industry-funded group, said it found excessive overtime and problems with overtime compensation; several health and safety risks; and crucial communication gaps that have led to a widespread sense of unsafe working conditions among workers.

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Woods could hardly pick a venue where he feels more at home, given the relative lack of rough and its slick, heavily contoured greens which place a premium on a razor-sharp short game. Read Below

Magic Johnson group to buy Los Angeles Dodgers

A group that includes former basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson will acquire the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2 billion, the team said Tuesday night. The price is the most ever paid for a North American sports franchise, according to The group will officially acquire the team, one of baseball's most storied franchises, after the deal is approved by the judge overseeing the Dodgers' bankruptcy. The team has won the World Series championship six times and, for decades, boasted an intensely loyal fan base. But in recent years, under the ownership of real estate developer Frank McCourt, the Dodgers made headlines more for their financial woes than for their home runs. The team's troubles began when McCourt and his wife, Jamie, decided to part ways. An acrimonious and expensive divorce battle followed. The couple fought bitterly over ownership of the team. In April 2011, Major League Baseball took charge of the beleaguered team. Two months later, the team filed for bankruptcy. In October, McCourt announced that he and his wife had reached a settlement. He is scheduled to pay her $131 million, reported. Attorneys' fees alone could reach $35 million. In an effort to hold on to the team, McCourt tried to score a $3 billion television deal with Fox, but it was rejected by Commissioner Bud Selig. Johnson said the sale will start a new chapter for the Dodgers. "I am thrilled to be part of the historic Dodger franchise and intend to build on the fantastic foundation laid by Frank McCourt as we drive the Dodgers back to the front page of the sports section in our wonderful community of Los Angeles," said Johnson, a former Los Angeles Laker who is an

icon in his own right. Along with Johnson, the group acquiring the team includes Stan Kasten, a former executive with the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals, and Guggenheim Partners CEO Mark Walter. Some members of the group will also partner with McCourt to acquire Dodger Stadium and several other nearby properties for $150 million. Legendary former Dodgers coach Tommy Lasorda applauded the sale, saying he has faith in both Johnson and Kasten. "I'm very impressed with both of them, and I just hope that they can bring the championship to the greatest fans in all of baseball," Lasorda said Wednesday. The Dodgers finished in third place in the National League Western Division last season and did not make the playoffs. The club has not won a World Series since 1988, when Lasorda was the manager. Johnson "can do a lot" to boost the team, Lasorda said. "He can talk to the players individually. He can talk to them about winning. He knows what it is to win, and he can transfer that attitude and that success that he has enjoyed to the players." Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig called Johnson "a living embodiment of so many of the ideals that are vital to our game and its future." "The interest in this franchise and its historic sale price are profound illustrations of the great overall health of our industry," Selig said in a statement. "This has been a long, difficult process, and I once again want to thank the great Dodger fans for their loyalty and patience." Lakers owner Jerry Buss also issued a statement congratulating Johnson and his partners. "In addition to being a phenomenal success

Earvin "Magic" Johnson

on the court in leading the Lakers to five NBA Championships, he has been a success in everything else he's become involved with," Buss said, "most notably his spectacular business career and also his educational campaign on behalf of HIV awareness." Forbes Executive Editor Michael Ozanian said that although his magazine valued the team at $1.4 billion before the sale, the $2 billion paid by Johnson's group may turn out to be a good deal. It depends on the local television rights contract, which could be worth $3.5 billion over 10 years, he said. McCourt stands to clear about $800 million from the sale, even after paying for the divorce, Ozanian said.

Rejuvenated Tiger Woods stirs up Masters interest A rejuvenated Woods will be PGA Tour winners like Hunter Mahan, The perennial allure of the hunting his fifth green jacket at Brandt Snedeker and Justin Rose, Masters, which takes place from April 5-8 at Augusta National, a venue where he has always felt plus a host of younger guns led by has been ratcheted up several extremely comfortable, as has fellow Rickie Fowler and Ryo Ishikawa, are notches following Tiger Woods' American Phil Mickelson who will all capable of flourishing at Augusta. Hardly surprisingly, though, long awaited victory at the Arnold be bidding for his fourth victory there amid the spectacular Georgian pines. Woods has been installed as a 4-1 Palmer Invitational on Sunday. U.S. Open champion Rory favorite by British bookmakers The former world number one ended a 30-month title drought on the McIlroy of Northern Ireland, now Ladbrokes to win his 15th major title PGA Tour with his five-shot triumph a major winner, will be seeking next week. "He's always a force to be at Bay Hill, signaling he is back to redemption 12 months after a reckoned with when he's not playing vintage form at the best possible time. nightmarish final-round meltdown his best golf, and obviously he's Always eagerly anticipated as the first in which he squandered a four-shot playing a lot of good golf right now," Britain's Ian Poulter told reporters. of the year's four majors, the 76th overnight lead with a closing 80. "He's got a lot of his game back World number one Luke Donald Masters has whetted the appetite of fans and players alike perhaps more and fellow Briton Lee Westwood, and once he starts rolling putts in, than ever before because of its rich who have become regular contenders he's dangerous so he's going to be a in the game's biggest events, will force for everybody at Augusta." promise. COMFORT FACTOR Golf's leading exponents strive each be chasing a first major title, Woods could hardly pick a venue to peak for each of the sport's blue as will Australians Adam Scott and Jason Day, joint runners-up last year. where he feels more at home, given riband events and, with Woods now the relative lack of rough and its slick, The list of potential winners next back in the winner's circle, all the signs indicate next week's edition week does not stop there. Veterans heavily contoured greens which place such as Steve Stricker and Jim Furyk, a premium on a razor-sharp short could be the most competitive yet.

game. He is ideally suited to the par-72 layout, which was stretched to a formidable 7,445 yards for the 2006 Masters, making it the second-longest course in major golf at the time. Woods still ranks among the longest hitters, has a superbly creative short game and tied for fourth in his last two starts at Augusta despite his well publicized problems. "Hopefully everything comes together for that one week," Woods said after clinching his 72nd PGA Tour victory. "I understand how to play Augusta, and it's just a matter of executing the game plan." Left-hander Mickelson, Masters champion in 2004, 2006 and 2010, is rated at 10-1, generous odds for a player who very nearly won consecutive titles on the PGA Tour this season.

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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012


Beaches ensure Police remains win less

Scotiabank donates $7,000 cricket, softball gear to CHHS BY VIVIAN TYSON SENIOR SUN EDITOR

Clement Howell High received more than $7,000 worth of cricket and softball gear thanks to the kind gesture of Scotiabank, which made the presentation during the school’s general assembly on Thursday, March 29. For cricket, Scotiabank donated bats, pads, balls and helmets, while outfitting the softball team for the upcoming season. The cricket gear was donated through the Turks and Caicos Islands Cricket Association, whose members were present at the handing over ceremony. Cecil Arnold, Managing Director for Scotiabank, said that the gesture was an avenue of showing that the institution was committed to sports development in the schools. Lloyd Fearon (in jacket), Principal for the Clement Howell High School, accepts the gear from Managing Director for the Cherokee Road Branch of Scotiabank “I think it is good to bring sports Cecil Arnold. Looking on are other Scotiabank employees, teachers and members of the Turks and Caicos Islands Cricket Association, as well as students, who into the schools, and basically are seen in some of the gear. allowing the kids to have something together because we are working get it back to compete with softball, as one of two cricket development else to do after school hours. We and we just want to go out there and basketball and football, which seem officer for Providenciales, with also partnered with the (Turks and have fun and socialize, and hope that to be more priority. responsibility for the Blue Higgs Caicos Islands) Cricket Association, the kids, especially boys, will get “We want to get it to the point and Downtown areas, encompassing and today the Clement Howell High interested in the sport,” Forbes said. where, for the first term in the Clement Howell, Maranatha High, School is one of the schools that we Comprehensive High, Nicholas Watson, another next school year, to have an inter- TCIPS are providing full gear for cricket. Physical Education Teacher at the schools cricket competition at the Precious Treasures Prep School, The intention is that, this whole school, under whose portfolio cricket primary and secondary level, not Enid Capron Primary, Oseta Jolly training process of training the kids falls, said that for the past two and just in Providenciales, but we are others. Jamy Tate is the other to play cricket, and eventually there half years that the cricket programme also working with Winston Quelch cricket development officer, and is will be a cricket league among the was established at the school, they in Grand Turk and other teachers on responsible for the eastern part of the high schools and even the primary had only two bats to serve the entire other islands to get them involved island, including Wesley Methodist, schools. on a national level,” Sterling said.In the Ashcroft School, British West student population. “This (donation) just follows “We have real equipment now, the meantime, Sean Khan has been Indies Collegiate, MILLS Institute scotiabank cricket association in the so they (students) would experience named by the Cricket Association and Ianthe Pratt Primary. Caribbean. We have been sponsoring what they saw on video that we have Kiddy Cricket (youth cricket) in all been showing to them. The gear Caribbean Countries, and the Turks will now help to improve the entire and Caicos is fully coming on board programme. One thing about sports, now, and we are just proud to be if you don’t have the equipment, it is doing that today. We will continue to very improbable for you to achieve sponsor events, and we will continue anything. Now they will be able to to be a sponsor for the Clement put visual to the theory that they got Two tries from Tyrese Taylor saw the Scotiabank Storm defeat the CIBC Howell High School,” Arnold said. Lions 3-2 at the Meridian Field last Saturday. in their notes,” Watson said. Charles Forbes, Physical The Storm started the day stronger with Galvin Hall breaking through Meanwhile, Colin Sterling, Education Teacher at the Clement President for t he Turks and Caicos the Lions defensive lines before throwing a long pass to D’angelo Hall Howell High School and also Islands Cricket Association, pointed who touched down for a try in the opening minutes. Play settled after coach for the softball team was that Scotiabank was named as the early salvos as defensive strengths came to the fore. CJ Outten was elated that his school was outfitted sponsor for youth cricket in the TCI, unable to break through for the Lions while Dario Duncanson seemed by Scotiabank, revealing that the saying also that similar equipment to have stretched the Storm’s defence only for Ismarck Saimphe to stop school’s softball programme started would be donated to all the schools him at the line. last year, but the players participated at the primary and secondary levels. Nearing the halfway mark Taylor nabbed the first of his tries with a without uniform. strong individual effort. On the ensuing kick-off Duncanson found a gap “We are hoping to get back cricket “When we told Scotiabank of our as the national sport. It is mandated in the defence and narrowly edged out Taylor in a dash for the line. situation they were more than happy by the Department of Education from With only a few minutes left Taylor doubled the Storm's lead before to step forward and assist us, and we Primary level to form three in High Outten guaranteed a nail biting finish touching down for the Lions. are extremely grateful for what they Schools, and we want to take it a The Lions regained possession and were hammering at the Storm try have done for us. We are excited, and little further, with Scotiabank’s help, line but the wall of defenders refused to relent. Quick play by defender waiting to get out there and play. AJ Forbes forced a turnover and the Storm played out the remainder of to have it as a predominant sport in “Clement Howell High School all the schools. We are now more or the clock for the victory. is ready, so we are encouraging the less in the process of reviving cricket Under 15s rugby continues at the Meridian Field this Saturday at other schools to get their male teams in the schools. The main aim is to 10.00.

Taylor's Brace makes the Difference For The Storm


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MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012


Girls League going to the wire

With one round of games remaining it is going to go right down to the wire to determine who will be crowned champions of the Island Fire Supplies Girls Development League. An exciting opening game was settled with the last kick of the game as Sarah Cenary ran on to Yarileny De La Cruz incisive pass to give the Western Warriors a 3-2 win against league leaders Provo All Stars. The game was full of end to end action as the All Stars scored early on through Janice Fernandez who proved she is the fastest teenager in the country as she out-sprinted the Warriors defence to open the scoring. However, the All Stars lead was short lived as Cenary equalized within two minutes. The score remained the same until five minutes from time when De La Cruz scored a well taken goal after good work from Cydnee Campbell and Nideka Missick. The All Stars proved their resilience as Kadine Moved into attack to push for an equalizer and this tactic proved effective as she raced through to score with just one minute remaining. Yet there was still one twist to the tale as Cenary gave her team a much needed win as she scored her second goal of the match. In the second game the eagles and the Warriors

Action from the girls league

and the Eastern Eagles shared the spoils with an entertaining 1-1 draw. Both teams played attacking football but neither team could break the deadlock after Chrystal SAtirling had opened the scoring for the Eagles and Sarah Cenary had pulled the Warriors level. Cenary was a constant threat throughout the game but was well marked by Shinaydine Pluviose who has become one of the most accomplished defenders in the country. In the final game neither the All Stars nor the Eagles could find the back of the net as the

game finished 0-0. Despite the ack of goals there was plenty of excitement as Kadine Delphin and Janice Fernadez came close to scoring on several occasions for the All Stars. However, against the run of play the Eagles almost snatched a late winner as Arielle Neely made a great run at goal only to see her shot well saved by Monae Gooden. The league standings are very close and all three teams have a chance to win the league although the All Stars are perhaps favourites as they have a two point lead at the top of the table. Technical Director Matthew Green was very pleased with the days games. “This league is very competitive but it is also serving its purpose by giving a lot of our younger players more time on the field at the 11-a-side format. I am impressed with how a lot of the younger players are adapting to the game, girls like Magreny St. Louis, Deasia Ewing, Cydnee Campbell and Shernaria Morris are doing a great job. This league has been a great success and I am sure we will run it again later in the year”. MVP for week 3 was Shinaydine Pluviose who attends Clement Howell High School .

Late comeback earns Bears a draw against Warriors

The Vix Warriors dominated proceedings against the BCQS Bears on Saturday but had to settle for a draw when unable to repel a strong finish from their opponents in their Under 19 clash. Edwardo Villanueva led the Warriors attack superbly, creating one try and scoring another to have his team up 2 – 0 after just a few minutes of the first half. The Bears struggled to string any significant possession together despite Franco Mompremier’s best efforts. Mompremier was a bit of a lone ranger for the Bears in the first half, although Reuben Adams did carry the ball strongly on a couple of occasions. Any

potential raids into the Warriors’ territory were repelled by a strong defence, with no one more impressive than Edward Jean who made several telling tackles. The Warriors’ safer ball security led to two more tries before halftime and it was beginning to look a bit tough for the Bears. Things looked decidedly more difficult for them just after the break when the Warriors combined beautifully for another try based on excellent support play. The 5 – 0 lead this created seemed to finally awaken the hibernating Bears and Mompremier found more support in Luis Turbyfield to combine for a couple of quick tries to ensure an exciting finish. The Warriors appeared to tire but with just

a few minutes remaining their lead of 5 – 2 looked secure. However the Bears, and in particular Lincoln Outten, stepped up a gear. Outten had been very quiet throughout the match but showed his creativity and finishing ability by quickly scoring two individual tries and setting up another. His second try, scored on the stroke of fulltime, earned his team a hard fought draw and would have left the Warriors disappointed at not being able to hold on quite long enough. Edward Jean was everywhere for the Warriors though and his outstanding defence earned him the man of the match award. Both sides have plenty to work on and will continue to do so as Under 19s rugby continues at the Meridian Field this Saturday at 10.00.

Cheshire Hall are WIV Premier League champs

Cheshire Hall FC have are WIV Premier League champions after a hard-fought one nil win over SWA Sharks last weekend in the feature of a double header at the Academy Field. The winning goal was scored by Navar Cumberland. In the curtain raiser, Pedagogue FC registered a 6-3 victory. The feature encounter was a make or break for the Sharks because of the already commanding position of Cheshire Hall in the league. It was an even game from the start but both teams had chances in the first half with both goalkeepers having to make saves. Cheshire Hall were showing more guile in midfield though and appeared to have more time to pass the ball, whilst the Sharks, missing Serpa through suspension and also Garcia up front, could not get their midfield passing game going and resorted to mostly long range shots. Marc Fenelus was doing his best in midfield but the loss of Collis in the second half through injury did not help.

The deadlock was broken by a headed goal after 40 minutes from Navar Cumberland following some slack marking in the Sharks box. The Sharks had a possible penalty shout after Gili was felled in the box but this was waved away by the referee. The second half continued in a similar vein with the Sharks huffing and puffing but creating little. A strange incident led to Alex Paul, the Sharks keeper dislocating his shoulder after stumbling whilst trying to save a shot. Ralph Pierre took over in goal and did very well in keeping a number of shots out. Cheshire Hall lost a couple of players through red cards following the issue of second yellow cards for offences of dissent or ungentlemanly conduct. However, even facing only nine men, the Sharks were unable to break down Cheshire Hall and carried on shooting from distance or trying to dribble through the opposition instead of using the extra space on the pitch and stretching Cheshire Hall. In the first encounter, Pedagogue, with an improved forward line, opened the scoring with Carriara Livenson, but Jerry Liluce of AFC

Academy equalized soon after. Pedagogue continued their pressure and were 3-1 up at half time with goals from Maknique Williams and Alexis Anouald. The second half turned into a bit more of a bad tempered battle with several yellow cards and red card shown. Pedagogue still managed to score a couple more goals but the Academy were not giving up without a fight and scored two goals via Fred Dorvil, to keep the game alive but a red card for Liluce didn’t help and the points were sealed when the Academy scored an own goal on 78 minutes. Unfortunately, there was some further trouble after the final whistle which led to a red card for Junior Distang . With the win, Cheshire Hall are on unassailable 19 points from seven games, with the Sharks in second place on 10 points; AFC Academy are next on 8 points following by HAB and Pedagogue who are died on for points but HAB possess a superior goal difference. President’s Player of The Week was Alexis Anouald of Pedagogue FC and two goals.

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Beaches, Jaguars record wins

A cyclonic 90, comprising 13 fours and three sixes from Christopher McFarlane propelled Beaches to a five wickets over defending champions Police as the HabGroup/Gansevoort Resort sponsored T20 Cricket competition continued on Saturday 23 of March at the Down Town Ball Park. Batting first after the toss, Beaches amassed a mammoth 229 runs for five wickets from the allotted 20 overs, with McFarlane topping the score on 90. He got support from Osmond with 41 runs, which comprised eight fours, Yohan Grant adding 25. Bowling for the Police, Lyndon Tyson took two wickets for 35 runs from four overs, and Tony Hutchings two wickets for 45 runs from four overs. When Police batted they made a spirited afford but fell short, having reached reached 213 runs for seven wickets when the overs ran out.

Memeber of the Police Team

Christopher McFarlane was nam

Leading the scores were Grantley Williams with 37, comprising five fours and two sixes, and Sabuton John and Ira Baptist who scored 32 run apiece. Bowling for Beaches, Odayne Ewart claimed two wickets for 35 runs from three overs, and Ancell Williams, who took two wickets for 37 runs from four overs. McFarlane was named man of the match. Meanwhile, as the competition continued on Sunday, March 25, at the same venue, a five wicket haul by Munesh Bhagwandas ensured that Jaguars remain unbeaten by turning back as Jam Turk. Jaguars winning the toss and decided to bat scored 183 runs for six wickets from their allotted 20 overs. The top- scorers were Mark Austin with an unbeaten 40, which included seven fours and two sixes, and Sheldon Henry, who knocked 47, which came from eight fours. Sean Khan, with 32 runs, was another meaningful contributor. His score included four

Memeber of BeachesTeam Beaches batsman prepares to knock the ball out of the grounds

ed man of the match

Cricket Officials

fours and one six. Bowling for Jam Turk, Dane Ritchie took two wickets with 24 from three overs and Athol Gibson two wickets for 38 runs from four overs. In reply, Jam Turk were dismissed for 129 from 16 overs, having slumped from a good position of seven for 107 for 5 at one stage while well within the margin of the asking run rate. However, they capitulated with the departure of David Riley. Bowling for the Jaguars, Munesh Bhagwandas snatched five wickets for thirty five runs from four overs and Jawellin Sealey two wickets for twenty two runs from four overs. The man of the match was Munesh Bhagwandas. The competition continues on the Saturday 31st of March 2012 Police vs Quality and on Sunday the 1st of April Beaches taking on Kishco.

The match betw

intense een Jaguars and JamTurk was

Aleena Augustine & Tyesha Pie


Munesh Bhagwandas was nam

ed man of the match

Memembers and young suppor

ters of Jaguars Team


MARCH 30TH - APRIL 6TH, 2012

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