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Elementary Activities

Secondary 9-12

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Life @ TCIS 2013-2014

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13 -14

Elementary School

I wish you all and may God bless 10

Elementary School


Elementary Students,

You Made It!

As the years roll by changes are evident everywhere. It has been 11 years, cherish the great memories with your classmates, friends, and that we are blessed beyond measure with the quality of facilities and wonderful teachers with whom you get to learn each day. Attending each new day to discover new things. From Kindergarten 1 through 5th grade, you enjoyed creating, designing, and integrating iPad technology, along with other forms of technology, into your learning. We read an incredible amount of you read, the more you learn, the more your mind is stretched, and the and is enriched. So, enjoy reading lots of good books! fresh air and get some exercise with your friends. Run around, ride a bike, and enjoy hiking and being in the great outdoors! What a great to learn something. Be curious, be creative, be concerned about others


s you.

Remember all of the students who have moved over the years. As well, I would like to call your attention to all of the teachers who have years. Remember to thank your teachers for all that they taught you this year. Wish them well, and tuck away in your heart some fond memories of your time learning together.

community of learners where we have called home, with us wherever we go.

Mr. Zickefoose

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Elementary School


TCIS Elementary School 12

Elementary School

IB Primary Years Program Page Design: Photos:

Elementary School


Valo Vilhemi Isokoski Frances Wrightson Kongolo

Shelby Grace Pinho

Helena Viktoria Reske

Youngoon Ryu Ian Suh

Kindergarten 1Mrs. Pinho Kongolo (K2), Molly Pearse


Elementary School

Alina Adams Moses Erny Phyllina Erny Noelle Gordon

Maggie Penland Brady Pinho Bram Rader Na Yeon Shin

Elsie Ward

Early Learning Center Victoria Hulme Sofie Wrightson Kongolo

Abeny Marie Ward

Zhibin Andy Zhang

Kindergarten 2- Mrs. Roberts

Page Design: Mrs. Amy Mulvihill

Elementary School


Dana Duvel Yong Suk Kim

Alison Keunyoung Sim

Ruimin Wu

Grade 1- Mrs. Miller Kwon, Elle Youn, Ruimin Wu, and Eric Ryu


Elementary School

Second graders Zachary Pinho, Hyunseung Suh,

Grade 2- Ms. Bechtold Esther Eun Gyul Bae

Atakan Karagol Mirai Kuboyama Zachary Keona Pinho Affi Daislin Hyunseung Suh Malena Van den Broeck

Page Design: Mrs. Amy Mulvihill

Elementary School


Dohyun Kim

Grade 3- Mr. Pinho Elementary Zickefoose and

Yana Moon (5), and Ashley Kim (5)


Elementary School

Grade 4- Mrs. Pleasants Min Seong Michaela Goo

Ashley Kim

Heanyung Amy Son Dougal Stewart

Sang Hyon Woo

Page Design: Mrs. Amy Mulvihill

Elementary School


David Alexander

Isabel Young-Hee Becht

Ashley Kim Eunse Kim

Rachel Kim

KyuWon Min Yana Seoyun Moon Minsuk Yang

Grade 5- Mrs. Poole Rachel Kim


Elementary School

Grade 5 PYP Exhibition Groups

Page Design: Mrs. Amy Mulvihill

Elementary School


P W raise and


Elementary Chapel

singing and dancing, hilarious games, and weekly reminders of how God

and changing the lives of those he encountered. We studied those

everyone to watch!

and Ian Suh (K1)


Elementary School

Shelby Grace Pinho (K1) balances two golf balls for a one minute challenge.

Mrs. Kwangmi Shin, Hong, and Mrs. Sung Mee Yun singing, dancing, Elementary School.

Page Design: Brian Park

Elementary School




Elementary School




3 1.2.3 Kindergarteners learn about by making their to right: Andy Zhang, Abeny Ward, and Vicky Hulme. 5

4. 5.


Elementary School


1st grade 2 1. First graders received new knitted 2. Hyungmin Nelson is working on his


3. 4. cookie on their forehead and try to move it to their mouth without touching it. 5. First graders ask themselves questions: What


many edges? 6. Kwon and Hyungmin





Elementary School


What is your favorite activity?






sand box

What would you like to do this coming summer? Hyungmin Nelson

Dana Duvel

and go to my

“I want to go to the swim-

celebrate my b-day.”

Alison Sim “I would like to going the USA”

like it ! “

Eric Ryu America to see my grandma

Elle Youn “[Go to] United States, to Pullman”

Yong Suk Kim

“I go to the

“Go to

Ruiwin Wu

my grandma.”

Elementary School


2nd grade 1. Extinction is Forever! Second

2. the day. He said, “I am going to eat all of you!” 1

games to learn how to choose words It!”

Yeah for potential and kinetic energy!

Samuel Lee, “I have kinetic energy when I am skiing!” Efe Yazgan,


Elementary School



Physical Education

What is your favorite subject?




Silliness at

MUSIC Christmas!



seung Suh

3. He reads a story to Atakan Karagol. 4.



students went around the 4


teachers and administrators to make an “emotion” face. 5. ary. 6.


7. Second graders being

6 Photos: Provided by Mrs. Alice Bechtold


Elementary School


3rd grade made in a factory. 1


Mr. pinho describes third grade as

‘Fun and energetic’

entire class.


Elementary School

2 Molly Pearse



Physical Education

What is your favorite subject?







3. it gets to our homes. 4. a book during D.E.A.R time. 5. During the students use magnifying glasses as a way to “discover� all the new things about their close look at their class globe. 5

We found it!

Photos: Provided by Mr. Patrick Pinho

Elementary School


4th grade 1.

2. Erin read 3.

4. Michael -





What is your goal for next year? Joshua Yun: My goal is to get better grades and study harder. My goal is to make new friends. Ji Yoon Lee: Sang Hyon Woo: My goal for the next year is, to be more good at math, do exibition well, Larom Segev: Hee-Jin Lee: My goal is to have a good grade on my exhibition. Son Amy: Ashley Kim: My goal for next year is to be a good student and get good grades. I also Michael Lee: My goal is to continue to write stories. Michaela Goo: I will study hard on every subject. I will be nice to my classmates. Yunjung Jo: I should study harder. Jeremy Shin: Sam Chang: Tyler Lau: I want to reach my AR goal one time. And do what ever goal comes to me. Dougal Stewart: Get a good grade. Louie Choi: 32

Elementary School



Physical Education

What is your favorite subject? Drama




Sang Hyon Woo, Amy Son, and Andrew Suh read a Research Work on National Flags in connection with our Unit of Inquiry “National Identity.”



5. Sang Hyon Woo, and Erica camera during free time. 6. and doing an assignment. 7. Rocks and Minerals.8. Dougal



assessment on Rocks and Minerals.

Elementary School


5th grade class of the school year 2013 and 2014 is a dynamic and inquisitive class, says

throughout the

wE L C


narratives and research

were once involved in students to remember

Also, their understanding of the Bible has been challenged with Fifth grade is a unique year


curiosity, as well as, generating a sense

2 1 5th graders wrote about astronauts

With 14 students in the class, eight girls and six boys, there is a good balance of strong work ethic and fun.

investigate with their iPads! (Photo by 2. free choice time. 3 where and which foot should go where. Now after a lot of tries, then your body by Mr. Adams) 3. conferencing with David Alexander to editing and revising skills.


Elementary School


Physical Education

What is your favorite subject?




MUSIC Fifth grade students listen to Ms. Ashleigh movement for their Physical Education class.

information about the Solar System. I felt very excited about learning new things about the Solar System. We were researching about the Solar System because we needed

system], because I liked researching with my friends and I got to know more about the

What is your favorite animation? Rachel Kim Minseo Jung “I like Mickey Mouse because it is one of the main disney characters that is well-known. Also I like the way Ashley Kim Justine Kim Justin Choi Ji Min Kim Jonathan Lee KyuWon Min Sung Bin Ian Lee

Elementary School


What do you want to be when you grow up? 5th graders respond in their own words Scientist because I like chemastry. so I

David build table battle school.

dark mu


Eunse Kim a brand cause if you make be er ne ge en r ca y money I want to be a money. I want man of ot al t ge ill w I . new cars

I want to be a news well-known. I like learning new things and travel a lot. I

e to

becaus dirty. I want money be ill w I d an g in y th



telling them useful news. Min KyuWon

I want to be an electronic designer. I want to be it those advertisments and I like electronics. Mostly I I want to be violinist because I love music, God with my talent. Minsak Yang

A doctor, becau se I want to heal others, and not ha ve them to suffe r

I want to be som eone who works with animals and rescues them, I w ant to have my o wn animal rescue center. I want to do this because I love animals an d

that will hurt them Ashley Kim 36

Elementary School

Rachel Kim

beat the world record

nging better so singing, but I like si

skating. Yana Moon

I want to be a sing er because singing make singing which te

eam. it has become a dr

lm song when you

u listen to a ca your feelings. If yo


s me down. angry song, it calm an to n te lis d an y better. I am angr d song, I feel much sa a to n te lis d an When I am sad

lls me


hen I grow

I want to be a vet w

fe and

I want them to be sa

it is hurt or how to feel and if, r. I want sad it tells the owne rs care for, to make sure owne ated nicely sure animals are tre friends. and just like human

world, lo I woul oking at dif d like ferent to tr they c ould h advertise m aditions and ave so y coun culture me int t erest i ry to others . Also n too. , I woul so that Madi R d feel hee Elec


l eng

iner beca chos use e thi I wan s is m elec tron t to m y f a i c v and ake usfu s, I can m eriot I lik cool ll an e , a cars ke in dIc a vent n an se d ll the ions th if I kno w at m an d ma are coo David l ke m Alexan oney der to

Elementary School


Boy & Girl sCouts Ice Skating at Namseon Park, this was taken Rachel and Yana)

kids� Kids)


oals: Both Boy and Girl Scouts members in a myriad of enriching and

Ice Skating at Namseon Park (Amy, Yunjung, Dabin)

making friends, life skills, cultural exchanges and

Wonjoon is listening carefully to the coach

technique before an actual game.

initiated club that includes grades 4 and 5 students as well as grades

BaseBall CluB 38

Elementary School

teacher advisors are Mr. Mark Pleasants and Mr. Adam Karsten. Even in the cold weather, world, baseball!

Andrew Suh and dribbling the ball after receiving the

he game of soccer is a regularly chosen

Soccer oCCer one on one marking to check on the

Players are waiting for a game on. Playing rugby includes not

his year we continued the learning for some Z. was fortunate to learn more skills and strategy from our varsity Rugby coach, Mr. Neil Henderson, who also worked

Touch Rugby Page Design: Brian Park

Elementary School


stories and Games


bout 24 K2-5 students show hear Mr. Z. read a story to them.

Students interact and

attentively and are ready to offer their ideas

entire Elementary School via dominos, life games, and other board games.

seem to enjoy a good book! Following the game for the balance of the time. We always way out the door. I can tell the students enjoy the stories and the games with their friends. this year. -Mr. George Zickefoose

novel, by Eleanor Estes during story-time.


who would like to know more about Korean food

one by one creating own distinctive,

and Mrs. Kwangmi Shin

Korean CookinG and Culture CluB 40

Elementary School

(3). He made dduck bokki under the

Book Club

Back: Middle: Segev (4) Front:

What did you read? by Rick Riordian He goes with his satyr friend Grover Underwood and

Margaret Stohl

by Kami Garcia and

girl is cursed by a book, and in the end there is a grave. because the adventures are fun!!!!!!! Ashley Kim (5) is engrossed in a novel on a cushion

Page Design: Brian Park

Elementary School


taekwondo CluB


activity that teaches students the traditional Korean Zachary Pinho

kick techniques and Poomsae

games after

Yana Moon (5)

changed to allow students to learn more about how to situations. Students have enjoyed the challenge of routines to advance their belt (2) working and balancing on one side kicks.

SCienCe CluB I

students conduct fun and educational

students learn to become inquirers while learning about science in an interactive






making homemade Play-doh, creating invisible ink with lemon juice, and making (4


the children can grow as inquirers and early age. - Keane Mr. Nacional


Elementary School

Chess CluB service to the community. In within the inner-school community and and enjoyed. Ultimately, we see chess as of our community and as a bridge to other

Stewart (4)



tudents from 3rd grade worked

Chinese Culture CluB

their Mandarin skills by various different language learning activities. By cooking cycle, students get to learn

Ashely Kim (4), and Yong Suk Kim(1) learn how to name colors in

and cooking food. Mandarin language by teaching them

Page Design: Brian Park

Elementary School




S. Kim and the students from kindergarten 1 to fourth grade. - Mr. Patrick Pinho


Elementary School

Christmas Concert

- Ms. Esther Kim

- Mrs. Yeon S. Kim Page Design: Brian Park

Elementary School




Elementary School

Written and Directed by: Ms. Kimberly Waddell


Page Design: Brian Park Photos: Provided by Ms. Kim Waddell and Ms. Ellen Sligh

Elementary School


TCIS Yearbook part 1  
TCIS Yearbook part 1