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How to calculate which party receives the most money by the type of donation First we want Excel to sum again so double click on the count of value cell and you should get up the same menu as before in the ‘summarise value’ field box. Select SUM and click ok and you will have the amounts again. To break it down further by donation type you need to drag another field into your column ‘labels’. With pivot tables you are creating your own table so you need to think where would it be best placed and what information you need. In this instance, drag the ‘type of donation’ field into the ‘column labels’ area and you should see something like this: Now you can see how much each party received and the type of donor, you can always sort this if you want to. You can also see that the Labour Party received £5,779 from an impermissible donor. To find out more about this donation, double click on the number.


Data Journalism (CAR)  
Data Journalism (CAR)  

This handbook is for all journalists who want to master the art of interrogating and questioning numbers competently. Being able to work wit...