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Timothy Charters

Design Statement ď‚ž

The goal of this website is to provide a place to host my portfolio online. I want to use PHP to create an organized site that is easy to update as I refine and add to my work. In terms of visuals, I am going for a clean, modern, and open look. The site will host a selection of my best work, my demo reel, and my contact information.

Audience ď‚ž

This site will primarily be for potential employers. I will provide them with a link as part of my resume, and they can go there to check out my work. Hence, I want to make this simple and easy to navigate. People going to the site should be able to get to my work as quickly as possible, and then rapidly survey it. The intent is to present a good "face" for my employers. Above all, the most important part is my work, so that should take center stage

Motivation ď‚ž

In my Game Design Portfolio class last quarter, I put together a portfolio website for myself. Because I didn't know how to use PHP, I "kludged" it together with html, which would make it hard to update. Now that I can use PHP, I hope to update it to be more consistent and easier to update. I will also take the opportunity to update the visual design of the site. I hope to move away from my original blocky style towards a cleaner and more open style.

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Project B Treatment  

This is a treatment for my new portfolio website.

Project B Treatment  

This is a treatment for my new portfolio website.