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How to StretcH ProPerly

Warm UP Exercises Before A Workout By Thomas Goodman Technical Communications OL 265 February 14, 2011


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Stretching properly before a workout is very important. Whether you are walking, running, or weight training, stretching before and after

exercising can help prevent injuries. The key areas an individual should focus on are neck, back, arms, and legs.


Neck Stretches are done by rotating neck clockwise 10 times then reverse to counter clockwise 10 times. Arms:

 

Place right arm across chest hold and in place with left arm for 10 seconds Reverse and place left arm across chest and hold in place with right arm for 10 seconds

Note: Keep head and back straight

Triceps: Place right arm behind head and hold back of arm with left hand

Note: Keep head up and back straight HAMSTRINGS:

  

Place feet together Take one step forward with right foot Make sure back is straight

   

Reach down and grab leg for 10 seconds Return to previous position. Step forward with left foot Reach down and grab leg

The pictures are above are for individuals who are flexible and need to grab ankle or touch in order to get a good stretch to loosen tight hamstrings. Thighs:

  

Use a chair or nearest wall for balance. Grab front of shoe and pull leg back Hold for 10 seconds


 

Lean against wall Place one foot forward and leave other foot in beginning position


 

Place feet together and touch or grab feet Hold position for 10 seconds

 

Place leg inside other leg Reach out and grab leg or foot of other leg for 10 seconds

How To Stretch Properly  

Warm up exercise before workout

How To Stretch Properly  

Warm up exercise before workout