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Spring Term 2013

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a new Head of Clinical Services, Karla Finikin and in due course a new HR Manager. This combined with additional @TCESgroup TCES Channel SLT management in both the Essex Fresh Start School I’d like to welcome you to the TCES Group’s Autumn newsletter. Thisthrough -is an Tina Gornell and John Butcher, and East London opportunity three Independent Special Schools to provide youSchool with through Dawn Wigington-Jones, ensures a continued I would for like our to welcome you to the TCES Group’s Spring Pursuit of a single site some highlights of this term. I’d like to start the Autumn Term Newsletter emphasis on adding talent and expertise to our schools. newsletter. This is an opportunity for our three Independent with a very big welcome to Mark Jordan who has joined us at the beginning of After extensive research, and a number of property provide you withHead some teacher. highlightsMark of thewhose last term. this Schools term asto our Executive management viewings has putplanning forwardthis a bid for has a new In terms of long termTCES succession term been I’d like to with a very big welcome Mark Jordan whoTCES Group’s background isstart in both mainstream and SEN to services joins the property, which will TCES allowGroup us to combine ELIS an important milestone for the with the our advent Boardjoined of Directors and will leadof our school’s education provision. site at Ibex House & ELIS(A) site at Varley Road – us at the beginning this term as our Executive of the TCES Associate Board of which more will be said later. we await to hear if our bid had been successful-we Headteacher. Mark, whose management background is in Additionally in recognition of both the growth of the Company and indeed will keep you posted!!! both mainstream and SEN services joins the Group’s the additional and complex needs of some of TCES our new referrals we- are Board of Directors and will lead our Schools’ education adding significantly to our Senior Management Team with the recruitment of a newprovision. Head of Clinical Services and a new HR Manager. This combined with Expansion Plans additional SLT management in both the Essex Fresh Start School through Furthermore in recognition of both the growth of the Tina Gornell and East London School through Dawn Wigington-Jones ensures In our drive for continuous improvement TCES Company and indeed the additional and complexto needs a continued emphasis on adding talent and expertise our schools. Group has acquired an additional building next to of some of our new referrals, we are adding significantly our ELIS Annex at Varley Road. The building has In terms of long term succession planning this term has been Thomas Keaney now been refurbished and will allow us to offer an to our Senior Management Team with the recruitment of Schools’ Proprietor an important milestone for the TCES Group with the advent of enhanced service through a dedicated Inclusion the TCES Associate Board of which more will be said later. Centre and continue the excellent programme of inclusion and transition of young people from the I hope you enjoy reading about our pupil’s achievements over community, through micro classrooms, and then the next few pages. gradual integration into the main School. More on 4...on a seven year relationship .....The contractpage built

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New Essex tender

Associate Board Update

Thomas keaney

Schools Proprietor

Since September, 2012 all three TCES Schools have been registered to take pupils on into Y12.

with Essex County Council.

New Essex tender

“We are delighted to have been selected for this specialist education Essex learners with complex educational needs are provision”, says TCES chief executive Thomas Keaney. ” The tender Our Associate Board is currently working on an exciting set for a major boost in the quality of their educademonstrates a progressive response to nationally reduced budgets project to develop TCES’ Post 16 education provision, in tion, under a five year contract between Essex line with the Raising of the Participation Age, to offer a by investing in the County future of youngand people needs. It up Council thewith TCEScomplex Group. As a result, range of packages and options to meet the needs of all signifies a commitment reducing future costs associated withat our to 100topupils aged 7-16 are taking up places pupils in Y12, including those with ASC. TCES Group Newsletter Essexemotional Fresh Start Independent School. More on those with behavioural, and social difficulties”. Watch this space!! Providing A Unique Education Solution For Every Pupil page 3...

Pupil voice @ TCES n

Autumn Term 2012


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ff D has been an Essex Fresh Start pupil for two years StaDanny

TCES programme Group would like to been Newsletter - he joined on an The outreach and has TCES Group If last year was our most successful to-date dedicate this news letter to Janet successfully integrated into our newProviding Harlow School. Danny A Unique Education Solution For Every Pupilboth in terms of the excellent Ofsted Deans, who sadly passed away from cancer inspections of all of our schools and the is proud to have been voted as the in November. Janet joined the KS4 TCESSchool GroupCouncil at our North West London School significant investment in two new school @TCESgroup T Autumn Term 2012 representative the Literacy Harlow site pupils.inHe has we been buildings London, can expect this year to continue this positive trend with two new in September 2011 for as the andby Numeracy Co-ordinator. quality school sites in Essex and a new Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Centre working with his peer group gaininghigh their views and attached to each of the schools in the TCES Group. Shesuggestions quickly builtabout strong relationships with all the students - profes positive changes that can be made to always showing sionalism, thoroughness in all she did and a great desire to improve the lives and in East and West London With our new Autism Spectrum Condition services already make the school even better. If last year was most successful TCES Newsletter this academic year, this development will beour mirrored at our newto-date Essex Fresh Start chances of her students. She was aGroup valued colleague andnew her expertise and wisdom bothcontinuous in terms ofcommitment the excellent Providing A Unique Education Solution Forskills. Every Pupil School site in Clacton. As part of our toOfsted the pursuit of excellence, enabled many staff to improve and develop their own Danny recently represented Harlowwe athave therecently combined inspections of all of our schools and the invested in this new building to provide a greatly improved education Janet was famed for(pupils her early amazing given very long journey from two new school investment @TCESgroup TCES Channel school meeting fromarrivals, Harlow, Chelmsford andher environment for our Essex pupils.significant At the time of writing in we are on track to open the new Autumn Term 2012 Kent. She was also often one of the last to leave. She was always 'on the go', always buildings in London, we can expect this year to continue this positive trend with two new school site by the end of March 2012. Clacton sites) and on the 24th January was one of four Thomas Keaney Jacqui Twitchell school sitesof in Essex andseriously a new Autism Spectrum (ASC) Centre doing something. She tookhigh thequality pastoral side her job and firmlyCondition believed Schools’ Proprietor Head of ASC Services We of are proud welcome Peter Finn as Principal and Jacqui Twitchell attached towork each the schools inpeople. the TCES Group. EFS pupils who presented a list proposals fortoschool in taking a holistic approach to herof with young She even went Clinical as far Consultant as as Head of ASC Services to our Senior team. Peter and Jacqui’s expertise in Mental Health washing student’s to sweatshirts. enhancements TCES’ Management Development Group. With our new Autism Spectrum Condition services already in Eastexperience and West London and Autism Services respectively willmost add valuable and consultation to all the schools within the TCES Group. Ad If last year was our successful to-date academic year, thisour new development will be mirrored at our weekly new Essex Fresh Start Danny will also chair thethis next School Council meeting. welcome new partners WHCM who will provide counselling services after Spring half term to pupils in all of our sc both in terms of the excellent Ofsted School site in Clacton. As part our continuous commitment to the pursuit of excellence, She will be sorely missed by all at NWL School andofwider. She was a true profes inspections of all of our schools and the Thisinvested is my opportunity publiclyto thank all of our extremely dedicated staff and pupils who have contributed to the excellent have thisskills newtobuilding provide a greatly improved education sional and a good allshining whorecently worked with her. TCES feels thatfriend Dannyto iswe a example ofinthe and investment in of two new TCES Channel thank Euan Mac achievements wesignificant report ontime in this TCES Group newsletter. Finally@TCESgroup I would also like to personally environment for our Essex pupils. At the of edition writing wethe are onschool track to open the new buildings in London, we can expect this year to continue this positive trend with two new talents our pupils possess - Well left school site done by has the Danny! end us of after Marcheight 2012.years working for TCES and who worked tirelessly to educate and support our pupils. Our thanks go wit




Thomas Keaney Jacqui Twitchell Peter Finn high quality school sites in Essex new Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Centre his and new aventures. Schools’ Proprietor Head of ASC Services Principle Clinical toinwelcome Finn as Principal Clinical Consultant and Jacqui Twitchell Consultant attached to eachWe of are the proud schools the TCESPeter Group. as Head of ASC Services to our Senior team. Peter and Jacqui’s expertise in Mental Health With our new Autism Spectrum Condition services already in East and West London e! and Autism Services respectively will add valuable experience andTCES consultation toNewsletter all the schools within the TCES Group. Additionally idwe Group Professor Lord Winston ationw this academic year, this new will be mirrored our new Essex Fresh Start N Thomas Keaney Schools’ Proprietor welcome ourdevelopment new partners WHCM who will at provide weekly counselling services after Spring half term to pupils in all of our schools. % 2 TCES Group Newsletter Top School site in Clacton. As part of our continuous commitment to the pursuit of excellence, Autumn Term 2012 Opens New School in Ealing Spring Term ONE is my opportunity to publicly thank alla of our extremely and pupils who2013 have contributed to the excellent we have recentlyThis invested in this new building to provide greatly improveddedicated educationstaff we report in of this edition theon TCES Group newsletter. Finally I would to of personally thank Euan MacDonald who 12th January 2012,also the like doors environment forachievements our Essex pupils. At the on time writing weofare track to open theOn new Our latest Ofsted has left after2012. eight years working for TCES and who worked tirelessly to educate and support our pupils. Our report thanksputs go with him on the North West London Independent Essex Fresh school site by the end ofus March Keaney Jacqui Twitchell Peter his new ventures. StartFinn in the top 2% of School wereThomas officially opened by the



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1 TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013

Mark Jordan

Thank You


14 PCs were donated by Neil Walton, Chief Executive Officer at Centor Insurance & Risk Management Ltd. Onsem, our IT support providers, put us forward as recipients of the PCs and kindly collected the equipment for us. Virtual IT, Centor Insurance’s IT providers wiped the PCs free of charge. These PCs are being put to good use in the schools. Laura Jakubiak, Commercial Manager, wrote a letter to Neil Walton thanking him for his donation and generosity.


Associate Board The TCES Group have set up an Associate Board which will replicate the Main Board/Senior Management Team. The Associate Board’s main focus is to play an active role utilising their areas of expertise to assist the Board with research and project management activities that are company priorities. The role of Associate Board members is vital in order to grow and develop internal talent to drive the Group’s growth and expansion of services forward whilst continuously working towards sustained excellence. Each Associate Board member will be mentored by a Board Director in their related field, providing support and guidance. The Associate Board will assess individual projects and produce ideas for submission to the Board of Directors with a more ‘hands on’ management approach, aiding the strategic development of the TCES Group.


Commercial and Facilities Laura Jakubiak Laura brings to the Associate Board a variety of experience and expertise in facilities management, business planning, performance management change/transition management and quality assurance. Laura is particularly interested in staff development and internal communications being considered as areas of focus by the Associate Board.


Jacqui Twitchell Cheryl Rutter Cheryl brings to the Associate Board in-depth knowledge and significant experience in school management, curriculum, assessment, school quality management processes fully in line with the Ofsted Standards and significant experience of managing school staffing and resources. Cheryl's involvement in Tenders, QA and Ofsted Inspections will be a very valuable addition alongside her Education remit to the Associate Board.

Jacqui's expertise lies in developing and managing specialist ASC provisions and has led the development and implementation of these centres from the outset. Jacqui has experience of managing a large provision in mainstream schools for children with autism, severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviours as well as managing and developing staff specifically to expand their skills in working in this field.

Business Development


Dorothy Elliott

Tony Harb

Dorothy brings to the Associate Board a wealth of experience and expertise drawn from working with pupils with BESD as a practitioner and in the field of school improvement and service development. Combining this skill set with commercial experience in Business Development (with a focus on improving the customer experience), will help contribute to TCES' focus on maximum customer retention and building a solid platform for continued business growth.

Tony brings to the Associate Board experience in Management and Financial Accounting gained over 15 years experience in diverse Business environments. A resourceful professional Financial Controller with ACCA Qualification and BA (Hons) Business Studies degree, providing effective financial leadership enabling strategic planning and decision making.

TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013


Clacton Official Opening October the 5th was the official opening of the EFS new school site. A delighted Ian Davidson, Chief Executive of Tendring District Council, said that it was “a living breathing example of Community Budgets at work”.

Welcome It has certainly been a busy and rewarding term at Essex Fresh Start. The highlight has to be last year’s Year 11 pupils returning for their graduation where parents and staff came together to celebrate the achievements of our pupils. It was a rewarding experience to see the pride on the faces of pupils and parents alike when the children received their certificates and we all wish them every success for their future. The pupils have taken part in raising money for Children in Need, pupils in the North of the County baked and sold cakes and in the South of the County money was raised through a sponsored walk and cards made by the pupils. We look forward to working with our pupils, their families and Essex County Council in the Spring and Summer Terms.

Cheryl Rutter Headteacher

1 Rectory Lane, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1RE

01245 490 008


TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013

The new ‘Community Budget’ initiative is part of a national pilot scheme operating across only a handful of local authorities and is seen as a way to further devolve decision making and funding away from Westminster to be managed directly within the communities that require the funding. It was an exciting day for all. The opening included a tour of the new site which allowed staff to see the new facilities with pupils there to give demonstrations.

Christina Buckingham-Hack Commercial Director, Ian Davidson Chief Executive Tendring District Council and Thomas Keaney CEO and Proprietor.

ESSEX FRESH START Blazing a trail for EFS! Dwayne, a Y10 pupil was fortunate to be offered a place on ‘Firebreak’, a week long course working with the local fire service. The statement below was sent by the Fire Officer, Les Nicoll, who said,


“Dwayne did extremely well on the course, he of course tried to look as if he was cool and doing the course under sufferance, but without realising most of the time he forgot the persona he likes to create.

The Graduation for our EFS Y11 pupils took place at the Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, an inspirational setting for all who attended. Invited by the Head Teacher Cheryl Rutter, were Thomas Keaney (CEO and Schools Proprietor), Christina Buckingham-Hack (Commercial Director) and Dorothy Elliott (Business Development Manager) from Central Services.

As a strong and fit young man he was very good at the skills taught but most of all socially he got on very well with the instructors and the other pupils, (most of whom he would not have known at all before the course).

The event was well attended by pupils, their parents and staff, it was an evening which celebrated the success of our Y11, some pupils were exhausted by the end of the evening because they had so many GCSE certificates to accept and some parents were absolutely astonished at the level of accreditation their children received !!

This course was held in the freezing weather, probably one of the coldest and most uncomfortable courses for some time. Unlike some of the other pupils Dwayne turned up on time every day, worked hard and willingly. In general the feedback from all the instructors on the course was that the whole group was one of the best they had taught for a long time. His family came across to the Pass Out and were extremely proud of him. In closing, Dwayne is a credit to your School, a credit to himself and most of all a credit to his family.” We feel there is very little to add here...other than “well done, Dwayne! We are proud that you achieved such success and represented your school so well!”

green fingers Pupils in Clacton have acquired an allotment within the local area. They have erected a new shed and started planting vegetables which they plan to give to chef to cook for their lunches.

The evening ended with the official photographer taking pictures of the pupils with their family and friends, dressed in their graduation attire. A photograph we hope they will reflect on in the future, as a positive educational milestone, as they move forward into the next phase of their lives. The majority of pupils were accepted onto college courses and we hope they will build on the positive educational experience at EFS. We wish them all every success. Congratulations and thank you to Cheryl Rutter and her staff team, who worked hard to organise this event.

Thank You A special thank you to the Essex County Council Senior Managers who have given Essex Fresh Start significant support at the beginning of this new contract. We look forward to working together in a long term partnership improving the outcomes of this vulnerable group of young people.

TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013


Extended Curriculum – Autumn Term Pupils at East London Independent School enjoy a range of on-site and off-site activities and educational visits as part of the school’s extended curriculum. Such activities support the pupils in their social, moral and spiritual education by providing access to a range of experiences both as individuals and as part of a group. Invariably, the pupils choose and plan the activities themselves with support from staff.

Welcome Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter. As you can see we have enjoyed an interesting and varied term with pupils experiencing a wide range of academic and social activities. Particularly pleasing has been the behaviour of the pupils who have engaged in the various off-site visits. It is always rewarding to be on such trips with our pupils; they are excellent company, make their enjoyment clear and continue to be very good ambassadors for the school.

Since September pupils have attended the Paralympics, ridden the Emirates Air Line across the Thames and visited Tower Bridge as part of the Design and Technology curriculum, and taken part in a design a T-shirt activity.

Expansion Plans Situated next to the School’s Annexe site in Varley Road, E16, the school’s new Inclusion Centre offers alternative education and support for pupils with a range of complex needs.

David O’Connor Headteacher

Ibex House, 1C Maryland Park, Stratford, E15 1HB

020 8221 1247 david.o’


TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013

New referrals are supported for an initial assessment period so we can be sure we have a comprehensive picture of their strengths and needs. Outreach pupils are given the opportunity to undertake a phased re-introduction into a school environment while pupils who might be experiencing difficulties maintaining their progress can be given a chance to re-focus and re-integrate while maintaining access to the school’s core curriculum. Both 1 to 1 support and small group teaching are available depending on the assessed needs of the pupils as well as access to a range of therapeutic services including aroma-therapy massage, counselling and speech and language therapy.


RAF Museum Trip We went to the RAF museum on 23 October at around 11.00am. We saw many World War 2 aeroplanes such as Spitfires and Lancasters plus spy planes,Tornados and other fighter jets dating from the early 1940s to the present day. Nearly all the planes were hanging above our heads from wires. My favourite part was when I saw the wreckage of an old wooden propeller from World War 1. We got to try some pilot uniforms from World War 2.

Adam & Reece trying on pilot uniform

Adam - Year 9

What will your legacy be?

To celebrate October’s Black History Month, the pupils at ELIS Annexe worked very hard to create a presentation lunch to commemorate black icons. Everyone who attended the event thoroughly enjoyed the event, which was presented extremely professionally by pupils and staff alike.

At November’s Management Development Group Meeting, the pupils from ELIS Annexe School Council gave a presentation about respect to the senior management team. The presentation highlighted the importance of respecting yourselves, others and being kind to peers. Pupils also spoke about the new reward system that has been put in place in which pupils can earn points for respectful behaviour.

If pupils meet the targets set by themselves and their teacher, they earn gift vouchers. The boys gave strong positive feedback about the reward programme. Ramon said, “It helps me to achieve my targets and improve my behaviour”. Khaalid added, “It helps me to take my education seriously”. The pupils were commended for their hard work and effort by Christina Buckingham-Hack, Commercial Director at TCES, who had been very impressed with the presentation and their proactive approach. The pupils also came up with a catch phrase... “Respect is like deodorant, those who don’t use it are the ones that need it the most.”

TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013


New Inclusion Centre The Inclusion Centre opened in September and has given pupils who were on Outreach the opportunity of small group work with a view to transferring into the school on planned re-integration programmes. So far four pupils have successfully transferred full time into the school since September. Tutors have also benefited by working


closely with school staff to enable them to share ideas, strategies

Our pupils, parents and local authority partners will have received a letter advising that I have become acting Headteacher at North West London Independent School. Over the course of the next half term, TCES will be recruiting a permanent Headteacher and once that person is in post, I will revert to my normal role as Executive Headteacher for the TCES Group of schools. Having met so many parents at our recent Academic Review Day, sharing with you our excitement over the progress your children are making, I look forward to meeting more of you over the coming term and taking you through some of the exciting developments planned for North West London Independent School. I will also be extending a warm welcome to all our Local Authority partners in the coming weeks, inviting you to individual meetings with me at school, so I can demonstrate how proud we are of the progress our pupils are making here in TCES’ flagship school.

and work in partnership to ensure successful transitions. The Inclusion Centre is also used for therapy sessions that form part of TCES’ Therapeutic Curriculum. Being able to focus in an environment away from the distractions in school has enabled more pupils to engage in this vital support.

EX-Pupil Returns When Sacha left at the end of the Summer Term 2012, he had gained the GCSE qualifications he needed to enrol at a local Post-16 college to study ICT- his long held ambition. He gained qualifications in Maths, English and Science, together with a distinction in Music (equivalent to a further 2 GCSES). According to Sacha, the reason he “...was so happy and doing so well at college,” was, “... because of the school and staff support”. Modest, as always!

for the future! st be e th l al a ch Sa h is w e W

News Mark Jordan

Acting Headteacher

85 Old Oak Common Lane, Acton, London, W3 7DD

020 8749 5403


TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013

For the academic year 2012/13 TCES has agreed Block Contracts with London Boroughs of Brent and Hounslow to provide school places for pupils with BESD. The close working relationship between these two Local Authorities and NWLIS has resulted in guaranteed access to 28 school places for pupils with complex needs who will benefit from TCES’ commitment to the best partnership working to support some of the most vulnerable pupils in our communities.

NORTH WEST LONDON Local Community Cohesion Local links have been made with the Phoenix High School, our nearest high school. They agreed that we could have access to their trampolining teacher and make use of their sports facilities as part of our enrichment programme for our Key stage 3 pupils after October half term . Our thanks go to Mr Offiah for making the link, and his negotiation skills will provide a unique opportunity for us to establish working relationships with a local high school which will be of benefit to both Schools over time.

Christmas Celebration On Thursday the 13th December NWLIS held a community event. It was a chance to showcase some of the musical talent within NWLIS. During the day neighbours from the local community were invited to take a tour of the school.

National Community Cohesion schools North West London Independent school held a Macmillan Coffee Morning in aid of cancer research and raised £154.00. The pupils, parents and staff all baked cakes to sell.

The tour was led by Liam in Year 11 who showed our guests around the building. The neighbours were delighted to see some of the amazing work done by pupils.

A stall was set up outside the school with cakes coffee, tea and hot chocolate for sale. Members of the public were generous in their support and even if they did not want a cake or drink gave money to support our efforts. The live music included collaborative performances with pupils and staff. They performed a variety of songs which included the Twelve Days of Christmas, and songs by Emeli Sande and Chris Brown. Pupils were able to showcase what they had learnt during their Music lessons with Ms Martin their Music Teacher. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended, giving everyone some Christmas spirit TCES style!! Thank you to all the pupils at NWLIS, they worked extremely hard in preparation of the day, practising their performances, preparing the food and filming the event on the day.

The pupils gave freely of their time serving people and speaking with people in the community about the school and also why this year the charity was so important to them as a member of staff was seriously ill with cancer. It was a positive experience for all raising pupils’ self-esteem and confidence and promoting the school in a positive light in the local community.

TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013



Jacqui Twitchell Head of ASC Services

We have seen exciting (and rapid) expansion in the provision we make for pupils with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) this term. We now have dedicated provision for pupils with ASC at our sites at Clacton, East London Independent School (Varley Road site) and North West London Independent School. The Clacton Provision opened in September, 2012 with 12 pupils: the NWLIS Provision has 4 pupils and is expecting more to start quite soon, and ELIS(A) Varley Road is now well established with 10 pupils, and new pupils scheduled to join us in the Spring Term. We welcomed Janis Rogers to the service in September. Janis has joined us as a Specialist Consultant for ASC. She has a wealth of experience, having managed schools and provisions, worked with the National Autistic Society and held numerous consultancy roles. She carried out an intensive two day Quality Assurance Exercise at ELIS(A) in September and as an outcome we have now agreed an extremely well-focussed action plan to drive service development. We plan to use Janis’ expertise in all three of the ASC centres over the coming year – further evidence of TCES’ commitment to the continuous improvement of our service offering to our pupils and families.

New Dedicated ASC Service

Skills Workshop

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Pupils with the final mosaic costers

Essex Fresh Start Clacton site has opened its doors officially to ASC!!! So we now have a dedicated service for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) for Essex. This completes TCES’ plan to have dedicated ASC provision in all 

 of our schools. The ASC provision is headed by Jacqui Twitchell our 

 Head of ASC Services. She has significant experience in managing specialist ASC provisions. As you can tell she has had a busy 15 months staffing and opening all 3 provisions.


Well done Jacqui!

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TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013




Practical Science Pupils have also engaged in some practical Science activities at the park which they have thoroughly enjoyed. They have learnt about tension and created catapults made from different materials which were tested at the park.

News The TCES Group anticipate that the current ELIS(A) site at Varley Road will become our first dedicated ASC School. The pilot scheme for dedicated ASC Provision was set up in Varley Road in September 2011 and has been extremely successful. We have now dedicated ASC Provision in all 3 Schools. Due to the significant achievements seen in East London, the TCES Board is planning to make Varley Road a dedicated ASC School by September 2013. This will, of course be subject to a new School building being acquired and refurbished to re-house pupils from Varley Road and Ibex House for September 2013. Exciting times!

NAS Registration We are now registered with the National Autistic Society (NAS) which is the country’s largest and most highly regarded national organisation looking after the interests of people with autism and their families. We aim for our schools to become accredited NAS centres, believing that the rigorous inspections and quality assurance the accreditation requires will communicate clearly that we set very high standards for this part of our service offering. NAS accreditation will also enable us to be included on a recommended list of schools which offer provision to its pupils to agreed national standards.

London Borough of Ealing SEN Fair – ‘Thinking Ahead To Their High School Years: An Information Event For Parents’ All Local Authorities are tasked with making sure that parents of children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs have opportunities to learn as much as they can about the range of educational provision there is locally to meet their child’s needs. In an event held at The Princes’ Room in Ealing Town Hall on 28th November 2012, Ealing gave parents of primary aged children with Special Educational Needs easy access to information about schools and other organisations offering services for children with SEN transferring to the next phase of their education in secondary school at a busy and buzzing SEN Fair. Under one roof local parents and those from neighbouring boroughs could meet school staff from local Maintained Secondary Special Schools, Mainstream Secondary Schools with Specialist Provisions as well as information about Independent Sector schools such as TCES’ North West London Independent School based in Ealing. Parents were delighted to be invited to this informal SEN fair and took advantage of the huge range of information, advice and guidance available. TCES was honoured to be invited to take part in such an innovative event. For those of us who work solely with pupils who have often complex and additional special educational needs, the chances to network with fellow professionals are rare. Christina Buckingham-Hack (TCES’ Commercial Director), Dorothy Elliott (Business Development Manager) and Savanna Thomas (Marketing and Communications Officer) thoroughly enjoyed meeting fellow professionals from a diverse range of organisations – Marianne Sherlock (Ealing Family Information Service), Lesley Beck (3C’s Counselling Service – Ealing Mencap) and Chris Tribe, (Sports MATE Co-ordinator & Community Sports Coach at Brentford FC Community Sports Trust) to name but a few. The opportunity to promote the TCES Group in this way and support our partners in Ealing’s SEN Access to Resources Team was exciting, humbling and extremely motivating. Christina Buckingham-Hack said of the event “The TCES Group were privileged to participate at this event and look forward to continuing to develop our growing partnership with the Ealing Team.” ...and Savanna is already researching new opportunities for the Business Development Team to get the work we do and the difference we make out there to an even wider audience!

TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013


Pupil Placement Panel An exciting new initiative introduced by the TCES Group in the Spring Term of 2012 was the advent of a weekly internal Pupil Placement Panel. The Panel’s purpose has been to provide Headteachers, Deputy Heads and Inclusion Managers with a regular, single point of access to a wide range of expertise when discussing the needs of existing pupils or those newly referred to TCES’ schools. Panel members’ expertise includes education, mental health, social work, autism and behaviour. New referrals, those pupils integrating from the community and pupils with complex and additional needs are the regular subject of these weekly discussions. Complex Case consultations are a weekly focus, where detailed and comprehensive discussions take place around the needs of individual pupils as well as agreement for additional internal resources. Panel has been successfully received by our Schools’ Senior Leadership Teams as a place where strategies to support and often re-focus those pupils with complex and additional needs are agreed.

Referrals Moving ‘In House’! Referrals are the life blood of our business and a swift, efficient and consistent response to all referrals is vital to build and maintain effective working relationships with our Local Authority partners. The strengthening of the Business Development Team with the recent appointment of a dedicated Referrals Manager Douglas Neagle has created the opportunity to centralise the referral process within TCES’ Head Office in Wimbledon and support our schools more effectively in the streamlining of this critical activity. The Referrals Manager has become the Single Point of Access for all referrals to existing BESD services in but also to the rapidly expanding dedicated ASC Provision in TCES’ East London Independent, North West London Independent and Essex Fresh Start Independent schools. The Referrals Manager is charged with ensuring that: • our schools have the information they need to begin to assess the needs of the individual pupils referred • supplementary information is obtained from Local Authorities when referral papers contain out of date information • the Home Visit (which remains an essential part of the TCES pre-placement assessment process) is carried out in a timely manner • TCES’ internal Pupil Placement Panel has access to the fullest, up to date information about those pupils when it considers, with the School Head and SLT whether a referral should be approved or not • Local Authorities can rely on a ‘swift, efficient and consistent response’ to help them manage SEN ‘Out of County’ placements (in line with the legislative timescales and budgetary constraints they work within) • Local Authority partners receive a decision on any referral they make, in writing within 10 working days following receipt of the referral We will be writing to our Local Authority partners again in the coming term to update them with TCES’ Referrals process and make sure they have the correct key contact information, but in the meantime Local Authorities can make enquiries or a referral in the following ways: By telephone: 0845 872 5460 or 0208 543 7878 By post directly: TC Education Services Park House, 8 Lombard House Wimbledon, SW19 3TZ By e-mail: Directly to the Referrals Manager:


TCES Group Newsletter Spring Term 2013

Practice Corner TCES are delighted to announce our successful application to become an Approved Training Centre (ATC) in partnership with Positive Options under the accredited scheme . Positive Options Peter Finn are a leading national provider of communication skills and restrictive physical interventions training across the education, social care and health care industries. Positive Options are an accredited member of the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme. Following a review of behaviour support training across the TCES Schools undertaken by Peter Finn, Principal Clinical Consultant in the Easter term 2012, Peter was pleased to recommend to the Board that Positive Options MAPA (Management of Actual and Potential Aggression) training be adopted across the TCES Schools as the chosen training method to support staff and pupils in crisis. Our first cohort of MAPA trainers attended the first 5 day MAPA training scheme in July 2012. 14 carefully selected employees at all levels of the company successfully completed the training. The feedback on the values, commitment and enthusiasm of our staff in their attendance on the training was exceptionally high. Chris Sterling our lead Trainer from Positive Options and a leading national academic researcher and expert on the provision of physical interventions training was highly complimentary on the professionalism, values and commitment to our pupils of the staff who attended our course. As a result of this training each of our Schools now have embedded in their team up to 5 local MAPA trainers who will provide a two day training to all our School-based staff on communications skills, personal safety, teamwork, positive behaviour support, physical interventions and de-escalation strategies . The first two-day training was delivered in all our schools in the beginning of the autumn term and the feedback from our staff teams has also been highly positive about the usefulness of the MAPA training in reducing the frequency , risks and occurrence of the need for physical interventions to support our pupils when they are feeling vulnerable or distressed.

TCES Spring Term Newsletter 2013  
TCES Spring Term Newsletter 2013  

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