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My name is Adrian and I'm from the Earth: In my planet it is hot and sometimes cold . It is snows or rains. There are plants and trees because of the rain, I like playing football, listening to music and snowboarding. It is a funny land. People have two ears, two eyes, two arms and two legs. We walk with our feet . We have no rockets but we have another types of vehicles to move around. Greetings:

Adrian for Bepop.

1st March,2011

Dear Bebot My name is Ainhoa and I am from the Earth.I am eleven and I live in a small town with my family. My father has dark skin and my mother has fair skin. I have a sister.I have two arms and two legs. The planet where I live is very big and round. There are lots of animals and flowers. The weather is hot in summer and cold in winter.

I like riding a bike, watching TV and playing with my friends. I don´t have a rocket but I have a car, I have a skate and I have a bicycle. I would like to meet you one day. Please write me soon. Best wishes, Ainhoa

Fuenlabrada 1st March 2011

Dear Beebop My name is Alberto and I am from the Earth. Here, in our planet, the weather is hot in summer and cold in winter. It rains and snows in winter and we can practice ski in the mountains. In summer, there are sunny days. There are lot of plants , trees and animals in my planet. I like playing football , chatting and playing with my friends. My hobbies are playing football, tennis, basketball and computer games I live in a nice city . It is the best place to live. We don’t have rockets to move around . We travel by cars, trains or planes. Only astronauts make space sailing in rockets , Write me back soon, Kisses and hugs to my best friend of Boogie land, Alberto

Dear Bebop,

My name is Carlos and I am from the planet Earth. The Earth´s climate varies greatly . It sometimes rains and it is sometimes sunny. In this planet there are a lots of flowers and trees .We have our own water from the lakes. People have got two eyes, legs arms and hands , five fingers and five toes. There is too much water in all of the planet. I would like to know how many arms ,legs ,eyes and hands you’ve got. I haven´t got a rocket but I would like to have one.

I look forward to hearing from you. Lots of kisses, Regards Carlos

Dear Bebop: My name is Álvaro and I’m from the planet Earth. I’m eleven and I live in a small town with my mother. My mother is tall and thin. I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. The planet when I live is very big and round. There are lots of animals and plants. The weather is hot in summer and cold in winter. I like playing football, PSP and computer games… I don’t have a rocket but I’ve got a car, a bicycle and roller-skate. I would like to meet you one day. Regards and kisses Your friend Álvaro xxx

My dear friend,        Thanks for your letter.        My name is Cristian López Martínez and I live  in Fuenlabrada(Madrid.)  I am 11 years old.  My hobbies are playing computer games ,  going to the park, playing football and riding a  bike.  The weather in my planet is cold in winter and  hot in summer.  Write me soon   I look forward to hearing from you.  Regards,  CRISTIAN L.M 

Dear Bebop.    My name is Danni  and live in the planet Earth.   I   practice fencing and I like reading books.   My planet is big and there’s too much water . In my  planet it rains a lot and  there are 4 seasons  : spring,  summer, winter and autumn.    In summer it is hot and in winter it is cold.  There are many different kinds of   plants and flowers.  I don´t know where  your planet is  but I’m sure you will  like the Earth.    Here,  there are millions of different  species of animals.   My favourite is the koala, what’s your favourite animal?  Humans are very intelligent  and we have a head to think,   two eyes to see, two legs to walk and two arms with  hands to make things.  And you ?  I haven’t got a rocket but I have got a car and a bike .  I look forward to hearing from you.  Regards,  Dani .  

Dear Beebop

Thanks for your letter, I’m Daniel and I live in Fuenlabrada. In Fuenlabrada,it doesn´t rain very much, but in other lands of my planet there are villages where there are torrential rains and other ones where never rain. There are a lot of biomes. Their names are Mediterranean forest, deciduous forest, tundra, Taiga, grassland and rainforest. But here in Spain you can live perfectly well and you can plant a lot of trees and flowers. Write me soon. Kisses, Daniel

Hello my name is David and I am 11 years. I live in  Fuenlabrada (Spain.) I have brown eyes and black  hair.  In my world there are four seasons: spring, summer,  autumn and winter  Rarely it snows but sometimes it rains.  There are many animals and plants, but there are  also many humans who use cars to go around.  I like playing football and listening to music and I  also love riding my bike.  I have two eyes, a nose, two ears, one mouth, two  arms and two legs. With all of them, I can do many  things.  I don’t have a rocket but I have a car.  Write me soon.  Regards, 


Fuenlabrada 2-3-2011

My name is Fran. I from the Earth. I am eleven years old. The weather is hot and sunny in summer and cold in winter. My hobbies are playing football , swimming and climbing. In my free time I like playing with my friends. We breathe Oxygen and we also eat. We have pets (dogs,cats)

Write me soon, hugs and kisses from FRAN.

Dear Beboop , My name is Itzíar and I am from the Earth. I am 11 years old. I live with my family. My father is tall and intelligent, my Mother is good and beautiful. My brother is very very good and my sister is very happy. My planet is very big and round. I have a new pet, a chameleon. In summer it is hot and in winter it is cold. My favourite sport is football. I love dancing. The people in the Earth have two ears, two eyes, two noses, two arms and two legs. I love being with my cousin. I always go to school by car. I sometimes play with my friends. I’d like ride with rocket . Write me soon


Jesús Blanquer Carot

Dear Beebop:    My name is Jesús  and  I am from the Earth.  I play football with my friends and I practice tennis with a  trainer .   I like English because it is very easy for me .  I am tall and thin.  There are four seasons in our planet:  Autumn , winter, spring and summer.    In autumn .  

the weather is cold but not so much. 

In winter  

the weather is very cold . 

In spring bloom.    

the weather  is nice .In this season flowers 

In summer  the weather is hot. People like going to the  beach on holidays.      There’s  too much water in seas ,oceans, rivers and lakes .  I don’t have a rocket but I have 2 cars and a motorbike.  Write me soon.  Regards,   Your friend Jesús 

Dear Bebop:   My name is Kerly and I from of the Earth.  There are  4 seasons in my planet (winter, spring,  summer and autumn). My favorite season is summer.  In winter it is very cold and sometimes it snows. In  summer it is sunny.  In live in a town called Fuenlabrada in Madrid  Community .  I live with my family and my cat. My father´s name is  Javier, my mother´s name is Patricia and my sister is  Andrea. I have 2 arms and 2 legs .  I like listening  to music, dancing and playing computer  games .  I haven´t got  a rocket but  I have got a car and  a  bicycle …   I would like to visit your planet. It would be  very  interesting  and I also want you to visit the Earth.              

                                                                  A big kiss,    your friend Kerly.                      

Fuenlabrada 1stMarch 2011  Dear Bebop:  My name is Lidia and I am from the Earth  I live in Madrid(Spain) with my family.   My parents aren’t very tall but I am  I only have one brother.  The weather is sunny in summer and in winter  It Can be cloudy, windy, snowy or rainy.     Our planet has a lot of             animals, plants and water.           The Earth is round and it        has many advantages.  Our water is the same of 10000 years ago because the  water cycle always goes to the same way.    Human have got two eyes, arms, hands, legs and ears.  I haven’t got a rocket but I can move around by car, by bus,  on foot, by bike…  In my free time I like listening to music, going to the park  with my friends and playing  games.  Write me  soon                                    Regards,                                          Your friend LIDIA 

DEAR BEBOP My name is Lorena and, I am from the Earth. I am eleven years old and I live in small town with my family. My father is thin and tall and my mother is thin and tall too. I only have a brother.

The planet where I live is very big . There is too much water. The water which we drink today is the same that existed from dinosaurs. There are lots of animals and plants.

The weather is hot in summer and cold in winter

My school is Manuel BartolomĂŠ CossĂ­o. I go to school on foot. I have many friends. I like playing volleyball and basketball. I like listening to music and chatting with my friends. I go dancing with my friends on Saturdays.

Kisses from Lorena

Tuesday 8th March 2011  

Dear Be-bop, My name is Mario and I´m from the Earth. I´m eleven years old. I have some friends and we play basketball at school. I live in a flat with a big playground in a town called Fuenlabrada. My planet is called “The blue planet”. The weather in the Earth is different: In summer, the sun heats the planet. In autumn, it is windy, it rains a lot and it is cold. In spring, it often rains and the Sun starts warming and in winter, the weather is very cold. There are different kinds of plants and flowers. Every country has its vegetation. For example, in Spain, there are lots of trees and small flowers. There are also different kind of animals in every country. For example, in Australia there are lots of kangaroos. My family and I have 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 ears, 2 arms and legs, and 10 fingers in hands and feet. The people have different color of eyes and hair. I look forward to hearing from you, Regards, Lots of love XXX,   P.S. Here you are some photos of my planet 






Dear Bebop, I am Marta and I from the Earth. In the Earth ,the average temperature is 15º. In my planet, there are many plants with colorful flowers except in the desert. My hobbies are dancing, riding a horse and playing sports like volleyball and basketball. Please write me soon. Receive a big hug and lots of kisses. Marta. PS: I don’t have a rocket but I have a car. My photo:

Dear Bebop : My name is Melisa and I am from the Earth. I´m 12 years old and I live in Fuenlabrada . I like playing some sports. In my planet there are four seasons: Summer, winter, spring and autumn. The weather is different in each season. There are a lot of plants, flowers and trees in our planet. There are a lot of kinds of animals too. From small animals to the largest and most dangerous ones. In the world there are a lot of different characteristics in humans. Some are Tall and some are short, big or small, Each person has got different colour of eyes,skin and hair. I go to M.B Cossio school and I have a lot of friends. I have got a car instead of a rocket but it is similar. I hope I´ve helped you with your questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Write me back soon. Regards, Melisa Fernández López

Dear Bebop, My name is Miguel Ángel and I´m from the Earth. I live in Fuenlabrada, a city in Spain. Here in Fuenlabrada we have a Mediterranean climate. We have flowers and trees. We also have too much water. My hobbies are playing football, computer games and reading. In our planet, people have got two eyes, ears, arms and legs. We don´t go to other planets but we travel around our world. We have rockets in the N.A.S.A. Regards,

P .S I send you a photo of my world:

Miguel テ]gel Velaz Santamarテュa

5th March 2011

Dear Bebop: My name is Miriam . I am a girl and I am eleven years old. I live in the planet Earth, in a country called Spain. My planet is called the Blue Planet because there is too much water in rivers, oceans, lakes, seas and clouds. There are four seasons in the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In the Earth there are many plants and different kinds of trees. Some plants have colours flowers and as well as nice smells. Also there are different species of animals. Some of them have an enormous size such as elephants and others are small like ants. Humans live in the Earth too . I belong to this group. We have different skin or hair colour . I like living in our planet. I love my family and friends . I hope you have done an idea how nice is my planet. I look forwards to hearing from you. Regards

Miriam XXX

This is my planet

This is my country

Dear Be-bop, My name is Nadia , I am eleven and I am from the Earth. I live in small town with my family. My father is tall and handsome. My mother is not very tall and not fat. She is beautiful. The planet where I live is very big and round . There are a lot of animals and plants . The weather is hot in summer and cold in winter. I like riding a horse and a bike . Hugs and kisses , Nadia


This is my mother and my father

This is me

Dear Bebop,  My name is Natalia and I am from the Earth.  The weather in spring is warm  and rainy .It is  when flowers bloom with beautiful colours.   In autumn ,the leaves fall down and it is  cold  and windy.  In summer, it is hot and I enjoy my holidays.   In winter is when Santa Claus brings us the  presents.  My hobbies are swimming in the swimming‐ pool  and in the sea, playing in the beach and   playing volleyball.  We travel by car, boats or planes. We don’t use  rockets to move around.   I look forward to hearing from you.  Write me soon.  Natalia.

Tuesday 04/03/2011   

Dear Bebop, My name is Nerea and I live in Fuenlabrada. I am 11 years old . I’ve got long blonde hair and brown eyes. My mum’s name is Anna and my dad’s name is John. I like playing with my friends, dancing and riding a bike. My planet is called The Earth. There are many different plants and animals living in my planet. There are more people living in cities than in towns or villages. I don’t have a rocket but I’ve got a car. I hope you visit us soon. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Nerea Lots of love xxx.

Dear Be-bop:

My name is Raul and I am from the Earth. I am 11 years old and I live in Fuenlabrada (MADRID) with my family. My mother's name is Eli, my father's name is Oscar and my sister's name is Raquel. I'm going to M.B.Cossio School. My planet is very big, and there are lots plants and animals. The weather is cold in winter and sunny in summer. I have got two legs, two arms, two eyes and two ears. I have got lots friends at school. I like football, basketball and tennis the most but I also like all kinds of sports. I like listening to music, watching TV and playing games. Write me soon. Regards, RaĂşl Segovia Aranda

Dear Beebop My name is Ruben and my country is Spain , in the planet Earth.

Spain has a variable weather. In winter and autumn it is usually cold but in summer and spring it is sunny and hot.

I like being here, Spain is a wonderful country. I always try to take time off to rest and have fun. I love playing soccer with my friends. I would like to travel to another planets and countries. I will learn things about your planet..

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards, Ruben

Fuenlabrada, 1st March 2011 Dear BeeBop, Hi! My name is Veronica and I am 11 years old. I am from Fuenlabrada (Madrid). I have got a pet, a tortoise and its name is Lucas. I have a sister called Milagrosa , she is 18 years old. Last month ,the weather was cold but there were many sunny hot days. Today, the weather is sunny but cold. I like playing computer games, chatting with my best friends, Marta, Natalia, Carla, Irene and Rocio‌ There are many shops in my street. Write me soon, Kisses and hugs from Veronica

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