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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Operation Y.E.S., giving hope to the homeless.

________________Dedication_______________ To all the devoted, impassioned entrepreneurs across the globe whose dreams and vision inspire our hearts and minds to soar. Namaste, Viki _________________________________________


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Foreword by Dr. Joe Vitale


Ch. 1

Become a 21st Century Visionary, Marcia Wieder


Ch. 2

Make Media Magic, Rick Frishman


Ch. 3

Get Connected, Mari Smith


Ch. 4

Create Predicable, Passive Income, Gina Hiatt, PhD


Ch. 5

Live Life Full Out, Sherry Buffington, PhD


Ch. 6

Live by Example, Kenneth Lord


Ch. 7

Journal for Success, Kim Ades


Ch. 8 Your Book Is Your Hook, Jennifer S. Wilkov


Ch. 9 Become a Magnet for Magazines, Garry Schleifer


Ch. 10 Leverage Your Website Presence, Greer Van Dyck


Ch. 11 Your Quest for Internet Excellence, Tom Antion


Ch. 12 Grab the Mobile Market, David Steele, PhD


Ch. 13 Polish Your Presence with Video Feedback, Carlyn Saltman


Ch. 14 Leverage Your Video Influence, Lou Bortone


Ch. 15 Get Your Message Heard, Bert Martinez


Ch. 16 Expand Your Global View, Julia Simens


Ch. 17 The Millennial SmartHeart, Bridget Chambers


Ch. 18 Open the Door to Literacy, Mildred McGhee-Morris


Ch. 19 Launch Your Product, Christopher Van Buren


Ch. 20 Realize Your True Potential, Lorene Collier Purcy


Ch. 21 Adopt Your Core Strength, Kathy Vervan Bugglin, CPC


Ch. 22 Transition on Your Own Terms, Rena Hedeman


Ch. 23 RiZe to Your Cause, Ted McGrath


Ch. 24 Discover Your Personal Truth, Anita Greenberg


Ch. 25 Run Your Body like Your Business, Susan Schmidt, MLS


Ch. 26 Empower Yourself as the Patient, Barbara Hales, MD


Ch. 27 Your Greatest Strategic Advantage, Leah Lund


Ch. 28 Find Your Way to Fitness, Richard Kelley, MD


Ch. 29 Healthy Profits, Happy People, Kristin Nickells


Ch. 30 Take a Non-Traditional Road, Patty Hedrick, RN


Ch. 31 Create from Loss, Sally-Jo O’Brien


Ch. 32 Get Yourself UNstuck NOW!, Paul Litwack


Ch. 33 Define Your Unique Identity, Dorothy Siminovitch, PhD


Ch. 34 Be an Inspired Leader, Margaret Laneri, PhD


Ch. 35 Your PROSPER Blueprint, Kelvin K. Wong


Ch. 36 Take a Healthy Look at Wealth, Trish Petersen


Ch. 37 Embody the Heart of Smart™, Deborah Griffing, PhD


Ch. 38 Create Your Reality, John Richards


Ch. 39 Follow Your ‘Code of the Trail’, Bobbie Sue Wolk


Ch. 40 Enhance Your Sense of Self, Antoinetta Vogels




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_________________Introduction_________________ Everyone has been inspired and most people strive to inspire others during their lifetime. Whether your aim is to make a difference in your career, you volunteer in a local charitable organization or church, or even if you simply work tirelessly to leave behind a positive impression upon friends and family, we all aspire to inspire. Think about someone or something that has motivated you to soar beyond where you thought you could go. Did a relative or teacher make a lasting impact that molded you into the person you are today? Did you have to wade through a time of deep struggling in order to come out victorious? Everyone has had that “ah-ha” moment in their life when everything changes. Maybe yours is a life that seemed average and mundane until you made a decision that changed your story. Maybe you’ve picked up this book because you have yet to muster up the courage it takes to step out on your own and make the choice to share with the world what you have to offer. In the 21st century, it seems that everything is changing. With the advancements of technology and the rapid growths and declines of businesses, you may feel unsure of yourself and your potential. What if we looked at the world and our circumstances just a little bit differently? How could things change if our perspective shifted from the negative to the positive? Isn’t that what inspiration is—something that changes your perspective, something that makes someone feel like the impossible is suddenly within their grasp? Ready, Aim, Soar! offers a wealth of knowledge from experts who want to share their secrets with you. Feel inspired as they impart pearls of wisdom that they wish they knew when they began their own journeys. These one-of-a-kind interviews will dive deep into the personal and career successes of several professionals who are considered authorities in their field. They will share what motivated them to make the changes that altered their paths in life and ultimately lead to their success. Their honest revelations about the bumps in the road along their way will remind you that they started out right where you are sitting. This treasure trove of information will give you the tools and the motivation you need to achieve the success you have been striving for in your business and personal life as well as remind you that everyone has something to give the world; it is your responsibility to step out of your comfort zone and share it! If ever there were a time that people needed to be inspired to soar, it is now!


by Dr. Joe Vitale_____________

During the late 1970s I was homeless in Dallas. I migrated to Houston, and I was in poverty for a very long time before I slowly started to achieve some little successes here and there. Then, when the Internet came along, I was one of the first to do some marketing there. I was a skeptic. I didn’t think you could make money there, and of course I proved myself wrong; I could make money on the Internet. I then went on to teach others how to do it. This was a slow, uphill, bloody crawl to try to get out of the depths of misery—I was very unhappy. I was doing my best to write. I wanted to be an author. I wanted to make a difference, but I was struggling. My “overnight” success took about 30 years. I don’t really know what ‘overnight’ actually means, because for me, it took every bit of 30 years. Today I’m helping people condense the time they take to succeed so they don’t have to struggle like I did. I didn’t have the Internet back then. I had the public library—thank God for the public library. That was my shelter in Dallas, and it was also my house of wisdom. I could go in there and go to the self-improvement, philosophy, and psychology areas and devour all of those books in an attempt to reprogram myself and to clean myself up. By constantly taking action and persistently going after my dream of being an author, today I live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Today my life is so dramatically different that my past feels like it was another life, even though it was my life 30-some years ago when I was on the streets and in poverty. Constantly going forward has led me to this wonderful place. What I set out to do is lead an inspired life. By doing so, I hope to help others to be inspired. When I look at the lives of those like Mark Twain, and Abraham Lincoln, I don’t think they purposely led their life to inspire me. I think they purposely led their lives to inspire themselves to be happy, wealthy, and prosperous and to make a difference. When I see that, I get inspired. That’s what I’m doing. I want to live this inspired life, and by living it, hopefully a few people will look and say, “Wow! If Joe Vitale was homeless at one point, well, by God, I can achieve success, too!” I want them to come to that conclusion, but they have to do it on their own. All I can do is just put my life out there and keep doing what I’m doing. I’m very grateful to be in the movie The Secret. The movie, because of a lot of elements, has become this historic success. People will be talking about this movie 100 years from now. It really broke through and told people something they needed to know. It gave people inspiration. It gave them a technique. It introduced them to

the Law of Attraction at a time when the world was really going downhill. It looked like the economy and everything that was happening in the world was so depressing that we really didn’t have much hope. Then The Secret comes out and says, “You’ve got more power than you ever thought before.” The most important thing you can do is to hold onto your dream. I was still writing even way back when I was homeless and in poverty. I was writing because that was my dream. I knew that I was here to make a difference through the written word, and later through the spoken word. I was going in that direction, despite all of the evidence that said I would never make it. I was struggling. I remember that I was married at the time, and my wife wanted to make some spaghetti. She had a glass jar of tomato sauce, and she dropped it; it hit the floor and broke. I didn’t have the $2.50 to buy another jar of tomato sauce. That’s the kind of lifestyle we were in; yet, I was writing. I was holding to my dream. That very day, I got back on my typewriter—I don’t think I had a computer yet—and I typed out whatever it was that I was working on; an article, a book—whatever it happened to be. You have to hold onto your dream, even when everybody else says it’s not going to happen, even when your outer circumstances say that it’s not likely to happen—even when you might have your own doubts. You still have to hold on to your dream. The second most important thing is, you’ve got to keep taking action. One of the big mistakes people make is that they sit around thinking, “If I meditate, if I visualize, if I write affirmations, then everything is going to fall in my lap.” Well, the word “action” is in the Law of Attraction for a reason. Anything that happens in the world is a co-creation. You have a role to play in manifesting whatever it is that you want—whether it’s a business, a relationship, or to write a book; it doesn’t matter what it happens to be. You’ve got something to do; do it. Those two are very important elements for success in the 21st century and you will find so many more in this excellent book, Ready, Aim, Soar!

Dr. Joe Vitale Best-selling Author, Mr. Fire, Buddha of the Internet


Polish Your Presence with Video Feedback

Carlyn Saltman Turners Falls, Massachusetts, USA Carlyn Saltman is the founder of Video Mirror Feedback®, the transformational method sought out by executives and social entrepreneurs who want to polish their presence fast. As an award-winning documentary producer and communication trainer, she helps her clients avoid making videos and presentations that miss the mark and stop engaging in interviews and conversations they later regret. During online video calls, clients get a Relational Tune-up that boosts their skills and confidence to ensure that they come across with their own whole-hearted, winning presence. They use her distinctive method to quickly discover what needs to shift, verbally and non-verbally, in order to express themselves with ease and credibility. The results are lasting change in their ability to authentically engage and influence others in healthy, productive relationships at work and at home. Carlyn graduated from Mount Holyoke College and the UK’s highly selective National Film and Television School. She is a lifetime member of the Relationship Coaching Institute. I: Why did you seek out this unusual niche for your great work? CS: It feels more like this great work sought me out like a treasure hunt with an unknown destination. The first time I had a glimpse of my calling as a personal presence trainer and business relationship coach was in 1996 at the prominent institution where I produced educational media. After an especially demoralizing meeting led by one of the directors, I yearned to give him a chance to see and hear himself exactly as we had. The words, “If only he could see himself,” kept repeating in my head. That’s when the name “Video Mirror Feedback®” first came to me. Then this great idea got buried for 11 years while I got busier than ever producing documentaries. Then one day, the truth of the bumper sticker that says, “Don't believe everything you think,” hit home when I saw a video of my husband and me during an important conversation. As I watched it, I kept saying,

“What was I thinking?” There I was, saying things that didn’t reflect my truest meaning and purpose. I discovered how easy it is for there to be a disconnect between the first thoughts that jump into our heads and the way we’d express it if we gave it more thought. From that moment there was no going back to simply giving voice to my thoughts just because they were there. The feedback from the “video mirror” instantly motivated me to change. Getting a Relational Tune-up from myself was part of the treasure hunt. Because of that video feedback and the more mindful attitude it sparked, my life is now brimming with more meaningful, productive, and creative relationships with people in every realm—family, friends, colleagues, a stranger at a networking event, or the chilliest customer rep on the phone. Every interaction can be meaningful. The real treasure was my willingness to receive the instant video feedback about my communication style with my husband. Seeing myself from the outside finally shook loose the 11-year-old name and vision to reach a much wider audience with the expertise I’d developed as a filmmaker for helping my documentary interviewees get their purpose, meaning, and values in sync with their words, tone, and body language. So the treasure hunt brought me to the niche of guiding business leaders to comfortably see themselves as others do and helping them carry out instant action plans to improve their effectiveness and authenticity. I: You’ve been so dynamic in bringing this technology and this wonderful resource that you’ve found to others. What are the hardest challenges you see your clients face and overcome today? CS: They talk a lot about stress. Relationships of all kinds are hard enough without stress. Given the pressure-cooker lives most of us lead, it gets harder all the time to tame our triggered reactions and choose words and actions that create the balanced and productive interactions we want. To help them overcome relationship-bashing stress, I openly empathize with how hard it makes it to have the kinds of interactions they really want. This makes it more comfortable to look at their challenges with me. For instance, I tell them how, when I was feeling stressed, my husband and I used to end up arguing about whether or not I interrupted him. That is, until we made a very eye-opening recording. I was indeed interrupting him! It was my triggered self—the part that shows up when I’m not paying attention to my reactions. So I said, “Hon, all you have to do now is say, ‘‘“Please let me finish”’, and I will remember this video feedback insight. I will shut my mouth and listen.”

Ready, Aim, Soar! _____________________________________________ That was seven years ago, and I’m happy to report that my husband doesn’t have to say, “Please let me finish,” as often as he used to. I’ve learned to make a different choice when I feel like interrupting, and we’ve stopped wasting time arguing about whether or not I interrupt him. Are you wondering what feedback my husband got on his presence? He noticed that his eyes were not on me when it was my turn to speak. He looked distracted. From that day onward, he responded well when I asked him to pay closer attention. And, yes, we’ve stopped wasting time arguing about whether or not he’s paying attention. A great example comes from a bright, creative woman who didn’t understand why most of her interactions went sour right from the get-go. She watched the interactions we recorded and discovered that she always began with a stressed look on her face. “Wow, I look like I’m expecting a problem. No wonder that’s what I get in return.” She put this insight to work in the next clips we recorded by shifting her inner attitude and the look on her face. She fell in love with what appeared on-screen—a radiant smile she’d forgotten she had. She returned full of stories of rewarding interactions at work and play. I: What do you think are the key skills that are required for 21 st century business and life success, particularly in the area of relationships? CS: Curiosity about our own inner reactions is a required skill for the kind of heart-centered success that interests my clients. Business people who cultivate an attitude of curiosity are more able to choose how they're going to react to the people and other challenges that make them mad, frustrated, nervous, or fearful. When you’re the master of your reactions, you’re more likely to have a winning presence regardless of what’s happening. A winning presence gives you the power to make a real difference. “Change your presence, change your world,” is the phrase that sums up the mission of Video Mirror Feedback®. Just think of how different your life would be if, instead of leaping to conclusions such as, “She put me down,” your mindful reaction was, “I’m going to ask her what she means.” Self-acceptance and empathy are two more vital ingredients. Don’t worry if these aren’t your strong suit, because studies show that these and other aspects of emotional intelligence are skills that can be learned. If you’re curious, just Google "Emotional Intelligence: Implications for Personal, Social, Academic, and Workplace Success." No list of key skills would be complete without the balance that comes from letting go of perfectionism. I used to think that being a perfectionist

_________Polish Your Presence with Video Feedback, Carlyn Saltman, 13 was admirable. When Ann W. Smith’s book, Overcoming Perfectionism fell in my lap back in 1996, I thought, “What’s there to overcome? Don’t perfectionists always get it right?” Well, it turns out, there’s a lot to overcome. Perfectionism stifles the whole-hearted vulnerability that makes connecting with others a delight rather than a drain. I: Can you give us three quick communication tips for building our relationships in business and life? CS: 1. Remind yourself often that it’s normal for relationship-building to take you out of your comfort zone. Authentic connections require a degree of mutual vulnerability. Use past experiences that turned out well to motivate the part of you that gets nervous about vulnerability. 2. Connect with every person you deal with as the unique individual they are. It can be as simple as finding out a customer rep’s name so you can thank them, or asking how a co-worker’s project is going before launching into your situation. Enjoy the collaborative spirit this generates! 3. Pick up the phone more often. Sure, communicating through email and text can save a lot of time, but I can't tell you the number of times I've ditched the keyboard mid-sentence, dialed the phone number and ended up with a stellar result that could only be sparked by verbal interaction. I: As an expert in all of these video technologies, how is the Internet’s rapidly advancing technology affecting the ability to bring your gifts to the world in this overly busy 21st century lifestyle? CS: I used to have to travel to see my video feedback clients or they had to drive to my office, but not anymore. Just this week, I had face-to-face online sessions with a man in the UK, a woman in Spain, another in Mexico, and a man in Florida. Each one sent me a testimonial. Next week I’m seeing people in Michigan, California, and Nevada. I couldn't be productive in all seven places in a 10-day period without Skype and other online video options. Even local clients love the online option. When a local law school student called she said, “I have five kids still at home. The only time I could really pay attention would be after 9pm. I can’t come to your office then, can I?” Thanks to the online options, I can see her when she’s available. I: What inspires you, and what is it about using video as an organic part of your coaching method that inspires you or excites you? CS: It excites me to see how it accelerates progress to use video as an organic part of my method. Clients get new perspective right away on

Ready, Aim, Soar! _____________________________________________ their strengths, their challenges, and how much change is possible. They put their insights into practice in a quick recording and instantly see the value of their more skillful choices. They like what they see, which means their unconscious mind is more likely to jump on-board and help them put the skill into practice. The most inspiring moment comes when they see their first recording. The vast majority of my clients say some version of, “Wow, I’m not so bad,” followed by, “I’m more intelligent, articulate, attractive, and/or funny than I thought.” What a treat to be the one who helps them finally see themselves more accurately. Connection excites me. When I think about the conscious sense of connection that we humans can have with each other, I’m awestruck every time. This is where my work intersects with spirituality. My ability to connect on the level of purpose, meaning, and values with others isn’t just how I make my living—it feeds my soul and shows me what’s possible. Questions excite me. I’m struck again and again by the power of a welltimed question to shift energy, attitudes, and choices. For instance, one of my clients is a Senior Web Developer in a cutting-edge online marketing firm. His team needs him to convey his ideas without the attitude of, “I’m right, you’re wrong,” and he didn’t know where to start. In a recorded role -play, I asked him, “What would it take to be curious about your coworkers’ ideas?” The question took him by surprise, but he liked seeing himself express curiosity. He liked his curious self. By the third clip, he’d internalized the shift from automatic judgment to curiosity—he owned it. I: How do you hope to inspire others, and what contribution would you like to leave? CS: The connection I develop with my clients makes Video Mirror Feedback® too effective and fun to keep it to myself. Yes, I said fun! We laugh a lot. I plan to leave the world with many more movers and shakers who know how to create, sustain and enjoy healthy, productive relationships. I’m already talking with inspired coaches who want to be trained. Once she had experienced it, Dr. Suzanne Mitchell, a physician who teaches at Boston University’s medical school, felt inspired to collaborate on bringing Video Mirror Feedback ® to medical students. Responses like Dr. Mitchell’s make it easy to imagine a time when my approach will be business as usual for professionals who know that in many fields a wholehearted presence is a bigger factor than your educational degree when it comes to achieving your definition of success.

________Polish Your Presence with Video Feedback, Carlyn Saltman, 13

21st Century Opportunity:

Virtual Video Mirror Feedback®—Three quick steps to soar through sticky situations: 1. When you realize you’re in a challenging interaction, take a full breath and imagine that you're watching the interaction on video. 2. Zoom out from the scene and watch in the “video mirror.” Ask yourself what the ‘you’ in the scene could do right now to bring more emotional intelligence to the situation. Consider how empathy and curiosity would de-escalate the percolating tension. Much like when you’re watching a movie, you know what the person on-screen needs to say or do. By taking this virtual distance, you get emotional distance, too, and instinctively know the best choice for the “you” in the scene. 3. As soon as you know what the “you” in the scene can do to create a winwin, zoom your mind back into the scene. Choose to be fully present and apply the missing verbal or non-verbal ingredients right away. For me, curiosity and empathy always work wonders.

21st Century Success:

The Chief Operating Officer of a major marketing firm asked me to help two key members of his staff to communicate more confidently and productively. A few weeks after my Relational Tune-up sessions with these staff members, the firm’s CEO commented on how one of the COO’s managers expressed herself more boldly and succinctly now. When the CEO heard about me, he was skeptical but curious. “Can you help me become more approachable? My staff says I’m hard to talk to, and my assistants keep leaving.” These were serious issues, so the last thing he expected was to laugh a lot, but laugh we did. He described our work as, “Unexpectedly pleasant.” He was also surprised by the lack of critique and, as he put it, “Just steady, constructive support for clarifying my purpose and setting intention.” He practiced shifting his old habits in my “video mirror.” After a few sessions, he was well on his way to making these new, more emotionally intelligent skills his own. After four months, he proudly reported that staff members were more at ease and giving him much better feedback. He said the off-putting habits were hardly present now that he was using virtual Video Mirror Feedback® to turn potentially unproductive interactions into rewarding connections.

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