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APR - JUN 2018 | Vol.2

The Technology Partner You Can Trust

• NTT Communications (Thailand)’s Success

NTT Communications (Thailand)’s success Trusted by Japanese and Thai customers and partners, in 2018 NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has delightfully announced its 60th Anniversary of its establishment and success in Thailand. NTT Communications (Thailand) provides a wide range of innovative global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions such as Colocation, Cloud, and Network and Security services. The Company is a subsidiary of NTT, one of the leading ICT companies in the world. To celebrate with NTT Communications (Thailand) for its 60 years of journey and experiences in IT industry, in this Techno Society online magazine TCC Technology as its strategic partner is honored to have an exclusive interview with a key person who is behind this Japanese company’s success: Mr. Manabu Kahara, President of NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

“What makes NTT Communications (Thailand) trust TCC Technology and why this company is unique from other data center providers are its Good Quality of data center services and flexibility along with quick action and response to problems.” “ Since 1958, NTT Communications

(Thailand) was recognized in public as we started our activities. We began to expand the business globally in 1999 and in 2007 we internationally collaborated in Thailand and this year (2018) we are celebrating our 60th Year Anniversary jouney!

Although we have the main focus of expansion in Asia, our network coverage is in 200 countries and we also operate data centers worldwide. Now we are the world’s largest data center services provider. Our data centers in Asia are in countries such as India and Southeast Asia such as Singapore,Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and recently Myanmar and Cambodia in 2017. Not only Colocation but we are also expanding Cloud and network services. This year we are transforming our technologies to develop these new service areas.”

Mr. Manabu Kahara,

President of NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Importance of global and local partners for business expansion

“We seek for good local partners to expand local business as well as global partners when we expand across the borders. We keep and grow for even better relationship with them. NTT Communications (Thailand) started to collaborate with TCC Technology, our business partner in Thailand in 2007. Since then our customers have enjoyed quality of services based on TCC Technology’s premium data center. At the moment we are considering having not only Colocation but also Cloud, Disaster Recovery, and other services operated on TCC Technology’s data center. Data Center is very important to us as it keeps NTT Communications (Thailand)’s IT foundation which is run to serve our customers.”

T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel: +662-838-8888 E-mail: sales@tcc-technology.com Website: www.tcc-technology.com

For more information, please contact NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Tel: +662-236-7227 E-mail: sales@ntt.co.th Website: www.th.ntt.com

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TechnoSociety Vol.2 2018  

Techno Society Magazine Volume 2 APR - JUN 2018

TechnoSociety Vol.2 2018  

Techno Society Magazine Volume 2 APR - JUN 2018