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Advisory Board

Mr. Panot Sirivadhanabhakdi Executive Director of TCC Group and T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Anothai Wettayakorn Managing Director, Dell Inc. (Thailand)

Mr. Kittipong Asawapichayon Country Manager, General Business, IBM Thailand Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kosit Suksingha Executive Director of T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd.

“It is good that TCCT makes Techno Society Magazine to give the knowledge of IT, data center, and new technologies including interesting content to readers who are entrepreneurs, employees, students, and people. Inside the magazine, readers will gain new knowledge and experiences from important figures who are well-known in IT and other industries and also from leading domestic and international enterprises. These stimulate people and make them have promptness to learn the new things including technology, IT, and other trends. I can say that Techno Society Magazine and TCCT truly dedicate themselves to the society. Likewise, Amata Corporation PCL. has one vision and it is everyone at Amata’s vision: to become “Asia’s Leading Industrial City Developer”. We do not only do businesses and gain profits, but also make sure that what we do give benefits to people in the countries and societies. Amata is contributing to Thailand’s economy. We do businesses based on: • Reliability

Mr. Voradis Vinyaratn Executive Director and Acting Managing Director of T.C.C Technology Co., Ltd.

• Sustainability

• State – of – the – Art in Business Estate

Our industrial estates are located both in Thailand and Vietnam provide infrastructure and IT facility for customers. Governments are also supportive. We provide health, financial support, education, accommodation, IT services etc. Therefore people working inside can also enjoy life with their families.” Vikrom Kromadit, CEO, Amata Corporation PLC

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Good day readers, In the last volume (Techno Society Vol.3/2013) I took you to see Malaysia, its data center, connectivity industries, and its readiness for AEC. In this volume: Techno Society Vol.1/2014, a second journey throughout ASEAN has begun. I bring you to experience data center and connectivity industries of Singapore. Find out how far Singapore has developed for its data center and connectivity. We will bring you to experience the country not only in IT aspect, but also you will be delighted with Singapore’s lifestyle: tea that you must try and places to be when visiting there. More stories are waiting for you to read inside the magazine from experts of the industry including viewpoint over Thailand’s IT industry and its preparation for AEC, useful knowledge of Google, Cloud and customer’s voice, etc. We also present one interesting program which can boost up your organization’s collaboration strategy: Key Alliance. Find out what will be the KEY to success. Last but not least, don’t forget to turn to the last page and subscribe to win our prize! Happy New Year 2014! Treesukhon Kraiphanont Chief Editor

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Singapore: Conquering ICT World Singapore, a small country situated in the south of Malay Peninsula, is so scarced both in terms of citizens and resources. But this small country in AEC can stand among the world’s economic leaders. One of the major strengths of Singapore is Information Technology and Communications. It is planned as strategic advancement of the country and gains continuous improvement. So there is no surprise to see Singapore in the list, not just in Asia, but of the world’s leaders in ICT. Global Information Technology Report 2010/2011 from World Economic Forum ranked Singapore as the second most network-ready country in the world, and the No. 1 in Asia. In 2010, ICT sector in Singapore generated 1.78 trillion baht (500 billion USD). IDA or Infocomm Development Authority in Singapore plays strategic roles in ICT investment in the country, and is pushed as the tool to drive productivity and economy of the whole nation.

Master Plan: iN2015 Intelligent Nation 2015 Master Plan or iN2015 serves as the master plan for infocomm industry of the country to escalate Singapore as smart city of the world. One clear progress shown is Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure or Next Gen NII as national network, which can handle huge bandwidth of over 1 Gbps. And also the cyber security plans to protect ICT resources were set too. This master plan which has been defined since May 2005 is a 10-year plan to become No. 1 in Infocomm in the world and is to increase ICT revenue to 1.8 trillion baht(5.6 billion USD). Apart from that, it aims to generate at least 80,000 ICT jobs, to raise the broadband coverage to be 90%, and to ensure that 100% of families with kid(s) have PC(s) in their houses. From several figures and statistics in recent years, Singapore should achieve their objectives in ease, and most of them were from ICT export sector. In 2001, ICT revenue in Singapore and foreign ICT export were at the same level, while in 2012, 76% of Infocomm revenues were from foreign countries.

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ICT achievements Technology and ICT indexes show several achievements for Singapore as follow: • No. 2 in Global Information Technology Report (GITR) of World Economic Forum since 2010-2013 • No. 2 in Global Competitive Index (GCI) of World Economic Forum since 2011-2013 • No. 3 in Benchmarking IT Industry of Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in 2011 • No. 1 in International e-Government Ranking of Waseda University since 2009-2013 Conquering ICT world Some may say Singapore has advantages in statistics and indexes because of the small country size. It is true that technology infrastructure can be implemented and cover most areas in the country, more easily than its neighbors. Strong financial and business sectors in Singapore also set the strengths for investment stream, plus the stability of politics, so everything is going in the same direction and as planned. Whatever the reasons are, without good visions and strong attention, it is hard to bring Singapore in front of most other countries in the world. Most development plans from government sectors clearly show where, when, and how this little country will go. Visions were defined clearly and strategically such as Next Gen NII as main network infrastructure or Infocomm Technology Roadmap 2012, which include themes from Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, ICT and Sustainability, Comms of the Future, Social Media, New Digital Economy, User Interface to Internet of Things. These ICT trends are widely known, but it is about how we get along with these trends and put them into action. That will define the success of long term ICT development of a country. No one can deny that Singapore is No. 1 in SEA in ICT. And it is crystal clear for the next 5-10 years. The Merlion will still conquer the world !!

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Wong Ka Vin, Managing Director, 1-Net Singapore

The Independent Data Center World Asia Data Center Alliance a platform that will make the ASEAN HUB a reality for customers, Vision that is transformed into a Reality Introduction Wong Ka Vin was appointed as the new Managing Director of 1-Net, a Data Center provider in Singapore. 1-Net is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaCorp. Ka Vin started in the industry 14 years ago when he was part of a team who started i-STT. This was later merged with Equinix Inc and became Equinix Asia Pacific. Prior to joining 1-Net, Ka Vin was responsible for extending CSF Group DC business into Indonesia through the formation of a JV PT Cyber CSF with KGN Group. This is Jakarta’s largest and newest Data Center designed for the Telecom and Banking Industry. Today we managed to have a chance to talk to Ka Vin who is sharing the knowledge and lessons he had learned with his 14year journey in the Data Center Industry in Asia. A Success from Asia-Pacific’s Long Working Experiences “Being involved as an integral part of the Equinix Asia Pacific management team I was given an opportunity to replicate the business success we had at i-STT in Singapore to key Cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Despite the fact that we were all part of Asia (Pacific), the reality is that these were greatly different markets that had different customers and cultural dynamics. To be successful all of us have to understand and appreciate these differences that exist in all these Countries. In the beginning Cities in Asia Pacific were being categorized based on the relative advances of their respective economies. The standard used for this categorization was usually in comparisons to the U.S. economy. The pervasiveness of the 2 major drivers of “Digital Economy” and “Globalization Process” is creating a very “flat” global landscape driven by efficiency and productivity.” The Evolvement of Data Center Industry “The Data Center Industry has evolved through multiple technology tracks but the one that has the “most” influence over this industry is related to the “coming of age” of the Internet technology. Its final deployment as a disparate yet unified global network that we know today has largely been made possible because of Data Centers. For this new global network to continue to work and function would mean that Data Centers will now be deployed in every city in the world for this new Digital Economy to continuously function, data center is essentially like a seaport or airport and acts as a “Hub” or we call it a “Dataport” because this is where the global economy and digital world meet. For every country in this new world, the need to connect into this economy is no longer a mere aspiration but a necessity.”

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1-Net going forward – Reinvent for the Future From his point of view, “1-Net has been a pioneer of data center player in Singapore. It started originally as a broadband provider or a backbone provider and later transformed to a data center player and also network and Managed Hosting provider. 1-Net and MediaCorp its owner is now looking at a wider market play. The key strategies for the future of 1-Net are to look at the potential to grow inside and outside the country to expand across ASEAN and Asia Pacific with a new DC proposition. What 1-Net needs to think about is, what does it need to do to make the leap across “The Chasm” from the business beach-head they have created for themselves to the next level in the Global DC market? The challenge is to create a new brand of data center across ASEAN. Change from a Network Neutral Data Center into the broader market desire for a Media Centric Data Center. This will support ASEAN economic growth in the next 10 years.” One Single ASEAN Brand “Singapore is a small country but the data center footprints are now approximately 2.5 million sq. ft. (232,257 square meters) which are more than many of the ASEAN countries today. This is partly because the economic growth potential in Singapore was so huge. Many countries in ASEAN are becoming Hubs. I believe the real transformation should be towards an “ASEAN HUB”. This will consist of Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Hanoi, Vientiane, etc. Every country is equipped with data centers and connected by Fiber optic. Not surprisingly, the Internet traffic among ASEAN countries is only the second largest to China, even more than Japan.Singapore has the highest Internet penetration rate among ASEAN countries. At over 90% Internet penetration, despite a very competitive landscape . This means more investment by enterprises. E-commerce will also increase in importance in all our daily life.” ASEAN Hub and ADCA, Making a Dream Come True “We have to create “One Single ASEAN Experience” and not a loose partnership focus. Creating the unified experience and the hub will give us more capability and power to attract investors and negotiate with other regions. It is my mission to create data center that is truly ASEAN and one that exhibits the same standard in every country. 3 years from now I will be very disappointed if we cannot present to the market the ASEAN data center with a strong brand growing across Asia and even to U.S.” “The ADCA explains why it is important to have “Sister Sites” collaboration or “Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA)’s collaboration.” Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA), with 1-Net as a member, will follow the same philosophy as Future ASEAN Hub by having “Sister Sites”; customers can use services from members’ data centers in any countries. Every site offers redundancy systems, which acts as a second site or back up site for one another. The price and practices will be the same for every data center of every member in every country. ADCA will become symbol of data centers in ASEAN which customers will gain benefits in terms of remote accessibility, flexibility, consistency, reliability, quality, and security.”

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“TCCT’s Customer Experiences: Sri Trang Agro Industry PCL. and SAP Cloud” In this issue we are going to talk to Sri Trang Agro – Industry PCL. (STA). STA is the world’s largest fully integrated natural rubber company with a market share of 9% of global consumption. STA offers a variety of natural rubber products, including Technically Specified Rubber (TSR), Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS), and Concentrated Latex, with a total capacity of 1,200,000 tons per year. Sri Trang’s 23 rubber processing plants are located in Thailand and Indonesia. Sri Trang or STA also made several joint ventures with foreign companies to produce finished products including gloves manufacturing operation of which Sri Trang is Thailand’s largest and world’s fourth largest manufacturing company. They are also Thailand’s largest producer of high-pressure hydraulic hoses, which are widely used in the industrial sector. With the coming of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Sri Trang has many expansion plans to increase business capacity and to penetrate ASEAN markets. Managing and generating the lowest TCO are the primary strategies that they have to make. For large organizations, one major way to minimize the TCO is directly related to IT. It is unbelievable how STA can manage/lower organization’s IT costs by switching from the traditional Closed Platform to Opened Platform run on SAP Cloud. Today Sri Trang will share with us about how their organization changed into a better direction with SAP Cloud. Q: What was the “Turning Point” for Sri Trang to use SAP Cloud? Khun Pornchira Sawasdee, Head of IT – Sri Trang group of Company: “Sri Trang previously used SAP run on large enterprise platform which resulted in higher investment costs and more human resource deployed for this close platform management. The organization did not invest on its own data center and infrastructure. The existing office building in Hat Yai, Songkhla province located in the southern part of Thailand still lacks in many points of full IT capability such as facility, reliability, and stability. Also Sri Trang found that human resource was their concern. This was because with Head Quarters in Hat Yai, Songkhla, a far southern part of Thailand, it was difficult to seek for professional SAP engineers. Besides, building its own data centers and hiring engineers would unnecessarily make Sri Trang have higher investment costs. To summarize, because of 1) Inefficient building facility 2) Lack of professional engineers and 3) Higher investment costs made them seek for other alternatives.”

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“Understanding the problems, we sought for a professional SAP Cloud solution provider who could provide a platform that is more flexible and scalable for Sri Trang’s continuously growing businesses. TCCT was the one.” Q: Were the results impressive after the migration to SAP Cloud? A: “Of course, Sri Trang could operate the businesses more efficiently with results categorized as follow: • Convenience – from using SAP Cloud in Financial module, Sri Trang can manage the task more efficiently especially on the internal process and operation, proven by less time consumption for staff (more peace of mind). • Cost effectiveness – from using the new SAP Cloud, it could switch the organization’s Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to Operating Expenses (OPEX) resulting in cash outlay over a period of time instead of one time huge payment. • Professional manpower – from outsourcing TCCT in replacement of using in-house IT, Sri Trang did not have to increase more manpower or IT staff but it could enjoy the enrichment of existing staff’s skills. • Scalability – from expanded operation which is in Indonesia (increase of SAP users in Indonesia plant), Sri Trang could scale its business capacity with investment only in necessary part.” Experience the new SAP Cloud, find out how it will help your organization grow today! Visit or e-mail for more information.

Khun Adisak Chabtalay, Head of Managed Services Business Unit, T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCT): “TCCT SAP Cloud Innovation Project is based on SAP Cloud platform capability, with Red Hat® technologies, to help migrate its IT system without negative effect/impact towards the business. This is proven by the success story of Sri Trang Agro - Industry Public Company Limited (Sri Trang Group). A great platform must be run on premium data centers with secured and reliable infrastructure. Data centers are fortified with connectivity. Redundancy (back up) services are also necessary to mitigate the risks of data loss. Experienced engineers are also required to support 24/7.”

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Thailand Management Association - We help you to strengthen your business

Thailand Management Association or TMA is an independent, non-profit professional association filled with executives, entrepreneurs, business people, and academicians in each business area. The ideology of TMA is to build and support business management careers in excellence by fulfilling knowledge and experiences in management with similar standard accepted internationally.

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TMA acts as a mentor for other organizations, especially for large ones which have good business readiness. Still, there are some areas or sections where TMA can help strengthen the business processes. That’s why they were offered help with HR management, finance management, and even IT applications by TMA. Mr. Kumpol Sontanarat, President of IT Management Group, TMA said that he started to join TMA since 10 years ago, mostly he participated as guest speaker for IT topics. Then he felt what he was working and what TMA wanted were on the same direction, so he put more effort for TMA, and that was when IT Management Group started. Mr. Kumpol graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) in computer engineering. Then he started to work as lecturer before joining with EGAT as project engineer, which he could call himself as programmer and system analyst. After that he joined The Bank of Thailand, Investment and Trust companies, and Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. During his last years, he was responsible for more on management than technical issues. Lastly, he turned himself to TMA as group committee, and finally dedicated as President of ITGM, TMA. “TMA is quite different from other associations since it has 2 types. The first one, they work full time, and another one, they work on voluntary-basis. TMA has to generate revenues to ensure that all full time staff get paid. For volunteers, mostly they are experts in each of the 6 areas, and may work as committee for the group.” “TMA is an organization aimed to drive and support IT in Thailand and to prepare business organizations to be ready for competitive in AEC. It’s true that in broader pictures, we need cooperation from many organizations e.g. Ministry of ICT, NECTEC, Software Park, and other associates. For large organizations that we’re working with, most of them are quite ready in budgets, staff and outsourcings. They can compete in ASEAN well, also TMA can help them to achieve more in terms of management and IT implementation. We also target SMEs as our main mission because most of these companies don’t have skills, and we believe that IT would bring them new opportunities and market development in long run.”

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TCCT Bangna Business Continuity

TCCT BNBC6 and BNDC5 The Intelligent Business Continuity Center Under any circumstances, business continuity is needed, and businesses seek for contingency plan. Well-prepared plans will help the businesses to continue their operation immediately when facing with unpredictable situations. That’s why Bangna Business Continuity Center 6 (BNBC6) and Bangna Data Center 5 (BNDC5) were built and developed to relieve the risk by providing intelligent business continuity for businesses. They are situated in TCIF building, Bangna-Trad on the 4.5 km. under the management of T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. This is in the flood free zone of Bangkok, and it is near Suvarnabhumi International Airport, also not too far from business districts of the capital of Thailand. TCCT BNBC6 and BNDC5 help in business continuity at all levels. TCCT has expanded its service continuity from the need of customers regarding business continuity center, with some highlighted services as follow: Scalability: Our business and intelligent data backup centers are ready to serve for all scalability you need. We have 3 main data centers : Empire Tower Data Center (ETDC) in Sathorn, Bangna Data Center (BNDC), and Data Center at Amata Nakorn (AMDC) which can serve various types of data and businesses, both inside and outside the country. BNDC5 3C Concept Principles: The outstanding 3C concept consists of Cold Aisle Containment, Chiller System, and CFC Free System. The 3C concept is instrumental in establishing the system stability and ensuring system uptime. Details of 3C concept are below: 1. Cold Aisle Containment. Every server rack was installed under the concept of Cold Aisle Containment. When installing together with raised floor, there will be only cold air contained in the server rack, and the hot air is separated completely from the system. This enables “Zero Hot Spot” condition for this data center. As a result, the system helps prevent the sudden downtime, and reduces electricity consumption by 344,000 units or 180 tons of carbon dioxide per year. 2. Centralized Chiller System. The Centralized Chiller System is implemented to reduce energy consumption by more than 15 percent compared to other traditional air conditioning systems. It also

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diminishes the electricity consumption by 522,000 units and 290 tons of carbon dioxide per year. 3. CFC-Free. In an attempt to be an eco-friendly data centers, TCCT implements a CFC-free fire suppression system, which is a clean agent, effective, and does not leave a residue upon evaporation. Also, the system leaves the least toxin, does no harm to any electronic appliances, and has zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). Data Security: TCCTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S data centers contain world-class physical and network security systems, certified with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. By way of network redundancy, all the data are well protected across the countries in South East Asia and Asia Pacific regions. TCCT is also a member of Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA) which consists of country members from ASEAN and Asia Pacific - 1) AIMS (Malaysia) 2) CMC Telecom (Vietnam) 3) HKColo (Hong Kong) 4) 1-Net (Singapore) 5) TCC Technology (Thailand). This helps in building cross-border backup or multi-site backup as alternatives for our clients who have the operations in many Asian countries. World-class standard: We believe that carrier-neutral is important when providing services for our customers. TCCT gained more than 10 years of experiences, plus an efficient International Gateway linked to every corner of the world. We also act as one stop service provider to ensure that your business will run smoothly when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re using TCCT as your service provider. Other facilities in BNBC6 : Apart from ready-to-use area, TCCT also provides other facilities such as fully-equiped meeting rooms with Internet, telephone, fax, copy machine, scanner, system maintenance, data storage and backup, and 24-hour system engineer, as well as common area for your staff to have some activities, parties, dinings, or just a place to read your favorite novels.

E-brochures Please visit and click TCCT News / Download

TCCT is now ready to serve you with care. Contact us to experience the new dimension of Intelligent Business Continuity Center (BNBC6) and BNDC5 at TCIF Complex. For more information, please visit www. or 0-2626-0000 or e-mail at marketing@tcc-technology. com

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“Perfect Smart City”:

“Perfect Smart City”: Vikrom Kromadit’s Vision and Mission for Amata” -


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KEY Alliance Program


KIRZ - The first partner of KEY Alliance Program KEY Alliance program is a project aimed to increase performance of data center and network services. It helps in IT infrastructure development and cooperatives to ensure the same data center service levels to be the same as other countries. Also TCC Technlogy (TCCT) is a founding member of this initiative too. And the first partner of this program that we will introduce to you is KIRZ Co., Ltd. In this issue of Techno Society, we got an opportunity to talk with Mr. Gun Kirdkao, CEO of KIRZ and Mr. Siripong Ountornpan, CEO and Managing Director of Advanced Information Technology Pcl., the parent company of KIRZ, to share their visions in data center and IT industry. The origin of KIRZ KIRZ was found in 1995 as the system integrator, provider, and technology consultant. In the year 2005, it was awarded with the Internet and telecommunication licenses, so the company started to provide Internet services. In 2011, KIRZ set up its high standard data center at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center to provide network neutral services, which act as a hub to support all types of networks and act as a hub for hotel reservation systems for all hotels at reasonable prices. The clients can choose preferred network at the affordable budget of each organization. Current services and solutions Mr. Gun Kirdkao said, “KIRZ provides services on EPL, Managed Services, Cloud Services from Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, or even IPPBX. Also we provide content delivery system for efficient content management.” KEY Alliance Program flexibility “When KIRZ started to discuss with TCCT, KIRZ agreed that flexibility is necessary in setting up the hub for traffic exchange in the country. We shouldn't charge high cost on traffic since we won't be able to compete with foreign competitors. We can instead exchange the traffic, in which the service providers who don't have their own network infrastructure, will be able to compete without having to invest huge amount of money. And TCCT also strongly supports this model. We should negotiate before AEC arrives in the next few years, to face with new providers.” “In partnership with TCCT, we can better manage and build the data center since the property is a critical factor in this industry. TCC Group has a lot of real estates across the country and KIRZ can benefit from using the services. TCCT also has the lowest latency via its fiber optic network to Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan.”

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"For these reasons, KIRZ uses TCCT's data center (BNDC) as Disaster Recovery services at premise. The performance of our system is also a lot better since TCCT has varoius partners both inside and outside the country, plus with Gigabit Ring from TCC Group in Bangkok linked to the east (to Hong Kong, Japan, and USA) and the south (to Malaysia, Hong Kong) that is connected to the hub of KIRZ."

Mr. Siripong Ountornpan, CEO and Managing Director of Advanced Information Technology Pcl.,

Mr. Gun Kirdkao, CEO of KIRZ

Mr. Siripong Ountornpan, CEO and Managing Director of Advanced Information Technology Pcl., said "AIT was the very first company in Thailand as system integrator. We have long experiences of 20 years, working with private and public sectors. 90% of our revenues are from government sectors, and we have 7 service centers throughout the country." How does System Integrator function itself? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Basically, SI works on project based. AIT will help in procurement, implementation, delivery, then collect the payment to conclude the project. Sometimes, we may also have maintenance contracts with our clients. We don't have any inventory, not like the distributors that have to manage their inventories very well.â&#x20AC;? AIT towards AEC "We believe that most business are preparing for AEC, just like AIT that has worked with Laos and Cambodia governments to help in many projects. We can share our knowledge in public service systems to each country. Similar to KIRZ which becomes a strategic partner with TCCT as KEY Alliance, we will have a good partner in data center business and neutral network services. AIT wants to congratulate on this partnership." Recently, KEY Alliance just welcomed a new member, and to fulfill the fiber optic in the south of Thailand. More details can be found in

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All about

Google Services

Have you ever found tons of documents difficult to manage/store/label/ or keep them in Has your organization ever invested a large amount of money to handle big piles of docu-

18 >> Techno Society Techno#4 - OK.indd 18

One way to solve these problems is using “Google Apps!” In challenging business world with no territory, business operations must be fast, secure and reliable. To handle with piles of documents from each department of your organization as well as manage the spreadsheets and documents manually will be a waste of time and create unnecessary workloads for your staff. Google Apps are tools to help manage the data internally which benefit your staff and result in better and faster organizational process. Also they help make a faster communication internally and externally. Google Apps that we are talking about are based on “Cloud Computing”.

1/9/2557 BE 8:12 AM

Today we are going to talk to young and energetic gentleman from TCC Technology (TCCT), Khun Vathanyoo Yoosathaporn, System Engineer and TCCT’s Google Apps Specialist. He will explain why Google Apps are so popular that every enterprise should go “Google”. Khun Vathanyoo: “Think of a library. One library contains abundant books with categories and orders. Google Apps can do better. They can store, manage the data in orders, depending on customers’ requirements, and also offers back-up systems. What is more important is that Google Apps use less space to store and the data can be reached promptly with high speed.”


“In world’s IT systems today, Cloud has become very important. Cloud can be compared to Online Library where remote accessibility is available from anywhere in the world. When you connect to the Internet from your laptop, notebook, PC, mobile device, or tablet, you can work on your e-mail, calendar, tasks, chat with other people, send or receive photos and videos, and even store a large amount of data. Khun Vathanyoo continues to talk about Google Apps “Of course, TCCT was overwhelmed with user’s positive feedback. Focusing on Google Apps for Business, first of all, enterprises can have their own corporate e-mail account (@ company name) for example, with ability to delegate their own administrative to manage Gmail account. Secondly, customers can get rid of information overload problems in their organizations. Thirdly, staff have more convenience from remote accessibility through any devices. Google Apps which have many functions are one-stop solution tools for the enterprises. Therefore surprisingly lower IT management costs.” “Comparing to previous e-mails, Google Apps help save costs for 40-50%(the time spent on each task is also lower). Finally Google Apps are more reliable and secure. Google Apps have better Uptime than On-Premise. There are more than half a million of identical servers ready for services (bundled with TCCT’s security systems from being more than 10 years of data centers, infrastructure, and Cloud services provider).” Source: TCC Technology Google Chrome: New generation browser for business Nowadays our lives and works closely connect to the online world. People and business are interacted more on Cloud. So a good browser should support these activities. As you may see that Google Chrome ecosystem is perfect for business, not just rendering Web pages faster, but it also has security features such as phishing and malware protection, automatic updates, etc. This browser also has several applications which help to

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increase productivity e.g. better Web browser to business processing applications. Google Apps: Gmail .. more than an email. Google Apps for Business is a set of services on Cloud that can decrease the IT burden for business from SMEs to Multi-National Corporations (MNCs). This is the only solution that helps collaborating without platform limitation whether it is Windows, Mac, iOS, or any other mobile phones. Gmail for business is a service in Google Apps for Business that integrates world-class technology like Gmail under the company’s domain. This provides flexibility and convenience for employees to take care of their works. With the minimum costs, the company does not need to install or own e-mail system. There is no more server, software, bandwidth, and maintenance costs. Moreover, there’re plenty of services such as Google Drive for Cloud storage; Google Calendar for scheduling; Google Contacts for contact management; Google Docs for viewing and editing office documents on Cloud .. and many more capabilities to allow them to work faster. That is why Google Apps: Gmail gains business reliability worldwide. Google Search Appliance (GSA) and search efficiency “Search technology of Google gains acceptance worldwide in efficiency. And now Google allows other businesses to implement this search technology for internal searching via Google Search Appliance (GSA) with the same level of efficiency, and can return search results in quick and more effective. It also provides more accuracy of the results than other search technologies. You can search for nearly everything on your systems from documents, files, e-mails, databases, etc. plus the capabilities to define the data access level for each group of employee too.” Johan Segergren, Country Manager, Google Thailand. Today TCCT gives you an opportunity to use more reliable services from Google Apps by TCCT. For more information please visit or contact

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Univentures PCL. “Our business participates in several businesses from properties, energy, consulting and asset management manufacturing and distribution of Zinc Oxide, etc. We need flexibility in our business environment. Google Apps: Gmail can help our employees to access their emails from anywhere on any devices. Also they can share files with their related work Companies so they can work together faster compared with the previous e-mail system. The cost is cheaper, and IT department can manage our e-mail system easier” - Mr. Vichai Mahutdejkul, Senior VP IT Department, Univenture Pcl.

F&N Dairies (Thailand) Limited

“F&N committed to be the leader in food and beverage in Thailand and Indochina. We realized that suitable IT solutions will drive our business and support our work more efficiently. In digital era, fast access and information sharing are very important. Thus Google Apps are really our choice to cope with those needs. The main application like Gmail does not only provide more storage space, but also allows our employees to access their e-mails from anywhere from any mobile devices (such as smart phones, tablets, etc.) and even from any platforms. There are also other inclusive services in Google Apps such as Google Drive for creating and storing files plus online collaboration capabilities. Google Sites for a ‘fast & easy’ way to create web pages for Intranet usage within department or across organization. We also used Google Hangout to chat or make a video call between the plants and head office or between several sites from office desks or mobile devices, and they never miss any detail or important meeting again. Google Apps is a cloud-based solution which helps organization, business and IT in various ways to achieve efficiency and needed ROI” Mr. Uthit Phuhongsung, IT Service Manager, F&N Dairies (Thailand) Limited.

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Asia Data Center Alliance Held Annual Conference 2013 in Bangkok

September 12, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand – Five regional leading data center companies - 1-Net (Singapore), AIMS ( Malaysia), CMC Corporation (Vietnam), HKCOLO Limited (Hong Kong), and TCC Technology (Thailand); as part of Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA),attended ADCA Annual Conference 2013. Amongst the topics discussed at the conference by members was the increase in IT usage and demand in data centers and connectivity sector especially the demand for Cloud from both inside and outside Asia (Asia Pacific). The members shared trends, industry knowledge, and also discussed further action plans concerning each member’s business expansion and collaboration under ADCA’s new vision, “Many Brands, One Experience”.


TCCT Joined a Panel Session in CIO16 Association of Thailand the 10th Summit 2013

October 3, 2013, at Centara Grand at Central Ladprao, Bangkok - Mr. Kosit Suksingha, the Executive Director of T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCT), was invited to join in a discussion panel as an executive guest speaker in CIO16 Association of Thailand the 10th Summit 2013. “Cloud Adoption, Application, and Adaptation” was one of the highlighted features for this event. As the IT infrastructure provider representative, Mr. Kosit shared stance and idea of reinventing the rapidity of business evolution with cloud computing in the way of assisting business management and regional investment, beneficiary stakeholders received, and relevant challenging issues. These key factors are accounted as a drive beyond regional business investment growth as well as enhancing business unit to run fast forward. And CIO, the digital warrior, must be empowered for the next decade beyond technology.

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TCCT Hosted the Significant TCC Technology Conference 2013

November 1, 2013, Bangkok- TCC Technology (TCCT) hosted “TCC Technology Conference 2013” themed as “Steering Business to International Level at Higher Efficiency, Driven by Technology, In the event, Mr. Panot Sirivadhanabhakdi, Chairman of IT Networking Group, presided over as a chairman of the meeting session. Top IT Executives individually represented 5 business units and explained on the future directions which precisely help its business unit of TCC Group govern its operating systems as well as to shape their idea in applying technology and solutions onto their business implementation.

Conference 2013


from BOI

October 22, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand – TCC Technology (TCCT) is now becoming the largest data center provider in Thailand after receiving the green light from Board of Investment Thailand (BOI) to expand its carrier neutral data centers in Thailand with the approximate footprint of 13,500 square meters. (145,300 square feet). Therefore the existing data center space combined with the future expanded data center of TCCT will become 18,795 square meters or 202,300 square feet. All of TCCT’s existing and future data centers are supported by redundancy system and backup services and connected by fiber optic connectivity across Asia. Cloud Computing is also provided powered by its data centers and connectivity. TCCT is regarded as the most Trusted Carrier Neutral Hub for 4C (Colocation, Connectivity, Cloud, and Content) Providers in Thailand.

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TCCT and KIRZ Welcomed New Member VTelecoms to KEY Alliance Program Collaboration Fulfilling the connectivity of Thailand’s southern route, creating one-stop “Hub” and “Connectivity” for users regionwide October 28, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand – from its establishment by Founding Member, TCC Technology and the joint of first strategic member: KIRZ which TCCT and KIRZ collaborated to share knowledge and expand service capacity, today KEY Alliance Program had an opportunity to welcome the new member: VTelecoms, a World Class Telecommunications Carrier providing High Speed - High Capacity High Quality terrestrial network connectivity throughout the south of Thailand to Malaysia, and further to Hong Kong. In consequence to KEY Alliance Program collaboration, TCCT, KIRZ, and VTelecoms, with the same philosophy of increasing data center services and network (connectivity) capacity to be able to provide these services at a larger scale, with redundancy and more network coverage in Bangkok and regionwide. The collaboration among three parties consists of: 1. TCCT’s “Bangkok Gigabit Ring” – the fiber optic ring connected to TCC Group’s properties and also other office buildings, TCCT’s eastern fiber optic (IPLC) ring from Bangkok to Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and southern terrestrial fiber from Thailand to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. 2. KIRZ’s premium Internet service to homes and businesses, international and domestic high speed bandwidth 3. TCCT and KIRZ’s strategic data centers in Thailand connected to VTelecoms’ network which is directly connected to VTelecoms’ various Metro-E POPs worldwide as well as international and domestic Internet Exchanges (IXs) in particular VTelecoms’ southern network with authorized licenses in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

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Dear all tea lovers, .. if you drink tea with passion, no chance that you won't know TWG Tea in Singapore. For your information, TWG Tea now operates here in Thailand for more than a year with three branches - The Emporium, Siam Paragaon, and Suvarnabhumi Airport. This tea empire has in Singapore. And there should be one of them you can truly love in this premium tea shop and salon. The Decoration One thing that everyone mentioned about TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is its decoration. A wall of monogrammed glass, one entry-exit, and the luxury and elegance decoration are among what you can expect from here. Hundreds of tea and various tea preparation tools and accessories are available in Tea Boutique area. The Tea Salon is for anyone who has truly love in tea to taste tea, food, and sweets. Please ensure that you won't miss macarons and scones, and sure with your favorite tea. If you want something to cool you, tea-flavored ice cream are also available too. Tea in Town Various tea are available, more than what you can try all of them in weeks or months. All of them are well-served with the same standard as TWG Tea Boutiques in Singapore. The Moon. Believe us, and you won't be disappointed.

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by 1-Net Editorial team

Top destinations in Singapore Photos by Roland Ang, Vice President, Business Market, 1-Net Corporation

Only few cities in the world never sleep. And Singapore is among the few with hardly picked destinations. There are more .. but we introduce three favorites here. come the world's tallest, it isn't just about the size but also the views you can explore this amazing city during the day or night. The total

various aspects of this giant ferris wheel, including the opening date

Gardens By the Bay - The Oasis of Singapore Gardens By the Bay at Marina Bay, spanned 101 hectares with horticultural attraction houses over 250 thousand rare plants. There are chances you'll see your local plants here in this gardens of the earth. Visit the daytime to feel the fresh, and amaze yourself in the night time for exhilarating display of light and sound. Hey, it looks like in Avatar!! And if you plan well, the Christmas and New Year themes are well reasons to book your ticket now. More information: Universal Studios Singapore - The Fun for All In Hong Kong, you may enjoy the fantasic theme of Disneyland. In Singapore, you shouldn't also miss the only Universal Studios in South East Asia. Seven zones to explore, from New York, Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar, this amusement park will make you enjoy for a day (or two) with various fun and extreme rides. More information: http://

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