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President’s Message Times are still tough – but, that said, Tallahassee Community College is playing a crucial role in turning the tide. And we could not do that without the TCC Foundation, which is helping both our students and our regional economy prepare for future success. The good news is students keep coming, and they’re still getting one of the best educational opportunities in America. Our students wouldn’t know that there is a recession going on based on what they see at TCC. We added 85 new course sections in the 2010 spring semester to meet the demand. Our out-of-class support is astonishing. Using a proactive approach, The Learning Commons had more than 9,400 unique students seek assistance this semester. The engaging environment provided there is making a huge impact. Academic enrichment continues to thrive. International education, TheatreTCC! and the forensics program remain national pacesetters. The Model United Nations continues to be one of the country’s best. Our workforce development programs are second to none, preparing students for good jobs, helping workers find new careers and boosting diversification of the local economy. As difficult as it has been, I think we’ve really protected the students in a fundamental way. For all of this, we must thank the TCC Foundation. Their campaign last year exceeded $1 million, even in these tough economic times. That translates to scholarships for students, support for faculty and service to the community.

At TCC we’re always looking forward. The next big thing will be the opening of the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education in 2011-2012. It’s no exaggeration to say that this facility will improve local health care in a monumental way. It will allow TCC to increase the number of students in our health care programs. It will relocate students from the edge of town to the heart of the medical corridor, where they’ll find greater opportunities and incentives to settle here after they graduate. The students will benefit from its excellent training, world class simulated labs and diagnostic capabilities. The Ghazvini Center owes its bright future to the generosity of the Ghazvini family, which donated $2 million in start-up money; to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, which donated the land; to the Florida Legislature, which provided nearly $26 million for construction; and to the TCC Foundation, its board and its donors, for their unwavering support. Now the Foundation is launching a new Healthcare Provision & Excellence initiative to provide resources and supplements to enhance health care education at TCC. These efforts will go far and beyond just opening the doors of the Ghazvini Center. The College owes its deepest gratitude to the Foundation and its donors for their immeasurable foresight, generosity and commitment to our students and our community.


2010 TCC Foundation Annual Report  

2010 TCC Foundation Annual Report. April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010