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Health Care Provision and Excellence Campaign Community colleges are known for developing and offering academic and workforce training programs in direct response to specific community needs. Although all of Tallahassee Community College’s programs are relevant and timely, none are more a part of the current community and national dialogue than those which provide qualified health professionals. For this reason, the College’s nursing and allied health programs are currently receiving special attention. The need for quality health care is something we can all appreciate. However, a strong supply of well-trained health professionals brings many benefits to our community beyond the obvious health-related reasons. A strong local labor force helps health care providers to keep costs low and allows them to focus resources on improving services rather than on out-of-town recruiting. In addition, a thriving health care sector offers plenty of well-paying jobs which, in turn, leads to economic prosperity for the innumerable businesses which support this workforce.


2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

Without a doubt, the ripple effect caused by TCC’s investments in health professions training benefits the entire community. One such investment is the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education. This Center, which is currently under construction on Surgeon’s Drive, will consist of 85,000 square feet of dedicated health professions learning space that will enable the College to quadruple its throughput of nurses over the next five years. The College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography, EMT/Paramedic, Radiologic Technology and Respiratory Therapy programs will also be relocated to this facility.

2010 TCC Foundation Annual Report  

2010 TCC Foundation Annual Report. April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010