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Foundation Annual Report Tallahassee Community College 2009–2010

Standing: Dr. William D. Law, Jr., President, Tallahassee Community College Seated: Robin Johnston, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Foundation Executive Director; Doug Bell, President, Foundation Board of Directors

President’s Message Times are still tough – but, that said, Tallahassee Community College is playing a crucial role in turning the tide. And we could not do that without the TCC Foundation, which is helping both our students and our regional economy prepare for future success. The good news is students keep coming, and they’re still getting one of the best educational opportunities in America. Our students wouldn’t know that there is a recession going on based on what they see at TCC. We added 85 new course sections in the 2010 spring semester to meet the demand. Our out-of-class support is astonishing. Using a proactive approach, The Learning Commons had more than 9,400 unique students seek assistance this semester. The engaging environment provided there is making a huge impact. Academic enrichment continues to thrive. International education, TheatreTCC! and the forensics program remain national pacesetters. The Model United Nations continues to be one of the country’s best. Our workforce development programs are second to none, preparing students for good jobs, helping workers find new careers and boosting diversification of the local economy. As difficult as it has been, I think we’ve really protected the students in a fundamental way. For all of this, we must thank the TCC Foundation. Their campaign last year exceeded $1 million, even in these tough economic times. That translates to scholarships for students, support for faculty and service to the community.

At TCC we’re always looking forward. The next big thing will be the opening of the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education in 2011-2012. It’s no exaggeration to say that this facility will improve local health care in a monumental way. It will allow TCC to increase the number of students in our health care programs. It will relocate students from the edge of town to the heart of the medical corridor, where they’ll find greater opportunities and incentives to settle here after they graduate. The students will benefit from its excellent training, world class simulated labs and diagnostic capabilities. The Ghazvini Center owes its bright future to the generosity of the Ghazvini family, which donated $2 million in start-up money; to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, which donated the land; to the Florida Legislature, which provided nearly $26 million for construction; and to the TCC Foundation, its board and its donors, for their unwavering support. Now the Foundation is launching a new Healthcare Provision & Excellence initiative to provide resources and supplements to enhance health care education at TCC. These efforts will go far and beyond just opening the doors of the Ghazvini Center. The College owes its deepest gratitude to the Foundation and its donors for their immeasurable foresight, generosity and commitment to our students and our community.


Message from the Foundation


n times of economic recession and resulting employment contraction, community colleges generally experience tremendous enrollment growth. While a predominantly government town such as Tallahassee may be somewhat insulated from these economic pressures, we are not immune. Enrollment at Tallahassee Community College has grown 5.3% this year, and nearly 15,000 students currently attend the College. With additional students comes additional need for scholarships and other assistance from the Tallahassee Community College Foundation. On the other end of the transaction is the increased difficulty raising dollars to support the Foundation’s mission during a recession. Fortunately, due to our generous donors, a passionate and dedicated volunteer board of directors, a tireless and unwavering staff, and the visionary leadership of President Bill Law and TCC Board of Trustees, the Foundation continued its top level of service to meet the needs of TCC students. In addition to our standard fundraising efforts, the Foundation has embarked on an exciting campaign to fund state-of-the art technology, equipment and furnishings for the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education. The real estate and funding for construction have already been received from generous donations and grants from the Ghazvini family, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, the State of Florida, and others. The anticipated date of completion is May 2011.


2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

With 85,000 square feet of learning space devoted to diagnostic medical sonography, emergency medical services technology, nursing, radiologic technology and respiratory care, the Center will help the regional medical community attract and retain well qualified health care professionals. The new building will feature cutting-edge technology allowing students to respond to emergencies in simulated real-time settings. The Center will house classrooms, conference rooms, a library, laboratory space, a simulation center and administrative offices for TCC’s Division of Health Care Professionals. Other exciting news at the Foundation includes the expansion of the President’s Circle, the endowment of two New Start Scholarships for Juvenile JusticeInvolved Youth, and the inaugural class of Fellows from the Fostering Achievement Fellowship Program for foster youth. In closing, I wish to thank all of the members of the TCC family and friends for supporting our effort to give everyone an opportunity to receive a college education and embark upon a career that may have seemed to be an impossible dream. Thank you!

Doug Bell, President, Foundation Board of Directors


he effects of the economic slowdown have been felt everywhere, and the State budgets that support community college programs and facilities are no exception. At TCC we have had to tighten belts and make hard decisions. Every expenditure has come under critical review and passed this test: does this contribute to our ability to ensure student success? The College’s Executive Team has worked diligently the past two years to maintain our commitment to students. Despite the budget challenges, all indications are showing that we are on the right track. Programs have been maintained and core facility projects, including

the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education, the new conference center at the Florida Public Safety Institute, and the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center have moved forward. It is amazing that during these hard economic times TCC has managed to thrive, grow and continue its excellence. As President Law has remarked on numerous occasions, “If students on campus didn’t hear about it elsewhere, they wouldn’t know that there is a recession going on from what they experience at the College.” Despite our ability to accomplish so much, there has never been a time when Tallahassee Community College needed you more. The margin of excellence that you provide for our students can make the difference between students deciding to attend College at all or, if they are already enrolled, could be the deciding factor in whether they continue on in their pursuit of higher education. Thank you so very much for your generous support of TCC and the students who choose to study here! You do make a difference. Robin C. Johnston

Foundation Staff Seated: Ben Alonzo, Ranie Thompson Standing: Brianna Calnan, Cy Brewer

Vice President for Institutional Advancement Foundation Executive Director


Financial Report Tallahassee Community College Foundation, Inc. Statement of Activities for the Fiscal Year Ended 03/31/2010* Revenues


Contributions $ Investment Income Matching Funds Other Revenue

Total Revenues

796,872 1,685,764 0 115,496

$ 2,598,132

Program Support $ Scholarships Operating Expense Investment Expense

613,623 454,811 226,289 83,808

Total Expenditures



Fund Balance




Tallahassee Community College Foundation, Inc. Statement of Financial Position 03/31/2010* Assets

Liabilities and Fund Balances

Current Assets

Cash in Bank $ Short-term Equivalents Marketable Securities Pledge Receivables

Total Current Assets

103,030 4,553,287 7,275,268 105,631

$ 12,037,216

Fixed Assets Land $ Other Assets

1,057,000 1,360

Total Fixed Assets

$ 1,058,360

Total Assets

$ 13,095,576



Permanently Restricted $ Temporarily Restricted Unrestricted

5,651,059 7,204,270 211,117

Liabilities Fund Balances

Total Fund Balance

$ 13,066,446

Total Liabilities and Fund Balances

$ 13,095,576



2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

College Innovation Fund The purpose of the TCC Foundation’s College Innovation Fund (CIF) is to encourage and provide financial support for faculty, staff and students to develop and implement innovative projects that will improve the quality and/or quantity of programs and services at Tallahassee Community College. CIF grant awards are given for projects that benefit the College or its students and involve costs that fall beyond the College’s operational budget. The College Innovation Fund is supported by funds provided through the TCC Foundation, which are separate and distinct from the College’s operating funds. Proposals are reviewed four times each year by a broad-based committee made up of faculty, staff and Foundation representatives. Notification of awards is immediate and applicants have twelve months to complete their activities and report on the success of the project. Proposals addressing opportunities for improvement in the student experience or college recruitment and marketing are preferred and should include benefits such as: integrating technology into the curriculum, expanding support services, partnering with business and industry to provide work-based learning experiences, or cooperating with other organizations to provide a program or service to benefit the community or foster economic development. This year’s awards were presented for: Student Input for Emerging Online Library Research Products – funding for focus groups to incorporate student perspective

in the redesign and upgrade of the current library search tool (LINCCWeb) to meet student needs and expectations. Video Tutorials for Course Support – to meet the lack of audio-visual material to support text, instructors prepared 29 10-minute presentations of problems from differential equations and 12 7-minute presentations supporting financial accounting. Videos will also be used by tutors in the Learning Commons. Funding was granted to pay toward filming expenses. Learning Science Concepts through the Nature of Science Instruction – TCC STEM students collaborated with local elementary science teachers by setting up weekly activities, assisting in the science labs or classrooms, and grading written assessments. The goal of this project was to improve elementary students’ understanding of science concepts and ultimately increase FCAT science scores while providing TCC students volunteer and mentor opportunities. Funding was provided to offset TCC student expenses required for the collaboration.


Foundation Launches Program to Support Foster Youth Compared with those in many other states, Florida’s foster youth have some distinct advantages. One of these is that youth who reach age 18 while still in foster care are entitled to a waiver that will allow them to attend a college or university tuition-free. While this is a great benefit for these youth who may not otherwise have a way to attend college, a seat in the class is simply not enough to ensure their success. These youth need continued care, attention and guidance in order to make a successful transition from a life in which they have been largely dependent upon agencies’ rules and deadlines to one in which they are in control of their own future, and responsible for their own success. Accordingly, the TCC Foundation helped to form a community-based collaboration of some 24 local and state organizations to develop the Fostering Achievement Fellowship Program – a comprehensive program supporting youth as they age out of foster care, move on to college, and prepare to enter the workforce. After more than a year in development,


2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

the Fostering Achievement Fellowship Program welcomed its first cohort of five Fellows to campus last August. A partnership with Communities In Schools has resulted in Christen Cannon becoming the first Fostering Achievement Fellowship Coordinator. “Christen is a perfect fit to lead this program,” commented Robin Johnston, Executive Director of the TCC Foundation. “She has an almost intuitive sense of what foster youth need to succeed, and has a deeplyfelt connection with our Fellows. The FAF Program provides a lot, but the real reason the Fellows will be successful is because of Christen.” Johnston was invited to Washington in November to meet with Glenn Cummings, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the U.S.

Department of Education, to provide a briefing on the program. As a community college-based program serving a disadvantaged population, the FAF program falls in line with the presidential administration’s current initiatives. In March, Johnston presented the program to the Florida Children & Youth Cabinet, a powerful state-wide committee headed by Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp. The Cabinet endorsed the program and committed to encouraging all of Florida’s community college presidents to learn more about the program and consider implementing FAF Program sites in their own institutions. Find out more about the Fostering Achievement Fellowship Program at


Angels of Mercy Scholarship The Angels of Mercy scholarship was established in 2001 through a planned gift to the Foundation from the late Dr. William R. Odom, who served the Florida community college system throughout his life. He felt his extended illness was eased by the tender care he received from his nurses, who trained at TCC. He established the scholarship to ensure the continued education of nurses at TCC.


Today, the endowed scholarship provides full tuition for three students enrolled in TCC’s nursing program each year. More than 50 TCC students have benefited from Dr. Odom’s generosity. The Angels of Mercy scholarship will continue to support TCC nursing students in perpetuity because it is an endowed scholarship.

role in training tomorrow’s health care workers, because most careers in the industry require less than four years of college education. Tallahassee Community College’s role in supplying high-quality health professionals in our region has long been critically important, and the College is wellprepared to meet growing needs.

Educating future nurses is especially critical at this time. Health care will generate more than three million new jobs between now and 2018 – more than any other industry, according to the United States Department of Labor. Community colleges will play a major

“It touched me that the nurses had such an impact on his life and that Dr. Odom would start a scholarship for nursing students,” Erica McDonald, past Angels of Mercy Scholarship recipient said. “I am truly thankful to Dr. and Mrs. Odom and the TCC Foundation.”

2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

"The story behind the Angels of Mercy Scholarship really moved me. I was completely honored when I found out I was chosen to receive the scholarship. Not having to worry about money made it that much easier to focus solely on my schooling, and for that I am truly grateful." Stephanie Russo (above left), 2009-2010 Angels of Mercy Scholarship Recipient

“I am honored to have been selected for the Angels of Mercy Scholarship. The first semester of nursing school is very expensive, there are fees for the entrance exam, background checks, student badges, uniforms, stethoscope, textbooks and tuition. Being awarded the Angels of Mercy Scholarship has helped me tremendously! It alleviates the burden of financing my nursing education. I am very grateful to Dr. Odom for establishing such a wonderful program to help nursing students get through school and out into the workforce.� Rachel Brown, 2009-2010 Angels of Mercy Scholarship Recipient


Health Care Provision and Excellence Campaign Community colleges are known for developing and offering academic and workforce training programs in direct response to specific community needs. Although all of Tallahassee Community College’s programs are relevant and timely, none are more a part of the current community and national dialogue than those which provide qualified health professionals. For this reason, the College’s nursing and allied health programs are currently receiving special attention. The need for quality health care is something we can all appreciate. However, a strong supply of well-trained health professionals brings many benefits to our community beyond the obvious health-related reasons. A strong local labor force helps health care providers to keep costs low and allows them to focus resources on improving services rather than on out-of-town recruiting. In addition, a thriving health care sector offers plenty of well-paying jobs which, in turn, leads to economic prosperity for the innumerable businesses which support this workforce.


2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

Without a doubt, the ripple effect caused by TCC’s investments in health professions training benefits the entire community. One such investment is the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education. This Center, which is currently under construction on Surgeon’s Drive, will consist of 85,000 square feet of dedicated health professions learning space that will enable the College to quadruple its throughput of nurses over the next five years. The College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography, EMT/Paramedic, Radiologic Technology and Respiratory Therapy programs will also be relocated to this facility.

The College has received all funds needed to complete construction. All that remains is to secure funding to ensure that the Center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment when its doors open in August of 2011. To meet this need, the TCC Foundation has launched the Health Care Provision & Excellence Campaign. The Campaign, which extends well beyond the needs of equipment for the Ghazvini Center, will help to ensure that TCC’s health professions programs remain well provisioned to deliver exceptionally high quality training to currently-employed

health care professionals as well as to those beginning careers in the health professions. A wide range of naming opportunities are available within the Ghazvini Center, with student study rooms available to be named for as little as $5,000. Please contact the TCC Foundation for details.


The Tallahassee Democrat team prepares for their next challenge.

Capital City Caper raises $15,000 for Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education Tallahassee Community College Foundation hosted the second annual Capital City Caper, raising $15,000 to benefit the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education. Teams of eight participants raced around the city solving physical and mental challenges, picking up points along the way during the zany limousine scavenger hunt. The winners of the event were announced later that evening at a dinner at The Mary Brogan Museum of Art & Science.


The winners of the second annual Capital City Caper Inspector Gadget Level: No S**t Sherlocks

Proceeds from the event, along with other generous donations, will help fund the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education. The 85,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art practice center will be located in the heart of Tallahassee’s medical corridor. The location will offer students easy access to the area’s major health care providers and allow for hands-on simulations of real medical situations.

Get Smart Level: Wakulla Bank

Please visit to learn more about this exciting event.

Best Costume: Mainline Information Systems

2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

Scotland Yard Level: Tallahassee Magazine/ Capital Eurocars Overall: No S**t Sherlocks

The Willard/Hurley and Gentry team enjoys dinner while waiting for the winners to be announced.

Participants try to figure out what is in Fusion CafĂŠ's cheeseburger and fries desert.

Capital City Caper sponsors Presenting Sponsor:

Limousine Sponsor:

Supporting Sponsors:


Scholarships The Tallahassee Community College Foundation is committed to ensuring student success through scholarships to both traditional and non-traditional students. Each year, more than 400 students receive financial assistance from the TCC Foundation scholarships listed below: Augustus B. Turnbull III Humanities Study Abroad Scholarship Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Association of Godby Graduates Legacy Scholarship Angels of Mercy Scholarship Associated Marine Institute Scholarship Athletic Book Scholarship Barbara & Ted Judd Theater Scholarship Barfield Mock Scholarship Beverly Healthcare Scholarship Big Bend Jobs and Education Council Scholarship Bill Bankhead Scholarship Bill Rollo Scholarship Blue Ribbon Scholarship Brain Bowl Scholarship Brandt Family Scholarship Brian Swan Memorial Scholarship Fund Brigadier General and Mrs. William B. Webb Scholarship Burt Poole Wakulla Chamber Scholarship Capital City Bank Scholarship Capital City Classic Scholarship Capital Health Plan Scholarship Capital Medical Society Alliance Scholarship Capital Regional Medical Center Scholarship Carol Callaway Scholarship Cassedy Fostering Achievement Fellowship Scholarship Chattahoochee Rotary Club Scholarship


Chattahoochee Woman’s Club Scholarship Cherry Alexander Scholarship Chief Melvin M. Stone Scholarship Chris & Sally White Scholarship Christyne B. Hamilton Northside Kiwanis Club Scholarship Clayton Homes Boys and Girls State Scholarship Clayton Homes Communications and Humanities Scholarship Clayton Homes Disability Support Services Scholarship Clayton Homes Health Related Sciences Scholarship Clayton Homes Leroy Collins Preparing Leaders for Tomorrow Scholarship Clayton Homes Pre-Engineering Scholarship Clayton Homes Recreation and Leisure Scholarship Clayton Homes Returning Adults Scholarship Clayton Homes Speech & Debate Scholarship Communities in Schools Scholarship Corbin Scott Scholarship Crescent Moon Scholarship Criminal Justice Education Assistance Scholarship Dale Green/Committee of 99 Scholarship Daniel D’Alemberte Scholarship David & Nancy Lawrence Memorial Scholarship Davis/Godby High School Scholarship

2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

Dental Hygiene Scholarship Division of Applied Sciences Workforce Development Scholarship Dorothy Binger Scholarship Dr. Elise Burton Scholarship Dr. Irving Fleet Memorial Scholarship Dr. Jessie V. Furlow Scholarship Dr. Laurie L. Dozier, Jr. Scholarship Dr. Mary L. Pankowski Scholarship Dr. Samuel Meyer Scholarship E. Allen Sapp, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Ed Howard Memorial Scholarship Eddie Boone Criminal Justice Scholarship FACC Book Scholarship Follett Book Scholarship Fred W. Turner Memorial Scholarship FSAE Scholarship Full Moon Rising Scholarship Gadsden Chamber Scholarship Gadsden LEARN Scholarship Gates Book Scholarship GED Scholarship Gene & Anne Michael Walton Scholarship Graphic Design Technology Scholarship Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Greensboro Kiwanis Club Scholarship Gretna Presbyterian Challenge Scholarship GTO Employee Scholarship Guy A. Race Scholarship Gwen Parker Scholarship Havana Kiwanis Club Scholarship- East Gadsden High School

Havana Kiwanis Club Scholarship- Tallavana Christian School Howard W. & Lillian Crews Memorial Scholarship International Student Organization Scholarship Irene Hass Scadron Memorial Scholarship Jacquelyn Burroughs Dial Scholarship Jane Cummings Scholarship Jeanie Barnett Scholarship Jeff Bradford Excellence in Music Scholarship Jenkins Brick Scholarship Joe Wedeles Scholarship John R. Gaunt Memorial Scholarship John M. Russi Memorial Scholarship Karolyn Cole Lewis Study Abroad Program Kristin & Hilmar Skagfield Scholarship Lamar and Pearl Youngblood Scholarship Leadership Scholarship Leadership Tallahassee Class XIV Scholarship Lee Mainella Memorial Art Scholarship Leon High School Foundation Scholarship LeRoy Collins Memorial Scholarship Les Kennedy Scholarship Lori S. Varn Scholarship Louis Hill Endowed Scholarship Loyal Order of Moose, Tallahassee Lodge #1075 Scholarship Lucile Rentz Kimbrel Hemanes Scholarship Mark Dougherty Memorial Scholarship Mary Hebrock Memorial Scholarship

Mary Lois King Memorial Scholarship Mary Nicholson Refuge House Scholarship Marylou Madigan and John R. “Casey” Madigan Excellence in Teaching Scholarship Master Andy Silva Law Enforcement Scholarship Matthew Willard Scholarship Model U.N. Scholarship Montserrat and William Webb Hispanic Scholarship Nancy Hicks Scholarship Nathan E. Rodgers Scholarship New Start Scholarship PACE Center for Girls Scholarship Pam Eby Memorial Scholarship Pam Laws Scholarship Pamela Phelps Early Education Scholarship Performing Arts Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Portofino Villas Housing Scholarship Premier Bank Directors Scholarship Radey Scholarship Ray Glenn Memorial Scholarship Recreation & Leisure Scholarship Richard Lamb Scholarship Richard & Karen Moore Scholarship Robert B. Tapley Memorial Scholarship Robert M. Whitton Scholarship Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship Roy Jaeger Scholarship Russi/Recovery Industry Scholarship Sharon LaHayne Vause Scholarship Signature Seat Scholarship Smiles by Beck Scholarship

Soap Box Derby Scholarship Stubbs’ Educational Foundation Scholarship Student Government Association Scholarship Student Leadership Scholarship Tallahassee Boys Choir Scholarship Tallahassee Civic Chorale Scholarship Tallahassee Civitan- Jimmy and Sherrill Ragans Scholarship Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Scholarship Tallahassee Theatre Guild Scholarship TCC Forensics Program Scholarship TCC Nursing Program Scholarship TCC Theatre Program Scholarship The Taiwanese Student Scholarship Ultimate Mom Scholarship Virginia Cameron Scholarship Visconti Children’s Foundation Scholarship Wachovia Foundation Scholarship Wakulla Academic Boosters Scholarship Wakulla Bank Signature Seat Wakulla ESL Scholarship Wakulla Green Guide Scholarship Wakulla Professional and Businesswomen’s Association Scholarship Walter D. Clark Scholarship Westminster Oaks Scholarship Whitton-Dean Scholarship Wilhoit Book Scholarship William D. Law, Sr. Scholarship Note: Names in gold reflect new scholarships


President’s Circle While raising money for individual scholarships may be relatively easy, supporting the needs of those students who do not meet specified criteria, or programs suffering from budget cuts, becomes challenging during these questionable economic times. In August 2007 the TCC Foundation launched the President’s Circle to meet the need of raising unrestricted dollars. Approximately twenty individuals each year have supported the call for unrestricted donations of at least $1,000 each, qualifying them to become President’s Circle members. Membership comes with several benefits, including: • Recognition in the President’s Circle honor roll in the TCC Foundation annual report and on the Foundation Web site • An invitation to the President’s Dinner, an exclusive event hosted by the TCC President • Invitations to as many as three Artist Receptions • Two tickets to any TCC production held at Turner Auditorium • Invitations to president’s forums throughout the year • VIP parking and seating at TCC’s graduation ceremony • A President’s Circle lapel pin


2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

Artists featured during this year: Tallahassee Community College Forensics Team – members of this award-winning student team performed moving oral interpretations, just one portion of the study that also includes public address, limited preparation and debate. Tallahassee Community College African Drum & Dance Ensemble – this performance group is the direct result of the coursework that teaches the music and dance cultures of sub-Saharan Africa. Students learn fundamentals of African music systems, training on various drums along with melodic and harmonic instruments such as African harps. Students have the opportunity to learn traditional dances and songs from Ghana, Guinea, South Africa and Uganda.

Alumni Association The Alumni Association is the perfect vehicle for former students who want to show their continued support for TCC and promote excellence in education.

2009-2010 President’s Circle Honor Roll: James Ashmore Mark Bates Douglas Bell Nolia Brandt Steve Brown Robert Bryant John Chapin Marylou Johnston Eugene Lamb John Lentz Frank Messersmith Karen Moore Rick Moore Al Penson Randy Pople Jim Rodgers Winnie Schmeling Barbara Sloan John Thomas Marjorie Turnbull Rick Weidner

The Association operates an endowment that awards scholarships to returning students. Many alumni and friends have supported the scholarships by participating in the Alumni Brick Program, purchasing an inscribed brick to be placed in the Circle of Remembrance in the heart of campus. More than 150 bricks have been dedicated so far. These donations are eligible for matching funds from the Florida Legislature. The Association also sponsors bi-annual distinguished alumni awards; honorees are pictured on the Wall of Fame in the Student Union. The organization publishes the “Soaring Eagle” newsletter and hosts an online community at In 2009, members enjoyed several face-to-face social, educational, and networking opportunities, such as Alumni Night at TheatreTCC! On April 9, Alumni Association members enjoyed a performance of “Anything Goes” and then attended a special reception where they were able to meet the show’s cast. Members of the Alumni Association receive free admission to all TheatreTCC! productions. Alumni and friends can select an annual or lifetime membership. New TCC graduates receive a free one-year membership in the Alumni Association. Last year, 255 graduates took advantage of that offer. The group is led by an active board of directors, which recently tapped local attorney Jim Brainerd to serve as president. Brainerd says that the Association is firmly focused on providing service and value to alumni. The College hopes that all its former students will decide to continue to be part of the TCC family and to support the educational opportunities that the institution provides to residents of the Big Bend.


Tallahassee Community College Foundation

Board of Directors 2009-2010 Officers


Douglas S. Bell

Nolia Brandt

Mary L. Pankowski

PRESIDENT Pennington Moore Wilkinson Bell & Dunbar, P.A.

PRESIDENT-ELECT Community Member & Consultant

VICE PRESIDENT State Attorney’s Office

James Ashmore

Albert C. Penson

Todd Hunter

SECRETARY Ashmore & Ashmore, P.A., CPAs

TREASURER Penson, Duchemin & Davis, P.A.

PAST PRESIDENT Strategic Wealth Management Advisors

2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

Directors Crawford Atkins Capital Eurocars Mark Bates Bell & Bates Home Center A.J. Brickler, III North Florida Womens’ Center Steve Brown Fortune Group Pam Butler Aegis Computer Services Robert Bryant Gadsden County Superintendent of Schools (retired) Marshall Cassedy, Jr. Cassedy and Company Tom Cumbie Pharmacist (retired) Darrin Holloman, Regions Bank Mike Illers Hancock Bank John Lentz Strategic Wealth Alliance Martha Ann McCaskill Educator (retired)

David Miller Wakulla County Superintendent of Schools Randy Pople Capital City Trust Company Jim Rodgers Dentist (retired) Brian Rowland Rowland Publishing Frank Ryll Florida Chamber of Commerce Winnie Schmeling Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Jimmy Suber Banker (retired) Greg Thomas Wakulla County School Board John Thomas Brandt Information Systems Susan Payne Turner Wakulla Bank Richard “Rick” Weidner Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC

Ex-Officio Members William D. Law, Jr. President Tallahassee Community College

Matt Willard Willard Hurley, LLC Alumni Association Liaison


Alumni Association

Board of Directors 2009-2010 Officers


Stanley James“Jim” Brainerd (’70)

Evelyn Moore Wasdin (’69)

Christine Thurman (’97)

President Attorney at Law

Vice President, Membership Tallahassee Community College Library

Vice President, Resource Development Gentry & Thurman, P.A.

Errick D. Farmer (’97)

Janice L. France (’90)

Matthew R. “Matt” Willard (’92)

Secretary Florida A&M University Academic Programs

Treasurer CPA

Alumni Liaison to the Foundation Board of Directors Willard Hurley, LLC

2009-2010 Foundation Annual Report

Directors Lorenzo Alexander (’73) Florida Department of Transportation (retired) Cherry A. Alexander (’73) Tallahassee Community College Library (retired) Cal Brooks (‘94) Justin R. Campbell (’08) Parks & Crump David B. Chapman (’72) City of Tallahassee Parks & Recreation (retired) Lee R. Colson (’69) Florida Public Service Commission (retired) Alfred L. “Al” Dennis (’73) Florida Department of Law Enforcement Michele M. Edwards (’79) Tallahassee Community College Dental Health Programs Ronald E. Henry (’93) FAMU Enterprise Information Technology Dr. Glee Hollander (’76) Licensed Psychologist Sterling D. Hollingsworth (’96) City of Tallahassee Police Department Betty A. Jensen (’77) Tallahassee Community College TCC Success Center Carolyn “Freda” King (’07) Office of the Governor

Mary B. Lazor (’69) Workforce Florida Merick Tyler Lewin (’07) Florida State University (Student) Annelise Leysieffer (’90) Ph.D. in French Carolyn Lytle (‘82) Tallahassee Community College Health Care Professions Ishmael Mayhew Tallahassee Community College (Student) Mark Mitchell (’95) Florida Department of Law Enforcement Katie Peterich (’11) Tallahassee Community College (Student), SGA Senator Mary C. Register (’97) Volunteer Florida Adrianna Sekula (’07) Florida State University (Student) Bill Sittig (’78) Jett & Sittig, P.A. Dr. Edward G. Tolliver (’86) Florida A&M University Dalynda S. Vause (’88) Wakulla Bank Chriss Walker (’69) Prepaid Legal Services


w w w.tcc . f l . e du / f o u n d ati o n

TCC Foundation 444 Appleyard Drive Tallahassee, Florida 32304-2895 PERMIT 40 TALLAHASSEE, FL



2010 TCC Foundation Annual Report  

2010 TCC Foundation Annual Report. April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010

2010 TCC Foundation Annual Report  

2010 TCC Foundation Annual Report. April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010