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Baltic Sea Hospitality Collection

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Baltic Sea hospitality Via Hansa Tours a large tour operator with fully registered and licensed agencies in all three Baltic countries, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Finland and Scandinavia.

Via Hansa DMC & PCO

When Olita and Henrik met in Riga and soon afterwards settled down in Copenhagen they would never have believed that a change in the tide shortly would bring them back to Riga to lay the foundation for one of the most remarkable hospitality companies in the Baltic Sea region.

a Destination Management Company and Professional Congress Organizer offering a full range of services for congresses, conferences, meetings and incentives. The specialized companies Via Hansa DMC & PCO are working on location in St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw.


But just a few months after the Baltic countries had regained their independence, they registered the very first 100% foreign-capital company in the Baltic countries. It was the start of large, creative and innovative multinational team that with the time put its own distinct mark on the tourism and hospitality industry in the Baltic Sea region.

the largest provider of multilingual escorted tours and breaks in the Baltic Sea region.

Today, the company is a leading tour operator, destination management company and hospitality service provider in the Baltic Sea region and has developed a multi-facetted Baltic Sea hospitality collection including:

providing first-class restaurants and catering services in the Baltic capitals.

Via Hansa Tours, Via Hansa DMC & PCO, balticvision, La Boheme Catering, Uniquestay Hotels, and more ... Via Hansa and its related companies employ around 300 persons and cater for over 100.000 guests a year.

La Boheme Catering

Uniquestay Hotels provider of trendy and classy first- and tourist-class accommodation in the three Baltic countries.


We are living in a part of Europe that can boast centuries-old traditions and history and which has seen paramount changes over the last 15 years.


The old Hanseatic trading links of our region have been reestablished and the countries have been economically, politically and culturally reintegrated into the family of European nations. We take pride in the fact that over the years we have given our own small contribution to this development. We are aware of our responsibility and in our daily operations we are committed to history and mobility, to culture and technology, to ecology and nature and to progress and social responsibility. We are also committed to giving our customers the very best the region has to offer with a comprehensive and sophisticated product, with professionalism and integrity and with reliability and innovation. In the medieval times, a word between two Hanseatic tradesmen was a firm accord. Today, we are still trading in the best of Hanseatic traditions. We are the modern Hanseatic trades people, who have added a touch of contemporary quality, innovation and life style to centuries-old traditions.


Communication We pay considerable attention to efficient communication with our customers in the broadest sense. Some of the communication advantages we offer: Centrally located offices in all the capital cities of the region, easily accessible and welcoming for you and your guests. We have 24-hour emergency service at all offices and all operational personnel have mobile phones answering around the clock. – the first business-to-business travel service portal in the Baltic sea region, modern and comprehensive, interactive and dynamic, with daily updated detailed information about our destinations and products, plenty of useful links to other databases and sources - all-inall an indispensable tool for any tour operator dealing with the Baltic Sea region.

online booking systems – in the customer area of our web-portal these allow you to book hotels, transfers, packages, tours, breaks and other services directly from your own computer. Flash-drives with our most important product manuals – easy to use and very suitable for destination and product presentations. Photo-galleries – we have in our computers thousands of images of hotels, cities, landscapes, people, activities and more. These images have a high resolution of 300 DPI or more and we have copyrights on all images. We are happy to provide you with images by e-mail or flash-drive for your catalogues and sales promotions. Personalized e-mail addresses for all employees built up in the same structure: e-News



distributed via e-mail with valuable news about our products, keeping you-up-to-date with all the main developments at our destinations and regular sales offers to support your sales. Baltic Standby – the bimonthly travel trade magazine about the industry in the Baltic Sea region comes as a personal copy to your office. You also get daily the most important travel trade news in the region directly to your personal e-mail address. But even more important than any new technology is how we understand communication. We believe that it is always vital to try to identify mutual interests and go for mutually beneficial solutions.


seagull-online seagull-online is the Via Hansa online booking system, an exclusive b2b online platform offering:

• Hotels • Transfers • Multilingual escorted tours • Multilingual city breaks • FIT packages tours in a large area around the Baltic Sea. You will find the online booking system both on the Via Hansa web-site and on a dedicated web-site and the online booking system is protected both by a customer code and a user name which you can create yourself.

Interactive – user-friendly – great deals – instant confirmations seagull-online offers the most competitive prices on the market for hotels and transfers and the most innovative packages, tours and breaks on the market.


The art of living and traveling Who could imagine modern life without the possibility to travel, explore new cultures, meet new people, enjoy nature, the sun and the surf? Who cannot recall their first amazing day in a new place with thousands of intriguing sounds, sights and smells, and who does not treasure the happy memories of a holiday in a distant country? Traveling has fortunately become an indispensable part of our modern lives.

Our FIT concept takes you a step further now, to a world where the desire for new adventures and encounters are challenged, where dreams of active and exiting travel experiences are satisfied, where individual wishes and ideas take priority, where guests can travel extensively and yet enjoy life at its fullest scale. A world, where traveling is living and living is traveling and both are not a hassle but a fine performance of art. Over the years we have developed a number of leisure and life style package products where individual choices, genuine travel experience ands true affordability are in the focus, such as: • FIT package tours • City breaks • Private city tours and excursion programs • Country side holidays • Fly and Drive • Golfing • Biking and Hiking • Beauty and Wellness programs We are each year issuing the most comprehensive FIT product catalogue in the Baltic Sea region and the catalogue is complemented with a FIT product manual, which comes in the form of a handy flash-drive.



Via Hansa also has a sizeable leisure

hotels and control of hotel allocations,

group operation. We work differently

program design, training of tour escorts

to most other companies, providing

and more.





solutions to a selected portfolio of large European and overseas tour operators

Special efforts are made to offer program highlights and to build

in the Baltic Sea region.

elements of emotional value into the

We are able to take care of all your

as a unique and attractive product that

needs in our destinations such as

is able to satisfy the needs of ever more

product development, selection of

demanding customers.

programs so each program stands out

Our group department is throughout the company divided into 4 area departments: • North European Department • South European Department • Department for German speaking countries • Overseas Department


Our specialty is large serial operations, charter operations, complex study tours and extensive round trips. Especially worth mentioning are: “CLASSICAL BALTIC TOURS” including the three Baltic countries, often combined with St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. “AMBER COAST TOURS” along the amber coastline from Gdansk, via Kaliningrad, the Curonian Spit, Klaipeda and Riga to Tallinn. “RUSSIAN CULTURE TOURS” which lead you from St. Petersburg via Novgorod, Moscow and Orel to Kiev, or from Minsk via Smolensk, Moscow and Novgorod to St. Petersburg.

“GOLDEN RING TOURS” combining St. Petersburg and Moscow with the ancient Russian cities of the Golden Ring, such as Suzdal, Vladimir, Kostroma, Jaroslavl, Rostov Veliky and Sergiev Posad. “CLASSICAL POLAND TOURS” combining Krakow-Warsaw-Gdansk and the Masurian Lakeland. “MEDIEVAL SUPERPOWER TOURS” connecting with the history of the largest state of medieval Europe, the Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom and combining Warsaw-Vilnius-Minsk and Brest and possibly Kiev and Lvov. “HANSEATIC HIGHLIGHT TOURS” tracing the history of the Hanseatic League in cities like Novgorod, Tallinn, Riga, Cesis, Klaipeda, Kalilingrad and Gdansk. And last but not least: “BALTIC CONNECTION TOURS” combining Prague – Krakow-Warsaw – Vilnius – Riga – Tallinn – St. Petersburg – Helsinki-Stockholm and Copenhagen.


Take a fresh perspective All 7 cities can boast an especially rich history and culture: Warsaw, which has repeatedly emerged from the ashes; the three Baltic capitals with some of the best preserved Old Towns in Europe; St. Petersburg with its world-famous splendors of imperial Russia; Krakow shrouded in legends; and Moscow, embodying the Russian soul. Over the last 15 years, these cities have changed tremendously. Extensive construction works have helped them regain their beauty, and new, comfortable hotels, large conference and meeting facilities, exclusive restaurants and modern infrastructure have turned them into booming new European metropoles. .

Meet in the Baltic Sea region Why not to go for something new and have your next conference or incentive in one of the undiscovered cities of the Baltic Sea region? We have the knowledge and experience that will allow you successfully to arrange your next event in

Warsaw, Krakow, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg or Moscow.

Via Hansa DMC & PCO • is a leading Destination Management Company in the Baltic Sea region. For more than a decade we have been catering for ten thousands of guests with a combination of competence, creativity and innovation • is a Professional Congress Organizer, with specially trained and experienced professionals and the newest software, making it possible to manage even the largest conferences and meetings Take a fresh perspective – the possibilities are immense. A product launch for 10.000 persons, a congress for 1.000 professionals, an incentive for 100 invited guests with spouses or the annual board meeting for 10 persons – we take pride in designing a suitable solution.



A healthy and beautiful life Via Hansa Wellness There are many reasons for treating yourself to an invigorating and relaxing beauty and wellness program – and more and more people are doing just that. Baltic Sea region is the perfect place for it. Because beauty and wellness is booming here and a lot of new, modern and comfortable spa hotels have been opened. Because it is the perfect setting with beautiful nature, endless sandy beaches and dunes, authentic culture, quaint villages and bustling cities. And because the offers here really are truly excellent value. The aim of Via Hansa wellness is to promote a healthy lifestyle and introduce new beauty and wellness facilities in the Baltic Sea region. We believe that beauty and wellness is not just about pampering your guests at a spa hotel, but also about healthy eating, sport activities and cultural experience. With our extensive know-how of the area we believe that we can put together the perfect package.

Reach out to the world Via Hansa Overseas As the world becomes more and more globalized and as our destinations integrate more into Europe and the rest of the world we pay more and more attention to guests from overseas. In the first place, we are dealing with the new emerging markets like China, India and the populous countries of Latin America. The China market is handled by our sales office in Shanghai backed up in all respects by our overseas department in Riga and as we expand operations in India and Latin America, we are looking at the possibilities of opening similar sales offices in other parts of the world.

中国市场由我们位于上 海的办事处负责,并得 到里加的海外部的全面 协助与支持。



A new vision balticvision is the largest provider our guaranteed, escorted multilingual tours and breaks in the Baltic Sea region. We are operating over a dozens tours and breaks, more than 100 departures, in 5 languages in most of the countries around the Baltic Sea throughout a year. First-class products with high-level service, plenty of choices and unparalleled travel experience.


Baltic Highlights/ Baltic Highlights Deluxe combining the 3 capitals of the Baltic countries – Vilnius-Riga and Tallinn. Baltic Capitals combining 4 great Baltic capitals, RigaTallinn-Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Czar Route taking you along the route of the Russian Czars from Helsinki over St. Petersburg to Moscow. Russian Capitals/ Russian Capitals Deluxe a potent combination of the 2 Russian capitals: St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Scandinavian and Russian Treasures a complete and comprehensive tour of Scandinavia and Russia. Polish Capitals a memorable combination of Warsaw and Krakow. Baltic Impressions and Baltic Adventure combing the capitals with towns off the beaten track, like Cesis and Klaipeda, giving you a unique impression of the rich culture and nature in the Baltic countries. Baltic Biking and Baltic Hiking active holidays in the Baltic countries.

and more ‌


A manor reborn “It is the sort of place you instantly fall in love with when you see it for the first time�

Vihula Manor in Northern Estonia was recently been acquired by Via Hansa with the aim of providing a luxury and rurally located venue for meetings and events. The charming 16th century estate, consisting of two manor houses, 25 other historical buildings and almost 50 ha of land is located in the scenic Lahemaa National Park, an hour’s drive from Tallinn.


Vihula is currently being completely renovated. The first part of the estate has already been reopened as the Vihula Manor Country Club and Spa by Uniquestay hotels. By 2010, the facility will be a large resort with around 100 rooms and suites as well as extensive catering, conference, spa and leisure facilities. The exterior is being restored to its original design, while the rooms, suites and public areas are decorated in a modern Scandinavian fashion combined with original historical elements in order to give plenty of historical ambience and lots of modern functionality at the same time.


Because you are unique

Uniquestay Hotels present a potent combination of Baltic adventure, bold design and true affordability. The four city hotels have great central locations – directly in the heart of the city, assuring comfortable and fast access to all points of interest in Tallinn and Vilnius, while Vihula Manor in the Lahemaa National Park in Estonia is the perfect Baltic countryside retreat. Our aim is to make the stay of your guests as memorable and comfortable as possible. We cannot change the world, but we can give our best in making the stay unique. Uniquestay Hotels today manages five properties with a total of almost 700 beds: the 4-star von Stackelberg Hotel and Spa, the 3-star Uniquestay Mihkli Hotel and the 2-star City Hotel in Tallinn, the 3-star Uniquestay Centrum Hotel in Vilnius, and the 4-star Vihula Manor Country Club and Spa in the Lahemaa National Park in Estonia. And we are planning to expand further in the Baltic countries in the near future.


Von Stackelberg Hotel and Spa**** by Uniquestay Hotels

Vihula Manor Country Club**** by Uniquestay Hotels

Uniquestay Mihkli Hotel***

City Hotel Tallinn** by Uniquestay Hotels

Uniquestay Centrum Hotel***


La Boheme



Throughout time, La Boheme has been changing our lives. Originally, La Boheme brought to us the world of passion, love, style and intellectual freedom. From Giacomo Puccini to Charles Aznavour, the poor artists of Monmartre have been an endless source of inspiration. We invite you to share this feeling with us and enjoy at the unforgettable atmosphere at our La Boheme restaurants.

are planning to open another two restaurants in Estonia in 2009-2010 and we are looking for possibilities of expanding the brand further in the Baltic countries. The La Boheme restaurants are a combination of an upscale life style cafe and fine dining restaurant in a friendly, cosy, causual, yet classy, tasteful and elegant environment.

La Boheme opened its first outlet in the Art Nouveau district in Riga in April 2006 and it stands out as one of the best restaurants in the city. Due to the success in Riga another restaurant was opened in Tallinn in the autumn of 2006. We



Ipanema Rodizio A typical rodĂ­zio, where you can enjoy the cooking of the gauchos: the slow roast of their favorite cuts of meat, carved directly at your table.

Kaval-Antsu Talu Estonian folklore dinner shows right in the centre of Tallinn. The show includes a traditional three-course Estonian dinner, a welcome drink of a shot of vodka and an interactive folklore show with dances in national costumes and folk music. The Kaval-Antsu Talu is located in the renovated horse stables of the 1876 city estate of Baron Theophil von Stackleberg, offering a great atmosphere.

Every detail at Restaurant Ipanema Rodizio has been artfully designed to recreate the atmosphere of three hundred years ago on the plains of Southern Brazil.

Unique catering and events Full of refinement and harmony, Unique catering and events is a company specialized in catering-andevent excellence. Based on our team’s experience and professionalism, we offer a full catering service, planning and managing all aspects of your event, from your first initial idea to the final smile of your guests.


Baltic Sea hospitality Via Hansa is a leading inbound tour operator, destination management company and hospitality service provider in the Baltic Sea region. Via Hansa participates in Europe leading travel shows and Travel fairs. You will find our representative on the following shows and fairs:

Or you are welcome to contact or visit our sales offices: Via Hansa Tours Ltd., Jura Alunana Str. 3-1, 1010 Riga, Latvia. Telephone: +371 733 8638, Telefax: +371 782 0294, 24-hour emergency numbers: +371 2949 1038, +371 2923 0866, +371 2633 1190, E-mail: Via Hansa Estonia Ltd., Rüütli 13, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia. Telephone: +372 627 7870, Telefax: +372 627 7871, 24-hour emergency number: +372 506 5664; E-mail: Via Hansa Lithuania Ltd., Karmelitu Str. 5, 01129 Vilnius, Lithuania. Telephone: +370 5250 5281, Telefax: +370 5231 3017, 24-hours emergency number: +370 6992 1942, E-mail: Via Hansa St. Petersburg Ltd., Griboyedova Canal 89, office 1, 190000 St. Petersburg, Russia. Telephone: +7 812 703 4347, Telefax: +7 812 703 4348, 24-hours emergency number: +7 812 913 9501, E-mail: Via Hansa Warsaw Ltd., Al. Szucha 11B, PL-00-580 Warsaw, Poland. Telephone: +48 22 891 2813; Fax: +48 22 891 2814, 24-hour emergency number: +48 6009 69406, E-mail: Via Hansa DMC&PCO Ltd., Rüütli 13, 2nd floor, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia. Telephone: +372 627 7880, Telefax: +372 627 7871, 24-hour emergency number: +372 507 7232, E-mail: and balticvision Ltd., A.Pumpura Street 6, 1010 Riga, Latvia. Telephone: +371 6750 2690, Telefax: +371 6750 2691, 24-h emergency number: +371 2982 5015, E-mail La Boheme Catering Ltd., Jura Alunana Str. 2A, 1010 Riga, Latvia. Telephone: +371 6732 1938, Telefax: +371 6732 1920, E-mail: Uniquestay Hotels, Toompuiestee 23, 10137 Tallinn, Estonia. Telephone: +372 660 0700, Telefax: +372 6601 6176, E-mail: Vihula Manor, Vihula, 45402 Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia. Telephone: + 372 322 6985, Telefax: 372 326 4103, E-mail:



Baltic Sea Hospitality Collection

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