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Smart Mop- The Perfect Cleaning Aid Smart Mop is an amazingly functional mop in India that is made from a specialized woven fiber which has the capacity to absorb liquid nearly ten times its weight. To realize why it is a must have in your house you can go through the details below. Visit for more info. Smart Features Smart mop is named so because it does many more functions than a regular cleaning mop. While the regular cleaning mop wipes surfaces, the smart mop is a magic mop that can clean dry powders, pet hair, and human hair without spilling them. Further, it can be used on any type of floors including tiled, hardwood, and vinyl floors. How it Works? In order to use this mop effectively, you need to recognize its working method. The smart mop is a mop for floor that functions by: • The special components in it contain woven viscose fabric, which helps in exceptional absorption that is more than ten times its weight and without any occurrence of spilling too. • The alloy shaft fitted with handles is made of high grade plastic so that it is durable and lasts for a long time. • The intelligent lift and twist type of action aids in quick drying of the mop head helping you complete the work in short time without exerting too much. Application The smart mop has many uses in cleaning including the regular clean-up of the floor. The main advantage of using the mop is you need not sweep the floor, nor do you need to vacuum clean the floor before using it. The tip of the mop can be dipped in a bucket full of water to rinse it. A simple lift and twist using the hand grips provided will squeeze the mop and dry it efficiently. In case of cleaning spills, using the magic mop in circular motion and changing sides occasionally will take care of the spill effectively. Exceptional Features The mop is fitted with a 54 inch handle and is light in weight, and completely convenient to use. It has a wonderfully absorbent head that can clean any type of spill both wet and dry. Further, the long handle and easy maneuverability helps in even

cleaning the hard to access areas easily. The mop head can be replaced easily and the spin mop type product can be used on any floor type. The Smart Mop is a highly advanced mop for floor and easy to use cleaning aid that has revolutionized the way cleaning is done. Wet hands and backache will hereafter cease to be connected with mopping floors thanks to the spin mop. Being easy to wash and convenience of usage make it a truly magical product that any household should have. Visit for more info.

Smart Mop- The Perfect Cleaning Aid