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Cheshvan / Kislev 5771| November2010

Rabbi’s Voice

Rabbi Stephen H. Pinsky Dear Friends:

Many people are lonely because of unfortunate circumstances and our hearts go out to them. But others, I think, create their own loneliness. I know some and so do you. Let me introduce you to two of them. First, there’s Lucy, whom you’ve probably already met. In the comic strip Peanuts, Lucy tells Charley Brown, “I have examined my life and found it to be without a flaw. Therefore, I’m going to hold a ceremony and present myself with a medal. I will then give a moving acceptance speech. After that, I’ll greet myself in the receiving line.” Then she concludes, somewhat sadly, “When you’re perfect, you have to do everything for yourself.” That’s one way to assure loneliness. People give up on perfectionists, resenting the demands they can never satisfy. It’s guaranteed to turn others off. Now let me introduce you to Meshka, whose wonderful story is told by the writer Carol Chapman. Meshka was considered by all to be the village kvetch. She complained to anyone who would listen – from morning to night nothing was ever right. She complained about her feet which felt as though they were swollen to the size of melons, about her son who was lazy and sat around the house like a bump on a pickle, about her daughter who didn’t visit her often enough, about her home which was “a little box of a house.” One day Meshka developed a strange itch on her tongue and suddenly all the things about which she complained began to happen. Her feet became melons, her son turned into a huge pickle, her daughter didn’t recognize her and her home became a little box, far too small for her to enter. The rabbi, to whom she then complained bitterly, asked, “Did your tongue itch a strange kind of itch this morning?” When Meshka replied “yes,” the rabbi said, “I’m afraid you have the kvetch’s itch and it causes everything the kvetch complains about to come true. The only thing you can do is to praise the good in your life.” With some difficulty Meshka learned to do this, things returned to normal and the village kvetch realized that her life wasn’t so bad after all. That’s the second certain method of driving people away. Nobody wants to listen to a complainer, especially if they have developed the kvetch’s itch. But wait a minute, some might exclaim. What if I really am perfect? And what if I really have got lots of legitimate complaints? Perhaps we should introduce all the Lucys we know to all the Meshkas we know even though they’ve probably already met. In fact, they may have known each other all of their lives. Yours sincerely, Stephen H. Pinsky

From The President

Louise Marks

A publication of

Temple Beth Torah 900 Big Blue Trace Wellington, Florida 33414

I finally have to acknowledge the fact that I am an older person. It’s not actually a revelation. Rather it has been a dormant bit of data that I have kept submerged in the recesses of my mind; a.k.a., denial!

The month of November has always held special significance for me. I have always enjoyed the excitement of the anticipation of Election Day. Then, there is the anticipatory TEL.: 561-793-2700 excitement of planning for a family celebration of Thanksgiving. Now, as the month is FAX: 561-793-1072 E-MAIL: upon us, I give pause. Ever since I became aware of politics, government functions and WEB SITE: political parties, I would submerge myself in the process of elections, voting, speeches, “he said”. “she said” back and forth statements and accusations. The past two or three years TEMPLE OFFICE HOURS: have made me agonize over the bitterness and anger and accusations tossed about by politiMonday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM cal parties and their candidates during campaigns. I distinctly remember political oppoFriday: 9AM - 4PM nents referring to one another as the “loyal opposition.” That was a wonderful expression that said it all! It’s gone now. Today, we are presented with accusations, colorful descripRABBI tions, many vituperative statements spat out in interviews on television. Many of my peers Stephen H. Pinsky say: “I can’t wait until the election is over so I don’t have to hear this.” We have been blessed by abundance in this country of ours, and also the RIGHT to express our agreeCANTOR ment or disagreement with political policy in the voting booth. We worry about our Carrie F. Barry economy and about jobs; we still agonize over nuclear proliferation, I am thankful for the right and freedom to vote my choice, but I am appalled by the bitterness, the accusations PRESIDENT and belligerence demonstrated by political candidates and their supporters during the camLouise Marks paign of 2010. Whatever happened to the expression “loyal opposition”? VICE PRESIDENTS

Richard Lebowitz Philip Levine TREASURER

Richard Samuels SECRETARY

Marcia Weber


Jodi Kaufman

Next, there is Thanksgiving. This is my exciting anticipatory set! My family visits and our three generations mingle with our Florida friends for a wonderful celebration of our love and our appreciation for the opportunity to celebrate the bounty and joy of living in freedom. The cooking, the aromas, the congenial warmth of sharing and caring all blend in a symphony of warmth ad love. That holiday helps me dispel the pall that is cast during election campaigns. It is a joy to be able to give thanks for the opportunity to live in and celebrate our freedom in these United States. I offer all of you a part of a wonderful prayer that I read in the book: On the Doorposts of your house:

“God of justice and right, inspire all who dwell in our land with loyalty to the ideals of its founders. Give us the wisdom and strength to labor for its being, on the firm foundation of justice and truth, Fill us with the spirit of kindness, generosity and peace, that this land may be a beacon of light to many peoples. “ YOUTH ADVISOR Jamie Sistino B’ shalom. Louise S. Marks, President BROTHERHOOD PRESIPRESCHOOL DIRECTOR

Sandy Wilensky



Jennifer Goldstein Darlene Lebowitz SHALOM CREATIVE DESIGN

Philip Levine EDITOR

Phyllis Weinstein


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Cantor Barry is currently on maternity leave awaiting the arrival of her baby. Please be on the lookout for the birth announcement and information about the Brit Milah The ceremony will be held at Temple Beth Torah and the Barry Family looks forward to seeing you there

From the Desk of the Temple Educator

Jodi Kaufman

Where will your child be next summer? How about an amazing Jewish summer camp? Camp Coleman in Georgia is the Reform movement summer camp in our region. For 6 summers as faculty at Crane Lake Camp, 2 summers as a camper at URJ Jacobs Camp in Utica, MS and 2 years as staff at URJ Jacobs Camp, I have watched and experienced Reform Jewish children come alive and soak up their Judaism (along with a bit of sun). Jewish summer camp is a place where our children get to experience Judaism everyday, learn about it and test the spiritual waters. Exploring the woods, the lake and Judaism are part of every camper’s day at Camp Coleman. Each and every member of the staff from the soccer coach to the cabin counselor gives their all to make each camper feel special, loved and safe. The campers know they are safe, secure, cared for, protected, respected and adored. Camp Coleman is a sanctuary for our kids. At camp they can explore and learn about who they are as individuals. These are homes away from home where our kids find their Jewish selves. Every camp activity helps campers strengthen their Jewish identity and their self-esteem. The Judaic programming is cutting edge. All programming is activity oriented and takes place in the wonderful outdoors. What better place to teach about God’s presence in the world. Judaism is brought to life through the programming, the connection the campers make with each other, the staff and the Rabbis, Cantors and Educators who come to make the program happen. Enrollment at Camp Coleman fills up very early, and I don’t want our kids to be closed out. Talk to some of our veteran campers, their parents, the Rabbi, Cantor and myself. Give your child the summer of a lifetime! It will not be one they easily forget. Please join us on Friday, November 5th for our dress down Camp Coleman Shabbat service at 7:30 PM. We will have a representative from Camp Coleman there to talk about the Camp Coleman experience. We hope all of our Camp Coleman alumni will be there as well to help us spread the word about their camp experience. L’shalom, Jodi Kaufman Director of Education


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The Preschool Press

Sandy Wilensky

TempleBeth Torah Leonie Arguetty Preschool Studies have shown the positive benefits of family involvement in their children’s education. Children with involved families achieve higher grades and test scores, have better attendance at school, complete more homework, demonstrate more positive attitudes and behavior, graduate at higher rates, and have greater enrollment in higher education. Every research study on parent involvement conducted in the past 20 years has shown the same result: parent involvement increases student achievement and self-esteem. By their very nature, children are willing to learn. When interacting with someone close to them, children tend to try harder and put forth more of an effort to meet the expectations of their parents. Research has shown this to be true in large and small communities, from preschool through high school. Our preschool encourages family presence in all of our classrooms. Parents are welcome to read a story, assist with cooking or art activities, assist with special holiday programming, or lend a hand for activities in the classroom to support curricula. Every Friday morning, each classroom welcomes a different family to celebrate Shabbat. The “Shabbat child” leads the Shabbat blessings, provides a special snack and his/her family joins the other classes in a school-wide Shabbat sing-a-long with Cantor Barry in the sanctuary. The children look forward to this special day, and especially enjoy the opportunity to show their family the classroom, their teachers and friends.


November 2010 - Page 4

One of the highlights of this school year’s family programming was the Man in My Life program hosted on October 27 and 28. This was a wonderful opportunity for our children to share their preschool experiences directly with the men in their lives, whether they are dads, grandpas, uncles, or friends. We started the morning with a welcome, coffee and donuts in the social hall. A morning full of classroom activities followed. As they went through our daily routines and special planned activities, the children shared their school day with these special men in their lives. The day was an unparalleled treat for the children, who were so proud to show their important guests what they do at school. Over the years, we have also found this day to be equally meaningful to the guests who can see first-hand what the children do at school. We thank all of our families for joining us for this special program. This month the children and teachers look forward to the school-wide Thanksgiving celebration on Monday, November 22. Dressed in hand-made (by the children, of course) Pilgrim and Indian costumes, the children will celebrate by singing a medley of Thanksgiving songs while dining on foods they cook themselves (supplemented by VPO goodies). Parents and congregants are invited to this don’t miss event. Come see the holiday through the wide eyes and smiling faces of our adorable children! RSVP to the preschool office -7932649 Mark your calendar now for our preschool sponsored Holiday Boutique. More than 25 vendors will present jewelry, children’s clothes, adult clothes, handbags, holiday gift giving ideas, stationary, crafts and much more. The Holiday Boutique will be held on Friday, November 12, from 8:30 am -1:30 pm; and, on Sunday, November 14, from 9:30 am11:30 am. FREE ADMISSION! There will be something for everyone. There will also be plenty of opportunities to win wonderful raffle prizes provided by our vendors. Thank you to Vicki Buckstein for coordinating the holiday boutique and for putting so much time and effort into it. All proceeds will benefit the preschool. REMINDER - TOT SHABBAT FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5 – 5:30pm – Bring your friends! Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving season, Sandy Wilensky, Preschool Director


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Visit to support us online from 11/7/10 to 11/12/10 by entering Bookfair ID 10255644 at checkout.

Or call Jodi Kaufman, 793-2700 for more information.


. Religious School Teachers will be reading Jewish stories. . Arts and crafts projects.

Sunday, November 7, 2010 2:00 – 4:00 P.M. Barnes & Noble Wellington Village Green

Temple Beth Torah Religious School

Bookfair ID Number 10255644

Wellington Village Green

Barnes & Noble

Sunday, November 7, 2010

supporting Temple Beth Torah

Bookfair ID Number 10255644

Wellington Village Green

Barnes & Noble

Sunday, November 7, 2010

supporting Temple Beth Torah Religious School


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Brotherhood News

Doug Barr

It is an exciting time for Brotherhood. Our membership is growing by leaps and bounds. Our next meeting is scheduled for November 14 at 9 a.m. Come check us out and have a free breakfast on us. The Brotherhood is now accepting $30 dues payments online. Just click on the link to pay by credit card (tax deductible) and attend our free members paid up dinner at the Polo Club on November 17, 2010. Please submit payment by November 15th. Last month 30 Brotherhood members and friends of the temple traveled to see the Jets vs. Dolphins game. We had a terrific time tailgating, schmoozing, and one heck of a game. Congrats to all the J E T S fans. Missed the Jets/Miami game don’t worry, we are headed to see the Steelers @ Miami Dolphins Sun, 10/24 at 1:00 PM EDT Please click on the link to reserve you space. Douglas Barr TBT Brotherhood President


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B’nai Mitzvah Students at Temple Beth Torah

November 2010

Leah Hack, daughter of Diann and Stuart Hack was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on October 2, 2010. Leah is an eighth grade student at Polo Park Middle School where she is a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Leah enjoys shopping with friends, movies, reading, playing softball, music, and texting. She also has worked in the Polo Park School Store and is currently collecting donations for the Tri-County Animal Shelter. Leah shared her special day with her parents, brother Corey, Grandmother, Patricia Bernstein, as well as many other family and friends from near and far. Samuel Andrew LeGates, son of Jim and Sheryl LeGates, will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, November 6, 2010. Sam is a gifted Honor Roll student at Wellington Landings Middle School. Sam enjoys computers, video games, lacrosse, riding, reading and listening to music. He also enjoys going to see action movies with his grandfather and brother and playing with his dog, Lucy. Sam will be joined by his brothers, Jake and Max, grandparents, family from up and down the East Coast, as well as many friends. Jordan Sanita, the son of Ellen and Mark Sanita, will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, November 13, 2010. Jordan is a student at Wellington Landings Middle School. He plays intramural floor hockey at Wellington Landings. He also enjoys video games, music, and spending time with friends. Jordan will be joined on his special day by his brother, Dylan, grandparents Abe and Roz Sachs and Louise and Frank Sanita, and friends and family from near and far.


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2011 Mah Jong cards now available for pre-order in the Sisterhood Gift shop Standard cards are $7 Large print cards are $8


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Kinder Korner

Things our kids say Dear Readers, We have begun a new monthly column entitled "KINDER KORNER" welcoming comments from our religious school students .. A question will be asked monthly and students are asked to write their responses. Happy reading!! Phyllis Weinstein, Editor From 4th Grade Taken directly from their writings, without editing. (That was difficult!) Question: How does God communicate with people? Jessica S. – God communicates with people when he, well, he doesn’t speak to you like parents do but you know when he does it is the good and bad angle. God is the good angle. You know God spoke to because you know that was the wrong thing to do. That is how God communicates with humans. One other way is you just believe he is the one talking to you. That’s how God communicates with you. Katie S.I think God communicates with people by making sounds in the wind and air and when you hear it you know he is there. Sometimes you might not hear the sounds he makes. Sometimes you might not even hear his sounds that he makes. Maybe you don’t believe he makes noises. But I hear him. Do you? Elana G. I think God communicates with people by using his mind. I think he uses his mind because I don’t think God can wright because if God needed to say something quick writing would take too much time. I also don’t think God would talk because then other people would hear and that’s why I think God communicated to people through the mind so no one else would hear what God was saying and God could say the message right away.

Matthew G. God communicates with people by prayer or just by belief. God communicates with people from luck and bad luck to do things or not to do things. Zachary P. God communicates with people when he says whatever he says. God is everywhere. You can hear him wherever you are. Brandon G. God communicates with people by going to your conscience and telling them to tell you what to do or whatever he or she has to say. Micah G. God communicates with people by sending signs and talks to them in their minds. God communicates with people when they pray and when you are sad. Madison A. God communicates with us by feelings, praying and relaxing. The feeling is like when you are hurt you cheer up because God is with you. Praying for the sick so then God will help you. You will relax when you are in a fight because God and you know it is wrong. God is communicating to you in different ways too but listen to this and try it to be a good person to yourself God and someone else to live a good life. But remember God loves us no matter who you are! Ben S. God communicates with people by sending signals and signs where people will read them.

Jonah S. I think God communicates with people when a miracle occurs. Sure, there might be a scientific explanation behind everything, but God must be behind it. Even if you don’t believe him/her, God is within you. For example, when a baby is born, a miracle occurs. One of the finest examples is Tayla Y. I think God communicates with people by cosmically answer- the burning bush and Moses leading the Israelites out of ing their questions. God can also turn himself into whatever Egypt. he wants (such as a burning bush) to communicate and scare the life out of them.


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Kinder Korner

Things our kids say Noah Z. I think God goes into your body and becomes your bad conscience and changes it for a day and goes into your mind and talks to you all that one day and if God wants to can do it another time and again. I think people that care more than others, God goes into those kinds of people whe really, really care for all. Felicia P. God communicates with people if they do bad things. God might hurt you. If you get your feelings hurt, God might make your feelings much better. Jordana S. I think God communicates with us by telling us our rights and wrongs. God is our conscience but we are our own. God leads us to our decisions. Carly C. I think God communicates with people when they talk to God about sins they did also good or bad things. Then God answers them with words of wisdom.

Emily S. God communicates with people by controlling what you do and how you about if you do something wrong or right and he controls how you are and your personality and what religion you celebrate. God makes you how you are. Ryan S. God talks to people through your mind and prayer. When you feel the uh-oh feeling, that is God. When you meditate that is God. When you learn Hebrew, that is God. Faith H. I think God communicates with people because in temple we talked about and sang a song that was God is everywhere and when we pray. Also I think God can communicate with people because we always talk about God and how he is real. So he can communicate with people only if God is alive. Ethan A. God communicates with people by shining a big light on them and then he becomes a voice in their head.

Darian S. I think God communicates with people. When people think Sydney D. I think God communicates with us because you can hear him about wrong and right choices God speaks to them and says it is your choice you know . You know the right choice but in your heart when you are silent and thinking about him. you do what ever you want. That is how people talk to God or connect with God. Matthew D. I think God communicates with people by whispering to Blake N. Jewish people. I think God communicates with people at temple when we say prayers, sing songs and when we have meditation time at the end of temple. Sam F. I think God communicates with people by sending down angels. Elyse H. I think God communicates with us when we pray. I also think he communicates with us when we do meditation or Adam K I think God communicates with us when you say something silent prayers. to him and a good thing happens. Alexa P. I think God communicates with people by two things. 1. God does stuff that sometimes we can’t do. 2. I think God can communicate in the mind.


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Tyler K. God communicates with us by love.

Events at Temple Beth Torah

November 2010

Mon Nov 1, 2010 24th of Cheshvan, 5771 12pm Lunch and Learn Tue Nov 2, 2010 25th of Cheshvan, 5771 3pm Religious School Wed Nov 3, 2010 26th of Cheshvan, 5771 7:15pm School Committee Meeting Thu Nov 4, 2010 27th of Cheshvan, 5771 Fri Nov 5, 2010 28th of Cheshvan, 5771 Shabbat Family Dinner 5:30pm Preschool Tot Shabbat 7:30pm 3rd Grade Family Service Sat Nov 6, 2010 29th of Cheshvan, 5771 8:45am Torah Study 9:45am Shabbat Service Sun Nov 7, 2010 30th of Cheshvan, 5771 9am Religious School 2pm Barnes & Noble Fundraiser 5pm 7th Grade 6pm Mitzvah Corps Mon Nov 8, 2010 1st of Kislev, 5771 Preschool Parent/Teacher Confs 6:30pm Curriculum Implementation Inservice 7:30pm LLL - History with Rabbi Pinsky Tue Nov 9, 2010 2nd of Kislev, 5771 3pm Religious School 7pm Confirmation Class Wed Nov 10, 2010 3rd of Kislev, 5771 Thu Nov 11, 2010 4th of Kislev, 5771


November 2010 - Page 12

Fri Nov 12, 2010 5th of Kislev, 5771 8:30am Preschool Holiday Boutique 7:30pm Shabbat Service

Sun Nov 21, 2010 14th of Kislev, 5771 K Family Education 9am Religious School 5pm 7th Grade

Sat Nov 13, 2010 6th of Kislev, 5771 8:45am Torah Study 9:45am Shabbat Service

Mon Nov 22, 2010 15th of Kislev, 5771 Preschool Thanksgiving Feast 7:30pm LLL- History with Rabbi Pinsky

Sun Nov 14, 2010 7th of Kislev, 5771 8:30am Preschool Holiday Boutique 9am Religious School 11:30am "Book Talk in Mixed Company" Mon Nov 15, 2010 8th of Kislev, 5771 7:30pm LLL- History with Rabbi Pinsky Tue Nov 16, 2010 9th of Kislev, 5771 11am Hadassah Fashion Show & Luncheon 3pm Religious School

Tue Nov 23, 2010 16th of Kislev, 5771 Preschool Thanksgiving Feast 3pm Religious School 7pm Confirmation Class Wed Nov 24, 2010 17th of Kislev, 5771 Thu Nov 25, 2010 18th of Kislev, 5771 Fri Nov 26, 2010 19th of Kislev, 5771 7:30pm Shabbat Service Sat Nov 27, 2010 20th of Kislev, 5771 8:45am Torah Study 9:45am Shabbat Service

Wed Nov 17, 2010 10th of Kislev, 5771 Brotherhood Paid-up Dinner, TBD Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:15pm Avodah Meeting 21st of Kislev, 5771 7:30pm Personnel Committee 9am Membership meeting Thu Nov 18, 2010 Mon Nov 29, 2010 11th of Kislev, 5771 22nd of Kislev, 5771 Fri Nov 19, 2010 Tue Nov 30, 2010 12th of Kislev, 5771 23rd of Kislev, 5771 7:30pm Shabbat Service 3pm Religious School 7:30pm Monthly Board Meeting Sat Nov 20, 2010 13th of Kislev, 5771 8:45am Torah Study 9:45am Shabbat Service


November 2010 - Page 13

Welcome to our New Members

We welcome the following new members to our “Temple family” and look forward to their participation in our services and activities. Sherrie Rosen, Membership Chairperson Jill and Joshua Cohen Luanne Glazer-Cooper Susan and Michael Shaevitz Iris Goldson Lori and Mark Planco Anne and Brett Maybrown Nori Skalka

Mazel Tov To: Our B’nai Mitzvah:

Sam LeGates and his family Jordan Sanita and his family

Special Simchas: Shelley Sandler and Dara Sandler on the birth of their grandson and son, Trent Lee

Get Well To: Dr. Helen Garson, Neil Garson, Jane Gartner, Harvey Harnick, and Linda Politzer

Deepest Sympathy To: Syd Zimmerman on the loss of her mother, Jewel Tanner Roselyn Sisle on the loss of her brother, Louis Gidelson Jeri Scheckner on the loss of her mother, Georgy Scheckner Renita Reif and Heather Andrews on the loss of their husband and stepfather, Leo Williams


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Gracious Donations

RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Honor Phil Aronson’s 90th birthday

Joseph Ackerman Rose Schwarz

Beulah Taubman

Carrie Schoen & Eric Schoen

Roz & Morris Ball

A Happy New Year for the entire congregation

Frank Grbinich

Joel Zaidspiner on his birthday

Elizabeth Thal

Jeffrey Newman & Family Sylvia Skoller

The speedy recovery of Roslyn Luth Roz & Morris Ball

In Appreciation For Our High Holiday Honor Judy & Dr. Jay Knoller

The beauty of the High Holiday services

Sylvia & Albert Shoengold Lauren Gold & Seth Ernstein Sabina & Mel Dener Caryl & Martin Kahn Jane & Dr. Fred Shuster Gail Pasterczyk Sandy & Larry Bernstein Donna & Stuart Shoengold Debra & Todd Barron

High Holiday Honor and beauty of the service Irene Warten

The opportunity to worship as a family Arline & Noel Shevack

Use of the Rabbi’s large print High Holiday prayer book

Suzi Grbinich

Leo Williams

Henry Warten Irene Warten

Marge Weiss

Roz & Morris Ball

CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation For The CD from the Cantor Diane Marks

The beauty of the High Holiday services

Sylvia & Albert Shoengold Jane & Dr. Fred Shuster Sandy & Larry Bernstein Irene Warten

In Memory Of Henry Warten Irene Warten

RABBI STEPHEN PINSKY EDUCATION FUND In Memory Of Thelma Eisen Lisa & Rabbi Stephen Pinsky

Doris Appleby

Ruthann Palmer

Lisa & Rabbi Stephen Pinsky

In Memory Of Thelma Eisen


Carrie Schoen & Eric Schoen

Irene and Sheldon Chance Albert Chance

My dear wife Cyril Gold

Marcia Miller


Susan & Reed Kellner


LEONIE ARGUETTY PRESCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Honor Of The birth of Trent Lee Sandler Arline & Noel Shevack

HOWARD PHILLIPS FUND FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE In Honor Of The birth of Micah Aaron Berger Lynne Weinstein

LIFE LONG LEARNING FUND In Honor Of Alan Marks on his birthday Jane & Dr. Fred Shuster

In Memory Of Lucile Sapsin Stella Levitt

BILL BENDER CARING FUND In Memory Of Nathan Markowitz Bella Markowitz

FLORAL FUND In Honor Of Bea Sobel’s special birthday Muriel Zuckerman

TREE OF LIFE In Honor Of The life of Louis Gidelson Merna & Howie Berkeley Amy & Harris Clyne Bobbie & Herb Fichman Judy & Barry Kalick Beverly & Joe Link Judy & Leon Pinstein Elaine & Norm Pollack Miriam & Joel Ritter

GENERAL TEMPLE FUND In Honor Of Recovery of David Morse and Joshua Pitterman Joy Pitterman

In Appreciation For Our bimah honor during the Yom Kippur Service Arline & Noel Shevack


November 2010 - Page 15

November 2010

Service Calendar Friday, November 5 at 7:30 p.m. FAMILY DRESS DOWN SHABBAT SERVICE/ CAMP COLEMAN SHABBAT Members of our Third Grade will participate in the Service. November Birthday Blessings Saturday, November 6 at 9:45 a.m. Bar Mitzvah of Sam LeGates Son of Sheryl and Jim LeGates Torah Portion: Toledot, Genesis 25:19-28:9 Friday, November 12 at 7:30 p.m. “ A Jewish View of the Messiah” As the holiday season approaches, Rabbi Pinsky will speak of the Jewish view of the messiah and how it differs from those of our Christian neighbors. Saturday, November 13 at 9:45 a.m. Bar Mitzvah of Jordan Sanita Son of Ellen and Mark Sanita Torah Portion: Vayetzei, Genesis 28:10-32:3

Friday, November 19 at 7:30 p.m. TORAH STUDY SHABBAT The congregation will share a Shabbat Service of prayer, music and Torah study including the reading of a selection from this week’s Torah portion. Saturday, November 20 at 9:45 a.m. SERVICE-IN-THE-ROUND Torah Portion: Vayishlach, Genesis 32:4-36:43 Friday, November 26 at 7:30 p.m. In Rabbi Pinsky’s absence, Services will be led by Cantor Bill Wood and Dr. Alan Herzlin. Saturday, November 27 at 9:45 a.m. SERVICE-IN-THE-ROUND Torah Portion: Vayeishev, Genesis 37:1-40:23

Shalom November 2010  

Shalom November 2010

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