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Kislev / Tevet 5771| December 2010

Rabbi’s Voice

Rabbi Stephen H. Pinsky Dear Friends: One of our Religious School teachers once told me of her dismay several years ago at this season. In a discussion with her students on the meaning of Chanukah, she was shocked to discover the number of Jewish families in our community who have Christmas trees in their homes. She indicated to me that she was almost afraid to bring up the subject to her next year’s class. Chanukah’s deepest meaning, of course, lies in the affirmation of the freedom to be different – to maintain our distinctive religious practices even though we are a small minority in our society. That is precisely the meaning of the Maccabean revolution. Chanukah commemorates those who proclaimed their own special identity and destiny which they were unwilling to give up even at the cost of their lives, much less for the comfort of not being different. Allow me to share with you a portion of an interesting letter which recently came to my desk. “You showed me the Christmas tree you placed in your home. You thought I would be flattered and pleased. It is a beautiful tree carefully set up and painstakingly decorated, but I am neither flattered nor pleased. To me, a Christian, the tree is a symbol of my most sacred religious holiday. It has become, in our home, the mark of our Christianity during the season of the year when we celebrate the birth of Christ.” “I ask myself what meaning the tree has for you? It cannot be a Christian religious symbol, since you have told me often that as a Jew you do not accept Christ. For you, it must then be no more than a pretty decoration. How can I help feeling resentful when you take my sacred religious symbol and make it a mere decoration? And when I hear you refer to it jokingly as a “Chanukah Bush” I am ashamed for you.” “But most of all I’m sorry. Sorry for you. You mentioned “Chanukah.” I see some of my Jewish neighbors decorate their homes so beautifully in its honor. I hear their children sing pretty songs and tell the exciting and significant story. I am sorry that all this is so strange and foreign to you – that you do not give your children an opportunity to partake of its joy and share in its celebration.” “Many thanks for wishing me a Merry Christmas. As a really good friend, one of your best, I wish you a Happy Chanukah.” I hope that you and your family will celebrate Chanukah with song, with joy and, most of all, with pride in being what you are. Yours sincerely, Stephen H. Pinsky

From the Desk of the Temple Educator

Jodi Kaufman

I would like to dedicate this month’s Shalom to the work of our Madrichim. What are “Madrichim”? The word madrichim in Hebrew means guides or leaders. In our school we Temple Beth Torah have many madrichim in classrooms as well as in our office. Our madrichim are teen volunteers who spend time helping in our classrooms or in our front office during Religious 900 Big Blue Trace School hours. Many of you see them in our classrooms helping the teachers and stuWellington, Florida 33414 dents. Sometimes they greet you at the front desk or call with important reminders. This year our office madrichim will be putting together 2-3 newsletters for our Religious School TEL.: 561-793-2700 FAX: 561-793-1072 catching us up on the goings on in each and every classroom. They will be interviewing E-MAIL: students and teachers and taking pictures of our school in action. I hope you enjoy the first WEB SITE: edition of our Religious School newsletter. A publication of


Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM Friday: 9AM - 4PM RABBI

Stephen H. Pinsky CANTOR

Carrie F. Barry PRESIDENT


Richard Lebowitz Philip Levine TREASURER

Richard Samuels SECRETARY

Marcia Weber



Sandy Wilensky YOUTH ADVISOR

Jamie Sistino


Doug Barr


Jennifer Goldstein Darlene Lebowitz SHALOM CREATIVE DESIGN

Philip Levine EDITOR

Phyllis Weinstein


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Have a Happy Chanukah and wonderful New Year! L’shalom, Jodi Kaufman Director of Education

The Preschool Press

Sandy Wilensky

TempleBeth Torah Leonie Arguetty Preschool Each month it gives me great pleasure to share with you the many activities the children are involved in the preschool. This month is no exception. The children spent much of their time in November learning and preparing for their school Thanksgiving celebration. Not unlike our preparations at home, these experiences culminated with a celebratory meal to which family and friends were invited guests. Unlike the home festive meal, in the preschool, the activities leading up to the big celebration is where the real learning occurs. Creatively contained within our curriculum, the teachers artfully integrated activities about the Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock, Native Americans and what it means to be thankful. Under the careful supervision of teachers and volunteer parents in the classroom, the children measured and mixed ingredients, learned new songs and tempos, and created festive centerpieces and holiday attire. All of us give thanks to the VPO (Voluntary Parent Organization) for the additional food preparation and beautiful setup, as well as to the numerous “moms” in all the classes who assisted in transforming white t-shirts into child-made works of art. The parade of children into the social hall for the sing-along was an example of our ongoing parent-teacher-child collaboration. The beaming smiles on the faces of the children and their proud parents were a reflection of those efforts on their behalf. Our second Tot Shabbat of the school year was held on November 5th. The children certainly enjoyed the child friendly service led by Rabbi Pinsky and Carol Garrett. Special thanks to Carol for filling in for Cantor Barry at our weekly Friday morning Shabbat sing-a-longs and this special tot service. Our Tot Shabbat programs are open to the entire community. Watch for information about the next Tot Shabbat service and dinner to be held early next year. Thanks to all of you for supporting our many Preschool fundraiser events. The Holiday Boutique was held on Friday, November 12 & 14 and was a tremendous success. Kudos to Vicki Buckstein for coordinating this entire event, which directly benefits the preschool children. Congratulations to those of you who won the raffles! If you were lucky enough to be in the building on Veteran’s Day, you were treated, along with the preschool children, to a most memorable dance program of patriotic music honoring our soldiers in uniform. The children could not take their eyes off the “big kids” - the Royal Palm Beach High School Wildcat Dancers. Our sincere thanks to Michelle Blecher for bringing the performing arts into our school. With Chanukah coming right behind our Thanksgiving recess, preparation for the festival of lights has already begun. Next week the children will celebrate the holiday in their classrooms with delicious potato latkes and sofganot donated by the Sisterhood and Brotherhood. We are so fortunate to be the recipients of the generosity of these two groups and their leadership. We thank all of the members for their continued support of all our preschool activities! Preceding these yummy snacks will be a school-wide Chanukah sing-a-long complete with recitations of the blessings and the lighting of the Chanukkiah. The VPO will put their finishing touches on the celebration with small gifts for each child. The hands-on activities for this holiday will include constructing variations of the Chanukiah and playing dreidle. Besides reinforcing the teachings of the holidays, the practice and repetitions of the many songs taught at this time of year reinforces memory and language development in the young child. The dreidle game which the children love to play reinforces the miracle of Chanukah while introducing basic math concepts. Do you know a family looking for a quality NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) preschool program? Please have them call or stop by the preschool office. We would be happy to give any interested persons a tour of our wonderful school! Next month we will begin early registration for the 2011-2012 school year. Full-time, parttime and extended day options are again available for children two through PreK. Registration information will be available before the holiday break. Our best wishes to you for a Happy Chanukah! Shalom, Sandy Wilensky Director


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ws Temple Beth Torah Youth Department Ne You

th Group Highli November was ghts a super busy an d exciting month Temple Beth T fo r all of orah’s Youth Gr oups. Bonim started their Chanukah celebration earl They played Ch y at their Chan anukahgames, de ukah Party. corated cupcak All had a really es and had a bo fun time and ca ok exchange. n’t wait for thei to save the date r next program for Garinim and . Make sure Bonim’s annual Golf Event” on “Man in My Life Sunday, Februa Miniature ry 27! Chalutzim spen t a Sunday afte rnoon discoverin tity and buildin g their personal g their own pers Jewish idenonal teddy bear s. Temple Beth To rah’s 6th throug h 8th graders sp the Doubletree end a Saturday Hotel in Palm Be night at ac h Gardens where schoolers from they joined 100 all over the com middle munity in a Lock dancing the nigh -in. They stayed t away with the up all night DJ, singing Kara social action pr oke, completing ojects, watching cr af ts and movies, and mos er Jewish middl t importantly, m e schoolers from ee ti ng oththroughout the community! TiBToFTY had been waiting al l year for their schoolers partic annual Fall Lock ipated in Friday -in. The high night Shabbat temple all night S er vi ce s th as they spent ti en took over th me hanging out e with their friend December has s. even more exci ting events so make sure to ch eck them out!

? summer s i h t o d what to y options! g n i r e an Wond re so m There a

Upcoming Events: Garinim (K-2 graders) Sunday, December 5 Chanukah Party

Bonim (3-4 graders) Sunday, February 27 “Man in my Life” Miniature Golf Event Chalutzim (5-6 graders) Sunday, December 12 Chanukah Party @ TBT Kochavim (7-8 graders) Sunday, December 12 Chanukah Party @ TBT rs) TiBToFTY (9-12 grade Friday, December 3 @ Chanukah Lounge Night

camp? d even ernight v o camp an h t is h w e ig r J e g th ttendin ou find Save t ted in a n help y a c t ! n he Dat e e Interes r m e t h r t a h Dep ou get e! t y u o lp Y e e h Templ Th y to e n o m f e Be th so find ton T o r ah is h he many rael? ostn comw yo u t w o to Is o o g h s ’s o y t n t a t n i n g NF ent c W an h Cou m c t u a r o e a y B p e e r TY ST th D ael whe Hai, Palm The You R Y in Isr Gesher T m F o N r f o — from s eens t e t it r options o Y f T F rip March as deother N Israel t 25-27 tment h r er with a munity m p e m D u s , 2011 outh the Y d e n h e T p ! s can ! untry s o c m a e r h g t o out iting pr through t or eese exc h t f o hem ou ll t a k n c o e s h c tail time to e some g n u ethtora b lo le h p t u m o e t y the ctor@ S t o p by uthdire mail yo



Saturday, December 11 Chanukah Casino Night

t fil l o u e s a e Pl g Kaln i r p t he S g and n i s u o lah h r form e e t n volu an be c t a h t is ish t n i found

Jamie Sistino, Temple Beth Torah Youth Director — Alisa Adler and Mandy Rubenstein, Youth Committee Co-Chairs December 2010 - Page 6

Brotherhood News

Doug Barr

The Brotherhood held our free members paid up dinner at the Polo Club on November 17, 2010. Douglas Barr TBT Brotherhood President


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B’nai Mitzvah Students at Temple Beth Torah

December 2010

Stacy Rebecca Kappel, daughter of Rena and Robert Kappel, will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, December 4, 2010. She is a 7th grade honor student at Wellington Landings Middle School. Stacy is very involved in her school’s Drama Club, Yearbook Club, Intramural Soccer and Volleyball, and she plays the clarinet in the Advanced Band. She enjoys writing and wrote and co-directed a school play which was performed at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Her interests also include art and performance and spending time with friends and her miniature Schnauzer, Toby. Stacy is very concerned about the ocean and marine life and hopes to become a marine biologist. She is very pleased to be sharing her special day with her parents, sister Melissa, and many special family members and friends from near and far. Rafael Bernard Blecher will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, December 18, 2010. Rafael Blecher is a part of a three generation family at Temple Beth Torah. The generations began with his grandparents Ruthe and Saul Blecher, followed by his parents Michele and Carey Blecher, and his siblings Alicia and Matt Lutz, Alexa, Bryce, and Jesse. Rafi attends Wellington Landings Middle School, where he is an honor student. He is an avid athlete, and has played for Wellington Little League Baseball since the spring of 2008. His teams have won championships in both the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 seasons. Rafi is a very caring individual who will go out of his way to help everyone. As part of his special day, Rafael will be presented with the Tallit that his grandfather, Saul Blecher, wore at his Bar Mitzvah in 1933 along with the Yad that his grandfather used.


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2011 Mah Jong cards now available for pre-order in the Sisterhood Gift shop Standard cards are $7 Large print cards are $8


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Kinder Korner

Things our kids say On Sunday, November 7, Temple Beth Torah's 7th grade and Mitzvah Corps class were invited to a very exciting and special program. In place of class, over seventy Temple Beth Torah 7th graders and Mitzvah Corps students took a bus from Temple Beth Torah to the Palm Beach County Convention Center for a community-wide celebration. The event, which differed in Jewish communities throughout the world, was in celebration of prominent scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’s completion of his nearly five-decade long, 45-volume translation of the Talmud, undertaken to make the ancient oral interpretation of Jewish laws and ethics accessible to all. The Global Day of Jewish Learning honored that achievement by bringing together Jewish communities around the world in a historic, unifying celebration. Students from Temple Beth Torah were able to watch a live-video feed from Jerusalem of Rabbi Steinsaltz completing his translation and a message from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After the live video from Israel, the teens joined the community at an exclusive screening of “An Article of Hope.” "An Article of Hope," a one-hour film directed by Dan Cohen, is the remarkable true story of Colonel Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut, and the tiny Torah that he carried from the depths of the hell of the Holocaust to the heights of space. The film was moving, poignant, and powerful depiction of the experiences of Colonel Ramon and his co-astronauts prior and during the Columbia space flight. After the movie, the students were invited to a special reception to meet film coproducer Christopher Cowen, who began he career as a production assistant on the blockbuster film Apollo 13. Here is what some of the students had to say about their experience at the Global Day of Jewish Learning, on the film, “An Article of Hope,” and on meeting the producer, Christopher Cowen. “The movie ‘An Article of Hope,” was a very interesting movie. I enjoyed learning about the history of Ilan Ramon. It was interesting to know about his fellow astronauts and all of their diverse cultures.” Alex Refowich “I was moved by the history of Ilan Ramon and his amazing voyage into space. The movie made me proud to be a Jew. Ilan Ramon is my new role model.” Zac Mayle “The movie was about the unfortunate disaster of the team of astronauts from the Columbia Space Shuttle being lost in space. The move was a touching work that made me think of what Ilan Ramon had done. Ilan had lived for that trip – to tell about the little Torah that had survived the Holocaust and was a gift to a friend of Ilan’s. Ilan had served in the Israeli air force, given everything to fly to space and touch all of those he met.” Lindsay August “The movie was very moving and I found Ilan Ramon very interesting. He had a cool story and I am interested in the army too so him being a war hero was interesting to me. He was a great astronaut and air force pilot. I think he is the closest that a person can get to being perfect. Sammy Wortman “When I saw the movie, I felt devastated to see what had happened to Ilan Ramon. He showed his love for Israel when he brought things into space that meant a lot to him like the tiny Torah, a mezuzah and a picture from the Holocaust. After the shuttle exploded, I felt sad when they couldn’t find the tiny Torah. Ilan’s friend who gave him the Torah, felt good that the Torah had gone up into space because that meant he kept the promise he made to the Rabbi in the concentration camp during the Holocaust.” Jesse Schietz


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Events at Temple Beth Torah

December 2010

Wed Dec 1, 2010 24th of Kislev, 5771 Chanukah: 1 Candle Thu Dec 2, 2010 25th of Kislev, 5771 Chanukah: 2 Candles Fri Dec 3, 2010 26th of Kislev, 5771 Chanukah: 3 Candles Shabbat Family Dinner 7:30pm Shabbat Service Sat Dec 4, 2010 27th of Kislev, 5771 Chanukah: 4 Candles 8:45am Torah Study 9:45am Shabbat Service Sun Dec 5, 2010 28th of Kislev, 5771 Chanukah: 5 Candles 9am Religious School Mon Dec 6, 2010 29th of Kislev, 5771 Chanukah: 6 Candles Preschool ChanukahCelebration 12pm Lunch and Learn Tue Dec 7, 2010 30th of Kislev, 5771 Chanukah: 7 Candles Preschool ChanukahCelebration 3pm Religious School 7pm Confirmation Class Wed Dec 8, 2010 1st of Tevet, 5771 Chanukah: 8 Candles

Sat Dec 11, 2010 4th of Tevet, 5771 8:45am Torah Study 9:45am Shabbat Service Sun Dec 12, 2010 5th of Tevet, 5771 2nd Grade Family Ed 9am Brotherhood Meeting 9am Religious School 9:15am Youth Committee 5pm 7th Grade 6pm Mitzvah Corps Mon Dec 13, 2010 6th of Tevet, 5771 6:30pm Curriculum Implementation Inservice (Preschool) Tue Dec 14, 2010 7th of Tevet, 5771 3pm Religious School Wed Dec 15, 2010 8th of Tevet, 5771 7:15pm Avodah Meeting Thu Dec 16, 2010 9th of Tevet, 5771 Asara B'Tevet Fri Dec 17, 2010 10th of Tevet, 5771 7:30pm Shabbat Service Sat Dec 18, 2010 11th of Tevet, 5771 8:45am Torah Study 9:45am Shabbat Service Sun Dec 19, 2010 12th of Tevet, 5771

Thu Dec 9, 2010 2nd of Tevet, 5771 Chanukah: 8th Day

Mon Dec 20, 2010 13th of Tevet, 5771

Fri Dec 10, 2010 3rd of Tevet, 5771 7:30pm Shabbat Service

Tue Dec 21, 2010 14th of Tevet, 5771 7:30pm Monthly Board Meeting Wed Dec 22, 2010 15th of Tevet, 5771


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Thu Dec 23, 2010 16th of Tevet, 5771 Fri Dec 24, 2010 17th of Tevet, 5771 7:30pm Shabbat Service Sat Dec 25, 2010 18th of Tevet, 5771 8:45am Torah Study 9:45am Shabbat Service Sun Dec 26, 2010 19th of Tevet, 5771 9am Membership meeting Mon Dec 27, 2010 20th of Tevet, 5771 Tue Dec 28, 2010 21st of Tevet, 5771 Wed Dec 29, 2010 22nd of Tevet, 5771 Thu Dec 30, 2010 23rd of Tevet, 5771 Fri Dec 31, 2010 24rd of Tevet, 5771 6:00pm Shabbat Service

Chanukah 2010


December 2010 - Page 13

Welcome to our New Members

We welcome the following new members to our “Temple family” and look forward to their participation in our services and activities. Sherrie Rosen, Membership Co-Chairperson Nancy Freedman, Membership Co-Chairperson Lenora Assing and Louis Rosenberg Ann Sponder

Mazel Tov To:

Our B’nai Mitzvah: Stacy Kappel and her family Rafael Blecher and his family

Special Simchas:

Marilyn and Judd Brafman on the birth of their first great grandchild, Maya Paige Brafman and the engagement of their granddaughter, Alison Brafman to Andrew Kohut Elaine Baylinson on the marriage of her granddaughter, Morgan Frank, to Matt Segal Sabina and Mel Dener on the engagement of their granddaughter, Michele Gibula, to Adam Critchley

Get Well To:

Roselyn Ball, Dr. Helen Garson, Neil Garson, Jane Gartner, Harvey Harnick, and Linda Politzer

Deepest Sympathy To:

Lucille Rockley on the loss of her brother, Marvin Lerner Ronald Okon on the loss of his brother, Jeffrey Okon Rich Lebowitz on the loss of his father, Martin Lebowitz Eric Bakerman on the loss of his uncle, Joseph Bakerman Jennifer and Yehuda Konnan on the loss of their son in law, Jerrold Jacob Philip Levine on the loss of his aunt, Sandy Saccio

IT’S A BOY!  The Rabbi, Officers, Board of Trustees, Staff and the  en re membership of Temple Beth Torah  wish a loving Mazel Tov to  Cantor Carrie and Ian Barry  on the birth of their son 

Eli James Barry  on November 16, 2010


December 2010 - Page 14


Gracious Donations This year’s Kristallnacht observance Irene Warten

RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Honor of The Bar Mitzvah of my grandson, Jacob Gendusa Maxine Kossoff

In Memory Of Marvin Lerner Muriel Zuckerman Roz & Morris Ball Gloria Zakon

The speedy recovery of Roselyn Ball Joy Pitterman Betty Breinin Sylvia Skoller Corinne Ingerman The Bar Mitzvah of our son, Sam LeGates Sheryl & Jim LeGates The naming of my grandson, Micah Aaron Berger Sheila Phillips

Albert Ingerman Marilyn & Judd Brafman Husband, father and grandfather, Martin Lebowitz The Lebowitz Family Betty Breinin Ellie & Marty Shiffman Lisa & Vincent Gerardi My dear wife Cyril Gold

The speedy recovery of Harvey Harnick Betty Breinin

Joseph Bakerman Gloria Zakon

The wedding of my granddaughter, Morgan Frank to Brad Segal Elaine Frank Baylinson The birth of Eli James Barry Gloria Zakon In Appreciation For The recovery of Linda Politzer The Adler/Politzer families The friendship of Rabbi Pinsky Marilyn & Judd Brafman Ellie & Marty Shiffman The friendship of Lisa & Rabbi Pinsky Carol & Joseph Pomerantz

The Thanksgiving and Chanukah holidays Laura & Dore Teichman Irene Haas’ 80th birthday blessing Irene & Marvin Haas


YOUTH GROUP FUND In Honor Of The Bat Mitzvah of Ali Zaidspiner Jane & Dr. Fred Shuster

Martin Lebowitz Sabina & Mel Dener Louise & Alan Marks Barbara & Harvey Harnick

In Memory Of Martin Lebowitz Joy Pitterman Susan & Reed Kellner Alisa & Dr. David Adler

LIBRARY FUND In Honor Of The Bar Mitzvah of Yonah Simcha Terris Doris & Karl Fishman

TZEDAKAH BOX FUND In Honor Of The speedy recovery of Roselyn Ball Marcia & Scott Weber Louise & Alan Marks

In Memory Of Robert Selker Doris & Karl Fishman

The speedy recovery of Lenny and Kitty Kleinhander Sylvia & Albert Shoengold

SANCTUARY BEAUTIFICATION FUND In Memory Of Martin Lebowitz Jane & Fred Shuster Joseph Bakerman Jane & Fred Shuster

Jerrold Jacob Gloria Zakon Bea and Emil Block Jane & Fred Shuster

Martin Lebowitz Marcia & Scott Weber

Richard Silverman Norma Silverman

Joseph Bakerman Marcia & Scott Weber Louise & Alan Marks

2010 Simchas Ruthe Blecher

BILL BENDER CARING FUND In Honor Of Irene Haas on her 80th birthday Barbara & Harvey Harnick

GENERAL TEMPLE FUND In Appreciation For Our High Holiday Honor The Zeldman Family

The speedy recovery of Roselyn Ball Jane & Fred Shuster Arline & Noel Shevack

In Memory Of Martin Lebowitz Jane & Fred Shuster Irene Warten

CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Honor Of The Bar Mitzvah of my grandson, Jacob Gendusa Maxine Kossoff The birth of Eli James Barry Sabina & Mel Dener Arline & Noel Shevack RABBI STEPHEN PINSKY EDUCATION FUND In Memory Of Lila Blecher Ruthe Blecher

December 2010 - Page 15

In Memory Of Leo Williams Bonnie & Jeff Abrams

In Memory Of Marvin Lerner Roz & Karen Eismann

Lee Zimmerman Dr. Jack Zimmerman

The friendship of Barbara and Arthur Abrams Marilyn & Judd Brafman

Ruth Pinsky Bross Lisa & Rabbi Stephen Pinsky


The speedy recovery of Louis Frustaci Marcia & Scott Weber His friends at Temple Beth Torah The engagement of Michele Gibula to Adam Critchley Sabina & Mel Dener Arline & Noel Shevack

TREE OF LIFE In Honor Of The Bat Mitzvah of Stacy Rebecca Kappel The Kappel Family

December 2010

Service Calendar Friday, December 3 at 7:30 p.m. CHANUKAH FAMILY DRESS DOWN SHABBAT Join us for a Candle Lighting Service filled with holiday music led by our very own Temple Band along with Cantor Wood. December Birthday Blessings Saturday, December 4 at 9:45 a.m. Bat Mitzvah of Stacy Kappel Daughter of Rena and Robert Kappel Torah Portion: Mikeitz, Genesis 41:1-44:17 Friday, December 10 at 7:30 p.m. CLASSICAL REFORM SERVICE This Shabbat we will turn back the clock and share in a Reform Service as celebrated two generations ago including prayers from the old Union Prayer Book as well as music from the classical period of Reform Judaism. Saturday, December 11 at 9:45 a.m. SERVICE-IN-THE-ROUND Torah Portion: Vayigash, Genesis 44:18-47:27 Friday, December 17 at 7:30 p.m. JEWISH NATIONAL FUND SHABBAT We welcome Ronnie Porat, JNF spokesperson, who will speak about the current situation in Israel and the work of the Jewish National Fund.

Saturday, December 18 at 9:45 a.m. Bar Mitzvah of Rafael Blecher Son of Michele and Carey Blecher Torah Portion: Va-y’chi, Genesis 47:28-50:26 Friday, December 24 at 7:30 p.m. “ To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate” Following your traditional Chinese dinners, join us for a service of music and prayer and learning – better than a Christmas Eve movie at the local Cineplex. Saturday, December 25 at 9:45 a.m. SERVICE-IN-THE-ROUND Torah Portion: Shemot, Exodus 1:1-6:1 Friday, December 31 at 6:00 p.m. (Please Note the Earlier Time) A holiday eve service of music and prayer before you join your friends and neighbors to welcome the secular New Year. Saturday, January 1 at 9:45 a.m. SERVICE-IN-THE-ROUND Torah Portion: Va’eira, Exodus 6:2-9:35


Shalom December 2010

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