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Temple Beth Sholom

The Shofar Cheshvan/Kislev/Tevet 5780

November/December 2019


Reflections from Rabbi Klirs

This year the secular months of November and December align very closely with the Hebrew months Cheshvan and Kislev. By the time November arrives, the holidays of the Hebrew month Tishrei are usually already a few weeks behind us. But this year, owing to “leap month� added to the Hebrew calendar in early spring of 2019, the holidays from Pesach through Simchat Torah fell on later dates in the Gregorian calendar than usual, and hence Simchat Torah only concluded on Oct. 21 or 22 (needless to say, the Hebrew dates never vary). This periodic adjustment if the Hebrew calendar prevents the Jewish holidays, many of which are based on the agricultural cycle and therefore must be observed during the specific season designated in the Torah, from becoming unmoored from the solar calendar and observed in the wrong season. The other benefit of adding an extra month to the Hebrew calendar every 2-3 years is that this sometimes results in an alignment of the Hebrew and Gregorian months, which can also make it easier both to track the


Jewish holidays and to focus on each book of the Torah as we progress through the annual Torah reading cycle. As you know, during Simchat Torah, we complete the reading of the final parashah in the Torah, V’zot Hab’rachah, and immediately read the beginning of the first parashah, B’reisheet, or Genesis, as we celebrate the renewal of the annual Torah reading cycle. Jews worldwide read B’reisheet again in the synagogue on the Shabbat immediately after Simchat Torah, which this year was the last Shabbat in October, and continue with a new parashah, Noach, or Noah, on the next Shabbat (this year, the first Shabbat in November). There are 12 parshiyot in Genesis, and even though we don’t read from the Torah every Shabbat at Beth Sholom, I encourage you to read and study the Parashah each week, particularly those in Genesis which are read during the months of November and December. You will find in the descriptions of the Creation of the World, the personalities, adventures and struggles of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, and the endlessly fascinating soap opera on Joseph, creative attempts to answer many of the perennial human questions about life, such as: Why must we die? Is our true nature more animal like or more god-like? Why did God create us? Or: What is our purpose on the earth? Why is the human family divided into different nations and different languages? Why are childbirth and human labor so painful and difficult? What are our loyalties to self, family, God and neighbors, and how do we navigate conflicting loyalties or demands? What is the nature of our relationship with our family members, our neighbors, strangers, God? November also happens to be Jewish Book Month. Why not start with our original Book – the Torah? I encourage you to make Torah study a weekly activity. Here are two terrific on-line resources to help you:; › torah-portions


YAHRZEITS May Their Memories Be a Blessing November 1-2/3-4 Cheshvan November 8-9/10-11 Cheshvan November 15-16/17-18 Cheshvan 27 – Rachel O. Roman 5 – Mollye L. Harris 11 – Mary Halperin 28 – Alvin Harris 11 – Sidney Kellam 28 – Helen S. Silverman 11 – Jennie R. Macht 29 – Sayde S. Greenberg 1 – Samuel Costin 2 – Beatrice Hollins Berman 2 – Milton Greenspon 2 – Stanley Singer . November 22-23/24/-25 Cheshvan November 29-30/1-2 Kislev December 6-7/8-9 Kislev 17 – Simon Goodfriend 24 – Rabbi Benjamin Kelson 2 – Dora Paul Kaplan 18 – Isaac Hollins 24 – Jean Kushner 2 – Alvin Newman 21 – Steven Nakdimen 27 – Blanche Stern Bermann 4 – Esther S. Kahn 22 – Jacob Silverman 28 – Irving Melnick 5 – Mattie Greenberg 30 – Michael Friedman 6 – Benjamin Arthur Rippe 6 – Harvey William Sater December 13-14/15-16 Kislev 9 – Gerald S. Gordon 10 – Dr. Samuel R. Newman 11 – S. Harrison Kahn 12 – Mrs. Louis Kaufman 14 – Sigurd Navell

December 20-21/22-23 Kislev 15 – Fred Feibelman 15 – Hannah H. Schreibfeder 15 – Herschel M. Stendig 15 – Sophie Golub Stendig 16 – Babette K. Hoffman 16 – Nancy Koplen 18 – Florence F. Fuchs 18 – Adolph Kingoff 20 – Isabel Heiner Lipman

December 27-28/29-30 Kislev 23 – Jacob “Jack” Jason 25 – Ellis Halperin 28 – Nathan Newman

January 3-4/6-7 Tevet 30 – Julius Novakoff 1 – Shirley Levy 1 – Ella Friedman 1 – Jacob Cohen 3 – Michael Becher 3 – Jacquie Koplen 3

Temple Beth Sholom Donations Sam and Faye Kushner In memory of beloved father, Sam Kushner, Uncle Bob Kushner and Aunt Louise Kushner and in memory of dear friends Joel Singer, Sam Lyon, Bessie Klaff, Manny Levy and Skip Calisch Sandra Strange Love offering to Temple Beth Sholom Sukkot offering Rebecca Cofman Thank you for your warm hospitality Jim and Marcy Heffinger Our offering of thanks for the congregation: We love you all dearly. Charles Silverman Misheberach for Claude Farmer

Sisterhood Building Fund Contributions Ronnie Mand, 799-3434 Please remember the Sisterhood Building Fund for Sympathy, Mazel Tov, Thank You, and Speedy Recovery. The list is endless. Your contributions are used to beautify our temple. Ronnie and Steve Mand To Bernard Baker – For a speedy and full recovery To Mira Becher - Glad you’re back in your house To Sam and Faye – Glad you’re both on the mend



NOVEMBER Friday, 1st

7:30 p.m.

Shabbat Service – Rabbi Tracy Klirs Faye Kushner & Ronnie Mand, Oneg

Saturday, 2nd

10:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m.

Nosh and Knowledge Hebrew Study

Friday, 8th

7:30 p.m.

Shabbat Service – Sam Kushner

Friday, 15th

7:30 p.m.

Shabbat Service – Ronnie Mand & Susanne Singer

Monday, 18th


Sisterhood Meeting – Golden Leaf Bistro

Friday, 22nd

7:30 p.m.

Shabbat Service – Peter Howard

Friday, 27th

No Service Scheduled (Thanksgiving weekend)

DECEMBER Friday, 6th

7:30 p.m.

Shabbat Service – Rabbi Tracy Klirs Joan Fraifeld & Ronnie Mand, Oneg

Saturday, 7th

10:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m.

Nosh and Knowledge Hebrew Study

Friday 13th

6:00 p.m.

An Early Taste of Chanukkah/Shabbat Service Ohev Zion Synagogue in Martinsville

Friday, 20th

7:30 p.m.

Shabbat Service – Don Loper

Friday, 27th

No Service Scheduled


WITH OUR CONGREGATION Mazel Tov to Mira Becher – her grandson Josh was recently called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah. What love and pride you must have felt! Mazel Tov to Asher Caplan –his short film screenplay was selected for the Poe Film Festival in Richmond on Saturday, October 26th. Mazel Tov to Carol and Mike on their son’s achievement! Mazel Tov to Joan Newman on her 90th birthday! We hope your day was as special as you are! Joe Eisenberg and Melissa Laverack will be in town November 16-22 to work on their home. Watch for a Meet and Greet invitation…coming soon! Our wishes for good health are extended to Bernard Baker, Bonnie Brumfield, Carol Caplan, Faye Kushner, Patrice Kramer, Joan Newman, and Charles Silverman. We know that some of our congregants become ill, have surgery, or suffer an injury between The Shofar publications, so please know that we extend a prayer of comfort and continued recovery to those who are not specifically named.

BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES November Birthdays: 1 – Dovie Melnick 6 – Samantha Wills; 9 – Asher Caplan; 25 – Joan Fraifeld November Anniversaries: 1 – Harriette & Erwin Will; 5 – Susan & Hank Dufour; 18 – Melanie & Kevin Vaughan; 18 – Michelle & Robert Fryman; 21 – Bonnie & George Brumfield; 27 – Elisabeth & Mark Stanley December Birthdays: 16 – Steve Mand; 19 – Melissa Laverack; 23 – Danny Jason; 26 – Karen Harris; 28 – Lynne Loper; 29 – Jo Ann Howard; 30 – Alyssa Stanley December Anniversary: 26 – Faye & Sam Kushner 6

Message from Ronnie Mand, Sisterhood President   For the first time in many decades, Sisterhood will hold lunchtime meetings, at least  during the winter months. To kick off this trial initiative, we will meet at Golden Leaf  Bistro on November 18 at noon for a Dutch treat lunch. We will have a representative  from Haven (the local women's domestic violence and rape center) give us ideas on  how we can help this non­profit.  One of the arms of all Sisterhoods is to provide  community outreach, and with the closing of The Free Clinic, we are excited to start a  new venture with Haven.   Also at this meeting, we will decide which book to read for our annual Book Review to  be held in March. Members are encouraged to bring favorite selections and a brief  synopsis of the book.   We hope ALL temple members will continue to fill your Silver for Sisterhood boxes  and give your coins to Jo Ann. This is such an easy project, but one that benefits both  Sisterhood and the Temple.    As a reminder, please support our Sisterhood Building Fund; I'm available to take your requests by phone, email or text.   Wishing everyone a fabulous fall filled with good health and cooler weather.

WHAT’S HAPPENING in NOVEMBER and DECEMBER Just a reminder to be sure to pick up a calendar for 5780 – 2019/2020 the next time you come to services. Our calendars have once again been donated by Townes Funeral Home and they have it all…beautiful photos, all holiday listings, Torah reading schedules, and times to kindle the Shabbat candles. Enjoy!

We will welcome Shabbat together on November 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and December 6th, 13th, 20th. Nosh and Knowledge and Hebrew study will resume with Rabbi Klirs on November 2nd and December 7th. 7

We will have an early taste of Chanukkah on December 13th with Ohev

Zion congregation. What we need to bring and carpooling arrangements will be shared closer to the time. Be sure to mark your calendar!

WHAT WE DID IN SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER The Fall Holidays kept us busy beginning with a dessert social and our first ever Selichot service on September 21st! We continued our worship with Rabbi Klirs during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur when we experienced such spirituality and energy which made the beginning of our 5780 year even more meaningful. Our choir worked hard to prepare and their voices added to the holiness of these sacred days. Adding more voices to the service, most of our congregational family came to the pulpit to read different selections from the service and/or chant Torah or Haftorah blessings. Our annual Rosh Hashanah lunch was once again hosted by the Howards.. There was certainly more than enough to eat and everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to socialize. Thank you to those of you to added to our “feast”. Tashlich at the River was held on September October 1st. We recited prayers, sang, and used bread crumbs to cast away our sins. We hope more of you will join us next year. A big thank you goes to Ronnie Mand and Melanie Vaughan for once again chairing our fabulous Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast. Thank you also to all who brought food…there was more than enough for everyone! The Sukkot service and potluck dinner held on Sunday, October 13 th, had a change of venue due to mosquitoes and damage to the sukkah. We met on the deck of the Howard’s home in our creative Sukkah made of freshly cut bamboo poles, plants, and other decorations. During a short reprieve from the rain we all had the opportunity to say prayers, have a short learning moment, and of course wave the lulav and etrog. Our evening continued with a delicious meal and lots of socializing. It’s always nice to be together as a temple family. Simchat Torah was celebrated on October 25th. Everyone helped to carry the Torahs around the sanctuary as music played to spur us on. Paul Mandel read both Torah portions, the end of Devarim/Deuteronomy and the beginning of Bereshit/Genesis. Thank you to Peter for conducting the service. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you to all who contributed over $1,200 to The Boys and Girls Club, this year’s fall tzdekah project. We made a difference in the lives of many children in our community.


(Thank you to Joe Eisenberg for sending the link to this article. Read on…)

This Incredible Jewish Astronaut Was Part of the First All-Female Spacewalk Two astronauts made history today when they participated in the first-ever all-female spacewalk. That’s pretty spectacular in its own right, but it gets even better: one of them is Jewish! On Friday morning, Jessica Meir, 42, a Jewish Swedish-Israeli American, accompanied Christina Koch on a spacewalk outside the International Space Station. It was Koch’s fourth spacewalk but Meir’s first — and she worked her tuches off to land her first space mission. “I’m very excited to participate in the science,” Meir told JTA in the spring, before her mission began in September. “And also the other big thing personally, my dream has always been to go for a spacewalk.” During Meir’s mission, she’s conducting a number of physiological, medical, and chemistry experiments to dig deeper into how being in space affects humans. She’s set to return from space this spring. In honor of this monumental day, here are some fun things you need to know about the Jewish astronaut. 1. Not only is she among the first all-female spacewalk, Meir is also the first Swedish woman, the fourth Jewish woman, and the 15th Jewish person to participate in a space mission. Incredible! 2. Meir has been working towards this historical moment since she was all of 5 years old. She went to Space Camp for the first time after middle school, and she later completed a training program at Kennedy Space Center in college. 3. The youngest of five children, Meir was born in Caribou, Maine to an Israeli Iraqi dad and Swedish mother. 4. Although Meir’s mom didn’t want to convert to Judaism, the family identified as Jewish and went to synagogue at a nearby town. 5. Judaism is very important to Meir: “Personally I’m not really a religious person, but I think my Jewish cultural background is obviously a big part of my culture and especially traditions.” 6. It took the Jewish astronaut three attempts to get into NASA’s astronaut training program — third time’s the charm! She started in 2013 with eight other candidates and graduated two years later. 7. Meir never stops hustling. She spent a year preparing for this monumental mission, which included training in Russia and learning Russian, exercising on anti-gravity treadmills (to prevent muscle loss in space), and numerous medical tests. 8. If you could only bring three personal items to space with you, what would they be? For Meir, it’s an Israeli flag, menorah-printed socks — she loves novelty socks! — and a piccolo. The astronaut plays the piano, flute, and saxophone, but settled on the piccolo because of its small size.


THE EIGHT DAYS OF HANUKKAH (from The Jewish Magazine)

(Note: The words "my true love" can be replaced with the Yiddish "mein Liebhen.") On the first night of Hanukkah my true love gave to me Lox, bagels and some cream cheese On the second night of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me 2 Kosher pickles and Lox, bagels and some cream cheese On the third night of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me 3 pounds of corned beef 2 Kosher pickles, and Lox, bagels and some cream cheese On the fourth night of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me 4 potato latkes 3 pounds of corned beef, 2 Kosher pickles, and Lox, bagels and some cream cheese On the fifth night of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me 5 bowls of chicken soup 4 potato latkes 3 pounds of corned beef, 2 Kosher pickles, and Lox, bagels and some cream cheese On the sixth night of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me 6 pickled herrings 5 bowls of chicken soup, 4 potato latkes 3 pounds of corned beef, 2 Kosher pickles and Lox, bagels and some cream cheese On the seventh night of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me 7 noodle kugels 6 pickled herrings, 5 bowls of chicken soup, 4 potato latkes 3 pounds of corned beef, 2 Kosher pickles and Lox, bagels and some cream cheese On the eighth night of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me 8 Alka- Seltzer 7 noodle kugels, 6 pickled herrings, 5 bowls of chicken soup, 4 potato latkes 3 pounds of corned beef, 2 Kosher pickles, and Lox, bagels and some cream cheese For the Israeli version, substitute 1 Falafel ball , 2 spoons of Hummos, 3 liters of Tehina, 4 plates of salads, 5 glasses of eshkoliot (grapefruit juice), 6 bags of pita, 7 mouthfuls of ful and 8 greps(belches)


NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2019 Danville Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America - the power of women who do! Hadassah women not only raise money, they advocate too! And those of you who live in Virginia’s 5th District have a unique opportunity. Denver Riggleman, Congressman from this district (which covers from Danville to Fauquier County) has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Never Again Education Act (H.R. 943/S. 2085), a bill that would establish a fund at the U.S. Department of Education to help teachers develop and implement effective Holocaust education programs. Please call or email his office to thank him for his support of this legislation! As memory of the Holocaust fades and as anti-Semitic rhetoric and acts of vandalism and violence increase, it is more important than ever to understand how the “Final Solution” came into being so that we can prevent such genocide from ever occurring again. For more information on combatting anti-Semitism, you can find an excellent booklet online at Efforts to increase breast cancer awareness have been prominent throughout the month of October, and once again, the Hadassah Medical Organization is at the forefront of efforts to address this disease. Hadassah doctors have developed a method to quickly preserve the eggs of women of child-bearing age so that chemotherapy can be started immediately in the case of a breast cancer diagnosis. At Hadassah, preserving fertility is an important part of comprehensive treatment for breast cancer patients. The Danville chapter’s Angels of Mercy campaign will soon be drawing to a close - have you made your contribution yet? If not, please do so today! Your support is vitally important to the success of our major fundraiser that benefits the Hadassah Medical Organization. The Jewish holiday season has been in full swing and soon the “other" holiday season will be upon us. I’m not too keen on ghosts and goblins, but Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday of them all. And this year, as always, I will be grateful for the work of Hadassah, proving the power of women who do! Martha Woody, President


Angels of Mercy – This year’s campaign is well underway and we will be putting the Thanksgiving Day thank you ad together soon. If you have not already sent in your contribution, please let us know via this email that your check is on the way so that we will not miss listing your name. Remember, if you haven’t given in the past, this is a perfect time to become and intrigal part of the incredible efforts Danville Handassah makes through their fundraising efforts to contribute to the health and welfare of people worldwide. Thank you in advance for your support!

Birthday/Anniversary Cards – Welcome to our new Youth Aliyah Birthday/Anniversary card chairman Dawne Lucas. Believe it or not, Dawne also chaired this project when she was in high school and now she has taken it on again. Thank you! Letters are on the way. Be sure to complete both sides of the form and send it along with your check (made payable to Hadassah) to Dawne as soon as possible so that the January cards can be sent out on time.

New Year Card 5780 – This was a wonderful way to remember Hadassah family and friends. Our numbers increased this year and we surpassed our goal for Young Judaea scholarships! Thank you to Denise Johnson for continuing to chair this project!

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