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S L L E H S Summer Edition - July 2013 – Volume 1 The Southeast District of Tau Beta Sigma

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Don’t Stop; Get It, Get It


Strengthen Your Bond In Music


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Dear Shells..


Don’t Forget! NATIONAL CONVENTION 2013 (July 23-28, 2013) Springfield, Massachusetts

Top Story: SHELLS—District Communication at Best! How do we get our voices heard? How do we understand what is going on around us? How do we keep the confusion and conflicts to a minimum? All of these questions stem from the element of communication. With this in mind, here in the Southeast District, we believe that communication is KEY! Of course we can’t literally be in every single chapter room in the district...but we have something that can have all district council members talking to you at once. Your district council brings to you— the SHELLS! SHELLS is a seasonal publication produced specifically to meet your needs as a chapter and sisters in the bond. Get answers to questions that you all may have, whether concerning chapter paperwork or more specific chapter problems In every issue, your district council chooses one specific topic to focus on. Read on in this issue to discuss successful chapter operations as well as the upcoming National Convention!


“Say YES to TBS!” - President Hello Sisters of the Southeast District, My name is Belinda Baker, I am a soon-to-be graduate (August) of Auburn University and I am truly honored to have been selected to serve as your 2013-2014 SED President. There is so much going on already this year in the SED, with a lot more to come! So strap yourselves in and get ready for a great year!!!! Continuing an idea from late last year, my new motto is ―say Yes to TBS!‖ This applies to any and every situation… service, social, fundraising, joint relations, participation, and travel-- literally EVERYTHING! As we continue into summer and the start of a new school year, I challenge you to embrace this motto with me. Participate and make yourself available! The whole reason you joined this organization was to get involved- so just do it! Even if you are not a chapter leader, I hope embracing this new motto will enlighten and heighten your Tau Beta Sigma experience (I know it has changed mine!). This motto, ―say Yes to TBS,‖ brings me to my largest goal for this year- the SED Travel Initiative. I would like to see EVERY chapter attend at least one event with another chapter. This could include another chapter’s ritual, a fundraiser, a joint social, or maybe an SED ITB event like Honda Battle of the Bands! Part 2 of the SED Travel Initiative specifically involves the SED Council and YOU! My goal by the end of the year is to have every chapter visited by a council member! We want to know when you are doing well, or even when you are struggling. Stay tuned for the announcements of who is going where!

National Convention 2013 Shameless plug time--- This year, coming up soon is NATIONAL CONVENTION!!! And yes, I know it’s slightly far away. And yes, I know it’s a lot of money. But this opportunity only comes every two years, and as an active member, the opportunity to sit and serve as a delegate happens even less! I hope you will consider ―Join[ing] the Revolution‖ this July in Springfield, Massachusetts! My experience at previous national conventions are numerous, yet few all at the same time. If you are planning to attend this year, or know someone who is, you’ll hear afterwards that ―time flew by‖ or ―it’s all a little blurred together.‖ KKPsi and TBSigma National Convention is purely heaven on earth for a week! You will hardly sleep, you will meet the TBS ―importants,‖ you will make lifelong friends, and most importantly, you will be representing your chapter and the Southeast District! I cannot stress enough how much National Convention means to anyone who has attended, if you don’t believe me—ask. Reach out to an older sister; speak to a ―has been,‖ they will all tell you the same thing. National Convention is an expense you literally cannot afford to pass up! I hope to see you there! Thank you in advance for what I am sure will be the best year the SED has seen yet! I cannot wait to work with each and every one of you, in some regard this year! Until next time, MOTS o’Love, Belinda Baker 2013-2014 Southeast District President Theta Lambda- Auburn University

Questions or Comments for Belinda? Contact her at!


“Band Brings Us Together!” - Vice President of Membership Greetings SED! I am extremely honored to be your new Southeast District Vice President of Membership! I know it is summer, and most of us are not really ready to get back into the swing of school, but keep in mind, with school comes…BAND SEASON! And, let’s be honest…who doesn’t love band? As sisters of this wonderful organization, band is what has brought us together. Whether it was through marching band, concert band, jazz band, or small ensembles, Tau Beta Sigma made an impact on us through music. Personally, I cannot imagine my life without music in it, and Tau Beta Sigma has a lot to do with that. With that said, band season is when we find ourselves doing the majority of our service, but remember, we are sisters all year long, not just during band. You might wonder how you can do service or promote music over the summer. You may find yourself saying that it is just not possible, but I can assure that it is! You may not be able to assist the bands of your school like usual, but you can always see if your directors need some office help over the summer if you live in the area. If not, that’s okay too! You can promote music in other ways. Get potential new band members that you know of fired up about coming to your school. Go to a children’s home, nursing home, church, or day care program and talk to them about how important music is to you, maybe even play a few songs for them. People are impacted everyday by music, and we should always strive to spread its joys to ―the listening public everywhere.‖ Remember, just because it is summer doesn’t mean that you can’t have an impact on your band program or community. I can’t wait to see what awesome things the SED does this year!

National Convention 2013 National Convention 2013! It is almost here! Are you getting excited? I know I definitely am! This year’s National Convention will be my first as a sister of Tau Beta Sigma, and I am beyond thrilled. I cannot wait to be in Springfield, and learn more about TBS. I hope that we can learn some valuable things about strengthening our chapters and our district. I am looking forward to meeting sisters from all over the nation, the other councils, and of course, bonding with my SED sisters! I hope to be able to illustrate the strengths of the SED and to let everyone know about the great things that we have going on right now. I am a proud sister of the Southeast District, and I want to showcase that at Nationals. Through workshops and speakers, I hope to gain a greater understanding of Tau Beta Sigma as a whole and on a National level. There are many great things awaiting us at NatCon 2013, and I cannot wait to see what amazing things happen there! I hope to see you there! MLITB, Christa Hall 2013-2014 Southeast District Vice President of Membership Epsilon Alpha– University of South Carolina

Questions or Comments for Christa? Contact her at!


“Service Never Sleeps”- Vice President of Special Projects Service never sleeps! Who says you can’t do service when school isn’t in session? The SED sure can! Just this summer, we have already raised awareness to state Senators about the importance of keeping music in schools. At Florida Day, we raised over $130 for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation! Now you’re asking: what can I do to stay involved this summer? Easy! Raise some money for a great charity, go help out at a marching band camp, play your instrument for a nursing home, donate your old music supplies to a local school, teach somebody how to read music, volunteer to play your instrument at a church service, better yet, stand up at church and tell them how important music is to the young people in America. Go somewhere and advocate for music this summer. Then, once you do something this summer, or if you’ve already done something, let me brag about it on my Tumblr account! Send me a picture, and little blurb about what you did for music this summer and I will post it for you on my Tumblr for the entire SED to see! If you’re not following me on Tumblr, find me! My name is tbssedvpsp. Please get involved this summer! If you want to do something for music, but just can’t think of something, please contact me. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, my email address is and my phone number is 843-307-6256. So, no excuses, SED! Get involved, and have a great rest of summer!

National Convention 2013 I’ve never been to a TBS National Convention. I’ve heard so much about how great they are from all the sisters who have gone before. What I expect to experience based on peoples’ past stories, is that I will have a blast. I will spend my last penny. I will laugh and cry. I will be exhausted, and I will never forget my experience for the rest of my life. I’m so excited! I’ve never even been anywhere other than the Southeast. I’m flying for the first time to go to Springfield, and I’m a little nervous, but I can’t wait to get to Nationals and create some lifelong memories! I’m ready to gain leadership traits, meet people from all over the US, hopefully* fingers crossed* help my chapter (EA) win the Grace and A. Frank Martin Chapter Leadership Award, and lastly, get chills from singing the Affirmation with huge crowd of sisters. Nationals, here I come! MLITB, Shannon Matthews 2013-2014 Southeast District Vice President of Special Projects Epsilon Alpha– University of South Carolina

Questions or Comments for Shannon? Contact her at!


“Don’t Stop; Get it, Get it!” - Secretary Hey sisTAUs! The graduation caps are thrown in the air and spring semester is officially over! Is it time to let down our hair and give ourselves a break from band service until the Fall semester? Never!! The summer is the perfect time to continue your band service, without that eighteen credit hour course schedule and fall band season to slow you down! There are so many things that can be done in the summer. If you are in the area of your college or university, you can help out in so many ways! Help organize music for the upcoming season, clean instruments, organize the uniform room, the work is never done! If you can’t find a way to help out at your school, you can offer help at a neighboring middle or high school in the area. Unfortunately, everyone may not be in the area of their college or university, but that is perfectly fine. Work can be done when home from school. For example, I currently am working at a summer camp as a camp counselor. I have found ways of getting music appreciation and band out there to my campers in different and creative ways. Through chants, playing my trombone, hosting a master class on the basics of music, arranging music for a small performance ensemble, and more ways have kept me busy in music this summer. It can do the same for you! Just remember what sparked your interest. Remember what made you get into music once upon a time and go from there! Remember, SED: It does not matter how big or small the workload during the summer. As long as you touch someone with your work; that is all that matters. : ) Don’t stop service, SED! Just get it, get it! Please feel free to contact me using my cell phone number (770)-696-8676, emailing me at , or simply sending me a direct message on Twitter @sedsecretary! : ) Don’t stop service, SED! Just get it, get it!

National Convention 2013 It is that time again! National Convention 2013! Are YOU ready for this year’s week of refreshment? Sadly, I will not be able to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, but I am sure that I will get all the information and latest updates straight from all who attends! For all who are not attending, please do not get discouraged! I am sure there are sisters who will be willing to pass on the information from this year’s convention. For those sisters who will be in attendance, be focused and gain as much information as you can. There is so much that you will get from National Convention! One never stops learning. It does not matter how old or how young of a sister you may be. All sisters, young and old, in the bond of Tau Beta Sigma can gain necessary information from National Convention 2013! Just be prepared to be active, awake, and ready to catch all the information that will be thrown at you! Don’t forget that pen and notebook full of paper either! : ) Farewell for now, Ashley Williams 2013-2014 Southeast District Secretary Epsilon Chi– South Carolina State University

Questions or Comments for Ashley? Contact her at!


“Stregthen Your Bond in Music!” - Treasurer Greetings SED! My name is Sal Parillo, and I am extremely happy to return to the SED Council, serving as your SED Treasurer! I am a sister from the Zeta Psi chapter at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, FL. I crossed in December 2008, and I am a music performance major, playing the flute. Music greatly influences my life on a daily basis. Without music, I would not be able to understand ―A cheerfulness at all times…‖ for what it really means. I do not just mean listening, but performing, playing, becoming music. Without this, I would not be in my current major, and as any sister from my chapter can tell you, it took me a while to decide my major. Not a day goes by where I am not thankful for being able to personify music, give it a face. The summertime is a great time to strengthen your bonds with music. It is a great time to pick up your instrument, and have some fun, while doing what you love. Also during the summer, there are many music camps: some at your high school/local high schools, and some going on at your campus. This summer I have the pleasure of working with my flute professor at UCF, and assisting with her annual summer UCF Flute Boot Camp & Institute. Being able to assist with this great, on-going program is really fun, and a great way to promote your school’s music department, as well as advertise for Tau Beta Sigma. I hope many of you take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that the summer has to offer. They are always a great way to truly enjoy music. Lastly, I hope everyone going to National Convention this summer has a blast! Much Love in the Bond, Salvatore Parillo 2013-2014 Southeast District Treasurer Zeta Psi– University of Central Florida

The Treasure Chest: National Convention 2013 Do you have a yearning to go to NatCon? Is there no one else from your chapter going, but you really want to attend? Would this be your first NatCon, and you’re really excited!? Well, the summertime is a great time to work with your chapter and see if they can help you fundraise! The summer is always a tough time for chapters to raise funds; however, if there are a few sisters in town, why not make your chapter some cash? And why not split your earnings to help your way to NatCon? Did you know that they SED has about 30 active members going to NatCon, yet we have 39 active chapters we need to sit!? That means we don’t have enough sisters to sit for each of the SED voices. Also, we may not even sit every eligible sister attending from our district (Robert’s Rules about seating, ask Neil). So, if you want to go, talk with your chapter treasurer/e-board, and see if there is a way they can help you out. Also, a lot of schools’ Student Government Associations try to help fund students going to conventions (like NatCon). There are plenty of options other than the host hotel and flying. Network throughout the district, and see if people want to drive, take a train, and scope out the best price hotel. This year I am not able to attend what would be my third national convention as an active sister, and it pains me everyday to think about what I will miss out on. So, I highly encourage you to seek out ways to get up there, and make me jealous that I am not having a great time with you! As always, I am here for any sister and brother in the bond; please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, and concerns at Questions or Comments for Sal? Contact him at!


“Put Yourself Out There” - Parliamentarian To imagine my life today without music…well, that would certainly be a strange scenario! Music has been, and always will be a HUGE part in my life, ever since the fourth grade. I started out playing trumpet, because I saw my elementary school band (I lived in New Mexico, they do that over there) play and knew I needed to be a part of it. Ever since then, I’ve had so many incredible experiences that I can never forget, including learning several new instruments (seeing as I now play clarinet and bassoon), performing in all sorts of venues for all sorts of people, and providing the one thing I enjoy most to the people around me: great music. Outside of all that corny stuff, being in band has done so much good for me as a person as well, including the improvement of my punctuality, sense of responsibility, self-control, and patience, as well as several other things. That being said, at least I know that if you are reading this then hopefully band as meant as much to you as it has to me since you’re here now! Of course, we all can continue to promote music as we know it, even during these summer vacations. Personally, this summer is turning into quite a bit of a travel-fest, but I’m still making sure that I do what I can to keep music around me. See if your university has any summer music courses you can take, or go to some local performances (they’re out there if you look for them!), or perhaps arrange a performance of your own. Unfortunately it’s a little too late for this opportunity now, but perhaps in future years you can try to broaden your horizon and do something that may be outside of your comfort zone like the Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir, or a dance class or something. Put yourself out there!

National Convention 2013 On a different note, soon we’ll be having our next National Convention! It’ll actually be my first time going, but goodness knows I am absolutely excited to go! The whole experience will be a huge learning curve, especially on how we function as an organization on the national level. Frankly, I’m just excited to see everybody, because the amount of people who do what we do in our own schools every semester is astonishing, and not to be too cheesy, but it’s really awesome to know that this family is not just my school, or our seven states, but an entire nation’s worth of people. If you are unable to attend Convention this year, then I’m sorry, and I truly do hope that you can attend future Conventions or have been before, but we’ll all try to bring back everything we learn so that we can make this year that much better. Seeing as I don’t really have past experience of National Convention, I might as well ramble more on some other things I’m excited about! Back here at FSU, I have been Alpha Omega’s Ritual and Regalia Chair since the spring of 2012, so my inner ritual nerd (so to speak) is geeking out at seeing a ritual run on the national level, especially since I was my chapter’s go-to for the ritual that we had at District Convention this year. I’m also ecstatic to hear the NIB and Coast Guard Band play, because goodness knows those will be two impressive performances! Well, hopefully I’ll be seeing you all in Springfield soon, but if not then I hope you’re having an excellent summer! Until next time, Neil Bleiweiss 2013-2014 Southeast District Parliamentarian Alpha Omega– Florida State University

Questions or Comments for Neil? Contact him at!


“Share Your Passion!” - Historian Ever wondered how you could promote music over summer break in your community? Over the summer I worked at a childcare center. During this time, I designed lesson plans for the older children involved in our summer camp program. One of my favorite topics to discuss with them is music. I always enjoy telling my story of why I chose music and why I picked clarinet. As they begin to see the love and passion that I have for music, they will often begin to ask questions. I highly encourage sisters and brothers all over the district to volunteer to play music for children at daycares in their local community. Epsilon Theta (TBS) and Iota (KKPsi) visited my work this past spring semester as seen in the photos below. We played our stands music and fight songs for children between the ages of one and six and had a blast while doing it!

National Convention 2013 I can’t believe it’s almost time for National Convention. I am sad, however, that I will not be able to attend this biennium as I am out of the country for an internship, studying Sea turtles. I am looking forward to hearing about all the wonderful ideas sisters and brothers gathered at convention and all the exciting news to come from Nationals! MLITB, Bridgette Bell 2013-2014 Southeast District Historian Epsilon Theta– Georgia Institute of Technology

Questions or comments for Bridgette? Contact her at !


“Dear Shells…” It’s question and answer time for our favorite district turtle, Shells! Do you have a question about chapter paperwork, community service projects, and everything in between? Send your questions to and get those questions answered! Dear Shells, What are some ideas of service projects my chapter can do in our local community? Signed, Out of Ideas Dear Out of Ideas, Community service projects are an excellent way to give back not only to our band communities, but the local community as well. I have seen a chapter get themselves involved with some local service projects such as playing music at a nursing home around different holidays. Some have even played in children’s hospitals, at a daycare and even an instrument petting zoo! Other projects can include volunteering at food banks as well as holding can food drives. You can also check with your surrounding chapters to see what types of service they do around your community! I hope this helps! MLITB, Shells the Turtle

Dear Shells, My chapter is getting tired of doing the same rush events every semester, we need some fresh air to get people excited about TBS again. What can we do to bring back the excitement level? Signed, Traditional Boredom Dear Traditional Boredom, I am sorry to hear that! My advice for you is to try to contact other chapters around you and see what they do to spark interest in their band members. For example, I have heard some chapters include ―speed-friending‖ or group service projects for their rush week. Sometimes even just going to dinner and getting to know people can be great too! I hope this helps! MLITB, Shells the Turtle


2013 2013--2014 SOUTHEAST DISTRICT COUNCIL President: BELINDA BAKER Theta Lambda— Auburn University

Vice President of Membership: CHRISTA HALL Epsilon Alpha—University of South Carolina

Vice President of Special Projects: SHANNON MATTHEWS Epsilon Alpha—University of South Carolina

Secretary: ASHLEY WILLIAMS Epsilon Chi—South Carolina State University

Treasurer: SALVATORE PARILLO Zeta Psi —University of Central Florida

Parliamentarian: NEIL BLEIWEISS Alpha Omega—Florida State University

Historian: BRIDGETTE BELL Epsilon Theta—Georgia Institute of Technology

Counselor: CRYSTAL WRIGHT Theta Iota– Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University

Counselor: RENEE CARTEE Zeta Psi– University of Central Florida

Summer SHELLS 2013  
Summer SHELLS 2013  

The first edition of SHELLS, a SED Council Publication, for the 2013 year. Read here for information regarding summer chapter operations, Na...