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Canada Steamship Lines’ vessel stops in its namesake city on maiden voyage /3

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City approves hospital’s smoking ban /4



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Popular fall tradition back in full swing /18


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ALL ABOARD: MV Thunder Bay makes its first stop in the city it was named after last week to pick up shipment of grain for Montreal.



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Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

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INVESTMENT: Canada Steamship Lines president Louis Martel says new Trillium Class ships come with green technology.

Confidence boost New ship honours city with name T H U N D E R B AY By Jodi Lundmark - TB Source he MV Thunder Bay is a sign of confidence for the local port authority. The Canada Steamship Lines’ vessel was docked at Keefer Terminal in the city Friday during its maiden voyage and is one of the company’s four new ships. The recognition of the port with the naming of the ship is great, but Thunder Bay Port Authority board chair Greg Arason said the real value of MV Thunder Bay is the investment and the confidence it displays in the Great Lakes system. “It’s something we’ve been


wanting for a long time, to see re- history to have the name Thunder Bay and company president Louis investment,” Arason said. “I think this is a great day for us Martel said with these new Trillium because it signals there’s faith in the Class vessels, they decided to use older names. future for our system.” The ship comes with the latest The ship arrived with a load of iron ore and left for Montreal technology and uses 15 per cent less fuel and makes fewer during the weekend with emissions. It also boasts a grain. With Duluth, Minn. as a “I think this 9,000 horsepower engine. “The equipment was tough competitor for grain is a great day chosen from a green and on the Great Lakes, Arason for us environmental point of said the new ships from because it view,” Martel said. CSL means a commitment signals These four new ships to service the Thunder Bay port. there’s faith are a significant investment from the company “I think this is a great in the as CSL hasn’t built new signal the industry, the future..” ships since 1985, Martel marine industry, is behind GREG ARASON noted. us and we’re here to do He said it demonstrates a business and move their commitment to the product wherever they company, the industry, the Great want it to go,” he said. The ship is the third in CSL Lakes, the customer and employees.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Fines will only be used as a last resort CITY HALL By Jamie Smith - TB Source moke-free grounds at the hospital will now be backed up by the city. The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre property has been smoke-free since it opened in 2004. But the ban could only be enforced through provincial legislation if someone smoked within nine metres of the building’s entrances. The hospital asked the city to include its grounds within Thunder Bay’s smoking bylaw, something that was approved 10-3 by city council Monday night. Along with tobacco enforcement officers from the health unit, security guards at the hospital will be deputized in order to fine people caught smoking on the property. But hospital administration stresses that fines will only be used as a last resort.


Many councillors enthusiastically supported the idea of the hospital’s efforts to stop smoking on the property. Mayor Keith Hobbs said it’s an insult to sick people when they have to walk through a cloud of smoke to enter the hospital. “It’s a slap in the face,” he said. Drinking alcohol is also not allowed on hospital property Coun. Paul Pugh said. Certain things aren’t allowed out of concern for public safety. And while smokers rights are considered, non-smokers rights need to be considered too. “The objective of these policies isn’t punishment,” he said. Coun. Rebecca Johnson said the ban has always been there and that voting with the hospital shows that council supports health initiatives. “It’s going to happen ladies and gentlemen whether you agree or disagree with it,” she said. But other councillors took issue with an outright ban. The hospital said that it offers nicotine replacement therapy for all patients and staff in an effort to battle the addiction. Coun. Trevor Giertuga asked about terminally ill patients who


Council backs hospital’s smoking ban

NO SMOKING: Tracie Smith, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s communications director, said decision was made with input from staff and the general public. weren’t interested in stopping smoking. He wondered what those patients would do if they couldn’t smoke on the property. “Are we going to wheel them out to Oliver Road to have a cigarette?”

he asked. Hospital manager of preventative services Kelly-Jo Gillis said hospital staff would deal with the situation in different ways but it’s not clear yet. “It’s a question that we all struggle

with,” she said. Communications director Tracie Smith said that hospital policy states certain equipment can’t leave the property due to safety reasons. While patients are free to leave the property anytime, the equipment wouldn’t be going with them. “We would be working closely with our in patients to provide nicotine replacement therapies and encourage them to take advantage of those opportunities,” she said. Those opportunities will also be extended to staff, of which an estimated 22 per cent are smokers, and their families. The decision to step up enforcement of the smoking ban was made after consultation with everyone from staff to members of the public. Smith said this is what people wanted, for the hospital to be a leader in healthy lifestyles. “We listened to their input and that’s exactly what they asked for,” she said. As for the fine’s amount, that has yet to be determined. Council will vote to ratify its decision at a future meeting.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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By Matt Vis - TB Source provincial bill to expand the bear hunt in Ontario has the support of at least one area outdoorsman. The private member's bill is being introduced at Queen's Park by MPP Bill Mauro (Lib. Thunder Bay - Atikokan). The legislation is asking for the hunt to be expanded, rather than calling for the reinstatement of the spring hunt in an effort to have more solutions put forward. Northwestern Ontario Sports men’s Alliance executive director John Kaplanis appreciates the initiative, but has tempered his expectations. “We’re very happy with Mr. Mauro’s private member's bill, but we acknowledge the chance of it making it to fruition and seeing any return of spring dates for bear hunting is a very slim chance,” Kaplanis said. “However, what his private members bill achieves is pointing out to his government the very real need we have in the north for more intensive black bear management through hunting and we’re not getting that with our current fall bear hunt.” In the bill, Mauro intentionally did not make mention of either the spring or fall season, instead advocating for a general expansion of the hunt. Mauro wants to avoid the risk that the direct reference to the spring bear hunt would spook other MPPs from supporting the motion. Kaplanis firmly believes the benefits of a spring hunt far outweigh what can be accomplished in the fall.




to 44,500 homes.

w w w. t b n e w s w a t c h . c o m MATT VIS


APPRECIATIVE: NOSA’s John Kaplanis has low expectations around Mauro’s bill. “I really don’t think there is any better alternative to bear management than the spring bear hunt,” he said. “The current fall bear hunt ends October 31 and by that time many bear hunters have left the woods and many bears have denned up.” One of the main reasons Mauro cited in his bill was the risk that bear populations have placed on society. He directly cited public safety as a primary reason for introducing his bill. Kaplanis corroborated that belief, saying there have been more human encounters with bears since the spring hunt was canceled in 1999. “The nuisance encounters have not only gone up, but also the dangerous encounters,” Kaplanis explained. “Part of the rationale is that dangerous encounters are on the

rise, and we can’t shake loose of that fact. We’re concerned that somebody, potentially a child, could get hurt. It’s about getting the population down and reducing these occurrences.” Recently the city’s tourism department released a report detailing how the number of anglers and hunters travelling to the region has been steadily decreasing. With this tourism void in mind, Kaplanis feels this is another reason why the reinstatement of the spring hunt would be beneficial to the region. “Ontario is competing in a tough tourism market in all things, not just hunting and angling,” he said. “But, when you look at provinces like Manitoba and Quebec they host the spring bear hunt and they’re taking millions of dollars out of Ontario’s hands.”

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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Smokers to blame here really shouldn’t be a debate surrounding a smoking ban on hospital property. On Monday, city council approved 10-3 to include the entire property of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in the city’s smoking bylaw. The hospital’s property has been designated smoke-free since 2004, but before Monday’s vote the hospital could only enforce its smoke-free rules if people were smoking within nine metres of the building’s entrance. Many are calling the ban extreme. Those criticisms are justified. But blaming hospital administration or city council for being too heavy handed lets the real culprits off the hook. Who are these real culprits? The smokers. Not all smokers though. Just the smokers who decided the comfort of fellow hospital patients entering and exiting the facility came second to their desire to light up. Just the smokers who believe their butts are exempt from the litter laws that force pop cans and sandwich bags into garbage cans. Just the smokers who believe, despite rules, they shouldn’t have to inconvenience themselves with a 10-metre walk for a dart. Had non-smokers with allergies, or asthma patients, not been forced to walk the gauntlet of tobacco smoke at the hospital’s entrance, then perhaps heavyhanded smoking bans could be left alone. But too many smokers couldn’t respect their peers, so council was forced to include that respect in a municipal bylaw.


C O N TAC T U S : 87 North Hill Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7A 5V6 Ph: 807-346-2600 • Fax: 807-345-9923 Editor: Leith Dunick 346-2650 Reporter: Jodi Lundmark 346-3558 Web Manager: Scott Paradis 346-2527 Web Reporter: Jamie Smith 346-2591 Web Reporter: Matt Vis 346-2622 Production: Pepper O’Connor 346-2598 Jennifer Chicoine 346-2599 Sales Manager: Kathy Harris 346-2510 Advertising Policy: Ad adjustment for error is limited to the cost of that portion of the ad where the error occurred. Member of: Canadian Community Newspaper Association & Ontario Community Newspaper Association. Thunder Bay Source is published every Friday by T.Bay Post Inc. © Copyright No. 343384.

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Layoffs not surprising To the editor: n response to the Bombardier layoff that happened in July, this is not surprising since they are leaving and closing for Mexico. Cheaper labour and no voices. My brother worked at Bombardier as a metal fabricator for 20 years, and had to leave since he became very ill. He has industrial disease from all the toxic metals in his body. Be careful what you ask for since there is no protection from this toxic environment. Bombardier will test for drugs and alcohol but not for metals. It will not serve them to do so as the workers would all test positive. So what do these people have to do to stay protected? Safety should be the number one concern, but we all know it is the corporate greed that matters. This isn’t a third world country, and wake up people, this could happen to one of your loved ones. So at what cost is transportation so important when people are sick and dying daily to build your subway cars?


Linda Ambrose, Thunder Bay

Focus on forestry, veterans FROM THE HOUSE

extremely damaging and unfair subsidies in the U.S., which allowed American producers to undercut Canadian producers on the open was recently happy to accept two market for pulp by as much as 40 per cent for years. new responsibilities in Ottawa. Today, as Canada’s forestry Following the New Democrat caucus retreat last week I was asked industry recovers and moves by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to serve forward, the job is a little different. The Harper government’s handsas our Critic for Forestry and to sit as off approach to Canada’s a member of the Veterans forestry industry has hurt Affairs Committee. Canadian firms and It has been some time unfairly tilted the playing since I last served as the field towards foreign New Democrat Critic for competitors. Forestry and a lot has Harper’s inaction on the changed in the meantime. forestry file has forced During my last tenure the Canadian companies, many most pressing issues facing of which entered restructhe industry were a turing or bankruptcy under collapse in demand for JOHN RAFFERTY his watch, to essentially most wood products (from building materials to pulp and rebuild the sector alone. I believe that our federal governpaper), the closure of more than two dozen mills across the country and ment could have implemented a an average loss of 10,000 jobs per strategy to assist companies in their year in the forestry sector across search for new products to bring to Canada since the Harper market (ie: biofuels, biopharmaceuticals) and could have helped Conservatives came to power. Those economic hurdles have forestry dependent communities – of gradually receded with the resur- which there are more than 200 gence of housing demand in the across Canada – stabilize their local United States and the expiry of some economies during the decade long By John Rafferty MPP, Thunder Bay-Rainy River


downturn, and position them to diversify as demand rebounds. It’s still early days yet, but I will be working to hold the Harper government to account for their mistakes on the forestry file and to help Tom and all New Democrats put forward a responsible and sustainable plan to help our forestry industry, communities, and families moving forward. My other new assignment, sitting as one of three New Democrat MPs on the Veterans’ Affairs committee, is also exciting.

Deserve thanks Canada’s veterans deserve our thanks and recognition for their service, but also our respect and support once that service ends. Most Canadians and all New Democrats would agree with that statement, so I see my role on this committee as being one of an advocate for veterans across Canada and in our riding. Ensuring that veterans have adequate access to health and pension benefits while receiving other forms of support that they deserve will be our primary task as the committee examines legislation

and undertakes various studies moving forward. Improving the lives of Canadian veterans is something that many of us care about, even a majority of Conservative and Liberal MPs, so I am hopeful that the tone of our committee work will prove to be cooperative, constructive and in the interests of those we all serve. As for my other files, I will remain on as the New Democrat Critic for FedNor, which I feel is a very important economic file for our region, but I will be replaced on the Public Safety and National Security committee by another New Democrat. It is also worth noting that all of my Private Members’ Bills and motions presently before parliament will continue to remain following prorogation. So as you can see I am quite excited to have been asked to take on these new roles by Tom in Ottawa. There is no shortage of work waiting for me when the House resumes sitting on Oct. 16 and as always I will do my best to keep you up to date on how that work is going on a weekly basis.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

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A glass half full By J.R. Shermack Special to TB Source read the news today and a panel of leading climatologists has ambiguously declared that humans are probably partly responsible for global warming. At the same time I thought I heard a resounding chorus of “Who cares?” from concerned citizens around the world. Tell us something we don’t already probably know. It doesn’t really matter who’s turning up the heat if you are one of the lobsters in the pot, waiting for the water to boil. We get it – Earth can expect severe weather, high temperatures and all kinds of nasty stuff for the next few centuries or so. These scare tactics are getting a little old. In fact, all the alarming predictions have desensitized many of us to the entire issue. Global warming has become a global bummer that we are just tired of hearing about. If we’re going to tackle this thing head on, the spin doctors need to generate some genuine enthusiasm. Don’t they have anything good to say about the situation? Canadians are the luckiest people in the world in many ways and we don’t care for bad news. That’s why I decided to look on the positive side of the imminent death, destruction and devastation predicted by the experts. First, and most importantly for citizens living in Northwestern


Ontario, higher temperatures mean mountains to get even taller as they lower heating bills. Nothing wrong rebound from the weight of the ice and snow. with that. One optimistic scientist predicts In fact, global warming might have positive effects on all that greenhouse gases might be northern regions of the planet able to delay or even prevent the including Russia, Scandinavia and coming of the next ice age. That would be a blessing for most Canada. For one thing, rising temperatures Canadians although five mile thick means that fewer vulnerable and ice sheets could be a boon for the disadvantaged people will freeze to national bobsled team. Wealthy countries like Canada death during the winter months. Unfortunately this benefit may be don’t seem to be concerned. Our country is huge, rich and offset by the increased number of people who expire from heat- underpopulated with vast natural related causes and air conditioner resources and a good chunk of the world’s fresh water. malfunctions. With warmer temperatures our But on the other side there will be many economic opportunities in forests will become more productive and new species will air conditioner sales and expand north into the repair. tundra. Clearly, global warming “Some The oceans will is a glass half empty/glass scientists are continue to rise but most half full kind of deal. predicting of Canada’s coastal areas On one hand, rising are uninhabited. Here in ocean levels will flood huge global Thunder Bay we’re high low lying coastal areas but changes we and dry (183 metres on the other, many territocould never above sea level). rial disputes will be imagine.” Whether your glass is resolved. half empty or half full and For example, India and whatever global warming Pakistan argued over the ownership of Moore Island in the throws our way, Canadians are poised to benefit from this global Bay of Bengal for years. But now that the island is disaster. As temperatures rise we can just completely submerged there is nothing to fight about except turn on our air conditioners and cool off with a refreshing drink of seaweed and tropical fish. Some scientists are predicting water. That will be cold comfort while huge global changes we could most of the planet slowly sizzles never imagine. Once the glaciers melt we can and simmers until it is done like expect some of the world’s tallest dinner.



PROUD: Hundreds of people packed McGillivray Square outside City Hall last Wednesday with painted faces, flags in hand and raised voices as they celebrated Franco-Ontarian Day.


Baptist church riginally a Baptist church this building at the corner of Cumberland and Van Norman Streets was purchased in 1907 by George Taney and became Port Arthur’s first privately owned theatre, the Luna. The structure was demolished in the early 1930s. It was not until the 1980s when the present building appeared housing, most recently, Everest College.


etters to the editor are most welcome. Those kept to 350 words or less have priority.


The Thunder Bay Source reserves the right to edit submissions for content and clarity. All attempts will be made to preserve the core argument of the author.

Address them to: Thunder Bay Source 87 North Hill Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 5V6 Fax: 345-9923 Email: Visit our website:



VOICE City Council has approved an expansion of the Thunder Bay Country Club condominium project. Do you support the decision?











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Thursday, October 3, 2013


THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY Food Drive was a HUGE Success! To date, over 7.5 tons of food & over seven thousand dollars has been collected.



If you missed the Food drive, you can still donate food items and cash to help the 40+ member food banks involved in feeding our hungry neighbours. Just visit

A somber reminder POLICE

By Matt Vis - TB Source hen J.P. Levesque participates in remembrance ceremonies he is reminded not only of officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, but of the daily perils policing presents. Members of police forces all across Canada commemorated the National Memorial Day for police and peace officers, with Thunder Bay holding a parade followed by a service at St. Paul’s Anglican Church on Sunday. Levesque, the chief of the Thunder Bay Police, said the ceremonies remind not only the officers but the public as well that members of police forces are always putting their lives at risk. “We’re not only here to honour those that have died in the last 12 months in giving their lives but it serves as a way to remember that policing is inherently dangerous,” Levesque said. “You really have to be particularly careful when you’re out dealing with any situation. I think it’s important it serves that purpose as a reminder as well.” The city police were joined by members of the Ontario Provincial Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Nishnawbe-Aski Police. Officers of the different forces united under a colour guard and followed it through the McKellar ward from the Provincial Court on Arthur Street to the cathedral by the old McKellar Hospital on Ridgeway Street.




IN MEMORIAM: Police marched in honour of fallen officers Sunday in the city. Marching under the colour guard is bittersweet, Levesque described. “It’s a very solemn occasion but I can’t help but be proud,” he said. “When we walk by the intersections and see our people saluting the flags as they go by and watching the columns march in order, it’s a solemn occasion but also a very proud moment for me and I’m sure the rest of the members of the force." One source of reflection is for the late Const. John Stephen Kusznier, who was killed in the line of duty 35 years ago following a shooting in a hotel parking lot. Among those waiting on hand at the cathedral were Thunder Bay mayor Keith Hobbs, himself a former police officer, as well as Thunder Bay-Superior North MPP Michael Gravelle, who said he never misses a police remembrance ceremony. “It’s almost impossible to find the

words to thank the police forces all across the province but especially here in Thunder Bay, and thank them for the tremendous service they give,” Gravelle said. “Every day they put their lives on the line, and having an opportunity to pay tribute and respect to them that are out there every day deserve very much our respect.” Members of the public flanked the parade route to pay their respects to the officers, and many were gathered at the end of the procession. Levesque said seeing the community presence shows the recent efforts of the force to become better in touch with the public. “It was nice to see people along the parade route, and I think we’re certainly trying to move forward in our relations with the community, and improving relations in the community,” Levesque said.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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FedNor invests in the region $1 million for Whalen Building upgrades included in funding announcement POLITICS By Jamie Smith - TB Source local landmark is getting a milliondollar upgrade to help attract business and, the federal government hopes, create jobs. On Friday FedNor announced more than $3 million in funding for 14 projects in Thunder Bay and throughout the region, including $1 million to renovate commercial space inside the Whalen Building. MP Greg Rickford (Con., Kenora) said FedNor wants to see jobs, growth and prosperity in the North. “We’ve been focusing on the support that emphasizes job creation for the project and it leads to sustainable jobs after that,” he said after making the


Thunder Bay. announcement at the Victoria Inn. “We’re going to keep going after those Mayor Keith Hobbs said the city is tourism venues,” Hobbs said. excited about the announcement. That includes the proposed Renovating the Whalen Buildevents centre, which Hobbs told ing, along with the proposed Rickford the city has an applicaevents centre and a potential tion in to FedNor for right now. move by the art gallery to the “I don’t speculate on applicawaterfront and the new law tions that our good folks at school all mean good things for FedNor are doing their due dilithe city’s North side. gence on,” Rickford told the “We’re seeing people move media. in...we’re building our downtown Thunder Bay Ventures received core to be a vibrant core,” Hobbs $927,500 to give small busisaid. GREG RICKFORD nesses access to capital while “The city is booming and it’s Whitesand First Nation got more than because of announcements like this.” The city got another $500,000 from $330,000 to complete an engineering and FedNor to upgrade the Delany Arena in environmental assessment study for a an attempt to boost sports tourism in power plant.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013


NOTICE OF CERTIFICATION - THUNDER BAY FLOOD CLASS ACTION This notice is directed to all class members as described below. This notice may affect your rights. Please read carefully. An action is pending in the Ontario court seeking damages and other relief on behalf of the following classes (“Class Members”): Subclass I (“Residents”): All persons (including insured claims and subrogated interests and uninsured claims) who owned or occupied property on or after May 28, 2012 that was flooded as a result of the May 28, 2012 Plant failure; and Subclass II (“FLA Claimants”): Those persons, including minors, who suffered the loss of guidance, care and companionship of any of their family members, which family members were Residents, or who incurred out of pocket expenses for the benefit of or to visit any of the said family members or who provided nursing, housekeeping or other services for any of the said family members as a result of their injuries arising out of the May 28, 2012 flooding.

OPT OUTS Any Class Member who DOES NOT wish to participate in the class action as certified must do so by sending a written notice on or before November 22, 2013 to:

WATKINS LAW P.C. 905 Tungsten St. Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5Z3 indicating that he or she is opting out of the class action as certified. No person may opt out a minor or mentally incapable person without permission of the court after notice to The Children’s Lawyer and/or the Public Trustee, as appropriate. All Class Members who do not opt out will be bound by the terms of the judgment, whether favourable or not. FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS

The class action seeks damages and other relief for the class as a result of alleged negligence by the defendant, The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, in the repair, inspection, and maintenance of the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant (“Plant”), as well as the operation and supervision of the Plant during the May 28, 2012 rainfall event in Thunder Bay.

Counsel have entered into an agreement with the representative plaintiffs with respect to legal fees and disbursements. This agreement provides that counsel will not receive payment for their work unless and until the class action is successful or monies are recovered from the defendant. This agreement must be approved by the court.



By order dated September 23, 2013 the Ontario Superior Court of Justice certified the action as a class action and appointed Janice Cerra, Rita Barrie, Stewart Barrie, Carol Dagenais, and Muriel Dagenais as the representative plaintiffs for the Class Members.

Any questions about the matters in this Notice should not be directed to the court, because its administrative structure is not designed to address this type of inquiry. Further information may be obtained by calling (807) 345-4455, or visiting the website at http://www.watkinslawforthe

The law firms of WATKINS LAW P.C. and KIM ORR BARRISTERS P.C. have been appointed as class counsel. If you are a Class Member, you will automatically be included in this class action and are not required to take any further steps.

Questions for class counsel should be directed by telephone to (807) 345-4455, or by e-mail to or by mail to 905 Tungsten St., Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5Z3.

This Notice is approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.


Trio charged in alleged drug deal olice charged a trio of youth for allegedly selling drugs at a high school Friday. OPP officers charged the three youths after visiting the Nipigon-Red Rock High School. Witnesses told police they saw what appeared to be a youth selling marijuana outside of the school. That suspect now faces several charges and remains in custody pending a bail hearing. Two other youths are charged with possession and are expected to appear in court in December. The names of the suspects cannot be released in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Roofing company fined local roofing company has been fined $50,000 for a workplace accident that took place last year in Sault Ste. Marie. An employee with Lakehead Roofing and Metal Cladding Limited failed to shorten his safety line when he went to help two other workers on another part of the roof. A concrete slab broke underfoot, and the worker fell 14 metres before the fall arrest system engaged. He suffered serious leg injuries. The company pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the fall arrest system was arranged properly.


No one hurt in fire obody was hurt following an early morning fire Saturday at a Dawson Road residence. Fire crews responded to an emergency call at approximately 1:20 a.m. where they found a four-bedroom home in heavy fire and smoke conditions. After initially attempting to fight the fire from the interior, crews shifted their attack to the exterior due to structural damage. Residents were not home at the time of the blaze, and no firefighters were injured. “The structure had heavy fire damage so we have started an investigation, it’s ongoing but we can only tell that it started in the basement somehow and worked itself up,” said fire inspector Kevin Anderson. Anderson added floors have collapsed and it is not safe at this time to conduct a thorough investigation. He did say there is no evidence to suspect foul play. - Matt Vis


Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Remnant rug – A new rug can warm up the room, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out carpet showrooms, as you will usually find remnants of carpet that have been bound. A neutral rug will help to ground the space. G Accessories – Clean and modest is key. Simple groupings of pillows, candles and frames, and a throw will make the space appear polished, but lived in. Personal photos and half burnt candles are a no-no. G Flowers – People love seeing live plants and flowers in the family room. It gives a sense of life and good energy.

This Space could be yours. Just call your sales representative or 346-2600


We’re with you all the way Re/max First Choice Realty Ltd. 846 MacDonell Street Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5J1

Office: (807)684-5700 Toll Free: (800)508-9976 E-Mail:

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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Boys’ bravery honoured OPP

By Jodi Lundmark - TB Source ale Greer believes 15 seconds meant the difference between saving his sister’s life and the fouryear-old drowning. The 14-year-old and his friends Christison Maua, 10, and Koen Taylor, 11, were honoured Thursday at the Valhalla Inn during the OPP North West Region’s awards for bravery ceremony with the Commissioner’s Citation for Lifesaving for saving Kale’s now five-year-old sister Kelci last September. The boys were playing at the Big Eagle Lodge tourist camp on Eagle Lake near Dryden, Ont. when they realized Kelci was missing. “I realized she was probably down by the dock. She loves the dock there,” said Kale. The boys ran to the dock and found Kelci crouching on the edge, ready to jump in the water. “Just as we touched the dock, she jumped in the water. Koen grabbed a big fishing net and scooped Kelci up. Chris ran over to go and grab her. Then Koen came and grabbed Chris because he was just about to fall in




HEROES: Christison Maua, Koen Taylor and Kale Greer received awards for their bravery last Thursday. after her,” said Kale. The boys pulled Kelci out of the water and returned her to the cabin and her mother. “Honestly, I’m pretty happy that she’s still here,” said Kale. “If we’d waited 15 more seconds, she would have been gone.” It was Koen’s quick thinking to grab a nearby fishing net. “My mom told me if you jumped in with someone that was drowning, they could overcome you and pull you down,” he said. The ceremony was a proud day for

all three boys and their families. “I’m really proud of everybody and I’m really happy that everybody helped and something bad didn’t happen,” said Christison. “I was just happy that we got there before she jumped in.” About 30 officers and civilians received awards Thursday for lifesaving acts and exemplary performance. Some OPP members were also recognized for achieving milestones in their careers. OPP Deputy Commissioner Vince Hawkes handed out the awards and said the best part of the job is meeting the people that have committed these heroic acts. “This is one of those things where day in and day out at the senior levels of the organization you see the good, the bad and the ugly,” he said. “This is really a highlight for anybody to be able to do this.” Hawkes said hearing the stories adds to his faith in humanity. “It’s not just police officers doing their job, which is very, very important, but members of the community who risk their own lives to save someone else’s life, that is remarkable,” he said.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

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It all started years ago with Eva and husband Peter

people health home food leisure


After 28 successful years, Eva has finally decided to Retire! JOINING FORCES: Murray Young and JoAnne Nygard hold hands and walk together at the start of the ALS Walk on Saturday.

ALS a ‘family disease’ T H U N D E R B AY By Matt Vis - TB Source urray Brown knows far too well that ALS can strike at any time, and affect anybody. The Thunder Bay Police officer was diagnosed with the disease last December and was joined by many of his family and friends, as well as others who have had their lives affected by the disease at the Thunder Bay Walk for ALS on Saturday at the Chapples Park area. Brown has received support from many of his work colleagues, and was joined at the walk by former police officer and current mayor Keith Hobbs as well as chief of police J.P. Levesque. “I’m really also stunned for words. This is amazing,” Brown said prior to the walk. “This is my first time here. I plan on being here for many more years, and it’s just amazing seeing all of the people and colleagues and friends that they’re showing here.” In Thunder Bay, there are currently eight people that are registered to be suffering from ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease as it is also commonly known. The disease is neuromuscular and has been proven to affect people of all ages, and ALS is a progressively


debilitating disease without a cause or cure. Brown and his network were able to raise $11,000 for the walk, as his colleagues pitched in and used social media to drive the cause. His drive alone brought in over half of the event’s $20,000 goal. “When I initially started the fundraising we set a lofty goal of $3,000. We sent out emails, talked to colleagues and friends and family and it just ballooned from there,” Brown said. “People put it on Facebook and it went off like crazy. It’s just astounding how much support that I’ve gotten for donations and support in general.” ALS Canada Thunder Bay regional manager Kim Barry said that 60 per cent of the money raised for the walk goes to support services for patients, while the remaining 40 per cent is devoted towards research. The cause is also near and dear to walk coordinator Audrey Hansen, who lost her husband John to the disease in 2006, as well as an uncle and two cousins. Both Barry and Hansen said the disease is a family event, as the debilitating nature means those diagnosed need support and assistance, and said ALS is a very expensive illness.

They added in addition to fundraising, a primary function of the walk is to increase public awareness that the disease can hit anybody and that there is no cure. “It is very much a family disease. It’s very debilitating,” Barry explained. “The individual’s ability to walk and talk is affected and unfortunately this is a terminal illness. Our goal is to get people aware and raise some money for the people of Thunder Bay and raise some money for research.” Due to the nature, those affected by the disease and their families have created a support community to aid those who are newly diagnosed as well as provide the ability to lean on each other through tough times. Brown said since his diagnosis nearly 10 months ago he has seen a tremendous outpouring of support from the local organization, as well as the community of those affected. “Before being diagnosed I wasn’t aware of the community and who was involved and who has been affected,” Brown said. “Since my diagnosis it’s been amazing the support from ALS Canada and from the local community with all of my family, friends and work colleagues.” Those looking to donate can go to and allocate the money to the walk for up to a month.

“I would like to thank all of my past and present customers for all of your support over the years. It has truly been my pleasure to assist all of you through the happiest times. Although I am very proud of the success I have earned, the time has come to begin a new chapter in life. Once again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Want to Sell?

TB Life

CLICK ON US. Standing room only The tbSOURCE Classifieds are online, so it’s easier than ever to sell those unwanted items.

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(807) 343-7959 Mon.-Fri: 7:30-6:00 • Sat.: 8:00-5:00 Sunday: CLOSED Manager: Darcy Hunter

t was standing room only. I was standing houses. This time, both of them are covered staring at the beaver pond and the inhabi- with green growth. So, no one home. I also observed there is very little water in this tants were also standing staring at me. I was on one of my daily health walks with northern half of the pond. When beavers are our pooches. Instead of heading down the not on the scene to keep the dam repaired, drive and out onto the road for a brisk walk, I leaks form and the water exits. We’d had took off to the south of Casa Jones and some pretty severe rain storms earlier in the tromped to the beaver pond to see what I summer and my wife Laura, who rides these trails on horseback on the could see. weekend, had reported after We have two such ponds on the gush of rainwater from our property – an upper one FRED one of the severest storms, close to the house and a lower JONES large leaks must have one that is literally on a lower RURAL ROOTS appeared in the dam. level. The ponds are fed by a I squinted. It looked like the creek that flows from the hills to the north snaking its way through a culvert extremely low water level had revealed many under the road out front and then through the rounded rocks. Then several of the rocks woods to feed the upper pond. Eventually, lifted their heads. Geese! Either a huge flock this creek joins others that will become one or two at least, all congregated for a rest prior of the tributaries of the Pine River; but that is to flapping into the air to continue heading south. But here they were, just standing or some great distance away. The last time I ventured south to look at the squatting in the water probably with this upper pond, I saw the water level very low year’s batch of kids as well. Then around the revealing stumps of trees normally drowned geese’s legs I saw movement. Ducks! At least beneath the pond surface. The large beaver two or three pair of them moving in amongst lodge was covered in green growth, a sure the geese. But that wasn’t all. What I thought indicator there was no one home. Beavers was a large grey stump spread its wings and don’t permit green growth on their hoosies walked further into the pond. A great grey heron! when in residence. I looked at them; they looked at me. Not a What a pleasant surprise awaited me. No green growth. No revealed stumps. A sure sound. Well, except for the sound of the wind sign a “No Vacancy” sign had been posted. in the pine trees. The dogs nosed around the Someone of the beaver clan was home. reeds on my side of the pond completely Good. I have many fond memories of ignorant of the feathered display in the pond. trundling down to the pond and spying on It was standing room only. I watched the families of beaver, hoping not to be spotted ducks swimming in and around the geese until that telltale warning slap of their tails legs. But, it was time to move on. I sensed my gave the game away. The rushes are tall so I couldn’t exactly see dog, Cedric, was getting impatient to be on well into the pond, but I could view the the move, to continue searching out fresh lodge. It was late morning with a brilliant sun scents so on we sojourned. Later in the day, I was outside and heard but I observed no beaver life, no movement on the pond water. So, the dogs and I headed lots of honking coming from the direction of to the back field and into what we call the the pond and just glimpsed a large, dark discolouration rising into the air heading Red Pines. I usually stop to look at the pond to see if south. Good luck, guys. See you in the there is life on or around the water. On the spring. northern edge of this pond are two beaver You can contact Rural Roots by email:


Thursday, October 3, 2013

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TB Life

Taking aim at autism T H U N D E R B AY By Matt Vis - TB Source hen Terry Rantala decided to start a fundraiser for a cause that is very dear to his heart he figured he might as well have it focused around one of his passions. Rantala is the chair of the ninth annual Darts for Autism event, which was held Friday and Saturday at the Moose Hall. The cause has particular importance to Rantala, whose son suffers from autism and said the money raised helps families pay for non-subsidized expenses. “The money we raise goes to help pay for therapies and things the government doesn’t cover anymore,” Rantala said. “It’s really important to get word out because even ten years ago people didn’t know what autism is. Now there’s an awareness, but there’s government funding for certain things until they’re 18 but after that there isn’t as much.”



BULLSEYE: Event chair Terry Rantala takes aim at the board at the Darts for Autism charity event. More than 40 people came out to participate in both Friday’s evening session as well as Saturday’s afternoon festivities. The event wrapped up Saturday evening. The event featured both singles and doubles darts competition, as well as a group spaghetti dinner. Rantala said there were players of various skill levels, from

complete beginner to competitive darts players. In addition, there were six people from Minneapolis that made the trek up north to show support for the cause. Next year is the 10th anniversary of the event, and Rantala said he hopes to collaborate with Children’s Aid to make the event bigger and better.


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

TB Life

Students get local taste PRESBYTERIAN

Lakeview Presbyterian Church 278 Camelot Street (Across from the Court House) The Rev. Harold Hunt, Minister

Sunday Worship at 10:00 a.m. Sunday School & Nursery Provided




Knox Shuniah United Church 1 Shuniah Street • 345-5065

Sunday, October 6th World Wide Communion Sunday Service: 10:30 a.m. Minister: Rev. Lilian Patey Director of Music: Betty E. White Sunday School Lovingly Provided

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 207 S. Brodie Street (beside City Hall) The Rev. Joyce Yanishewski

11am Worship

KNOX PRUDEN UNITED CHURCH 303 Pruden Street • 622-1897

Sunday Worship 11 a.m. Sunday School & Nursery Minister: Rev. Doreen Lankshear-Smith

with Sunday School & Child Care provided

PHONE: 622-4273


Call 346-2600

To Advertise In The Church Directory


257 Park Ave.

Pastors Tony & Uschi Sunday Service 10:30am


EDUCATION By Jamie Smith - TB Source ne day the unique menu served up at local high schools might not be so spe-


cial. That’s exactly what organizers of the Farm to Caf initiative are hoping for. Last Wednesday the cafeteria at Westgate served up an all-local lunch, the first in a pilot program coming to all Lakehead Public Schools high schools this semester, to see if Thunder Bay’s food producers can become a regular part of cafeteria fare. For $5 staff and students lined up to get a burger, potato wedges and corn on the cob. Westgate family studies teacher Kathryn McKee, who had students prepare and help serve the meal, said now they have to see if profits from the local drive are enough to sustain the cafeteria. “That’s what we’re hoping for,” she said. The initiative is partnered with Roots to Harvest, the Red Cross and the health unit. Along with offering students healthier choices, it’s also an opportunity for them to learn about local food production. Grade 12 student Evan Saunders said he’s learned a lot by taking part in the program. “I never actually knew that there were so



FARM TO CAF: Students at Westgate enjoyed an all-local lunch as part of a new pilot program. many local food sources,” he said. “It helps out with the economy, helping your friends and family.” Less shipping means it’s also better for the environment. “You know where it’s coming from,” Saunders said. In the weeks leading up to the menu,

Saunders said there was a lot of hype about it, something not usually heard in the hallways at school. Carley Rudgiero, also in grade 12, said it’s been a great experience so far. “It just eases a lot of people’s minds knowing that it is organic and locally grown,” she said.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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TB Life

Wild game and the fall bounty MICK BOHONIS OUTDOOR LIFE

he best time of the year to share food is when we get to do so with family and friends. Times like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and of course summer barbeques. To some that may be the only time of the year, but to a lot of outdoorsmen this sharing escalates when the hunting season rolls around in the fall when the bounty of wild game and the harvests of gardens and crop fields abound. With the opener of the rifle season starting this weekend, there is no doubt there will be swarms of hunters in the woods looking for that elusive swamp donkey or a big old buck.


There is just something about serving a moose roast and a side of fresh potatoes and veggies straight out of the garden to the family around the dining room table, simply because it has to do with natural bounty. Subconsciously your mind tells you it does indeed taste better than if it was bought and served from the grocery store. Why is that? Why is it that food always tastes better in the great outdoors or when you harvest or grow it yourself? Why is it that a moose sausage tastes better when it is roasted on a stick over a camp fire, rather than boiled on the stove at home? No matter what you’re eating it seems to please your taste buds more when it is not eaten in the confines of your lunchroom at work or sitting at the kitchen table at home. A simple bologna sandwich tastes better when you're fishing in the boat rather than chomping on it at work in your cubicle. For some reason food always appeals

more when it is eaten at your picnic table even if it’s in your backyard. Not too many years ago, food was prepared over open flame on a regular basis as the modern stove is a mere infant in time. Thousands of years ago there were no Kenmore ovens that allowed you to slide a cookie sheet of pre-made fat-infested easy bake cookies that had 100,000,000 calories per serving and ready in seven minutes for the kids with a jug of KoolAid on the side. No rather it was a piece of fire charred bannock or a skinned rabbit slow cooked on a spit over an open flame and done so quite plainly. How we look at preparing food today is quite interesting especially when it comes to wild game. So many people are intimidated by eating wild game for what reason I have no idea, but it boggles my mind how many folks do shun wild game. A lot of

READ US ONLINE: w w w. t b n e w s w a t c h . c o m

in Duluth Nov. 29th to Dec. 1st 3 Day Tour Includes • Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation • 2 Nights at the Raddison Hotel Duluth • Continental Breakfast Dr. Alan Cranton is excited to offer the latest advance in safe, comfortable and highly effective pain relief and tissue repair. laser treatments are safe, effective and painless.

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Cranton Wellness Centre

Call 343-7932 for a FREE consultation



P.P. Dbl. Occ.

Non Refundable

344-8804 Out of Town 1-800-958-0387 New email: 902 Alloy Dr. • An Iron Range Company • Reg. #02912791

my hunting buddy’s wives will not eat moose or deer. Some won’t even eat fresh walleye fillets. We have many visitors in a year at our household, and it’s almost a given that when you show up for dinner you are either going to be eating venison, fish or upland game bird prepared as well if not better than the finest restaurants in Thunder Bay can do. Contrary to popular belief, venison (which includes deer and moose) is much more lean and carries a lot more protein than conventional domesticated beef. In short, it is much better for you than a lot of the store bought cuts. Nutritional breakdown proves it and in fact there have been many studies done over the years by several universities and all were conclusive in their findings that wild game meats and fish were by far superior in their quality for human consumption. Wild game meat in this house has been

served to many folks who to this day have no idea what they were eating. Has it made their skin turn green? Has it made them sick? Has it changed their lives in any way? Did it make them walk sideways? Exactly my point. For some reason a lot of folk get this thing in their head that if they eat moose meat, something bad is going to happen to them. In reality, a moose is a wild domesticated beef cow, running around the north woods and nothing more. With the big game season upon us, it’s a no brainer that thousands of hunters are going to hit the woods in quest of some fresh venison and just as many freezers will be filled with protein rich steaks, roasts and sausage to enjoy over the winter. I’m hoping my freezer will be one of them as when this goes to print I will be immersed in the woods sitting in a tree stand, bow in hand.


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Thursday, October 3, 2013



arts entertainment culture

THUNDER BAY By Matt Vis - TB Source eaves are starting to change colour and pumpkins are ready to be harvested, which means an annual tradition is kicking off. Families flocked to the countryside this weekend for the beginning of the 18th annual Pumpkinfest at Gammondale Farm. Gammondale Farm director Sue Gammond said the event seems to keep getting bigger and bigger as it approaches the two decade mark. “The weather is great (Sunday),” Gammond said. “Saturday was our biggest first day, even though it was windy and then even rained. We’re just hoping people will enjoy it.” The farm uses the entertainment draw of Pumpkinfest to help promote the fall harvest. Gammondale grows nearly 15 acres worth of squash and


pumpkins, and use the event setting to help sell their crops to the public. Gammond said most patrons to Pumpkinfest pay for the entertainment through all of the activities, and then are able to buy local food. She said it just adds to the complete draw of the farm. Activities available included horsedrawn hay rides, pumpkin catapult, horse rides for children, pumpkin peddle carts and a corn maze. One of the new initiatives this year is its Needle in the Haystack Contest, which uses social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A secret scene was posted on the farm’s Facebook page, and those visiting Pumpkinfest are tasked with finding it and sharing it on a social media platform. There will be weekly prizes to those who discover the scene, as well as a grand prize draw for a family

Christmas sleigh ride. The idea proposed to them by Firedog, a local PR firm, helps keep the farm relevant and fun for all ages. Gammond said one of the big reasons the event always evolves is area children are hired to work as staff and they always come with new and exciting plans. “We have lots of new staff. We have great kids that come and everybody is new and somebody will come along with a new idea,” she said, and added they are increasing their social media presence this year. “We also found out from people in the States that there’s this new game where you could use five colour stations and five fingers and get 128 combinations so we have a new game in the maze. Every year there is something new.” Pumpkinfest runs every weekend until Oct. 27.


Pumpkinfest begins

TRADITION: Gammondale Farm was the scene of family fun on Sunday for the Pumpkinfest kickoff.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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I N   T H E   bay

Want to Sell?

The fluid ways of art


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ART By Linda Maehans - TB Source Harbour Expressway

Harbour Commission

Lakehead Scrap Metal


104th St

106th St.


Canada’s Largest Chain of Self-Serve Auto Recyclers TOP DOLLAR Paid for YOUR UNWANTED VEHICLE Like us on

Pacific Avenue

Bucks Auto Parts

Keefer Terminal

Island Dr.


Main Street

Fort William Rd.

etween now and Oct. 12 Definitely Superior Art opens its gallery space to the Biindigaate Aboriginal Art Exhibition. In the first gallery a lean visually beautiful collection curated by Louise Thomas of the Ahnisnabae Gallery: her five “picks” of art and artists she knows well, likely in no small part because her (late) husband Roy Thomas is still with her in spirit in this here and now. We are greeted by Seven Grandfathers: a 60” X 84” acrylic of vivid motion rendered in turquoise, black, ochre and red. Our eyes deliberately fly past the next entire wall, to which we know in time we’ll return. Instead we go to the farther walls where other keenly bright panels by other young emerging artists balance our clockwise journey. Finally we return to an artist in her eighth decade and her wall of paintings about what she knows and remembers and recreates with brushes and oil-on-canvas. Consider Moonrise and the way in this scene the artist has handled light. We can smell the fire; hear its crackle; see the steam; taste the food cooking; feel the silence of the night forest around these women. Each scene has a written description: be sure to read this one. Eventually we notice a sculpture in the middle of the room: a glossy wooden turtle as a base to an incredibly twisted branch. Where on Earth does one find such natural material? Near water.

Intercity Mall



623-5222 approach anew. Standing under an audio cone gives full effect. This seven-minute loop leaves an impression of being right there, all senses engaged. “Both of Lisa’s multi-media installations focus on the element of water, and life. Yet she presents it in such a minimal way. That’s maybe why,” speculated gallery director David Karasiewicz, “one feels so connected. The audio component, the speaker system, has us fully experiencing being in the water, first with our eyes and then our minds.” The Biindigaate Aboriginal Art Exhibition truly does engage all our human senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and feel; go experience this exceptional show at the gallery until Oct. 12.

Come Down & Pick Your Own Parts &


VIVID: The Biindigaate Aboriginal Art Exhibition is up until Oct. 12. The second and third galleries bring our focus to water, that most essential element of all life. Artist Lisa Myers’ Nisaaway Gaamii (Water Table) is literally that: a circular table in the centre of the room covered by a cloth edged in green. It serves as the screen onto which a film-loop of water accompanied by sound flows; we can’t ignore the live lone flower standing as sentinel midst the motion of the water. Then, prepare to be immersed into Myers’ Through Surface Tension. Picture this: you are by a rock at eye level in a river. Next, on a shoreline of a lake, again at eye level, as approaching waves reach and wash over you. You brace for it, then relax and watch the waves begin their


(Self Serve) Car Parts 22nd Annual

Sept. 26, 2013 Oct. 3, 2013 Oct. 10, 2013 Oct. 17, 2013 Oct. 24, 2013



6 Colourful DVD Presentations at Oliver Road Community Centre 563 Oliver Road T. Bay Admit. Free.

Starts: Thurs. Oct. 10th 2013 Topic #1 Thurs. Oct. 10th @ 7:00-8:30pm EXPLORING THE WONDERS OF CREATION Topic #2 Fri. Oct. 11th @ 7:00-8:30pm UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF LIFE


Topic #3 Fri. Oct. 18th @ 7:00-8:30pm INCREDIBLE CREATURES THAT DEFY EVOLUTION Part 1; 46 min. and Part 2; 46 min.

Topic #4 Sun. Oct. 20, Downstairs @ 2:00 WHAT SCIENCE REVEALS FROM THE HEAVENS Interview with Dr. Montenegro, Science Research and Bio Engineering. Parts 1; 30 Min. and Part 2; 30 Min Topic #5 Fri. Oct. 25th 7:00-8:30pm INCREDIBLE CREATURES THAT DEFY EVOLUTION Part 3; 80 Min.

Tickets available until October 31, 2013.

In November 2013.

22nd Annual

Topic #6 Sunday Oct. 27th @ 2:00-3:30pm THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD 48 Min. Purchaser must be resident of Ontario and at least 18 years of age. Licence #M715359


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T H E T B AY   to-do


Haunted Fort begins Halloween is in the air as October rolls in

Nights happen every Thursday to Sunday during October and the event sells out fast so call ahead to book a tour. Admission is $15. Tours for adults 18 and and older are also available. Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn is taking the stage at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Friday evening. Cockburn has had a career spanning more than four decades and racked up several Juno awards. The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $45 and available at the TBCA box office. Blues fans can catch hometown favourites Southern Comfort at Cheers the Village Pub Saturday night. Southern Comfort has been a longtime blues staple in the city and has played the Thunder Bay Blues Fest. The show starts at 9 p.m. Age of majority required.





E N T E R TA I N M E N T By TB Source s September ends, the Halloween activities are already starting this weekend. And there are a couple of Canadian legends stopping at the Auditorium this week, including singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn. Haunted Fort Nights are back starting this weekend. Fort William Historical Park turns into a Place of Monsters and Madness this October when the park is haunted by a ghostly young woman driving the town's people mad with nightmares. Haunted Fort

Get into the fall spirit with the 25th annual Harvest Festival Saturday at Hilldale Lutheran Church. Check out crafts and baking and enjoy the barbeque. Tickets are $5 and availalbe at the Lutheran Community Care Centre on Bay Street. On the road for their How to do Everything Tour, Red Green is stopping at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium Sunday. After 15 seasons on TV with The Red Green Show, Steve Smith, the Canadian comic legend is bringing his brand new show to the city. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $58.50 and available at the TBCA box office. Let us know about events happening in and around the city by contacting reporter Jodi Lundmark at or on Twitter @JodiL_reporter.

4 5


SURVIVORS GROUP THERAPY Starting this fall, every Monday at the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre

October 21, 2013 to February 3, 2014 You are not alone.

Join a safe and conďŹ dential environment for healing with other male survivors

To participate in this 13 week group, register at:

Thunder Bay Counselling Centre

Catholic Family Development Centre

544 Winnipeg Avenue Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3S7 Tel: (807) 684-1880 Fax: (807) 344-3782

380 Dufferin Street Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1N6 Tel: (807) 345-7323 Fax: (807) 345-5141

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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War of words on Twitter

hese days, Twitter has been making more news than the news or even the new shows. Kanye West started a war of nonsensicals with Latenight’s Jimmy Kimmel. Pope Francis has been Tweeting Jesus. And Adam Levine has gone after Gaga. Was it a slow news period? Not really. The truth is that celebrities used to release interviews and statements when they wanted more press. Now they just tweet. But why would Kanye West have the equivalent of a texted temper tantrum for the world to see? Jimmy Kimmel had mocked Kanye’s BBC interview in which he claimed he was the number one rock star on the planet. Okay, it’s bad enough when other people put you on a pedestal. You know you’re eventually going to be


knocked down. But Kanye put himself there with a spotlight. So Jimmy had a couple of bratty kids reenact the interview on his show. And in typical blow-it-out-ofproportion style, Kanye responded on Twitter with “Jimmy Kimmel is out of line to try and spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years” – which in itself, is a stupendously stupid statement. But then he added a barrage of further tweets that included name-calling, threats and a few foul words that Jimmy also aired. Kanye’s not stupid. Theoretically. However, this summer, he did have a much-touted record that topped the music charts in its first week – before sales dropped 80 per cent in its second – the fourth largest drop in U.S. history. So what’s the number one rock star on the planet to do? Make sure he’s still the centre of attention. Say something outrageous or pick a fight on Twitter. This seems to be the most popular method of getting attention. The Pope, fearing his irrelevance in society, went for Option A when he referred to Jesus’ numerous parables as the world’s oldest tweets: concise yet full of information. Is this how

the struggling Catholic Church relates to its younger parishioners? Meanwhile, singer/music coach Adam Levine panned Lady Gaga as “recycling old art” coincidentally just as The Voice was returning for another season and he’s working on a new album. What better time to complain about the state of pop music than when he’s going to help find a new star and release a new song? These excessive and pointless tweets and arguments for argument’s sake need to stop. The public has enough difficulty keeping track of what’s happening with the U.S. government’s fiscal cliff, the unrest in the Middle East or the Kenyan mall attack without selfaggrandizing Twitter-hogs taking up the available airspace between our ears. And I don’t like being manipulated. Tweets started out as a nice way for the stars to connect with folks on a more personal level that didn’t involve restraining orders. Now, it’s just a method of getting added press without actually asking for it. Forget the maximum 140 characters in a tweet. There should be a maximum number of tweets – so that we try to make our words count.


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Live on Location

local sports news information coverage

hile their careers ranged across a wide array of disciplines and spanned different decades, the people on stage at the Valhalla Inn Saturday had one thing in common. Athletes Andrea Cole, Tony Hrkac and Katie Weatherson, builders Brian Mallon and Brian McLean, and the 1991 Cameron crew lightning class sailing team officially joined the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame on an evening that featured a dinner and speeches by all those honoured.. Hall of Fame executive director Diane Imrie said the diversity of the class, which includes a swimmer and sailing crew, is a testament to the region’s complete sports scene. “It indicates we’re not just a hockey town, as fantastic as we are in that sport,” Imrie said. “Our coaches have developed great athletes, our builders are diverse in terms of the sports they bring into the community and they dedicate themselves to. There’s no barriers to anything. You can travel around and compete in all different things.” This year’s class is marked by some crowning first-time achievements for Northwestern Ontario. Weatherston set a first for the region in 2006 as she became the first female from Thunder



MEMBERS: Katie Weatherston, Brian Mallon and Brian McLean are in NWO Hall of Fame. Bay to taste Olympic hockey gold. In Turin, she scored the game-winning goal in Canada’s semifinal victory over Finland. She also enjoyed an illustrious high school sports career, being named the St. Patrick athlete of the year all four years of high school and excelling in track and field, soccer and tennis. While concussion issues closed her career prematurely, she has found a new outlet to channel her drive as she works to inspire the next generation. “My two passions in life are sports and working with children. It was an easy transition but a hard one as well, because I feel like I hadn’t reached my full potential. My career

ended at a young age, only 25, so it was tough but it was a great career,” Weatherston described. “Once you win a gold medal a lot of doors open up, and fortunately enough I was able to go across Canada on speaking tours and seeing the kids eyes light up every time I pull out the gold medal is something I cherish. That gold medal has been touched by a lot of people and there have been a lot of great stories that have come from it.” Like Weatherston, Cole was also a trailblazer as she became the first female athlete from the region to win Paralympic gold. In 2000 she was a member of the world-record setting 4x100m freestyle relay swimming team in Sydney. Her career spanned three Paralympic Games, and she amassed four Paralympic medals as well as six Para Pan-American Games medals and four summer national medals. In the beginning, swimming was a means to feel a sense of belonging and inclusion for Cole, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy early in her life. “Swimming changed my life. It made me believe that I really had a purpose and that I could set some goals. When I originally started off with swimming I just wanted to be healthy and then I discovered I could be a part of something really incredible,” Cole explained.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013



Carlson golden at Junior Pan AM Games By TB Source olly Carlson will return from the Junior Pan American Games with at least one piece of hardware. The Thunder Bay diver captured gold in the girls’ Group B 3-metre category at


the Hillenbrand Aquatic Center on the University of Arizona campus in Tucson, Ariz. on Saturday for her first international medal. Carlson bested nemesis Caeli McKay of Calgary in the final. McKay narrowly edged Carlson in the

same event in the junior elite national championships held in Thunder Bay over the summer. This year marked the third junior Pan Am appearance since 2009 for Carlson, a member of the Thunder Bay Diving Club and a St. Ignatius high school student.



GAME ON?: The tournament was previously in Thunder Bay in 2010, and saw nearly 50,000 fans take in the action, which were highlighted by packed stands at Port Arthur Stadium to watch Team Canada play.

City hopes for a second time at bat BASEBALL By Matt Vis - TB Source he city is trying to bring back the same world-class baseball event it successfully hosted three years ago. The Thunder Bay International Baseball Association submitted a bid to host the 2015 world junior baseball championships, the same event the city hosted in the summer of 2010. Monday marked the deadline for cities to submit bids to Baseball Canada, with a decision being made by the end of October to determine the Canadian representative to the International Baseball Federation. Larry Hebert, president of the Thunder Bay International Baseball Association, said the success of the 2010 tournament “We look at made the decision to bid a no-brainer. this as the “We just thought it went so well fan-wise, entertainment-wise and definitely monekeystone tarily that we wanted to bring it back,” event that we Hebert said. “We look at this as the could host keystone event that we could host here.”


Big draw


The 2010 tournament saw nearly 50,000 spectators attend the games which were split between Port Arthur Stadium and Baseball Central. The organization had previously bid on this year’s tournament, which was awarded to Taiwan. Hebert said the group decided to bid on the 2015 event after being unsuccessful for this year’s event. The entry fee cost to bid is $120,000, which he said was left over from the 2010 tournament. Hebert said the 2010 edition of the tournament resulted in $6 million worth of economic impact for the city, and he said Baseball Canada brought in more revenue than anticipated prior to the start of the tournament.

Thursday, October 3, 201 3

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• A team player. Goes without saying, but this person will operate on a team of 15-20 other representatives and needs to know how to share learning's and collaborate with this rockin’ group.

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FREE DROP OFF of old electronic waste and appliances at CSP Recycling Solutions, 130 West Gore Street. For more info 708-9948 FURNACE CLEANING. 768-9406. Have your eavestrough cleaned and hosed out before water damage is done. Also, window cleaning. Call 623-1971. NO FRIDGE’S, NO FREEZERS. No TV’s. Free pick-up of washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, BBQ’s, microwaves, misc. scrap. Call for pick up 939-1469. Leave message. Small House Services: Painting, interior/exterior; dump runs and small house repairs. Reliable, neat & tidy. 285-1675 or 345-9246.

58. CAREERS Atmosphere is coming to Thunder Bay! Now Hiring Full-Time & Part-Time Positions! Apply online at: HR@

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64. CRAFT & FLEA MARKETS Big Flea Market Craft Show, CLE Coliseum, Saturday October 5th, 10am3pm. Huge variety of items. Table rentals at 767-5488 345-9738.

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afortektracto 475-5171 •

A-TECH APPLIANCE SERVICE 939-2700 Over 30 Years Experience Frans Heerema Certified Technician

Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 4V1



2 for1 on all st

n is FREE whe Every frame ar scratch you get a 2 ye eflective coat & anti-r s! or transition

AL PT62IC HTr MO KNAVIG 2-0311 ) ar ell DAE.VVIECTOR cK IA E. (Corne 906

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113 N. May St. (807) 623-7878 (807) 627-8871 after 6pm • www.electric

Vinting wine takes time!

touch Putting youtinbusiness. with the righ


Waterfront Winery

415 Fort William Rd

(across from the Moose Hall)



ns Walk-i e m welco

Saturdays 9-1 Room 210 Hillcrest Centre 96 High St North

“Meet me at the Market”






Thursday, October 3, 2013

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