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NOT FORGOTTEN: Silver Cross mother Carol Klukie (right) lays the first wreath Monday at the Waverly Park Remembrance Day ceremony.



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Thursday, November 14, 2013


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Red Lake crash kills five RED LAKE

By Matt Vis – TB Source olice have revealed some new details regarding the five victims of a fatal plane crash that took place near the Red Lake Airport Sunday evening. Officials with the OPP say the victims include the two pilots, a 25-year-old man from Mississauga and a 34-year-old man from Winnipeg. The deceased passengers include a 53-year-old woman a 53-yearold man and a 64-year-old woman, all from Red Lake. Police earlier confirmed that a plane went down at about 6:30 p.m. CST Sunday evening prior to landing at the airport. Names of the deceased are being withheld until next of kin are notified. The OPP said the plane was a Bearskin Airlines flight that originated from Sioux Lookout. The Transportation Safety Board and police did not immediately confirm the type of plane that crashed, but Bearskin's website indicates it operates only one model, the Fairchild Metroliner, a twin turboprop that can seat 19 passengers. Bearskin is based in Sioux Lookout, Ont. and has operated since 1963, employing 300 people in Ontario and Manitoba. Red Lake is located 268 kilometres north of Kenora. The small airline services 18 destinations in Ontario and Manitoba. It's not the first time a Bearskin plane has crashed. In May, 1995 one of the airline's planes collided




TRAGIC CRASH: The Transportation Safety Board released this photo of a fatal plane crash site near Red Lake, Ont. The plane went down on Sunday evening, killing five people, including both pilots. There were two survivors. with a Piper Navajo near the Sioux Lookout airport, killing all eight people on board the two aircraft. The OPP sergeant on duty in Red Lake, who did not give a name, said the plane may have hit power lines on the way down, but could not comment on any power outages in the municipality. The Transportation Safety Board said via Twitter they are dispatching investigators to the scene, and the OPP will remain on scene to provide assistance. Red Lake mayor Phil Vinet said the tragedy has hit the town of 4,300 hard.

It's the second fatal plane crash this year after a float plane went down near the Bruce Channel in May, taking the lives of two people. "It sends shock waves right through. I can only imagine that every Red Laker this morning has awoken with a heavy heart," he said. Vinet was at the scene of the crash near Hwy 125 until midnight. Red Lake senior staff were debriefed Sunday night but like everyone else, he's waiting for information from the OPP and the Transportation Safety Board. – With files from Canadian Press

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Wartime sacrifices

Remembrance Day ceremony pays tribute to Canada’s fallen soldiers T H U N D E R B AY

By Leith Dunick – TB Source s a recent veteran, Lieut. Benjamin Cerratto says it’s important to remember the sacrifices made by Canadian sailors, soldiers and airmen. The country wouldn’t be what it is today without those who gave their lives in war and continue to do so today, he said. Serving one’s country is one of the greatest things a person can do, said Cerratto, who attended Monday’s Remembrance Day ceremony at Waverley Park. “I think it’s very important. This is one of the main reasons I joined, to honour those from the past and keep the legacy going and the camaraderie of it all,” said Ceratto, who served aboard HMCS Charlottetown in the Mediterranean. Seeing thousands of people encircling the cenotaph was fantastic, especially as winter weather began settling in over Thunder Bay and wind chills dropped to -17 C. “I think it’s great. It’s not the warmest day out, but it just shows people’s dedication and how important this event really is to Thunder Bay and the Canadian public as a whole.”



Poignant message Asked what message he’d like to deliver to the country’s youngest generation, the answer came without hesitation. “What I always say is thank a veteran. It’s not an easy life. All of the people in the armed forces have sacrificed a lot, just so every day people can enjoy the simple things in life.” Robert Cutbush, president of Port Arthur Branch No. 5 of the Royal Canadian Legion, said Nov. 11 is a day to remember what might have been had Canada’s military not intervened in the First and Second World Wars, Korea, and more recently in the Middle East. Korea was front and centre in 2013, Cutbush said, noting it’s the 60th anniversary of the armistice that ended the fighting between North and South Korea. “To many people the Korean War was the forgotten war. But at the Royal Canadian Legion, it is our duty to remember all veterans of all conflicts, peacetime and UN

REMEMBERING THE PAST: A member of the colour guard stands proud Monday at Waverley Park. duty.” The message is still getting across, he added, pointing to the every growing crowd at Waverley Park. “It’s great to see. We’re hoping to see 3,000 or 4,000 people today and that just shows Thunder Bay’s support for our veterans. That’s a great thing.” The cold weather was almost symbolic, said Cory Pollock, the first vice-president of Branch No. 5. “It’s part of the service. It’s what some of the veterans have suffered and the sacrifices that were made. And I don’t mind sacrificing this to be here,” Pollock said. The 40-minute ceremony began with the

colour parade, followed by the laying of the wreaths at the cenotaph, led by Silver Cross Mother Carol Klukie, whose son Josh was killed in Afghanistan in 2006.

Saluted the fallen Father Marc Conliffe read the Remembrance Day prayer, followed by a gun salute to Canada’s fallen. Nick Kitchener was there with his wife and two small children. Kitchener, whose grandfather fought on DDay, said he came to salute the millions of people who died in battle. “Their lives were lost on a massive scale and it’s not for nothing,” he said.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013


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War brought freedom to Poland THUNDER BAY

Leat, who moved to Canada in 1966, lived in England during the Second World War and saw her brothers and cousins go off to war. "I was a girl at that time, too young to enlist for anything," she said, adding she was honoured to be the Silver Cross representative this year. "I just think about all the people that died for us and hope that the young people today do appreciate what these people did," Leat said. "I know if the Nazis had gotten to England, I wouldn't be here today."

By Jodi Lundmark – TB Source or Mike Kalaska, the 11th of November doesn't just mean remembering the sacrifices made in war. It's also about celebrating Poland's National Independence Day, a public holiday recognized every Nov. 11 to celebrate Poland regaining independent statehood after 123 years of occupation by Russia, Germany and Austria. "For us, it was the beginning of a new country, freedom," said Kalaska, who took the salute Monday morning at the Remembrance Day ceremony at Fort William Gardens. "This is much more important than just the end of the First World War," he said. Kalaska served during the Second World War by joining the Polish unit and was stationed in Syria in May 1940.





Went to Palestine In 1941, his unit joined the British army in Palestine and from there spent time in Libya and eventually ended up in Italy from December 1943 until the end of the war in 1945. He arrived in Canada in November 1946 with more than 4,000 other Polish soldiers who were admitted to the country. While he took the salute during Monday's ceremony, Kalaska said it wasn't about him. He

FREEDOM: Mike Kalaska took the salute during the Remembrance Day service at Fort William Gardens. was representing all those that had the call to serve. "That salute is actually to everybody, not just one person," he said. For Silver Cross representative Marian Leat, Remembrance Day is about thanking veterans, even though it's something she tries to do everyday.

Leat had just one brother return home from battle and she lost four cousins. One was lost at sea and her father-in-law was lost in Italy. While the number of veterans attending the service at the Gardens has dwindled over the years, the crowd in the stands has held steady. Parade commander Roy L'Esperance said it's beautiful to see so many people show their support by attending Remembrance Day ceremonies. L'Esperance was in the naval reserves from 1965 to 1967 and has been taking part in the ceremonies on Nov. 11 since the early 1990s. He said he wishes that Remembrance Day wasn't limited to just one day a year. "My father was in the navy in 1941-42. He never talked about the war, but he saw it. I hope it never happens again so my grandkids don't have to go," he said.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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MUTUAL RESPECT: Members of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment attended Remembrance Day ceremony at Mount McKay.

Veterans stand tall F W F I R S T N AT I O N By Matt Vis – TB Source

he contributions of this generation’s soldiers are not lost on Second World War veterans. Justyn Desjardins, who served in Afghanistan from the winter of 2009 to the spring of 2010, participated in the Remembrance Day ceremony at Mount McKay with the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment on Monday. The sergeant said there is a bond between the soldiers of the past and present “The funny thing is the veterans would say they don’t want to go to Afghanistan and that we had a pretty tough time there,” Desjardins described. “Then we say you guys had it pretty tough in Normandy and Ortona so we have this mutual respect for each other.” The tradition of holding a ceremony in the Fort William First Nation began in 1995 when Second World War veteran Pte. Frank Banning conceived the idea of honouring Aboriginal soldiers. His daughter, Catherine, has been the master of ceremonies since the beginning and said having current soldiers, who performed a gun salute,


makes the event have a greater impact. “We really want to make sure we were here to honour the veterans on our land,” Banning said. “We had a whole troop and 30 to 40 gentleman from the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment so it’s a huge honour they come up here. In the World War II times 30 per cent of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment were Aboriginal.” With the number of World War II veterans decreasing every year, Desjardins acknowledged the importance of the new generation carrying their stories and experiences. He knows the history is too valuable to lose. “There’s a really big gap there, and it’s really important for my younger generation to pick it up,” he said. “We’re starting to get more involved in the planning of events around the city and it’s important we carry on that torch.” Desjardins, who was born and raised in Thunder Bay and has nine years of military experience, said the swapping of stories on Remembrance Day is cathartic. “It’s that one day of the year where everyone gets together as a family,” he explained. “We share our stories

and remember our friends and it’s a time for everyone to be together to celebrate the good and the bad.” Banning knows firsthand how important it is to carry on the legacy of veterans. “It’s easy for us to forget when we don’t see it or live it every day but the veterans cannot be forgotten with the sacrifices they make,” Banning added. “They deserve the recognition.” The ceremony was attended by students from Algonquin and Ècole Gron Morgan elementary schools as well as Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute. They helped form a large crowd that braved the frigid below freezing temperatures and blustery winds to observe drumming songs, a musical rendition of the classic poem In Flanders’ Fields and a laying of wreaths. Braving the cold was worth it to pay respects to veterans, Banning said. “It’s a small sacrifice to be out here freezing,” she said. “It is quite cold and windy but the things they endured during the wars and peacekeeping missions, it’s nothing compared to what they went through.”

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Thursday, November 14, 2013


New bridge necessary t’s time to start seriously considering a replacement for the James Street Swing Bridge. Still closed to vehicle traffic after an Oct. 29 fire, the bridge provides a vital link between Thunder Bay and Fort William First Nation. While the bridge may re-open to vehicles in coming weeks, it’s about a century old, rickety and at the end of its days. With the help of the provincial and federal governments, it’s time for the two communities to begin the exploration of what it will take to build a modern span over the Kaministiquia River. Yes it will cost millions. Tens of millions, if not more, in fact. Isn’t that what our taxpayer dollars are meant to be used for? What price do we put on the lives of our citizens? Precious minutes are being lost when emergency crews have to make their way to Fort William First Nation. Lives are at stake. Engineers say the James Street Swing Bridge is structurally sound. And for CN trains, they may be right. But the road deck is a patchwork of metal plates, a disaster waiting to happen. A modern bridge would alleviate any and all concerns of motorists and improve response times to the reserve. It’s win-win for everyone.


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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Rob Ford is human To the editor: am a 34-year-old student and single mother. I was raised in Thunder Bay until the age of 19, when I moved to B.C. to finish high school. I eventually moved to Alberta to become a homeowner and have a career with my common law partner, who was employed in Alberta. I returned to Thunder Bay four years ago after a struggle with addiction stemming from prescribed opiates for a surgery that led to other addictions in my mid-20s. I state my background to show diversity politically, economically, socially and regionally throughout my past. I believe Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was elected by average Joe people, middle class, hard-working families with values. I believe Mr. Ford has values and goals specific for the benefit of his people. We are all aware Toronto’s mayor struggles with alcoholism on some level – he can’t hold it and becomes out of control under the influence. Mr. Ford has addressed this issue and apologized. He is human. The stress of being the mayor of a metropolitan city such as Toronto and trying to make a difference for the people obviously are stresses the mayor is using alcohol to cope with. I am proud he has become honest regarding the crack incident. It is embarrassing to a point, but is he any worse then the president who lied about receiving oral sex with an intern? Or politicians who build decks and vacation on taxpayers’ money? Or politicians who bill the taxpayers for lavish lunches and extreme business meetings/expenditures? Have Rob Ford’s political goals been converted to self-serving and negligent purposes? He wasn’t smoking crack or drinking while on the job 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. It is only because of technological devises such as phones, etc. these incidents were caught on film, most likely done so in a sneaky manner similar to entrapment without Mr. Ford’s knowledge. Is he not entitled to freedom of association and to make mistakes (after work hours) like the hundreds of thousands of career and family oriented good citizens of Canada? It is only because of his political spotlight that this issue blew up and was used to discredit Mr. Ford in the first place. If he was an employee at the mall, or at a restaurant and partook in such unconventional and questionable behaviour would anyone care or hold him to quit his job? How many lawyers and prominent people have problems with alcohol or addictions. He is human. I support the notion he get treatment to help himself be in control – as it’s


obvious he isn’t under the influence of alcohol. What kind of a society are we to judge and ridicule this man whose heart is in the best interest of the people the majority of the time. Codes of professionalism have been broken for sure but in this day and age of corporate lawbreakers and thieving politicians, is this the end of the world? Do we punish people for admission to faults or do we support and help people who have made the same mistakes the majority of people make themselves? I am not making excuses nor am I trying to defend his reckless behaviour, but I am not going to chastise and ridicule him, nor will I do so to our wonderful country and its cities either. Good luck to Rob Ford and I wish him success in his rehabilitation. He will most likely come out stronger and a better man-regardless of what happens to his political career – and he will learn his own lessons from this that will trump any public opinion. Sarah Holmwood, Thunder Bay

New bridge needed To the editor: wish they would have let the whole James Street Swing Bridge burn, but make it so that the fire didn’t go past either ends of the bridge.


That would allow no one to get hurt on either side, but also force a new bridge to be built. I’ve never felt safe going over that thing because of how old it is. The planks of wood are no longer being held together by the screws, some of the metal pieces are springing up. I just don’t feel safe on it. That bridge was even in the news last summer and a bunch of people were complaining about how old and possibly unsafe it is for crossing and asking the city to make a new one. They said every day they have to drive over it for work and are waiting for it to give way and into the Kam River they go, or the car gets stuck on one of the planks. Katelyn Lewis, Thunder Bay

Fishing restrictions hurt To the editor:  must say I definitely agree and have first hand evidence that fishing restrictions are hurting Ontario tourism. Being a operator of White Wolf Resort in Geraldton, I received a call from a long-standing customer from Ohio. He wanted to let me know that he and his group of fishing buddies, eight in total, would not be coming this year.


This man had been coming to fish pike in our area for more than 20 years. He said the last few years of changes in the size and limit finally convinced them to stop coming to Ontario. His comment was “they’re pike for God’s sake.” He said it had nothing to do with anything else, he loved the area and accommodations, however, to drive this far to catch a few small pike was just not worth the trip anymore. Penny Trottier, Geraldton

Bridge link important To the editor:  hatever the outcome of the James Street Swing Bridge tragedy is determined to be, I feel this important link between Thunder Bay and Fort William First Nation be given absolute attention and full consideration to have it brought back to a fully operational link ASAP. Lives depend on this and seconds count for emergency access, and with this artery disabled and without access to complete the link, there will be definite problems that will follow with its loss.


Richard Falshaw, Thunder Bay


Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Meaningful gestures By J.R. Shermack Special to TB Source am always on the lookout for stories about human compassion and this past week revealed some unselfish deeds of good will within our community. I was particularly inspired by 23 students from Westmount Public School and their teacher who spent time at Riverside Cemetery tending the graves of fallen soldiers. As they scoured away 100 years of grime I wonder if those young students realized the historical significance of what they did – it was a very meaningful gesture. They are keeping alive a pledge made a century ago to soldiers who died when they were not much older than the thoughtful students now watching over their graves. Lest we forget. And although it takes on even more importance for Remembrance Day, this simple act of kindness gives hope for the future during troubled times. It is often surprising how much good can be accomplished with a kind word, a friendly smile or any one of 1,000 thoughtful little gestures that can easily lift the spirits. I’m sure those students and their teacher know exactly how it feels to do a good deed for a stranger, even one who died generations ago. I guess that’s what they mean


when they say kindness is its own return the favour and pay it forward with a kind act of their reward. That, and the knowledge that own. Depending on how compasrelatives of the fallen soldiers likely still live in this community sionate our city really is, every and they will be proud to know citizen should receive at least one that their distant relative is still Random Act of Kindness in the coming weeks. honoured and respected. Once that happens, Thunder Bay So I was feeling pretty good about our compassionate caring will surely by a happier, friendlier community when I became aware and more compassionate city. of something else going on that Those students from Westmount have shown us the way. made me feel even better. Some people spend their whole The 8th of November in Thunder Bay was Random Act of lives doing unselfish acts and Kindness Day and everybody in though they expect no material the city was encouraged to reward, they never hesitate with a perform a good deed for a fellow kind gesture. Gandhi once dropped a shoe on the citizen. tracks while boarding a It might mean buying a train. When he realized it coffee for a homeless couldn’t be retrieved he person, helping someone casually tossed the other with their groceries or “Those one under the train as well. spending a few minutes students That way, as he talking to a lonely indifrom explained to gasping vidual. Westmount onlookers, the poor You might console a have shown beggar who found one lost child, rescue an animal in distress or us the way.” shoe would then find the other and have a good simply be a good listener pair he could use. – share the burden and Kindness has its own lighten the load. This community event was irrefutable logic. I grew up during a time when supported by local businesses who distributed cards intended to peace, love and happiness was the be handed to the recipient of each rallying cry so my perspective may be somewhat skewed by a act of kindness. It works like this. After I do lifetime of optimism and hope for something nice for somebody I the future. Still, when it comes to human give them a card which tells them they have been touched by a kindness and compassion, a few meaningful gestures now and then random act of kindness. The card also asks them to have always paid off for me.



CANDIED: The Genivar Gingersnaps were hard at work on Saturday constructing their creation during the third annual Gingerbread House Build in support of Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay.


Imperial Bank his bank at 29 South Cumberland St. first opened in 1912 and remained there until 1961. With the merging of the Imperial Bank and the Bank of Commerce, it then became a branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC).


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VOICE Do you believe Toronto's Rob Ford can still be effective as mayor, given his recent revelations?







26.75% 70.8%

NOT SURE 2.45%


Thursday, November 14, 2013

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CN train derails CN train mishap near Fort Frances has derailed 40 rail cars full of grain. Investigators from the Transportation Safety Board are being dispatched to the Northern Ontario community to look into the incident, which happened Sunday. “The TSB will gather information and assess the occurrence,” a TSB spokesperson said in a release.


Chambers saluted n outspoken local veteran was remembered in the House of Commons Friday. Dorothy Chambers, who died on Oct. 30 at the age of 91, was well-known to local politicians. She was remembered by Mayor Keith Hobbs at city council on Monday night. On Friday, MP John Rafferty (NDP, Thunder Bay-Rainy River) rose in the House of Commons during Members’ Statements to honour Chambers as well. Born in Fort William, Chambers was a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force. In a statement from Rafferty, her family said she was a proud Canadian who lived life to the fullest. “Dorothy, from your friends and on behalf of the people of Thunder Bay – Rainy River, I sincerely thank you for your service to Canada and all you have done for veterans and for your community,” Rafferty said. Her funeral was Saturday.


Bridge still closed he James Street Swing Bridge will remain closed to vehicle traffic for at least another week, Canadian National Railway officials confirmed Thursday. CN spokeswoman Lindsey Fedchyshyn told CKPR Radio that the company’s engineers have received a report on the bridge, which has been closed to all non-rail traffic since going up in flames Tuesday, Oct. 29. “They’ll definitely need a couple of days to review,” Fedchyshyn said. “These things take time and we want the job to be done properly.” Fedchyshyn added that the review will take until at least Monday or Tuesday of next week. Shortly after firefighters extinguished the blaze Tuesday evening, the area was ruled a crime scene and the cause of the fire was labelled suspicious. That determination brought an investigator with the Ontario Fire Marshall’s Office to the city in the morning of Thursday, Oct. 31. “We’ve collected some samples and some components from the first scene that we’ll be examining later in a little more detail,” Investigator John Montgomery told local reporters at the scene of the fire last week.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Reassessment costly THUNDER BAY

By Jamie Smith – TB Source

ndustrial tax reassessments won't stop with Northern Ontario, says mayor Keith Hobbs. City officials were in Toronto last week to continue fighting mill reassessments across Northern Ontario, including Thunder Bay, which threaten to take millions of dollars out of municipal tax bases. Resolute in Thunder Bay used to pay $106 million. Currently at $74 million, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation recently put that number at around $35 million, which would be a major loss to the city's $159 million tax base. "The whole thing's a mess," Hobbs said. "It's absolutely ridiculous when a mill is paying less in taxes than Intercity mall. It's bizarre." Using a model approach, Hobbs said




A MESS: Mayor Keith Hobbs says the city needs to keep ďŹ ghting MPAC on reassessment. MPAC is basing these reassessment off of mill properties in places like Virginia. That is not the way to do it. And if a model approach is being used for mills, it won't be too long before its used

on other industries in Southern Ontario. When it hits auto plants in Oakville and Oshawa, oil refineries in Sarnia or the steel industry in Hamilton, then maybe the province will start taking the issue seriously. "Perhaps people will wake up," he said. "Who's next if the mills are doing it. It's going to cause chaos." And Hobbs thinks that chaos is going to land squarely on the backs of residential property owners. Some places like Terrace Bay are looking to negotiate with industry, which caused long-time mayor Michael King to resign recently. Hobbs said he applauds King's approach. "I don't think we should be making deals like this," he said. Municipalities need to stand up and fight. Thunder Bay has taken it to the Assessment Review Board, which will meet again in January. "We're going to plow ahead and hopefully win this," Hobbs added.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Want to Buy or Sell?

Local Filipinos react to Haiyan

CLICK ON US. The tbSOURCE Classifieds are online, so it’s easier than ever to sell those unwanted items.

w w w. t b n e w s w a t c h . c o m

Typhoon could leave as many as 10,000 dead T H U N D E R B AY

By Matt Vis – TB Source euben Villagracia feels the pain brought on by Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines over the weekend. “It gets emotional when you see it happening through photos,” said the president of the Filipino Canadian Association of Thunder Bay Monday. “My mom has caught herself crying in front of the television watching the footage.” The casualty count of the typhoon has risen to nearly 1,000 people, with some fearing that number could swell to nearly 10,000. The storm is estimated to have sustained winds of 235 km/h with gusts as high as 275 kilometres per hour. “I was surprised at the magnitude of the storm,” Villagracia said. “I’m saddened because there are so many people there, and while they evacuated there weren’t very many places to go.” Villagracia said he knows of one member of the local chapter of the Filipino Association that, as of Sunday evening, has been unable to make contact with her family. He said she is nervous and has been trying to track down her relatives. The Filipino Association is looking at hosting a fundraising table at the Thunder Bay Country Market this coming weekend. The group held a meeting on Sunday to discuss a strategy. “They’re a very proud people, despite living in different countries and raising their families,” he said of the strong bond




EMOTIONAL: Reuben Villagracia, president of the Filipino Canadian Association of Thunder Bay. the Filipino community maintains with its mother country. “They still look at the Philippines as their home.” While they are looking at raising funds during the weekend, Villagracia is optimistic there will be other opportunities to continuously bring in money, and hopes it “is not a one shot deal.” He has already heard from members of the community inquiring about how they can provide help for the Philippines. If there is such thing as a silver lining, that would be it. “Thunder Bay always finds a way. As sad as it is in the Philippines it is really touching to see,” Villagracia said.


(807) 343-7959 Mon.-Fri: 7:30-6:00 • Sat.: 8:00-5:00 Sunday: CLOSED Manager: Darcy Hunter


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By Jamie Smith – TB Source ong wait times and high costs are just a couple of complaints Coun. Brian McKinnon hears from the public when it comes to catching a cab in Thunder Bay. Last call at the bar or flying in late to the airport can be a tough time for someone in need of a ride. "They may wait for hours, McKinnon said. “I’m not exaggerating, hours." While he understands the frustration, he's asking people to be patient while a new committee he chairs works on a solution. A major issue is the number of licenses, 90, handed out by the Thunder Bay Police Service.


McKinnon said it might be time for the city to issue more licenses to get more cabs on the street. The committee will also look at whether licensing should be handed over to the city of Thunder Bay's bylaw enforcement office. Already overworked, that may lead to an additional bylaw enforcement officer to deal with the issues full or part time. "Clearly I think if it did go to the bylaw office it would probably have to increase the number of officers," McKinnon said. But those are just suggested solutions to a problem that has frustrated cab-goers for years. Drinking and driving laws have put more people in need of a cab. But McKinnon also worries that wait times and costs

might put more drunk drivers behind the wheel, which is part of the reason he wants the committee to work quickly. "We are not going to let this sit," he said. The committee, which includes McKinnon and other police services board members along with the city bylaw manager and solicitor, are going to meet with cab companies and other stakeholders. That conversation will also include the costs of taking a cab. "Are they high? Absolutely but does that mean they can lower them and still make money," McKinnon said. "They're private businesses." The committee will meet in December. McKinnon is hoping to have some recommendations ready for spring.


Cab crunch in city

WAITING GAME:Only 90 cab licences are available in Thunder Bay at present time.

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By Matt Vis - TB Source ndrew Eckhardt decided to show up to his class reunion in style. Eckhardt, a captain with the Royal Canadian Air Force, brought a CF-18 fighter jet back to Thunder Bay for Confederation College’s Aviation Flight Management program’s reunion. He credits the skills he learned from the program, which he graduated in 2007, for helping him advance up the ranks. “For me, the military has always been an interest of mine,” Eckhardt said. “I think the benefit with Confederation College is that it’s a structured syllabus the students go through, much like a military training environment. The mindset in that case was very helpful and beneficial.” The program has seen 800 graduates throughout its 40 year history. Some of those former students were on hand for the aviation program’s anniversary reunion, which was held at their education building at the Thunder Bay International Airport on Saturday. Some graduates, like Eckhardt, have taken the military direction. Others have landed commercial careers, government positions or work as bush pilots. Eckhardt has been flying the CF-18 for nearly a year out of the base in Bagotville, Que. and said the aircraft is a joy to fly. “It’s unbelievable. The aircraft has so much power and it’s very manoeuvrable,” he described. The fighter jet was displayed outside, and Eckhardt provided information about the aircraft to fellow alumni as well as



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ALUMNI: Royal Canadian Air Force captain Andrew Eckhardt stands in front of a CF-18 fighter jet at Confederation College's Aviation Flight Management program's reunion last Saturday. members of the local cadets. Aviation Flight Management program coordinator Gabrielle Moore has worked as an instructor at Confederation College for eight years, and explained it is rewarding to catch up with alumni and hear about their experiences.

‘Inspiring’ “It’s very cool for us to see as teachers where they’ve ended up, and it’s very inspiring for the current students as well,” Moore said. Daniel Keogh is one student that has

made a mark in the commercial airline industry. Keogh, a member of the 1983 graduating class, began as a bush pilot in Big Trout Lake before relocating to Toronto to fly commuter planes. He has since moved up the ladder to his current position, training captain for the A380 aircraft for Emirates Airlines. “What I learned was decision making and the big picture,” Keogh explained. “When you’re flying an airplane it’s not about the small details but the overall big picture.”


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TB Life



Lakeview Presbyterian Church 278 Camelot Street (Across from the Court House) The Rev. Harold Hunt, Minister

Sunday Worship at 10:00 a.m. Sunday School & Nursery Provided



St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 207 S. Brodie Street (beside City Hall) Rev. Joyce Yanishewski

11am Worship with Sunday School & Child Care provided PHONE: 622-4273



Pastors Tony & Uschi Sunday Service 10:30am



Current River United Church

Uniform fashion

333 Morse Street All Welcome


Sat. Nov. 16 - 12-3pm


Sunday Worship 10:30 Christmas Tea

Knox Shuniah United Church 1 Shuniah Street • 345-5065

“Children’s Sunday” Service: 10:30 a.m. Minister: Rev. Lilian Patey Music Director: Betty E. White Sunday School Lovingly Provided

KNOX PRUDEN UNITED CHURCH 303 Pruden Street • 622-1897

Sunday Worship 11 a.m. Sunday School & Nursery Minister: Rev. Doreen Lankshear-Smith

Call 346-2600

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love people in uniform. I don’t think I am alone when I say put a man in a uniform and it will increase his attractiveness. Yes… even the mailman. Uniforms are great in many regards. One does not have to think about what to wear while in uniform and you are instantly recognizable as belonging to a group. Uniforms say a lot about affiliations, jobs, rank and position. Below are some examples of the most widely recognized uniforms in the world.


Military beret Many people think of the French when they think of a beret. When I see a beret all I can think about is military involvement of some sort. There is a second factor that plays into the beret for me. It is the amount of hair that the wearer has shown. Long shaggy

hair and scruffy bearded beret wearers make me think of Che Guevara. He was a leader and showed some sort of conformity with adopting the beret but also shows that he does not conform to the norm with the long hair. Maybe it was just the fashion at the time in South America but Guevara’s beret stands the test of time as a symbol of Marxism and a new wave of political unrest. The Canadian government also loves its berets. Unlike the Che-beret, Canadian men and women are a well kempt bunch with a stream of multi-coloured berets. I believe that most sectors of the Canadian military wear a beret of some colour. I have seen a lot of different head dresses for our Canadian military so I will not even attempt to decipher what each mean here. For me, when a Canadian member of the military wears a beret, it is a symbol of hard work, loyalty and peacekeeping. I think that the Canadian government did a good job in creating a certain image for the military using the beret as its symbol. Now you may ask yourself, “What does Hugo Boss have to do with uniforms?” Hugo Boss has been linked to the design of the uniforms of one of the most

notorious armies the human race have ever seen, the Nazis. Russell Brand has been lately criticizing the Hugo Boss company for creating the smartly tailored black uniforms and it is a story that has been circulating for years.

The facts I find it difficult to find out what the facts were around the design of the uniforms but so many people are telling the same story with their own variations that it is difficult to find the truth. It is difficult to take even Russell Brand seriously since he has been spotted a few times wearing Hugo Boss himself. Sharp-looking suits are certainly one way to assist in a goal of world domination. I am very curious to see who designed the uniforms and under what circumstances. With military service being on everyone’s mind these days, it is interesting to see how fashion has played a role in how we see military personnel and how fashion influences our perception of the military life. Shelby Ch’ng is the owner and operator of Unveiled Bridal Boutique and a local fashion blog writer.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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It’s whitetail time in the Northwest

ith the month of November in full swing, there is no doubt in my mind that a few decent bucks have been taken by hunters since the opener of the bow hunt for deer Sept. 1 and the opening of rifle season on Nov. 5 A lot of the reports I have received so far indicate this year’s whitetail harvest on a whole has been bountiful. So why are so many deer hunters more successful as the years go by? Is it because there are more deer, or less hunters? Or is it because of the technological advancements in gear and equipment? I have been bow hunting whitetails for more than 25 years and have watched a multi-billion dollar industry evolve around the most popular game animal in North America. The money generated directly or indirectly from deer hunting in Canada and the lower 48 States is staggering. There is not anything that compares in the outdoor hunting world, and statistics


show the whitetail deer is king when it probably as popular as the whitetail in comes to producing money and in popu- our neck of the woods), black bears, larity amongst the ranks of hunters deer, wolves and in some areas caribou whether you favour a shotgun, a bow, a (although protected). In comparison every one of the 48 muzzle loader or a rifle. I believe today’s modern deer hunter is states has a huntable whitetail herd with much more informed and educated regular seasons. No wonder this critter is such a popular ungulate. simply because of televiIn the old days whitesion, magazines, books tail deer were hunted and the Internet. There MICK mainly by rifle hunters are so many shows on BOHONIS who walked the woods TV geared towards the in hope of spotting a deer deer hunter, and site after OUTDOOR LIFE within range and getting site on the web that the shot, or driving the anyone can access with loads of information and available gear woods where a shooter would be placed in an area only to have his partners push for purchase. Take a walk into Chapters and see how the animal towards the hunter who was many magazines there are available on at his post, ready and waiting for the this animal and the practice of hunting fleeing animal. Today these maneuvers are still used deer. There are probably 30 different quite often, however, the most popular publications on this alone. In Northwestern Ontario, we are fortu- method used by hunters is the tree stand. More deer are harvested from tree nate to have an array of big game animals such as the moose (which is stands than any other strategy, and as a

bow hunter it’s my personal choice for setting up on big bucks. Tree stands allow you to be just about anywhere and in a relatively quick amount of time. They are portable and can be moved at a moment’s notice and come in literally about 100 different styles and camo patterns.

Tree stand advantage The one major advantage of hunting out of a tree stand is it allows the hunter to get off the ground and out of direct wind currents that we all know is so critical. It also gives the hunter a much better vantage point and line of sight. When the wind is blowing, hunting out of a tree stand for obvious reasons will allow you to get away with a little more movement, which is critical, especially if bow hunting and you have to draw your bow on a big buck a few yards away. Disadvantages of tree stands are they are somewhat noisy to hang and are not usually the most comfortable things to sit

in for hours especially if you are a bigger guy like myself. Another self-proven method of harvesting some decent bucks is the use of calls and scents. This, if done properly, can be deadly on rutting bucks. Big whitetail bucks are for the majority of the year loners and when fall time rolls around and their necks start to swell and tarsal glands turn black, a remedy of guttural grunts and a dose of doe-inestrous scent will drive them crazy. I think more big bucks have fallen to arrows and bullets because of the use of calls and scent than any other attractant. Deer do a lot of communicating through the use of their own scent glands, and a mature buck has seven glands he uses on a regular basis. If the deer hunter understands the glands on a rutting buck, he can improve his chances on a trophy whitetail simply by choosing the right scents to use at the different phases of the whitetail’s mating season.




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to 44,500 homes.

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Cold laser therapy success stories hen I first brought cold laser therapy to my office and Thunder Bay, I was a little naive about the benefits and limitations of what I would be able to achieve. After nearly five years, I am more excited than ever about the potential to help my patients with this remarkable natural therapy. I was aware that laser therapy was able to help the “PIS patients,” the pain, inflammation and swelling patients. I was also educated and trained that the laser would help not only joint problems like spinal conditions and knees, hips and shoulders but also soft tissue conditions involving muscles, skin and ligaments. I had so much more to learn and experience to gain. When I began, I was not considering the profound impact the laser would have on those patients who were suffering with these conditions. Nor was I considering the positive changes, the life changing impact the cold laser could and would have on my future patients. Low Back Pain. In a chiropractor’s office, in fact in any physician’s office, low back pain can be crippling. We’ve had many patients with crippling back pain that surgeries, medications and various therapies were not able to help. With the application of laser therapy over the lower back and other areas, patients have been able to walk pain-free again, reduce their medications and begin to take up activities they thought



Healing With Laser Therapy Seminar Do you suffer from: ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Neck pain ~ Frozen Shoulder ~ Tendonitis ~ Low back pain ~ Sprains & Strains ~ Hip pain ~ Whiplash ~ Knee pain ~ Arthritis ~ Tennis Elbow ~ Heel pain ~ Plantar Fasciitis ~ Sports Injuries ~ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome also used for Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 • 7:00 -8:00 pm Cranton Wellness Centre • 3-701 Memorial Ave.

Call 343-7932

Dr. Alan Cranton DC,ND


Robert Jarzebinski B.Sc., D.C., CLT

All in attendance will be eligible for a FREE COLD LASER THERAPY CONSULTATION to see how Laser therapy would benefit them. Limited Seating Reserve your Seat by calling 343-7932 CHECK US OUT AT... Lori Vanhapelto ADP Certified Fitter

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they’d lost forever. Life changing! Chronic Neck Pain with Headaches. Over the years we have successfully treated many acute and chronic neck pain sufferers. Many of these were caused by traumas such as car accidents and sports injuries. Some were due to just plain old living and resulting arthritis. There are a growing number of medical doctors in Thunder Bay referring their patients for these conditions because of the results and safety of the cold laser. We find that by working with the patients with the laser and simple lifestyle changes, we are able to accomplish almost miraculous results. Because of the structure of the spine and nervous system, these two previous areas have tremendous impact on so many areas of the body. The low back impacts the hips, knees, ankles and feet. It also affects the nerves into your viscera, guts if you will, and so we have seen improvements in these areas as

well. Considering that the laser can penetrate and therefore help heal up to four inches into tissue, we have been able to see great changes in these areas as well. The neck, or cervical spine, can affect not only neck pain, but also areas of the chest, shoulders, upper back, as well as headaches, migraines and facial areas. Neck spasms, rotator cuff, carpal tunnel and other “diagnoses” have responded really well to laser therapy. Laser therapy is covered by most extended health plans under chiropractic or naturopathic medicine. Some plans pay for the entire cost of our smoking cessation program for you and your significant other. There will be a free information workshop on Cold Laser Therapy on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Cranton Wellness Centre. There is limited seating , so please call and reserve a seat for you and a guest by calling 343-7932. A free consultation with Rob, our certified laser therapist and chiropractor will be available to all who attend. For more information go to or find us on Facebook. Dr Alan Cranton DC, ND is a Chiropractor and Naturopath practicing in Thunder Bay for 28 years at the Cranton Wellness Centre on Memorial Avenue.

Thursday, November, 14, 2013

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Keep your spirits warm this winter season s days get shorter and as the temperature drops, it is not uncommon for the winter blues to start settling in. Here are a few ideas to help brighten your mood this winter season and keep your spirits warm: Light up your morning: Difficulty getting up in the morning may be a sign you have a case of the winter blues. To combat this, consider using a light box Spend time with loved ones. The changing of the seasons can sometimes usher in a slump in the mood. Lack of sunlight, snow, ice and more snow may have you feeling tired and irritable. The best way to lift your spirits is to stay social and spend time with family and friends. Don't let winter's grey skies and cold temperatures keep you holed up at home alone. Be sure to get out and get some fresh air and enjoy outdoor winter activities like skiing, tobogganing and skating with your nearest and dearest. Food for the soul. People say music is food for the soul. Whether you're battling snowy roads in your car, working away at the office or spending some down time at home, keep yourself in good spirits with some favourite tunes or a good laugh. A great way to keep your options open is satellite radio. SiriusXM offers commercial-free listening and has something to suit everyone's musical tastes – pop, rock, country, electronic, dance, jazz and classical. There is also special programming during the holiday season along with sports, news, talk and comedy to help you get into the festive spirit. More information is available at Prepare a healthy home-cooked meal. We have a tendency to


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eat more during the colder months, whether celebrating or simply gathering with friends and family at a favourite restaurant. Instead of visiting a favourite greasy spoon again, try cooking a healthy meal at home for your family. There is something comforting in preparing and eating a home cooked meal and sometimes, there's nothing like good conversation over a good banquet at the dinner table to bring loved ones together.

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TB Life

Charles Dickens’

Some inevitable firsts

A Christmas Carol


At Fort William Historical Park December 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15 8:00 pm Adults $20 Student & Seniors $15 Tickets available at Global Experience, Helium Highs, Fort William Historical Park, or call 473-2347

RURAL ROOTS his week we had a couple of firsts, inevitable and not so pleasant. The first “first” occurred late Sunday night. I was happily ensconced in my library listening to Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem, it being the eve before Remembrance Day, and starting to read Margaret MacMillan’s new book The War That Ended Peace: The Road To 1914 about what lead to the First World War and how all of the terrible carnage could have been avoided. Suddenly, my nose detected an unmistakable aroma, pungent and seemingly omnipresent – Eau de Pepi.


Skunked “Aw dang!” I thought,. A skunk had fired when ready and the likely victim was one of our dogs. Since my dog, Cedric, was curled up in his favourite chair in my library and since I knew that my wife’s pooch, Todd, was stretched out in the hallway, then the likely candidate was the new pup-on-the-block, Baxter, my son’s dog who had just received his first noxious baptism. Baxter we got from the Humane Society last

winter. We don’t quite know but we think he is about a year-and-a-half and never before been skunked. Until now. I extracted myself slowly from my chair and headed upstairs. Son Doug and my wife Laura had preceded me, had already rubbed anti-skunk lotion vigorously on the affected parts, and had issued the poor pooch out the door to install him, literally, in an empty horse stall with food and water. “Sorry, pup, but you get to spend the night with the horses. They will keep you company and warm in this insulated barn. Nightynight!” The reek was strongest in the mud-room entrance. “I only let him in this far and only for a couple of seconds. Mum told me to take him over to the barn for the night so I immediately kicked him outside, got him a bowl of food and the skunk stuff to rub into his coat when I got him into the barn.” All of this I was told when I arrived in the barn to see if Doug required assistance. He didn’t. We fed the horses their bedtime hay and headed back to Casa Jones. The smell when entering the house was like a punch to the nose; but it quickly grew less offensive as you entered deeper into the interior. So, inevitable and not so bad. Baxter wasn’t completely covered by Pepi’s fuselage. We can deal with it. The second “first” was made apparent when I opened the front door Monday morning to

let out the remaining two dogs. My first clue that something had changed came when I observed that neither dog wanted to exit the house. Then I too, felt the cold. I stepped outside to be thwacked by a strong wind that had me empathize with the two dogs. I closed the door and went to look at the outside thermometer. For weeks now the temperature hasn’t exceeded below minus five. Now it was minus 11 and with that wind I guessed about minus 25. So, winter.

Freedom Later, I wandered over to the barn to release skunk dog and bring him back to the house. Although one could still detect Essence de Pepi, it was much reduced in its power to offend. Good. The pup was ecstatic to be free. He tore across the yard separating hoosie from barn skidding on a couple of ice patches and when greeting the other dogs, his wee stump of a tail was a wagging blur. There – two firsts. Although Laura informed me that by the time you read this tale, the temperature may have warmed. The snow that lies upon the land may have melted. So perhaps not yet quite winter. But it is coming, it is coming. And when it does, all Pepis should be safely burrowed in their winter homes, and doggies should be able to venture forth without risk of being perfumed by any passing nocturnal, striped creature. You can get in touch with Rural Roots by email:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Parade of Lights takes to Memorial Avenue on Dec. 7

Fort William Rd.

Harbour Expressway

Main Street Harbour Commission

Lakehead Scrap Metal


104th St

106th St.




By Jamie Smith - TB Source



Canada’s Largest Chain of Self-Serve Auto Recyclers TOP DOLLAR Like us on Paid for YOUR UNWANTED VEHICLE

Pacific Avenue

Bucks Auto Parts

Keefer Terminal

Island Dr.

Bright light parade aleigh Harasen has been watching the Parade of Lights since she was a baby. The nine-year-old Special Olympics swimmer and her family are used to waving at the trucks as they parade down Memorial Avenue, a major event in Thunder Bay’s holiday season now in its 15th year. But this year Harasen will be waving to the crowd instead as she leads the parade as the marshall with a special spot on a Tbaytel truck. Cindy Harasen said it means a lot that Kaleigh has been chosen marshall the same year that she qualified as a deep end swimmer for the Special Olympics. “It’s sort of a double honour this year,” she said. The Harasen’s were asked to join the parade by the Special Olympics while Kaleigh was at a swim practice. Cindy said it was funny because at first they thought the coaches wanted to speak about Kaleigh’s


(Self Serve) Car Parts Come Down & Pick Your Own Parts &

SAVE BIG BUCKS JAMIE SMITH FOLLOW THE LEADER: Kaleigh Harasen is this year’s Parade of Lights marshall. swimming. “It was a pleasant surprise,” Cindy said. The event, which hits the streets Saturday Dec. 7, at 7 p.m., raised more than $19,000 last year for children’s charities. Parade chair Greg Stephenson said they’re hoping to at least see the 60 trucks that made it out last year. As for what the trucks will look like, Stephenson said it’s different every year.


“It’s so unpredictable; people are very creative,” he said.”It surprises me every year.” “Expect the unexpected.” Any and all trucks are welcome right up until five minutes before the parade begins, but there is a benefit to checking out the organization’s website and registering early. “If you go out early you can get a better spot,” Stephenson said. “If it wasn’t for the trucks we wouldn’t have a parade.”

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Thursday, November 14, 2013



arts entertainment culture

His own brand of comedy Eddie Izzard is trying to make himself laugh COMEDY

By Jamie Smith - TB Source ddie Izzard loves Thunder Bay or at least the name. With a sleeping giant and a dramatic roll off the tongue, it sounds like a place where a James Bond villain might live. “Where death and battle and wars have happened,” the 51-year-old British comedian said. “It’s such a great name.” The man who John Cleese once called the ‘Lost Python’ will get his chance to find out if the place lives up to the name when he comes to town Nov. 20 at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Looking at his worldwide tour dates, which includes four shows at Toronto’s Massey Hall before heading North, Thunder Bay might seem like a strange fit for Izzard’s surrealist comedy. But regardless of the place, from Madison Square Garden to Kathmandu, as long as the people are laughing the two-time Emmy award winner will keep making it happen. “I’m trying to make myself laugh that’s what I’m really trying to do,” he said. And he does. Izzard’s improvisational style can seem like rambling at times delving into monologues about a cafeteria on the Death Star to the Spanish Inquisition. It’s a refreshing brand of comedy in stark contrast to the wave of the rising popularity of shock comedy from the likes of Anthony Jeselnik or Daniel Tosh. While those two may have shows on the Comedy Network, they haven’t found their way onto its Top 100 stand-ups of all time like Izzard has. “I’m talking about Greek gods and




LOST PYTHON: Eddie Izzard is performing at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on Nov. 20. dinosaurs in supermarkets and cats with guns,” Izzard said. The style, along with a self-described hunger to learn new languages, has also allowed Izzard to translate his act into French. Next year he’ll perform in German before tackling Spanish and Russian. “As long as they’re groovy and open minded all the cities can get this,” he said. The act might not be for everyone but that’s fine with Izzard. A transvestite, he’s had his fair share of heckling and homo-

phobia over the years. He tries to reach out to those who get his brand of comedy and fight fire with fire when he needs to. “People swear at me, I swear back at them that’s what I’ve done for a long time,” he said. He sees playing a place like Russia, which has come under fire for its antihomosexual legislation, as a positive. “Alternative sexuality has to get boring and we’re getting it to the boring stage,” he said.



946 Memorial Ave. 345-2552 Toll Free: 1-866-345-2552

 GRAD PROGRAM $500  LOW RATES Financing from 0.9% OAC is on 24 months finance terms. OAC finance example for $10,000 cost of borrowing $92.16 based on 24 months @ 0.9%.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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faster. better. easier.

Energy between notes


New Music North presents pianist Eve Egoyan this Friday at LU MUSIC

By Linda Maehans - TB Source hen Eve Egoyan’s first disc of contemporary classical music thethingsinbetween was released in 1999, it was described in the Globe and Mail as one of the top 10 discs of any genre. When asked might this title have to do with important silences we hear between the notes during a live performance, or while listening to a recording, the acclaimed pianist and leading-edge interpreter of new music said it’s more about “the energy between things.” One soon senses the energy to which Egoyan refers, as smoothly it flows into the ear via her low melodious voice over a long distance phone line. We realize “the energy between things” actually resides within the artist herself. The living sparks of her diverse creativity are just that unmistakable. Egoyan has nine CDs to date: all deserving of critical reviewers’ praise. Her performances in concert halls around the globe considered “definitive” by composers are, one imagines, equally enthralling for audiences. Earlier this year her entire


program from the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto consisted of world, Canadian and North American premieres; the extraordinary evening also included the release of her latest disc simply entitled 5 – yet there is nothing simple about Egoyan’s interpretation of world premiere works by Canadian composer Ann Southam. Now, here in Thunder Bay as guest soloist of New Music North, Egoyan brings to life new works few in this city have likely heard before. “The piano is my medium, my tool for expressing my creative world,” she explains. “I want to be as physically fluid sitting at a piano as possible, to allow my inner nonphysical world to take flight. I want to be transparent, letting the music flow through me but at the same time be very present. I try to listen deeply to my body, my ears and inner voice; to resonate with the instrument and, beyond that, with something timeless.” Notes about this concert include mysterious hints about what the various pieces might sound like. Composer James Tenney’s To Weave (a meditation) (2003) is described as “waves for Eve, wave upon wave, little waves on bigger waves, but precisely calibrated to

peak at the phi point of the golden ratio.” The structure of Piers Hellawell’s Piani, Latebre (2010) is described as “layers or simultaneous stacked storeys of texture.” “Latebre” translates as “hiding place.” Hmm, what sort of modern architectural design is this? And might Linda Caitlin Smith’s The Underfolding (2001) embody the same visual impact as a painting with all its colour-filled hues, undertones and, again, textures? “When I am playing music of this sort, I feel like I am ‘colouring the air.’ I hope my audience comes to the concert with open ears and hearts – letting the experience come to them, whatever that might be, rather than have any particular expectation. Music is intangible. Something very special and rare happens at a concert: we all listen together (including me). There is something very intimate about that.” Experience the artistry of Eve Egoyan Friday, Nov.15. Presented by New Music North in the Jean McNulty Recital Hall in LU’s William H. Buset Centre for Music and Visual Arts on campus. Concert begins at 8 p.m. Tickets $15 at the door; $10 if reserved online with

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

I N   T H E   bay



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Canada is no longer seen as the polite, friendly northern neighbour

ast week, former Apprentice contestant, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth was a guest on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show. Parts & Accessories Available They were arguing about their brands. Specializing in Rubber Roof & Filon Lamination, The irony was undeniable: two reality Floor & Wall Rebuilds • Complete Undercarriage Work show personalities who are known mainly • Repairs to RV Furnaces, Fridges, HWH & Convertors. for what they’ve done in TSSA Licensed for LP Servicing. the past arguing who Factory Trained, Fully Licensed, Master Certified, Serving Northwestern Ontario over 32 years 3075 Alice Ave. works harder and has a off Government Rd. better brand to offer viewers. Al Swerhun But in our mediadriven society, the importance of branding overshadows everything – even productivity or quality control. Canada’s brand has certainly become tarnished over the past weeks. OK, months. Maybe it’s been a few years. Professional Family Hair Care Once a country of happy polar bears, snowmobile-filled parking lots and friendly beer-drinkers, our brand is losing its luster. It’s hard to pinpoint where it began, but I blame Paul McCartney. In 2006, McCartney and then-wife, Heather Mills, posed with a seal pup and blamed all Canadians for the annual hunt. Professional Family Hair Care Fact: I’ve never whacked a seal. Fact: You probably haven’t either.


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Headlines Now add in the mayor of Canada’s largest city making international headlines for months before admitting to his recent drug use and excessive intoxication. There’s something magical about the phrase, “one of my drunken stupors” which has already been hash-tagged on Twitter. Apparently, there are so many of them, he’s lost track. But don’t worry. Videos of various said stupors are popping up in newsrooms everywhere so we can all keep track together. And late-night comedians to the south are also diving into the fodder that is the Rob Ford scandal. After all, there’s so much material to work with, who could blame them?

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So now Canada’s brand needs help. How? To clarify, branding identifies the essential value of a product or service. It clarifies what the product is or is not. Recently, I was at a workshop called “How to Brand Like a Rock Star” which talked about the “different versus better” theory. In the past, Canada has been promoted as those neighbours who were similar to the U.S. (yes, we too have Coke, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, and English) but different (read: safe, polite, family-friendly). Now, we’re just as drunk and toked up as they are. Which means we lose another point of Rock Star branding: offer a temporary escape. If we’re no different, there’s no escape to sell. So to get back what we lost, we need to focus on consistency – especially in how we handle these scandals. We must re-establish our overly polite persona. So it’s going to take all of us working together to rebuild the Canadian brand. And that does not mean taking a hot iron to Mr. Ford’s butt. See, there’s that polite thing again. But we will look at him with stern looks of disappointment. That outta do it.

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But suddenly, we weren’t as “nice” as previously believed. Fast-forward through a few political hot potatoes, a president who called our PM “Steve” and things were slowly starting to turn around. Then some senators decided to finesse their expense reports while Canadians tried to figure out what exactly senators even did.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Thursday, November 14, 2013


local sports news information coverage

First-quarter score all St. Ignatius needs to secure win

who dominated the ground game, chewing up the clock with 32 carries and 178 yards, said it’s hard to believe they did it again. “It feels pretty good. We’ve been working pretty hard all year to be here and play this game. We just had to give FOOTBALL it our all and make sure we left everyBy Leith Dunick - TB Source thing on the field and played as hard as we could,” Merritt said. The high-scoring Falcons had to learn hen Josh Newransky scored a touchdown late in the first quarter to win a different style of football game, on Saturday, little did he know the 17- but it wasn’t something the players weren’t expecting. yard scamper would hold up. “Yeah, it was tougher. As you get into The St. Ignatius back ran an end around into the end zone, what proved to the championships and the final and stuff like that, teams started to be the only score in a tightly get better and the games are contested junior high school closer. So we knew it was football championship, hangoing to be tough and a lowding the Falcons a 7-0 win and a second straight champi“We’ll come scoring game, so we had to make drives count and make onship. and get it the tackle.” It was no big deal, said the next year if Coach Mike Savioli, who soft-spoken back. wouldn’t guarantee a three“I was hoping it would (hold we can.” peat, said it’s tough to win one up),” Newransky said. “I was JOSH NEWRANSKY and even harder to win two in hoping our offence would put a row. up some more points. But it is “Especially in the final game. what it is.” It’s always a tight game and Capturing the trophy is a testament to a season of hard work, he the weather is always a factor. Today our guys just grinded out a victory against a said, adding the Falcons aren’t done. “We’ll come and get it next year if we very good St. Pat’s team who in many cases controlled the line of scrimmage can,” Newransky said. Falcons running back Chris Merritt, against us. So a lot of credit goes to them



and congratulations goes to them,” Savioli said. “But our guys persevered. It says something about the kids we’ve gotten in the last few years. They don’t quit. They’re leaders in and out of the school and they always display the type of Falcon leadership we want. And it paid off today.” The Saints simply couldn’t mount an attack. Take the second quarter for example. Brady Hales blocked an Ethan Slater punt that gave the Saints the ball on the St. Ignatius 44. But on second down and in need of four yards to keep the drive alive, Zach Solda was stuffed for a twoyard loss. The Saints tried a fake punt, but the pass fell short. The Saints had a little more luck running the ball in the fourth, keyed by Trenton Woodbeck who slashed it up the midde repeatedly as St. Patrick desperately sought a crack in the Falcons defensive armor. But after pushing the ball into Falcons territory, Solda was dumped for a loss and, to make matters worse, lost the ball. Edwin Otero snapped it up and the Falcons ran the clock down. St. Pat’s had one more chance, but a pair of Jordie Miault sacks dashed the comeback bid, the three-and-out all but ending any hopes of another Fort William Stadium miracle.


Falcons forge second title victory

TWO STRAIGHT: Jordie Miault (left) and Mikale Hall celebrate St. Ignatius’s 7-0 titlegame win last Saturday over the St. Patrick Saints. It was the Falcons 14th straight victory.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

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REACH FOR THE TOP: Churchill’s Jack Hughes goes up for the hit against St. Ignatius on Monday.

Trojans three-peat

Churchill sweeps St. Ignatius in varsity boys final VOLLEYBALL

By Leith Dunick – TB Source he Churchill Trojans are champions again. The varsity boys volleyball team captured a rare third straight title on Monday at the Thunderdome, sweeping the St. Ignatius Falcons in rapid fashion, needing just 70 minutes to finish off their dominating performance. The Trojans took the first set 25-16 and got progressively better as the match went on, taking the second set 25-11 and won 21 of the final 22 points to crush the Falcons 25-6 in the championship deciding game. Jordan Kelly, one of four players to lift the Superior Secondary Schools Athletic Association trophy all three times, said capping his career with another title was a guiding force all season long. “Three in a row is just something to strive for,” Kelly said. “It makes it that much more special. Our coaches put a lot of hours in. They teach us all we know, so it’s a good program.” After winning title No. 1 in 2011, Kelly said he thought he was blessed. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to take home the championship another two times before his high school career wrapped up. Other teammates with three rings include libero Andrew Birbilis, Jacob Brecka and Tristen Webb. “It feels really good and I feel happy I was part of the team all three years,” said the 17-year-old Webb, who clogged up the middle for most of the match, leaving the Falcons little opportunity to score. “It was a really nice experience to come up in Grade 10 to be a part of the team and then to continue playing. It’s just felt amazing to win in my last year of high


school.” Churchill became the first three-peat winners since Dennis Franklin Cromarty turned the trick from 2002 to 2004. Port Arthur Collegiate (1989-1991) and Hillcrest High School (1992-1994) are the other three time champs. The Westgate Tigers hold the all-time mark for most consecutive titles, taking five in a row from 1966 to 1970. Webb said he tries not to look at the scoreboard while the game is on, instead preferring to play by feel and emotion. It worked. “I base how well we’re doing on how the game feels and how my team reacts to all the points, and that,” Webb said. “When we get on a streak like that it feels really good and we just continue to play well.” Churchill coach Scott Masters will lead his club into the Ontario Federation of Secondary School Athletic Association championship in Thunder Bay starting Nov. 21 and thinks his team can compete with the best the province has to offer. “Going into OFSSAA I would say we’ll probably be ranked eighth or ninth. My goal is to try to come top four if possible. We just have to execute the way we did today. Realistically OFSSAA competition, some years it’s really strong, some years it’s not as strong. Double-A competition is usually pretty good,” Masters said. Despite the loss, the Falcons still have life left. They’ll take on the Dryden Eagles in the Northwestern Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association title, with the winner earning a berth at provincials. The Eagles are the last NWOSSA team to win the AA boys volleyball title, capturing it in 2005. Eden High School in St. Catharines has won the last seven championships.




UPCOMING HOME GAMES: Tuesday, Nov 19th vs. Fort Frances Lakers Friday, Nov 22nd vs. Dryden Ice Dogs Saturday, Nov 23rd vs. Dryden Ice Dogs Box Office opens one hour before home games. Adults $12.00 • Seniors (55+) $7.00 Students (bring valid student ID) $7.00 Children (3-12) $7.00 *Cash Only at the Door*


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Vikings victorious Hammarskjold ends St. Ignatius’s three-year title run THUNDER BAY By Leith Dunick – TB Source he St. Ignatius Falcons are varsity girls basketball champions no more. Led by Aliisa Heiskanen’s 19-point attack, the Hammarskjold Vikings upended the three-time defending champion Falcons on Monday, continuing their perfect season with a 49-40 triumph in the title game. “It’s awesome, especially since last year they beat us in the final, so it feels good to finally come back and beat them,” said Heiskanen. It’s a testament to hard work, said teammate Shannon McKitrick, author of seven points for the Vikings, who ran their record to 14-0, a date with Dryden looming in the NWOSSAA championship. “We worked hard all season and we want to continue on,” she said. “We STAYED PERFECT: Hammarskjold won its first girls basketball title since 2009. won in junior in Grade 9 and we’re continuing with the same team, so it Hammarskjold, who raced out to a closed to within six, but missed free 23-15 lead at the half and were up a throws and open shots plagued their was great to win. Beating an intense rival made it all dozen moments into the third quarter comeback bid. Hammarskjold coach Bruno Corbin on back-to-back buckets by Megan that sweeter. said it wasn’t a perfectly executed The Vikings lost to the Falcons in Foster and Heiskanen. But as they did all game, the game plan, but he’ll take the end last year’s final, St. Ignatius capturing result, no questions asked. Falcons kept battling back. its third straight title. No “I think anytime you win the chamDown 12, Guard Amanda team has won four in “...It feels Walberg buried a three, then pionship it’s a good thing, although it Superior Secondary School good to off a steal scored another was challenging and difficult. It’s Athletics Association finally come basket to cut the lead to never easy, but certainly winning is a history. seven. McKitrick responded good thing. If you look back, most of McKitrick said their goal back and these kids have been with the team at was to deny them a fourth beat them.” with a three. Alessandra Wood closed least two years, some of them three,” title in as many years at all ALIISA HEISKANEN the gap to six with a pair of Corbin said. costs. “It’s just nice for the kids putting in baskets, but with the clock “For sure, we’ve always had major competition between us. running down in the third Rachel the time and finally getting something It’s friendly, we’re competitive with Stoot hit a shot and Heiskanen stole for it.” On the line against Dryden is a trip each other, but it feels great to win the ball and scored ahead of the to provincials in Windsor, Ont. later buzzer to restore the 10-point lead. after all this time,” she said. Twice in the fourth the Falcons this month. It was a game of stops and starts for




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Thursday, November 14, 2013

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By Leith Dunick – TB Source he Ottawa Gee-Gees survived a scare Saturday night. The third-ranked men’s basketball team in the nation, their opponent coming off a 42-point defeat the night before, the Gee-Gees recovered from an 11-point, fourth-quarter deficit Saturday night at the Thunderdome, their furious rally resulting in an 80-75 win. It didn’t come easy. The Wolves clung to a one-point lead in the final minute, going in front on an Anthony McIntosh drive to the net with less than 40 seconds to play. But after Mehdi Tihani went backdoor to give Ottawa the singlepoint edge, McIntosh couldn't answer. On the Wolves next trip down the


court McIntosh rushed a potential lead-changing shot, clanging it off the rim and into an Ottawa player's hands. The Gee-Gees finished the scoring off on the charity stripe to remain unbeaten on the season at 4-0. The Wolves fell to 1-3. “Compared to last night, it was a much better overall effort from our guys. There was obviously some game plan issues that as a staff we look at and say, well, what if we did this or what if we did that,” said LU coach Matt Erdman. “But I’m really happy with the way they competed with the experience that these guys have. This is a growing experience for us.” Still, the loss still stings, he added. Ottawa was on the ropes in the fourth. Up seven to start the quarter, MacIntosh and Henry Tan hit back-to-

back buckets to open the gap to 11. It only took the Gee-Gees a couple of possessions to pull within three, thanks to a stifling defence that forced untimely turnovers. Add in threepointers by Mike L’Africain and Tihani, part of a 10-0 run and the gap was just one. Erdman was wary to blame inexperience for allowing Ottawa back in the contest. “I’m going to chalk that up to maybe just not getting back on defence. They beat us on the transition quite a bit in the fourth. We took some silly shots and got away from some of the things we did well in the third quarter, like get the ball inside and get stops on the defensive end. When we get stops on the defensive end, we’re a really tough team to guard,” Erdman said. It just didn’t happen enough down


Gee-Gees rally to drop Thunderwolves

COKE IS IT: Mehdi Tihani of Ottawa (left) defends LU’s Jamar Coke Saturday. the stretch, which saw the lead change hands six times. Johnny Berhanemeskel was the key for the Gee-Gees, hitting a bucket midway through the quarter that put Ottawa in front for the first time since

Igor Lebov gave LU a 46-44 lead in the fourth. He later tied it 68-68 with a three pointer, then hit three of four free throws, twice restoring Ottawa to the front of the pack. Five Wolves hit double digits in points, led by McIntosh’s 17. Henry Tan finished with 15, while Dwayne Harvey chipped in 13 and Lebov and Jamar Coke had 10 apiece. Berhanemeskel led all scorers with 25. Beyond the arc: Former Lakehead star Joseph Jones surprised former women’s team star Lindsay Druery at halftime, popping out of a giant gift box at half court and proposing to her in front of the crowd. She said yes … Erdman sat seven-footers Andrew McCarthy and Brent Wallace for most of the contest, saying he thought a smaller lineup matched up better against the Gee-Gees.


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Thursday, November 14, 2013




McCarville comes up short

rista McCarville’s dreams of competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics are dashed. McCarville and her Thunder Bay team suffered their third consecutive loss at the Road to the Roar Olympic pre-trials in Kitchener on Thursday evening, falling by a 10-3 score at the hands of Laura Crocker. The two teams, each with a pair of losses, were playing in a C-side quarterfinal in the triple elimination bonspiel. The game was put away in the seventh end as Crocker, leading by three, stole five after an errant last rock from McCarville. The McCarville team of Ashley Miharija, Kari Lavoie and Sarah Potts got off to a strong start at the event by defeating Crystal Webster and 2010 Olympian Cheryl Bernard in their first two contests. Team McCarville suffered their first loss of the event on Wednesday, when they fell to former world champion and two-time Scotties Tournament of Hearts winner Kelly Scott.


The team dropped their second consecutive game earlier Thursday, an 8-7 loss to Val Sweeting, who won with a draw in the game’s last rock. McCarville had earlier announced intentions to take the curling season off, but delayed the hiatus upon earning the berth into the pre-trials. The rest of the team will not pursue a Scotties Tournament of Hearts bid in her absence. – Matt Vis

Queens take silver he Thunder Bay Norcan Tours and Travel midget A Queens ran out of gas in their bid for a gold medal after rallying from a three goal deficit. Jenna Byrne scored the tournamentwinning goal to boost the Nepean Wildcats to a 4-3 win over the Queens in the OK Tire Blue Sky Classic in North Bay on Sunday. The Queens closed the tournament with a 3-1-1 mark.


Wolves keep rolling

ody Alcock scored a pair of goals Friday night, including the winner, to lead the Lakehead Thunderwolves to a 4-1 win and weekend sweep over the host Laurentian Voyaguers. The in helped the Wolves keep its share of first place in the OUA West, upping the team's record to 7-1-0 in first-half play. Chris de la Lande and Mike Hammond also scored for Lakehead, winners of five straight OUA contests. Lakefield, Ont. native Brandon Howes netted the lone goal for the first-year Voyageurs. LU heads home to host Concordia next Friday and Saturday night at Fort William Gardens. – Leith Dunick


Stars rout Wilderness revor Hynnes scored three times Monday night, leading the Thunder  Bay North Stars to a 9-4 win over Wisconsin.


Thursday, November 14, 201 3

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ATTENTION - Exxxxtacy Superstore is the official retailer in Thunder Bay for LELO. These adult toys for women are known around the world as the Rolls Royce. The most luxurious adult toys for women. Made in Sweden, they will amaze you like never before. Over 14 different demos are now in stock for your viewing pleasure. Come see them and ask for them by name. LELO - the best adult toys for women in the world. Only available at Exxxxtacy Superstore. Your only “TRUE” one-stop-shop for all your adult needs in Thunder Bay. 79 Machar. Open tonight ‘til midnight.



Visit our office @



Christmas Baking! Boxes contain 60 pieces of 10 varieties of goodies, for $35.00. Please call FOND Memories Cake Design, 986-3826.

Call Marcel 624-7242 or 626-0161

and on the internet at

1995 skidoo 670mx. Mint condition, low milage $1,500 obo. Spare windshield and cover included. Call 621-9127 or 632-3556

Beef packages, Hamburger, Stew and Farm eggs. Call 767-1705.

On the spot for your scrap cars, trucks, vans and SUV's. Same day pick-up with CASH.

Plus HST


Classified Word Ads: MONDAY @ 4:00p.m. Display & Photo Ads: MONDAY @ Noon 87 N. Hill Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 5V6 or online at

COSTUMES/LINGERIE - The only Adult Superstore in Thunder Bay now has a huge selection of costumes, lingerie, nylons, stockings, fetish gear and bondage accessories to choose from. Come check out their showroom full of intimate apparel to expand your horizon in the bedroom. With over 500 costumes to choose from, it’s the only place for real fun in Thunder Bay. Exxxxtacy Superstore. Your only “TRUE” one-stop-shop for all your adult needs in Thunder Bay. 79 Machar. Open tonight ‘til midnight.

29. FOOD



Must contain price.

Additional words 25¢.

For sale: 158 acres, Forbs Twp., bush lot con.8, south 1/2, lot 13. Phone 2856185 mornings.

PHONE 346-2600 FAX 345-9923 EMAIL

ALL BARGAIN CORNER CLASSIFIED 15 words max. for items under $500.

AD UpRATES to 20 words


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w w w. t b n e w swat ch . c o m

XXX MOVIES - The only Adult Superstore in Thunder Bay now has over 100,000 adult XXX DVD titles for rent/sale. It’s Canada’s largest adult XXX DVD Superstore. It’s everything you can imagine under one roof. Rated #1 in Canada for the best selection, variety and content. Daily specials and discounts are always available. Exxxxtacy Superstore. Your only “TRUE” one-stop-shop for all your adult needs in Thunder Bay. 79 Machar. Open tonight ‘til midnight.

51. NOTICES Unclaimed Penny Auction ticket numbers from Remembrance Day Tea, Polish Branch 149. White ticket: 0768018, 0768273, 0768037, 0768039, 0768480. Pink ticket: 0861457, 0861083, 0861399, 0861452, 0861207, 0861456. Red ticket (turkey draw) 018703. Pink ticket (hamper) 072990.

53. GENERAL SERVICES #1 ACCOUNTING/BOOKKEEPING monthly to annually, small business and personal year round tax preparation. Best rates. Call 628-6997. AARON’S LANDSCAPING. Fall clean, leaves, trim trees, hedge, clean eavestrough, dump runs, snow plowing, residential and commercial. 626-3639. Anything pick-up, garbage, furniture, rubbish, clean out houses, garages, basesments, and yard waste removal and clean. Odd jobs, snow-blowing and shovelling - Frank 628-5919 Carpentry - European kitchens, and bathrooms. Ceramic and wooden floors. Call 2858920 Christina’s Home and Garden, Yard clean up, hedge trimming, fertilizing, interior & exterior painting, house cleaning, snow removal, siding, renovations, call 621-1505. CLEANING SERVICES AVAILABLE. Residential and small office. Weekly and Biweekly Service, Call Heather at 683-5258. Do you need house cleaning services for the holidays? Cleaning lady with 8 years experience. Bondable, references 285-1906


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Inbound Customer Service Representatives “We don’t call you, you call us” Have you heard what’s happening at Teleperformance?! Teleperformance is looking for Inbound CSR’s, you know, those people that you call when you need assistance with your products and services! We have extended our referral & signing bonus for the Month of November, Teleperformance is offering a great referral and signing bonus! Current employees who refer a successful candidate can earn up to $750.00. And successful candidates who are new or referred can earn up to $1500. See our HR department for details.

What are you waiting for? Your new career is waiting for you at 251 Red River Rd or www.

Requirements: • A stats freak. We strive for the best stats every day, and measure everything we do to ensure we’re doubling down on what works, and pivoting where things aren’t working. Strong measurement is the key indicator of which direction we go. See your success rewarded with prizes and recognition!

• A team player. Goes without saying, but this person will operate on a team of 15-20 other representatives and needs to know how to share learning's and collaborate with this rockin’ group.

• Being a social connector and influencer. You likely have a lot of Facebook friends and people turn to you when they’re looking for ideas of where to apply for a new career – a referral will earn you some extra cash.

• Customer Service Guru – you day dream about how to make someone smile, how to perfect their day, you are always seeking the next opportunity to spread the Teleperformance values and passion.

• Wage & Benefits – We offer a competitive wage as well as excellent benefits and an amazing bonus! • Well-Spoken/Written - Solid communication - both written and verbal will assist you in advancing your Teleperformance career, both locally and globally. We fill 90% of our positions internally.

• Flexible - both in schedule and attitude. Schedule – We can’t promise you the world, but we will do our very best to help you balance work and whatever else you have going on in your life. Attitude - Things change quickly in our world, and someone who can pivot and acclimate quickly does well.

• Positive - We like coming to work, and we want people who like to come to work every day to work with amazing, positive, happy people. Your attitude is key to your success.

• In Addition! As well as your customer service skills, you will have a high school diploma, clear criminal backcheck and some programs require a credit check.


53. GENERAL SERVICES Do your Carpets need attention? Does your carpet look overused and matted? Don’t waste the weekend scrubbing those stains out with a store bought carpet cleaner. Let us show you what our rotary cleaning system can do...It’s Simply incredible!! Most people only notice the condition of their carpet and upholstery when they become visibly soiled. But by the time it’s finally noticeable, layer upon layer of stains, bacteria, and mineral deposits will have built-up into a mess you can’t clean on your own. It used to be that carpet and upholstery had to be replaced once they reached this state but now you have a better option. With our rotary cleaning system we can restore soiled carpet and upholstery,Tile/grout to look like new! Call or text us today at 251-9313 EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR GARMENTS. For all your tailoring needs. Alterations, zippers, hemming, etc. Reasonable rates, prompt service. Home Visits For Seniors Only!! 767-1705. Have your eavestrough cleaned and hosed out before water damage is done. Also, window cleaning. Call 623-1971. NO FRIDGE’S, NO FREEZERS. No TV’s. Free pick-up of washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, BBQ’s, microwaves, misc. scrap. Call for pick up 939-1469. Leave message. RJC WINDOW CLEANING & HANDYMAN SERVICES. Painting, home repairs, Christmas decorating, etc. Free estimates and fully insured! Call Robert 632-2161 Small House Services: Painting, interior/exterior ; eavestrough cleaning; dump runs and small house repairs. Reliable, neat & tidy. 285-1675 or 345-9246. SNOW BLOWING! Driveways $35 to $45 depending on the size of your driveway. Brian 768-9849. Anytime. TREE REMOVAL SERVICE, from take down to clean-up. In town rural or at the cottage. ++ experience very reasonable rates, free estimates, and seniors discounts. Call 345-4363

54. HOME IMPROVEMENTS # CWR CONTRACTING. Framing and Renovation Specialist including flood damage restoration, customized cabinets. Exterior work includes all roofing work, landscaping, Bobcat services, Skidsteer and, excavator. Stone/cement/brick, driveway, land levelling, decks, fences, weeping tile, foundations, and repairs. Additions and garages. Work all expertly completed and proudly provide references. Call for Five Star Service: 577-0068. Quality workmanship guaranteed. Build and Reface Kitchen cabinets. Custom made baseboards and moulding. Call 285-7404. PENSIONED PAINTERS looking to stay active. Very reasonable rates. Neat, fast working, former housing authority professional painters. Also drywall repairs & small renovations. 626-6926 T.M. Renovations 38 yrs exp. General Carpentry Quality work in kitchen cabinets, bathroom reno’s Also do some plumbing, electrical 344-0798 627-6222 Vivid Grey Design Studio offers Interior Design Services, Custom Closets, Closet doors, Storage Solutions, Kitchens and bathrooms. Call 252- 5539.

63. COMING EVENTS Free Health DVD Presentation with Drs. Rudy and Jeanie Davis at Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 1770 Oliver Rd., every Sunday until Dec. 8th, 2-4pm. Call 7677242 to register.


POTTERS GUILD Christmas Sale Valhalla Inn

Sat., Nov. 16 - 10am-5pm Sun., Nov. 17 - 10am-4pm

West Thunder Community Centre ANNUAL CRAFT SALE Fri., Dec. 6th, 2013 ~ 4pm-9pm Sat., Dec. 7th, 2013 ~ 10am-4pm Bake Table ~ 50/50 Attendance Draws 50/50 Draw Tickets #NOW# on Sale; Licence #M715270 Admission $1.00 per adult Children 12 and under free.

Call 475-9396 915 S. Edward St. Canadian Red Cross are holding Annual Creations Sale November 25th to November 29th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day in Victoriaville Mall. Beautiful handmade sweaters, socks, afghans, mitts, hats, toys and more. For more info call 623-3073. Pottery by Edie Hashiguchi of Hash Crafts. Will be available at Artisans Northwest show, at Valhalla Inn. November 16th, 10-6pm, 17th 10-4pm in Icelandic Room. WENDY’S SEWING CREATIONS Presents a sale just in time for Christmas! Saturday November 16th 10am-3pm. North End Rec Centre, 954 Huron Ave. Custom hand sewn gifts for all age groups! West Arthur Community Centre Christmas Craft & Bake Sale! Sunday Nov 24, 10-2pm. 1914 West Arthur St. Tables $20. FREE ADMISSION!


Castlegreen Co-operative OFFICE CLERK 12 mth Contract (Mat Leave) 12 hr/wk minimum • strong background in customer service • computer skills (MS Access, Word, Excel) • reception duties • ability to multi-task • knowledge of Business Visions an asset Start Date: Dec 9/13 (training) Application Deadline: November 22/13

Submit Application to: Castlegreen Co-op, 213 Castlegreen Drive Fax (807) 767-4585

Small Ads Can

Catch Attention Call tbSOURCE At 346-2600

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Recycling saves energy Recycling uses less space in landfills Recycling saves trees Recycling helps climate change Recycling reduces pollution Recycling creates jobs. BUSINESS DIRECTORY





ns Walk-i e m welco

A-TECH APPLIANCE SERVICE 939-2700 Over 30 Years Experience Frans Heerema Certified Technician


Now and Zen

DAVE KNIGHT OPTICAL 906 E. VICTORIA AVE. (Corner McKellar) 622-0 311

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Thunder Bay



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em with Debbie Fl ona Smyth Le di ar sc Bi Candice

Karen Biscardi

623-1452 115 Frederica St.,

Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 4V1

2 for1 on all stock! Every frame is FREE when you get a 2 year scratch coat & anti-reflective or transitions!



touch Putting youtinbusiness. with the righ


475-5171 •

CALL (807) 346-1000 ext. 7753 for details.

ere! H e B ld u o C YoucrreAased exposure by adve. rtising In

ctory in a future dire 600. , call 346-2 utive fo in re o m r c Fo ccount Exe Ask for your A

Thunder Bay


Offer(s) available on select new 2013/2014 models through participating dealers to qualified retail customers who take delivery by December 2, 2013. Dealers may sell or lease for less. Some conditions apply. See dealer for complete details. Vehicles shown may include optional accessories and upgrades available at extra cost. All offers are subject to change without notice. All pricing includes delivery and destination fees up to $1,665, $34 tire recycling/filter charges, $5 OMVIC fee, environmental fee, variable dealer administration fees (up to $399) and $100 A/C charge (where applicable) and excludes licensing, registration, insurance, other taxes and down payment (if applicable and unless otherwise specified). Other lease and financing options also available. **0% purchase financing is available on select new 2013/2014 Kia models O.A.C. Terms vary by model and trim, see dealer for complete details. ¤“Don’t Pay Until Spring” offer (180-day payment deferral) applies to purchase financing on select new 2014 models. No interest will accrue during the fi rst 150 days of the finance contract. After this period, interest accrues and the purchaser will repay both the principal and interest monthly over the contract’s term. ≠Bi-weekly finance payment O.A.C. for new 2014 Sorento 2.4L LX AT FWD (SR75BE)/2014 Forte Sedan LX MT (FO541E)/2014 Rondo LX MT (RN551E) based on a selling price of $28,893/$17,913/$23,893 is $159/$98/$127 with an APR of 0% for 60/84/84 months, amortized over an 84-month period. Estimated remaining principal balance of $8,255/$0/$0 plus applicable taxes due at end of 60-month period. Offer includes loan savings of $0/$0/$750. Retailer may sell for less. See dealer for full details. ∞NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Phase 1 Entry Period ends December 2, 2013, at the close of regular business hours at participating Kia dealerships. Phase 2 Entry Period ends December 30, 2013, at the close of regular business hours at participating Kia dealerships. Open to age-of-majority residents of Canada. 60 Prizes (30 attributed to Phase 1 and 30 attributed to Phase 2), each consisting of a cheque that may range in value from $15,350 to $46,859. Odds of winning a Phase 1 Prize depend on the number of eligible Phase 1 Entries received before the applicable Phase 1 Draw Date. Odds of winning a Phase 2 Prize depend on the number of eligible Phase 2 Entries received before the applicable Phase 2 Draw Date. Skill-testing question required. For full contest rules and no-purchase entry details, visit ΔModel shown Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for 2014 Sorento 3.3L EX AT AWD (SR75HE)/2014 Forte SX (FO748E)/2014 Rondo EX Luxury (RN756E) is $34,195/$26,195/$32,195. Highway/city fuel consumption is based on the 2014 Sorento LX 2.4L GDI 4-cyl (A/T)/2014 Forte 1.8L MPI 4-cyl (M/T)/2014 Rondo 2.0L GDI 4-cyl (M/T). These updated estimates are based on the Government of Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. Refer to the EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. Kia is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation.

Sales/Leasing Sales/Leasing

Alyssa Craig


Jay Maidment Ashleigh Winchester Tori Colistro

General Sales Manager Financial Services Manager

Kiirsti Kellar

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