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Baumgartner Defeats Marr in Primary Election

Serving the counties of Ferry, Grant, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens and Whitman. 9-10 2010

The LARGEST New Home Show in the Inland Northwest!

The 6th Annual Fall Festival presented by Pro-Build opens this weekend! Twenty-Four of Spokane’s FINEST builders have brought together Forty-One beautiful homes for this highly anticipated, FREE event! Leonard Terzenbach & Michael Baumgartner

Michael Baumgartner, the SHBA endorsed candidate for the 6th Legislative District Senate seat, soundly defeated incumbent Senator Chris Marr in the Primary Election. Once all of the votes were counted, Baumgartner defeated Marr by 6.6%. Baumgartner received 53.3% of the vote, with Marr receiving just 46.7%. This is a significant margin, as no challenger in the 751 top-two blanket primaries since 1993, who won by more than 3.5%, has lost in the general election. It would be unprecedented for a challenger this strong to lose the general. Senator Marr is one of the building industry’s biggest enemies. He is supported by organizations such as

Progressive Majority, Fuse, trial attorneys, and practically every labor union. He is in favor of strict land use policies to inhibit the phenomena known as “global warming”. Despite his protests, Marr is a tax and spending liberal playing election year politics. During the last legislative session, Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (Spokane) protected Marr (as she knew he would be vulnerable in this year’s election) by allowing him to vote no on ESSB 6130, the bill which repealed the 2/3rd’s majority vote to impose new or increase existing taxes. Marr’s voting record proves he is in favor of higher taxes and fees, as well as stricter regulations on business and the building industry. >>>Continued on page 14

While times have certainly changed, the builders and members of the Spokane Home Builders Association have come together to bring about a show that grew in size over 2009 by nearly 15%! The community will be impressed with the increased number of homes as this year’s show features dozens of varieties from starter homes, to luxury homes in every neighborhood! >>>Continued on page 16

Spiketoberfest Begins!





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October 19-21


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E RS N M O O E H UILD IATISeptember 24th - 26th B SSOC & October 1st - 3rd, 201 A 10AM - 5PM

Attention SHBA Members!

Did You Know You’re Connected? New Local Online Service Directory See Your Listing at:

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For more show information contact: Katherine Morgan Marketing & Events Director 509-532-4990 Need a Web Page with LOCAL Exposure? We Host it. You Stand Out. Starting at $5 week! brought to you by 509.922.3436 Host Sites


President’s Letter

year pay increase. More money in the hands of employees is good for our state and our economy!  The No on I-1082 campaign would also have you believe business owners and their workers will be unprotected because the workers comp system would be left open to operate unregulated and unaccountable to anyone.  Nothing in I-1082 exempts insurers from insurance regulations or comsumer protection laws.  In fact,  I-1082 enhances consumer protection by requiring the state to abide by the same insurance regulations as private companies.  Currently, L&I is exempt from those laws.

The Yes on I-1082 campaign is progressing well. Signs are now in the windows of our members businesses, and in their yards at home. The word is quickly spreading to the voters in Washington state that privatization of workers comp insurance will lower costs for both employers and employees and help save jobs.

Kim Momb Scholarship Winners 2010

The No on I-1082 campaign, which is exclusively financed by labor unions and trial attorneys, would have you believe costs will skyrocket if the initiative is passed. Quite the contrary is true, and the facts continue to prove that employer’s costs decrease when provided a choice in insurers. Earlier this month, Oregon announced their workers compensation rates will decrease yet again in 2011.  This trend of rates not increasing has sustained itself since 1990 when Oregon privatized their workers comp system.  In 2011, rates will decrease another 1.8%.  Since privatization of their rates, Oregon’s employers have enjoyed savings of $18.2 billion dollars in rate reductions. Washington employees will also see a direct benefit on their paycheck. Currently, state allows a portion of workers comp to come out of the employee’s paycheck. When I-1082 passes, the employee portion is gone and the average full time employee (framing homes for instance) will receive about a $1000.00 a

Another misconception being circulated to instill fear in the common worker is that benefits will be reduced under the new system. The truth is no benefits are being changed in I-1082.  Workers who are injured on the job will receive the exact same benefits as they are under L&I’s monopoly.  The initiative simply ends the monopoly and gives employers a choice in whom to choose as their insurer. Workers’ compensation tax rates are more than 50% higher than they were ten years ago. The Department of Labor & Industries’ administrative costs have increased 82% from 1999 – 2009. In Washington, the average injured worker with a time-loss claim misses 270 days of work – more than twice the national average. Oregon’s average time loss rate, is about 70 days. As the election nears, the supporters of the No on I-1082 campaign will spread more lies about what approval of the initiative will actually achieve.  If you have any questions about what I-1082 does and does not do, please visit the Yes on I-1082 website at  Most of the misconceptions about the measure can be found there.  Alternatively, you may contact a SHBA staff member or speak to me directly. If you think it’s time to start saving money on business taxes and to put employees ahead of government spending, vote yes on I-1082.


The Kim Momb Scholarship is awarded to the children of members in good standing of the Spokane Home Builders Association who are pursuing a higher education. This year’s winners all display qualities of dedication and integrity that go beyond the classroom. The applicants have been leaders in their community and show a willingness to serve those around them through hard work. Please join the SHBA Board of Directors and staff in congratulating the winners of the Kim Momb Scholarship for the 2010 School Year. $500 Scholarship Chase Watson son of Rex & Tana Watson – Cabinet Systems Graduate of Freeman High School and is attending University of Washington $250 Scholarship Kelsey Koch daughter of Doug Koch – Koch Sheet Metal Graduate of Mead High School and is attending Northwest Nazarene University $250 Scholarship Samuel Schoesler son of Thad & Karrie Schoesler – Alpine Patio Concepts Chase Watson Graduate of West Valley High School and is attending University of Montana $500 Scholarship Winner


Builders Overview



2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT, Jay Alderson, Alderson Custom Homes .................................................. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT, Tim Ayers, Builders Etc. ..................................................... SECOND VICE PRESIDENT, Tanna St Marie, Pacific Northwest Title .......................... SECRETARY, Garth Trimble, KAYU-TV ........................................................................... TREASURER, Phil Folyer, Morse Western Homes ........................................................ PAST PRESIDENT, Bruce Georgen, Georgen Homes .................................................. BUILDER DIRECTORS: Jason Lawrence, Lawrence Custom Homes .......................... Mark Correll, Correll Reconstruction .................................... Deacon Band, Band Construction Inc. ................................. Dennis Crapo, Diamond Rock Construction, Inc. ................. ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR: Tim Borg, Pro-Build ............................................................. Ron Soss, Banner Bank ....................................................... Marc Hattenburg, Hattenburg Excavating Inc. ..................... Tara Malik, River City Solid Surface ......................................

315-4499 991-4580 744-3434 448-2828 927-9746 276-7987 994-2525 926-5317 216-5384 924-8964 924-2420 228-0201 238-4454 891-1782 893-2617

COMMUNITY BUILDERS TRUST, Todd Whipple, Whipple Consulting Engineers ........ REMODELER’S COUNCIL BUILDER DIRECTOR, Isaiah Clow, Clow Construction Inc. .................................... 230-4487 GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE DIRECTOR, Anthony Carollo, Stewart Title of Spokane ........................ 328-7171 GRANT COUNTY CHAPTER PRESIDENT, Bruce Preston, Bruce Preston Homes, Inc. ............... 509-764-9286 EDUCATION & APPRENTICESHIP COMMITTEE DIRECTOR, Tom Thosath, Nordic Construction ..................................... 448-5917 MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE DIRECTOR, Shaun Bleeker, Bonded Adjustment Co. ..... 624-5181 BUILT GREEN COUNCIL DIRECTOR, Jayson Hunnel, Greenstone Homes .................. 458-5860 SHBA STAFF: ....................................................................................................... 509-532-4990 Joel White, Executive Officer ................................................. Ext. 32 Bill Taylor, Membership Director .......................................... Ext. 43 D. Katherine Morgan, CGP, Marketing and Events Director . Ext. 31 Kim Waseca-Love, CGA, CGP, Education Director ................. Ext. 39 Edie Streicher, Government Affairs Director......................... Ext. 41 Geradette Sager, Member Relations Manager ..................... Ext. 38 Toby Broemmeling, CGP, Special Projects Coordinator ........ Ext. 37 Suzanne Jennings, Bookkeeper ........................................... Ext. 36 Beverly Voight, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant ........ Ext. 30

GET GUTTERS THAT NEVER CLOG? 50% OFF LABOR ASK ABOUT OUR NO INTEREST PLANS!* *With approved credit. Not valid on prior sales or with other offers. Certain restrictions apply. Offer Good For A Limited Time Only.

509-315-1019 CRN# LEAFGN1044MN


2011 SHBA Board Nominations

Calling All Members - Nominations for Board of Directors Now Open The SHBA Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations for several positions on the SHBA Board. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact Nominating Committee Chairman, Tim Ayers at (509) 991-4580.  Per the SHBA Bylaws, the Nominations Committee will provide a recommended slate of candidates to be voted on at the October General Membership meeting.  They will announce these candidates at the Fall Festival VIP Night on Thursday, September 23rd from 5:30 - 9:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Center.  Additional nominations will also be accepted from the floor.     Available 2011 Board Positions  Executive Committee (one-year terms) President - Builder Member with at least one year of Board experience First Vice President - Builder Member Second Vice President - Associate Member Treasurer - Builder or Associate Member Secretary - Builder or Associate Member   Board Positions (two-year terms) Builder Director #1 Builder Director #2 Associate Director Due to an inadvertent error, the following information was not included in the last Builder’s Overview.

Three long-time SHBA members were inducted into the SHBA Hall of Fame at The Davenport Hotel on May 13th.

Harlan Douglass was inducted into the SHBA Hall of Fame by his son Harley.  Beginning his career as a home builder, Harlan is still active in the industry as a Land Developer and Multi-Family Home Builder  In his remarks he spoke of his support for the SHBA and showed an amazing recollection of the local home building industry in Spokane.     Gordon Finch was inducted by fellow builder and SHBA Hall of Famer, Dave Baker.  Both Dave and Gordon shared many great stories from their days as leaders of the Association.  Dave also spoke of the quality of the homes that Gordon builds, pointing to the many home show awards he had won over the years.   Gordon strongly advocated for members to get involved and support the Association’s political activities.   Clyde  Haase was inducted by his former co-host on the TV news program “House to Home”, Mark Peterson.  Mark spoke of Clyde’s great work to better the community through service projects.  Clyde encouraged all members to engage in their Association and work together to build their business and better the industry. Congratulation to these three very successful businessmen for receiving this honor.  Many thanks to them for their advocacy of the home building industry over the years. Buster Heitman, Clyde Hasse, Harlan Douglass, Gordon Finch, Dave Baker and Bob Wright By Joel White, SHBA Executive Officer           


Builders Overview

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Builder Profile

At home in Eagle Ridge


Builders Overview

The way Lori Henriksen tells the story, she came into the real estate business through the back door. Since then, though, Henriksen has opened the door to quality living for hundreds of families in the Eagle Ridge neighborhood. Henriksen is the general manager at Eagle Ridge and a vice president with Newland Communities, a San Diego-based company that develops neighborhoods nationwide. She’s been working at Eagle Ridge since 1998, when GenStar Land Co. owned the Latah Valley neighborhood, located five minutes south of downtown Spokane along U.S. 195. When she started, the neighborhood had 25 homes and 260-some empty home lots. Now, the neighborhood has 590 occupied homes with 75 lots and land for developing another 400 lots in the future. “I think we’ll be sold through our available lots by June of 2011,” Henriksen said, adding the development will be introducing some new styles of homes that she believes will be popular with buyers. “Some people would say that’s foolishly optimistic. I think it’s realistically optimistic.” At Eagle Ridge, Henriksen has helped create something she had as a kid but couldn’t find for most of her adult life: a neighborhood where people did lots of things together. She grew up in a big, active neighborhood in Walnut Creek, Calif., where there were a lot of neighborhood activities. Recently, the people from that neighborhood had a 35th anniversary neighborhood camping trip. While living on the East Coast as an adult, Henriksen looked for that kind of community but didn’t find it. She owned and operated a wellness business back East that worked with individuals to live healthier and to create wellbeing in their lives. This involved creating a home environment that was conducive to wellbeing—creating a sacred place, Henriksen said. More and more, she spent time working in clients’ homes and on that home environment. In the mid-1990s, she decided she wanted to move back West. She began looking for opportunities in the Inland Northwest and accepted a position as community ambassador at Eagle Ridge in 1998. Immediately, Henriksen became involved in the Spokane Home Builders Association. She volunteered Eagle Ridge as a host site for the 1998 Showcase of Homes, which was a split-site tour with a half dozen houses on display at Eagle Ridge and another half dozen at The Ridge at Hangman. A couple of years later, Newland bought the neighborhood and followed Henriksen’s suggestion to reconfigure the lots to connect all of the walking trails through the neighborhood and to allow for more green space and pocket parks throughout Eagle Ridge. In 2001, Henriksen bought a house in the neighborhood she was promoting and helping to create. “I’ve never regretted my decision to live here,” she said. Through the years, Henriksen has remained heavily involved in events, sitting on planning committees for home shows and other events, as well as recently finishing a two-year stint on SHBA’s board of directors. “No exaggeration,” she said. “It has been a delight to be involved.” By Linn Parish

Associate Profile

A Mutually Benefical Relationship

St. Marie saw benefit of membership; SHBA benefits from her association!

Twenty-some years ago, Tanna St. Marie was a title-insurance veteran who saw untapped potential for her company in the home building industry. She joined the Spokane Home Builders Association in an effort to meet more builders and to secure them as clients. At that time, St. Marie knew joining the group would be good for her company. SHBA, however, couldn’t have known how good it would be for the association to have her as a member. St. Marie, who now serves as vice president and sales manager at Pacific Northwest Title, has been heavily involved in SHBA through most of the past 20-some years. She has served on the organization’s executive board for eight years and currently presides as second vice president, the highest office a non-builder can hold in SHBA. In addition, she has chaired Fall Festival of Homes events in past years, and this past June, she led the committee that organized the Showcase of Green Homes. “My husband says I should be in the Army because I like to volunteer,” she laughed. St. Marie has worked in the title industry for 33 years, having starting in 1977 as a typist at First American Title. She worked her way through the ranks on the insurance side of the business, then switched to the sales and

marketing side when she took a position at Spokane County Title. After long stints with other title companies, St. Marie joined Pacific Northwest Title 15 years ago. Hired as a title officer initially, she was offered and accepted the position of sales manager two months after joining the company. Presently, she has held every possible position at a title company except bookkeeper and president. She said she enjoys both working internally with Pacific Northwest Title staff, and working externally with the real estate and building communities. “I don’t always see this as management,” St. Marie said. “I see what I’m doing as being able to encourage people and lead people to success in their careers.” With SHBA, St. Marie said she has witnessed a dramatic change for the better in the last decade, a change that she attributes to the leadership and direction of executive officer Joel White. “It is 100 percent better than it was 10 years ago,” she said. “It’s more focused. It’s more professional. The benefits and the value to the members are really incredible.” By Linn Parish September-October 2010


Membership Blitz

It’s time for all of us to pitch in because Membership is Everybody’s Business! That’s right I said Membership is Everybody’s Business! Now more than ever those words can’t be more important. No matter how long you’ve been a member and no matter how many members you may have recruited, right now Membership certainly is EVERYONE’S Business. As a recruiter and as my short time as a board member I’ve heard, “I’ve done my job with recruiting” and we truly thank you for that effort because we know recruiting isn’t everyone’s gig. Right now, however, the work our Association does and the work that it needs to do can’t be done by us alone. We need new blood and new energy. Bottom-line we need new members and you are the only ones that can help with that.


Right now there are over 3000 registered contractors Specialty and Generals in the Spokane area that are in business, not to mention the thousands of businesses that support the construction industry. So we know there are businesses out there that could benefit from being a member. We also know many of you know someone you are doing business with that is generating income from you being in the construction industry that deserves to be invited to be a member of SHBA. The number one reason companies don’t join an association is usually because they haven’t been asked. So ask!


Top Recruiters as of September 13th:

YTD Going total Skiing?

Leonard Terzenbach Corey Condron Garth Trimble Deacon Band Shaun Bleeker Brad Spears Aaron Gimmeson Jay Alderson Tanna St. Marie Anthony Carollo Tim Ayers Pat McHugh Tara Malik Phil Folyer Keith Lenssen Dennis Crapo Tom Thosath Mark Visentainer Bob Wright Dave Spencer Brent Peterson Ron Soss Todd Whipple Ethan Gurney Maria Nilles

21 13 13 11 9 7 6 5 5 5 4 4 4 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Pacific Insurance Condron Homes KAYU TV Band Construction Bonded Adjustment NW Equity Builders United Rentals Moses Lake Alderson Custom Homes Pacific NW Title Stewart Title Builders Etc Straightline Construction River City Solid Surface Morse Western Homes Dean Ryan Homes Diamond Rock Alpine Construction Bonded Adjustment Wright Brothers Sunrooms Jesse Builders Brent Peterson Construction Banner Bank Whipple Consulting Engineers Accent Resurfacing Everwood Homes

16 Board Members have recruited so far this year… AWESOME, not far from 100% participation.

Yes – 2 Trips Yes Yes Yes Yes

Not sure how to ask? Then here’s all we need you to do: 1. Look in your phone directory on your cell phone, look at your accounting records, your PDA and for you old folks like Membership Director Bill Taylor look in your Rolodex and write down the names & contact information of businesses you do business with. 2. By October 5th fax that information over to Bill (509)532-4980 or email Those that aren’t members he’ll send back to you and all we need you to do is invite them to be members and that’s it. We’ll have some great incentives for them to join during the Spiketoberfest Membership Blitz October 19-21. 3. If you want to have some fun, call Bill Taylor (509)532-4990 and join a team for the Blitz. Let me close with this, the fall Spiketoberfest Membership Blitz sponsored by new member Parr Lumber, takes place October 19-21. The SHBA Membership Committee needs you and your leads for the Spiketoberfest 2010 Blitz to be successful. No matter how long you’ve been a member, weíre all in this together. Together we can make the legislature act and VOTE YES on I-1082 in November, this initiative will reform workers compensation in Washington that is years overdue. “Together we face the battle”, truer words have never been written. These words are embroidered on hats SHBA made to help support SHBA Executive Officer Joel White’s fight against cancer. Joel’s dedication to our industry and this Association during this time has been unwavering. It’s now time we stepped to the plate and show our dedication to SHBA. All we need is just 2 hours of your time to the association one day during the October 19-21 membership Blitz to help SHBA grow or at the very least lend us your sub, supplier, and vendor lists so we can reach out to those that are non-members. Together we can prove we are the definitive voice in the construction industry and we are the Building Industry Association of Eastern Washington. We’ve all heard, “if not us, who and if not now, when”. WE, all 1015 members are the who and the when is ”NOW”! Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions Sincerely,


Shaun Bleeker, owner Bonded Adjustment Company & 2010 Membership Committee Chair Director (509)624-5181.




A C S E T â&#x20AC;&#x2122;

! E S O O M E H T E P

SPIKETOBERFEST! Make a difference in membership.



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October 19-21 The moose has made his mark where is yours? Sign up today!

2010 Corporate Sponsor of SHBA Membership


Members in Action

Member 2 Member Relationships that go beyond the bottom line For the past 12 years David Lawless of Arrow Concrete and Asphalt has been a dedicated member of the Spokane Home Builders Association and when Lawless needs a truck for his specialty concrete company he calls Norm Mossoni of Gus Johnson Ford, a fellow member of the Association. “I’ve been doing business with Dave and Arrow Concrete for over 10 years. In the way he approaches business relationships, he’s just a really great guy,” Mossoni says of Lawless. “He doesn’t expect me to work for nothing and knows that we don’t want him to pay anymore than he has to. He is a great customer and loyal.” Mossoni and Gus Johnson Ford has been a member of the Association for the last 3 years and also supply trucks to another member, Dick Dixon of Gold Seal Mechanical. Early in their relationship Mossoni needed some plumbing work done at his personal home so he called Gold Seal to come and take a look. As Dixon’s crew was working on the project, a pipe broke and the quick fix turned into a much bigger project. With Thanksgiving only days away and family planning on coming over, Mossoni desperately needed his bathroom to be operational. But Gold Seal stayed and got it done. “Then he even held to their original bid. That’s the kind of guy Dick is,” Norm says of Dixon. “His ethics are unbelievably strong in how he does business.” Sometime’s business relationships between members turn into lifetime friendships. Not only does Gold Seal Mechanical buy and service their 70 trucks at Gus Johnson but Dixon’s family does as well. Gold Seal Mechanical has been a longtime member of the Association for over 27 years. It’s smart business to do business with a member. Not only can you grow business but you can grow someone else’s as well.

MEMBERS IN ACTION Legistlative Reception

Brad Spears & Duane Alton


Builders Overview

Barbara Powers & Dan Villalobos

Bill & Cheri Straub

Gerry Morse & Ron Soss

Ken Garceau & Joe Schmick

Baker Builders

Randy Johnson


Jim Mahar, Leonard Terzenbach, Jay Alderson & Tim Ayers

M E M Scott Krajack, Linda Davis & Jayson Hunnel

ow Ar r ng ti rac inal t n Co Card ly & Supp Tim Baugn & Rob Desonia



N O TI Bill Taylor & Craig Roberts

Bank of America Home Loans

Tim Kelly

Shaun Bleeker recruiting

Kokanee Springs Trip Winners

Deacon Band, Willie Maddox


Election Continued

Continued from cover... Mike Baumgartner wants to reduce burdensome regulations on business and reduce increased spending that Marr has voted in favor of. Mike has also been very vocal about his support of I-1082, and has been talking to voters about the benefits of the measure as he doorbells his way across the 6th District. Marr has been actively campaigning against the initiative. No big surprise, given his major supporters – labor unions and trial attorneys – are opposed to the privatization of workers’ comp insurance. If there is any question about how Marr views BIAW and members of the SHBA, let’s think back to the BIAW Legislative Reception earlier this year…where was Chris that evening?  He had a prior engagement at MBA King/Sno’s Legislative Reception.  Think about that for a moment, then mark your ballot for Mike Baumgartner. We encourage you to all become involved in this promising candidate’s campaign. For more information about how you can help Chris Marr lose this year’s election, please attend the CBT-PAC meetings or contact Government Affairs Director, Edie Streicher at the SHBA office. Congratulations to SHBA Endorsed Candidates We would like to congratulate all of the SHBA endorsed candidates who emerged victorious in the primary election. Now the real work begins, as the general election is now in full

swing. Please consult the list of SHBA endorsed candidates (right) when casting your ballot this November. The candidates your Board of Directors approved have been vetted through the CBT-PAC, and understand the value the home building industry brings to our community. I-1082 Signs Now Available Our shipment of Yes on I-1082 signs have arrived! Please contact a SHBA staff member for signs for your yard and business! City of Spokane – Transportation Impact Fees Transportation Impact Fees are back on the docket for a hearing with City Council. While the residential fees appear to be more reasonable than those proposed in 2008, it is anticipated future Councils will increase the fees in coming years. The fees for commercial and retail buildings are exceedingly high. Please join SHBA members and staff as we testify in opposition to these fees targeted at our industry and home buyers during a time when the housing market is already struggling to survive. City Council anticipates a hearing on the fees on Monday, October 4th at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. For more Information, please contact Edie Streicher at the SHBA office.    


Builders Overview

The CBT-PAC and SHBA Board of Directors have endorsed the following candidates and issues for the upcoming General Election on November 2. It is crucial that our members follow these recommendations when they vote, as out industry can make a significant impact on the results, especially to vote as well. Should you want additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Spokane County Commissioner, District 3 - Al French (R) Spokane County Sheriff - Ozzie Knezovich (R) 4th District Representative, Position 1- Larry Crouse (R) 4th District Representative, Position 2 - Matt Shea (R)


2010 SHBA Political Endorsements

6th District Senator - Michael Baumgartner (R) 6th District Representative, Position 1 - Kevin Parker (R) 6th District Representative, Position 2 – John Ahern (R) 7th District Senator - Bob Morton (R) 7th District Representative, Position 1 - Shelly Short (R) 7th District Representative, Position 2 - Joel Kretz (R) 9th District Representative, Position 1 - Susan Fagan (R) 9th District Representative, Position 2 - Joe Schmick (R) 13th District Senator - Janea Holmquist (R) 13th District Representative, Position 1 - Judy Warnick (R) 13th District Representative, Position 2 - Bill Hinkle (R)

We have

office warehouse space available. Two sizes available

A: 93’x60’ B: 34’x60’

Warehouse space includes: • • • • • • •

14’x14’ roll-up doors plus two man-doors 24 hour use The space is heated and covered with concrete floors The complex itself is completely fenced with security access 24-hour camera surveillance Individual access codes per employee available 7-day-a-week management on site 11018 East Sprague • Located in the Spokane Valley on Sprague between Bowdish and University.

Call 509-926-3000 for more information


Fall Festival of Homes

Continued from cover...

The LARGEST Home Show in the Inland Northwest! Watch for updates on award-winners, directions to our FIVE featured Host Sites this year, view the BRAND NEW virtual show guide, and much, much more! We’ve seen tremendous growth and support from our Association members in the form of sponsors, advertisers, and especially committee involvement! The show’s special features including the Children’s Miracle Network Home, Built Green® Homes, and the beautiful Home benefiting the Spokane Home Builders Association are some of the many diamonds in this year’s show to boast about!

2009 Fall Festival VIP Night


Builders Overview

The Association Board of Directors and staff would like to acknowledge the individuals on the Fall Festival of Homes committee this year led by Chair Jayson Hunnel of Greenstone Homes & Co-Chair Phil Folyer of Morse Western Homes. The commitment to the Fall Festival of Homes by these members have been extraordinary as they work towards putting on the most professional home show in Spokane County bringing the dream of homeownership to life for everyone with homes in every price range, in every neighborhood. But the final applause truly belongs to the builders and their suppliers who have stepped up to build in this year’s show – without them, we would not be the largest in the Inland Northwest, we would not be offering the community such a grand variety of stunning homes to choose from, and we would not be showing off the strength still found in the Spokane Community from our members who continue to fight for the American Dream of Homeownership! Don’t miss this annual event and seeing the finest in new construction by some of our very own builders! The 2010 Fall Festival of Homes is proudly presented by Pro-Build for the 3rd year in a row! September 24-26 & October 1-3 Open 10am-5pm Daily FREE to the Public


m 24 of o r f s e m 41 ho ers!

Build t s e n i F ane's k o p S

he ow t s is h S M e t m t Do nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; w H o We s

Proudly presented by

Ne rt h t o s N e d L a rg nlan he in t


Associate Sponsor

Friends of the Industry

September 24th - 26th & October 1st - 3rd, 2010 10AM - 5PM For more show information contact: Katherine Morgan Marketing & Events Director 509-532-4990

VIP Night Sponsor m o ivalOfH t s e F e n a k o p S . w ww

Host Sites



APPRENTICESHIP: It Makes Good Buisness Sense “Why should I consider the SHBA Apprenticeship and

Training Program” you ask. It all comes down to a willingness to invest in your most valuable resource – your employees. Training apprentices is one of the best and only ways to gain a full crew of ‘journeyman’ carpenters. If you empower your employees through training, you will see direct benefits. Almost 80% of jobs now require some postsecondary education and training. Over 62% of new jobs require on-the-job learning and experience. That approach, coupled with occupation-specific instruction, represents the defining principles of Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is the oldest known form of skills training in which craftsmen throughout the ages have passed their skills along to their successors, thereby preserving the arts of one generation for the edification of the next. The competent and experienced journeyperson is the repository of the skills of their craft. And, without the willingness to transmit that knowledge on to others it would be practically impossible to train the next generation of skilled men and women. Apprenticeship is a proven strategy that combines both on-the-job (OJT) learning with related classroom instruction. It is an excellent training model for quickly getting new employees up to speed and maximizing the skills of your current workforce. The person who wants to serve an apprenticeship is one who is willing to make a commitment to their career and to your company. Apprenticeship allows individuals to learn, work, earn and get qualified, all at the same time. It is an efficient and cost-effective system that can help your business become more productive. By combining on-the-job training and related classroom instruction, you grow skilled workers that allow you to keep pace with changing workforce dynamics. And, today’s competitive industry requires employees that can perform technical tasks, exercise good judgment and possess strong work ethics. Formed 30 years ago to provide educational opportunities to individuals in the residential construction field,


Builders Overview

the SHBA Apprenticeship & Training Program maintains a focused commitment on developing and promoting residential construction careers through education and training. The program educates workers already in the field, young men and women just beginning their construction careers, and youth just forming their ideas about specific careers and work. The SHBA sponsors an 8,000 hour on-the-job training program that provides motivated men and women the opportunity to learn the residential carpentry trade by working in the field under the supervision of a skilled craftsman. In addition to receiving skill training on the job, our apprentices are provided with 576 hours of trade related classroom instruction that produces competency and pride that lead to true craftsmanship. Our instructors are comprised of a very motivated and innovative staff that are committed and dedicated to the success of their students. Their role is to professionally undertake managing the learning process of Residential Carpentry apprenticeship students and to ensure the students achieve their learning objectives to the maximum of their potential. Further responsibilities include, utilizing available resources, methods, techniques and strategies, to ensure student success and working collaboratively with colleagues to create a learning environment which is educationally sound, technically supported and innovative. But, apprenticeship training requires a commitment by both the employer and the apprentice. The employer commits to providing the work experience and the wages for learning the occupation; the apprentice commits to learning the occupation and becoming a valued employee who contributes to the overall strength of the company. The result is a skilled craft worker with industry-driven training and an employer with a competitive edge. Employers, who participate in apprenticeship training, build trained and skilled employees ensuring the availability of a strong labor force and sustainable growth and success of their business. A trained, productive staff means fewer mistakes, less wastage and lower unit costs. The completion of an apprenticeship program results in highly trained professionals who contribute noticeably to your bottom line and ensures a higher level of quality production and productivity. Their knowledge, skills and “hands on” experience enable them to develop a thorough understanding of your business needs and how best to meet them. The SHBA Apprenticeship Program has provided training

to hundreds of individuals in the trade and has opened up scores of career and business opportunities that would otherwise have been unattainable. Many of these individuals have used the program to train to journey level status and some have even gone on to establish companies of their own and are now SHBA members. Whether you have employees who are just beginning their career, employees that want to grow and develop their skills to keep up with new technology and industry practices, or if you know of an individual who likes the challenge of learning a new skill, has a good aptitude, and would like to earn while they learn, then SHBA’s Apprenticeship and Training program would be for them. Registration for the 2010-2011 school year is currently underway. Applications for entrance into the program will to be accepted through the month of September. Credit for prior experience in the trade and/or technical schooling can be granted to individuals upon application to the program. Take the first step and find out more about how you can make the apprenticeship training process work for you. For more information on this exciting career opportunity, contact Kim at 532-4990.

Additional Classes: Certified Green Professional (CGP)The Fastest Growing Designation The Certified Green Professional™ (CGP), an exclusive designation offered by the National Association of Home Builders, recognizes builders, remodelers, and other industry professionals who incorporate green building principles into homes using cost-effective and affordable options. Class work leading to the designation provides a solid background in green building methods and the tools to reach consumers and to provide market driven green building solutions to the home building industry. September 22-24, 2010 8:00am-5:00pm (Member Cost $405) QuickBooks In these four information packed “Lunch and Learns” Patrick McDonald, CPA, will present QuickBooks Terminology and the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Job- Costing, 2010 Reporting Options, and Completion of Total Projects. October 26, November 2, 9, & 16, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm (Member Cost $50 per class or $150 for full series) Take Your Sales to the 7th Level Training for Replacement Contractors & Individuals Selling to Homeowners Are you feeling the economy has a choke hold on your sales? Would you like to know how to shift the 80/20 rule in your favor? This one-day class is designed for companies and individuals that want to increase the number of leads they generate, the number of those leads they sell, and the actual sale price of the product or service. November 5, 2010 8:00am-5:00pm (Member Cost $299) For more information on all classes offered at SHBA please call 509-532-4990 or visit

First Aid/CPR Certification Training for Construction Personnel Did you know that all employers in Washington State, regardless of size, are required to have firstaid trained employees at their worksite? First Aid/CPR CertificationTraining for Construction Personnel In an emergency, time is measured in split seconds. Proper immediate response is crucial, and knowing what to do can make the difference between life and death, temporary disability or lifelong disability for the victim. This training can save lives – making it invaluable to you, your company and your co-workers. Learn constructionspecific first aid, life-saving, and injury assessment techniques that are essential for all construction personnel. If there was an injury or medical emergency in your workplace – would someone be able to respond promptly? Participants completing training will be issued a First-Aid/CPR certification card valid for two years. Adult, child & infant CPR will be incorporated. As a graduate of this course you will learn: The fundamental principles, skills and knowledge of first aid and accident prevention. How to respond to typical emergencies when medical assistance is delayed. How to recognize and provide basic treatment for medical conditions like cardiac arrest, stroke, seizures, allergic reactions, asthma, and shock. How to recognize and treat major bleeding, head injuries, back injuries, broken bones and bruises. To register for the next class please call the SHBA office at 509-532-4990 or visit Next Class Dates: October 6, 2010 6:00pm-9:00pm Cost: $36.00

Lien Law and Public Works & Construction Contacts Everything You Need to Know Lien Law/Public Works 8:00 am-12:00 pm As a graduate of this course, you will: -Understand circumstances under which you must give a preliminary lien notice to the owner and/or general contractor. -Become aware of the rules on who must send the notice, when, why and how. -Learn how to prepare, record and foreclose a lien on a commercial or residential project. -Set-up, file and foreclose your claim against a payment bond or retainage on any federal, state, county, or city public works project. Accreditation: 4 RE Clock Hours; 3 Insurance CE Hours Construction Contracts 1:00 pm-4:30 pm As a graduate of this course, you will: -Learn what to include (and avoid) in your contract with an owner or general contractor. -Gain the knowledge on how to prepare and utilize contract clauses that are designed to expeditiously and economically resolve disputes over payments, limit your warranties and liabilities, insure payment for change orders, and much more. The course book for this course will enable you to properly prepare your contracts with owners and subcontractors and teach you what is important and what is not. Accreditation: 3.5 RE Clock Hours: 3 Insurance CE Hours Designation Credit: CGA, CGB, CGR (must attend whole day) To register for the next class please call the SHBA office at 509-532-4990 or visit Next Class Dates: October 8, 2010 Member cost: Lien Law $110.00, Contracts $125.00 Full day: $220.00


Estimating for Builders and Remodelers

EPA Certified Lead-Safety for Renovation Repair, and Painting Trainin April 22, 2010: Date EPA’s Lead Safety Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule to effect requiring construction firms to apply for and receive EPA Certification to disturb paint as part of their work in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities. The training course is required for any contractor that is involved in any activity that will - or has the potential to - disturb six square feet of lead-based paint in a room or 20 square feet on the exterior. The rule does not apply to minor maintenance or repair activities; however window replacement is not considered minor maintenance or repair. June 18, 2010: EPA offers additional time for renovation firms and workers to obtain the necessary training and certifications to comply with the rule. However, EPA will continue to enforce the lead-safe practices in the RRP rule during this time. October 1, 2010: Date EPA will begin to take enforcement action for violations of the RRP Rule’s Firm Certification Requirement. September 30, 2010: Date EPA will begin to enforce regulations against individual renovation workers if the person hasn’t applied to enroll in, or hasn’t enrolled in a Certified Renovator class to train contractors in practices necessary for compliance with the final rules. December 31, 2010: Date renovators must complete the RRP training. To register for the next class please call the SHBA office at 509-532-4990 or visit Class Dates: September 30, October 1 (En Español), October 29, 2010 Cost: $295.00








This past Fourth of July weekend Tom Stewart, one of our longtime members and Board Member, was severely injured in an unfortunate boating accident. Tom is now out of the hospital and has been transferred to St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Center where he is undergoing physical therapy and will hopefully return home soon. Because of sustained injuries, a ramp was required for access to Tom’s home in Newman Lake. Longtime Remodelers Council member Arne Weinman of First Team Construction and SHBA Board member Leonard Terzenbach of Bell-Anderson Insurance, generously donated labor and funds to complete the ramp project for Tom.  Without reserve for themselves, Arne and Leonard did a remarkable and selfless deed in helping out one of our own in their time of need. The actions of these two individuals reflected great credit upon themselves, the Remodeler’s Council, and the Spokane Home Builders Association. Please take a minute of your day to thank them should your time allow. This is a great example of the impact that our Remodelers Council service projects have in our community and the character of our council members and general membership spirit.  The Remodelers Council applauds Arne and Leonard for their generosity and wishes Tom a quick recovery.


Builders Overview

Learn how to develop winning bids and use estimates as a powerful business management tool. This course, for remodelers and small-to-mid volume builders, addresses one of the toughest topics in building today—estimating! Cary will go over insurance and profits, quantity takeoff for various materials, labor and equipment productivity issues, and subcontractor bid considerations. Leave with information that you can use in your business the very next day. After this course you will have an appreciation of the importance of estimating, knowledge of how to create an estimating system and the ability to implement an estimating system. As a graduate of this course, you will be able to: -Create strategies and techniques for developing winning bids. -Select the best way to deal with subcontractor bidding. -Understand how insurance impacts your profits. -Value the importance of quality estimating. -Use different types of estimates and ways to estimate. -Apply proven steps in the estimating process to develop winning bids. -Implement technology programs to help you estimate. Designation Credit: CGA, CGB, CGR To register for the next class please call the SHBA office at 509-532-4990 or visit Class Date: November 12, 2010 8:00am – 5:00pm Member Cost: $200.00

One of the primary goals of the Remodeler’s Council is to actively participate in community projects and help our area’s residents in need. In addition to giving the community a positive view of our industry, the Remodelers Council has a crucial impact on our local businesses. If your business is affected or involved with the remodeling industry in any way, this Council has tremendous opportunity for you.  Not only are industry wide concerns and regulations discussed, but we also entertain other topics such as politics affecting your business or invite local, highly regarded business people in the Spokane area speak to us regularly about a diversity of useful information. This year, the Remodelers Council has been essential to update our members on major new hurdles for remodeling contractors, specifically the EPA mandated Lead RRP Rule, as well as other newly revealed building codes as applicable to remodelers.  Our dual membership with the NAHB Remodelers allows us a national voice to influence the EPA as to its effects on small business.  The Council has always been, and still is, member driven and member focused.  As I continue to watch the trends of remodeling permits continually on the rise for the last 2 years and, along with it, the tidal wave of new laws regulating this specific industry, it proves that this Council is more valuable now than ever.  Networking potential for your business is excellent, no matter how much or how little remodeling you do or are involved with. I invite you to come to a Council meeting and join suppliers, associates, and builders who have come together to make their businesses stronger to face the remodeling challenges ahead.  For more information on the Council please give me a call at 509-230-4487 or email  For a complete schedule of council meeting is on the web at under Remodelers Council.

COUGAR MECHANICAL, INC. Katie Yockey PO Box 6427 Spokane, WA 99217-0907 (509) 484-6420

ALL AMERICAN CONCRETE & CONSTRUCTION Joseph Collins 10314 E 6th Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99206-3556 (509) 891-9939

COZZA FRAMING Pat Cozza 708 E Pacific Ave Spokane, WA 99202-2230 (509) 532-9290

B R HOOPER Brian Hooper 26715 E Houser Lake Branch Rd Newman Lake, WA 99025-7404 (509) 226-0210 BATT CONSTRUCTION Bradley Batt 11415 N Anna J Dr Spokane, WA 99218-2702 (509) 981-4634

D. WOLFF & SON, INC. Dean Wolff 3915 E Nebraska Ave Spokane, WA 99217-6641 (509) 879-4410 DESERT ROCK EXCAVATION Anne Sandberg PO Box 656 Moses Lake, WA 98837-0096 (509) 765-2255

FIRST IMPRESSIONS CREATIVE PRINTING, INC. Mike Cook 1716 E Holyoke Ave Ste D Spokane, WA 99217-6007 (509) 483-6822

LOU-GAR, INC. Gary Becker 8320 E Day Rd Mead, WA 99021-9703 (509) 466-6768

HILTI, INC. Charlie Wilcox 103 W Fremont Ave PMB 102 Selah, WA 98942-2009 (509) 406-2593

NEIGHBORHOOD, INC. Jeremy Voelleo 608 Northwest Blvd #103 Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814-2174 (208) 930-4697

HOFF CUSTOM HOMES, INC. Jesse Hoffpauir 4914 N Pasadena Ln Apt C2 Spokane Valley, WA 99212-4704 (580) 919-0055

NORTHWEST INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS ASSN Kris Alberti 145 State Highway 28 W Soap Lake, WA 98851-9610 (509) 246-9080

DINWIDDIE CONSTRUCTION, INC. Steve Dinwiddie PO Box 30464 Spokane, WA 99223-3007 (509) 532-1250

IMPRO, LLC - THE BUILDER’S BLOCKS Jeff Gustafson 319 W 2nd Ave Spokane, WA 99201-4309 (509) 340-3554

CENTER PIVOT SPECIALIST Cliofas Perez 4740 Grape Dr NE Moses Lake, WA 98837-4325 (509) 765-6364

FIREWORKS HVAC Jason Michaelis PO Box 7610 Spokane, WA 99207-0415 (509) 979-2887

JAMIESON DRYWALL, INC. Randy Jamieson PO Box 14998 Spokane Valley, WA 99214-0998 (509) 924-8117


LIVING STONE, INC. Kevin Frame 4392 W Seltice Way Post Falls, ID 83854-7347 (208) 773-8180

HAR FINE FINISHES Monty Williams PO Box 218 Deer Park, WA 99006-0218 (509) 926-1289

CARTER ELECTRIC, LLC Brandon White 1855 S Leanne Ave Moses Lake, WA 98837-4638 (509) 431-6611

PARSONS CONSTRUCTION, INC. Dave Parsons 7703 E Trent Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99212-2213 (509) 928-9008 SPECIAL T ENTERPRISES Tammy Sargent PO Box 4602 Spokane, WA 99220-0602 (509) 535-7295 SPLIT DIAMOND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Ed Weaver 5210 S Jordan Ln Spokane, WA 99224-5342 (509) 435-3247 T & M RESTORATION Kevin Triplett PO Box 1272 Chewelah, WA 99109-1272 (509) 935-4050 TERRA HOMES, LLC Aaron Edwards 1818 W Francis Ave #114 Spokane, WA 99205-6834 (509) 499-2432

OXI FRESH CARPET CLEANING Dusty Henderson 38415 N Hatch Rd Deer Park, WA 99006-9131 (509) 993-3767 PARR LUMBER Tim Kellar 3808 N Sullivan Rd Bldg N5B Spokane Valley, WA 99216-1608 (509) 922-7277

VINYL PRODUCTS, INC. Greg Billings 3420 E Ferry Ave Spokane, WA 99202-4632 (509) 892-6460



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Fall Festival VIP Night and Apprenticeship Graduation

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Built Green Board Meeting

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Remodelers Council Meeting CBT-PAC Meeting Washington Policy Center Dinner First Aid Class

7 Retention Committee Spike Meeting



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New Members

AIR CARE SYSTEMS, INC. Marilyn Peterson PO Box 634 Wilbur, WA 99185-0634 (509) 647-2811

KESTELL COMPANY REALTORS Jack Kestell 300 E Third Ave Spokane, WA 99202-1413 (509) 838-2002


Construction Monitor Serving the Columbia Basin and North Central Washington since 1955 with a fleet of 17 delivery trucks!

Lumber OSB Engineered Wood Products Windows & Doors Cabinetry Contact Eric Lundberg - our Columbia Basin sales rep. at (509) 660-3429 Need ROOF TRUSSES? Contact Earl Van Volkenburg - our truss expert (509) 885-8019 Need Drywall? Our Wenatchee branch specializes in drywall Offering stocking service with 2 boom trucks and experienced stockers


Builders Overview

Headquarter Location

P.O Box 218 Leavenworth (509) 548-5829 Branch Locations

Wenatchee (509) 663-5154 Chelan (509) 682-1617 Cle Elum (509) 674-0777

30 - 34 years: Central Pre-Mix Concrete Co. ProBuild (Spokane) 25 - 29 years: Homescapes Built-In Systems Homestead Construction, Inc. 20 - 24 years: Anderson’s Sheet Metal & A/C Country Homes Bldg. Supply Evergreen Heating & Cooling, Inc. Evergreen Truss & Supply Flattop Forms, Inc. Larry Yates Construction, Inc. Norlift, Inc. Piper Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Senske Lawn & Tree Care, Inc Stock Building Supply Velux-America, Inc. Vera Water & Power 15 - 19 years: Anderson, Peretti & Co. CPA’s Bestway Fuel & Spray Svc., Inc. Birchcrest Homes, Inc. Capstone Construction Co., Inc. G & L Roofing, Inc. Goad Brothers Drywall, LLC Harley C. Douglass, Inc. HomeStreet Bank Jesse Builders M & L Supply Co., Inc. Moody’s Drywall, Inc. Morris Clark Siding & Roofing Mutual Materials Company

Paintmasters Spokane Procare, Inc. Spokane Rain Gutter, Inc. Steinbach Construction Co., Inc. W M Construction, Inc. 10 - 14 years: A L Bergen Concrete Foundation A-1 General Contractors, Inc. AA Painting & Specialties Al’s Glass Service, Inc. Aqua Lawn, Inc. Brian Moranetz Framing Building Material Distributors, Inc. C & C Yard Care Cook Forms Corral Drywall Crete Masters, Inc. Empire Glass, Inc. Four Seasons Landscaping, Inc. Haase Landscape, Inc. Hacon, Inc. Hawkins Construction Co. Kassman Construction, Inc. L.A.C. Drywall, Inc. LCD Exposition Services N.W. Canopy Structures, Inc. Northwest Cascade/Honey Buckets Renstrom Homes River City Glass, Inc. Robert Sargent Masonry Silvey Construction Specialty Environmental Spokane Structures, Inc. Steinco, Inc.

Land Expressions Lloyd Industries, Inc. Markham Homes, Inc. Moses Lake Sheet Metal, Inc. N.A. Degerstrom, Inc. Northern Hardwood Co, Inc. Pacific Garden Design Pauletto Trucking & Excavation Summit Mechanical Ross Tyler Const The Kitchen Place Shawn Cole Construction, Inc. Tobin Electric, Inc. Smileys Construction & Concrete Western Wood Fabricating Spokane Fireplace & Patio Williams Bros. Const., LLC Spokane Teachers Credit Union 5 - 9 years: Tatum Lawn Care Advanced Electric & Alarm Systems, Inc. The Fenceman AHO Construction I, Inc. United Floor Covering Alpine Landscaping Valley Glass, Inc. Archer’s Cabinetry, Inc. Washington Stone Associated Terrazzo & Ceramics, Inc. Washington Trust Bank Atlas Concrete 2 - 4 years: Benefit Services Northwest A & S Construction, LLC Bighorn Electric ActionCOACH Buisness Coaching BJ Roofing Allstar Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Budinger & Associates, Inc. A-Tec, Inc. Cabinet Systems Band Construction, Inc. Cascade Raingutters Berry Built And Design, Inc. Columbia Glass, LLC Brent Peterson Construction Comfort Experts, LLC CLC Associates, Inc. Cost Less Carpet Clow Construction, Inc. Design Services Northwest, Inc. Columbia Northwest Engineering, P.S. Door Specialties, Inc. Divco Fasteners, Inc. E & M Consulting, Inc. Greater American Construction Co. Eric Madsen Homes H.J. Burns Company, Inc. Finish Line Siding Halme Construction, Inc. Franklin Park Urgent Care Center Hattenburg Excavating, Inc. Freedom Homes, LLC Holliday Heating & Refrigeration, Inc. Golf Savings Bank Insulation Specialists Hanson Carlen Construction Co. Kalin Excavating Impeccable Landscapes Keystone Carpets Inland Home Improvements Koch Sheet Metal, Inc. Kitchen Solutions Lacy Construction Co. Lawrence Quality Construction

Returning Members

Returning Members

Louisiana Pacific Building Products Makro Builders Massie Bros. Concrete Contractors, LLC Maximum Handyman, LLC McLellan Construction, Inc. Merle Door & Window, LLC Millwood Manufacturing, LLC Montana Stone Gallery Northcon, Inc. Northwest Plumbing & Heating Panagos Construction, Inc. Pro Sign, Inc. Pub Util Dist #1-Pend Oreille County R S Britton River City Solid Surface RiverBank Shademakers, Inc. Sherwin- Williams TourFactory Vista Construction & Development, LLC Western Materials Windsor Plywood North/Bat Bldg Supply Woodcraft First Year Renewals: ABC/Economy Major Appli Service Alderwood Landscaping, Inc. Alton Properties America’s Advantage Remodeling Chris Akins Masonry, LLC Columbia Basin Herald Correll Reconstruction, LLC DCM Construction, Inc. Dean Ryan Homes Desert Green Turf James A. Sewell & Associates, LLC Northern Energy Northwest Building Components, Inc. Patriot Fire Protection, Inc. Reese Landscaping River City Trim Vaagen Bros Lumber, Inc. Watt Construction




5813 East 4th Avenue, Suite 201 Spokane Valley, Washington 99212 Phone 509.532.4990 Toll Free 800.216.1733 Fax 509.532.4980 return service requested

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Builder's Overview Sept Oct 2010  

The Builder's Overview is a Bi monthly Publication of the Spokane Home Builders Association

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