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Serving the counties of Ferry, Grant, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens and Whitman. 9-10 2010

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“I’m sorry… what company did you say you were with?” Just one of those questions that so many dread. It’s true. When people stop and have to ask what it is you do, does it make you wonder what you could be doing to turn that around? Andrew Northrop, Senator Elect. Michael Baumgartner & Steve Northrop

State Income Tax Defeated Election results show citizens are tired of supporting big government! It’s official! Citizens in Spokane and across the state are fed up with lawmakers shoving higher taxes down their throats, and their votes reflected that fact this year. Many tax related initiatives were on this year’s ballot. I-1098 would have established a state income tax. The initiative was defeated in every county across Washington State. The proponents did a great job of trying

to sell the measure without calling it what it actually was, but informed citizens saw through their ruse and soundly defeated the measure. I-1053 was overwhelmingly approved by voters statewide. This measure requires a two-thirds majority vote in Both the Senate and House to raised or impose new taxes. I-1107 repealed several of the new taxes created by lawmakers, including a tax on candy, soda and bottled water. This measure was also soundly defeated by voters across the state. Spokane Proposition 1 would have increased property taxes to fund early childhood intervention projects. City voters voted no on this measure by a significant margin. >>>Continued on page 17

Have you ever experienced “Wow – you work at Company XYZ?!?! That’s wonderful! Were you not involved in that Charity Project last Spring I heard so much about?” or “ What was it like being a part of the Fall Festival of Homes? I heard they sold dozens of homes despite what the media is saying about the Building Industry!” Now – that’s the kind of response I know people love to hear when they mention their company affiliation! >>>Continued on page 10



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