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Spokane Home Builders Association is one of the nation's largest local homebuilders associations with over 750 members, serving the Greater Spokane Area and all of the seven Eastern Washington Counties of Ferry, Grant, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens, and Whitman Counties. We serve the community as the trusted local building resource and connecting you with premier professionals in the building industry.




Rate Card & Specifications The Builders Overview is a bi-monthly 8 1/2” x 11” print newsletter direct mailed to over 900 Association Members and industry affiliates throughout our 7 county service area in Eastern Washington. Annual contracts include logo advertising with link in the Change Order weekly electronic newsletter emailed to Association Members and industry affiliates. In addition, all Builders Overview Newsletters are posted online at Full Color Inside Front Cover (full page) Inside Back Cover (full page) Back Cover (3/4 page)

1x $499

3x $449

6x $399







Full Page

Black and White Full Page Half Page Quarter Page

$349 $249 $199

$325 $225 $149

$299 $199 $99

3/4 Page

Inserts Insert $199 (advertiser must supply 1,000 inserts per issue)

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Advertisement Sizes Ad Unit Full Page 3/4 Page Half Page (horizontal) Quarter Page (vertical) Change Order Logo Size

Width & Height (Publication Trim Size 8 1/2” X 11”) 8” X 10 1/2” or 9” X 11 1/2” (1/4” bleed) 8” X 8” or 9” X 9” (1/4” bleed) 8” X 5” 3 3/4” X 5” 170 pixel x 100 pixel Maximum

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Rate Card & Specifications E-mail Flyers are distributed each week to members of the Spokane Home Builders Association and industry affiliates throughout our 7 county service area in Eastern Washington. The Flyer charge is $40 for members and re-occurring flyers will be charged for each distribution. Payment for flyers must be received before distribution. Flyers will be sent on Friday but can be sent prior for an additional $10 charge. Flyers cannot be scheduled for weekend or SHBA holiday distribution! Flyers can be submitted in several formats. They are listed below in order of preference: Jpeg Photo File, Adobe PDF Files, Microsoft Publisher, or Microsoft Word. All flyers are subject to approval by SHBA Deadlines: Thursday noon for a Friday distribution. Noon the business day prior for a nonstandard distribution.




Rate Card & Specifications When consumers search the online member directory at The Featured Listing advertising option allows companies to enhance their listing with a logo, prominent placement, and a brief description promoting their business. The Featured Listing Service is $30.00 Annually.




2012 Builders Overview Editorial Calendar Month February-March April-May June-July August-September October-November December-Jan. 2013

Ad Agreement and Artwork Deadline January 18th, 2012 March 19, 2012 May 18, 2012 July 18, 2012 September 17, 2012 November 16, 2012

Digital Files: Adobe high resolution PDF or TIFF formats will be accepted. Files not supplied in proper format will be corrected at the advertiser’s expense Accepted Media: All files must be submitted in digital format Artwork: Image resolution should be at least 300 dpi at final scale. Before placing artwork into the ad, size artwork to 100 percent of actual size used in ad. Artwork must be converted to CMYK. Rates: All rates are based on artwork being provided ready for publication. Rates are subject to change within 60 days written notice. Advertising ordered at frequency discount rates and not earned within a 12-month period will be rebilled at the earned rate. Production Charges: Ad creation, typesetting, composition, and artwork will be done as needed and charged to the client. Clients will have production charges quoted on an individual basis. Proofs to Advertisers: Ads prepared from artwork will be solely at advertiser’s risk unless sufficient time is allow to furnish proofs for approval. When proof is required, artwork must be in hands of publisher two weeks preceding ad space deadline. Copy: Advertisers are solely responsible for submission of copy. The advertiser and/or agency will indemnify and hold Publisher harmless from and against any loss resulting from claims or suits for defamation, libel, violation of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement or any other cause. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising.

For more information on advertising with the Spokane Home Builders Association please contact Toby Broemmeling at 509-532-4990 or

Spokane Home Builders Association - 5813 E 4th, Suite 201, Spokane Valley, WA 99212 Phone: 509-532-4990, Fax: 509-532-4980, Web:




Please print or type and fax form to 509-532-4980, phone 509-532-4990 or email Name of Advertiser Mailing Address City Fax(

State )




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Website Builders Overview: Full Color Inside Front Cover (full page) Inside Back Cover (full page) Back Cover (3/4 page) Insert

Black and White Full Page Half Page Quarter Page

Frequency 1x 3x 6x

Flyer Service: Frequency 1x 2x 3x 4x

Featured Listing: Annually

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Notes (Subject Line)

I represent and warrant that the ad proof that I (advertising company) am sending to the Spokane Home Builders Association is a registered trademark of my Company, or that I (advertising company) am not violating any copyright laws. If I am placing/listing subdivisions/developments, I also represent and warrant that I or my Company own, develop, or represent lots for sale in the development(s)/subdivision. I assume all liability with regard to any copyright infringement, and agree to defend, indemnify and hold Spokane Home Builders Association harmless for any liability relating to copyright infringements and placement/listing of developments. All advertisers will be sent one proof of their ad. All changes on the proof will be final and if the proof copy is resubmitted by fax or mail after the deadline given, the proof changes will not be guaranteed. Proof copies are for error corrections only. At Spokane Home Builders Association sole discretion, if the ad proof change is deemed beyond error correction, a $35.00 ad change will be charged. If ad copy is not received within 30 days of this contract, an ad proof will be created based upon the information in this contract and any ad changes will result in the additional charge of $35.00. Payment is required in advance to guarantee space in this publication. If payment by credit card, I authorize Spokane Home Builders Association to charge the credit card provided for full payment.



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Spokane Home Builders Association - 5813 E 4th, Suite 201, Spokane Valley, WA 99212 Phone: 509-532-4990, Fax: 509-532-4980, Web:

2012 SHBA Membership Media Kit