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lthough the economy took several unexpected twists and turns in 2020, the housing market remains on solid ground, even as we get to the halfway point of 2021. While there was plenty of buzz surrounding the uncertain future of the markets, much of it was only noise. Real Estate values have increased significantly in most markets throughout the first quarter. Multiple offers and homes selling over their asking price has now became the norm. My team and I are dedicated to cutting through this noise, and with the help of our Real Estate Mentors and Coach’s, we work to identify the market trends that will matter most to you.

As a result, we are pleased to present information provided in Brian Buffini’s Real Estate Report. This report was designed to help us access relevant, up-to-date statistics to enhance our market knowledge. This guide is available for you to learn all you need to know about what’s happening in the industry, both on the national scene and as a whole. To get a copy of the complete report, just click HERE. We are here to help you buy, sell or invest in additional real estate or work with any referral you may have. We look forward with confident that the second half of 2021 will be just as interesting as the first half. Best regards,

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HOW MUCH DOES IT COST Breakdown of the cost of building a cottage in Muskoka

7 REASONS TO BREW CHAMOMILE TEA A list of the benefits of this herbal treat

THE MASON AT BRIGHTWATER Now available in Port Credit

DEVELOPER’S 1B RESIDENTIAL BUY UP This could be just the beginning

WELCOME TO THE SHORES OF PORT CREDIT Exclusive Collection of 16 Condo Townhouses

THERESA’S TIPS - FOOD & DRINKS Vegetarian Jambalaya

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EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITES 501 - 55 Elm Drive West in Mississauga

TODAY’S SELLER PROFILE Reasons to sell and market to look for

LEVI CREEK BEAUTY 1803 Samuelson Circle in Mississauga

TODAY’S BUYER PROFILE Top reasons to buy

TOP 10 PLACES CANADIANS MUST SEE A list of Canadian locatons that are worth the trip

PREMIUM WATERFRONT CONDO SOLD - 411 - 65 Port Street in Mississauga

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Article written by Emma Scott on 07 Jul 2021 and seen on

any Canadian families want to escape to the woods and spend time on the water during the summer. There is no better place to do this than Muskoka. Muskoka is a much-desired vacation spot on Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. Its promise of fun, and endless woods and lakes in relatively close proximity to many Ontario cities, makes this place a top pick for many families seeking to escape the troubles of urban life.

Yet people want more than a simple summer weekend getaway. A cottage’s promise of tranquillity, simplicity and the ability to reconnect with nature calls to people more than once throughout the year, so access to your very own cottage is the perfect remedy. In this article, we will cover the expected costs of building a cottage in Muskoka. This article will help you decide whether building is the best option for you,

what expenses to expect, and an estimated amount you will need to invest in your new home in Muskoka. BUYING VS. BUILDING IN COTTAGE COUNTRY Nearly all vacationers dream of owning their own waterfront property in Muskoka, yet most people look to buy rather than build. But, is buying really better? Building a cottage in Muskoka allows you to create your dream

vacation home according to your preferences Potential buyers can expect to pay a great deal of money for a cottage in Muskoka. In 2014, the Toronto Star reported that the average cost of a Muskoka cottage was between $525,000 and $650,000. Today, the average asking price for cottages is much higher on real estate websites like Royal LePage. It’s no surprise that housing prices have increased due to Muskoka’s

growing popularity and Canada’s booming real estate market, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic as city goers wanted to escape to cottage country. While a cottage in Muskoka may be your dream investment, the price for the cottage may dissuade you from buying especially if it isn’t within your budget and does not meet your list of wants and needs. Building a cottage is a much better option for your money. Not only does it allow you to meet your list of preferences, but it also permits you to design and build your dream cottage. In order to determine whether you can afford to build or buy a cottage, talk to a mortgage broker. Not only will a broker help determine your budget, but they will also find you the best rates available. FIRST STEP: Choosing the location of your new cottage In order to build a cottage, one will first need to purchase a piece of land to build on. Property is one of the largest parts of a budget, and it’s no surprise that costs have increased in the Muskoka area. With more people leaving Toronto for the quiet and simplicity of the woods, available property has become scarce especially lakefront property. The high demand and low supply have driven prices up. Now, a vacant lot can cost anywhere hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars in the Muskoka region. The location and conditions of your property plays an important part in your budget. Similarly, land conditions can influence the price greatly. Buyers can expect to spend more if they buy a lot already outfitted with gas, water, and electricity. They will

also need to consider their site conditions. A property’s grading, conditions, and location will influence the price of land for constructing a cottage. For example, a cheap property on very steep land will likely need to be graded in order to be safe enough for a building. A location that cannot be accessed by a road may need to have materials delivered by boat - a costly endeavour. At points like this, one must consider whether the more affordable lot will cost them more. Individuals who are looking to save money may need to look at buying a property with a preexisting structure on site. It may be much more affordable to buy a property with an old structure, demolish it, and build on top of its foundation rather than purchase an untouched site. These properties may also save a buyer from needing to level or grade their site. DESIGN MATTERS: The cost per square foot One of the best ways to determine the cost of building a cottage in Muskoka is to figure out the cost per square foot according to both the size and design of the cottage. First,

square footage is the total area or size of a house based on square feet. The size of a property will affect the estimated construction cost because the larger a new cottage is, the more materials, finishes and work need to be done to complete the project. Similarly, the architectural design of the property influences the cost per square foot. Typically, a contractor will build homes based on pre-drawn or stock designs. It’s much cheaper to use a pre-drawn or stock house plan because the designs have already been completed, they are designed to be built quickly, and the builder has experience with these designs. It typically costs approximately $115-215 per square foot to build a cottage following predrawn plans in Ontario. In contrast, clients who wish to design their cottages to their own liking will need to budget much more money. Their own contractor will need to work with an engineer to design everything in the house, all the way from bedrooms to placement of electrical outlets. The distinctive design will also require the builders to work more hours.

On average, a homeowner can expect to pay anywhere from $400-910 per square foot for a custom-built family home. THE STRUCTURAL COSTS Most people are prepared for the hard costs while they plan their cottage budget. The hard costs pertain directly to the physical composition of a building. This includes the price of wood, the foundation, a septic system, plumbing, a roof, and more. The hourly wage for builders is also included in this cost. The best way to get an approximate cost for construction is to talk to your builders. They are experts who will be able to provide a quote with an approximate price for the job from start to finish. Construction costs include both costs of the physical structure and design work Costs to expect in the building process What comes as a surprise to many people who are looking to build a home is all of the soft costs included in the construction. Most people think that all they need to expect to pay for a house is the land, materials, and workers In reality, there are many other expenses included in the price. One of the soft costs people do not expect is interior design fees. Interior finishes like countertops, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and even paint colours are important details that are typically overlooked while creating a budget, but they are crucial to turning a cottage into a welcoming vacation home. Other unexpected costs that should be planned for include administrative, legal and service fees. Here are some fees to consider while planning your budget: Environmental Assessments to determine how your project could impact the surrounding environment.

Building Permits to ensure all construction is legal and approved of by the local municipality. Contractor, Engineer and Architecture Fees for consultation, design, project management and such on installing gas, water and electricity services on an unserviced or vacant lot. Any repairs or adjustments that may be needed throughout construction. Real estate fees Although you may not be buying a home in Toronto, you can still expect to pay many of the fees typically included in the sale of a home. A thousand dollars or more can be expected to be paid towards title insurance, the biannual or annual cost of propert tax, and realtor fees. A mortgage, insurance and down

payment will also be needed to cover the price of building a cottage on the lake. We recommend learning about construction mortgages and using your equity in your primary home to afford your vacation home. The average cost of building a cottage in Muskoka Overall, building a cottage in Muskoka is a large investment, but is worthwhile for many. Those who want to frequently escape to the lake and have their own room to roam in Ontario’s cottage country can expect an approximate starting cost of several hundred thousand dollars to build a cottage in Muskoka. This number varies depending on the property cost, site conditions, design, and cottage size.

7 Reasons

to Brew Chamomile Tea Article in part written by Lauren David, and seen on


hether you’re suffering from tummy aches, indigestion or menstrual cramps, a cup of chamomile tea can often spell relief.

Sipping chamomile tea is an often-cited home remedy for better sleep - brew a cup before bed and feel sleepy and relaxed by the time your head hits the pillow. But the tea’s benefits go beyond soothing restless minds. And it’s all thanks to the tiny chamomile flower. Chamomile is an herb that produces small white flowers that may seem insignificant but have been used throughout history to make teas, tinctures, and liquid extracts. “Chamomile has been used extensively over the centuries for many conditions, especially prior to modern medicine,” says Brenda Braslow, a Colorado -based registered dietitian nutritionist. She names headaches, anxiety, insomnia, skin conditions, and reproductive disorders as among the conditions chamomile is used to treat. Those, and belly aches. What is chamomile? The herb is part of the Asteraceae family, which also includes the purple coneflower (Echinacea), marigold, daisy, and sunflower. There are two main varieties of chamomile. English, or Roman, chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) is native to Western Europe and Northern Africa. German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) is typically found throughout Europe and Asia. Both are similar in their medicinal properties, but their growing needs and appearances are a bit different. German chamomile tends to have feather-like leaves, while Roman chamomile has foliage more reminiscent of a fern.

Chamomile can easily grow unnoticed in a backyard or in the wild, with humble flowers that don’t rival its showier cousins. The tea you drink is made from those flowers, each tiny and white petaled with a yellow centre. They’re harvested and dried before being sold as loose-leaf tea or scooped into teabags. CHAMOMILE BENEFITS Chamomile contains compounds that may boost your health. “The petals contain many bioactive chemicals, such as apigenin, quercetin, and nobilin, which have been shown to have a range of potential benefits, ranging from calming effects to helping with sleep to starving cancer to reducing gastrointestinal upset,” says William Li, MD, a physician, scientist, and author of Eat To Beat Disease. Braslow agrees that chamomile can potentially help your health. “Chamomile tea contains many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds,” she says. But before you load up on the tea, know this: research on chamomile’s benefits is far from conclusive. Still, the seven potential chamomile benefits below may convince you to brew some chamomile tea tonight. 1) Eases menstrual cramps Each month, give or take, women can have some not-so -pleasant cramping due to their periods. Chamomile has antispasmodic properties, which means it might relieve pain from muscle spasms.

There have been more than 20 clinical trials conducted looking at chamomile as a source of relief for premenstrual cramps, and evidence shows it can reduce the severity of PMS symptoms, he says. 2) May help the heart “The antioxidant activity of chamomile also may protect the vascular cells lining blood vessels, which is critical for heart health,” says Dr. Li, who is also the president and medical director of the Angiogenesis Foundation, which focuses on medicine that relates to the growth of new capillary blood vessels in the body. They key antioxidants are flavonoids, plant compounds found in many fruits and vegetables. They’re believed to provide health benefits. 3) Helps you get better sleep Chamomile is often associated with aiding insomnia and for getting a good night’s rest. “Chamomile has been shown to improve sleep quality, especially in the elderly. The effect is thought to be due to the bioactive apigenin that binds to the benzodiazepine receptor in the brain,” says Dr. Li. “These are the same brain receptors that are activated by medications sometimes used to aid sleep, like Xanax and Valium,” Dr. Li says. 4) Improves digestion and upset stomach For ages, chamomile tea or herbal infusion has been drunk as a folk remedy for easing an upset stomach and aiding digestion. The same properties that make chamomile a good choice for period cramps help tummy aches too. 5) May ease stress and anxiety “One of the natural bioactive chemicals in chamomile is apigenin, which can activate brain receptors that help reduce anxiety and induce sleep,” Dr. Li. Chamomile probably won’t replace your anxiety meds (nor should it), but it might be an add-on treatment for easing stress and anxiety. 6) May help the immune system “Chamomile has been shown to lower inflammation, which is part of the immune system, which may explain its benefits for relieving the symptoms of a cold,” says Dr. Li. 7) Remedies acne Occasionally, chamomile is used as a remedy in the form of a salve or paste to treat acne. “Chamomile has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is commonly used topically to treat acne,” says Braslow. But consult with a pro before covering your face in chamomile.


Discover the Mason at Brightwater, an exciting new boutique condominium in the Port Credit waterfront community. An incredible opportunity for you to live, play and work against the calming waters of Lake Ontario. This breathtaking master-planned mixed-use community covers 72 acres of land in Mississauga’s beloved Port Credit neighbourhood. This is where nature, entertainment and convenience all comes together. Situated just minutes from Lake Ontario, parks, shopping, restaurants as well as Port Credit GO, the QEW and the upcoming Hurontario LRT. Call us today or click HERE for more information on how you can take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime.



Written by Kerry Gold and published on June 24, 2021 on Photos from and apple istock

t used to be that only mom and pop landlords rented out houses. But the singlefamily house has quickly become the darling of Wall Street and soon, maybe Bay Street. Big companies and institutional investors are on a purchasing spree similar to what we saw in the aftermath of the subprime crisis.

Toronto condo developer Core Development Group recently made headlines when it announced that it is buying houses throughout Ontario, and has plans to purchase 4,000 rental units in Quebec, BC and Atlantic Canada over the next five years. Also just announced, New York investment firm Blackstone Group reached a $6 billion US deal to purchase Home Partners of America, a company that owns more than 17,000 rental houses throughout the US. Until Core got the ball rolling, the rental-house-as-lucrative-investment had only been an American phenomenon. While some hail large-scale single-family rental in Canada as answering a need for more rental stock in the face of prohibitive real estate prices, others worry that it will only

exacerbate the affordability crisis - particularly in Vancouver and Toronto. University of Toronto’s David Hulchanski, professor of

“The houses become financialized units of investment. Nothing new is being developed or built for the community. What is developed is yet another new way of extracting income and wealth from the housing system.” housing and community development, says single-family rental is another example of the growing

wealth inequality as it relates to housing. “First, there’s some foreign ownership of housing units as bank vaults, then increased multiple ownership of housing units by wealthy local residents - and now, big pools of national and global wealth taking the process to the next level,” says Hulchanski. The Core plan is relatively modest. A decade ago, American investment companies spent billions on foreclosed houses that they fixed up and rented out. This time, the major players have faith that the seemingly recession -proof housing market is going to stay that way. They say the fundamentals are there. During the pandemic year, house sales have soared and the majority of renters continued to pay rent.

At the Vancouver Real Estate Forum in April, developers and brokers cited a vacancy rate of around 2% and noted that rents had not fallen. The detached house market skyrocketed as residents sought out real estate that offered space from other people. Millennials ready to settle down and eager to get into the market drove single -family house sales, and the expectation is that they’re just getting started. Add to the mix low vacancy rates in big cities and booming secondary markets, and a lack of affordable housing options, and the single-family rental model - even an untested Canadian version - has obvious appeal for institutional investors and any company with deep enough pockets. Blackstone made headlines in the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis when it scooped up financially distressed houses through a company called Invitation Homes. Blackstone sold its interest in Invitation Homes a couple of years ago, but last year it invested $240 million US in Toronto’s Tricon Residential, which buys single-family rental homes in the US. As well, Toronto’s Brookfield Asset Management acquired a controlling stake in Conrex, a landlord that rents more than 10,000 American houses. The single-family rental business would seem like the next step for BC’s hot real estate market. In the last five years the Vancouver region has seen an influx of institutional investors moving into the apartment rental sector, attracted by low vacancy rates and high demand. However, a large-scale house-rental business is so far non-existent in the region. Hulchanski says massive public investment into residential in-

frastructure, both financial and social, was built to serve the needs of the working population, not to generate wealth for a few. He argues that the process of buying houses for rental will only inflate house prices because corporations driven by the bottom line will control prices. “The process will inflate house prices for all, and allow the owners of large numbers of houses to influence prices now and into the future based on when these mass owners choose to buy or sell. The object is not rental income. Renting is a temporary measure, even if it goes on for several years, and [it’s] not a very great source of income. Break-even rents, let alone profitable rents, will have to be very high, given the inflation in house prices.” In Canada, the model makes more sense in secondary markets, which have seen record sales during the pandemic year and have also seen low vacancy rates. Core’s focus, for example, has been on midsize Ontario cities, such as Hamilton, London, Barrie, Peterborough, St. Catharines, Cambridge and Kingston. The majority of houses in those cities are owner occupied, according to urban planner and analyst Andy Yan, director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University. Yan used Statistics Canada data to determine the homeowner occupancy rates in each of the cities where Core has been buying. In Cambridge, 93% of houses are owner occupied, which means the remaining 7% are likely rented out (or sitting empty). In London, 89% of houses are owner occupied, and in Hamilton it’s 88%. In St. Catharines, Peterborough, Kingston and in Barrie, it’s 86%. Overall, owners occupy 83% of Ontario houses. Yan plans to use the figures as a baseline for future analysis. He says that any market activity from buyers with deeper pockets than the average income earner could have significant impact on the overall market. “Marginal players with tremendous wealth dictate the market and they shove individual buyers out as they push prices higher,” says Yan. “We’ve already seen the phenomenon in recent years due to global wealth that flowed into the Vancouver housing market, and now we might be seeing it happen again as these corporations move in.” Or, as Hulchanski puts it: “What is politically interesting is that [this buying] attacks the presumed entitlements that are associated with homeownership. Yet more households will be denied the opportunity to own in the most desirable and lucrative part of Canada’s housing system.”



estled in the idyllic Village of Port Credit, The Shores of Port Credit has been designed to offer a range of housing types and amenities for a variety of living styles.

AN EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIO The Shores of Port Credit presents an exclusive collection of just 16 luxury appointed condominium townhomes that line High Street. Over the past few years, The High Street/Benson neighbourhood has experienced one of Port Credit’s most significant transformations with many new custom homes and major renovations taking place, totally uplifting and modernizing this established residential neighbourhood. The Shores of Port Credit Townhomes have been designed to capture the special spirit of this charming and remarkable neighbourhood in notable fashion and functionality. Each townhome is designed for a personal elevator from the lower parking through to the rooftop terrace. The homes also offer geothermal heating and cooling, backyard patios, state-of-the-art Italian kitchen designs, spa-inspired master bedroom ensuites, as well as the ability to custom design each of the bedroom floors.

INSPIRED AMENITIES Every day opportunities are created for residents to discover new things about themselves, the people around them and the world. To that end, The Shores of Port Credit offers a variety of amenities that nurture health and wellness. Daily exercise classes, art sessions and a golf simulator are on hand to strengthen the body and mind while a therapeutic pool, located in the Wellness Hub, is as nourishing as it is relaxing. The Shores also offers a theatre, formal dining room, a bistro, regular swimming pool and advanced learning and activity centre with multiple socializing and active spaces to keep friendships alive and mind active. Best of all, Townhome owners will have full access to all these amenities; their own resort in the city. Click HERE for more information.





Recipe courtesy of the Food Network Kitchen from the Food Network Magazine



his easy recipe is perfect for summer evenings and can be made in only 40 minutes. INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 3 stalks celery, cut into chunks, plus 2 tablespoons chopped celery leaves 3 carrots, cut into chunks 1 red onion, halved and cut into wedges 1 red bell pepper, cut into strips 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme 1 teaspoon hot smoked paprika Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper 1 1/4 cups converted white rice 1 15-ounce can diced fire-roasted tomatoes 1 1/2 cups frozen black-eyed peas 8 ounces okra, trimmed and thinly sliced DIRECTIONS  • Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over mediumhigh heat. Add the celery chunks, carrots and red onion. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the

vegetables are slightly softened, about 2 minutes. Add the bell pepper, thyme, paprika, 1/2 teaspoon salt and a few grinds of pepper. Cook, stirring, until the paprika is toasted, about 1 minute.  • Add the rice to the skillet and stir to coat. Add the tomatoes, black-eyed peas and 1 1/2 cups water. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to low. Cover and simmer until the rice is tender, about 15 minutes.  • Scatter the okra over the rice. Continue to cook, covered, until the okra is tender and the rice is cooked through, about 5 more minutes. Remove from the heat and let stand, covered, 3 minutes. Fluff the rice with a fork and sprinkle with the celery leaves. Season with salt and pepper. Serves 4.

1 BEDROOM PLUS SOLARIUM WITH 2 BATHROOMS FOR LEASE Super location! Conveniently located close to Square One shopping, Celebration Square, library, Living Arts Centre, public transit and main highways. Beautiful one bedroom with

solarium, eat-in kitchen, open concept living/dining room, with 4 piece ensuite bath and 2 piece powder room. Stunning sunsets with west exposure and overlooking the tennis courts.

Features indoor pool and sauna, tennis courts and landscaped grounds with gazebos. Live in the comfort of 24 hours security and the roof top amenities. Click HERE for more details.


POSSIBILITIES 55 Elm Drive West, #501 Mississauga


Features of the unit include fridge, stove, built-in dishwasher, washer/ dryer, all light fixtures and 1 underground parking spot. Utilities and basic cable are also included.



Fully furnished short term lease. If you are considering renovatng your home but don’t want to live in the chaos this would be a wonderful solution for you. Enjoy living in the heart of Port Credit, just a short walk to the marina, restaurants and many parks. Call us today.

Today’s Seller Profile Low inventory levels have created a hot market for sellers. Whether you’re thinking of upgrading, downsizing or moving closer to family, understanding the latest trends will help you get top dollar for your previous home.

Top Reasons to Sell 1

Sales-tonew-listings ratio:



Current home is no longer suitable



Pursuit of a nicer home



Low interest rates

One of the highest levels on record

The average home equity of Canadian homeowners, as a percentage of home value.


Home resales increase year-over-year*:


Home prices increased

7.3% above the 10-year average


year-over-year in late 2020

SOURCES: CREA, RBC Economics (November 2020), PwC Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021 *As of November 2020

Top 4 Hottest Markets to Watch 1 Vancouver — High 2 demand and a low supply may drive home prices up, while builders complete new housing projects paused by the pandemic.

Toronto — Housing 3 Montreal — A steady demand in the city economy plus and surrounding promising investor demand is helping suburbs picked up as the Montreal as buyer’s needs changed due market recover. to COVID-19.

4 Ottawa — Solid economic growth, a hot pre-Covid housing market and continuing new home construction have kept Ottawa in good shape.


BEAUTY 1803 Samuelson Circle Mississauga

BEAUTIFULLY RENOVATED SEMI-DETACHED Located in the Northwest corner of Mississauga is the beautiful community of Levi Creek where you will find our newest listing. This fully renovated semidetached home can be found backing onto Samuelson Park

and within easy walking distance of numerous other conservation trails. This 1,600 square foot home boasts 3 large bedrooms, an open concept main floor, brand new kitchen, and a lower level

just waiting for your personal touch. Enjoy the views from your second floor deck a private and personal backyard backing onto open greenspace. Click HERE for more information or to book a private showing.

Today’s Buyer Profile

Housing needs have changed following the COVID-19 pandemic which has increased buyer demand across Canada. Here’s a snapshot of where buyers now stand in the market and what they are looking for in a home.

Buyers’ Needs Have Shifted Opting for suburban or rural communities instead of urban centres


Looking for more space for personal amenities like a pool, balcony or large yard

Top Reasons to Buy 1

Pursuit of a a nicer home



Nonhomeowners likely to add a

their property wishlist




Current home is no longer suitable



Low interest rates

90% Renters Are Ready to Buy


Share of household income needed to cover homeownership costs

of homeowners are happy with their purchase

Those who plan to buy in the coming year:



Single-Family Housing Starts in All Areas, 2020*

*Seasonally Adjusted



19% Late 2020

RBC, CMHC, RE/MAX Canada, Mortgage Professionals Canada




Article written by Tim Johnson and seen on Photos from the same website Updated June 9, 2021 Cavendish Beach - Prince Edward Island

anada is a land filled with fascinating places and amazing adventures. The only problem: Narrowing down your choice of destination. Here are 10 of the best places to visit in Canada for any traveller determined to discover the true north strong and free.

Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta Set inside the borders of the vast Banff National Park, the area that surrounds the towns of Banff and Lake Louise is one of the best places to visit in Canada. Here you’ll find a Rocky Mountain wonderland; a place of electric blue glacial lakes, waterfalls, abundant wildlife (from elk to bighorn sheep to grizzly bears) and breathtaking grandeur. Stay either in Banff, the busy hub of the area and home to classic hotels like the Fairmont Banff Springs (one of Canada’s greatest hotels),

or pursue some solitude up at Lake Louise, where hiking trails up into the mountains - and unparalleled silence - are just steps away Kluane National Park, Yukon Home to Canada’s tallest peak (Mount Logan, altitude 19,551 feet), this giant national park in the western Yukon - 22,000 square kilometres of blue glaciers, lush valleys and untamed territory - can be seen from the sky, aboard a helicopter or an airplane equipped with skis (which allow high-altitude snow landings).

Or, even better, hike it using the park’s vast network of trails - you could walk for days without seeing another person. Churchill, Manitoba Set on the shores of Hudson Bay, this subarctic town has earned international fame as the polar bear capital of the world, and is rightfully renowned as one of the best places to visit in Canada. So plentiful are the bears that the town actually has a “polar bear jail,” which holds wayward bears that wander into town until they can be released

back into the wild. Seen on foot, from the air or from a boat (local tour companies venture into the mouth of the Churchill River in Zodiacs), encountering a polar bear in the wild is an unforgettable experience. Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick Recently shortlisted in a massive international competition to name a new seven wonders of the natural world, the tides on this big bay, which separates New Brunswick from Nova Scotia, make it truly one of the best places to visit in Canada. The most extreme tides on earth, they rise and fall more than 50 feet in some places. (Here are more mind-boggling facts about Canada.) These can be seen most dramatically at a place like Hopewell Rocks, unique stone formations that, at low tide, form towers on dry land but become bona fide islands as the water rises. Witnessing the deluge first-hand is nothing short of a Canadian rite of passage Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island A spread of reddish sand skirting cool Atlantic waters, backed by

dunes and green rolling hills, there are few better places to visit in Canada than Cavendish. But while the temptation to linger on the beach may be strong, a trip to this beach would not be complete without exploring the historic sites nearby, including the Green Gables Heritage Place - the muse of Lucy Maude Montgomery and home to the Island’s most famous fictional resident. Long Beach, Tofino, British Columbia Named “the best surf town in North America” by Outside magazine, Tofino, a beautiful beach town clinging to the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, has, despite its relatively remote location, been drawing surfers, nature-lovers and those with wandering souls for years. Located just south of town, Long Beach is an almost mystical place, a broad and (you guessed it) long beach of great waves and breathtaking beauty. Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland Sitting on the coast of western Newfoundland, Gros Morne National Park is unquestionably Gros Morne National Park - Newfoundland

Long Beach, Tofino - British Columbia

one of the best places to visit in Canada. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a truly unique park, a place that packs an astounding amount of geological diversity (coastal lowland, soaring peaks, precipitous cliffs, untouched lakes, waterfalls and even a former fjord, now cut off from the ocean) into a place that you can visit in just a couple days. Gros Morne is also a geological wonder, an area where the earth’s mantle is exposed, clearly displaying the process of continental drift. The Muskoka Lakes, Ontario Once named one of National Geographic’s “Best Trips,” the Muskoka Lakes - Toronto’s cottage country - have long been a destination for weary weekend warriors from the city. And while in the past, the option to spend more than just a day here was limited to those who had a place on the lake, the fairly recent addition of some great luxury accommodations - including a lovely JW Marriott on Lake Rosseau - has opened up the area to non-cottagers. Shop and eat in the charming villages

that dot the region, then log some serious time on Joseph, Rosseau, Muskoka or any of the other, smaller lakes in the area. CN Tower, Toronto Although its lustre has faded somewhat as the records it once held have tumbled at the feet of taller towers in the Middle East, this essential Toronto attraction (formerly the tallest freestanding structure on Earth) is, at 1,815 feet, still one of the best places to visit in Canada. In fact, the allure of a visit here is perhaps greater than ever, especially if you’ve yet to brave the vertigo-inducing glass floor and the installation of extra entertainment features, such as the EdgeWalk, which dares people to walk along the abyss on a five-foot wide span atop the tower’s main observation deck, 116 stories above the ground. Quebec City The oldest walled city in North America, Quebec City holds both

European charm and sophistication alongside its unmistakable French-Canadian character. It also bears the distinction of being the place where, as every good Canadian history student knows, Wolfe defeated Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham, securing Canada for the British Empire. Home to the iconic Chateau Frontenac (a hotel that’s hosted royal guests), poutine (the definitive Canadian dish), and, of course, a world-famous winter carnival, there’s always plenty to do, see and eat in the capital of La Belle Province.

Quebec City - Quebec

CN Tower, Toronto - Ontario



SPECTACULAR VIEWS FROM EVERY WINDOW This sun-filled, south-facing condo features 2 bedrooms plus den and 3 bathrooms. Located on the 4th floor of the Regatta in the heart of trendy Port Credit. 1,900 square feet of living space, freshly painted in neutral colours and great views of Lake Ontario and the marina from every window. This beautiful home is now sold but if you are interested and want to know about more opportunities like this one, click HERE.

PREMIUM WATERFRONT CONDO 65 Port Street. #411 Mississauga



PATHWAY A step-by-step game plan for what to expect from initial consultation all the way through to the closing of your home. 1 Initial Appointment The purpose of the initial appointment is to understand your “needs and wants” as a buyer. This may be the most critical meeting of the home buying process. During this appointment, the entire purchasing pathway will be discussed.

2 Determine the Purchasing Parameters There are three criteria every buyer uses to find their home: location, price and style/condition. These criteria, along with your “needs and wants,” will determine the properties we search for and the homes we initially view.

3 Acquire a Pre-approval Viewing homes without a pre-approval usually leads to disappointment. Buyers who are wise discuss their financial situation with a reputable lender and acquire a pre-approval. A pre-approval creates an opportunity for you to not just understand what you qualify for, but ultimately to decide what you can afford. Having a pre-approval greatly enhances your negotiating position – especially in a competitive market.

There are three criteria every buyer uses to find their home:

location, price and style/condition

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Our Clients Say It Best.. .

I have been working with Theresa and her team for several years now and this review is long overdue! The services I have received by Theresa and her team have been phenomenal! They don’t beat around the bush, they tell you exactly what you need to do in order for them to fetch top dollar for your listing! Finding an amazing long term tenant within 48hours has been the highlight of working with Theresa so far! I enjoy receiving their informative weekly emails, they utilize a paperless document signing process which makes signing mobile and efficient. And if you are ever in need of home renovations they have contacts in several areas as well! The TB team makes real estate easy! - Marc Dobson

Selling and buying a home in this crazy, fast-paced market could be extremely stressful, but Lindsay and the TB Realty Group put our minds completely at ease. Their attention to detail, responsiveness, professionalism, and ability to close the deal was outstanding! They helped us to declutter and got our house looking its best. With all of their support, it sold for more than we had ever imagined, in only 24 hours. We couldn’t be happier! They also helped us find the perfect home to purchase. Covid really made us discover what was most important at this stage of our lives. Being closer to our children and grandchildren and being able to see them whenever we wanted was #1 on the list. With this in mind, we bought a home large enough to live in together. Lindsay and Theresa made this possible. They found us the home that checked off all of the boxes and guided us through the negotiating process and bidding war. The entire experience was wonderful and we would highly recommend Lindsay and the TB Realty Group. Thank you for making this dream a reality! - Peggy & Graham



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Here are some of the homes we sold or helped our clients buy in 2021. We would love to earn the honour of having a photo of your home here too. Are you ready to list, buy or invest in your next home? Call us today to get started!

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The Power To Move You - July Edition  

The Power To Move You - July Edition  

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