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Contents 4 Toyota forklifts put Northline in control 6 28 years in the Hunter

A new stacker * from only $6 per day! Now there’s a deal that really stacks up!

7 Number 1 for the 24th year in a row 8 Toyota revives its passion for sports cars 10 Smiths expand Hino Hybrid fleet 11 Huski to see Sydney contractor through 12 Toyota’s offer long-term value

Welcome to the Autumn 2011 edition of the Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) magazine “Fork Torque”. In this edition we are focusing on some of our most well known Australian customers – Northline and Ikea - and how Toyota Material Handling is assisting them by providing solutions to their material handling requirements. We also take a look at Toyota’s newest sports car, with the unveiling of the FT-86 II concept at the Geneva Motor Show. You’ll also find a great offer in this edition, where you can finance a new Toyota Material Handling walkie stacker starting from as little as just $6 per day. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact your local TMH branch/dealer for more information on this sensational deal. And are you looking for parts and service solutions for your forklift or skid steer loader? Toyota Material Handling has the answer. Call us today on 1800 425 438 and see why a Toyota Material Handling service is genuinely better for your forklift and skid steer loader, and for your pocket.

13 Toyota part of the furniture at Ikea 15 Genuine parts price guide Representing a combination of affordability, versatility, heavy duty performance, and legendary reliability, Toyota Material Handling’s range of stackers are sure to have your warehouse equipment needs covered. With an extensive range of models offering leading features such as AC drive motors to reduce

maintenance costs and our famous Powerdrive system to maximise productivity, there are stacks of reasons why a Toyota Material Handling stacker is the right choice. And with finance from as little as $6 per day,* there’s never been a better time to buy a Toyota Material Handling stacker.

20 Genuine parts and service sale

1800 425 438




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$6.00* per day being the daily equivalent of the monthly repayments of $176.14 on a term purchase/ hire purchase is available to approved business applicants of Toyota Financial Services to finance the purchase of the BT-HWE100S (model includes standard batteries and in-built charger). Based on an amount financed $9,500.00, 60 monthly payments in advance not exceeding $176.14 and a final payment of $1,900.00. Based on an annual percentage rate of 8.34%. Conditions, fees and charges apply. Offer valid until 31 July 2011. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual colour of products may differ from model displayed.

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1800 425 438

New Toyota forklift fleet puts Northline in control National freight and logistics specialist Northline has chosen Toyota Material Handling to supply it with 150 forklifts and reach trucks. Northline has a long record of success in the transport sector, providing services which include freight management, long haul road train and rail container travel, high tech warehousing and distribution.

and support,” Purchasing Officer, Colin Owen said.

The company began freight operations 25 years ago, by “doing the hard bit first”, servicing Australia’s remote regions from its Adelaide base. Those regular freight services from Adelaide to Alice Springs and Darwin are still an important part of Northline’s national operations which now include depots around the continent.

“After examining all the options we went with Toyota Material Handling because they offered the whole package that we sought,” Colin said. “They provide quality forklifts which the operators like to use and which has a reputation for reliability and longevity and their fleet management system is very good.

Selecting Toyota Material Handling as its supplier will enable Northline to benefit from an organisation with a network as widely spread as its own.

“Cost also played a major part in our decision, but we were looking at the total cost of ownership over the five year lease period, not just for the first year. We’re trying to rationalise, so the last thing we need is to be carrying extra material handling equipment just to be on stand-by in case of equipment failure.

“Because Northline is a national operation we wanted to use our buying power, not just to obtain the best price for the forklift equipment we needed, but also to make sure we received the best possible service

Based on previous experience Northline elected to call tenders for its material handling equipment to be provided under a five year rental.

“During the selection process we were impressed by the effort Toyota Material Handling made to understand our business. The good rapport that was established also made it easier to identify appropriate equipment for our needs.

in material handling equipment, including opting for Toyota 8 Series Deluxe forklifts fitted with an Operator Presence Sensing system which helps to prevent accidental movement of the forklift and forks when the operator is not seated at the controls.

supervisor adjustable machine-speed controllers. and operator start-up checklists built into the fleet management system. Checklist items flagged as critical prevent equipment start-up without a supervisor’s intervention.

Digital weight scales and travel and load handling controllers are also fitted to the forklifts, whose emissions are minimised by advanced Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and a three-way catalytic converter system.

“The online fleet management system package provided by Toyota is very comprehensive, but also very user friendly,” Colin Owen said. “It will be easy for our depot staff to operate, but I also have access at a national level to get a complete picture of the state of our fleet at any time.”

Safety issues are addressed by factory fitted,

With each forklift connected to the fleet

management system, Northline will be able to identify areas where savings can be made, such as where one machine may be able to carry out the work previously performed by two. It will also be able to detect situations where an additional forklift or perhaps a larger capacity forklift is required. “Fleet management was one of our priorities,” Colin said. “When an operator logs on to the system to drive a machine they are electronically glued to the machine until they log off. If they have an accident we can work out how and why and we’ll have a record of their performance. “We’ll have end-to-end management through the fleet management system and we are counting on it to deliver long-term benefits. Not only will the system make the administration of our forklifts and reach trucks so much easier than it might otherwise have been, but it will also simplify the fleet replacement process in five years time.

“There was a particular configuration of electric reach truck which the other providers couldn’t supply,” Colin said. “Toyota Material Handling was able to offer us their BT and Raymond models for that role, so we actually had a choice.”

“We’ll have historical data for an entire five year contract, with a comprehensive record of equipment performance, reliability and usage patterns to help us predict our future requirements.”

For the purposes of the tender process Northline looked at replacing existing equipment with like equipment, but after in-depth site analysis by Toyota, Northline expects its forklift fleet make-up to change as it gains more experience with the new equipment. Northline has made a significant investment

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1800 425 438

1800 425 438

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Hunter bottling company extends 28-year Toyota forklift tradition

Toyota trumps forklift market for 24th year

A leading wine bottling operation has extended its 28-year partnership with Toyota forklift trucks by commissioning five new machines.

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) is once more Australia’s number one forklift company, gaining more than 30 per cent market share in calendar year 2010.

NSW-based Hunter Bottling Company commissioned the five new 3000-kilogram (nominal payload) Toyota 32-8FGK30 forklifts at its Pokolbin facility at the end of June 2009 - and says they are still going strong, without one hitch to date.

Hawkins said the five new forklifts have 3700mm full free-lift masts to be used in the low overhead clearance areas such as the de-palletising area - where free lift is essential - but the two-stage mast also maximises forward vision.

Official Australian Industrial Truck Association (AITA) industry sales figures year-to-date December 2010 show TMHA sold over 3,700 forklifts - almost 20 per cent more than its nearest competitor.

More than one in every three internal-

“The forklifts are Toyota deluxe model specification with three-way closed-loop catalytic converter system and EFI engines,” Mr Hawkins said.

The company was a clear number one in six states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

leadership in both these categories.

They take the Group’s forklift fleet to 13 Toyota machines. Hunter Bottling Company general manager Russell Smith said the latest-generation Toyota 8-Series forklifts with electronic gas injection and three-way closed-loop catalytic converters meant the company had switched from battery electric to internal combustion forklifts inside the bottling warehouse facility. “Our parent company bought its first Toyota forklift in 1982 and it is still running today,” Russell Smith said.

reliable, long-lasting and they do the job they’re intended for. “As well as the product quality, Toyota Material Handling’s service department provides back-up support that is second to none.” Mr Smith said the five new Toyota forklifts had been custom-specified for the company’s requirements - including individual PIN access for each operator and seatbelt interlock. “Safety is a priority in this facility as we have people and forklifts working together around the bottling lines,” he said. The company chose the Toyota 32-8FGK30 compact forklift model for its combination of lifting capacity and ability to work in a tight warehouse environment.

“We’ve used Toyota ever since - both electric and gas - because they’re just great forklifts. We’ve had one forklift for 20 years,” he said.

“More than a year has passed and the forklifts are going strong - not one hitch to date,” Mr Smith said. “We are more than pleased with their performance - but we knew we would be.”

“Everything is there in the product - they’re

TMH (Newcastle) area sales manager Brad

“They’re specified with Toyota’s deluxe multifunction display and travel and load-handling control, including load weight indicator, speed limiting and a speed alarm. “PIN code access and a seatbelt interlock ensure that only approved employees can operate the units.” The 32-8FGK30 forklift is part of Toyota’s leading edge 8-Series range of forklifts.

TMHA also maintained its record of number one position in the Australian internal combustion counter-balance forklift market, commanding over 36 per cent share nationally. It has now led the Australian internal combustion counter-balance forklift market consecutively for 24 years.

combustion counter-balance forklift trucks sold in Australia in 2010 was a Toyota. TMHA also led the three and four-wheel battery electric forklift segments, claiming market TMHA Executive Vice President & COO, Steve Takacs, said the 2010 sales results reflected Toyota’s trusted name in forklift trucks and the quality of TMHA’s range of counter-balance and warehouse equipment products. “Tis is a great result for our company and customers, especially with TMHA retaining the number-one position overall in forklifts,” he said. “It confirms once again the breadth and depth

of the TMHA model range, the overall quality of the machines in that range, and the efforts our nationwide 100 per cent factory-owned branch network devotes to customer service and aftersales product support. “TMHA offers Australia’s most comprehensive range of material handling equipment,” Steve Takacs said. “The success of our products begins with our parent company Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) as well as Toyota’s industry-leading investment in research and development, coupled with a dedicated commitment to quality. “Commitment is the key word - encompassing safety, quality, reliability and usability - across the full range of material handling machines.”

Safety features of the Toyota 8-Series forklift range include Toyota’s exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) as standard features.

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1800 425 438

1800 425 438

Toyota’s passion for sports car driving reborn In the clearest indication yet of the final design for its next sports car with the unveiling of the FT-86 II concept at the Geneva Motor Show. The FT-86 II pays homage to Toyota’s illustrious sports car history through its compact proportions which feature a long, low bonnet, high wings and rear-set cabin.

Both powertrain and driving position have been set as low and as far back as possible to optimise balance for maximum poise, highspeed stability and dynamic agility.

The FT-86 II is an entirely driver-oriented concept - designed to give form to the intrinsic joy of driving through precise, instantaneous responses to even the smallest throttle or steering input - for those who regard driving as a passion rather than a necessity.

Allied to a front engine, rear-wheel drive format, this affords the FT-86 II lively, accessible performance, highly engaging, readilyexploitable dynamic abilities and maximum driving pleasure.

Under a design concept that Toyota’s European Design Development centre, ED2, has dubbed ‘Functional Beauty’, its bold, sweeping form has been generated entirely through the constraints of function and aerodynamics developed from F1 technology. With its low, highly aerodynamic body shell stretched tight over the engineering hard points, the FT-86 II concept’s muscular body work has been made as compact as possible. Featuring a long, 2,570mm wheelbase, the concept is 4,235mm in length, 1,795mm wide and just 1,270mm high. Rather than relying on a heavy, large displacement powertrain for its performance, the FT-86 II returns to Toyota’s sporting roots by combining a free-revving boxer petrol engine and a six-speed manual transmission with compact dimensions, light weight and a low centre of gravity for the best possible power-toweight ratio.

The FT-86 II concept is the result of an August 2009 announcement that Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries would launch a jointly developed compact rear-wheel drive sports car. European sales of Toyota’s new sports car will begin in 2012.

Heritage - half a century of passion for sporting performance • Toyota has been creating exciting sports cars for nearly 50 years • 2000 GT established Toyota’s global reputation for sports car manufacturing • Corolla Coupe, Celica, Supra and MR2 consistently popular on the global market “When the Toyota 2000 GT was built I was 11 years old - and I loved it. I said: ‘I want to drive something like this when I grow up.’ My dream

came true when I drove a 2000 GT in a vintage car rally. That was a really great experience. I want young people to feel those same desires when they see a new Toyota sports car. I want to transfer the thrill of the race track to our vehicles, and make driving fun and exciting for our customers.” - Akio Toyoda, President, Toyota Motor Corporation Since Toyota began the development of its two-cylinder boxer-engined Sports 800 in 1962, the company has maintained a long history of creating exciting, driver-focused sports cars that have proved as popular with the public as they have been successful in competition. The beautiful 2000 GT, first displayed at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show, helped establish the company’s global reputation as a sports car manufacturer. This 2.0-litre straight-six powered coupe finished third in the 1966 Japanese GP and went on to establish three world endurance records, including the fastest average speed continuously over 16,000 kilometres - 207 km/h. A convertible 2000 GT

appeared in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice. Sadly - created as a movie one-off because the film’s star, Sean Connery, could not fit comfortably in the standard coupe it was never made commercially available. In the US, former Le Mans winner Carroll Shelby entered the 2000 GT in the 1968 Sports Car Club of America’s C-Production category. Despite little development, the lead car notched up four wins against the then-dominant Porsche 911. In response to the focus of the annual Japanese Grand Prix on sports racing cars with larger engines, Toyota launched its first purpose-built racer in 1968, the Toyota 7, which featured a mid-mounted, 3.0-litre V8 subsequently upgraded to 5.0 litres. The 1970 Toyota 7 Turbo was the world’s first turbo-engined racing car. Before its launch in 1984, Toyota appointed legendary US racing driver Dan Gurney to the testing and development of the MR2. Toyota has always understood the value of motorsport and a racing driver’s analytical skills for improving its road-going models. The MR2 gained a welldeserved

reputation as one of the best-handling sports cars of all time. Seven generations of the Celica were sold throughout the world for 36 years between 1970 and 2006. The first Celicas incorporated rearwheel-drive powertrains and were praised by sports car enthusiasts for their agility. The Celica GT, introduced in Europe in 1974, featured a fivespeed transmission and wider tyres. Appealing strongly to the European market, the redesigned Celica of 1985 featured front-wheel drive and the powerful 2.0-litre 3S-GE engine. The Celica also achieved considerable success in competition. The Celica Twin-Cam Turbo achieved three consecutive Safari Rally wins between 1984 and 1986. Taking its first World Rally Championship win in Australia in 1989, the all-wheel drive Celica GT-Four went on to record back-to-back WRC driver’s and manufacturer’s titles in 1993 and 1994. The GT-Four was the first Japanese car to win both driver’s and manufacturer’s WRC titles. Toyota’s Supra was launched in 1979. The first two generations were based on the Celica; the Supra only becoming a model in its own right with

the third-generation car of 1986. Its roots may be traced back to the 2000 GT, and all four generations boasted straight-six engines and rear-wheel drive. Engine cubic capacity rose with each generation from 2.5 litres to 2.7 and then 3.0 litres, culminating in the 1993 Mk VI Supra’s 320bhp engine with sequential turbocharging, which gave the car a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 5.2 seconds, and a governed maximum speed of 250 km/h. With its reputation for delivering pure excitement and embodying the fundamental joy of driving, the Corolla Levin AE86 is the inspiration behind Toyota’s latest sports car concept, the FT-86 II. The Corolla Levin AE86’s front engine, rearwheel drive powertrain, compact dimensions, light weight, impeccable balance and superior power-to-weight ratio made it the must-have choice for rallying and circuit driving throughout its 1983-1987 production life. Even today, the AE86 is still a popular choice with private rallying teams. Sharing its predecessor’s front-engine, rearwheel drive credentials, the FT-86 II concept introduces a new generation of sports car which perfectly recaptures the exhilarating spirit of the last Corolla Levin AE 86.

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1800 425 438

1800 425 438

Smith’s further expands Hino hybrid fleet

Sydney Contractor Maintains Toyota Huski Tradition

The Smith’s Snackfood Company has concluded a deal for another 10 Hino Hybrid 300 Series trucks to deliver its iconic Smith’s potato chips.

A Sydney earthmoving contractor who owns and operates all his own machines has commissioned from Toyota Material Handling a new Toyota Huski skid-steer loader he hopes will see him through to retirement.

Family-favourite potato chip brand Smith’s owned by PepsiCo since 1998 - will soon take delivery of its 30th Hino Hybrid 714 truck.

our routes are in major metro areas, therefore we needed a smaller vehicle that could easily access those areas,” Mr Smith said.

and Perth.

The 10 new additions to the Smith’s Snackfood all-Hino Hybrid fleet will make it the equal-largest hybrid truck fleet in Australia and highlight the company’s increasing commitment to the environment.

“Hino’s Hybrid 714 was chosen because it was easy to drive, could carry the required stock levels, was less expensive to run and because of its environmental benefits.”

company DECA to ensure they are using all the

This year is the third year in succession that Smith’s has purchased 10 Hino Hybrid 714s, reinforcing the growing popularity of Hino Hybrid power. Smith’s Service and Distribution Manager J.P. Smith said the company’s original decision to choose Hino Hybrids was based on practicality, cost-saving and environmental benefits. “We chose to move to hybrid trucks as most of

The Smith’s Snackfood Company Hinos deliver popular salted snack brands including Smith’s, Twisties, Doritos, Parkers Pretzels, Nobby’s Nuts and Red Rock Deli. The company has taken the step of wrapping the cabs of its Hybrids with Hino’s official Hybrid logo and colour scheme - similar to the iconic blue colour of a Smith’s potato chip packet. The new trucks will add to those already in service in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

Smith’s Snackfood drivers will undergo Hino Hybrid-specific training with leading driver training Hybrid’s energy-saving technologies to their fullest.

Frank Fallowfield of F & R Fallowfield Excavations commissioned the new Huski 5SDK5 after securing a contract to move 140 tonnes of earth from a confined site for a major

“With such a large portion of our fleet now Hino

home renovation.

Hybrids, we want to make sure everyone is

He had previously owned and operated an earlier

properly trained,” Mr Smith continued. “Training with DECA will help us gain the most from our hybrid fleet - we know we will see more

model Toyota 4SDK5 skid steer loader. Mr Fallowfield said he had a great run from his previous Huski skid steer loader, and likes the


look and performance of the latest version.

The Smith’s Snackfood Company employs 2100

“I’ve been in business 22 years and this Toyota

people in Australia to manufacture and distribute

Huski skid steer loader should take me through to

its products.

retirement,” he said. “The 5-Series Toyota Huski

For more infiormation on the Hino range visit

looks great – I’ve had it signwritten and arranged

to fit the bucket I wanted.”

In addition to his Toyota Huski, Mr Fallowfield owns and operates a tipper truck and small hydraulic excavator.

as you can do it – and it creates variety in my

“The previous Toyota Huski was my first piece of Toyota equipment; and the features and quality I liked in that machine are there to see in the new one,” he said. “You can see it in the strength of the Toyota skid steer loader, the way the electrical wiring is protected inside the frame members, and the little design touches, like a hook to hang your jacket on. “The performance is very impressive – the Toyota 5SDK5 skid steer loader has lots of power, good breakout force and pulls strongly.

range of six Huski skid-steer loaders nationally,

working week,” he said.

“I operate all my machines myself,” Mr Fallowfield said. “My motto is that no one can do it as well

Toyota Material Handling offers a comprehensive from the 4SDK4 to the 900kg operating load 5SDK11 – the largest model in the 5SDK skidsteer loader range. Customers can order the Toyota Huski’s from the factory with a range of control options, including ISO control steering pattern (which does not require the foot pedals) and ‘H’ pattern. Special features in the Toyota 5-Series Huskis include an optional push button for ‘ride control’ to avoid fore/aft pitching when the loader is travelling.

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Fork Torque I 11

1800 425 438

Toyota offers long-term value U.S awards name Toyota vehicles as leaders in low-cost ownership.

Seven Toyota vehicles have provided the lowest cost of ownership in their US segments, according to a respected international consumer guide. The Toyota vehicles, including Prius and RAV4, were named winners in the 2011 IntelliChoice ‘Best Overall Value of the Year Awards’ (BOVY). IntelliChoice, a division of the U.S.-based Motor Trend Automotive group and a market leader in automotive ownership cost and car value analysis, also awarded class wins to Avalon, Sienna, 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra. The IntelliChoice BOVY awards rank vehicles based on whole-of-life costs over the first five years of ownership.

Prius c concept vehicle at the North American International Motor Show in January. Toyota’s technological flagship vehicle Prius offers innovations such as Touch Tracer display, solar-powered ventilation, smart key system with push-button start (Smart Entry and Smart Start), an advanced parking guidance system and LED headlamps. More than two million Prius have been sold globally since launch in Japan in 1997, and over 16,000 have been sold in Australia since 2001. Prius was Japan’s top-selling vehicle in 2010. Toyota Australia senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner said the awards reinforce that Toyota is providing excellent value to customers.

Factors taken into consideration include depreciation, maintenance, repairs, fuel, fees, financing and insurance. The winning models are determined to have significantly lower ownership costs relative to peer models.

“The awards are further confirmation that Toyota’s acknowledged quality, durability and reliability deliver long-term tangible benefits to customers in the form of value and low running costs,” he said.

The announcement follows Toyota’s unveiling of the Prius v midsize hybrid-electric vehicle and

The full list of IntelliChoice BOVY awards can be viewed at

Toyota forklifts now part of the furniture at Ikea An iconic home-furnishing company is relying on Toyota Material Handling forklift equipment for around-the-clock operations at its national distribution centre and a retail megastore. Ikea Australia (Ikea) recently expanded its relationship with Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) with a new two-year service agreement to maintain 60 battery electric forklifts, turret trucks and reach trucks. Long-term TMHA customer Ikea operates Toyota forklifts throughout its national distribution centre in Moorebank, NSW and its megastore at Rhodes, NSW. A new Sydney store at Tempe will also use THMA equipment. Ikea uses a wide range of Toyota forklifts, including 7FBE three-wheel counter-balance forklifts, four special BT turret trucks, pallet movers and Raymond reach trucks.

The Moorebank distribution centre operates 24 hours a day. It has a special wire-guidance system for the turret trucks, specially designed and installed by TMHA. Ikea’s Moorebank Distribution Centre warehouse manager Stewart Danswan describes the turret trucks as highly specialised machines, with only a handful of businesses in the country using them. TMHA (Sydney) technician Shaun Xerri, national winner of the Toyota Skills Competition for BT forklifts, is on site virtually full-time. “Shaun is a dedicated technician who is highly skilled and specially trained to service our forklifts,” Mr Danswan said. “He is quite

proactive and will regularly visit the distribution centre just to check if the forklifts are functioning normally. “Fortunately for us, Shaun’s technical experience allows him to identify problems quickly and rectify them with very little downtime. “We have a very good relationship with TMHA and the overall service levels are quite dependable and responsive,” Mr Danswan said. “As a consequence we have little problem planning our operation to run at maximum capacity - with the knowledge that our forklifts can be relied upon.”

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1800 425 438

Fork Torque I 13

*AITA Statistics Ytd December 2010. #Source: Logistik Magazine 2010. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual colour of products may differ from picture displayed.

Price Guide Autumn 2011 All Prices are Recommended Trade Prices and include GST

GENUINE PARTS Solid tyre sale (Watts solid and non marking tyres) To suit all late model Toyota internal combustion and battery electric counter-balance forklifts. Prices includes service call, tyre disposal and tyre fitting. RRP Inc GST For Complete Set Solids Tyres

Watts Solid

Watts Solid Non/Mark

2 x 6.00-9/4.00



2 x 7.00-12/5.00





2 x 16x6-8/4.33



2 x 18x7-8/4.33



Complete Set



Complete Set

2 x 21x8-9/6.00



2 x 23x9-10/6.50





Complete Set

Toyota Filters

Make sure your material handling provider ticks all the boxes. Whether you require a single forklift or a fleet, we want to show you why Toyota Material Handling sells more forklifts than any other company. We’ve got Australia’s biggest range to provide you with the best possible material handling solutions, and the

customer service and parts support you’d expect from the world leader .# So if you’re looking for a forklift provider who really ticks all the boxes, talk to your local Toyota Material Handling branch today.

Toyota Inner Air Filter

Toyota Outer Air Element

Part No. 177442360071 (left)

Part No. 177432360071 (right)







Bring out the best in your Toyota forklifts and skid steer loaders. Choose Toyota Genuine Parts and Service.

1800 425 438


Toyota Genuine air filters and elements play an important role in protecting your engine components from external contaminates ensuring clean air is supplied to the engine. Periodic replacement is required to ensure power output and fuel usage is not affected.



P A L L E T®

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has used its best endeavours to ensure brochure information is correct when published. All images are used for illustration purposes only. These are recommended parts and service trade prices only and there is no obligation for TMHA Dealers or Agents to comply with this recommendation. Prices include GST. Prices effective from 1 April 2011 until 31 July 2011. TMHA reserves the right to change, without notice, at any time prices, materials and specifications. TMHA, to the extent permissible at law, is not liable to any person for loss or damage arising from reliance upon information contained in this catalogue. Distributed nationally by Toyota Material Handling Australia Pty Limited ABN 38 104 644 635, 8 Secombe Place Moorebank NSW 2170. Printed April 2011.

Filters / Elements - Air Parts Number



Air Element 6, 7, 8 Series


Filters / Elements - Fuel RTD

Parts Number




Fuel Filter 3TNE84 Yenmar Engine


Air Element 6, 7, 8 Series



Fuel Filter 2J,2H Engine



Air Element 5, 6, Tow Series



Fuel Filter 2D Engine



Air Element 6, 7, 8 Series



Fuel Filter 1DZ, 2Z Engine



Air Element 6, 7, 8 Series



Air Element 6, 7, 8 Series



Air Element 6, 7, 8 Series



Air Element Outer 6, 7, 8 Tow Series



Air Element Inner 6, 7, 8 Tow Series



Air Element Outer 5, 4SDK10 Tow Series



Air Element Outer 5 Series


Air Element 5, 6, Tow Series


Toyota Air Filters



Toyota Long Life Coolant - 4 Litre

Fluids & Lubricants Parts Number



Toyota Anti-Boil 4 Litre



Toyota Anti-Boil 1 Litre



Toyota Engine Oil 20w50




Transmission Oil ATF type D 1 Litre


Air Element 2,3,4SDK3&4 Series



Diff / Gear Oil 80w90 1 Litre



Air Element Outer 7 Series



Ultramax 32 1 Litre



Air Element 3,4 Series



Air Element 3,4 Series



Air Element 3,5 Series




Air Element 5 Series


Parts Number




Air Element 2,3,4 Series



Engine Cooling Fan SSL 5 Series 1DZ


Air Element Inner 3,5,6 Series


Toyota Oil Filters


Engine Cooling Fan SSL 5 Series K5 3TNV88




Engine Cooling Fan SSL 4 Series K5 3TNV84



Engine Cooling Fan SSL 4 Series K5 3TNV68



Engine Cooling Fan SSL 4 Series K8, K10



Engine Cooling Fan 7 & 8 Series 1.0 - J35 4Y, 2Z, 1SZ







$ .50

Filters / Elements - Oil


Parts Number




Oil Filter 4Y,5K Engine



Engine Cooling Fan 5 Series 1FZ



Oil Filter 1DZ,2Z Engine



Engine Cooling Fan 5 Series 12Z & 14Z



Oil Filter 2H Engine



Oil Filter 4Y Engine



Oil Filter 3TNE Yenmar Engine




Oil Filter 2D Engine


Parts Number



Oil Filter GM, G4 Engine



Suspension seat 7 Series



Oil Filter 3TNV Yenmar Engine



Suspension seat SSL 4 Series



Oil Filter J08ET Hino Engine


Suspension seat BT Reach Truck Seat Low Back



Oil Filter 2J,4P Engine


Suspension seat BT Reach Truck Seat High Back


$220.00 $88.00

Toyota Fuel Element


Oil Filter 2J,2JT,5P Engine



Oil Filter GM Engine



Oil Filter



Oil Filter 3T84H Engine


Parts Number



Oil Filter 3P Engine



Accelerator Cable 7 Series 4Y



Oil Filter



Accelerator Cable 8 Series 4Y



Oil Filter 2J,2H Engine



Accelerator Cable 8 Series 1DZ



Toyota Fans










Toyota Seats



Accelerator Cable RTD


Wheel Studs Parts Number



Wheel Stud 7,8 Series




Wheel Stud Nut 7,8 Series


Starter Motors Parts Number




Starter Motor 3F,2F,4Y,4P,5P



Starter Motor 1DZ,2J


Alternators Parts Number




Alternator 4Y,5K Engine



Alternator 4Y,5K,4P Engine



Alternator 14Z,15Z,13Z,2Z,1DZ Engine



Alternator 5K,4Y Engine



Alternator 1DZ,2Z Engine



Alternator 3F,2Z,1Z,1DZ,13Z,2J,11Z Engine



Alternator 3TN66,3TNA68,3TNE84 Engine



Alternator 1DZ,2Z,3Z Engine



Alternator 3Z,2Z,1DZ Engine



Alternator 1FZ


Parts Number




Horn Assembly 5,6,7,Tow Series

Horn $50.60

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Brake Shoes





Genuinely better parts & service At Toyota Material Handling, we place an important emphasis on genuine parts and expert service to keep your forklift or skid steer loader working and your servicing costs as low as possible. No matter what forklift or skid steer loader brand you use, Toyota Material Handling’s factory trained technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure a fast and accurate diagnosis, that helps to save you time and money. It’s all part of our Toyota Service Advantage, and just another reason why a Toyota Material Handling service is genuinely better for your forklift or skid steer and your pocket.

1800 425 438 We stand behind every forklift we service.

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Lamp RH 7 Series



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Lamp Assy Comb 7 Series


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SSL Hydrostatic Charge Pump 4SDK8


(We also get under it, look inside it, and thoroughly inspect it.) At Toyota Material Handling, we place an important emphasis on expert service to keep your forklift working and your servicing costs as low as possible. No matter what forklift brand you use, Toyota Material Handling’s factory trained technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure a fast and accurate

diagnosis, that helps to save you time and money. It’s all part of our Toyota Service Advantage, and just another reason why a Toyota Material Handling service is genuinely better for your forklift and your pocket.

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Price includes all parts, labour and lubricants.

• Check operation of transmission • Check for abnormal operation noises • Inspect transmission / converter for oil leaks • Inspect transmission oil cooler hoses • Check park brake and inspect as required • Inspect and adjust inching pedal operation • Inspect modulator valve operation • Inspect neutral safety start operation • Drain / inspect and replace transmission oil • Replace transmission oil filter • Perform stall test on transmission • Report additional repairs required to customer

* These specials are trade prices only and there is no obligation for TMHA Dealers or Agents to comply with these specials. Prices effective from 1 March 2011 until 31 July 2011. TMHA reserves the right to change, without notice, at any time prices, materials and specifications. TMHA, to the extent permissible at law, is not liable to any person for loss or damage arising from reliance upon information contained in this catalogue. Distributed nationally by Toyota Material Handling Australia Pty Limited ABN 38 104 644 635, 8 Secombe Place Moorebank NSW 2170. Printed May 2011.

DS OFFER7E/N 31/ 11




• Genuine Oil Filter • Genuine Spark Plugs x4 • Genuine Air Filter (Outer) • Genuine Hyd. Return Filter • Genuine Transmission Filter






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• Check operation of HST and hydraulic system • Check for abnormal operation noises • Inspect HST and hydraulic system for oil leaks • Inspect HST and hydraulic system hoses • Check park brake and inspect as required • Check material handling system operation



Price includes all parts, labour and lubricants.


• Inspect neutral safety start operation • Drain / inspect and replace HST and hydraulic oil • Replace HST and hydraulic oil filters • Perform test on HST and hydraulic system • Report additional repairs required to customer

* These specials are trade prices only and there is no obligation for TMHA Dealers or Agents to comply with these specials. Prices effective from 1 March 2011 until 31 July 2011. TMHA reserves the right to change, without notice, at any time prices, materials and specifications. TMHA, to the extent permissible at law, is not liable to any person for loss or damage arising from reliance upon information contained in this catalogue. Distributed nationally by Toyota Material Handling Australia Pty Limited ABN 38 104 644 635, 8 Secombe Place Moorebank NSW 2170. Printed May 2011.


TO SUIT TOYOTA 4SDK4,5,8,10 & 5SDK5,8,9,10 MODELS






Price includes all parts, labour and lubricants.


1800 425 438

• Pressure test cooling system, inspect for both external and internal leaks • Inspect and report on condition of: • Radiator - external condition • Radiator cap • Replace fan belt • Check water pump bearing free-play • Clean radiator externally with compressed air • Drain and flush coolant from radiator and engine • Fill cooling system with original Toyota Coolant • Bleed cooling system for air blockages • Pressure test cooling system after service • Check & inspect sender unit & gauge operations • Report any additional repairs required to customer

Giving our Aussie earth a shift in the right direction. Engineering the perfect blend of quality, performance and reliability was the driving force behind the 5SDK range of Toyota Huski skid steer loaders. Developed and tested in Australia, the Huski 5SDK features exceptional strength, manoeuvrability, and driver comfort, all backed by Toyota’s trusted reputation for delivering quality equipment and professional after sales support. Available in operating loads from 320kg – 900kg, you can be assured that there’s a Huski model guaranteed to put you at the head of the pack.

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