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OVERVIEW re-Activating Spaces was a short design project for Year 9 Students at Leongatha Secondary College. Students were required to think how they could design activities that the local community is missing, and how these designs could then be used to re-Activate Leongatha Train Station. Students learnt the following skills; - leaning how to accurately draw plans, sections and elevations - learning about scale - drawing from observation - working quickly and efficiently to meet a given brief - Photoshop, where they learnt to create a collage - InDesign, where they learnt how to effectively present their work. Please have a look at the following projects and enjoy the ideas and concepts that the students have come up with.

GATHA RACE TRACK by Aliesha The iconic Gatha Race Track was fully finished in 2014. In 2008, the chief CEO of Athletics Victoria had discovered the old train station area and had started to plan his ideas for this wonderful space. The historical 120 year old building wasn’t knocked down for the work on the track and has been kept for sentimental reasons. The idea for this track is to bring the local community together and as use for school sporting competitions because in south gippsland there is no local running tracks.

WATER PARK BY ALLY I changed the train station by placing a waterpark, volleyball court and some grass areas for recreational activities. It is much more useful this way because the train station was a wasted space unlike this water park!

OUTDOOR CINEMA by chelsea i used this space to create an outdoor cinema. The good thing about this design is that it is made for everyone, and gives the family something to do either on the weekend or holiday. during the weekdays the cinema is taken dow so the kids can use the park after school. the price to attend this outdoor cinema is $5.00 per person or $10.00 a family.

LEONGATHA CASTLE BY ALEX This is an area designed to in some ways replicate a castle, while still being practical enough to fit in what it needs to be useful in the provided space. On it’s grounds jousting, sword fighting and archery tournaments will be held, and there will be various shops and stalls for people to buy things from, aswell as an information center for people to learn about medieval history.

THE WET TEMPLE By Harrison I changed the train station into a place where the top DJ’s can play and anyone can come, there is a ferris wheel, water slide and massive pool and stage where people can perform. It will attract tourists and people from around south-gippsland.

LEONGATHA WATER PARK BY KIERA I choose to change the Leongatha Railway Station into water park because there isn’t a place like this in the community.

SKATE PARK RE-DONE By Dylan,Jordi and Stu This skate park is our new design for the train station. It has everything that we would want in a skate park and it wouldn’t cost a lot to make. The skate park is open 24/7 and any body can go there and ride there bikes and skateboards or scooters. There is also a shop and the other side of the skate park were you can get a drink and food and lollies. This skate park is for everybody that has some to ride but it would be recomend for people that are aged between 10 to 21.

SPORT BY JACK Changing the old train station into a place where people can have fun and play basketball and footy.

DOG PARK BY JORDAN Iused the large open space that the track is place on, removed the tracks and turned it into a large grassy area. Buildings that aren’t in view include pet sitting, dog grooming, dog washes amd dog toy hire. People are only permitted in the park if they are accompanied by a dog. The parks is only open during daylight hours and the large fence surrounding it is locked after dark.

BIG SURF WATER PARK by rory and matt It’s a water park in Leongatha.

GATHA SPORTS GROUND by TRENT The Gatha Sports Ground is designed for those who love their sports, and are driven by the thrill of the win. The grounds can be used for competition or leisure. There is still one train track that has been left in use so that you can travel to nearby areas. There is also a bridge going across for easy access to Bair street.

gatha wave pool by zac and jack

The Gatha Wave Pool is a place where you can go for a swim instead of having to travel to Inverloch. The Wave Pool allows to swim in the waves instead of travelling to the Surf Beach. The Wave Pool is a nicer environment with cafe’s and parks for everyone to enjoy.

Leongatha park by nat bauer

The train station had not been in use for a while so the community decided it would be a good idea to do something with it. So in January of 2014 the community thought it would be a good idea to turn it into a park so people have a place to take their dogs for a walk or take their kids to play.







Lsc year 9 reactivating spaces  
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