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Jazzy Magzine

Book & StyleGuide

Table Of Contents Introduction

About Jazzy magazine 1.0 Research 1.1 Creative Brief/ Strategy 1.2 Demongraphics 1.3 Design Research

2.0 Style Guide

2.1 Print ads

2.2 Interactive media 2.3 Motion Graphics 2.4 logo Design

3.0 Creative Process 3.0 Moodboard

3.1 Website Development 3.2 Print Development


Jazzy is a magazine that focues on African-American women that are 18-24 in age who are making names for themselves in thier work or community. This magazine is desing to help encouarge then to stay motivated with everything they do. Don’t let society stop you from believing in yourself. Jazzy will be the first magazine that focuses on African-Americna young women. This mgazine will be a guide for them to kow that they don’t have to show their bodies to get respect. This magazine will feature strong role models in every wlk of life, such as business, tevlevison and

Let yourself shine girl because You are a diamond.

Introduction / jazzy 1

1.0 Research

1.1 Creative Brief/ Strategy

1.2 Demongraphics

1.3 Target Audience

Research 1.0/ jazzy

1.2 Creative Brief/ Strategy

Over veiw of needs Promotional Idea To see if there us a need for daugther magazine at Commerical Essence Communications Website T-shirts/ cups Measureable Success Sales for Essence Communications grew steadily throughout the 1990s. After reaching $77 million in 1994, sales grew to $92.8 million in 1996, and to $104.8 million in 1997. In 2000, Essence posted sales of $145 million , a 17.5 percent increase over the previous year.

1.2 Demongraphics

1.3 Target Audience

2. 0 Style Guide

2.1 Print Ads 2.2 Interactive Media 2.3 Motion graphic 2.4 Logo

style guide \ jazzy

2.1 Print Ads

Specifications/ Dimissions

The magazine will be 8x10 in size. There will be 170 pages. There will be beauty ads, health articles,

Jazzy Magazine A magazine that focues on impowering you african-american woman.

Print Ad 3.1/ Jazzy

2.2 Ineractive design


Girls will be able to talk to other girls on the chat line and make new friends.

Specifications/ Dimission will be 800 x 600 display (should it be 750 pixels width

Health/ Beauty Music/ Video

Girls can read about health and also learn new hair styles.

Girls will be able to listen to music and watch videos. The music and videos can aslo be downloaded.

Interactive media 3.2 /jazzy

2.3 Motion graphics

Specifications/ Dimission

The mostion graphic will be 30 seconds. There will be music and a voice over. There will be images of individuals that show empowerment.

Imovie that introduce jazzy magazine to the media

17 Jazzy/ Motion Graphic

2.4 Logo Design

samples Here are example of the first logo design for jazzy

C=100 M=0 Y=0 K=0

C= 0 M=100 Y=0

C=100 M=0 Y=0 k=0

Colors These are different color that were thought of for the logo

C=59 M=90 Y=10 K-0 Do’s Don’t No flowers. Want the logo have a urban feel to it.

Final design

e top of the board is the final esign for the Jazzy logo.

logo design 3.4/ Jazzy

3.0 Creatuve Process

3.1 Moodboard

3.2 Webstie Development

3.3 Print Development

3.1 Moodboard

jazzy book  

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