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10. Swedish Museum of the Year 2016 Award

National Museum of Science and Technology Stockholm, Sweden

Preserving Technical And Industrial NASLOFFF Cultural Heritage Of Sweden

Adrian Ribba Tomas Greenwood

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Tomas’ key tasks include: educational development, workshops for students, teacher training and collaboration projects with partners, in both business and academia. His goals are to make science and technology exciting, arouse curiosity about how things work and provide children and adults with tools so they can develop and explore the world of technology themselves. He started his career as a primary teacher. Later he studied a bachelors program in technology and pedagogy at Stockholm University.

Educator and Project Leader

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THE BEST IN HERITAGE 2017 Projects of Influence  

Pre-conference online publication announcing the 2017 event

THE BEST IN HERITAGE 2017 Projects of Influence  

Pre-conference online publication announcing the 2017 event

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