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with Cavo’s Brian Smith


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Student Artists

Volume 1, Issue 4

Amanda Huffman

Letter From the Editor


We wanted to showcase the talents of the school’s most gifted artists, musicians, and performers in this issue. We decided to have all of the pages of this issue in color to emphasize the artwork of Jaylin Beard (12) and Katherine Huang (11), which are featured throughout the issue. In this issue, you will meet numerous students who express themselves through music (pg 7) and the members of TBHS’s award-winning Show Choirs who work vigorously to put on their best performance (pg 4). Looking for some new tunes of every genre to listen to? Check out the staff ’s selected top songs of all time (pgs 6-7). Also, stay tuned for the special Prom supplement.

Sincerely, Amanda

Music That Inspires AmandaHuffman/editor-in-chief

Second-semester staffers share selected singers and songwriters that inspires them.

“Timeflies.” Paige Martin (11)

“Flo Rida.” Olivia Grelle (10)

“Britt Nicole.” Jenna Massey (10)

“Keith Urban.” Megan Ryba (10)

Editorial Staff editor-in-chief AmandaHuffman managing editors CaylaBrown ToriHeppermann business manager JenniferFiroved sports editor LancePatrick

staffers: KaylaBishop KaylaGardner OliviaGrelle HaileighHeppermann ZackHudgens PaigeMartin JennaMassey JoHannahMcDonald CheyenneRodgers Megan Ryba KeithShepherd DakotaZinn contributer: JessaKiker

“Elvenking.” Zack Hudgens (11)

“Pitbull.” Keith Shepherd (11)


Table Of Contents Features


5 Grinds My Gears

5 State Of Play: Work Showcased at

Radio With Hart


Thespian Competition Top 10 Singles of All Time Caving Into Cavo

7 Musicians Who Have Beat Alycia Jones Joe yR PTS: 90

PTS :1 AVG 23 : 8.2 FG% : 53 .19 3F% : 0.0 0

g 4 ou 18 or S: 9.7 Th : PT G .35 AV : 43 0 % 0.0 FG %: 3F


9 Chemistry on the Court

Laughs & Lunacy Depicted in Superbowl Ads

Arts and Entertainment

11 Trends 12 Oh Snap

10 Evolution of Music

Recommended Reads Cinema Critic

Jenifer Iffrig (12) skillfully illustrated the cover for Issue 4 of TBHS Unleashed. “I was inspired by a picture Ms. Oladehin showed to me. I thought it looked cool and I drew it.” Iffrig has been an avid drawer since she was in diapers. “I love drawing, because it helps me to express myself. I especially enjoy drawing people and faces.”


with Cavo’s Brian Smith

cover by Jenifer Iffirg



hemistry on the ourt


Student Artists

Volume 1, Issue 4

EDITORIAL POLICY: TBHS Unleashed is a free, monthly publication produced by Troy Buchanan High School’s newspaper staff. The newsmagazine functions as an open forum, with the intention of accurately and fairly reporting the news to the student body, faculty, and administration of TBHS, as well as the surrounding comunity. TBHS Unleashed is solely funded by advertisers. Advertisements that appear in TBHS Unleashed do not necessarily represent the beliefs or viewpoint of the newspaper. The opinions expressed in this newsmagazine may not be those of TBHS, Lincoln County R-III School District, faculty, staff, or administration. TBHS Unleashed is a member of the Quill &Scroll Society and SSP of St. Louis. Troy Buchanan High School is located at 1190 Old Cap-Au-Gris Rd. in Troy, Missouri.





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8 Working Their Way Up

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Stealing The Show

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Poetry Personified




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“We ar which e really “My outlook on the season com is that have ing a lot of heart and we’ll is lead makwe es us fight till ingthe end.”tough together us to as to som e big play agai a team, wins. nst an For ” d w



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AVG: 4.7 FG%: 39.60 3F%: 0.00


Stealing the Show JenniferFiroved/staff

Members of the Express Show Choir including Amanda Preston (10), Kiera Loveless (10), Dakota Gipson (11), Jared Danielson (9), Keenan Willis (12), Lexi Ziemann (11), Eva Jones (11), Kourtney Mudd (10), David Haake (11), Kim Harper (12), Collin Tucker (11), Ashley Murphy (10), Ally Lacy (12), Kenny Allred (11), Ben Pollard (11)and Marissa Beamer (12) learned choereography for the closing number of their show from choreographer Stephen Todd.

Express and Soundwave— two Show Choirs, one school. “Express is considered the Varsity, and Soundwave the JV of our Show Choirs,” Corynne Buckles (12) said. The students involved in both programs are talented and dedicated. They put in a lot of effort to perfect their performances. They have a minimum of two practices, six hours a week and classes during school. In February, they started to crack down because it was the beginning of the season. They compete all over the Midwest and sometimes travel farther. This year, the TBHS Show Choirs are competing in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. They have also hosted the annual Invitational in the gym. This was attended by groups from all over the Midwest. Director Andrew Drinkall and Assistant Director Jesse Diaz have and continue to work tirelessly to get the performances as flawless as possible. Tori Gilbert (11) said, “They are really good and push us to work hard and focus.” The directors and students share a mutual affection. “We are kind of like their children,” said Chelcie Propst (12). “They give us advice, scold us when were wrong, and praise us when we get it right.” The Show Choirs do not have rivals like other sports. “No matter what place we take we don’t have a rival; we are our own rival,” said Drinkall. Students are driven to reach their potential and give it all they’ve got. “Show Choir is just awesome. There aren’t words to describe it,” said Jeremy Conley (12). “You put your soul into it; it is belonging to something that isn’t just you.”

4 2 1




Across: 1. Famous surrealist artist 3. Sang “I Will Always Love You” 5. Twain’s real first name Down: 2. Painter of red water lilies 4. Music award show Answers: 1A: Salvador Dali, 2D: Monet, 3A: Whitney, 4D: Grammys, 5D:Samuel

Entertainment Crossword

Poetry Out Loud ZachHudgens /staff

Not all battles are fought with swords and axes; sometimes the spoken word is sharper and stronger than any tangible weapon. Those with skill can blow their audience away with nothing more than a few stanzas and hand motions. In The Poetry Out Loud competition, words can sting with the bite of a poisontipped arrow or sing with the crystalline voice of honeydew. Whether sophomore or senior, most TBHS students have heard of and competed in Poetry Out Loud. It’s built on a simple premise; competitors recite poetry from an approved list of poems and authors, and whoever garners the highest score is the winner. The winner then goes on to compete at higher levels across the country. The TBHS Poetry Out Loud competition victor this year was Kirstie Tryon (12), who also succeeded in the 2011 competition and pressed onward to the regional level. Jeff Fennewald (11), one of this year’s top ten competitors, said, “I thought there was some really tough competition, I was really nervous.” This year was Fennewald’s first time competing. There was an array of poems recited including “Numbers” by Mary Cornish, “The Bloody Sire” by Robinson

Kirstie Tryon (12) won the TBHS Poetry Out Loud. Tryon atteneded the regioal competition on February 21 in Hannibal, MO.

Jeffers, and “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe. Just like any competition, Poetry Out Loud can be nervewracking. It’s difficult to stand in front of an audience and pour genuine feeling into a poem. In regards to future competitors, Fennewald said, “Just focus. Be calm, and try to not care what other people think.”

Students who participated in Poetry Out Loud included: (bottom row l-r): BJ Aldein (11), Ben Westerman (10), Kyle Hamilton (11), Jeff Fennewald (11), Jacob Cryts (10), Nick Guyot (10), Keenan Willis (12), Andrew Fruend (12), Zach Hudgens (11) (top row l-r) Katy Cryts (10), Samantha Cameron (10), Kirstie Tryon (12), Kaylei Fischer (11), Leah Colbert (10), Hannah Finley (10), Sabrina Allen (10), Brooke Mehrle (10), Megan Keeling (12), Clara Jungerman (10), Morgan Meyer (10), Alexis Brunnert (10), Briana Howard (10), Kourtney Mudd (10), Sydney Hood (11), Olivia Hoelting (10).

photo by Jenna Massey


On January 7, a one-act play written by Brittney Counterman (12), was acted out at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. The play was submitted in November 2011 for the “Page-To-Stage” competition, held by the International Thespian Society (ITS). The play is based on five main characters; the parents, June and Steven, their daughter, Emmy, a teacher, and a doctor. “The play is about a family of three. The mom and dad are having marital problems and find out their daughter has stage-4 heart cancer, which causes more stress for them and begins to tear the family apart,” said Counterman. “The relationship between June and Steven is somewhat like the relationship between Vi and Reverend Shaw, in Footloose.” Counterman’s play was revised and casted while at the convention in Springfield and

I knew it had to be a serious topic that today’s and tomorrow’s society could relate to.

-Brittney Counterman

2 students from TBHS were casted in it: David Haake (11) as Steven and Toni Firoved (12) as the teacher, Johnston. To date, the play has only been screened at the convention, but on March 9, Counterman’s play will be presented as a dinner theatre at TBHS. As a fundraiser for a senior scholarship, all students are encouraged to come and view it. To submit your own one act play, you must be an inducted member of ITS. If the play is selected as best in the state, it could be featured as a 50-minute production with professional actors performing scenes from the play.

For more information, visit our website at

Grinds My Gears

photo by Cheynne Rodgers


English used to be a respected field. There was once a time when the craft of writing was a revered subject, and those who were accomplished in its intricate webbings were highly sought after. It was the aspiration of every educated person to learn correct grammar, because it near-guaranteed a wealthy

photo by Megan Ryba


State of Play: Work Showcased at Thespian Competition

life. Today, however, famous authors and scholars of the past writhe in their graves as potential doctors, politicians, and engineers forsake their ancestors and opt instead for writing like a heavily depressed eggplant. There is no substance in writing anymore. I’m a tutor in the TBHS Writing Lab, and while I understand that students who need to be tutored aren’t exactly the most eloquent, each essay I’ve revised contained an utter lack of personality. Students treat English like mowing the lawn; instead of injecting their own personal flair into their writing, they go through the motions

“I enjoyed being a radio host, but I like it even better being a teacher.”- Lenard Hart

Radio with Hart OliviaGrelle/staff

From 1990 to 2002 ISS supervisor Lenard Hart worked fulltime in the radio. Hart started out as a sports reporter, but then became an F.M. radio personality for Y107, a top 40 station in Columbia, MO. Eventually, he became the number one late night personality for four consecutive years. Hart always knew he wanted to “work with sports.” While he was a reporter, He interviewed NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes and agents for all athletes. He said “My favorite person to interview was former Mizzou head football coach, Larry Smith.” He left radio because he wanted to spend more time with his family. Hart began taking classes and eventually received his Masters Degree in Education. Although he is a teacher, Hart is still involved with radio. He occasionally interviews for national radio stations where he continues to show his passion for football.

with creaking robotic limbs until they’ve produced something with all the literary value of a tax form. I know that many profitable careers in medicine or engineering or business don’t rely on English beyond correct grammar and basic vocabulary, but that’s all the more reason students should be interested in writing during high school; after these few years, there will never be such an opportunity for personal growth. Our school has a writing club. It goes by the name of Literary Guild, and it contains a whopping four regularly appearing members. I think that proves my point. 5

Arts and Entertainment

Caving Into Cavo

Musicians Who Have the Beat


Cavo, an alternative rock band native to St. Louis, has recently released its new single, “Thick as Thieves,” which will be featured on their upcoming album of the same name. Bassist Brian Smith discusses the new album, music, and personal inspirations.


Q: How long has Cavo been a band? A: Cavo has been around since 2001, so about 11 years.

Q: How did you guys decide on your name? A: Well, we used to be called The Hollow, but there’s apparently a lot bands named The Hollow. So, Cavo is Latin for “hollow places.” Q: You are set to release a new album next month. How does it differ from your first album? A: It’s a little more rock, a little more label driven. We had more of a say in what songs we wanted to do. It’s more raw and original. Not so cookie cutter, in my opinion. Q: How long have you been playing bass? A: Probably about 15-16 years. Q: What inspired you to start playing? A: That’d have to be Def Leppard. They inspired me to play guitar. ... When I was 18

I got into a band. We had a really good guitar player, better than me, so I started to play bass and fell in love with it. I still write with the guitar; I still play. I helped write the chords on Lifehouse’s “Take Me Away.” Q: Besides Def Leppard, what are some of your favorite bands? A: Sevendust is one of my favorites. I also like 30 Seconds to Mars and Shinedown. Q: Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to become a musician? A: Make sure you play because you love it, not because you want to become rich and famous.

Top 10 Singles of All Time Country Songs

by Kayla Gardner

“I Don’t Want This Night to End” by Luke Bryan

“God Gave Me You” Blake Shelton “Always On My Mind” Willie Nelson “You On Me” Jason Meadows “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On” Mel McDaniel “Drink In My Hand” Eric Church “Forever and Ever, Amen” Randy Travis “Georgia Clay” Josh Kelly “Coal Miner’s Daughter” Loretta Lynn “Southern Nights” Glen Campbell “I chose these 10 songs for my playlist because they are some of the most known country songs. This list contains different varieties of singles. For instance, the more modern songs like Drink in My Hand are more upbeat, whereas the older classic songs like Forever and Ever, Amen are more relaxed and calm.”


Metal/Alternative Songs By Jessa Kiker

“City Lights” Motionless in White

Musicians throughout TBHS are all different. Some rap and some play in bands, but they all have one in thing common: music. Whether they started when they were younger or are new to the scene, some hope to have a future in music, and others do it just for fun. These five musicians are accomplished in their own rights. Nick Marrlett (12) plays in the youth band at his church. He plays the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the drums. Marrlett said his favorite thing about playing in the youth band is “the feeling of being on stage playing drums.”



Classical, Jazz, & Blues By Keith Shepherd

“Dream a Little Dream of Me”

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

“Ghost of You” My Chemical Romance “Pet” A Perfect Circle “March of the Martyrs” Otep “Kiss and Control” AFI “Freak on a Leash” Korn “I Stand Alone” Godsmack “Tear Away” Drowning Pool “Sugar” System of a Down “They’re Coming to Take Me Away” Neuroticfish “These songs made my list because of the excellent combination of musical talent, vocals, and lyrics. I can listen to them no matter what mood I’m in and they always make my day.”

Outside of church, Marrlett also plays bass guitar, piano, and violin. He comes from a musical background. His dad plays guitar and his mom plays bass guitar. Marrlett taught himself how to play most of the instruments he plays today. He tries to practice as much as he can for his band. Band member Ben Cicotte (11) plays with four different people in a band. The people in his band are everchanging depending on the type of music played. What Cicotte likes about being in the band is “being able to apply something learned in concert choir to something that is fun.” Cicotte plays guitar and drums. He and other members of the band played in a talent show last year. He said guitar is his favorite instrument to play since he has gotten good at it this year. Cicotte said the

“Symphony No. 5” Beethoven “Rhapsody in Blue” George Gerswin “O Fortuna” Carl Orff “Boom Boom” John Lee Hooker “Jeepers Creepers” Louis Armstrong “Swan Lake” Tchaikovsky “Mannish Boy” Muddy Waters “April in Paris” Billie Holiday “L-O-V-E” Nat “King” Cole

“The songs on this playlist have contributed to the development of modern music. The classical music choices were chosen for their ability to inspire and climax in a way that modern music cannot reach. The selected jazz singles are meant to help one relax and escape into an era of long ago. Finally, the blues chosen throw formality into an abyss and let creativity and rhythm take over.”

band is just for fun and he is not counting on it for a future career. John Kleine (11) has been playing the fiddle for about three and half years. Kleine said he has played with a couple of well-known people including violinist Ron Vince and Tim McGraw’s guitar player. He has played in a couple of local bands. Kleine only took lessons for two years and he has been practicing ever since. “It is fun, and I make some money out of it,” said Kleine. Aspiring recording artist Parrish Swanson (10) started rapping about a year and a half ago. He got interested in rapping when he started looking up ways to build a recording studio. Swanson has performed six concerts already and has two more this March. “The crowd’s reaction and them putting their hands in the air” is what Swanson likes best about performing. He wants to attend college and get a degree in music production and has been to a couple of free



Rap Songs

By Lance Patrick

“The Message” Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5

“Rapper’s Delight” The Sugarhill Gang “Juicy” Notorious B.I.G. “Fight the Power” Public Enemy “Lose Yourself ” Eminem “I Used To Love H.E.R.” Common Sense “Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang”Dr. Dre & SnoopDogg “Cream” Wu Tang Clan “One Mic” Nas “Changes” 2 Pac “The rap game has increased its popularity and gained universal acceptance significantly over the past decade. Many view rap as being shallow, womanizing, and/or profane. Rap isn’t all about money, girls, and shiny wheels though. It is an art form that utilizes rhythm to speak on life in the hood, speak out against the man, and speak for those who have no voice. This top 10 list is formed by a sohisticated math process based off the averaging of other official top 10 lists.”

recording workshops. He will possibly have an album out by this summer. Stephanie Dwiggins(10) has been playing the four-mallet marimba for two years in the Trojans marching band as a member of drum line. Outside of school, Dwiggins has been playing piano for more than 10 years. She said “Music is a motion and the way it makes me feel is great.” She is committed to music and hopes to attend college and get a degree in music. She hopes one day to teach other kids how to play nstruments as well.

Pop Songs By JoHannah McDonald

STEPHANIE Photo Illustrations CheyenneRodgers/staff

Rock Songs

By Amanda Huffman

“Like a Rolling Stone” Bob

“Billie Jean” Michael Jackson

“Hung Up” Madonna “Baby One More Time” Britney Spears “Believe” Cher “Poker Face” Lady Gaga “Teenage Dream” Katy Perry “I Will Always Love You” Whitney Houston “Candle in the Wind” Elton John “Halo” Beyonce “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Cyndi Lauper “Every year, an innumerable amount of songs are released to the general public from around the world. Some flop, some become infamous, some are ignored, and some go on to become legendary. The following songs fit into the latter category. From classics to the more contemporary and from upbeat to mournful, these are the top 10 pop songs.”


“I Want To Hold Your Hand” The Beatles “Dream On” Aerosmith “Blitzkrieg Bop” The Ramones “Layla” Eric Clapton “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Nirvana “Bohemian Rhapsody” Queen “Another Brick in the Wall” Pink Floyd “Johnny B. Goode” Chuck Berry “Free Bird” Lynyrd Skynyrd “At first glance, you will notice that not a single song on this list was recorded within the last 20 years. That’s because none of the rock songs released during the past two decades have been as impressive as those that were released in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 90s. The next time you listen to your favorite song on the radio, think about the artists that set the standard for modernized music.”



Alycia Jones

Erin Mennemeyer

PTS: 90

PTS: 251

PTS: 184

AVG: 4.7

AVG: 13.2

AVG: 9.7

FG%: 39.60

FG%: 44.78

FG%: 43.35

3F%: 0.00

3F%: 36.59

3F%: 0.00

“My outlook on the season is that we have a lot of heart and we’ll fight till the end.”


Jasmin Mathews


“We are working hard to accomplish goals for the future.”

Point Guard

“I think we’ve grown a lot together as a team. We flow and mesh together well.”


Working Their Way up


Madeline Thoroughman


The Lady Trojans basketball team works tirelessly and is 18-9 so far. Lindsey Pryor (11) said, “Working hard at practice has paid off.” Courtney Wilhoit (12) said, “We practice hard every day; working together as a team.” It has been a rough ride getting to where the Lady Trojans are now, but the girls are taking it one step at a time. Jasmine Mathews (12) said, “We have a lot mental toughness going on this season.” The team has faced teams like Rockbridge, McCluer North, and St. Dominic,


all tough competitors. Pryor said the toughest team was Fort Zumwalt West, while Wilhoit selected Rock Bridge. “The girls put a lot of effort into the rough games we had this season,” said Coach Bryce Gregory. Not only did they have to face some of the very experienced, they lost many starting players early in the season due to injuries, like Erin Mennemeyer (12). Taylor Busse (11) said, “Losing Erin was a rough start but after she was done with recovering we felt like we were stronger than ever.”

PTS: 184 AVG: 9.7 FG%: 43.35 3F%: 0.00 “Our team is the team that works for everything we get. We have to earn every point we get and we have no problem doing that. Everyone on our team works hard and I love every one of them.”

Point Guard


Laughs & Lunacy Depicted in Superbowl Ads Top 5 most hilarious Superbowl commercials this year Haileigh Heppermann/staff


1. M&M

2. Doritos

M&M has always had funny, entertaining commercials to watch and this year’s Superbowl commercial was no exception. When Ms. Brown was talking business at a party, the red coated M&M thought she had taken her coated color off so he began to dance to the song, “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” removing his colored shell.

Doritos commercials have never been a letdown when it comes to laughing and being eye-catching. This year’s Doritos baby was one of the top picks. When a boy teases a baby over a bag of Doritos, the baby’s grandma sling-shots the baby to the boy, allowing him to snatch the Doritos from the boy’s hands.

Ben Chaney

Joey Rasco PTS: 123

PTS: 171

PTS: 136

AVG: 8.2

AVG: 11.4

AVG: 8.5

FG%: 53.19

FG%: 50.78

FG%: 52.78

3F%: 0.00

3F%: 40.00

3F%: 28.00

“We are really coming together as a team, which makes us tough to play against and is leading us to some big wins.”

“I feel as if we are getting better every day. When the team works together, we are fun to watch and not so fun to play.”

Forward Guard T ROJ AN S

Derek Deters PTS: 324


“We are really improving more and more each day. We are starting to click as a team, which will be tough to play against and will lead to a winning and successful season.”




Chemistry on the Court LancePatrick/sports editor

The Varsity Boys Basketball squad is at it again. Last year’s second place State AVG: 16.2 finish will be hard to follow up, but the FG%: 43.44 boys are making every effort to return to the Final Four Tournament. The 3F%: 34.56 prospects of Troy returning to the State Tournament look favorable. The team’s record currently stands at 21-7, with a 5-1 record in the Conference. “We are really starting to find our identity, Derek Deters (12) currently leads which is leading to having a lot of fun, the team offensively with 324 points, and most importantly winning!” averaging 16.2 points a game. His longdistance shot game remains unmatched T ROJAN S with 34 successful 3-pointers. Even guard though he has proven he can take the shot, Deters is no ball hog. He is ranked “There is strong team 14th in the state for assists at 84 (5.25 per chemistry among the guys. game). They are willing to work hard Offense alone is not enough to carry a and make sacrifices for the good team to State. A strong defense is needed of the team.” to stop the opponents drive dead in their - Ryan Meyers tracks. Led by Joey Rasco (12) and JD

3. The

JD Powell


The Voice is based on singing and showing talent as a singer. Betty White, being the actress she is, finally got the famous voice coaches Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Sheldon and Adam Levine to notice her voice and not her body.

4. The

Powell (10), Troy’s defense is ranked first in the GAC South Conference. Rasco tops the charts with 91 rebounds, while Powell answers with an aggressive 36 steals. As the team enters the heat of the season, things are only looking up. Trojan veteran Justin Chaney (12) is expected to return to the Varsity line-up from an injury sustained to his leg earlier in the season. Whether Chaney will be the missing ingredient needed to finish up a successful season has yet to be determined. Head Basketball Coach Ryan Meyers is feeling confident and optimistic about the remaining season. He credited the team success thus far to how well they compete and interact with each other. Only one thing is for sure: the Trojans will be the team to beat this 2012 season.


A cute couple begins to share yogurt but John Stamos thinks it would be cute to tease his girl. After being teased too often, she headbutts him and steals his yogurt, teaching Stamos a valuable lesson on sharing.

5. VW


In the Volkswagen commercial, all the dog wants is to catch up with the new 2012 Volkswagen. However, the dog is too overweight, causing him not to fit through the doggie door. The dog works out and loses weight so he can chase the car.



Photo courtesy of Warner Bros Studios

Arts & Entertainment

Cinema Critic

Oskar Schell struggles to cope after his father’s tragic death as a result of 9/11.

“Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” demonstrates post 9/11 grief through the eyes of an autistic nine-year-old boy, Oskar Schell. Oskar’s parents, Thomas and Linda, are an average family residing in Manhattan. September 11 starts as a normal day as Tom and Linda head off to work and Oskar to school. Unfortunately, Oskar’s father, played by Tom Hanks, dies in the 9/11 attack and the family is devastated. Following his father’s death, Oskar finds a blue vase containing a yellow envelope. Printed on the envelope is the name ‘Black’. Curious, he decides to find out where the key belongs and visits

Evolution of Music



Over the years, the ways people enjoy music have adapted and evolved to meet the growing demands of the modern age. Each generation has developed more advanced and efficient means of listening to the great music that has been developed and cultivated. “The way we listen to music is heading in the right direction. It keeps advancing and now it has become easier to listen to and find the music you want,” stated Cain Vehige (10). Records provide rich, beautiful music that filled the room with a different tone. Vinyl gave the advantage of a collection of music to choose from. Tapes became the more convenient way to listen to personal music on the go. Popping a tape into the boom box to listen with your friends easily became a favorite



Record (Vinyl)

Cassette Tape



MP3 Player


Fat Cat is the story of high school senior Catherine Locke who is, as the title implies, quite overweight and unhealthy. She struggles socially and has few friends, reluctant to trust others after an emotionally scarring incident in her childhood. After being tasked to create a project, that could potentially yield a scholarship to a prestigious school, centered on a picture of a caveman, Cat decides to live as hominins did. As she becomes increasingly slimmer and alluring to the male population, Cat is forced to navigate the treacherous waters of teenage hormones, all while facing lingering feelings for friendturned-foe Matt McKinney.While angled primarily for female readers, Cat’s trials and tribulations make for a great read for all demographics aged 12 and up.




Author; Robin Brande Genre: Romance, Comedy

pastime. CDs then turn into a big craze that swept the nation. These flat discs, easily swapped out of a CD player or car stereo, were popular with all ages. The newest hit is mp3s and music on phones. Just plugging a phone into a computer allows the user to download any music desired. Many of the “young people today” probably have never seen or heard an actual record or tape. “It’s cool how vinyl are now collectibles, but I definitely think digital recording makes music more convenient,” said Levi Bochantin (11). With luck, the past ways of listening to music will not be forgotten and the future will bring new and better ways to enjoy the music that will last throughout the ages. 2001-Present


Recommended Reads

over 470 people, all with the name ‘Black’. After the movie ended, I was a bit disappointed with the numerous drawn out scenes. Of course, they served their purpose when depicting the emotional trauma created by 9/11. Oskar’s role in the movie did not seem realistic for a nine- year-old, autistic child because he was given the freedom to roam the streets of New York unsupervised. Sandra Bullock, one of the most accomplished actresses in Hollywood, seemed to be playing a demeaning role. Her talent was overshadowed by a very loud, obnoxious child, played by Thomas Horn.

Author; Jonathan Maberry Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Comedy

---Set in a post-apocalyptic world littered with the undead, 2013 Gateway Nominee Rot and Ruin follows the story of 15 year-old Benny Imura, a survivor in the settlement of Mountainside. After failing to find a suitable job and with the threat of losing his rations hanging over his head, he begrudgingly accepts the title of apprentice to his renowned brother, zombie killer Tom Imura, with whom he has a rocky relationship. However, after a trip into the Ruin, the lawless, ghoul-infested land outside the confines of Mountainside’s fence, Benny is forced to re-evaluate his own perceptions of life, death, and morality, as well as his jaded and bitter view of Tom. Benny’s emotional journey towards clarity through a world tainted with murder and deceit is a must read for the year.



-Wiz Khalifa

In Tune with Stylish Notes text & photos by ToriHeppermann/staff

That Green Gentleman -Panic! At The Disco Make a statement this Spring with Margarita, Grass Green, and Olive. They have the power to lift spirits with their refreshing glows. Gage Schmidt (12)

Camouflage -Brad Paisley As we all know, Camouflage will never go out of style in Lincoln County. Whether you prefer Hunting Camouflage or Military Camouflage, don’t over do it. TJ Noble (11)

Charlie Stahl (11)

Brighter Than the Sun -Colbie Caillat

Canary, Highlighter Yellow, or Solar Power can add a jolt of energy to any outfit. It radiates warmth and cheer. Abi Miller (10)

Things That Rhyme with Orange -I Set My Friends On Fire Tangerine Tango, Rust Orange, and Orangade are vicious and appealing to eye. Adding one of these colors to your look is a refreshment for Spring. Tristen Lenk (10)

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Oh Snap!



1)Communication Arts teacher Deborah George recited her patriotic poem. 2) Guest authors Chris DiGiuseppe and Mike Force signed copies of their published book, The Light Bringer. 3)Brent Debert (11) read his “This I Believe” essay to an attentive audience. 4) Jennifer Byrd (12) read an essay on her philosophy on various aspects of life. 5)Antony John and Brian Katcher gave thorough introductions of each other. 6) Ryan Spearman, a folk singer, and TMS Principal Buddy Entwistle performed a song they wrote together. 7)Communication Arts teacher Michael Maas enthralled listeners with a short story about his father and fly fishing. 8)Caitlyn Burkemper (11) captivated with her story of a woman in search of a room from her childhood.







“I knew a bigger university might be overwhelming, so I

chose SCC

because I was able to stay close to home, go to school and play soccer.” ~ Daedriana “Spunky” Kroninger Current SCC student Troy Buchanan alum

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TBHS Unleashed Issue 4  
TBHS Unleashed Issue 4  

The Arts & Entertainment issue fo TBHS Unleashed, the newsmagazine of Troy Buchanan High School