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Life on the Run by John Belcher Pumping Up the Music by Cayla Brown What’s in Your Gym Back by Cayla Brown


Boys in Black Battle Back by Lance Patrick Tips for the Perfect Golf Stance by Kayla Gardner

Photo by Kayla Gardner Liz Wiegand (11), Taylor Carter (10), Abby Wortmann (9), KC Moorman (12), Stefanie Richterkessing (9), Brian Murphy (11), Hilary Braungardt (10)

Tips 6 Nutrition for Athletes by Tori Heppermann


Playing With Focus, Heart by Kayla Bishop Kicking off a New Year by Lance Patrick

Life on the Run

JohnBelcher/staff writer

Chris Bantz (12) Inspirational Figure: Cal Ripken, Jr.


Pumping Up the Music

CaylaBrown/staff writer

Various athletes share their pre-game pump up songs. Soccer- Ben Krause (9)So Long, Self by MercyMe Tennis- Lexi Ziemann (11)Like a Boss by Slim Thug

Favorite Quote: “If winning doesn’t matter, why do we keep score?” -Vince

Softball- Amanda Clark (10)Bodies by Drowning Pool

It makes me feel fit and I get a strong runner’s high.

Football- Austin Quigley (12)Headlines by Drake

How does running make you feel?

Why did you decide to run? I decided to run so that I could stay in shape for baseball and to get abs for the ladies, of course.

Volleyball- Allison Fennewald (9)Wop by J. Dash

What do you think about when you run? I sing Taylor Swift songs in my head.

Cross Country- Katie Cryts-

Josh Ignotz (9) Inspirational Figure: Jesus Christ Favorite Quote: “We may not be good at Dodgeball, but we sure look good.” -Lance Patrick

Fighting by Yellowcard

What’s in Your Gym Bag?

CaylaBrown/staff writer


Water Bottle

Why do you run? To beat Zach Ignotz What do you think about when you run?

Gold medals and Taylor Swift

Alex Tyne (11) Football

Brendan Woodall (11) Inspirational Figure: Kevin Campbell, sophomore year by explaining when to push to achieve greater.

Icy Hot

Music Softballs


Favorite Quote: “Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” -Unknown How does running make you feel? Confident about my ability to achieve many miles over a year’s time.

Callie Colbert (12) Softball

Clothes Gloves Water

Why did you decide to run? Running is a sport that allows you to practice at your full ability, and will allow you to perform well in many other activities.


What do you think about when you run?

When I run, I think about staying out front and beating the kids in front of me.


Shin Guards

Brett Wilga (12) Soccer


Boys in Black Battle Back LancePatrick/sports editor

photo by Mojisola Oladehin

Tips for the perfect golf stance KaylaGardner/photographer

With one touchdown under their belt, members of the varsity football team got ready to run another play against the teams opponent, St. Clair, on September 9. The Trojans won the homecoming game 13-0.

The Trojan Varsity Football program has not always been known for its flawless technique and precision on the field. Quite the contrary, the varsity Football team has a record of 9-53 since 2005. Par Pitts returns for his second season as Head Coach and he is using every trick in his arsenal to assure victory for the Trojans this year. The Players and coaches alike are spending hours reviewing film from previous games and scouting plays and formations of future competitors. By revealing to the players their flaws from previous games, while also introducing the sly tactics of opposing teams, film watching can only make the team better. The boys took what they learned on the practice field and put it into play against Francis Howell Central. After four quarters of hard fighting, they suffered an upsetting loss against Francis Howell Central, 21-20. Even with this dissatisfying loss, the players remain confident in their season prospects. This confidence carried on to their first home game of the season against

Memorable Moments Time Line

(9/7) Paige Herman (10) got a concussion during the volleyball game.

“Keep your hands pressed forward (for control) and swing all the way through.” –Jaime Myers (10)

photo by Mojisola Oladehin

#2 Dylan Noll (12) #34 Justin Sutphin (10) and #58 Terry Pebbles (12) ready their attack on Timberland’s Offense.

(9/7) The Eliminators took victory during the annual Back to School Bash dodgball Tournament.

JoHannahMcDonald/staff writer

by Joey McDonald and Kayla Bishop

Timberland. It was a crushing victory for the Trojans with a final score of 37-17. The Varsity boys scored 13 unanswered points during their Homecoming game against St. Clair. With the hours of dedication being put in and the momentum of a .500 season under their belt, things are definitely looking good for the boys in black. “On September 2, 2011 (when we won out game against Timberland), The Trojans changed everything.” Ronny Smith (11).

“Keep your head down and your knees spread apart with a slight bend.” –Ashten Meyer (11)

(9/9), (9/21) Hilary Braungart (9) and Jaime Myers (10) broke 100 for the first time. Braungard got a 98 at the Troy Invitational and Jaime got a 97 at William Woods.

(9/9) Trojans claimed victory over St. Clair during the Homecoming Game, the first homecoming win since 2008.

(9/20) Zach Ignotz (12) got first place at Troy Invitational.

(9/10) Taylor Carter (11) ran a 17:02 at Forest Park.

(9/21)The18 Hole team and 9 Hole team scores were broken at William Woods Invitational.

Playing with Focus, Heart Kicking Off a New Year KaylaBishop/staff writer

LancePatrick/Sports Editor

“Our team goal is to do it big and win a State Championship ... Teamwork, focus, heart, and belief are what is going to take us there this season.” —Whitney Richardson

Coach Lance Richardson called a huddle with members of the Girls Varsity Softball team including: Emily Crane (12), Tiffany Hazelwonder (11), Lexi Francis (11), Rachel Sullivan (10), Ashley Murphey (10).

The Varsity Softball Girls are hoping to work their way back to being GAC South Champs and holding the District Title again this season. The team’s overall record last year was 28-3 for the regular season and at GAC South it was 6-0. Outfielder Emily Crane (12) said, “The team is looking amazing. Yeah, we had that little brain fart at the beginning of the season but obviously it didn’t stop us from winning our tournament and taking home the trophy. “Though I am excited to see what challenges my team is up against this year, I know my time on the team is limited,” Crane said. “To think that it is already senior year makes me wonder where all our time went.” Third baseman Whitney Richardson (12) agreed. “This being my last year is bitter sweet,” she said. “I’ve played Varsity for four years now so I have gotten to now the

(9/30) Senior Night for Softball, Trojans claim victory.

coaches really well. I enjoy playing for Coach Lance Richardson and with all my friends from school. I will definitely miss it,” Richardson said. The team’s goal this season is to be eligible for State and Districts. Crane said, “Our team goal is to do it big and win a State Championship one game at a time. Teamwork, focus, heart, and belief are what is going to take us there this season.” Richardson said, “I would like to think this is the strongest team we’ve had in my four years and I think Coach would agree.” Savana Grover (11) concurred. “I think this is the strongest team we’ve had, but it’s just my junior year, so I cant say anything about next year.” Miranda Chaney (9) said it feels overwhelming to be on the varsity team. The Varsity Girl’s won Districts for the third year in a row last Friday (October 7th). Girls feel overwhelmed and great about the season and can’t wait for state.

(10/5)Tiffany Elliot (12) and Jenna Boessen (9) placed top 15 at Districts and went to Sectionals.

(10/4)Radio Station West Plex started the Trojan Football Sport Talk, Let’s Talk Trojans, with Coach Pitts.

Fall is here and so is a fresh season for the Varsity Boys Soccer team. The Trojan boys are lead this year by new Head Coach, Chad Baldwin. This is indeed Coach Baldwin’s first year as head coach of the soccer program, but in no way is he a newbie to the tricks of the trade. With four years of prior coaching experience, many on the team feel that he is the perfect runner to carry the gauntlet left by previous Head Coach, Buddy Entwistle. “Baldwin has coached me for 3 years now,” says Patrick Kitson (12) when questioned about his feelings toward the promotion of Coach Baldwin. He carried on saying that “…he (Baldwin) is proving to not only us, but everyone that he deserves it.” Could the newly appointed Head Coach be the missing ingredient to the 2011 Trojan roster? The Trojan boys have had a rough start with their current season record standing at 8-8. Strangely, the morale of the team remains unhindered by these events. Dustin Rucker (12) is optimistic about the team’s outlook for the remainder of the season. “We are still developing as a team and there is a lot of season still left to play.” Sure enough, 6 games still remain in the regular season and a district appearance is not out of the question. If the boys can “let the ball do the work”, an expression favored by Head Coach Baldwin, then there is no doubt that the Trojan Soccer fellas can flip the numbers and go for the gold. Will they “get the baby outta the fire” (Pagano) and achieve glory, or coast their way into mediocrity?

(10/7) The Cardinals win against the Phillies and advance to the second round of playoffs.

(10/5) Girls Softball went to Districts and won for the third year in a row.

(10/12) Girls Softball goes to Sectionals.

Tips for Athletes 1. Watch your Carbs; Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in a diet plan for athletes. 2. Stay hydrated; Athletes must have superior fluid intake to maintain electrolyte balance in the body and prevent dehydration. 3. Get Protein; Proteins are essential to build strength and body weight. 4. Have a wide variety; Ensure a wide variety of food groups. Include a range of fruits, veggies, nuts, dairy products, and whole grains in the diet. 5. Stay away from sugary drinks; They result in drastic blood glucose level fluctuations which may cause premature exhaustion and dehydration.


Nutrition ToriHeppermann/managing editor

Grilled Chicken: Chicken is one of the most popular protein foods. Its fat content is low and it contains all the essential amino acids for proper body function. Salad: There is absolutely no nutrient that cannot be obtained from a salad. Salad can contribute protein, fiber, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids to the meal.

Water: Most athletes don’t drink enough water. If you are not hydrated during your game your performance will weaken. If you are feeling a bit thirsty, it’s already too late.

Fruit: Fresh fruits contain plenty of fiber. When your body intakes them, you won’t be so hungry. It’s a simple, easy way to get the right nutrients and hold your belly over. Spaghetti with Red Meat Sauce: Incorporating meat sauce into your meal plan gives you access to a good source of vitamin A, which is important for the acuity of your vision.

Pre-sport meals must be small, easily digestible, and usually not more than 500 to 1000 calories. Complex carbs and starch must be added in the meal along with adequate fluids.

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Oct 11 issue Sports Special  

TBHS Unleashed is the official newsmagazine of Troy Buchanan High School in Troy, MO.

Oct 11 issue Sports Special  

TBHS Unleashed is the official newsmagazine of Troy Buchanan High School in Troy, MO.