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MA K I N G . R U N N I N G . B O OT L E G G I N G . MOONSHINING LIVES ON TO DAY I N T H E B R A N D K N OW N AS AMERICAN BORN. Every jar, raised to a mindset that couldn’t be bottled any other way. Loaded into the backs of souped-up cars and carried on the backs of the men who drove them. Dirt slingin’ from a mountain road. Tire tracks screamin’, don’t tread on me. A code of livin’ thrown in the face of anyone who dared to stop it. And a spirit that, in spirits today, hasn’t been seen since. American Born Moonshine. Honoring the undefeatable spirit of a proud people who have fanned the flames of independence that define the Appalachian region, our nation, and a moonshine brand born to carry the banner for both.

The historical definition of moonshine is an un-aged corn whiskey made from corn, sugar and water, and distilled from families’ excess corn crops. To honor that tradition, American Born Moonshine Original is a moonshine whiskey with a recipe high in corn content over sugar but still embracing sugar to allow for a smooth finish and remarkable mixability.

7 5 0 M L , 5 1. 5 % A B V

American Born Original pairs well with any traditional mixer including lemonade, grapefruit juice or soda water, but equally good for making specialty cocktails. S U G G E S T E D R E TA I L P R I C E $ 2 5 A B M FAV O R I T E : O R I G I N A L & L E M O N A D E

Apple Pie is the oldest and most traditional mountain moonshine recipe, originally made by moonshiners by adding apple juice and a cinnamon stick to their white lightning to create a simple mixed alternative. American Born Moonshine’s Apple Pie honors this custom with an Apple Pie that is distilled from a corn mash heated to a higher temperature to remove impurities and create a more neutral base of corn, sugar and water, perfect for adding in natural apple and cinnamon flavors with a hint of caramel.

7 5 0 M L , 4 1. 5 % A B V

American Born Apple Pie is equally enjoyed neat, as a chilled shot, mixed with soda or as an alternative to apple brandy in Prohibition-era specialty cocktails. S U G G E S T E D R E TA I L P R I C E $ 2 5 A B M FAV O R I T E : C H I L L E D S H O T

The flavor of sweet tea and mountain tradition come together in the first-ever sweet-tea flavored moonshine. American Born Moonshine’s Dixie is made from a higher temperature corn/sugar/water base combined with natural tea flavors to create a sweet tea moonshine that embraces authentic Southern tradition.

7 5 0 M L , 4 1. 5 % A B V

Dixie mixes perfectly with soda or lemonade to create a refreshing cocktail ideal for sipping on a porch swing, drinking at a tailgate or enjoying at your local watering hole. S U G G E S T E D R E TA I L P R I C E $ 2 5 A B M FAV O R I T E : D I X I E S O D A

O U R PAT E N T E D L I D Moonshine’s made to be shared and passed around. Our custom-made and patented lid allows for just that. You can unscrew the top and pass it around like folks have been doing for more than 200 years. Or by simply removing the cork on the top of the jar you can easily pour American Born into a glass, and bartenders can put in a standard regulator for an easy pour.

MA D E I N T H E U SA We’re not just American Born. Everything about us is American made. From the lid to the label, from the juice to the jar, everything on our bottle and in our bottle is made in the United States. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

G A D S D E N S NA K E E M B O S S There’s no greater symbol of patriotic rebellion than the Gadsden Flag. Named for Christopher Gadsden, leader of the Sons of Liberty in South Carolina in 1765, the flag was used as a rallying cry for the American Colonies that had grown tired of taking orders from the crown. Today, the rattlesnake stands vigil as an enduring symbol of America’s rebel spirit. It’s a tradition we’re proud to carry on in every jar we pass around.

C O M PA N Y H I S TO RY Windy Hill Spirits, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Patrick Dillingham and Sean Koffel in Nashville, Tennessee. The company introduced its first brand, American Born Moonshine, in October 2013. American Born Moonshine is a family of moonshine products that embody the patriotic essence of the American rebel spirit. Dillingham, a former Notre Dame quarterback, and Koffel, a former U.S. Marine Corps Captain and Iraq War veteran, set out to bring a moonshine whiskey to consumers that honors the incredible tradition of American moonshiners. Over the last decade, the two were inspired by amazing family moonshine stories and recipes shared by friends and fellow Marines that grew up in and around the Appalachian Mountains. While starting Windy Hill Spirits, Dillingham and Koffel spent a year traveling the Appalachians and the greater South, spending time with families, hearing first-hand accounts of moonshining and bootlegging legends, tasting a lot of great moonshine, and developing an enormous appreciation for the role moonshine has played in American history. This was the birth of American Born Moonshine. Dillingham and Koffel are both Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni. They moved to Tennessee in 2012 to start Windy Hill Spirits. Making a product in the South, where the moonshine tradition was born, will always be at the core of the American Born brand. The American Born Moonshine Original, Apple Pie and Dixie are produced and bottled in Nashville, and all other elements of the product are made in the United States. Tennessee was the launch market for American Born, but plans are in place for a disciplined and targeted rollout over the next two years. The company will be laser-focused on winning select markets one region at a time on its path to becoming a national brand.

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