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6641 N. Greenview APT 1 Chicago, IL 60626 Representative Kelly Cassidy 5533 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60640 October 18, 2011 Dear Kelly, I am writing to urge you to be vigilant during the veto session against the outrageous, illogical attacks on our state pension systems being sponsored by the Civic Committee. Recently, TRS Trustee Bob Lyons issued a report from October 14 meeting of the SB512 “Working Group.” In it, he describes an exchange between Nick Yelverton, of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, and the sponsors of SB512. I think it’s a very telling paragraph:

The Civic Committee is being frankly dishonest about what they want. If they can’t answer the question, “What is an acceptable amount?” then they’re not interested in having a legitimate dialogue. Their objective is to create a sense of panic about pensions in general and to therefore hasten their demise. It’s a tactic based on the same strategies that Stand For Children’s Jonah Edelman recently made public while describing SB 7. I hope that during the veto session you are willing to be vocal about dishonest tactics that SB512’s sponsors are using. I also hope that you realize that there are in fact honest brokers “at the table” --- representing the people in the pension systems! No sentient person would vote in favor of SB512 with all of its unknowns. The question is this: will the Civic Committee ever be honest about its real intentions? Tim Furman, Rogers Park

Pension Fax October 18  

Fax sent to state representative Kelly Cassidy.

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