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Temple Beth Emeth Ann Arbor’s home for Reform Judaism

...its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace.

Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism 2309 Packard St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | Phone 734-665-4744 | Fax 734-665-9237 Terri A. Ginsburg Religious School 734-665-5817 |

October 2017 Liturgical Calendar Wednesday, October 4 6 pm Congregational Sukkot Shindig Thursday, October 5 TBE OFFICE CLOSED 6 pm Brotherhood Sukkot Service & Dinner Friday, October 6 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service | Birthday Anniversary & Blessings Saturday, October 7 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Chapel Service Wednesday, October 11 6 pm Congregational Simchat Torah Service Thursday, October 12 TBE OFFICE CLOSED 11 am Sukkot Yiskor Service & Luncheon

Tishri-Cheshvan, 5778 Congregational Sukkot Shindig Wednesday, October 4 | 6-7:30 pm Join Rabbi Whinston at TBE for dinner, singing & services in the Sukkah. Cost is $5 per person for sandwiches & salad bar. RSVP at SukkotShindig or call 734-665-4744. Additional information about all Sukkot celebrations on pg. 7. Simchat Torah Service Wednesday, October 11 | 6 pm Celebrate Simchat Torah with the whole congregation. Sing and dance with the Torah as we finish our Torah reading cycle and begin again. Yizkor Service & Luncheon Thursday, October 12 | 11 am Join us for a special service for Sukkot Yizkor in the Chapel where we’ll read the names of those who have passed away since last Sukkot, followed by a light luncheon in the Social Hall.

Friday, October 13 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service | 1st Grade Consecration Saturday, October 14 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am B’not Mitzvah Service | Isabella Koster-Mockeridge & Jaden Boster Friday, October 20 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service | Pulpit Switch Saturday, October 21 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am B’not Mitzvah Service | Olivia Braun & Eve Kaplan Friday, October 27 6 pm Shabbat Achat Dinner 6:30 pm Shabbat Achat Saturday, October 28 9 am Torah Study 10 am Bat Mitzvah Service | Kit Bellovin

Pulpit Switch & Shabbat Service w/ Kol Halev & Worship Band Friday, October 20 | 7:30 pm and Sunday, October 22 | 9 am or 10:30 am Come hear our physical and spiritual partner, the Very Reverend James Rhodenhiser share his wisdom and insights. Rabbi Whinston will give the sermon to St. Clare’s on Sunday morning.

Sukkot at 7 Caring Community 7 New Board 9

Rabbi Josh Whinston


As we move through our lives, we are lucky to find a few people who help support us and make our lives more meaningful and fulfilling. Some of us have many people like this, some of us have just one or two. If we do find these people, and we experience the deep gratitude of their having made a difference for us, it is important to say, thank you. It is important to recognize these individuals for the way they have lifted us, the way they have carried us, and the way they have enabled us to be more of who we really are and share our truths. Words are not enough to express my thanks for the many people who make the High Holy Days possible. Victoria Gross, Nellie Stansbury, Sarah Wright, Amie Brockman, and the newest member of our team, our youth group advisor, Nikki Fienberg, all went above and beyond in helping coordinate the High Holy Days. We have been short staffed for a number of weeks, and each of these amazing women have truly made it possible for all of us to have Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. Our Executive Director, SooJi Min, has been leading this group, and I share my thanks with her as well.

Rabbi Josh Whinston

We were lifted higher and higher this year with the soaring success of Kol HaLev, our temple choir. Standing next to the choir throughout Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I feel that I get the best seat in the house. I am so grateful for their dedication to the liturgy and to our congregation. Kol HaLev is about bringing sacred music closer to our congregation, and helping us all feel more deeply connected to the Eternal. Our accompanist of 25 years, Ray McLellan, continues to inspire us with his music and help in leading Kol Halev. We are also, of course, indebted to Cantor Regina Hayut. The music this year far exceeded my expectations. Just as she does every Shabbat, Cantor Hayut lifts us up and helps us feel the depth of meaning through her voice and spirit. To all of our Musical Muses, thank you! Thank you to our youth choir and David Gitterman who helped lead family services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, you bring so much joy to our community. Having young people in leadership roles during family services makes them even more special. We thank ARRTY, as well, for leading our High School teens in worship on Rosh Hashanah and Kol Nidre. It was also an honor to share the bimah with our new Director of Education, Rabbi Daniel Alter. As we continue to get to know Rabbi Alter, I am confident he will become a core leader of our community. Rabbi Alter, thank you for being a true mensch. I thought of listing all the names of our volunteers who helped usher over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but there were 37 members of our community who did this! 37 members who showed up early or stayed late, 37 members who helped us find what we needed, who welcomed us to services, and who made sure everything was in its proper place. A portion of those 37 members are also members of our pulpit committee. These folks spend the year preparing and implementing the High Holy Days and other major religious events at TBE. Without the pulpit committee, High Holy Days would not happen at TBE. They set up and break down, they design our bimah, and work with the folks at Pease to make sure the facility is in good working order for us. I am positive they do many things I don’t know about as well. Thank you to our ushers and pulpit committee! Nothing just happens at TBE. All of the events we have, all of the holidays we celebrate, all of the moments we sanctify can only happen because of incredible people, staff and volunteers. This is what synagogue communities are about, a collaboration between clergy, staff and members. Thank you to everyone who made High Holy Days possible. You lifted me up, you eased my experience, you helped make it all meaningful for me, and I am sure you did the same for our congregational family. L’shana Tova U’Metukah (A good and sweet year to us all)! ~Rabbi Josh Whinston

Cantor Hayut I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people tell me that they cannot learn to read Hebrew, they cannot carry a tune and chant the prayers, they are too old to…I know that new tasks can feel daunting even when we are enthusiastic about them. But I don’t believe we cannot learn something new. One of the greatest rabbis of all generations, Rabbi Akiva, was illiterate until the age of 40 when he traveled far from home to study. If at the age of 40 (an old man in his day) he was able to learn and grow to become one of the greatest thinkers of our tradition, isn’t it worth a try to explore the joy of reading Hebrew, understanding prayers and delving into Torah? That is why I am so excited to be teaching a beginning Hebrew class this fall followed by two short minisessions on the prayer book and Torah cantillation. For those of you who do not know the aleph-bet, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. We will explore the letters and the vowels of the Hebrew alphabet through some key words that are found in our most familiar prayers. Then, we’ll put some of that new knowledge into action as we explore the meaning of some prayers of our Friday evening liturgy and perhaps even a short passage of Torah that we will learn to chant. For those of you who can already read Hebrew and would like to explore the prayers or Torah cantillation, feel free to drop into any of the courses. You don’t need to take all classes to take one. Contined on next pg. Cantor Hayut


More from Cantor Hayut Few of us may be like Akiva, but all of us can enjoy the richness of our language and our tradition and I hope to be able to share my enthusiasm with you over this coming year. And you won’t even need to travel all that far! The class will meet on Sunday afternoons from 4:30–5:30 pm in the Adult Lounge. There are course materials, so if you’d like to take any of these course sessions, please do register with me,, so I know to order you the proper books! ~Cantor Regina Hayut

In addition: In celebration of Ray’s 25th anniversary as our accompanist, he has written this special thank you to our TBE family: I’d like to thank all involved in celebrating my 25 years at TBE. It was such a joyous and loving celebration and I am deeply grateful to be a part of the TBE community! I want to especially thank Rabbi Whinston, Cantor Hayut, Kol Halev, Ketl Freedman-Doan and the TBE Board for their kind gift, Becky Hankin, Robin Little and all who contributed to the wonderful Oneg. Appreciation also goes to Marianne Aaron for her beautiful artwork that was presented to me that evening and Louis Nagel for his extraordinary musical tribute. ~Ray McLellan

Rabbi Daniel Alter Hello TBE Families! The Terri A. Ginsburg Religious and Hebrew School is off and running! We survived some first day jitters and came out the other side all the stronger. Our Saturday families kicked off the year with Pizza in the Park, a pizza devouring, s’more stuffing, rousing good time for all! Students met teachers, families became friends, and our new Youth Director, Nikki Feinberg, made her debut appearance! As the school year continues in earnest, Rabbi Whinston, Cantor Hayut, and I build upon last year’s Shabbat morning innovation by exploring prayers from P’sukei d’Zimrah, the early part of Shabbat and weekday morning services. Parents are welcome to join us for tefillah from 8:30-8:50 am (early session) or 12:10-12:30 pm (late session) on Saturday mornings. Come hear our students’ enthusiasm and creativity when we share what we are thankful for each week!

Rabbi Daniel Alter

Our 5th grade families came together to play some kickball and talk about what it means to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah at our B’nai Mitzvah Kickball Kickoff. Each student learned to read Genesis 1:1 so that B’nai Mitzvah would not be their first “at bat”! Our Hebrew school time change appears to be working well. The extra time has given us the opportunity to snack and socialize together over challah and juice. Students are quickly learning how to say “please” in Hebrew – b’vakasha – in order to get seconds! At the students’ suggestion, all of the money we collect for tzedakah will continue to help hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida. Speaking of shelter, please join us on Sunday, October 1st from 4:30-6:30 pm to dine and decorate the sukkah as part of our Family Sukkah Decorating and Pizza Dinner! Children can make beautiful and creative decorations to hang in our sukkah, or you can take them home to decorate your family’s sukkah. Rabbi Whinston will lead us in the blessings over the lulav and etrog, and we will spend some time together singing and praying in the sukkah. Sukkot is a z’man simchateinu, a time of happiness or rejoicing. Don’t miss any of our Sukkot events, and be sure to join us as we celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Simchat Torah! Shana Tova u’Metukah! ~Rabbi Daniel Alter 1st Grade Shabbat Dinner and Consecration at Shabbat Achat Friday, October 13 5:45 pm | Activities in the Core 6:30 pm Shabbat Dinner | 7:30 pm Shabbat Achat service followed by 1st grade oneg PS4 Sojourn in the Sukkah Saturday, October 7 10:45 am-12:30 pm

7th Grade Food Gatherers Trip Saturday, October 7 | 2-4 pm

6th Grade B’nai Mitzvah Meeting Tuesday, October 24 | 7-8:30 pm


President’s Post The end of the High Holy Days always leaves me a bit melancholy. The hustle and bustle of the beginning of the school year, coupled with the intense introspection of the Holy Days, make me feel spent. And, I know, the real work is about to begin. Can we get to our agendas for the year? Will we get it all done? One step in front of the other is my mantra—and, yes, it will all get done.

The TBE Board is working on some important issues this year. First, our Pulpit Committee will be evaluating the reactions to our new prayer book. I have heard nothing but positives about it, but let them know what you thought. I loved reading the side commentaries, the translations, and the reflections. There is so much to read in these books that I feel like I will enjoy opening them up to discover something new every year. The congregation seemed to remember their books, and there appeared to be enough to go around. Thank you for sharing them with friends and neighbors. We know the lighting at Pease auditorium is not great for a grey or blue background text. The auditorium was designed for performances, not group participation. We have a couple ideas—feel Ketl Freedman-Doan free to use a flashlight from your cell phone (you can download a free app), you can purchase a Kindle version of the prayer book if you have a backlit Kindle (might want to see what it looks like first before you purchase), and—we are looking for small flashlights to hand out at services. Our Safety and Security committee and the Genesis Safety Committee are working on putting together a plan for when we use our new keypad locks during the day. We should have something for our next Board meeting in November, and I will communicate the details to you after that. I know several of you were glad to see the added security we hired for our High Holy Day services. We will continue to do this in the future. The Space and Equity Committee (TBE members: Joy Wolfe Ensor, Robin Pollak, Brian Chodoroff, Deb Katz, Marty Stolzenberg) completed their one-year review of the Genesis Equitable Cost and Space Sharing Agreement. I’d like to highlight the opening sentences from their 5-page report: “We have received positive reports from STC and TBE stakeholders that the relationship is going better than ever. Communication is open, easy, and regular. The change in philosophy to emphasize maximum use of building space and to eliminate strict rules about who has access to what spaces at what times has been a great improvement in helping to meet needs. The scheduling process and communication among congregational staff and Mike Wolf [building administrator] has been effective, and the rare space conflict has been easy to resolve.” The report goes on to indicate that the calendaring process generally works well with some areas needing clarification (e.g., How do we define a member-sponsored event? If an outside Jewish agency uses our building, are they hosted guests or renters?). We also need to encourage staff and clergy to use the building for “purpose-driven activities” and not be concerned about additional costs. The recommendations from this group are that we keep this Equity agreement in place for the next 5 years, with a review of building use data again at that time. The full report and recommendations are coming forward to the Vestry, the TBE Board, and the Genesis Board for review and approval. I want to thank our Equity Committee for their thoughtful, detailed work on this difficult project. I will keep you all posted on the final outcome of this agreement. The Social Action Committee has also completed its commitment to the Board to educate our TBE community about the Sanctuary movement, to develop a non-discrimination statement to foster a welcoming and safe place of worship, and to represent TBE at the Washtenaw Congregation Sanctuary meetings. SAC is now asking the Board for “next steps” in moving this process forward. There are several issues we need to address. One of our educational speakers, Margo Schlager, a faculty member at the U of M Law School and one of the attorneys for the 300 Detroit Iraqi immigrants (most of whom are Christians) targeted for deportation, noted that we need to consult with our legal counsel and understand our insurance liability before offering sanctuary to an undocumented immigrant. Further, there is a concern that between 10-20 TBE congregants came to these educational events, which is not enough to form a consensus of the congregation. SAC is considering repeating some of the events during the weekday evenings, and having a congregational discussion before moving forward. Finally, and most importantly, we must remember that we partner with St. Clare’s in ownership of the building, and we cannot make any decisions without their support. St. Clare’s and our SAC are working to collaborate on these efforts and will join us in our discussions. You should all know that in our discussions of becoming a Sanctuary congregation, it is clear that to do so would be a symbolic act of civil disobedience. It is a statement that, as Jews of Ann Arbor belonging to TBE, we disagree with recent efforts to deport undocumented immigrants. This is a nonpartisan issue that states we do not agree that deportation is the best solution for addressing immigration issues. There are currently NO undocumented immigrants who are requesting sanctuary from the recently declared Sanctuary congregations in Ann Arbor. Seeking sanctuary would mean the individuals cannot safely leave their sanctuary home until such time as our country adopts a better immigration policy than arrest and deportation. We hope the day never comes when we must protect our fellow citizens in this way. However, by declaring ourselves a Sanctuary congregation, we are saying publicly that such policies are antithetical to our religious tradition, and that we are mindful of our recent history when similar policies led to the destruction of our communities. These are difficult issues to grapple with. I urge you to come to one of the educational workshops in the upcoming weeks and participate in our discussion forums about Sanctuary. We need to hear from you.

Contined on next pg.

President’s Post Continued


Finally, come enjoy Sukkot at TBE—or, as I like to say, “Get some succor in the Sukkah!” Either at TBE on Wednesday, October 4 or at Rabbi Whinston’s on Sunday, October 8, come shake your lulav and smell the Etrog! Love to see you all! Shana tova v’ Chag Sameach! ~Ketl Freedman-Doan

Rotating Shelter Monday, November 20-Monday, November 27 Come share the holiday in the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Congregational volunteers are needed to provide a warm and welcoming place Thanksgiving Week in our building. Winters are harsh in Ann Arbor and there are more homeless people than there is shelter space. About 30 congregations in the area take turns hosting up to 25 well-screened homeless men. St. Clare’s, TBE and Blue Ocean Faith will be participating for the ninth year. Our week is Thanksgiving week, selected because it’s the only week during the winter when the building is not fully used. We use the lower level area of the building for the night only from 7:30 pm until 7:30 am with lights out at 10 pm. It takes a lot of volunteers to make this happen. Volunteer jobs are, 1. Driving men to and from TBE and Delonis Center, 2. Providing hot meals, 3. Hosting overnight (volunteers have a separate sleep space) and 4. Socializing for 1.5 hours. Please check your schedule and see what you can do. Signing up online is very easy and you will get reminders too. Website will be live soon. Look for a notice. To volunteer or get more information, please contact Miriam Shaw or 734-996-8106 or Deb Schild at 734- 476-5641.

Membership Mazel Tov: Isabella Koster-Mockeridge on her Bat Mitzvah, October 14. Jaden Boster on her Bat Mitzvah, October 14. Olivia Braun on her Bat Mitzvah, October 21. Eve Kaplan on her Bat Mitzvah, October 21. Kit Bellovin on her Bat Mitzvah, October 28. New Members: Lesley & Benjamin Bassin Chris Bergen & Jeremy Bloom Naomi Goldberg & Libby Hemphill Noah Hall Jen Skillicorn & Alan Kahn Markell & Jason Miller Elissa & Nikki Schwartz Condolences to: Julie and Scott Halpert on the death of their son, Garrett Halpert, September 7. Steven Bennett on the death of his father, Dr. Herman Bennett, September 8. Ellen Gordon on the death of her father, Arthur Zelig Gordon, September 17. Debbie Merion on the death of her mother, Helen Eisenberg, September 21.


B’Nai Mitzvah Please Celebrate our B’nai Mitzvah With Us! Saturday mornings at the 10 am service. Isabella Koster-Mockeridge Saturday, October 14 My name is Isabella Koster-Mockeridge. I am in eighth grade at Tappan middle school. I have two siblings, a little brother named Jack and an older sister named Zoe. I play six different sports, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, softball, lacrosse and football. I also love to sing! I love animals, my favorite animals are dogs. I have a dog, two cats, and five chickens. I am very excited to be welcomed into the Jewish community!!

Jaden Boster Saturday, October 14 Hi, my name is Jaden Boster. I am in 8th grade at Ann Arbor Steam. My parents are Julie and Jasmine and I have a ten year old sister, Devin. I also have two cockapoo puppies that I adore, Ollie and Otis. I have been a member of my neighborhood swim team for the past seven years, go Gators! I enjoy performing in my neighborhood theater productions, the Thurston Players. I love being in nature, hiking and kayaking are some of my favorite activities. I am also a member of the Ann Arbor Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC), I enjoy all of the community service activities I get to be part of in YVC.

Olivia Braun Saturday, October 21 Hi. My name is Olivia Braun. I’m in seventh grade at Tappan Middle School. I live with my mom, dad, and cat named Molly. I enjoy playing volleyball, playing piano, and reading. For my mitzvah project, my dad and I built a Little Free Library that we put up around the corner from my house and after my Bat Mitzvah, I plan to donate money to Room To Read ( I am so excited for my Bat Mitzvah!

Eve Kaplan Saturday, October 21 Hi! My name is Eve Kaplan and I am a twelve-year-old seventh grader at Clague Middle School. I live with my mom, Helen Kaplan, my dad, Noah Kaplan, my brother, Jonah Kaplan, and my five pet fish. In my free time, I love to listen to music, dance, sing, draw, write, and of course, practice for my bat mitzvah! My portion is Noach and the big day is October 21, 2017. For my mitzvah project, I am collecting toiletries and personal care items for an organization called Ozone house. Ozone house is a place where ten to twenty year olds can visit for safe housing, free therapy, life-skills classes, job training, and living necessities that they otherwise might not have access to. Many of the teens do not have personal care items like shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, etc., so I am collecting these items to donate to them. I look forward to becoming a Jewish adult and I’m so excited for my bat mitzvah!

Sukkot at Temple Beth Emeth


Family Sukkah Setup & Dinner Sunday, October 1 | 4:30-6:30 pm Get ready for Sukkot with TBE. Make decorations, play games, and enjoy a free pizza dinner. Please RSVP to Sarah Wright, or call 734-665-4744. Congregational Sukkot Shindig Wednesday, October 4 | 6-7:30 pm Join Rabbi Whinston at TBE for dinner, singing & services in the Sukkah. Cost is $5 per person for sandwiches & salad bar. RSVP at or call 734-665-4744. TBE’s 5778 Sukkot Project Build a sukkah and take photos to submit to TBE! We’ll collect photos and post them online on our website. We will give prizes in 3 categories: Best Decorations, Most Welcoming, and Best Schach (roof covering). Email photos to nstansbury@ Brotherhood Sukkot Service & Dinner Thursday, October 5 | 6 pm Join Brotherhood in the Sukkah for our annual observance of Sukkot as we shake off the shackles of Yom Kippur and contemplate a less convenient/materialistic lifestyle, symbolized by the simplicity of the Sukkah. Contact Bill Parkus, parkus@, with questions. **Cancelled: AARTY Supper in the Sukkah | Saturday, October 7** This event has been cancelled due to the timing of the Michigan football game. Sukkot Open House at Rabbi Whinston’s Sunday, October 8 | 10 am-1 pm Join Rabbi Whinston and his family at his house for their annual Sukkot Open House. This event is open to all! Contact the TBE office, 734-665-4744, to RSVP and get directions/any other details. Sukkot Text Study: Sukkot Justice & the Nature of the Sukkah Monday, October 9 | 7 pm | TBE Join Rabbi Whinston for a text study about Sukkot Justice and the Nature of the Sukkah. Snack on wine & cheese throughout the discussion! Fall Fun in the Sukkah Sunday, October 8 | 1 pm | TBE Rishonim (grades 3-5) and Kadima (grades 6-8) will have separate groups for activities. Enjoy apple cider and donuts during a pumpkin decorating contest and edible sukkah making! Cost: $10. RSVP here:

Caring Community Mourning & Mitzvah: Support & Study Group | Thursdays, October 12, 19 & 26 | 7:30 pm Led by Cantor Emerita Annie Rose We recommend the 5-session class to those who have lost a loved one recently or in years past, those who would like to learn more about Jewish mourning practice, even to those who have taken the class before and want to revisit the topic. Email Cantor Emerita Annie Rose,, with questions. God in the Box | Wednesdays, October 25, November 1 & 8 | 1:30 pm Led by Rabbi Josh Whinston What do you believe about God? How did you come to those beliefs? What does Judaism say about God? God In The Box is a fascinating documentary and is sure to elicit feelings in all who attend. After screening the film and debreifing, we will explore Jewish concepts of God and our own understanding of the nature of God.


Families with Young Children

Families with Young Children (FYC): Tot Shabbat Service Fridays, October 6, 13 & 20 | 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner | 6:15 pm | Shira Service | 6:45 pm | Popsicle Oneg 7:15 pm Families with children ages 0-5 years, come sing all of your favorite Shabbat songs with Cantor Hayut and Rabbi Whinston, march with the Torah, and enjoy a short story, too! Join us for macaroni and cheese, fish sticks, applesauce, and a salad bar immediately following the short service. Dinner is just $5 per person, and this year you can buy a punch card ahead of time for a discounted price. Punch cards are available in the TBE office. Shabbat Achat Friday, October 27 | Shabbat Achat Dinner | 6 pm | Shabbat Achat Service | 6:30 pm Instead of a separate tot Shabbat and a traditional service, there is one Shabbat service called Shabbat Achat—one community shabbat. There is music from our temple band and extra space on our sanctuary floor for people to move around, to have more of a physical prayer experience and get their bodies involved. The hour-long service is upbeat and lots of fun! Step Up Shabbat Fridays, October 6, 13 & 20 | 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner | 6:15 pm | Shira Service | 6:45 pm | Popsicle Oneg 7:15 pm TBE’s new Shabbat experience for children in first through fifth grades that will take place parallel to Tot Shabbat. Rotating services led by Rabbi Josh Whinston, Cantor Regina Lambert-Hayut and Rabbi Daniel Alter.

Learnings & Teachings Weekly Lunch and Learn Fridays, October 6, 13, 20 & 27 Noon - 1 pm | Adult Lounge Rabbi Whinston meets every Friday for an informal discussion about religion. All sessions are held in the Adult Lounge and are open to the community. Feel free to bring a lunch. Women’s Torah Study Monday, October 23 7-8:30 pm | Adult Lounge Please join us for in-depth study and lively discussion of the week’s Torah portion led by Cantor Regina Hayut. The group will explore various passages from the portion looking at several translations and commentaries from a variety of scholars from Talmudic times to the modern day. No Hebrew knowledge necessary to participate in the discussion. For questions, contact Cantor Regina Hayut at cantorhayut@ Men’s Torah Study Thursday, October 26 | 7:30 pm A men’s Torah discussion group will be led monthly by Rabbi Whinston on the 4th Thursday. Participants will find their way as men by wrestling with text. For more information, contact Bill Parkus at WTBE Historical Novel Reading Group Monday, October 9 | 12:30-2 pm Join us in the TBE library each month to discuss each book. Registration is not required. Email Molly Lindner, burnham@, with questions and to find out the books we will be reading this year! Chapel Service Saturday, October 7 | 10 am | TBE Join us for our weekly Saturday Shabbat service. Led by Rabbi Whinston. Weekly Torah Study Saturdays, October 7, 14, 21 & 28 | 8:50 am Join Rabbi Whinston to look at Parashat ha-Shavua, the weekly Torah portion.

Spirituality Book Club 2017-18 Tuesday, October 10 | 7:30 pm Thursday, October 12 | 12:45 pm (following the Yizkor Service & Luncheon) Led by Annie Rose, TBE’s cantor emerita. Please join us for the new season of TBE’s Spirituality Book Club! This year we will be reading six books over the course of nine months. Please feel free to come to our Tuesday night sessions or our Thursday afternoon sessions. Email Cantor Annie Rose, Adult Hebrew Drop-In Registration & Info Session Monday, October 2 | 5 pm | Beth Israel Congregation TBE and Beth Israel are offering a 12-week term of Adult Hebrew classes. First semester classes will begin the week of October 16. Email to register. Adult Ed: Aleph Doesn’t Have to Be Tough A 3-Part Series Led by Cantor Hayut Sundays, October 8, 15, 22 & 29 | 4:30-5:30 pm TBE Adult Lounge Part 1: Adult Hebrew - Weekly starting October 8 While each course builds on the previous one, these are meant to be stand alone sessions. For questions and to register, contact Cantor Hayut, cantorhayut@ Mourning & Mitzvah: Support & Study Group Thursdays, October 12, 19 & 26 | 7:30 pm We recommend the 5-session class to those who have lost a loved one recently or in years past and those who would like to learn more about Jewish mourning practice. Email Cantor Emerita Annie Rose, God in the Box Wednesdays, October 25, November 1 & 8 | 1:30 pm Led by Rabbi Josh Whinston What do you believe about God? God In The Box is a fascinating documentary and is sure to elicit feelings in all who attend. After screening the film and debreifing, we will explore Jewish concepts of God and our own understanding of the nature of God.

New Board Members


Beth Pearson, Member-at-Large Beth Pearson is excited to join the Temple board this year as a member-at-large. Although she grew up in West Bloomfield, Beth hadn’t lived in Michigan for close to 20 years. When her family moved to Ann Arbor 2 years ago, they found TBE to be an incredibly warm, welcoming place. Her family (including husband, Richard, kindergartener, Maya, and toddler, Leah) love coming to Tot Shabbat and Shabbat Achat services. When not at Temple, Beth enjoys running, reading, and her clinical work as a child psychologist.

Dave Ostreicher, Member-at-Large Dave Ostreicher has returned to Ann Arbor to continue his career with Toyota after a dozen years with the company in Cincinnati. Prior to joining Toyota in 2004, Dave earned a BSE and MSE in Industrial & Operations Engineering and a BA in Japanese Language & Literature from the University of Michigan. Dave continues his involvement with the University as Chair of the Alumni Connections Committee on the Michigan Engineering Alumni Board, among other roles. In his free time, Dave focuses on creating memorable moments with his wife, son, and daughter. He also enjoys cycling, racquetball, and urban hiking, which afford him the ability to indulge in one of his other passions: food and drink.

Spirituality & Wellness Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever | Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts Fridays, October 6, 13, 20 & 27 | 4 pm Try out this unique martial arts instruction including lessons in how to live a healthy lifestyle, be energetic, do well in school and learn anti-bullying self-defense. 12-week semesters for belt advancement. Drop-in when schedules permit. Enrollment is open for students and their parents. Shalom Gever is taught by Rabbi Peter Gluck, 5th Degree Black Belt and martial arts instructor for 18 years. Contact the Temple Beth Emeth office, 665-4744, or Rabbi Gluck,, for more registration information. Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Sit Thursdays, October 19 & 26 | 1 pm | TBE Chapel For practitioners of all levels. Intention and instruction followed by 30-minute silent meditation. Facilitated by SooJi Min, Judy Freedman and Quyen Ngo. SooJi Min is TBE’s executive director. She recently completed a 16-month, mindfulness, teachertraining program sponsored by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality and the Awakened Heart Project. Judy Freedman attended a three-year training in Jewish Meditation sponsored by the Philips Foundation at Chochmat ha Lev. Quyen Ngo is a therapist who holds a joint doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and Women’s Studies. One of the areas she specializes in is working with adolescents, adults, and couples on issues of faith and spirituality. Contact SooJi Min with questions, 734-665-4744. Weekly Yin Embodied Jewish Meditation Tuesdays, October 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 | 1 pm | Family Room Next to Sanctuary Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for long periods of time. Sessions are led by SooJi Min, certified yoga instructor. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, props if needed, water and wear comfortable clothing. Contact SooJi Min, with questions.

October 2017 Sunday


3 pm Brotherhood Sukkah Setup 4:30 pm Family Sukkah Setup & Dinner 6 pm Religious School


10 am Sukkot Open House at Rabbi Whinston’s 1 pm Fall Fun in the Sukkah 4:30 pm Adult Hebrew 5 pm Shir Chadash 6 pm Religious School 6:15 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal



4:30 pm Hebrew School 6 pm Keshet 7 pm WTBE Fiber Arts (Offsite)


12:30 pm WTBE Historical Book Club 4:30 pm Hebrew School 6 pm Keshet 7 pm Sukkot Text Study: Sukkot Justice & the Nature of the Sukkah







1 pm Crop Hunger Walk 3 pm Brotherhood Sukkah Tear down 4:30 pm Adult Hebrew 5 pm Shir Chadash 6 pm Religious School 6:15 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal

9 am & 10:30 am Pulpit Switch 11 am 9th Grade Holocaust Memorial Center Tour 4:30 pm Adult Hebrew 5 pm Shir Chadash 6 pm Religious School 6:15 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal

4:30 pm Adult Hebrew 5 pm Shir Chadash 6 pm Religious School 6:15 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal

4:30 pm Hebrew School 6 pm Keshet 7 pm WTBE Fiber Arts (Offsite)



7:30 pm TBE Board Mtg.



1 pm Yin Embodied Meditation 7:30 pm Spirituality Book Club

1 pm Yin Embodied Meditation 7:30 pm Brotherhood Board Mtg. 7:30 pm WTBE Board Mtg. 7:30 pm What it Means to be Jewish 2017


4:30 pm Hebrew School 6 pm Keshet 7 pm Women’s Torah Study 7:30 pm Mizmoret Rehearsal

4:30 pm Hebrew School 6 pm Keshet 7:30 pm Religious Ed Committee Mtg.

TBE Family Camping Trip

1 pm Yin Embodied Meditation 7 pm 6th Grade B’nai Mitzvah Mtg.


1 pm Yin Embodied Meditation



1 pm Mahj (Offsite) 4:30 pm Hebrew School 6 pm Congregational Sukkot Shindig 6:30 pm Keshet



12:30 pm WTBE Monthly Luncheon (Offsite) 4:30 pm Hebrew School 6 pm Simchat Torah Service

1 pm Mahj (Offsite) 4:30 pm Hebrew School 6:30 pm Keshet 7:30 pm Pulpit Committee Mtg.


1:30 pm God in the Box 4:30 pm Hebrew School 6:30 pm Keshet 7 pm Genesis Board Mtg. 7:30 pm Executive Committee Mtg.

AARTY... Ann Arbor Temple Youth BRHD..... Brotherhood MSSC..... Middle School Shir Chadash HSSC...... High School Shir Chadash RR............ Renaissance & Ruach SAC......... Social Action Committee TNT......... Twenties & Thirties KH........... Kol Halev, adult choir YC .......... Youth Choir


Thursday Sukkot


TBE OFFICE CLOSED | SUKKOT 6 pm Brotherhood Sukkot Service & Dinner



Noon Lunch & Learn 4 pm Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service | Birthday Anniversary Blessings

Simchat Torah







TBE OFFICE CLOSED 11 am Sukkot Yizkor Service & Luncheon 12:45 pm Spirituality Book Club 7:30 pm Mourning & Mitzvah 7:30 pm WTBE Board Mtg. 7:30 pm Kol Halev Note Learning

1 pm Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Sit (Self-guided) 6 pm Brotherhood Guys’ Night Out (Offsite) 7:30 pm Mourning & Mitzvah 8 pm Mizmoret Rehearsal

1 pm Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Sit 7:30 pm Men’s Torah Study 7:30 pm Mourning & Mitzvah



8:30 am Religious School 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Chapel Service 10:45 am PS4 Sukkot Program 10:45 am Religious School 11 am 9th Grade Madrichim Training 11:30 am Social Action Community Conversation 2 pm 7th Grade Trip to Food Gatherers


Noon Lunch & Learn 4 pm Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6 pm 1st Grade Shabbat Dinner 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service | 1st Grade Consecration

Noon Lunch & Learn 4 pm Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service | Pulpit Switch w/ Kol Halev & Worship Band

Noon Lunch & Learn 4 pm Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever 6 pm WTBE Maggie Anton Dinner 6 pm Shabbat Achat Dinner 6:30 pm Shabbat Achat Service



8:30 am Religious School 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am B’not Mitzvah: Isabella Koster Mockeridge & Jaden Boster 10:45 am Religious School 10:45 am Preschool 3 Noon Food Gatherer’s Community Kitchen 7:30 pm Brotherhood Concert: Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi

8:30 am Religious School 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am B’not Mitzvah: Olivia Braun & Eve Kaplan 10:45 am Religious School 10:45 am Baby Shabbat 11 am 9th Grade Madrichim Training

8:30 am Religious School 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Bat Mitzvah: Kit Bellovin 10:45 am Preschool 3 10:45 am Religious School 1:30 pm Maggie Anton Speaking Event

Coming in November....

Erev Thanksgiving Interfaith Service | Wednesday, November 22


Social Action Social Action Committee Events Sunday, October 15, 2017 Location: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1400 W. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Registration: 1 pm & Walk: 2 pm Contact: Germaine Smith for further information.

Shoshana Mandel Warner Chair, Interfaith Efforts, Affordable Housing Advocacy Shoshana Mandel Warner Vice President, Religious School liaison, Youth Advocate Abbie Egherman Food Gatherers Community Kitchen at Delonis Coordinator Yuni Aaron Poverty and International Debt Relief Efforts Susan Beckett Israel peace initiatives, Hand in Hand Schools liaisons Irene Butter Helena Robinovitz

Community Conversations Saturdays 11:30-12:30 pm | TBE Adult Lounge October 7: “What’s Next for the Affordable Care Act? The Campaign for Single Payer Health Care in Michigan,” Eli Rubin, Michigan United. November 4: Immigration 101 presented by Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC), Ann Arbor. January 20: Washtenaw County ID Program presented by Maria Ibarra-Frayre, Synod Services, Ypsilanti. February 17: Book Discussion – The Train to Crystal City by Jan Jarboe Russell who will be visiting as part of our Temple Book read and SAC Shabbat on April 20-21. Sunday, October 15, 2017 Location: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1400 W. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Registration: 1 pm & Walk: 2 pm Contact: Germaine Smith for further information.

Archivist, Communications Ed Davidson

Save the Date | Social Action Shabbat | April 20-21 Friday, April 20, 2018: Dinner and Services Saturday, April 21, 2018: Torah Study, Panel Discussion and Havdalah FDR’s Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America’s Only Family Internment Camp During World War II by Jan Jarboe Russell

Back Door Food Pantry Co-Coordinator Ellie Davidson

Save the Date: Mitzvah Day & Sunday of Service | June 3, 2018

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) at Alpha House coordinator Kelly Parent

Social Action Board Meetings | Mondays | 7-9 pm 2017: November 20 2018: January 15, March 19, May 15 & Retreat June 10

Co-Genesis Faith and Food Garden Coordinator, Secretary Lisa Perschke Rotating Shelter Coordinator Deb Schild SAC Shabbat & Treasurer Simone Yehuda

2nd Saturdays Volunteering at Food Gatherers’ Community Kitchen at the Delonis Center TBE has an ongoing commitment to cook and serve every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Food Gatherers’ Community Kitchen at the Delonis Center, located at 312 W. Huron Street in Ann Arbor. We request 5 volunteers for the first shift Noon–2:30 pm and 5 volunteers for the second shift from 2:30-5 pm. Email Yuni Aaron at to be included on the volunteer list. Back Door Food Pantry Please donate your extra [non-religious] 2018 calendars to the BDFP for distribution to our patrons. Thank you. For further information about volunteering or donating groceries, toiletries and/or money please contact

Sparks of Our Flame - Women of TBE


WTBE Welcomes Maggie Anton Friday, October 27 & Saturday, October 28 The Women of TBE are bringing Maggie Anton to Temple Beth Emeth. Maggie is an award winning author of the historical trilogies: Rashi’s Daughters and Rav Hasid’s Daughters. She will speak at a dinner on Friday, October 27 and during Shabbat services. On Saturday, October 28 at 1:30 pm, Maggie will teach us about Talmud. If you want to purchase signed copies of her book and sign up for dinner, you can do so on the WTBE website under “Events.”

President Noreen DeYoung VP Administration Trina Fuller VP Membership Ronnie Shapiro VP Programming Carol Milstein VP Fundraising & Social Action Yuni Aaron Treasurer Stephanie Newell Recording Secretary Tina Bissell

Historical Book Club Monday, October 9 | 12:30 pm | TBE Join us for our monthly book club meeting. This month we will be reading To Wear the White Cloak by Sharan Newman, Newman’s seventh book in her Catherone LeVendeur series about Catholics and Jews in 12th century France. Historical/Detective fiction is the genre. Recommended by Stephanie Newell. WTBE Luncheon Wednesday, October 11 | 12:30 pm | Cantoro’s Restaurant 15550 N Haggerty Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170 Meet in the TBE parking lot at 11:45 am to carpool. Contact Eva Taylor, 734-995-5700, or, to reserve your place at the table or for ride share information. WTBE Presents: To Be a Jew in the Twenty-First Century Tuesday, October 17 | 7:30 pm The first in a 3-part series of programs on anti-Semitism. Dr. Martin (Marty) Shichtman, the Director of Jewish Studies and Professor of English Language and Literature at Eastern Michigan University will be presenting To Be a Jew in the Twenty-First Century. Marty says “I borrow the title of Muriel Rukeyser’s 1944 poem, “To Be a Jew in the Twentieth Century,” because recent events again require us to think about what it means to be Jewish, to be Americans— and can we ever really be JewishAmericans?” Dr. Shichtman has been a fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and at Brandeis University’s Schusterman Institute for Israel Studies. Shichtman has been the recipient of grants from the Covenant Foundation, the Academic Engagement Network, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor. He has directed five summer seminars for schoolteachers at the Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus in Farmington Hills. This 3-part series is open to the community. Sponsored by the Women of Temple Beth Emeth. WTBE Caring Collection Partners with Safe House in October September 15- October 31 We are collecting NEW socks and NEW underwear for boys and girls, toddler through teen. There is an urgent need for these items! Look for the big blue bin located outside the TBE office to drop off your donations. Learn more about SAFE HOUSE at Thank you to all donated shoes to SOLES4SOULS - WTBE collected 200 pairs of shoes!

Website www.tbesisterhood. org

You are Invited: Join the Women of TBE for our Monthly Meetings! Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month. Our door is open! 7:30 pm | Light refreshments & 7:45 pm | Meeting

Yes! I want to join the WTBE and share in the mitzvah of helping my community.

Name_____________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________ Phone________________ Email_ ______________________________ Please return this form with a check for $108, $72, $54 or $45 to the TBE office. $25 of each member’s dues support WRJ on the District and National levels. The higher amounts allow for more community participation and support. Please make your check payable to “Women of TBE” and mail to TBE, Attention: Women of TBE Membership.

Questions? Ronnie Shapiro,

Sparks of Our Flame - Brotherhood


Sukkot Service and Dinner | RSVP Now! Thursday, October 5 | 6 pm | Social Hall Join Rabbi Winston and Brotherhood in the Sukkah for our annual observance of Sukkot as we shake off the shackles of Yom Kippur and contemplate a less convenient/materialistic lifestyle, symbolized by the simplicity of the Sukkah. To RSVP, please e-mail Bill Parkus at

President Bill Parkus Treasurer Larry Yonovitz Marty Ludington Secretary Ralph Katz Richard Corson richardcorson@ Jack Zaientz Website tbebrotherhood.weebly. com/

(Reserve tickets Now!) Yale Strom and Hot Pstromi: Yale Strom and his band Hot Pstromi return to Temple Beth Emeth Saturday, October 14 | 7:30 pm Tickets: $20 for adults and $15 for kids under 12 years of age. Tickets will be sold at the door too. Yale and Hot Pstromi will play a unique fusion of traditional klezmer, new Jewish, Gypsy, khasidic, world beat and Balkan music with extensive improvisation. Strom is one of the only top composers of Jewish music to carry on the tradition of writing original songs, with Yiddish lyrics, about humanitarian and social issues, as well as melodies for synagogue liturgy. To reserve tickets, e-mail Ralph Katz, Brotherhood’s Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, October 17 | 7:30 pm The Board has dinner at Frasers Pub at 6 pm and transfers to the Temple for the meeting starting at 7:30 pm. Members are welcome to attend dinner and the meeting. Guys Night Out Thursday, October 19 | 6:30 pm | OMAMI Japanese Bistro 2612 Washtenaw Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Their food is very good. It serves a wide arrangement of styles including sushi, hibachi, teriyaki, a wide arrangement of salads and starters. Please RSVP to Bill Parkus, Mens Talmud Study Thursday, October 26 | 7:30 pm Join Rabbi Whinston as he leads a discussion on Talmud. Check the building schedule for the classroom location.

Membership Form 2017/2018

We focus on what our membership really wants and needs. Past experience tells us that this does not appear to be monthly social meetings with speakers, deli trays and poker. The range of our events in the last few years is too big to list here, but we do know that an opportunity for fellowship will get attention and an email for help will get the job done. Check our website: Return form with check for $40 Name________________________________________________________ dues, optional $50, $75 to:

Address______________________________________________________ Phone_ ______________________________________________________ Email________________________________________________________ Questions? Contact Bill Parkus at

Temple Beth Emeth Attn: Brotherhood, 2309 Packard St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Brotherhood Concert


Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi

Saturday, October 14 | 7:30 pm Temple Beth Emeth 2309 Packard Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi presents a unique fusion of traditional klezmer, New Jewish, Gypsy, Khasidic, Sephardic, jazz, world beat and Balkan music with extensive improvisation. Yale Strom has been a pioneer in conducting extensive field research among the Jewish and Rom communities in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans since 1981. Beginning with the use and performance of klezmer music among these groups, his focus has increased to examining all cultural aspects post-World War II. Strom has performed with many world renowned musicians including Andy Statman, Mark Dresser, Marty Ehrlich, Mark O’Connor, Alicia Svigals, Samir Chatterjee, Salman Ahmad, Damian Draghici, Adam del Monte, Lulo Reinhardt, and Sunny Jain. Tickets: $20 adults, $15 for children under 12. Information: (734) 657-5059. Please join us for an exciting evening of music!

Contribution Form – TBE Donations Please find enclosed $________ as a donation to the _________________

Please send acknowledgement to:


Name_ ____________________________

Fund in honor/memory of_______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

Address____________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________

TBE Funds: Adult Education, Building, Cantor’s Discretionary, Caring Community, Flower, L’vor D’vor Endowment, Isaac and Pearl Levine Educational, General Fund, Genesis Landscape, Library, Melvin & Lois Levy Endowment Fund, Memorial Garden Care, Oneg Fund, Music Fund, Music & Spirituality Endowment, Rabbi Whinston’s Discretionary, Religious Education, Professional Development Fund in Honor of Ronnie Simon, Social Action, Social Action for Alpha House, Back Door Food Pantry, Spiritual Life, Year of Torah,Youth, Youth Scholarship Fund, Mitzvah Day. Sisterhood Funds: College Connections, Barbara F. Heilveil Campership Fund, Sponsorship Fund. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Donor’s Name __________________________________ Address____________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________


Brit Olam

See Ketl’s article on page 3 to learn more about TBE signing this Brit Olam to join the Reform Movement’s vision for social justice.

Donations BDFP Faith & Food Garden In memory of Louis Vishlitsky, from Gale & Martin Stolzenberg. In honor of Kathi LeSueur & Sylvia Walker’s wedding, from Harriet & Gary Charson. Edward & Ellie Davidson Robert & Joan Ravin Cantor’s Discretionary Fund In memory of my parents, Ruth & Jack Marks, from Rona Dalin. General Fund In memory of Helen Eisenberg, mother of Debbie Merion, from Ronnie Shapiro. With thanks for the enjoyable Shabbat mornings, from Berna Sorscher. In memory of Thomas Sidlow, from Ronnie Shapiro. In memory of Fred Steingold, one of the original founders of TBE, from Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay. In memory of Marilyn Menlo at the time of her yahrzeit, from Allen Menlo & family. Neal Belitsky & Charlene Kawchak-Belitsky Gary & Maureen Fagin Deb Odom Stern Library Fund In honor of the special birthday of Seymour Kroll, from Marianne & Ron Aaron. In honor of Clare Kinberg and the excellence and awards she brings to the TBE Library, from Diane Kurz.

Music Fund In honor of Ray McLellan’s 25th Anniversary as TBE’s musician extraordinaire, from Eva Taylor. In honor of June & Richard Swartz’s 50th Anniversary, from Linda Grekin. In memory of Maureen Depot at the time of her yahrzeit, from Virginia Murphy and David Uhlmann, Megan, Alec, Graham & Emily. Music & Spirituality Endowment In memory of Phyllis Ravins, form Bonnie Miller. Oneg Fund Ronnie Shapiro David & Barbara Heilveil Marilyn Jeffs Paul & Judy Freedman Stephanie Newell Bruce & Linda Sokolove Carolyn Hiss Ward & Tina Bissell Annette Fisch Marilyn Scott Robert & Carol Milstein Patricia West Raymond & Noreen DeYoung Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay Howie & Lisa Saulles Gary & Rachel Glick Theodore & Wendy Lawrence David Uhlmann & Virginia Murphy Jeffrey & Laurie Barnett Piano Fund In honor of Ray McLellan, from Ronnie Shapiro. Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund With thanks to Rabbi Whinston, from James & Trina Fuller. In memory Harry Moises, from Hylan Moises & Dianne Longo. In loving memory of Derek Solomon - brother, brother-in-law, uncle, best friend, from Hugh & Anne Solomon. In appreciation of Rabbi Whinston for sharing the TBE space with the AARC on Purim, from Diane Kurz.

In memory of Derek Solomon, brother of Hugh Solomon, from Steven Klein & Shira Beth Doneson Klein. Religious Education Fund In honor of Terri Ginsburg on the occasion of her retirement, from William & Merrily Hart. Social Action Fund In honor of Shoshana Mandel-Warner’s mom, Lillian’s 90th birthday. Mazel Tov, from Miriam Shaw. Spiritual Life Fund Deborah Dash Moore & Macdonald Moore Abbie Egherman High Holy Days Donations Back Door Food Pantry | AARTY YK Drive Ronnie Shapiro Joel & Shirley Berger Steven & Carol Dworkin Benjamin & Durga Singer Susan Fisher Arthur & Karen Lindenberg John Wasciuk & Anne Heybey Wasciuk Barry Fishman & Teresa McMahon Neal & Susan Weinberg Paul & Judy Freedman Paul Estenson & Rochelle Flumenbaum Jack Billi & Sheryl Hirsch David Schmidt & Liz Wierba Evan & Deborah Morrison Charles & Sharon Newman Stephanie Newell Elaine Yeglic & Sue Rauschl Steven Yarows Scott & Joan Singer Ann Epstein Adam & Melissa Dorfman Eva Taylor Bruce & Linda Sokolove Annette Fisch Marilyn Scott Ellen Katz Lisa Perschke Peter Smith & Martha Weintraub Alfonso Bonilla & Leslee Cassel-Bonilla Deborah Schild Edward & Ellie Davidson Jason Kosnoski & Dana Levin

17 Theodore & Wendy Lawrence Mario & Naomi Spivak David Uhlmann & Virginia Murphy Michael & Moira Tannenbaum Jeffrey & Laurie Barnett HHD Flower Fund Ronnie Shapiro Barry Fishman & Teresa McMahon Neal & Susan Weinberg Paul & Judy Freedman Ronald & Stephanie Chervin Jack Billi & Sheryl Hirsch Scott & Julie Hershovitz Charles & Irene Butter Stephanie Newell Carolyn Hiss Annette Fisch Patricia West Raymond & Noreen DeYoung Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay HHD Prayer Books Anonymous Matthew & Jennifer Potoff Deborah Dash Moore & Macdonald Moore Abbie Egherman Lynne Waggoner Eric & Coleen Slosberg Allyn & Sherri Kantor Richard & Linda Greene Barry Fishman & Teresa McMahon Steven & Kathy Rhodes Thomas & Marcy Waldinger Caren Stalburg Jack & Stephanie Zaientz Marc Kessler David Wiss & Marjorie Brawer William & Jo Ann Parkus Scott & Joan Singer Jeffrey Spoon & Terri Ginsburg Seymour & Dorine Kroll Hugh & Anne Solomon Clifford & Alice Hart Paulette Bromberg

18 General HHD Donations Ronnie Shapiro Matthew & Jennifer Potoff Rebecca Kuzmik Richard & Yuni Aaron Katherine Hoffman Ed & Elaine Sneideman Paul & Judy Freedman Donald & Julia Levitt Carl & Lisa Ensfield Mark & Leslie Rosenwasser Peter & Janice Tainsh Douglas & Joy Ensor Stuart & Joyce Robbins William & Jo Ann Parkus Dario & Barbara Merlos Stephanie Newell Mark & Romana Adam & Melissa Eva Taylor Bruce & Linda Sokolove Jeoffrey & Ellen Stross Annette Fisch Marilyn Scott Robert & Carol Milstein Raymond & Noreen DeYoung Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay Howie & Lisa Saulles Shoshana Eisenberg Peter & Gina Katz David & Helaine Reid John & Susan Beckett Michael & Irena Spassky Alfred & Joan Kadis Edward & Ellie Davidson Theodore & Wendy Lawrence David Uhlmann & Virginia Murphy Kate Markel David & Bethany Steinberg Michael & Moira Tannenbaum Glenn & Lori Taylor Jeffrey & Laurie Barnett

Donations HHD Parking Allyn & Sherri Kantor Charles & Sharon Newman Annette Fisch Ellen Offen Greg & Toby Lewis Harvey & Robin Wax Ronnie Shapiro Yizkor Book Ronnie Shapiro David & Barbara Heilveil Patrick O’Keefe & Sheryl Pomerance Richard & Yuni Aaron Marilyn Jeffs Edwin & Sue Pear Steven & Carol Dworkin Nathaniel & Candace Bulkley Jack & Fran Weinstein Roger & Nancy Hitchcock Miriam Shaw Susan Fisher Eric & Lauren Andrew & Karen Brenner Arthur & Karen Lindenberg Allyn & Sherri Kantor Richard & Lesley Hume John Wasciuk & Anne Heybey Wasciuk Neal & Susan Weinberg Paul & Judy Freedman Steven & Kathy Rhodes Harold Fischel & Jan Herrick Kenneth & Hillary Handwerger Alan & Bette Cotzin Linda Grekin Donald & Julia Levitt Beth Ressler Dave & Susan Ostreicher Jerry & Emily Miller Marc & Deborah Renner David Schmidt & Liz Wierba Richard & June Swartz Eric & Michelle White Brian & Robin Jacob Mark & Leslie Rosenwasser Peter & Janice Tainsh

Douglas & Joy Ensor Newell & Myrna Miller David & Shelly Cooke Evan & Deborah Morrison Charles & Sharon Newman Stuart & Joyce Robbins William & Jo Ann Parkus Martin & Gale Stolzenberg Jay Silverman & Lois Godel Jesse Bernstein Kenneth & Emily Wachsberger Dario & Barbara Merlos Stephanie Newell Elaine Yeglic & Sue Rauschl Nancy Pickus Paul & Irene Adler Tamas & Eszter Gombosi Mark & Romana Solent Steven Yarows Scott & Joan Singer Edward & Martha Kimball David & Malla Sandberg Marvin & Susan Wagner Ann Epstein Adam & Melissa Dorfman Eva Taylor Bruce & Linda Sokolove Gary & Harriet Charson Carolyn Hiss Ward & Tina Bissell Marvin & Pam Novetsky Jeoffrey & Ellen Stross Eeta Gershow Annette Fisch George & Sally Brieloff Marilyn Scott Edward & Mona Goldman Robert & Carol Milstein Patricia West Ira & Sarah Mark William Tanoury & Eileen Mollen Ellen Offen Raymond & Noreen DeYoung Ellen Katz Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay Lisa Perschke Paulette Bromberg

Allen Menlo Howie & Lisa Saulles Clifford & Alice Hart Harvey & Deborah Juster Dara & Brad Perry Peter Smith & Martha Weintraub Greg & Toby Lewis Richard & Lesley Hume Brent & Valerie Carey Joan Cohen Jones & Stephen Jones Gary & Rachel Glick Alfonso Bonilla & Leslee Cassel-Bonilla Joel & Joan Levitt David & Helaine Reid Bill & Staci Kennedy William & Janine Chey John & Amy Everett Robert & Marina Seeman James Hallock & Cilla Tomas Charles & Melissa Simon Helena Robinovitz Charles & Julie Ellis Mark & Susan Orringer David & Lois Baru Ruth Petit Deborah Schild Steven & Melanie Calef Eleyne Levitt Joel & Shirley Berger William & Merrily Hart Myra Fox Jason Kosnoski & Dana Levin Theodore & Wendy Lawrence Robert Cohen & Ruth Moscow-Cohen David Uhlmann & Virginia Murphy Mario & Naomi Spivak Ernest Behringer & Rachel Goldman David & Heidi Ruud Richard & Linda Greene Jeff & Karen Rothstein Debra Axelrood Jeffrey & Laurie Barnett Caren Stalburg


Yahrzeits October 6 & 7

October 13 & 14

October 20 & 21

October 27 & 28

Evie Ackerman Jack Bach Hendella Bronstein Samuel Cohen Rita Godel Mildred Goldman Arthur Gross Ruth Handwerger Estelle Horowitz Nathan Kanagur Joseph Katz Beatrice Lerner Thaddeus Lewis Moisei Malkin Harry Matlin Gertrude Metzger Ruth Nupuf Pearl Oettinger Ray Ramseyer Dorothy Saulles Fredric Stern Gordon Vining Reuben Wax Marks Weinberg

David Alsofrom Joseph Baker Bessie Beck Ralph Cash Alma Chervin Sidney Davidson Leonard Fealk Jedediah Fisher Rae Friend Sidney Gitterman Maurice Goldstein Zina Greenstone John Grekin Marilyn Halpert David Hertz Rose Ingber Regina Jonas Sandra Kahrnoff Kathryn Kazanow Murray Kirschblat David Klacik Beverly Krenitz Jack Litwack Eugene McDermott Sophia Melet Sydney Melet Irving Milch Adeline Murt Verneta Pilnick Sophie Ruben Tillie Schlager Isadore Silber Leon Warner

Jerome Elden Donald Flax Louis Gordon Morris Horowitz Susan Kanagur Bernard Kasik Dorothy Katz Samuel Kaufer Herbert Levitt Harold Oberman Paul Parkus Lillian Portman Stuart Rich Louis Sherman Helen Solomon Norman Sommers Anna Stein Jacob Warner Sadye Wilensky

Mindl Alsofrom Leila Avrin Leonard Biederman Alice Braunstein Frank Josef Bruell Hinda Burchman George Chodoroff Agnes Eisenberg Sybil Fishman Sidney Fishman Jacob Flaum Max Frankel Bella Friedman Shirley Greene Barrie Heilveil Elsie Heilveil Maurice Heilveil Lillian Katz Frances Kinder Zelda Kouffman Jennifer Lawther Mark Levy Marguerite Martin Esther Mazel Carol Moyer Mary Newell Guy Palazzola Mary Petit David Price Harold Rosenberg Mae Rosenberg Paul Rosengarten Max Shaftel Al Sherick Gail Tauber Louis Weinberg

May their memories be for a blessing. Cemetery Lots | Cremation Spaces The Temple maintains burial lots and cremation spaces at Arborcrest Cemetery and Washtenong Memorial Park. Please contact any committee member to arrange a site visit or to make a purchase by phone or for any questions about the cemetery. Lots and cremation spaces may be purchased over a three year period with no interest. TBE Cemetery Committee: Ken Handwerger, 662-0154; Andrea Ludwig, 302-3335; Gary & Harriet Charson, 528-1061; Marty Ludington, 269-967-1556; Ronnie Simon, 429-5935; or Gretta Spier, 662-3250.

Temple Beth Emeth 2309 Packard Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Erev Thanksgiving Service Wednesday, November 22 | 7 pm TBE’s Staff and Resources Rabbi Josh Whinston Cantor Regina S. Lambert-Hayut Executive Director SooJi Min Dir. of Education Rabbi Daniel Alter Account Manager Amie Brockman Account Administrator Victoria Gross Communications Coordinator Nellie Stansbury Religious School Coordinator Sarah Youth Director Nikki Saturday School Coordinator Emily Library Coordinator Clare Kinberg General Office Questions TNT Group Website Add your name to these TBE e-mail lists by calling the office nnouncements___________________Weekly announcement of events and services A Hotline _________________________Births, deaths, emergency news (members only) TBE Tots Beth Israel Funeral Notices_____________________________________Call the office

The TBE Bulletin is published monthly by Temple Beth Emeth | 2309 Packard | Ann Arbor, MI 48104 TBE is a non-profit religious institution in the State of Michigan. Volume 8 | Issue 9

Rabbi Josh Whinston

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Treasurer Bonnie Keen

Cantor Regina S. Lambert-Hayut

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Cantor Emerita Ann Z. Rose

Ex-officio: Immediate Past President Susan Gitterman

Director of Education Rabbi Daniel Alter Executive Director SooJi Min Officers and Board of Trustees President Ketl Freedman-Doan VP for Administration Joe Pollak VP for Development Wendy Lawrence VP for Education and Youth Steve Lonn VP for Finance Ronnie Shapiro VP for Membership Becky Hankin VP for Religious Practice Alexandria Wood

Sisterhood President Noreen DeYoung Brotherhood President Bill Parkus Members at Large Sarah Cohen Joy Ensor Rachel Glick Margaret Hannon Barry Levin Steve Lonn Dave Ostreicher Beth Pearson Deb Schild Jordan Shavit Jodi Wallo Bulletin Editor & Design Nellie Stansbury

October 2017 Bulletin