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Temple Beth Emeth Ann Arbor’s home for Reform Judaism

...its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace.

February 2018 Liturgical Calendar Friday, February 2 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service | WTBE Shabbat w/ Leslie Brier & Birthday/Anniversary Blessings Saturday, February 3 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Chapel Service Friday, February 9 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service 3rd Grade Shabbat & Oneg

Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism 2309 Packard St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | Phone 734-665-4744 | Fax 734-665-9237 Terri A. Ginsburg Religious School 734-665-5817 |

Shevat-Adar, 5778

WTBE/Sisterhood Shabbat Weekend w/ Leslie Brier Friday, February 2 | 7:30 pm | TBE Sanctuary Friday night is WTBE’s annual Shabbat service and oneg. Everyone is welcome to meet Leslie Brier, WRJ’s UN Representative, who will be giving the D’var Torah. Saturday, February 3 12:30 pm | Lunch at Morgan & York 2 pm | Session 1: Leslie will be speaking at TBE about her involvement with the UN and the anti-semitic/antiIsrael issues she sees today. 4:30 pm | Session 2: We will discuss “Trends in WRJ,” what WRJ is doing in North America and Israel, and more! 5:45 pm | Havdalah 6:30 pm | Dinner with Leslie at Zingerman’s Deli. This will be an opportunity for everyone to interact with Leslie and each other. We are asking for an $18 donation if you plan to attend the Saturday dinner. Lunch and Dinner are Dutch treat. If you plan on attending lunch or dinner, RSVP to Bobbi Heilveil,

Saturday, February 10 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Chapel Service 10 am 6th Grade Service & Luncheon

TBE’s Annual Purim Carnival & Shpiel Saturday, February 24 10:30 am Purim Shpiel | TBE Sanctuary 11:15 am Purim Carnival | TBE Social Hall and Beyond!

Friday, February 16 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service

Rediscover the story of Purim with our 5th Grade Puppet Purim Play! Celebrate as one community at our Costumed Purim Carnival! Tickets, pizza, and snacks will all be for sale at the event. Please contact Nikki Feinberg,, if you have questions or are interested in volunteering.

Saturday, February 17 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Chapel Service

Megillah Reading, Purim Singing & Congregational Dinner Wednesday, February 28 | 5:30-7 pm

Friday, February 23 6 pm Shabbat Achat Dinner 6:30 pm Shabbat Achat Service Saturday, February 24 10:30 am Purim Shpiel 11:15 am Purim Carnival

This year, TBE is hosting a Megillah Reading separate from our annual Purim Carnival. Join us for an evening of reading, Purim singing, and eating! This will be an opportunity to learn about and celebrate Purim. More details about the congregational dinner menu coming soon!

Wednesday, February 28 5:30 pm Megillah Reading, Purim Singing & Congregational Dinner

URJ Signs An “Open to All” 2 Caring Community Monthly 6 Tasty Tuesdays w/ St. Clare’ 6


Rabbi Josh Whinston

I called him to say “mazel tov” when I heard the baby was born. But, since the reinvigoration of our caring community, that is not where the welcome ended. My next call was to our Cantor Emerita, Annie Rose. As the coordinator of Caring Community this year, she made sure that the family had some meals when they got home from the hospital. Cantor Annie also suggested we bring the family a challah on their first Shabbat together, and Cantor Hayut delivered a challah that Friday afternoon. When I spoke with this new father a few days later, he remarked how amazing he and his entire family felt because of the efforts of Caring Community. They felt held by us, supported by us, celebrated by us. I have no doubt this family will remember this interaction for years to come. Caring Community does this and so much more. May our community continue to grow through the birth of members. However, we all know that our community serves the complete lifecycle. Another member of our congregation was recently Rabbi Josh Whinston discussing her dedication to her aging mother. Our member spends quite a bit of time with her mother throughout the week, and feels a deep sense of responsibility for her care and wellbeing. Because of this dedication, she also has a difficult time getting away from Ann Arbor; a few days away feels like a very big deal to her and her mother. Our member wants to make sure that her mother continues to interact with people and does not just sit alone for the few days she is gone. When Caring Community heard about these difficulties, we knew there was something we could do. We have members of Caring Community who are trained and waiting to be friendly visitors for our members and/or their aging parents. We told our member that we could organize a few visits while she was away and ensure that her mother was not left alone while she needed to be out of town. This opportunity provided an enormous sense of relief to her, it was exciting for her mother, and brought great joy to our Caring Community volunteers. This is what Caring Community is about! This is what deep community is about! We have meals ready to go. We have visitors ready to visit. We have relationships ready for deepening. We are waiting for you. We are here for you, when and if you need us. Let us do a mitzvah. Help us do a mitzvah. All you have to do is ask. B’Shalom, Rabbi Josh Whinston

URJ Signs On To the “Open to All” Campaign This spring, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the case of a bakery that refused to sell a couple a cake for their wedding reception simply because they were gay, violating a state law that prohibits discrimination by businesses. It may appear that this case is about cakes, but for Jews, women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBT people, the stakes in this case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, couldn’t be higher. A loss in this case would grant businesses a constitutional license to discriminate—one that, once granted, could next be used by a wide variety of businesses to enable discrimination against people of color, women, Jews and other people of minority faiths, people with disabilities and others—as well as LGBT people. In short, a win for the bakery could be the start of unraveling our nation’s nondiscrimination laws as we know them, taking us back to a time when businesses can tell customers, “We don’t serve your kind here.” As a lesbian Jew in an interfaith family raising a child, I’m so proud that the Union for Reform Judaism, Women of Reform Judaism, the Anti-Defamation League, and other Jewish organizations have stood together on the side of equality and nondiscrimination. In addition to filing an amicus brief in the case, in December, the Union of Reform Judaism, Bend the Arc, the National Council of Jewish Women, and the Anti-Defamation League joined a broad coalition called “Open To All” that seeks to raise awareness about the case and the many ramifications it could have for nondiscrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and more not only for LGBT people but for Jews, Muslims, and other people of faith, people of color, women, people with disabilities and more. I’d encourage everyone to read the amicus brief and to join the “Open to All” campaign, which the organization for which I work is coordinating. Regardless of how the court decides this case, it is crucial that people of faith stand firm against efforts to permit discrimination. B’Shalom Naomi Goldberg, Policy & Research Director at the Movement Advancement Project

Cantor Hayut


Friends, I have been having an amazing journey with Yoav as he applies for college. Between the essays, the visits, and the auditions, it has been an eye-opening and exciting experience. Choosing a school is like choosing your life partner for the next few years. Of course, if it is the wrong fit, you can make a change, but we try our best to make the most sensible decision possible under the circumstances. It is clear that the schools are doing the same as they vet each candidate. It was validating to hear that the essays were among the most important parts of the application to most of the schools that Yoav is looking at. Cantor Hayut

You can imagine the fun I had discussing the essays with Yoav as he worked on crafting his thoughts on such creative and imaginative questions.

One that stood out for me was the question about a transformative experience. Yoav chose to write about his time at the L’taken Seminar at the RAC (Religious Action Center of the Reform Movement) with his confirmation class in which he learned about issues important to the Reform Movement, and how to lobby our values on each of the issues to our legislators and their staffers. One of the most powerful parts of the experience for Yoav was the opportunity to speak about an issue important to him to those who have the power and possibility to effect legislative change. He continued, in his essay, that the voice he was given in those lobbying sessions helped him realized that he wants to continue to be an advocate. As a young man who wants to teach music, he feels that one of issues that needs the support of our government is arts education. Thinking about his experience at L’Taken, he recognized that he can both teach and advocate for his students to help improve the lives and futures of those most vulnerable and in danger of being left behind. We are living in interesting times. Each of us has issues that we are passionate about, and we feel either disheartened or encouraged as we see them play out in Washington or Lansing. It is not easy to advocate on issues; it takes time and fortitude. And while it would be amazing to attend seminars like L’Taken, even the smallest things, like signing a letter or a petition, writing an e-mail, or leaving a phone message at the offices of your legislators can give voice to your concerns. It certainly makes me feel a little better to be proactive and speak out, rather than complaining, watching, and waiting. I hope my son, and all of our children, learn the valuable lesson that their voices matter. I hope they learn not only through their studies but also through us, as living examples. In the words of Hillel: If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when? B’Shalom, Cantor Regina Hayut

Genesis Small Dinners Small Dinners is a Genesis social program, a series of informal potluck dinners held at STC or TBE members’ homes. A dozen or so people get together to enjoy good food and good conversation. After a recent Small Dinner at the home of Lisa and Dan Newman, one participant commented “That was the most fun I’ve ever had at a dinner where I started out not knowing anyone!” The Small Dinners come in two types: for adults and for families with young children, and babysitting is provided at family dinners. If you would like to participate in a Small Dinner, email

Rabbi Daniel Alter


Hello TBE Families! A lot happened in January! We took 9th graders to Israel as part of the Nahalal Student Exchange Program! We hired three new teachers! Our teachers studied together and learned from each other, all about the art of classroom management. I brought back a number of new, innovative ideas (17 and a half, to be exact) from the Association of Reform Jewish Educators Annual Gathering in Seattle! We honored our 2nd graders at 2nd Grade Shabbat! Our Hebrew school students celebrated Tu B’Shevat with a rotating seder sponsored by WTBE! Our 2nd graders celebrated Tu B’Shevat by exploring Matthai Botanical Gardens! And we kicked off our winter semester of the Terry A. Ginsburg Religious & Hebrew School! Amazing what we can do in only a month. The ARJE conference in Seattle focused on Innovation, how to bring new and exciting ideas into our programs. We met with innovators and disrupters in every walk of life, from business consultants and Rabbi Daniel Alter Amazon and Boeing employees to an alternative high school in Seattle and exciting projects in the world of Jewish education. I returned home radiating with the energy of new ideas. The most exciting idea, believe it or not, is a brilliant new Holocaust curriculum that begins in Kindergarten! I was shocked too! Come talk to me about it; it’s amazing! In the coming months, the Religious Education Committee will engage in a comprehensive review of our curriculum: what we teach, when we teach it, and how we teach it. I would love to hear your feedback about the program we have and the program you want for your children and for the community. Email, call, flag me down in the hallway. Let’s chat about the future of Jewish education! B’Shalom, Rabbi Daniel Alter

No Religious or Hebrew School February 17, 18 & 19 due to Ann Arbor President’s Day weekend break.

6th Grade Service Saturday, February 10 | 10 am | TBE Sanctuary

3rd Grade Shabbat Friday, February 9 | 7:30 pm

Sixth grade families are invited to participate in a service led by their sixth graders. Join us for a special lunch following in the social hall.

Students will be invited onto the bima during the Torah service, lead us in several prayers, and will receive a special blessing from the Rabbi.

Saturday, February 3 Kindergarten Family Program 10:45 am-12:30 pm | Social Hall Bring a favorite stuffed animal to climb on Noah’s ark. Torah stories, projects including building the Tower of Babel, bagels and time to meet other Kindergarten parents! Leslie Brier Visit, during Religious School Our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with Leslie Brier, WRJ representative to the UN! 4th Grade Archaeology Adventure Saturday, March 10 Keep an eye out for more information about this fun program! More details coming soon.

Religious School Purim Shpiel & Carnival Saturday, February 24 Purim Shpiel | 10:30 am | TBE Sanctuary Purim Carnival | 11:15 am | TBE Social Hall & beyond! Rediscover the story of Purim with our 5th Grade Puppet Purim Play! Celebrate as one community at our Costumed Purim Carnival!

5th Grade Shabbat Friday, March 9 | 7:30 pm Students will be invited onto the bima during the Torah service, lead us in several prayers, and will receive a special blessing from the Rabbi!

President’s Post President’s Post Continued


My friend and I walked into the Delonis Center on that cold, icy second Saturday in December. As we entered the lobby, a heavy-set man was sitting in a chair shouting about not getting his medication and how no one cared. The scene was initially jarring, but as soon as he saw us, he quieted down, lowered his head, and said nothing further. Someone else in the lobby said, “Oh, are you here to volunteer?” “Yes,” we hesitantly responded. “Well, bless you, then.” The belligerent man lifted his face, looked me in the eye, and grunted a half smile at me. The Delonis Center is the homeless shelter for single adults in Ann Arbor. Located at 312 W. Huron Street in Ann Arbor, the Center relies on a combination of public and private funds to maintain the 50-bed shelter, and offers two meals a day to residents and community members. For the past several years, TBE has contributed a volunteer corps of 10 workers to help prepare the day’s meals for the second Saturday of each month, working either the 12-2:30 shift or the 2:30-5 shift. The kitchen is staffed by Food Gatherers and volunteers from the community. Working there is Ketl Freedman-Doan like watching a well-oiled machine. First, there are kitchen rules to learn – how to wash our hands, where to put dirty dishes, what to do with sharp knives, what goes where. Then, we are each assigned a task. The first time I worked there, I chopped 18 pounds of feta cheese into bite-sized pieces. We were initially given knives to do this, but soon figured out that a wide, flat spatula would work much better. My friend and I cleaned and trimmed beans and asparagus for roasting that day. Next to us, a team was making over 100 hamburger patties, while another team manned the ovens to be sure the curly fries didn’t burn. Still other teams were washing and cutting vegetables for the salad, another filling the condiments, while another rather tireless crew did the endless dishes and cleaning. Once all the cooking was done and in the food warmers, we wiped, swept, and mopped to get ready for the next round of cooking. TBE volunteers weren’t the only ones there. Volunteers from other organizations helped, including a young teenager who seemed to be a regular volunteer and knew lots of the staff and residents. This young man was helpful, friendly, and seemed at ease with the adults in the kitchen and in the dining hall. Doing this work changes you. It’s not just that I’m doing physical labor - quite a shift from my usual desk job – but the magnitude of the work is humbling. So much food, so many people waiting to be fed, so much need. As my friend and I walked out of the kitchen, the residents and community members were all sitting at the cafeteria-style tables, some yakking with friends, some slumped over the tables resting, some just sitting in silence. All were waiting for the meal to be served. Again we heard some thank you’s and bless you’s as we walked out into the cold sunshine. No matter what the rest of the day was going to look like, it was going to be a good day. I know spending a couple hours on a Saturday working in a chaotic kitchen doesn’t fit into everyone’s life. There are children to shepherd here and there, errands to run, laundry to do, even a friend or family member to care for. If you have the time to give, I encourage you to sign up for a Saturday. You won’t regret it. If you can’t commit to a Saturday, consider volunteering to bring a meal or visit at Alpha House at 4290 Jackson Road the week of MARCH 5-11. Sponsored by the Interfaith Hospitality Network, Alpha House is a temporary shelter for families in Ann Arbor. For 4 weeks out of the year, TBE and St. Clare’s organize and deliver meals to the shelter and socialize with the residents. The sign-up sheet for our next volunteer week will be available shortly. This is a great opportunity for you to get your children involved in the work of Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World). They can help prepare and deliver the meal and eat with the children staying at the shelter. Finally, here’s one more idea for volunteering. Both the Back Door Food Pantry at TBE and the Delonis Center have put out a call for warm clothes, especially socks, hats, gloves, and scarves. This is a great activity to do with your children. You can leave the items at TBE in the box outside the main office, or you can drop them off at the Delonis Center. You will be doing two mitzvahs – keeping members of our community warm and teaching our children the importance of repairing the world. B’Shalom, Ketl Freedman-Doan

* Save the Date * TBE’s Community Seder Tuesday, April 3 The 5th Night of Passover Watch out for more information about TBE’s upcoming Community Seder! More details will be coming soon.

WTBE Gift Shop Looking for a special item? We have the best prices & can save you the cost of shipping! Mondays | 4-6 pm Wednesdays | 4-6 pm Fridays | 6:30-7:30 pm 4th Friday (Shabbat Achat) | 5:30-6:30 pm Call Amy Paberzs, 668-6842 or 417-5312 to make an appointment.


6 New Members: Roger Cone & Miriam Lipman-Hopkins Ran & Julie Rabinovitz Daniel Seagull & Judith Smith Mary Taylor

Condolences to: Susan Orringer on the death of her mother, Pauline Michaels, November 28. Mike Belzer on the death of his father, Burton E. “Burt” Belzer, December 17. Robert Cohen on the death of his mother, Selma Cohen, December 29. David Lewis on the death of his father, Bernard Lewis, January 20.

Spirituality & Wellness Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever | Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts Fridays, February 2, 9, 16 & 23 | 4 pm Try out this unique martial arts instruction including lessons in how to live a healthy lifestyle, be energetic, do well in school and learn anti-bullying self-defense. 12-week semesters for belt advancement. Drop-in when schedules permit. Enrollment is open for students and their parents. Shalom Gever is taught by Rabbi Peter Gluck, 5th Degree Black Belt and martial arts instructor for 18 years. Contact the Temple Beth Emeth office, 734-665-4744, or Rabbi Gluck,, for more registration information.

* Save the Date | April 6 & 7 * A TBE Weekend Not To Be Missed! 90th Birthday Celebration w/ Composer & Conductor Samuel Adler Featuring Kol HaLev and students of the U of M School of Music.

Caring Community Cooking Team Sunday, February 4 | 2:30-5:30 pm We will be making chicken soup, matzo balls, a main dish that is gluten free, and gluten free brownies. Bobbi and Chris have the recipes ready to go! •During these sessions, we will be preparing delicious meals that we will freeze and store right at TBE, ready to be brought to members of our community at any time. •If you can bring an apron, personal cutting board and favorite cutting/chopping knife/knives, that would be wonderful. •We will be glad to have help, even for a short time, so please know you can come for just part of any session. •For those who signed up for other tasks within the Comfort Food needs—shopping, delivering food, cooking individual meals at home in certain circumstances—we will continue to be in touch about these vital aspects of our work as well. Email Cantor Emerita Annie Rose,, if you’re interested in helping out!

Tasty Tuesday Together Tuesday, February 20 Dinner | 5:30 pm Indoor Movement Activity | 6:15 pm For the month of February, TBE and St. Clare’s Church welcome Brian Sipotz of Advantage Strength & Conditioning for an evening of indoor movement for all ages. His program will include fun and simple pair exercises, movement games, and gentle stretching, suitable for all fitness and mobility levels. Brian will teach us about fitness for life, and also discuss different approaches to fitness and where to find examples of each locally. Brian will be joined by the Rev. James Rhodenhiser, who will share some of the spiritual benefits of physical activity. We recommend you dress comfortably. Please sign up online here:, so we can provide enough food for everyone interested.

Families with Young Children


Families with Young Children (FYC): Tot Shabbat Service Fridays, February 2, 9 & 16 | 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner | 6:15 pm | Shira Service | 6:45 pm | Popsicle Oneg 7:15 pm Families with children ages 0-5 years, come sing all your favorite Shabbat songs with Cantor Hayut and Rabbi Whinston, march with the Torah, and enjoy a short story, too! Join us for macaroni and cheese, fish sticks, applesauce, and a salad bar immediately following the short service. Dinner is just $5 per person, and this year you can buy a punch card ahead of time for a discounted price. Punch cards are available in the TBE office. Shabbat Achat Friday, February 23 | Shabbat Achat Dinner | 6 pm | Shabbat Achat Service | 6:30 pm Instead of a separate tot Shabbat and a traditional service, there is one Shabbat service called Shabbat Achat—one community shabbat. There is music from our temple band, and extra space on our sanctuary floor for people to move around, to have more of a physical prayer experience and get their bodies involved. The hour-long service is upbeat and lots of fun! Step Up Shabbat Fridays, February 2, 9 & 16 | 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner | 6:15 pm | Shira Service | 6:45 pm | Popsicle Oneg 7:15 pm TBE’s new Shabbat experience for children in first through fifth grades that will take place parallel to Tot Shabbat. Rotating services are led by Rabbi Josh Whinston, Cantor Regina Lambert-Hayut and Rabbi Daniel Alter.

Learnings & Teachings Weekly Lunch and Learn Fridays, February 2, 9, 16 & 23 Noon - 1 pm | Adult Lounge Rabbi Whinston meets every Friday for an informal discussion about religion. All sessions are held in the Adult Lounge and are open to the community. Feel free to bring a lunch. Women’s Torah Study Mondays, February 12 & 26 | 7-8:30 pm | Adult Lounge Please join us for in-depth study and lively discussion of the week’s Torah portion led by Cantor Regina Hayut. The group will explore various passages from the portion looking at several translations and commentaries from a variety of scholars from Talmudic times to the modern day. No Hebrew knowledge necessary to participate in the discussion. For questions, contact Cantor Regina Hayut at WTBE Historical Novel Reading Group Monday, February 12 | 12:30-2 pm Join us in the TBE library each month to discuss each book. Registration is not required. Email Molly Lindner,, with questions and to find out the books we will be reading this year! Friday Night Shabbat Service Fridays, February 2, 9 & 16 | 7:30 pm Join us in our weekly traditional Shabbat Service led by Rabbi Whinston. This Shabbat Service takes place every week except the 4th Friday of each month, when Shabbat Achat, TBE’s Congregational Community Shabbat takes place.

Chapel Service Saturdays, February 3, 10, 17 & 24 | 10 am | TBE Join us for our weekly Saturday Shabbat service. Led by Rabbi Whinston. Weekly Torah Study Saturdays, February 3, 10, 17 & 24 | 8:50 am Join Rabbi Whinston to look at Parashat ha-Shavua, the weekly Torah portion. Prayer Book Hebrew Led by Cantor Hayut Sundays, February 11 & 25 | 4:30-5:30 pm TBE Adult Lounge While each course builds on the previous one, these are meant to be stand alone sessions. For questions and to register, contact Cantor Hayut, cantorhayut@ Spirituality Book Club 2018 Tuesday, February 13 | 7:30 pm Thursday, February 15 | Noon Led by Annie Rose, TBE’s cantor emerita. Please join us for the new season of TBE’s Spirituality Book Club! This year we will be reading six books over the course of nine months. Please feel free to come to our Tuesday night sessions or our Thursday afternoon sessions. Email Cantor Annie Rose,

February 2018 Sunday




Coming in March.... WTBE Passover Sale........................................................................................Sunday, March 18 | 3 pm WTBE Passover How-To.............................................................................Sunday, March 18 | 5:30 pm TBE Community Seder on the 5th Night of Passover...................................................Tuesday, April 3


2:30 pm Caring Community Cooks 6 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal (Only this week)


1 pm Religious Education Committee Mtg. 4:30 pm Prayer Book Hebrew 5 pm Shir Chadash 6 pm Religious School 6:15 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal



4:30 pm Hebrew School 7:30 pm WTBE Fiber Arts (Offsite)








12:30 pm WTBE Historical Novel Reading Group 4:30 pm Hebrew School 7 pm Women’s Torah Study 8 pm Mizmoret Rehearsal

7:30 pm WTBE Fiber Arts (Offsite)

**WTBE’s Pre-Order Hamantaschen Deadline**


Rotating Shelter Week Ends

3:30 pm Family Hamantaschen Bake w/ JCC & PJ Library 4:30 pm Prayer Book Hebrew 5 pm Shir Chadash 6 pm Religious School 6:15 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal

1 pm Mahj (Offsite) 4:30 pm Hebrew School 7:30 pm TBE Board Mtg.


No Religious School

2 pm Brotherhood Attends “Flint” (Purple Rose Theater) 5 pm Shir Chadash 6:15 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal



4:30 pm Hebrew School 7 pm Women’s Torah Study

TBE Family Camping Trip

7:30 pm Spirituality Book Club

1:30 pm Poetry Group 5:30 pm Tasty Tuesdays w/ St. Clare’s 7:15 pm Brotherhood Board Mtg. 7:30 pm Finance Committee Mtg.

7:30 pm Religious Ed Committee

12:30 pm WTBE Monthly Luncheon (Knight’s Steakhouse on Dexter Ave.) 4:30 pm Hebrew School

1 pm Mahj (Offsite) 4:30 pm Hebrew School 7:30 pm Pulpit Committee Mtg. 7:30 pm Membership Committee Mtg.


4:30 pm Hebrew School 5:30 pm Megillah Reading, Purim Singing & Congregational Dinner 7 pm Genesis Board Mtg.




7:30 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal

4 pm Back Door Food Pantry 7:30 pm Kol Halev Rehearsal




Noon Lunch & Learn 4 pm Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service WTBE Shabbat w/ Leslie Brier & Birthday/Anniversary Blessings

Noon Lunch & Learn 4 pm Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service 3rd Grade Shabbat & Oneg





Noon Spirituality Book Club 4 pm Back Door Food Pantry 6:30 pm Brotherhood Guys’ Night Out (Offsite) 7:30 pm WTBE Board Mtg.

4 pm Back Door Food Pantry 7:30 pm Men’s Torah Study


Noon Lunch & Learn 4 pm Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 5:45 pm Step Up Shabbat 6:15 pm Tot Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Shira 7:30 pm Shabbat Service

Noon Lunch & Learn 4 pm Jewish Karate/Shalom Gever 6 pm Shabbat Achat Dinner 6:30 pm Shabbat Achat Service






8:30 am Religious School 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Chapel Service 10:45 am Kindergarten Family Program 10:45 am Religious School Noon WTBE Lunch w/ Leslie Brier (Morgan & York) 2 pm WTBE Session 1 w/ Leslie Brier 4:30 pm WTBE Session 2 w/ Leslie Brier 5:45 pm WTBE Havdalah Service w/ Leslie Brier 6:30 pm WTBE Dinner w/ Leslie Brier (Zingerman’s Deli)

8:30 am Religious School 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Chapel Service 10 am 6th Grade Service & Luncheon 10:45 am Religious School 10:45 am Preschool 3

No Religious School 8:50 am Torah Study 10 am Chapel Service 11:30 am SAC Community Conversation

10:30 am Purim Shpiel 10:45 am Baby Shabbat 11:15 pm Purim Carnival

AARTY... Ann Arbor Temple Youth BRHD..... Brotherhood MSSC..... Middle School Shir Chadash HSSC...... High School Shir Chadash RR............ Renaissance & Ruach SAC......... Social Action Committee TNT......... Twenties & Thirties KH........... Kol Halev, adult choir YC .......... Youth Choir


Social Action Dear Friends and supporters of TBE’s Social Action Committee, The cover story of the current issue of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal (January-April 2018) is entitled, “From the Ground Up—How Groundcover News Took Roots on the Streets of Ann Arbor: A Conversation with Susan Beckett,” written by Sandor Slomovits. Susan is a member of TBE’s Social Action Committee. Copies of the Journal are available at Crazy Wisdom, Whole Foods, or Nicola’s Books.

Shoshana Mandel Warner Chair, Interfaith Efforts, Affordable Housing Advocacy Shoshana Mandel Warner Vice President, Religious School liaison, Youth Advocate Abbie Egherman Food Gatherers Community Kitchen at Delonis Coordinator Yuni Aaron Poverty and International Debt Relief Efforts Susan Beckett Israel peace initiatives, Hand in Hand Schools liaisons Irene Butter Helena Robinovitz Archivist, Communications Ed Davidson Back Door Food Pantry Co-Coordinator Ellie Davidson Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) at Alpha House coordinator Kelly Parent Co-Genesis Faith and Food Garden Coordinator, Secretary Lisa Perschke Rotating Shelter Coordinator Deb Schild SAC Shabbat & Treasurer Simone Yehuda

It can also be downloaded from this website: Check it out, and wish Susan “congratulations” on an article that features her hard work she to “create opportunity and a voice for low-income people while taking action to end homelessness and poverty.”

Back Door Food Pantry Thank you from The Back Door Food Pantry to the 20 dedicated TBE members who continue to volunteer regularly, to families who shared their homegrown, fresh produce as part of 500 pounds donated locally, to all who drop off nonperishable food and toiletries in the BDFP donation barrels, and to the 100 plus members who contributed more than $12,000 during the 2017 Yom Kippur drive! Financial Update & Plea: Relative to recent years, financial support of the BDFP by TBE members dropped during the recent drive by several thousand dollars! As most of you know, TBE is a sponsoring congregation of our volunteer-run, very busy, efficient and highly respected food pantry located on the Genesis grounds rent-free in Saint Clare’s Wisdom House. Aside from receiving both a very generous “Carrot Grant” and a huge amount of donated food and fresh produce from Food Gatherers, BDFP is dependent on financial donations from our sponsoring partners and friends to help pay for the food we purchase weekly. We help feed an average of 120 families weekly, and purchase 1,200-3,000 pounds of food, plus about 300-500 pounds of fresh produce weekly. BDFP’s share of the total cost for these purchases averages around $35,000 annually. Planning Your Gardens: Please consider designating an area from which the fresh produce harvested will be donated to the BDFP on Thursdays for distribution. The total amount of fresh, locally grown produce donated from June to November 2017 totaled 1,000 pounds fewer than in 2016 (770 of those pounds were from the now defunct Genesis Faith and Food Garden). Winter Donations Needed: Some patrons, mostly men, still do not have warm winter gloves! For further information about the BDFP, please contact Volunteering at Food Gatherers’ Community Kitchen at the Delonis Center Food Gatherers Community Kitchen at the Delonis Center Volunteers needed two different dates per month. Ten volunteers covering two shifts to prepare and serve food. First Mondays of the month, 3-5 pm or 5-7 pm. Contact Bette Cotzin, 734-663-4817 or 2nd Saturdays Volunteering at Food Gatherers’ TBE has an ongoing commitment to cook and serve every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Food Gatherers’ Community Kitchen at the Delonis Center, located at 312 W. Huron Street in Ann Arbor. We request 5 volunteers for the first shift Noon–2:30 pm and 5 volunteers for the second shift from 2:30-5 pm. Email Yuni Aaron at to be included on the volunteer list.

Sparks of Our Flame - WTBE/Sisterhood


WTBE/Sisterhood Shabbat Weekend w/ Leslie Brier, WRJ Observer & UN Representative Friday, February 2 WTBE Shabbat Service | 7:30 pm Join us for this dynamic, annual service! The D’var Torah will be given by Leslie Brier, WRJ Observer at the United Nations.

President Noreen DeYoung VP Administration Trina Fuller VP Membership Ronnie Shapiro VP Programming Carol Milstein VP Fundraising & Social Action Yuni Aaron Treasurer Stephanie Newell Recording Secretary Tina Bissell

Saturday, February 3 Religious School Program | During Religious School Sessions Lunch | 12:30 pm | Morgan & York Discussion Session 1 | 2:00 pm | Leslie Brier will discuss her experiences representing Women of Reform Judaism as a non-NGO at the United Nations and more. Discussion Session 2 | 4:30 pm | Leslie Brier will talk about WRJ trends. Havdalah Service | 5:45 pm Fundraiser Dinner | 6:30 pm | Zingerman’s Deli WTBE is asking that all attendees support the YES Fund with a donation of $18 (or more). The lunch and dinner are dutch treat. Please RSVP to Bobbi Heilveil,, if you are planning on coming to lunch or dinner. Bring a check with you to Zingerman’s for $18, made out to WTBE with “WRJ YES Fund” on the memo line. Pre-Order Your Hamantaschen! Purim is just around the corner! We have all your favorite flavors. Visit to pre-order before February 18. All proceeds support WTBE, TBE Religious School and scholarships. Help WTBE Volunteer at Purim We are looking for volunteers the day before Purim to help bag everything and for help setting up for the carnival hamantaschen sale the day of Purim. Contact Janine Chey, or 734-649-9708, if you’re interested. WTBE Monthly Luncheon Wednesday, February 14 | 12:30 pm | Knights Steakhouse on Dexter Ave Contact Eva Taylor, 734-995-5700 or, to reserve your place at the table or for ride-share information. We welcome newcomers! WTBE Fiber Arts Mondays, February 5 & 19 | 7:30 pm | Westgate Library Everyone is invited to join the WTBE Fiber Arts group. Whatever your interest is, come and join us for a relaxing evening of schmoozing and creating. For more information contact Martha Weintraub,


Historical Novel Reading Group Monday, February 12 | 12:30 pm | TBE Library For a full list of this year’s books, with descriptions, see the WTBE website. For more information, contact Molly Lindner,, or Pat McCune, WTBE Monthly Board Meeting Thursday, February 15 | 7:30 pm WTBE Board Meetings are open to all WTBE members. Come and see what WTBE is working on.

Yes! I want to join the WTBE and share in the mitzvah of helping my community.

Name_____________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________ Phone________________ Email_ ______________________________ Please return this form with a check for $108, $72, $54 or $45 to the TBE office. $25 of each member’s dues support WRJ on the District and National levels. The higher amounts allow for more community participation and support. Please make your check payable to “Women of TBE” and mail to TBE, Attention: Women of TBE Membership.

Questions? Ronnie Shapiro,

Sparks of Our Flame - Brotherhood


Brotherhood Guys’ Night Out Thursday, February 15 | 6:30 pm Everest Sherpa Restaurant, 2803 Oak Valley Drive. Contact Bill Parkus,, if you’re interested in joining or have questions!

President Bill Parkus Treasurer Larry Yonovitz Marty Ludington Secretary Ralph Katz

TBE Brotherhood Attends World Premier of “Flint” Sunday, February 18 | 2 pm | Purple Rose Theater Join TBE’s Brotherhood for brunch at the Common Grill before the showing. Contact Bill Parkus,, if you have questions or would like to join. Men’s Talmud Study w/ Rabbi Whinston Thursday, February 22 | 7:30 pm | Room 16

Richard Corson richardcorson@ Jack Zaientz Website tbebrotherhood.weebly. com/

Other Important Dates Men’s Seder Thursday, March 22 | 6:30 pm | TBE Social Hall The time of this event has not been confirmed. More information coming soon! Brotherhood Shabbat Service Friday, May 11 | 7:30 pm | TBE Sanctuary

Membership Form 2018

We focus on what our membership really wants and needs. Past experience tells us that this does not appear to be monthly social meetings with speakers, deli trays and poker. The range of our events in the last few years is too big to list here, but we do know that an opportunity for fellowship will get attention and an email for help will get the job done. Check our website: Return form with check for $40 Name________________________________________________________ dues, optional $50, $75 to:

Address______________________________________________________ Phone_ ______________________________________________________ Email________________________________________________________ Questions? Contact Bill Parkus at

Temple Beth Emeth Attn: Brotherhood, 2309 Packard St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Donations Adult Education Fund Stephen & Wanpen Modell All TBE Funds In memory of Barbara Greenspan, Regina Levy, and Robert Greenspan, from Roy & Susan Guralnick. Barbara F. Heilveil Campership Fund Hillary Murt & Bruce Friedman BDFP Faith & Food Garden Edward & Ellie Davidson Gary & Rachel Glick In honor of Fran Weinstein’s special birthday, from Miriam Shaw. Meridel Avrin Susan Flinders Peter & Carol Freedman Doan In memory of Dorothy Wolff, from John & Susan Beckett. In honor of Ellie Davidson, from Charles & Miriam Davidson. In memory of Robert Faber, from Theodore & Naomi Harrison. Building Fund | Genesis In memory of Tom & Harriet Stern, from Deb Odom Stern. Mario & Naomi Spivak In memory of our mothers, Dora Stolzenberg & Tessie Horowitz, from Martin & Gale Stolzenberg. Cantor’s Discretionary Fund In appreciation of Cantor Hayut for her guidance with Ian’s Bar Mitzvah, from Gregory & Toby Lewis. Caring Community Fund In memory of Selma Cohen, mother of Robert Cohen, from Irene & Paul Adler. Rabbi Josh & Sarah Whinston In appreciation of the services provided to Eleyne Levitt’s recovery, from Marvin Brandwin.

In deep appreciation of Cantor Emerita Annie Rose, Bobbi Heilveil and all participants in the Caring Community, and Rabbi Whinston for re-invigorating the Mitzvah of Caring Community, from Eleyne Levitt. In honor of Cantor Emerita Annie Rose and Rabbi Josh for making it possible to be part of such a Caring Community, from Andrea & Bob Ludwig. In memory of Lori Shepard’s father, Joseph Mazza, from Andrea & Bob Ludwig. In memory of Debbie Merion’s mother, Helen Eisenberg, from Andrea & Bob Ludwig. In memory of Susan Orringer’s mother, Pauline Michaels, from Andrea & Bob Ludwig. Laura Wallace Gary & Rachel Glick Deborah Schild In memory of parents, Joan & Sol Goldstein, during their yahrzeit and as my appreciation for the many programs TBE offers to enhance my knowledge of Judaism, as well as support to me during my multiple health problems, from Marilyn Jeffs. General Fund Susan Fisher Steve Ratner & Nancy Szabo In honor of our dear B’nai Mitzvah Partner and dedicated Executive Director, SooJi. We will miss you. Virginia, Ruth & Nancy. In memory of William Barnett, from the Barnett Family. In memory of Hilda Katz Slosberg, mother of Eric Slosberg, from Ronnie Shapiro. In memory of Pauline Michaels, mother of Susan Orringer, from

Ronnie Shapiro. In honor of SooJi Min, from Ronnie Shapiro. In memory of Susan Orringer’s mother, Pauline Michaels, from Marilyn & Marty Lindenauer. In gratitude to SooJi for her contribution to the congregation, from William & Merrily Hart. In memory of Pauline Michaels, mother of Susan Orringer, from Marvin Kirsh. In memory of Myra Robbins & Sidney Robbins, from Stuart & Joyce Robbins. In memory of Bella Kadis, from Alfred & Joan Kadis. In honor of my parents, Jenny & Hershal Rubin, at the time of their yahrzeit, from Fran Weinstein. In memory of D.J. Sweeny Kimball, H. Lawrence Kimball, and Sadye Eisen, from Edward & Martha Kimball. In memory of Selma Cohen, mother of Robert Cohen, from Charlene Yudowin. In memory of Selma Cohen, from Fredric Tulsky. David & Margaret Hannon In appreciation of Marianne Aaron, from The Hankin Family. In memory of Selma Cohen, mother of Robert Cohen, from Ronnie Shapiro. In memory of Burton E. “Burt” Belzer, father of Mike Belzer, from Ronnie Shapiro. In memory of Boni Steinberg Barnofsky, sister of Burt Steinberg, from Ronnie Shapiro. In memory of Selma Cohen, mother of Robert Cohen, from Al & Joan Kadis. Todd Morgan & Wendy Lawrence In memory of Bernard Lewis, father of David Lewis, from Ronnie Shapiro. In honor of Ken & Emily Wachsberger, from Shirley Wachsberger.

13 General Fund-Year-End Ronnie Shapiro John Heidema & Karen Karl David & Barbara Heilveil Stephanie Newell Peter & Carol Freedman Doan Marc & Ronna Taub Donald & Julia Levitt Keith Cezat & Eliza Callow Elaine Yeglic & Sue Rauschl Margaret Pooler Zelma Weisfeld Edward & Mona Goldman Martin & Gale Stolzenberg Steven Friend Harvey & Deborah Juster David Uhlmann & Virginia Murphy Len & Leslee Meltzer Howie & Lisa Saulles Arthur & Renata Wasserman Library Fund In memory of Albert “Pete” Pickus at the time of his yahrzeit, from Nancy Pickus, Miriam, Peter, Matthew and their families. In memory of Selma Cohen, mother of Robert Cohen, from Marianne & Ron Aaron. In memory of Selma Cohen, from Laurie & Jeffrey Barnett. In memory of Bernard Lewis, father of David Lewis, from Ron & Marianne Aaron.

14 Music Fund In honor of the birth of Marisa Kowalsky & Dan Myers’ son, Everett, from Debbie & Bob Merion. In honor of Alison Arena’s birthday, from Debbie & Bob Merion. In honor of Ilene Burk & Steven Kowalsky’s new grandson, Everett Reuben Myers, from Debbie & Bob Merion. In memory of Susan Orringer’s mom, Pauline Michaels, from Linda Grekin. In memory of Selma Adler, from Richard & Yuni Aaron. In honor of Hugo Adler, from Richard & Yuni Aaron. In memory of Cantor Hugo & Selma Adler, from Ron & Marianne Aaron. In memory of our grandmother, Josephine Katz, at the time of her yahrzeit, from The Chey Family. In memory of Michael Smith. May his love of music live on, from David & Mary Anne Beltzman.

Donations Continued Music & Spirituality Endowment In honor of Rosie’s engagement, from Debbie & Bob Merion. Stephen & Wanpen Modell Oneg Fund Eva Taylor Ronnie Shapiro In memory of Edward Yonovitz, from Lawrence & Mary Yonovitz. In memory of Peter & Dorothy Wolff, from John & Susan Beckett. In memory of Charles Fry and Jack Ludington, fathers of Kathy and Marty Ludington, at the time of their yahrzeit, from Kathy and Marty Ludington. In memory of my father, Albert Weiner, from Deborah Weiner. In loving memory of Laurence Alan Boxer, M.D. from Grace, David, Emily, Hugo, Olympia, Michael and friends. Dave & Susan Ostreicher Peter & Carol Freedman Doan

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund In appreciation of Rabbi Whinston for his guidance with Ian’s Bar Mitzvah, from Gregory & Toby Lewis. In memory of Pauline Michaels, mother of Susan Orringer, from Alan & Bette Cotzin. In memory of Selma Cohen, mother of Robert Cohen, from Jack & Fran Weinstein. Steven & Claudia Bennett Louis & Julie Nagel With appreciation to Rabbi Whinston for a great time at Temple Beth Emeth with our Ann Arbor family, Mike, Rebecca, Sarah and Heather Shriberg, from Gary & Nancy Schneider. In memory of Paul Elden, from Odie Elden. In memory of Margaret Elden, from Odie Elden. In memory of Joseph Lansky, from Odie Elden. In memory of Hattie Lansky, from Odie Elden. Douglas & Joy Ensor In memory of Selma Cohen, from Elise & Jerry Herman.

Contribution Form—TBE Donations

Please find enclosed $________ as a donation to the ________________ _____________________________________________________________ Fund in honor/memory of_______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ TBE Funds: Adult Education, Building, Cantor’s Discretionary, Caring Community, Flower, L’dor V’dor Endowment, Isaac and Pearl Levine Educational, General Fund, Genesis Landscape, Library, Melvin & Lois Levy Endowment Fund, Memorial Garden Care, Oneg Fund, Music Fund, Music & Spirituality Endowment, Rabbi Whinston’s Discretionary, Religious Education, Professional Development Fund in Honor of Ronnie Simon, Social Action, Social Action for Alpha House, Back Door Food Pantry, Spiritual Life, Year of Torah,Youth, Youth Scholarship Fund, Mitzvah Day. Sisterhood Funds: College Connections, Barbara F. Heilveil Campership Fund, Sponsorship Fund. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Religious Education Fund With thanks to Rabbi Daniel Alter for participating in the re-interment of my father, Simon Mike, from Judy Gourdji. Ronnie Simon Professional Development Fund In memory of Edgar Coapman, from Rebecca & Fred Hankin. Social Action Fund In memory of Arthur Glick, from Gary & Rachel Glick. In memory of Peter Wolff, from John & Susan Beckett. In memory of Menja Tomas, from James Hallock & Cilla Tomas. In memory of Selma Cohen, mother of Robert Cohen, from Randie Levin.

Please send acknowledgement to: Name_ ____________________________ Address____________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Donor’s Name __________________________________ Address____________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________


Yahrzeits February 2 & 3 Florence Abrams Minna Adler Esther Adler Hedwig Bach Mel Barclay Arnold Bennett Lenore Bernstein Rachel Bonnewit-Sons Molly Charson Margaret Elden Rose Freedland Edith Freeman Evelyn Freiband Jean Gentile Albert Goldstein William Gordon, Jr. Arthur Graine Dora Grossman Mickey Haskin Stella Herman Rose Holiber Robert Horowitz Sidney Kantor Matthew Lambert Pearl Levine Essie Lichtenstein Julian Lichtenstein Ethel Liebowitz Jack Lipman Margaret Little Bernice Mark David Marsh Eva Mendelsohn Jeanette Morganstern Harry Newman Milton Offen Ruth Reed Maria Rozenfeld Wierba Jenny Rubin Mollie Sacks Bernard Schwartz Franklin Simon Fay Singer Arnie Spellman Morris Sprung Philip Stein Daniel Sweeney Roza Trompetter-van Dam Rose Wagner Thayer Warshaw Seymour Yarows

February 9 & 10 Sam Bass Ruth Berger Kathy Boxer Kate Brann Arthur Broeking Max Charson Edgar Coapman Geraldine Cohen George Cook Robert Dietz Hy Eisenberg Lloyd Elden Esther Fisher Michael Freeman Max Friedman Eva Friedman Carl Friedman Rae Goldsmith Anne Gordon Arthur Greenspoon Dorothy Hart Miriam Hilfman Larry Hiss Harry Kaplan Alfred Klunover Aliene LeSueur Beth Levine Frieda Lieberman Benjamin Lindenberg William Lipson Samuel Markel Caroline McDermott Jason Miller Woong Shik Min Lee Nisenson Sidney Palay Jennie Partee Edith Rosenberg Alice Sivak Sarah Tilman Randolph Weber Murray Weintraub Shirley Zimmerman Sam Zirinsky

February 16 &17 Beatrice Adler Siegfried Alexander Ben Bonnewit Simon Borowitz Renee Brower David Caeser Harry Cohen Warren Freiband Paul Friedlander Boris Gankin Morris Goldman Janos Gombosi Henrietta Hamburger Sol Handwerger Rachel Harrison Julian Hurwitz Lydia Jacobs Raymond Kanagur Justin Kestenbaum Zina Kira Joseph Kores David Kronick Leonard Linkner Gloria Litwack Harry Lurraine Irwin Morrison Milton Perlin Sam Pickus Rose Price Earl David Roberts Mary Rubin Sol Sachs Charnee Schatel Susan Schwartz Irwin Schwartz Tibor Sivak Tova Springer Jakob Tomas Lucia Veetees John Waidley Stella Weisfeld Tore Wilensky

February 23 & 24 Rachel Barnett Anne Bass Harvey Bertcher Harry Bornstein Glenda Brodkey Judith Bruell Elsie Bubash Lori Burchman Abraham Copeland Marion Davidson Lillian Fagin Vivian Fealk Ralph Freedman Lena Gitterman Yvette Glick Ida Goldberg Ruth Rose Gramet Robert Greenley Beatrice Hertz Steven Hymans Jane Joseph Walter Juda Roslyn Kolins Charlotte Levendosky Dee Ann Levine Hyman Mark David Markowitz Vincent McMahon Richard Meisler Sophie Meskin Louis Miller Neal Millman Rochelle Mizrahi Sola Modell Harry Orringer Eva Pritzker Mitchell Shaw Nathan Silverman Donald Sklar Katherine Stewart Bronia Stone Jack Sundelson Sarah Sunshine Goldie Taylor

May their memories be for a blessing. Cemetery Lots | Cremation Spaces The Temple maintains burial lots and cremation spaces at Arborcrest Cemetery and Washtenong Memorial Park. Please contact any committee member to arrange a site visit or to make a purchase by phone or for any questions about the cemetery. Lots and cremation spaces may be purchased over a three year period with no interest. TBE Cemetery Committee: Ken Handwerger, 662-0154; Andrea Ludwig, 302-3335; Gary & Harriet Charson, 528-1061; Marty Ludington, 269-967-1556; Ronnie Simon, 429-5935; or Gretta Spier, 662-3250.

Temple Beth Emeth 2309 Packard Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

* Save the Date * TBE Community Seder on the 5th Night of Passover Tuesday, April 3

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February 2018 Bulletin  
February 2018 Bulletin