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Dear Temple Beth El Families,


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Just as a record can be played at different speeds, the rhythm of the Jewish people exists at multiple rotations per minute. There are some Jews who practice the structured self-assessment of prayer three times a day, a constant reminder to stay on the beat. There are others who observe the regular ritual of Shabbat, stepping back from their lives on a weekly basis to assess the direction in which they are heading. There are some who gaze upward, witnessing the cycle of the moon, climaxing at Rosh Chodesh, the new month. And there are others who structure their Jewish lives around the shelosh regalim – the three pilgrimage festivals of Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot, mimicking the cadence of our ancestors traveling to the temple in Jerusalem. Three times a day, once a week, once a month, three times a year, the record spins according to its will. But the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur exist as a meeting point, the sequence in the rhythm in which all Jewish people fall into sync. We detach from our daily routines and schedules to ask the foundational questions which often go untouched and unanswered: Who am I? Where am I going? What is the difference between where I am and where I wanted to be one year ago?


TEMPLE STAFF JONATHAN JAFFE Senior Rabbi MAURA H. LINZER Rabbi-Educator GENNIFER KELLY Executive Director ELIZABETH GOLDMANN Interim Cantor RABBI NORMAN COHEN, Ph.D. Scholar-in-Residence HOPE BLAUNER Early Childhood Director

The pause in the beat of the High Holy Days represents the pinnacle of Jewish continuity and observance. It is one thing to ask these questions by ourselves. It is another entirely to stand in community as each of us chart the course of our lives. The music stops so that those of us who have fallen off track can reacquire the lost rhythm. Even if we know where we are heading, we wait until every member of our community has the opportunity to make tikkun – adjustments to get us back on track. And once we as a people have regained our footing, the music starts up again, as we move forward with greater intention and understanding of purpose. And so we arrive to this moment, once again; inhabitants of an eternally spinning sphere, keeping time within the universe we inhabit. We wish you a meaningful and transformative High Holy Day season. Shanah Tova,


Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe

A Proud Member of the URJ


TOP 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIGH HOLY DAYS AT TEMPLE BETH EL THIS YEAR 1. We are honored to welcome Cantor Richard Cohn, Director of Hebrew Union College’s School of Sacred Music, to serve as our High Holy Day Cantor. As a teacher of cantors, we look forward to welcoming Cantor Cohn and benefiting from his presence. 2. Our early and late Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur morning services offer subtle Stylistic Differences. The earlier (9:30 am) service will feature our professional quartet alongside Cantor Cohn while the later service (12:00 pm) will add our lay-led choir to the mix. In addition, children and lay members will lead the shofar blowing during the earlier (9:30 am) Rosh Hashanah service while Larry Mendelowitz and Kayla Singer will sound the shofar at the later (12:00 pm) service. 3. Sermon Schedule: Rabbi Jaffe will deliver the sermon on both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur morning services. Rabbi Linzer will speak at Kol Nidre. Both Rabbis Jaffe and Linzer will share the pulpit on Erev Rosh Hashanah. For Yom Kippur afternoon, we have again invited congregants to share their thoughts on the grieving process and their memories of their loved ones in lieu of a traditional sermon during the Yizkor service. 4. As services for families with children preschool age and below take place at 9:00 am, We Are Also Continuing On-Site Parking for Families with Infants and Strollers, allowing families to attend this participative 30–minute service, check their children into childcare, and then attend our congregational morning service on both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur morning. 5. Once again, we are proud to offer Childcare for Ages 2-6 during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Morning Services under the auspices of the Early Childhood Center from 9:30 to 11:15 am for a suggested donation of $18 per family per day. On Rosh Hashanah morning, parents will have the option to bring their children into services for the shofar blowing. For more information, go to 5. On both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, our 9:00 am service for preschoolers and infants and afternoon Family Services for Elementary School Aged Children Are Open to NonMembers. Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors to join us at Temple Beth El and get a taste of our amazing community. Our 5:00 pm Yizkor service is open to the public as well. Find tickets on our website 6. As has become our custom, the Yom Kippur afternoon service will be led by Temple Beth El Scholar in Residence Rabbi Norman Cohen, Ph.D. In addition, Rabbi Cohen will deliver the sermon. 8. We are excited to offer a new model of engagement for the Second Day of Rosh Hashanah in the beautiful outdoors. Rabbi Jaffe will lead a one-hour walk in Gedney Park from 10:30-11:30 am, while Rabbi Linzer hosts our families with young children for a playdate at the Gedney Park Playground. We will meet for an 11:30 am Second Day Tashlich at Gedney Pond and then a BYO community picnic. 9. The congregation is invited to the annual Sukkot Open House at Rabbi Jaffe’s Home from 2:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturday, October 7. We look forward to seeing you there! 10. The High Holy days continue into October with a festive Shabbat service in the sukkah on Friday, October 6 and a community-wide Simchat Torah celebration on Friday, October 13 including the full unrolling of the scroll, as well as, Israeli dancing.





Saturday, September 16 5:00 pm Lecture and Discussion with Abigail Pogrebin 6:15 pm Havdalah and Desserts 6:45 pm Service & Study


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EREV ROSH HASHANAH Wednesday, September 20 8:00 pm Sanctuary with choir ROSH HASHANAH DAY Thursday, September 21 9:00 am Young Children’s Family Service in Social Hall 9:30 am Sanctuary with quartet* 12:00 pm Sanctuary with choir 2:30 pm Family Service in the Social Hall for families with children in K-3rd grades 3:30 pm Snack (happy birthday world cake) in the Klein Courtyard 4:15 pm Tashlich Service at Gedney Park ROSH HASHANAH 2nd DAY Friday, September 22 at Gedney Park 10:30 am Casual hike with Rabbi Jaffe (meet at dock) Playground time for families with young children with Rabbi Linzer 11:30 am 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Tashlich 12:00 pm BYO Picnic


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EREV SUKKOT Wednesday, October 4 6:00 pm BYO Dinner in the Sukkah 7:00 pm Erev Sukkot Services SUKKOT Friday, October 6 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 6:15 pm “Pizza in the Hut” Dinner 7:15 pm Sukkot Family Shabbat Service RSVP for dinner on our website: SUKKAH OPEN HOUSE Saturday, October 7 2:00 pm Open House at Rabbi Jaffe’s home



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KOL NIDRE Friday, September 29 6:00 pm Sanctuary with quartet 8:15 pm Sanctuary with choir YOM KIPPUR DAY Saturday, September 30 9:00 am Young Children’s Family Service in Social Hall 9:30 am Sanctuary with quartet* 12:00 pm Sanctuary with choir 2:00 pm Meditation Service 3:00 pm Afternoon Service with Rabbi Dr. Norman Cohen 3:30 pm Family Service in the Social Hall for families with children in K-3rd grades 5:00 PM Yizkor 5:45 PM Neilah Concluding Service 6:15 PM Havdalah and break-fast snack * Babysitting available during our 9:30 am services Sign up on our website:

SERMON SCHEDULE: Erev Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah Kol Nidre Yom Kippur Morning Yom Kippur Afternoon


Rabbis Jaffe & Linzer Rabbi Jaffe Rabbi Linzer Rabbi Jaffe Rabbi Cohen, Ph.D.

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SIMCHAT TORAH Friday, October 13 5:00 pm Simchat Torah Service with Consecration and BESTY Installation 6:00 pm Dessert, Drinking, & Dancing SIMCHAT TORAH STUDY Saturday, October 14 9:00 am Simchat Torah Text Study with Yael Seidemann

USHERS NEEDED FOR SERVICES Please sign up to volunteer on our website:

SELICHOT FEATURING AUTHOR ABIGAIL POGREBIN Saturday, September 16 5:00–6:15 pm Lecture and Discussion with Abigail Pogrebin 6:15–6:45 pm Havdalah and Desserts 6:45–7:45 pm Selichot Service Who Knew that Early Atonement Could Deepen It? Abigail Pogrebin will join us to observe and unpack Selichot – one of our leastunderstood, but potentially most-heart-opening holidays. Pogrebin is the author of the widely acclaimed new book, My Jewish Year: 18 Holidays, One Wondering Jew, which gets at why these milestones are still relevant -- even urgent -- in our modern moment. She took this deep dive into the Jewish calendar because she was frustrated by her level of ignorance and looking for the kind of transcendence she saw other people having. So she decided to experience “The Iron Man” of Jewish observance: researching, experiencing and writing about every Jewish holiday in the calendar, no matter how obscure the liturgy, no matter how countless the fasts. After interviewing over 60 rabbis and scholars, after sampling every service from Renewal to Orthodox, she landed in a very different spiritual place-- with revelations that are as intriguing as they are inspiring. Following the lecture, join us for Havdalah and desserts before the Selichot service in the sanctuary. Feel free to attend any or all parts of the evening’s schedule.

PREPARING FOR THE HIGH HOLY DAYS Music of Renewal: Preparing for the Days of Awe with Cantor Richard Cohn Sundays, September 10, 2:00–3:00 pm September 17, 11:30am–1:00 pm (with lunch) High Holy Day Cantor Richard Cohn will lead a twopart exploration of the spiritual journey of the High Holy Days, experienced through the music we sing at Temple Beth El. Cantor Cohn will orient us not only to the melodies, but also toward meaningful connections of heart and mind to the prayers of the season. Please join us for this unique opportunity to learn alongside the Director of our movement’s cantorial program!

Shofar Blowing Workshop with Expert Shofar Blower, Larry Mendelowitz Tuesday, September 12, 6:00–6:30 pm Thursday, September 14, 5:45–6:15 pm As children and adults alike are invited to blow shofar at the 9:30 am Rosh Hashanah morning service as well as both the 9:00 am and 2:30 pm family services, we are offering the opportunity to train with congregant and shofar blowing expert Larry Mendelowitz. Both sessions take place after the close of Religious School in order to encourage our kids to participate. Together, we will go over shofar blowing technique as well as the calls utilized on Rosh Hashanah so that all volunteers are prepared to lead our congregation on Rosh Hashanah.


ROSH HASHANAH Sundown Wednesday, September 20 through Friday, September 22 The Jewish New Year is a time for both joy and self-examination. We gather as a community to celebrate creation, the miracle of life, and our own inner potential for renewal. On Erev Rosh Hashanah, it is customary to set a festive table with candles, challah, and wine; and to invite guests for a pre-service meal. The challah for Rosh Hashanah is round, signifying the cycle of the year. It often has raisins as a symbol of fruitfulness. Apples or challah are dipped in honey, representing our hope for a good and sweet year. Services in both the evening and the morning are beautiful expressions of hope and change in the year to come. The Machzor is the special prayerbook used during the High Holy Days. It contains prayers written over thousands of years that express each generation’s way of seeking God’s presence in their lives. The Machzor is not a catechism, a statement of faith. Rather, it is a starting point that can inspire you to begin praying your own prayers. In the midst of our large community, take the time to turn inward and begin your own private encounter with Holiness. It is always a mitzvah to give tzedakah to worthy causes, but on Rosh Hashanah this mitzvah takes on added significance. Open the gates of renewal with your generosity.

TASHLICH AND SECOND DAY ROSH HASHANAH AT GEDNEY PARK Tashlich Thursday, September 21 at 4:15 pm Gedney Park Pond In the ritual of Tashlich, we cast away crumbs of bread as a symbol of those feelings of guilt, anger, remorse, and sadness which we have carried in our pockets throughout the past year. Throughout the centuries, Jews have traveled to the nearest body of water on Rosh Hashanah afternoon to perform this ritual. As in past years, we will gather at the Gedney Park pond overlook for shofar blowing, songs, and the casting of bread crumbs. Congregants of all ages (and their pets) are welcome to join us!


Rosh Hashanah 2nd Day at Gedney Park Friday, September 22 10:30 am 11:30 am 12:00 pm

Casual hike with Rabbi Jaffe (meet at dock) and Playground time for families with young children with Rabbi Linzer 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Tashlich BYO Picnic

We are excited to offer a new model of engagement for the second day of Rosh Hashanah in the beautiful outdoors. Rabbi Jaffe will lead a one-hour walk in Gedney Park from 10:30-11:30 am, while Rabbi Linzer hosts our families with young children for a playdate at the Gedney Park Playground. We will meet for an 11:30 am Second Day Tashlich at Gedney Pond and then a BYO community picnic.

NEW YOM PROGRAMS KIPPUR AFTERNOON LEARNING & ADDITIONAL SERVICES TITLE Sundown Friday, September 29 through Saturday, September 30 Yom Kippur is a day of grandeur, when the call of the majestic evening prayer Kol Nidre beckons us all to join together and let our longings and prayers combine in a powerful expression of hope. It is a reflective day that asks us to look deeply at the path of our lives. It is also an optimistic day because, at its essence, it believes that no matter our stage of life, we have the power to change and turn to a better, more meaningful direction. It is customary to have a beautiful meal at home before Kol Nidre. At the evening service we wear our tallit because Yom Kippur is considered to be one continual day. This day is filled with multiple opportunities for deep prayer, reflective music, study opportunities, more intimate prayer environments, and a Yizkor memorial service. We conclude with a participative Neilah service and communal break-fast.

Afternoon Service with Scholar-inResidence, Rabbi Norman Cohen, Ph.D. 3:00–4:45 pm The afternoon provides us with additional opportunities to reflect upon the past year while also exploring central Jewish themes of loss, renewal, and redemption. Our afternoon service, co-led by Rabbi Norman Cohen and Cantor Cohn, includes both the reading of the Book of Jonah as well as an indepth discourse led by our esteemed Scholar in Residence. The Rabbi Norman Cohen, Ph.D. afternoon liturgy touches on moments of Jewish martyrdom and isolation. We remember the legacies and histories of those upon whose shoulders we stand as a Jewish community. The ritual include both somber and exulted moments, as we assess another year added to the annals of Jewish history.

Memorial Yizkor Service 5:00 pm Neilah Concluding Service 5:45 pm

Reflections on Yom Kippur: A Meditative Service 2:00–3:00 pm Did you know there is a link between meditation and Yom Kippur? During this thoughtful time for reviewing our lives and turning to spiritual renewal, Jewish mindfulness meditation can be a helpful vehicle. Meditation can bring us into fuller conscious awareness, calm us and enable us to gain some perspective on our lives so we can make better choices. Whether you have never tried meditation or are an experienced meditator, please join us for a unique short service, which will include periods of guided meditation. This contemplative mindfulness meditation service, which is the creation of the Temple’s Friday morning meditation group, will be held in the Youth Lounge at 2:00 pm on Yom Kippur afternoon.

The Yizkor service is a beautiful tradition of remembering beloved family members and friends who have died. If you wish to have the name of a family member who has died since last Yom Kippur read during Yizkor, but have not previously recorded the name with the temple, please call the office so that we can include that person. We conclude Yom Kippur with Neilah when we hear the final sounds of the shofar. The brief, beautiful Havdalah service before we break fast together takes place in our outdoor courtyard and is one of the sweetest moments of the holiday season.


HIGH HOLY DAY FAMILY SERVICES We offer Family Services for both Elementary and Preschool age children and their families. We begin with a brief and age appropriate service for our youngest congregants at 9:00 am. Our Family Services geared to K-3rd grade children takes place at 2:30 on Rosh Hashanah and 3:30 pm on Yom Kippur. These services, which run about an hour, are open to both members and non-members. Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors to join us at Temple Beth El and get a taste of our amazing community! Friends and neighbors can get tickets on our website In addition, at 8:30 am for our 9:00 am service we offer on-site Parking for families with infants/strollers.

HIGH HOLY DAY CHILDCARE We are proud to offer Childcare for Ages 2-6 During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Morning Services under the auspices of Early Childhood Center from 9:30 to 11:15 am for a suggested donation of $18 per family per day. On Rosh Hashanah morning, parents will have the option to bring their children into services for the shofar blowing (we will make sure to give fair warning of when to bring in your child during services). For more information, go to

VOLUNTEER TO USHER AT HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICES Please let us know when you are available to usher on our website: Don Safferstein will be chairing our usher corp again. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him at


SUKKOT Sundown Wednesday, October 4 through Tuesday, October 10 Sukkot celebrates both the fall harvest and our deeper connection to nature. It is a joyous season that symbolizes our people’s redemption and God’s protecting presence as they wandered through the wilderness. Sukkot is one of the most physically beautiful holidays because of the sukkah (temporary booth) that we decorate with symbols of the harvest, and the lulav and etrog, which we shake as we pray for a good season of rain. Wednesday, October 4 6:00 pm BYO Dinner in the Sukkah 7:00 pm Erev Sukkot Services Friday, October 6 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 6:15 pm “Pizza in the Hut” Dinner RSVP for dinner on our website: 7:15 pm Sukkot Family Shabbat Service Saturday, October 7 2:00-4:00 pm Open House at Rabbi Jaffe’s home

SIMCHAT TORAH Friday, October 13 5:00 pm Simchat Torah Service with Consecration and BESTY Installation 6:00 pm Dessert, Drinking, & Dancing Saturday, October 14 9:00 am Simchat Torah Text Study with Yael Seidemann Simchat Torah, as the name states, is a time to rejoice in the Torah. This is one of our most joyful services as we dance with the Torah. We consecrate our new students and BESTY Youth Group leaders as they stand on the bimah under tallesim held by teachers and leaders, and finally together we hold up the Torah as it is completely opened and we read the final verses of Deuteronomy and the first lines of Genesis. Come one and all to celebrate the renewal of learning in our community!


WELCOME NEW TBE STAFF Cantor Elizabeth Goldmann, Interim Cantor Cantor Goldmann began working at Temple Beth El on July 1 and already this summer has been leading services and training our B’nei Mitzvah students. There will be many opportunities for you to meet her in September at Shabbat Services or Religious School tefilah. Most importantly, we hope you’ll stop by at our Meet & Greet with Cantor Goldmann which we are calling a Mimosa Brunch Reception on Sunday, September 17 at 9:15 am. You can contact Cantor Goldmann at ext. 1316 or

Jason Stringer, Building Operations Manager Jason Stringer began working at Temple Beth El in June and dramatic things are happening all over our building in thanks to his leadership and guidance. Just wait till you see the Sanctuary’s pews and chairs, the newly renovated classrooms in the religious school area, and the patched & painted parking lot. When you see him, give him a big pat on the back or just say hello! His office is located off the Sanctuary at the north side, near the lift. You can contact Jason at ext. 1325 or jstringer@bethelnw. org.

Susan Edelstein, Development Coordinator Susan Edelstein just began working at Temple Beth El this August and is already part of our staff team. She comes to us with years of development and fundraising experience; just what we need at this juncture. Susan will be working three days a week and her office is next to Cantor Goldmann’s. Susan will be attending services, programs and events to get to know our community; when you see her, please be sure to introduce yourself. You can contact Susan at ext. 1317 or

SECURITY UPDATE by Gennifer Kelly, Executive Director The safety and security of everyone in the temple building is our number one priority. While our House Committee has always been on top of protocols, policies and equipment in this regard, in light of the threatening calls the JCC received last year, the leadership of the temple made the prudent decision of establishing a Security Advisory Committee (SAC) with the specific charge of assessing our current and ongoing practices and advising the board. In the spring the SAC hired Global Elite Group to do an assessment of our facility. We are thrilled to let you know that we fared very well, however there were (as expected) suggested improvements to consider. As a point of security, we can’t and won’t go into specifics; however, we can and will keep you up to date on the details we can divulge. One suggestion made was to put this communication box in our monthly newsletter to update the congregation and make sure you know that we are continuously assessing the safety and security at TBE. Another few suggestions you may see in place when you come into the building next time, while other new equipment behind the scenes you won’t see. And lastly, a new security team has been hired to be on site when the children are in school. For the safety of all, please drive slowly through the parking lot, don’t park or leave a car standing in the fire lanes, remember to use your fob or sign in at the front desk when you arrive during school or business hours, and during those times don’t hold the door open for the friendly person behind you. Remember, here too, if you see something – say something!



SAVE THE DATE! NEW! Countywide Westchester Jewish Community Adult Education Retreat with Rabbi Shai Held, President of Mechon Hadar Saturday Evening, February 3 - Sunday lunch, February 4 DoubleTree Hotel, Tarrytown Participants can choose to attend a la carte lectures or book hotel rooms and meals. Tentative Schedule Saturday 5:30 pm Opening wine and cheese reception 6:30 pm Havdalah 6:45 pm Dinner 8:00 pm Teaching 1 9:30 pm Drinks and Desserts

Sunday 8:30 am 9:30 am 10:30 am 11:00 am 12:30 pm 2:00 pm

Breakfast Teaching 2 Break Teaching 3 Lunch End



A series of lectures and concerts highlighting the diverse and dynamic culture of the Jewish state. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification and the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which laid the foundation for the creation of a Jewish state, we are proud to welcome a series of prominent speakers and activists to Temple Beth El. All events are free and open to the public.

Can Israel Be Both Jewish and Democratic? Friday, October 20, 8:00 pm

with Noga Brenner Samia, Deputy Director, BINA Secular Yeshiva, Tel Aviv BINA (meaning “understanding”) offers gap year, volunteerism and study programs for progressive Jews in Israel and abroad. Situated in the heart of Tel Aviv’s immigrant Florentine neighborhood, BINA also provides vital services and support for Tel Aviv’s burgeoning population of East African refugees.

Richard and Lee Laster Annual Lecture Series Presents: Dr. Tal Becker Friday, October 27 through Sunday, October 29 with Dr. Tal Becker, Deputy Legal Advisor, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Tal Becker is a Senior Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and serves as a senior member of the Israeli peace negotiation team, including in the last round of talks mediated by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Dr. Becker has been a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, senior policy advisor to Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, a lead negotiator and drafter in the Annapolis peace talks, director of the international law department at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, counsel to Israel’s UN Mission in New York, and an international law expert for the Israel Defense Forces. Dates: Friday, October 27 at 8:00 pm: Shabbat Service with Guest Speaker, Dr. Tal Becker Saturday, October 28 at 10:00 am: “Adult Swim” Service Presentation, with Q&A following the service Sunday, October 29 at 9:30 am: Brunch with Guest Speaker, Dr. Tal Becker

Spiritual responses to the Political Situation in Israel Sunday, November 5, 9:30 am

with Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman, Founder of Congregation Kol Haneshema Please join us to examine texts (and anecdotes) that convey the reality of life in Jerusalem. We live with the tension of a constant security threat yet we are committed to basic Jewish values. Physical survival can conflict with moral survival. What does it mean to make aliyah, be a committed Zionist and a founder of Rabbis for Human Rights? No easy answers in this session.

Chanukah Concert with Beit Tefilah Yisraeli Thursday, December 14, 5:15 pm with Tel Aviv’s Preeminent Progressive Congregation

Beit Tefilah offers a creative, innovative and inclusive Jewish-Israeli community that has redefined Jewish participation for a generation of secular Israelis, attracting thousands of Israelis and visitors to the Tel Aviv port for their festive and participative shabbat services.



with Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe Dates: October 7, 21; December 2,16; January 20

Saturdays, 9:00 am

with Rabbi Maura Linzer Dates: March 3, 17; April 21; June 2, 16

Saturdays, 9:00 am with Yael Seidemann

Yael Seidemann has years of experience teaching Torah at Solomon Schechter Day School in White Plains. We are thrilled to welcome her back as a guest teacher. Dates: October 14; November 4, 18; December 9; January 6, 27; February 10; March 10; April 14; May 8, 12; June 9, 23

SUNDAY MORNING ADULT EDUCATION Unpacking the Structure and Meaning of Jewish Liturgy Sundays, 9:15–10:30 am with Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe

The siddur or prayer book constitutes a seminal collection of Jewish theology, poetry and literature. However, the motifs, metaphors and allusions which serve as building blocks of Jewish prayer often go unnoticed by the casual observer. This five part series will focus on the liturgy of Shabbat through structure and meaning. No Hebrew knowledge or prior experience required. Join us as we discover the hidden gems awaiting us within Jewish liturgy.

Is Science Replacing God? Sundays,9:30–11:00 am with Rabbi Geoff Mitelman

As CRISPR helps us edit genes, new technology floods us with reams of new information instantly, and immortality seemingly within our grasp, is science replacing God? What happens as our ethical and religious structures struggle to keep up with the latest findings and developments in science and technology? Can science even replace religion as a source of meaning and ethics? Dates: January 21, 28, February 11

Dates: October 14; November 12; December 17; March 4; May 6

Jacob, Rachel and Leah - Genesis 28-32: The Challenges of Every Family Sundays,10:30 am–12:00 pm with Rabbi Norman Cohen, Ph.D.

Through the interpretation of the Biblical text, Rabbi Cohen will help us confront some of our own struggles as human beings today. As we look at the intrigue and challenges inherent in these Biblical narratives through the prism of Midrash, the rabbinic process of finding contemporary meaning in the Bible, we will ask how these ancient stories can speak to each of us, as husbands, wives, parents, children, significant others and friends. Dates: April 15, 22, 29


PROGRAMS & SERVICES Shabbat Services Friday, September 1at 5:00 pm* *Note the earlier service time

Friday, September 8 at 8:00 pm Friday, September 15 at 8:00 pm Friday, September 22 at 5:00 pm* *Note the earlier service time

Save the Date! First Friday Family Shabbat Celebrating Sukkot Friday, October 6

Just Announced: Save the Date! Friends of the IDF and Temple Beth El invite you to a special briefing with Avi Melamed Thursday, September 28 7:30pm Avi Melamed is the former Israeli senior official on Arab affairs, intelligence official and educator. RSVP is required. Please RSVP to Jamie Sunkin

5:45 pm Tot Shabbat 6:15 pm “Pizza in the Hut” Dinner 7:15 pm Sukkot Family Shabbat Service RSVP for dinner on our website:

EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER HIGHLIGHTS September 6 Playground Playdate: Temple Tots 9-10am 7 Playground Playdate: 2’s 9-10am, 4’s 10:15-11:15am & 3’s 11:30-12:30pm 8 Classroom Visits 10 Back to Shul/School BBQ, 3:00 pm 11 First Day of School Five Day 2’s, 3’s & 4’s 13 First Day Three Day 2’s 13 Curriculum Night 7pm for 2’s, 3’s, 4’s 14 Beth El Babies 9:15am 18 First Friends Begins 19 3’s Welcome Coffee Date with Hope 9:15am 20-22 No School – Rosh Hashanah 21 Rosh Hashanah Young Family Service 9am 26 Pre-K Begins 26 4’s Welcome Coffee Date with Hope 9:15am 27 2’s Welcome Coffee Date with Hope 9:15am 29 No School – Yom Kippur 30 Yom Kippur Young Family Service 9am October 2 Enrichment Session 1 Begins 5 Sukkot Celebration Pre-School 9:15am 9 No School – Columbus Day 17 Sparkle-For-A-Cause, Crabtree Kittle House 7pm 31 No School – Staff Development Day


RELIGIOUS SCHOOL HIGHLIGHTS September 7 Ice Cream Social 8-12th Grades 10 Back to Shul/School BBQ, 3:00 pm 11 5th & 6th Grade first day with parent orientation & 7th Grade first day 12 3rd (Tuesday)/ 4th Grade - first day with parent orientation and Larry Mendelowitz Shofar Blowing Class 14 Larry Mendelowitz Shofar Blowing Class 17 K – 3rd Grade first day with parent orientation 21 No School – Rosh Hashanah October 1 No School 5 No School – Sukkot 8-9 No School – Columbus Day 9 8-12th Grade Teen Bonfire 13 Simchat Torah Service with Consecration for all new students 16 8-12th Grade first night 22 K-4th: Bronx Zoo Trip 31 No School

PROGRAMS & SERVICES Are You Ready for Thanksgiving (Already?) by Dick Goldsmith

Each year we conduct a food drive at Yom Kippur to provide food for those less fortunate in Westchester. We call those folks food insecure. But let’s call it what it is - hunger. Believe it or not, here in Westchester, those people number 20% of our population - 200,000 people. Half are children and 25% are seniors. Many go to bed hungry at night and to school hungry in the morning. I volunteer time at the Food Bank for Westchester which distributes food to 300 pantries, soup kitchens, schools and other programs. The other day the head of the volunteer programs told me “the food we collect from temples from their Yom Kippur food drives make or break Thanksgiving.” That’s right, what we contribute on Yom Kippur determines if a family will have a decent, or any, Thanksgiving meal. This year, when you get your bags at Rosh Hashanah, please fill them and bring them back on Yom Kippur. It means so much to so many. Thank you and I wish you good health and happiness in the New Year.

Join the TboomErs to participate with other TBE members who are “empty nesters” in fun, active events! Over the past year, the TBoomErs have organized the following: a trip to Arthur avenue, Storm King Art Center, Bridge lessons, a cooking lesson at Henckels and a tour of the Lower East Side/East Village. Nearly 90 people took advantage of these events. We are in the process of planning activities for the upcoming year including: chocolate making, cooking at Henckels (again!), a tour of Grand Central Station, cooking for the Emergency Shelter partnership and others. If you would like to hear about our events first (some have limited enrollment) or even help to organize one, please email Stephanie Saltzman at TBoomErs is a group formed by temple members interested in new and fun experiences now that their children are out of the house. While the group is looking to facilitate connections among peers, all are invited and encouraged to join our activities.

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Every Friday at 9:30 am Please join us for meditation and discussion. All are welcome whatever your level of experience with meditation – including those who want to try it for the first time. The second Friday of every month meditation is led by Ruth Rosenblum, of Westchester Jewish Community Services.

Knitzvah Corps The Knitzvah Corps meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm at different member’s homes (to be determined). We find easy projects such as ear warmers, scarves, lap blankets, prayer shawls, etc. Everyone is welcome, regardless of knitting or crocheting ability. Come sit, socialize and help solve the world’s problems! All skill levels welcome! Questions? Contact Ellen Wlody: Anne Angowitz:

The remaining Fridays are led by members who attend regularly, and are composed primarily of silent meditation and a short discussion. The topics vary - they may include the Torah portion and its significance from a mindfulness point of view, writings related to meditation, etc. There is no charge for these sessions. Please – no fragrances. Questions? Contact Ann Glazer:


PASSOVER 2018 SPAIN TRIP Temple Beth El’s Family Trip to Jewish Spain with Rabbi Jaffe March 31 - April 7, 2018 Join us for an informational meeting on Monday, October 16 at 5:00 pm to learn about this special opportunity. Our congregation will be traveling to Spain over the week of Passover, 2018. The trip begins the morning after Passover seder and will visit centers of Jewish history - Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba and Grenada. Join us as we explore the center of Sephardic Judaism from 1,000-1,500 as we follow in the footsteps of Maimonides, Yehuda HaLevi and others who shaped modern Judaism. Along the way, we will enjoy the best of Spanish sites, culture, music and even food (levels of Passover observance may vary between participants). Please contact Rabbi Jaffe directly should you be interested in learning more at Vamanos! Saturday, March 31 DEPARTURE - Departure from JFK on Iberia Flight 6250 at 5:10 pm Sunday, April 1 BUENVENIDOS A ESPANA-WELCOME TO SPAIN! - Arrival at Barajas airport in Madrid at 6:10 am - Connect to Iberia Flight 3866 departing at 8:45 am - Arrival at Malaga at 9:50 am - Meet your Spanish Tour Leader and Keshet Jewish educator at the airport - Continue to Granada. Lunch stop (on own) en route - Outlook over the Alhambra from the Mirador de San Cristobal. Opening framing with Keshet educator. - Check-in at hotel - Welcome Dinner at hotel Overnight: Gran Luna de Granada Hotel Monday, April 2 GRANADA: CITY OF THE ALHAMBRA AND FLAMENCO - Tour the impressive Alhambra, a palace and citadel dating to the 14th century, whose design may have been inspired by the home of Shmuel ibn Nagrela Hanagid. Stroll through the beautiful Generalife Gardens - Visit to the Jewish Museum of Granada, located in the Realejo neighborhood which was once the Jewish neighborhood of the city - Flamenco Class at the Venta El Gallo Tablao Restaurant - See how Spanish guitars are made with a visit to a guitar luthier (if available) - Dinner and evening at leisure Overnight: Gran Luna de Granada Hotel Tuesday, April 3 FROM LUCENA TO CORDOBA - Depart for Cordoba - Stop for a dramatized guided Jewish history tour in Lucena, the Pearl of Sepharad The city of Lucena experienced a time of splendor during the Moorish occupation of Spain, when it became the main Jewish town of Al Andalus. There was an important Jewish university there, and many of its intellectuals subsequently travelled to Toledo to found the School of Translators. The co-existence of Christians, Jews and Arabs earned the city the name of “the city of the three cultures”. It is currently the second most important city in Cordoba Province after the capital. - Continue to Cordoba, check-in at hotel - Dinner and evening at leisure Overnight: Eurostars Palace, Cordoba Wednesday, April 4 CORDOBA-LA MEZQUITE & CASA DE SEPHARAD - Bnei Mitzvah ceremony at Casa de Sefarad—the House of Sepharad Museum and Cultural Center followed by a guided tour and short concert of Ladino music - Celebratory Lunch at Café Mazal in the historic Jewish neighborhood - Explore the rich interplay between Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultures and the impact of this cross


PASSOVER 2018 SPAIN TRIP fertilization on Jewish scholarship and tradition as we walk through the Old City - Visit the beautiful “La Mezquita” Cathedral Mosque - Tour of Jewish sites in Cordoba including Yehudah HaLevi Square, Statue of Maimonides, and Maimonides Synagogue at Plaza de Tiberiades - On-site learning: Revolution of Hebrew Poetry - Evening: Performance at the Royal Equestrian Stables (8:00 pm) Overnight: Eurostars Palace, Cordoba Thursday, April 5 TOLEDO - Depart for Toledo, once the most vital and powerful Jewish community in the world - Stop at the local sword shop which continues centuries-old tradition and now supplies many famous movies with swords - Option 1 (Adults): o Visit the Santa Maria La Blanca (Ibn Shushan) synagogue which was turned into a Church. o On-site learning: “Caught Between Two Worlds: Conversos, the Inquisition, and the Expulsion.” o Visit the El Transito Synagogue and Sephardic Museum. - Option 2 (Kids): Fly the longest zip line in Europe, from the Old City down below to the San Martin Bridge - Continue to Madrid, check in to hotel - Dinner and evening at leisure. Overnight: Paseo del Arte, Madrid Friday, April 6 MADRID - Option 1 (Adults): Morning exploration in the city with visits to the Royal Palace and guided tour of the Prado Museum. Option to explore the museum on your own - Option 2 (Kids): Visit to Canada Real Open Center in El Escorial, a center that cares for injured or sick animals until they are able to be released back to the wild - Lunch on your own and afternoon at your leisure - Kabbalat Shabbat with Comunidad Beit El, affiliated with the Masorti (Conservative) Movement - Shabbat/Chag Dinner at the hotel - Summary and conclusion session Overnight: Paseo del Arte, Madrid Saturday, April 7 DEPARTURE - Transfer to Barajas airport with Spanish Tour Director for returning flight to New York - Departure on Iberia Flight 6251 at 12:10 pm - Arrival JFK at 2:30 pm Optional Activities (for supplemental fees) Cordoba - Bike tour, 2 hours, approx. $40 per person - Horseback riding in the country side about 30 minutes outside the city for minimum 2 people and at most 10 people: 1.5 hour tour + pick up/drop off – approx. $70 per person Minimum age: 12 - Kayaking on the Guadalquivir River, 2 hours, Minimum age 8, approx. $25 per person Madrid - Karting at the Carlos Sainz Center 1 session (10 minutes) – approx. $30 per person 2 sessions (10 minutes each) – approx. $45 per person Bullfight and Futbol (Soccer) Game: Details to follow once the 2018 schedules are published. Please note that all of these rates are for the activities themselves (without transportation) with the exception of the Horseback Riding around Cordoba. Depending on the number of participants that elect to take part in each and their locations we may need to quote additional transfers for them or allow for travel on their own to/from the activities. These activities are also all pending availability on dates we select as they cannot be confirmed this far in advance.


CHAPPAQUA BOYS ARE THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES Earlier this year, Temple Beth El’s Alex Travin and his friend, Max Chwatko, received media attention for their praiseworthy activism utilizing their penchant for comedy. We are proud to share this coverage. Published May 25, 2017 by Peter D. Kramer, of On Thursday, two boys from Chappaqua return to Roaring Brook Elementary School like conquering heroes. After all, how many kids spend the day as the toast of 30 Rock, “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and The New York Yankees? Max Chwatko and Alex Travin, Roaring Brook third-graders, had put others before them, using their skills to serve others as pint-sized cancer-fighting comedians. They told jokes, some real groaners, to raise nearly $21,000 for cancer research. But on Wednesday, they and their families had a once-in-a-lifetime day. The Yankees had read about their selfless act on, how they were raising money to help kids like Max’s sister, Scarlett, kids diagnosed with brain tumors. The team wanted to honor them, as part of their weeklong HOPE Week — Helping Others Persevere and Excel. The day was, Max’s dad Rob said, “12 hours of non-stop reveals,” worked out over more than a month. It started with skipping school, an absence that will likely be excused. They were told they were going to make a day of it in the city before seeing the Yankees play. That would turn out to be an understatement. They took a car service to 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the home of “Saturday Night Live.” They were met there by Yankee players Brett Gardner, Chase Headley, Tyler Clippard, Tommy Layne and Aaron Judge. They clowned around with the Yankees, telling jokes they would repeat later at the stadium as the Bronx Bombers stopped by to sign four baseballs, two for the 8-year-old pals and two for their 6-year-old sisters, Scarlett and Serena. At “SNL,” Scarlett and Serena played “Beauty and the Beast” with the towering 6-foot-7-inch phenom Aaron Judge. “The girls have a crush on Aaron Judge,” Max’s mom, Robin, said. “They want him to come home for a sleepover.” The boys got to say the trademark “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” line that has launched the show for 42 seasons in Studio 8H. Alex told one of his favorite jokes, one that Clippard later repeated. Question: “How do you drown a hipster?” Answer: “In the mainstream.” “I thought that was pretty funny,” said Clippard, who was consigned to playing The Baker in the on-stage “Beauty and the Beast” remake. Then it was off to “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” where the kids did favorite skits — “The Tight Pants Dance” — and clowned around with Fallon as he played a girl who only says “Ewww.” Then, perhaps to secure that excused absence, they Skyped with Mr. Forsberg’s third-grade class back at Roaring Brook. Alex said they could see kids in the Chappaqua classroom jostling to get that much closer to the camera, to be closer to their friends who were oh-so-close to the Yankees. “They said it was the best day of their lives,” Alex said. Was this the best day of his eight years? He thought a bit. “Second best. First best was the day I was born. If I didn’t have that day, I wouldn’t have this day.” (Max agreed. Second best day.) A meeting with Girardi After lunch with the players was the trip to the big ballpark in The Bronx, where a highlight was seeing manager Joe Girardi, a fellow Westchesterite, wearing an orange Comedy Kids T-shirt. “That would have been enough,” said Alex’s mom, Alonna. “He had the biggest smile.” Hanging out in the dugout with Girardi, Max told a joke that might have seemed right at home in the dugout, if not delivered by an 8-year-old. It was about


CHAPPAQUA BOYS ARE THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES a woman and a kitchen. Skipper Girardi suggested the joke might lead Max to going hungry if it were repeated within earshot of his mother. He thanked the boys for the work they were doing. “I just think it’s great,” he said, chatting with them about how many weeks were left before summer vacation. There were interviews with the YES Network and MLB Network. Lots of questions and cameras. Before long, the four baseballs were covered in autographs: Aaron Hicks and Didi Gregorius and Headley and Gardner and Judge. Serena couldn’t resist decorating hers with a little heart. She said she wouldn’t be taller than Judge, even if she stood on her dad’s shoulders. Scarlett took it all in, her brightly colored fingernails clutching the baseball. The girls told their share of jokes, too. Low days, then this Rob and Robin Chwatko said the remarkable day was as high as it could be, after a year and a half of low days since Scarlett’s diagnosis. “We’ve been through many low days,” Robin said, her voice cracking. “Then ... there’s this.” Her husband continued the thought when Robin was unable to. “This year so far has been a lot of highs on the journey and this continues that,” he said. “Watching the boys get all these surprises as they unfold has been great.” Robin said the highlight of the day “was finding out that this was happening at all, because they deserve this recognition.” “They’re compassionate kids, funny kids — that goes without saying — they’re kind and they started this. There’s nothing better than connecting with people by telling them a joke,” she said. “That’s a connection you can’t find at a bake sale or a traditional fund-raiser.” Still, the scale was staggering. “To be recognized is one thing,” she said. “To be recognized on this level is mind-blowing.” Keepsakes, plus As recipients of pinstripe philanthropy, the boys were presented with an oversized check (actually, it was a DryErase check) for $10,000. They were given plaques to mark the occasion, and in a pre-game presentation, pitcher Layne draped medals around their necks. They then threw out the two first pitches of the game, side by side, and were given the balls as keepsakes. But there is one last HOPE Week token that will be shared with their entire school: The Yankees players recorded Thursday’s morning announcements to be played over the school’s P.A. system at 9 a.m. Robin Chwatko called that “the highest honor one can achieve in third grade at Roaring Brook Elementary.” The kids have a savvy media machine behind them, with a huge social-media presence and a website, www., which carries the tagline: “Making our world a little bit better and a lot funnier!” They’re branching out, too, adding a campaign at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Jimmy Fund. Kids can register to be a Comedy Kid, to help a charity of their choice or one of several the site suggests, including A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure, City Harvest, ASPCA, National Park Foundation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Shoes That Fit and Songs for Kids Foundation. They fill out a form and receive joke cards and two shirts. And Comedy Kids will help spread the word about their events on social media.





May 11–August 2, 2017

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READING TUTOR M.S. Ed., Ph.D. Remediation and support for children in grades K-4 experiencing reading difficulties. Phonics-based instruction with lots of reassurance and encouragement.

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The Ladder September 2017  

Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Bulletin - The Ladder - September 2017

The Ladder September 2017  

Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Bulletin - The Ladder - September 2017