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And Jacob dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to the heavens...

We are honored to welcome

Union for Reform Judaism President

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Saturday, May 6 10:00 am Details on Page 7

Mitzvah Day : Sunday, May 7 Spain Family Trip Passover 2018

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RABBI’S MESSAGE Takeaways from the AIPAC Policy Conference


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TEMPLE STAFF JONATHAN JAFFE Senior Rabbi STAR A. TROMPETER Senior Cantor MAURA H. LINZER Rabbi-Educator RABBI NORMAN COHEN, Ph.D. Scholar-in-Residence GENNIFER KELLY Executive Director HOPE BLAUNER Director, Beginning Years RICHARD F. ALBERT President

A Proud Member of the URJ


Last month, just as the cherry blossoms were coming into bloom, 16,000 of Israel’s most passionate supporters descended upon the Washington DC Convention and Verizon Centers. Over three days, hundreds of workshops, trainings and plenary sessions were held for the masses. As always, the conference featured prominent American representatives, including Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. Similarly, International leaders such as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed the crowd. In between, visitors perused the dozens of booths showcasing various startups in technological, environmental and social media fields. In all, Policy Conference constitutes both a celebration and reinvigoration of the Israel-US relationship. And I have to say, I am unabashedly a fan. I realize that in recent years, AIPAC has earned scorn from both sides of the political spectrum. When AIPAC provides a platform for then candidate Donald Trump to speak, or lobbies against the Iran nuclear agreement, AIPAC is criticized as an apparatus of the right. When AIPAC reiterates its support for a two state solution, despite Ambassador David Friedman’s comments to the contrary, or when it demurs from fighting the appointment of Chuck Hagel as President Obama’s Secretary of Defense AIPAC is criticized for acting from the left. Ultimately, AIPAC perseveres by maintaining a laser-sharp focus on connecting American political leaders of all persuasions to Israeli leaders of all persuasions. In this way, AIPAC struggles to serve Israel’s standing as a bipartisan priority. I fully recognize that this approach lacks the nuance of alternatives such as J Street, which openly advocates for specific Israeli policies. And while room for such alternatives is not only valid but healthy, AIPAC fulfills a core mission stemming from early in the 20th century. During the horrors of the Holocaust, the American Jewish community found itself woefully unprepared and ultimately unable to cajole the Roosevelt administration into greater involvement in Europe. Calls for simple actions such as bombing train tracks to the concentration camps went unheeded. In subsequent years, AIPAC emerged as a coordinated effort to establish long term relationships with American political leaders so that such capital could be called upon in times of need. This pattern was made evident in 2014, when AIPAC played an instrumental role in ensuring that Israel received US funding towards the development of Iron Dome batteries during the war with Gaza. In such moments, the otherwise often overlooked efforts of AIPAC are revealed as crucial. And when UN Ambassador Nikki Haley proudly promises to stop the endless bullying and haranguing of Israel by the UN Security Council, the AIPAC Policy Conference provides an opportunity for proper thanks and acknowledgment to be communicated.

RABBI’S MESSAGE As in past years, the Policy Conference concluded with a day of lobbying on Capitol Hill. I am proud that our own congregants Alex and Cheryl Ehrlich served as group leaders in speaking with Representative Nita Lowey, alongside Rabbi Linzer and thirty fellow Westchester residents. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand were both visited by groups of over 100 delegates as well. If all of this sounds interesting to you (and I sincerely hope it does!), I invite you to join me, Rabbi Linzer and our fellow congregants March 4-6, 2018 in Washington DC. Beyond the outpouring of support for Israel, you will be stunned by the level of coordination and sophistication that goes into a conference of this magnitude. Similarly, there is little that prepares you to sit in a room with 16,000+ fellow Israel supporters, including Jews of all ages and religious persuasions. It is an incredible experience of Jewish peoplehood. Should you like any further information, please contact me or Rabbi Linzer at your convenience. As we celebrate Israel’s 69th birthday as well as the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, I am excited and proud of the relationships strengthened through the recent Policy Conference and invite you to join us.


Rabbi Jaffe


BEGINNING YEARS ECC Professional Development Usually this space details what is happening with the children, but this month I will focus on a different topic. Instead, I’d like to highlight the incredible teaching staff and everything they’re doing to challenge themselves to continuously grow in their professional development. I find myself very fortunate to work alongside such a professional and hardworking group of educators. Here is an overview of all the work we are doing: Growth Meetings: The teachers and I meet multiple times throughout the course of the school year where we have one-on-one conversations. In these meetings, there is an opportunity for the teachers to think about specific aspects of their own practice and brainstorm strategies for growing those areas as the year progresses. My role is to observe the teachers in their classrooms, take notes and meet to discuss how they can achieve their goals. Friday Staff Meetings: Every Friday, our entire staff gathers for an hour and a half meeting. We consider this time very sacred because we are focusing on our practice, how we can grow as teachers. Throughout this year I’ve invited professionals to our meetings so the teachers can learn more about a particular subject. This year we’ve had visits from an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and the CPSE chair to talk to us about the evaluation process. We also met with a psychologist who specializes in challenging behaviors.


Team Meetings: The most important growth that our staff experiences is through dedicated time spent together as a teaching team and as an age-level team. Each teaching team meets weekly: reflecting, reviewing and planning. I look forward to spending time with each team so I can offer help and support whenever needed. It is my hope that this outline gave you some insight as to what the teachers are doing behind the scenes and how it impacts your child’s experience in the preschool. We care so much about your children and think they deserve the best. I’m so proud of our staff, they are such a strong and committed group of teachers.


Tot Shabbat Honoring BY Teachers at 5:45 pm Mitzvah Day No School - Parent Conferences No School - Memorial Day No School - Shavuot

Beginning Years Passover Tot Shabbat with “Guest Visitor” Moses

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Lots of Mitzvahs and Other Exciting Events at the Temple Beth El Religious School! By Ali Aizenstain, TBE Member and Religious School Parent What can be better than incorporating chocolate, games, restaurant outings and more into the Hebrew school curriculum? That’s tough to beat! There have been so many exciting activities, trips, engaging lessons and games, over the past several weeks through Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester’s Hebrew school program. All participants enjoyed their experiences thoroughly. Here’s a bit more on the students’ remarkable experiences. A chocolate lover’s dream come true...chocolate matzah, chocolate milk, chocolate everywhere the eye could see! Lily Harburger attended the Kindergarten through 4th grade seder and said, “I think it was very nice and I liked tasting all the different chocolates. The matzoh was clever because it was dipped in chocolate and then you got to dip it in more chocolate! My brother liked the chocolate bone, but it got him so messy”. According to Rabbi Linzer, Leslie Saland and Jodi Schwartz were huge assets in preparing for the 5th and 6th grade seder. Leslie reported that, “The chocolate seder, created by Rabbi Linzer, was such an original way for the 5th and 6th graders to experience the traditions, right down to the 4 cups of chocolate milk. Rabbi Linzer is such an asset to the synagogue and our children.” I think we can all agree with that for sure! The 5th Grade played an Israeli Coalition Game. Valerie Berman explained that, “Each student in the fifth grade was assigned to one Israeli political party in the Israeli Knesset and together with their classmates each group of students became experts on their assigned party. The students worked together and created a poster, slogan, as well as a short political statement stating why Israelis should vote for their party. The culminating event included the students forming their own coalition in the same, chaotic and stressful fashion that the Israeli coalition is formed. The students negotiated and argued among each other in an attempt to form a government without giving up their individual parties’ ideals. The students experienced the frustration and excitement of trying to form a government with parties who may have vastly different agendas, history and goals.” Furthermore, Jason Friedman a 5th grade student commented that, “The Israeli Coalition Game required us to work together to succeed which made the game a lot of fun”

6th Graders Learn About Kashrut at Ben’s Deli The 6th graders went on a trip to Ben’s kosher deli in Scarsdale. YUM! Not only was it extremely educational, but the food was out of this world! Rabbi Linzer said the students had an opportunity to learn about the regulations involved in a kosher kitchen, prayers, koshering the meat, etc. Students even got to step into a gigantic freezer and taste the delicious meat the restaurant serves. Ella Dundas exclaimed, “It was my first trip to a kosher deli, and it was interesting to see that it was more of a restaurant than a deli.” Looking forward to all of the wonderful events, coming up in the next few weeks, as Hebrew school winds down before summer.


Introduction to Genesis Teen Program for 7th Graders and their parents 8-15-8:45 PM Reverend McNair visits 9th Grade 5 Tot Shabbat with K Participation Teacher Appreciation Shabbat, honor graduating seniors, Kehillah award winners, and madrichim 8 Last day of class for 8th-12th Grade 11 6th Grade Program – Funeral Lifecycle 14 Ora Fructer Puppet Show for 4s, K, 1st grade 15 7th Grade Last Day 21 Last Day K- Sunday’s 3rd Grade – Theater Showcase Finale 23 Last Day Tuesday’s 3rd Grade / 4th Grade – Theater Showcase Finale 25 Last Day 5th/6th Grade – Theater Showcase Finale


RELIGIOUS SCHOOL During the months of March through May 7th graders learn about the Holocaust. This year we had an amazing opportunity to listen to Dr. Harvey Moser’s survivor story. Dr. Moser was on the voyage of the St. Louis in 1939. After the St. Louis was turned away from Cuba and the United States, it had to sail back to Europe. Dr. Moser’s family had to wait for visas to eventually get to America. His story of resilience at such a young age had a tremendous impact on our students. Thank you letters to Dr. Moser: “Thank you so much for telling us about your amazing story. I am so fascinated by your journey to the United States. You must be really brave to tell your story in front of so many people. Thank your giving us this great experience.” “Thank you for coming to our synagogue and speaking to us. I loved hearing your story. It is sad to think that soon there won’t be anyone with first-hand knowledge of the Holocaust. I loved your story about the State Department apologizing to you. I really thought it was amazing that your story took you back and forth from safety and danger and from country to country. It must take so much courage to come here and tell the story in front of us. I just want to say thank you for this amazing experience.”

ADULT EDUCATION Giving Her a Voice: Listening to and Learning from Remarkable Women of the Bible Saturdays 8:45–9:45 am with Cantor Star Trompeter

Compelling women who have helped shape the narrative of the Jewish people are embedded throughout the Torah. However, the text itself often does not capture the true complexities of these dynamic women. Similar to last year’s six session course, we will focus on the ways in which women are portrayed in the text, as well as alternative ways to interpret the text. Rather than focusing on the Torah portion of the week, we will explore specific biblical women who have made a significant impact through the eyes of various commentators, both traditional and contemporary, as well through the Women’s Torah Commentary. Dates: May 13: Hagar May 20: Rachel May 27: Rebecca & Leah

ANNUAL MEETING OF THE CONGREGATION Monday, May 8 at 8:15 pm Please visit to view the following: - The slate of Officers and Trustees for 2016/2017 as presented by the Nominating Committee to the Board of Trustees for election at the Congregation’s Annual Meeting - The meeting’s agenda - The biographies of those on the slate - The committee reports


SERVICES & PROGRAMS First Friday Family Shabbat Friday, May 5 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat with K Participation and Honoring Preschool Teachers 6:15 pm Shabbat Family Dinner 7:15 pm Family Shabbat Worship Service with Religious School Teacher Appreciation

Shir Shabbat Friday, May 12 at 8:00 pm Pro-neg at 7:30 pm Join us in the Social Hall for Cantor Trompeter’s final Shir Shabbat! Cantor Trompeter and Keith Robellard have collaborated on an exciting musical journey so that we may celebrate Shabbat entirely through song. There is a professional band with keyboard, violin, clarinet, and drums. Adults and children of all ages are encouraged to attend. You won’t want to miss this month’s Shir Shabbat!

Join us as we thank our teachers, madrichim, and celebrate the years of service for Rhoda Abzug. For more information and to RSVP:

Special Shabbat Morning Service with Union for Reform Judaism President Rabbi Rick Jacobs Saturday, May 6 10:00 am We are honored to feature the President of the Reform Movement, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, who will speak on the state of our movement and current priorities and efforts. Rabbi Jacobs’ presentation will take place within a festive, B’nei-Mitzvah free Shabbat morning service, featuring Torah reading and Cantor Trompeter accompanied by our full band. We invite you to join us in celebrating Shabbat, learning from the leader of our movement, and sticking around for lunch and discussion. A longtime and devoted creative change agent, Rabbi Jacobs spent 20 years as a the spiritual leader at Westchester Reform Temple (WRT) in Scarsdale, New York. Prior to his tenure at WRT, Rabbi Jacobs served the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, where he founded and co-directed the first synagogue-based homeless shelter in New York City. He was ordained in 1982 by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) in New York. Rabbi Jacobs has served on the boards of Jewish organizations in the community-at-large, including American Jewish World Service, UJA-Federation of New York, and, since its inception in 1996, Synagogue 2000 and its successor, Synagogue 3000.

Shabbat Worship Service Friday, May 19 at 8:00 pm Shabbat Worship Service Friday, May 26 at 8:00 pm Tikkun Leil Shavuot An Evening Study for Shavuot Tuesday, May 30 at 6:00 pm with Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe

As the holiday of Shavuot celebrates to reception of Torah at Mount Sinai, it is traditional for Jews to come together in evening study to celebrate the holiday. Please join us for a Shavuot themed study session with Rabbi Jaffe. We will also recite kaddish for those observing Yizkor. In addition, Shavuot is typically celebrated with milk and cheese products to symbolize the life giving quality of Torah to the Jewish people. Therefore, our study session will be followed at 7:00 pm by cheesecake, cheese blintzes, cheese and crackers and wine. We look forward to learning and celebrating with you!


MITZVAH DAY Our Collection Drives: Boxes are located in the temple lobby for all temple members to drop off their donations.

Sunday, May 7 9:30 am – 1:00 pm We hope you will join us in our high-spirited, community-wide day of Tikkun Olam on Mitzvah Day! 9:30 am: Session 1 Activities Begin 10:30 am: Session 2 Activities Begin 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm: Thank You BBQ and Ice Cream Truck Register on our website by May 5: Our Fundraising: Come via a dirty car! Drive through our car wash on your way to breakfast, an activity, or just passing by the temple. Come hungry to our bake sale (or make something for the table - Visit our Mitzvah Day homepage to sign up!) Buy a stylish Mitzvah Day t-shirt for yourself and/ or your child to decorate. ($10)

For the Pajama Project: NEW Children’s Pajamas & Books For the Book Drive (new or slightly used): New Infant Board Books Children’s Picture Books, hard or soft cover. Middle Grade Chapter Books and Young Adult Books (ages 12-18 ): Series books such as Henry and Mudge, Harry Potter, Goosebumps, Thomas the Train, the Twilight series, Dragon Books, Clue Books, Cam Jansen, Amelia Bedelia, and Mike Lupica Sports Books, Beverly Cleary Books. Adult Books: Fiction, Nonfiction, Mysteries, Cook Books, Knitting/crocheting. For Camp Project: Beach & shower towels, duffel or overnight bags, back packs, rain coats & boots, sunscreen, insect repellent, sleeping bags, shower caddies & full size toiletries Thank You BBQ & Ice Cream Truck at 12:00 pm After all your hard work…join your friends, Captain Forrest Sussman and his cast of grillers out on the Klein Courtyard for hearty lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, chicken, and salads (with all the fixin’s)! Then come get dessert treats from our visiting ice cream truck!

Buy a reusable shopping bag ($4). Decorate it; then take it home or donate it to the High Holy Day food drive.

Questions? Contact the Mitzvah Day Committee: Amy Knox: Fred Robin: Stacey Stambleck:


MITZVAH DAY ACTIVITIES Description of 9:30 am Activities Gedney Park Beautification Gardening & Planting at Gedney Park. Planned along with the New Castle Parks and Recreation Department. Cottage School Planting Party Come for an afternoon of planting to beautify the campus with at the Pleasantville Cottage School, a coed residential treatment center for children. Ronald McDonald House* Prepare and serve a lunch for families at the Ronald McDonald House in Valhalla. *This activity has a limited capacity and begin at 9:00 am

Description of 10:30 AM Activities (All located at the temple) Car Wash Join our youth group, BESTY, as we create the TBE car wash in our temple parking lot. For safety reasons, all car washers must be over age 13. On Mitzvah Day, drive your car through the back to lot to give it a little sparkle! Treats for Shelter Pets Help make cat toys and dog treats for animals of the SPCA shelter in Briarcliff. The Pajama Project Bring a new pair of pajamas and/or new book. We’ll wrap the gifts and make cards and bookmarks as part of a national Pajama Project for disadvantaged children. Our gifts will be distributed to the Women’s Shelter in Chappaqua. Camp Kits The Katonah Community Center helps send children off to sleep-away camp via scholarship and supplies. With items collected via the congregation’s donations, we will create “kits” for the kids to go off to camp with along with cards of encouragement. Mitzvah Day Shirt Decorating After you purchase your t-shirt, why not make it unique! Crafters will be on hand to show you how to cut your shirt and add some frills!

Activities in the temple’s Social Hall: Nursery School Activity Specifically for our preschoolers and their families. Cooking for Neighbors Link at TBE Cook a warm lunch for Neighbors Link, the Mount Kisco based organization whose mission is to strengthen the community by actively enhancing the healthy integration of recent Latino immigrants. No-Sew Shawl Preparation We will be making shawls for the Caregiver Center at Westchester Medical Center. Family members staying overnight with patients are given shawls to stay warm in the hospital. In the first hour we will be preparing the material; in the second hour we will be making the shawls by cutting and knotting the fabric.

Keeping Green with bag Decorating After you purchase your reusable shopping bag, decorate it to give it some flair. Shopping bags are yours to keep, or donate them back to the High Holy Day food drive. Throughout the Day: Bone Marrow Registry. Stop by the bone marrow registry table through the course of the day for a quick and easy saliva swab, which will be sent to the “Delete Blood Cancer” national registry. We look forward to seeing you on May 7!


TIKKUN OLAM Refugee Resettlement Update for Temple Beth El By Fred Robin, TBE Member One of Tikkun Olam’s activities has been working with the Northern Westchester Interfaith Coalition for Refugee Resettlement, which is a group of faith organizations including synagogues, churches and the Upper Westchester Muslim Society. The Interfaith Coalition will be helping to resettle a refugee family that will arrive in the next several months. Most refugees come from countries in the Middle East and Africa such as Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and the Congo. The family will be resettled in an apartment in Ossining, but we will not know the make-up of the family until 2 weeks before their arrival because of the way the resettlement process works. To prepare for their arrival, temple members can help in a number of ways. Please let us know if you have any of the following skills and would like to volunteer • Teacher or tutor • ESL teachers • Drivers to transport family members to appointments, job interviews, and other events • Businesses in the community that might have employment opportunities As specifics about the family composition become known, there will be needs to collect clothing, diapers, cribs or children’s furniture, and toys and recreational supplies. In addition, although initial funding has been raised to help with the family’s housing needs, including a generous contribution from our own clergy’s discretionary fund, there may be further fund raising needs. If you would like to volunteer or are interested in becoming more involved with the temple’s refugee activities, please contact our refugee committee members, either Leah Alani at leah.f.alani@gmail. com or Fred Robin at



SPAIN FAMILY TRIP 2018 Announcing Temple Beth El’s Family Trip to Jewish Spain with Rabbi Jaffe March 31 - April 7, 2018 Our congregation will be traveling to Spain over the week of Passover, 2018. The trip begins the morning after Passover seder and will visit centers of Jewish history - Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba and Grenada. Join us as we explore the center of Sephardic Judaism from 1,000-1,500 as we follow in the footsteps of Maimonides, Yehuda HaLevi and others who shaped modern Judaism. Along the way, we will enjoy the best of Spanish sites, culture, music and even food (levels of Passover observance may vary between participants). Please contact Rabbi Jaffe directly should you be interested in learning more at Vamamos! Proposed itinerary: Saturday, March 31 DEPARTURE -Departure from JFK or EWR Sunday, April 1 BUENVENIDOS A ESPANA-WELCOME TO SPAIN! -Arrival at Barajas airport in Madrid and connect to flight to Granada or Sevilla if possible. -Meet your Spanish Tour Leader and Keshet Jewish educator at the airport -Stop for lunch on the way (included meals will be vegetarian and “Kosher friendly”) depending upon arrival airport and time. -Outlook over the Alhambra from the Mirador de San Nicolas. -Check-in and Welcome Dinner at hotel Overnight: Gran Luna de Granada Hotel Monday, April 2 GRANADA: CITY OF THE ALHAMBRA AND FLAMENCO -Tour the impressive Alhambra, a palace and citadel dating to the 14th century, whose design may have been inspired by the home of Shmuel ibn Nagrela Hanagid. Stroll through the beautiful Generalife Gardens. -Visit to the Jewish Museum of Granada. -See how Spanish guitars are made with a visit to a guitar luthier. (if available) -Flamenco Class at the Venta El Gallo Tablao Restaurant (1 hour) followed by dinner and Flamenco Show. Overnight: Gran Luna de Granada Hotel Tuesday, April 3 FROM LUCENA TO CORDOBA -Depart for Cordoba -Stop for a dramatized guided Jewish history tour in Lucena, the Pearl of Sepharad The city of Lucena experienced a time of splendor during

the Moorish occupation of Spain, when it became the main Jewish town of Al Andalus. There was an important Jewish university there, and many of its intellectuals subsequently travelled to Toledo to found the School of Translators. The co-existence of Christians, Jews and Arabs earned the city the name of “the city of the three cultures”. It is currently the second most important city in Cordoba Province after the capital. -Continue to Cordoba, with Check-in at hotel and time to rest and freshen up. Overnight: Eurostars Palace, Cordoba Wednesday, April 4 CORDOBA-LA MEZQUITE & CASA DE SEPHARAD -Bnei Mitzvah ceremony at Casa de Sefarad—the House of Sepharad Museum and Cultural Center followed by a guided tour and short concert of Ladino music. -Explore the rich interplay between Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultures and the impact of this cross fertilization on Jewish scholarship and tradition as we walk through the Old City. -Visit the beautiful “La Mezquita” Cathedral Mosque. -Tour of Jewish sites in Cordoba including Yehudah HaLevi Square, Statue of Maimonides, and Maimonides Synagogue at Plaza de Tiberiades -Celebratory Dinner Café Mazal in the historic Jewish neighborhood. Overnight: Eurostars Palace, Cordoba Thursday, April 5 TOLEDO -Depart for Toledo, once the most vital and powerful Jewish community in the world. -Visit the Santa Maria La Blanca synagogue which was turned into a Church -Visit the El Transito Synagogue and Sephardic Museum -Continue to Madrid and Check in to hotel -Dinner and evening at leisure. Overnight: Paseo del Arte, Madrid Friday, April 6 MADRID -Morning exploration in the city with visits to the Royal Palace and guided tour of the Prado Museum. Option to explore the museum on your own. -Lunch on your own and afternoon at your leisure -Kabbalat Shabbat with Comunidad Beit El, affiliated with the Masorti (Conservative) Movement -Shabbat Dinner at the hotel or with the Beit El Community Overnight: Paseo del Arte, Madrid Saturday, April 7 DEPARTURE -Breakfast at the hotel. Summary and conclusion session. -Transfer to Barajas airport with Spanish Tour Director for returning flight to New York -Arrival at JFK For more information, please visit our website:


B’NEI MITZVAH Appears in print only


B’NEI MITZVAH Appears in print only

YOUTH GROUP Calling all 8th-12th Graders! Join us for a fun filled day at Lake Compounce When: Saturday, May 13 Bus will depart Beth El at 9:30 am Cost $50 includes ticket, locker, and transportation RSVP by May 10th to

Attention TBE Teens Looking for an amazing job this summer? If you’re 18 or older and enjoy working with children, become a camp counselor at Beginning Years. To set up an interview, please send your resume to Hope Blauner, Director at



March 21–April 26, 2017 Barbara Pollack Mitzvah Day Fund Perry & Sandy Levine in memory of Nathan Levine Richard & Dianne Spitalny in memory of Abraham Spitalny Beginning Years Early Childhood Center Fund Eric & Michelle Dinenberg in honor of the birth of Charlie Mayer Dinenberg Steve & Linda Ochser in memory of Morris Dobkin Steve & Linda Ochser in memory of Dorothy Ochser Betty & Jack Bader Adult Education Fund Ann Meiselman in honor of Norman Cohen Caring Community Fund Jeff & Barbara Becker in memory of Fred Becker Marge Carty in memory of Hannah Wolff Ronni Diamondstein in memory of Joan Epstein Bill & Sandy Flank in memory of Alan Rolle John & Barbara Heffer in memory of Martin Stern Dovia Lerrick in memory of Alan Rolle Ann Meiselman in memory of Joan Epstein Ann Meiselman in memory of Mel Wolfson Opportunity Shop in memory of Melvin Wolfson Larry & Wendy Wolf in memory of Alan Rolle and Melvin Wolfson Chai Fund Richard Findling & Dina Katz in memory of Max Findling Sylvia Waksman in memory of Murray Waksman Clergy’s Congregants in Need Lew & Paula Beckenstein in memory of Edith Green Ellis & Rae Zimmer Fund For Children In Need Marge Carty in memory of Hannah Wolff Victor & Suzanne Rosenzweig in memory of Dotza Rosenzweig Ken & Judy Sagat in memory of Clark Rush Amy & Sam Resnick Family Fund For Adult Jewish Study Susan Friedman-Pearsall in memory of Samule Elman Dave & Bunny Center Family Mitzvah Endowment Fund Charlene Berman in memory of Joan Epstein Charlene Berman in memory of Alan Rolle Charlene Berman in memory of Mel Wolfson Torat Chayim: A Youth Enrichment Endowment Fund Mickey Pintchman in memory of Melvin Wolfson Flower Fund Joseph & Adele Browdy in memory of Miriam Safro Marge Carty in memory of Hannah Wolff Richard Findling & Dina Katz in memory of Max Findling Jeffrey & Debra Geller in memory of Minnie Marron Dick & Lucille Goldsmith in memory of Gertrude Goldsmith & Hilde Colling Victor & Suzanne Rosenzweig in memory of Dotza Rosenzweig Gregory Altman Music & Arts Fund Dyke & Joan Kolbert in memory of Mel Wolfson Mickey Pintchman in memory of Pearl Lavender


YAHRZEITS May 1-6 Max Allen Alan I. Cohen Samuel Elman Bert Elson Evelyn Frisch Evelyn Frisch Selma Glassgold Florence Klein Irene Leventhal David Mayer Eva Miller Irving Rosanes Charles Sol Rubin Sidney Sauerhaft Irving Sisman Noah Trustman Sylvia Waldman May 7-13 Harry Beckenstein Bess Berkowitz Edna Clayman Leonard Franklin Emanuel Ginsburg Larry Gordon Leonard Greenberg Samuel Kass Sydney Kaufman Irving Mann Audrey Michaels Irvin Munowitz Ira Potashner Mannie Ray Rose Reisner Thomas K. Saltzman Samuel Schnitzer Marvin Seigel Rhoda Dwork Sillins Abraham Singer Theodora A. Smith George Stabler Becky Tucker Bernard Weiler Audrey Winer David Wolfson Alexander Zamshnick May 14-20 Herman Berman William David Bleier Stanley Breslow Rose Cohen Richard Deutsch Charles Ehrlich Jacob Falbaum Dolores Ferencz Ignatz Ferencz Regina Ferencz Sandy Fishman Lipman S. Gerber Mollie Ginsburg Martin Goldberg Mary Green Ethel Harris

Israel Jerome Harris Madeline Hecklinski Moshe Herzl Hocherman Lee Kaliner Marilyn Keller Ruth Kesselman Howard Kolbert Milton Mann Ronald Meiselman Edward Meyer Marvin Nachlis Burton Pariser Esther Pestreich Morton Rosenthal Arthur Rosin Jacob M. Seiler Martha Siedman Dora Spitalny Helen Weigle Sondra White May 21-27 Gregory Altman Philip Beckerman Morris Benzer Eugene D. Berlind Frederika Borchard Herbert Cohn Jack Dorman Bella Elbaum Belle Ferentz Isaac Fuchs Florence S. Gordon Henry Grubel Edna Guinzburg Jacob Heinick Robert Held Leonard Kirsch Fanny Levison Joseph Levy Max Levy Jeanette Moskowitz Miriam Passerman Edith Robin Tillie Rosen Bernard Sandler Jay Schlackman Shumel Solomon Martha Storch Jacob Ely Cutler Wagshul Milton Weinreb Samuel G. Weisman May 28-31 Thomas Aczel Adell Agatston Jacob Bass Irving H. Biren Clara Brauner Samuel C. Cohen Saul Grossbard Everett Kabalkin Sally Katz Paul & Fannie Opal William Jerome Rabin

JOYS & SORROWS May 28-31 (Continued) Vera Rosenzweig Ruth Saltzman David Spielman Rose A. Tauber Fanny Vielie

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HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES TO Anthony Accordino on the death of his wife, Ronnie Accordino Dan Bass on the death of his brother, Michael Bass Enid Wolfson on the death of her husband, Mel Wolfson

!aeh lfn

CONGRATULATIONS TO Crystal Darby & Max Smotritskiy on the birth of their son, Caleb Benjamin Smotritskiy

dax dcez

OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE SPONSORING ONEGS Jonathan & Bonni Freeman Jason & Wendi Gordon Stuart Katz & Jenny Pariser Brian & Melinda Margolies Jeff & Debbie Samberg Quint Smith & Jackie Meyers-Smith

Knitzvah Corps The Knitzvah Corps meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm at a different member’s home (to be determined). We find easy projects such as ear warmers, scarves, lap blankets, prayer shawls, etc. Everyone is welcome, regardless of knitting or crocheting ability. Come sit, socialize, and help solve the world’s problems! All skill levels are welcome! Questions? Contact Ellen Wlody: Anne Angowitz:

RECENT GIFTS (Continued) Israel Action Special Fund Jeff & Barbara Becker in memory of Fred Becker Prayer Book Fund David & Janis Adler in memory of Muriel Adler Rabbi Educator’s Discretionary Fund Susan Friedman-Pearsall to honor the marriage of Daniel and Jessica Ruzow Susan Friedman-Pearsall in memory of Dorothy & Phillip Elman Senior Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund David & Jennifer Gefsky Rich & Jane Zenker Lew & Paula Beckenstein in memory of Edith Green Marge Carty in memory of Hannah Wolff David & Jennifer Gefsky in memory of Ralph Gefsky Steven & Alice Greenwald in memory of Florence Greenwald Charles & Eve Poret in memory of Pearl Poret Dorothy Tauber in memory of Robert Tauber Enid Wolfson in memory of Mel Wolfson Tikkun Olam/Social Justice Fund Heidi Auerbacher & Ilene Benjamin in memory of Mary Benjamin Tributes Ken & Judy Sagat Yom Hashoah Fund Jonathan & Maxine Ferencz in memory of Joan Ferencz Richard Findling & Dina Katz in memory of Max Findling

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Every Friday at 9:30 am Please join us for meditation and discussion. All are welcome whatever your level of experience with meditation—including those who want to try it for the first time. The second Friday of every month meditation is led by Ruth Rosenblum of Westchester Jewish Community Services. The remaining Fridays are led by members who attend regularly, and are composed primarily of silent meditation and a short discussion. The topics vary— they may include the Torah portion and its significance from a mindfulness point of view, writings related to meditation, etc. There is no charge for these sessions. Please—no fragrances. Questions? Contact Maxine Olson: Ann Glazer:





From weddings and life-cycle events to private gatherings, business functions, and lectures, Temple Beth El’s stunning new facilities provide an exceptional setting for all types of special occasions and events.

For rental inquiries or to schedule a tour of our facilities, please call 914.238.3928. We look forward to helping you create a memorable event. For more information, please visit




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Temple Beth El Portraits Donated by Jessica Paschkes Located on the Second Floor Wall, across from the Social Hall



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M.S. Ed., Ph.D. Remediation and support for children in grades K-4 experiencing reading difficulties. Phonics-based instruction with lots of reassurance and encouragement.







Jonathan Jaffe


Maura H. Linzer

Senior Cantor

Star A. Trompeter

Executive Director

Gennifer Kelly

TELEPHONE EXTENSIONS 1311 1316 1121 1321 1323 1320 1322 1221 1120 1110 1300

Senior Rabbi

Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe Senior Cantor Star Trompeter Maura H. Linzer, Rabbi-Educator Gennifer Kelly, Executive Director Jaclyn Dubray, Administrative & Life-Cycle Coordinator Leslie Aufieri, Executive Assistant to Gennifer Kelly & Communications Coordinator Ann Testone, Bookkeeper Hope Blauner, Early Childhood Ed. Director Judi Meyer, Religious School Assistant Joni Gehebe-Kellogg, Youth Coordinator Life-Cycle Emergency

Director of Hope Blauner Beginning Years ECC BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS

Richard Albert President

Amy Robin

Executive Vice President

David Abrams Vice President

Marc Fried

Vice President Submissions should be e-mailed to Deadlines are the 5th of the month prior to the month of issue: September, October, November, December/January, February/March, April, May, and June.

Steve Ochser

Published by the congregants of Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester.

Stephanie Saltzman


Janet Levy

Leslie Aufieri

Vice President

Rhonda Regan Vice President Vice President Treasurer

Robert Klein WE ARE AN INCLUSIVE CONGREGATION Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester welcomes all who wish to participate in Jewish life – singles, couples and families in all their forms, gays, lesbians, interfaith couples – all people regardless of age, sexual orientation, or financial means. The synagogue is a kehilah kedoshah – a sacred community. It’s like a sukkah. A sukkah is constructed of many different branches woven together. So is the synagogue: the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the married and the unmarried, single parents, grandparents, gays and heterosexuals, non-Jewish spouses. The broader the sukkah’s reach, the more tightly its branches are woven, the stronger it stands. So too the synagogue: the greater the variety of people welcomed within it, the closer they feel to one another, the stronger the temple stands.

Assistant Treasurer

Carol Wolk Secretary

TRUSTEES Term Expires 2017 Robert Medway Art Saltzman Lisa Shaiken Hedy Simpson Forrest Sussman Alonna Travin Term Expires 2018 Eric Alani Adam Brodsky Gregg Diller Mitch Goldstein Diane Thaler Term Expires 2019 Stacey Divack Kim Gilman Deb Fass Jacobs Rand Manasse Geoffrey Raicht Karla Shepard Rubinger

Lisa P. Davis Immediate Past President Past Presidents, Honorary Members of the Board Barry Meisel Steve Adler Gloria Meisel Stanley Amberg William Pollak Charlene Berman May Rolle Melvin Ehrlich Ernest M. Grunebaum David Ruzow Youth Group President

Harris Klein


Non Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 14115 White Plains, NY



TEACHER APPRECIATION CELEBRATION Family Shabbat Honoring Our Teachers One Evening, Three Opportunities to Celebrate with Us.

Friday, May 5

5:45 pm Tot Shabbat with K Participation and Honoring Preschool Teachers 6:15 pm Shabbat Family Dinner 7:15 pm Family Shabbat Worship Service with Religious School Teacher Appreciation Join us as we thank our teachers, madrichim, and celebrate the years of service for Rhoda Abzug. For more information and to RSVP:

The Ladder May 2017  

Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Bulletin - The Ladder - May 2017

The Ladder May 2017  

Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Bulletin - The Ladder - May 2017