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And Jacob dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to the heavens...

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to Recover the Pews March 25


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TEMPLE STAFF JONATHAN JAFFE Senior Rabbi STAR A. TROMPETER Senior Cantor MAURA H. LINZER Rabbi-Educator RABBI NORMAN COHEN, Ph.D. Scholar-in-Residence GENNIFER KELLY Executive Director HOPE BLAUNER Director, Beginning Years RICHARD F. ALBERT President

A Proud Member of the URJ


INCLUSION Inclusion at Temple Beth El: Beginning Years & The Religious School By Jennifer Reinharz, TBE Member and Religious School Parent During her Kol Nidre sermon, Rabbi Linzer shared a personal story about her Kindergarten self who, when trying to answer a question, was ridiculed, dismissed and excluded by peers because of the way she spoke. She also reminded us of the story in Exodus when Moses resisted God’s call to lead the Jewish people out of slavery. He saw himself unworthy of such an awesome responsibility because of an imperfection— his stutter. In each instance, it took the efforts of someone else to help the child and the great leader challenge the narrative, see their potential and accept the whole person. For the Kindergarteners, that someone was a boy on a school bus. For Moses, that someone was God. At Temple Beth El, we too are committed to challenging the narrative. This commitment led to the formation of our Inclusion Committee whose mission is to “create a sukat shlomecha, or a safe space, where each person is welcomed and celebrated for their whole being.” These leaders have focused their initial efforts on the youngest members of the community; our preschool and Religious School students. Proverbs 22:6 encourages us to “Teach a child according to his/her own way.” At Temple Beth El, students have a wide range of abilities and needs. With this in mind, Inclusion Committee members, Beginning Years Director, Hope Blauner and Rabbi Linzer have implemented the following programs and accommodations to create a more inclusive educational environment for children and families. Beginning Years • Offers a peanut and nut free environment to keep everyone safe and is mindful with regard to those who have food allergies. • Provides teacher training at staff meetings with Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and the Committee for Preschool Special Education (CPSE) chair of the Chappaqua School District. • Teams meet several times a year with related service providers, teachers and parents to discuss a child’s progress. • Proactively welcomes service providers in the classroom. • Provides alternative spaces for related service providers to work individually with a child as needed.

• Uses visual schedules in the classroom. • Uses adaptive crayons and scissors to help children strengthen their fine motor skills. • Uses adaptive seating (bumpy cushions, vibrating cushions and cube chairs) to help children attend and focus during circle time. • Offers 5 minute verbal cues to prepare children before they transition to a new activity. • Uses timers as an auditory cue to prepare children for a transition. • Uses bands around the bottom of chairs to help children who need to move, something to do while they are seated. Bands keep hands free and helps children attend and focus. Religious School • Implemented a food policy (All food/ingredients used are sent out via email in advance of an activity to ensure it’s safe for all students). • Two-thirds of the teachers have special education background/training/experience. • Provides ongoing teacher training in the area of special education. • Collects and reviews student IEP/504 plans and relevant information prior to beginning of school year. • Communicates regularly with parents about the progress of their children with special needs. • Offers small group Hebrew programs for grades 3-7 where the teacher to student ratio is between 1:1-1:7. • Provides B’nei Mitzvah accommodations. • Practices differentiated learning via stations. • Practices different modalities of learning using music, cooking, art, theater and sports. • Works to recreate accommodations made in the secular schooling (i.e. preferred seating, bumpy cushions, individual behavior schedules, fidgets, breaks, chunking, visual schedules, visual timers, frequent breaks). As Rabbi Linzer expressed at the outset of the New Year; “Our Jewish values encourage us to expand our understanding of each other and ourselves. When we widen our thinking and view others through a more nuanced lens, it impacts the way in which we treat one another thus allowing us to experience humanity in all of its wonderful complexity.” If you would like to join the conversation about inclusion and help us live up to our namesake, “Beth El,” a house of God please contact Jaclyn Dubray at


RELIGIOUS SCHOOL 10th Grade Confirmation Trip to Washington, D.C. By Kevin Klein, 10th Grade Religious School Student From Friday to Monday, the 10th Grade confirmation class traveled to Washington, D.C. to the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism as lobbyists representing the Reform movement. The weekend was quite eventful, and very interesting and informative. After we got off the six hour bus-ride (that gave me a horrible headache, but I won’t go too far into that because this is not a personal narrative) we arrived at the hotel and the events began immediately. First, we had a shabbat dinner and service, which emphasized that this was not a solely political trip, but also religious. We had a seminar where we listened to a man talk about life as a homeless person. He was homeless for three years and told us all about the woods that he called home, his travels, his fear of homeless shelters, his alcohol abuse, and his loneliness. He was so lonely that he never heard his name called for over 8 months. To wrap up the night, we split up and participated in an activity where we were each given a character, someone who was struggling to support themselves and their families. For my situation in particular, I was given a retired couple who had to care for their grandchild. In total, they had $6 a day to spend once taxes were subtracted from the money they made. We then tried to buy enough food with $6 to support the three of them, and it was very challenging. The next day we had a lobbying simulation to help us prepare for the main event two days later. The topic was climate change. We were randomly split into two groups, the JGS (Jews for Green Solutions) and the JEC, a group that is not in favor of taking measures against climate change out of fear of negative economic ramifications. Once split into these two groups, we were split further into four groups. One group wrote letters to “senators”, one group made phone calls, another group made posters and chants for a demonstration, and the last group spoke face-to-face with these “senators”. The goal of this simulation was for each group to convince the three “senators” to vote in favor of their wishes (one senator was in favor of passing a bill that took action against climate change, one senator was against it, and the other senator was undecided). After the “senators” voted, we then took to the D.C. streets as tourists. We visited the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Holocaust Museum. Seeing so much of our


country’s and religion’s history in such a small period of time was remarkable and moving. As we all began to work up an appetite from all the walking, we ventured over to Georgetown for dinner where we all spread out and ate at our restaurants of choice. Unfortunately, I did not take Rabbi Jaffe’s suggestion to pre-order cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcakes, which was definitely a missed opportunity. As night fell, we went over to the Jefferson Memorial for a havdalah service where our very own Ari Silver helped to conduct the service. Earlier that day, we each signed up for two shuks (seminars) on pressing political issues such as gun violence prevention, voting rights, climate change, criminal justice, etc. After returning from the Jefferson Memorial, we went to our shuks of choice (one was on Saturday night, one was on Sunday morning) where we held many interactive activities regarding our topic and we were explained the stance of the Reform Judaism movement on these topics. On Sunday, we simulated the Israeli government. We were split up into the different parties of Israel’s government, such as Kulanu and Likud. We read our parties stances on the issues of Palestinian refugees, borders, settlements, and who should have control over Jerusalem. After learning about our party, we tried to form coalitions with other parties but soon learned just how difficult that was as all many of the parties have clashing beliefs. This helped to show us just how difficult it is for the Israeli government to get stuff done. After going to our second shuk, we prepared more for the lobbying that would occur tomorrow, and we chose our topics. The rest of that day was left to more touring, which was supposed to include the Smithsonian and Air and Space Museum (although we spent no time there due to the Rabbi’s knowledge of the location of the best food trucks and our failure to walk deliberately). That night, we walked around a mall and put the finishing touches on our speeches. Monday was the big day. First thing in the morning we went straight to the capitol building and buildings around it where we lobbied to staffers of Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer. This was an extraordinary experience that was really cool to be a part of. Thanks to Rabbi Jaffe’s knowing the Hawaiian Senator Brian Schatz, we were able to tour his office, and we even got a tour of the capitol building by one of his interns. To wrap up the trip, we lobbied to staffers of Congresswoman Nita Lowey.

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Learning About Jewish Traditions and Customs By Pam Goldfarb, TBE Member and Religious School Parent In January, the third graders had the opportunity to interview members of Temple Beth El who came from other countries about their Jewish traditions and customs from home. Third grade teacher Jeffrey Chester explained, “The goal is for the students to understand that Jews come from all over the world, and depending on where they come from, there may be religious or cultural practices that are different from what they are familiar with. The children met with Temple Beth El members whose backgrounds are from Israel, Argentina, South Africa, Iraq and Turkey.” Third grader Bryce Goldfarb said it was interesting to learn about Jewish traditions in Israel. The second graders had a field trip to Jewish Museum in Manhattan. Jordan Saletan, a parent of a second grader who accompanied the class noted that the class examined artifacts from ancient Jewish life and discussed what life was like for the Jews back in the antiquity, and finished with a fun art project where each student designed their own mosaic. Second grader Marissa Goldfarb said, “I loved going to the city and learning about Jewish artifacts.”

A Trip to the City

by Sam Mikesell and Justin Miller On the morning of Saturday, January 21, we got on a train to NYC with our Religious School class. In the city we did many fun and educational things like seeing a Broadway show and visiting an ultra-orthodox neighborhood in Crown Heights. However, in our opinion, the most interesting part of this experience was volunteering at Jewish Home in Harlem. There, we helped out and talked to many of the residents. We met with Rabbi Jonathan Malamy and learned about the place and the history of the residents. In the beginning, we wheeled some of the seniors down to the main hall where a Shabbat concert would be held. After we brought them down we introduced ourselves and told them a little bit about ourselves. At first, we were a little nervous because we didn’t know what to expect. Then, we got more comfortable as we started interacting with them. Almost all of them had amazing stories to tell and were happy to have us listen to them. After some deep conversations, one of the supervi-

sors informed us that the musician would be late due to traffic. Some brave souls from our group volunteered to help entertain the people. We sang songs like, Don’t Stop Believing and High School Musical, along with James Bay Let it Go with some spirited dance moves. This really made the crowd happy and entertained. Eventually, the musician arrived and we went back to our seats to listen to the concert with some of the residents. As we listened and talked, we formed some special relationships. The experience gave us a feeling of satisfaction by helping others. Another favorite part of the trip was spending our Continued on page 11

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL MARCH HIGHLIGHTS 2 6th Grade Purim Program and 5th/6th Grade Hamentashen 3 Tot Shabbat with 1st Grade service participation & First Friday with 4th Grade Family Siddur Ceremony 5 3rd Grade Family Education & Theater Program 6 6th Grade Purim Program & Theater Program 7 Theater Program 9 5th Grade coalition, 6th grade Purim Program & K-3rd Grade – Mom’s Night Out 12 Purim Carnival (school held) 13 6th Grade Family Education 16 5th Grade Coalition Program 19 Theater Program & 7th Grade Trip to Museum of Jewish Heritage 20 Theater Program 21 Theater Program 23 5th Grade Coalition Program & 6th Grade trip to Ben’s Deli 26 Theater Program 26-29 11/12 Grade Trip 27 Theater Program 28 Theater Program 30 6th Grade Conversion


ADULT EDUCATION Wise Aging Wednesdays, 10:30 am–12:00 pm with Ruth Rosenblum

Sixty years old and beyond can be a time of continued growth, new experiences, and life repair. Using texts, discussion, and experiential exercises, we’ll identify and explore the many possibilities that this stage of life may offer and the various ways to better meet the challenges it presents. Participants are required to purchase the book Wise Aging, by Rabbi Rachel Cowan and Dr. Linda Thal. Suggested fee: $72 for temple members; $100 for non-members Registration required. Contact Ruth Rosenblum at or 914-761-0600 x148.

Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship Sunday, March 12 9:15–10:45 am

with Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe We are living in an era of unprecedented Jewish history, in which two vibrant Jewish communities – one in Israel and the other around the world – are each contributing to and defining the content and future of Jewish life. This context also presents new challenges: What kind of relationship will these communities have? How do we as American Jews understand the values and narratives of our Israeli brethren, and vice versa? Equipped with phenomenal resources from the Shalom Hartman Institute, we will consider the future of the relationship between Israeli and American Jewry.

Dates: March 8, 15, 22, and 29 April 5, 19, and 26 (skipping week of Passover) Ruth Rosenblum, LCSW, is Temple Beth El’s liaison to Westchester Jewish Community Services. In addition to being a psychotherapist, she is a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher and frequent lecturer and facilitator throughout Greater Westchester.

Exploring the Jewish Life Cycle Saturdays, 8:45–9:45 am with Rabbi Maura Linzer

We will study different moments of the Jewish life cycle using biblical, rabbinic, and modern texts. This course will cover abortion, marriage, ethical wills, end of life choices, and mourning rituals. We will discuss relevant texts and explore how they are applicable to us today. Dates: March 11: Medieval and Modern Jewish Ethical Wills March 25: End of Life Choices April 1: Jewish Mourning Rituals


Scholar-in-Residence Isaac and Ishmael: Abraham’s Progeny Biblical Stories Through the Prism of the Midrash and Our Lives Sunday, March 19 10:30 am–12:00 pm

with Rabbi Norman Cohen, Ph.D. Through the interpretation of the biblical text, we not only learn about who we are as Jews, but we also confront our own struggles as human beings living today. In our study together, we will ask how the stories of Abraham, Hagar, Sarah, Isaac, and Ishmael speak to each of us, helping us gain insights about our own lives and relationships, even as they compel us to think about the relationship between Judaism and Islam. Topic: Genesis 22: The Binding of Isaac: Did Abraham Pass the Test? (Rescheduled from February 12)

SERVICES & PROGRAMS First Friday Family Shabbat Friday, March 3 5:45 pm Tot Shabbat with 1st Grade Participation 6:15 pm Shabbat Family Dinner Join us for a congregational dinner with your family and friends. Early RSVPs: $15 per adult, $12 per child For late RSVPs & walk ins the cost is: $18 per adult, $15 per child Please register in advance so we can order accordingly:Â

7:15 pm Family Shabbat Worship Service with 4th Grade Siddur

Shabbat Worship Service with Megillah Reading Friday, March 10 8:00 pm Details on page 8.

Shabbat Worship Service with Speakers on Inclusion Friday, March 17 8:00 pm Details on page 2.

Shabbat Worship Service with Scholar-in-Resident, Noam Zion Friday, March 24 8:00 pm Details on page 9.

Shabbat Worship with Kavod Awards and Torah Reading and TBE Band Performing Friday, March 30 8:00 pm Each year our members give of their time to support the temple and the programs we run. On March 30 we will have our annual Kavod service whereby we honor some of those members who stood out this year as really going above and beyond. I hope you will join the clergy and temple leadership that evening to show these members how much we appreciate all they give for our community. Please join us as we honor: Larry Mendelowitz Stacey Pfeffer Carol Saltzman

Introduction to Judaism: A Survey of Jewish History and Practice for Beginners and Deepeners Select Tuesdays Evenings, 7:30–9:00 pm Please register with Jaclyn Dubray: There is no charge for these classes. Join with clergy from throughout Northern Westchester to learn about the breadth and wonder of Jewish tradition. For further information, please visit our website: March 7, 2017 An Overview of Jewish History (Settings of Silver, pages 185-312) with Rabbi Aaron Brusso at Bet Torah, Mt. Kisco March 21, 2017 Jewish Denominations (Settings of Silver, pages 336-357, 428-440) with Rabbi Lori Koffman at Bet Torah, Mt. Kisco


PURIM Shabbat Worship Service with Megillah Reading Friday, March 10 8:00 pm Come hear a taste of the Megillah, the story of Purim, and come see our special Megillah scroll that will be on display, donated by the Singer family.

Esther: A Persian Musical Purim Dinner & Spiel

Purim Family Carnival

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot to see if Esther can Stay Alive and save the Jewish people in Esther: a Persian Musical, a Purim spiel parody of the hit musical, Hamilton: An American Musical. The show, starring our talented TBE congregants, is sure to Blow Us All Away and leave us Satisfied!

Carnival will end about 12:30 pm.

Saturday, March 11 6:00 pm Dinner 6:30 pm Spiel

RSVP for dinner on our website: If you would rather just come for the entertainment at 6:30 pm that is OK too (that’s free!). Just let us know below so we can prepare. The cost of dinner is $18 per adult, $12 per child for early RSVPs. Soft drinks are included; a cash bar will be available. Responses after March 6 will be $20 per adult, $14 per child. No dinner reservations accepted after March 9. And this year for the first time, YOU, the Audience, may be chosen to participate in the Beauty Pageant! Come dressed to impress!


Sunday, March 12 10:00 am Preschool Families & Sensory Sensitive Children 11:00 am General Admission

Bring the whole family and enjoy in the festive celebration of Purim! Purchase your game cards and bracelets on our website at a discounted rate: Food will be sold separately at the carnival; come hungry!!

PASSOVER PREVIEW The Bader Adult Education Spring Scholar in Residence Prepare for Passover with Renowned Expert Noam Zion, Ph.D. A professor of philosophy and Jewish history at Shalom Hartman Institute, Noam earned his BA in philosophy from Columbia University and studied Bible and Rabbinics at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America Dates: March 24: Sermon at 8:00 pm Shabbat Service Liberating your Seder – How to Move Beyond the “Same Old Thing” March 26: 9:15-10:45 am - 101 Ideas for Customizing and Maximizing Participation at Your Seder

Chocolate Seder Sunday, April 2 11:00 am You are invited to join us for our K-4th Grade Chocolate Seder! This event is co-sponsored by Kiwi Country Day Camp. Pizza will be served. RSVP is required. The cost of lunch and the seder is $18 per family.

Joint Heritage Seder Sunday, April 2 5:00 pm The Temple Beth El and Antioch Church communities will come together once again to celebrate the Passover holiday and our mutual narratives of liberation from enslavement. Please join our 6th Grade families who will be taking part in leading this year’s Seder. We will be making “thank you” cards for American and Israeli soldiers. RSVP is required. Please RSVP by March 29 on our website: We also ask that you bring either a bottle of wine or a kosher dessert for Passover. Please help out our Passover Food Drive by bringing these needed items: -Boxes of Matzah -Plastic Bottles of Grape Juice -Boxes/Packages of Kosher-for-Passover Candy or Cookies -And all other Passover items

RSVP by March 30 on our website:

Women’s Seder: A Celebration of Passover Thursday, April 6 7:30 pm Details to follow. Check our website for updates:


COMMUNITY EVENTS 1980s Dance Party Gala Fundraiser

Saturday, March 25 at 8:00 pm Join us for a rocking time to support a great cause!! Our Gala Fundraiser this year will be raising money to help recover our Sanctuary pews. Whether you dance, socialize, bid on auction items or just gawk at all the neon, you are bound to have a fantastic time! Live music by Guilty Pleasures!

Tickets to the dance party include dinner, drinks, live music and special guest stars! RSVP on our website:

Come dressed in your finest 80’s attire!! The brighter, the better.

Thursday, March 30 at 7:00 pm Enjoy a night of fun, light bites, & fabulous shopping. Open to the community! Bring your friends and join us for a ladies night out with local vendors, food, drinks and raffle prizes all to support The Beginning Years Early Childhood Center! Event price is $10 per person. Teens under 17 are FREE! RSVP on our website:


TBE COMMUNITY A Trip to the City Continued from page 5

night in Times Square. First, we left the hotel after getting settled and we visited M&M world. There we ran around filling baggies full of M&M’s. From there, we went to this amazing Italian restaurant, Buca Di Beppo, where we ate a family-style dinner. The food was great. Then we were off to Broadway where we saw a show called School of Rock. The show was entertaining and made us laugh a lot with our friends. It was better than the movie with Jack Black! To end the night we went to Schmackary’s a cookie and dessert place. It was the perfect way to end a fun evening. In conclusion, we thought that overall this trip was a good and educational experience for Temple Beth El. From helping at the elderly home, to visiting Crown Heights and almost getting lost in the city we truly recommend that every kid should get the chance to go on this wonderful adventure.


Tot Shabbat with 1st Grade Participation at 5:45 pm Shabbat Dinner at 6:15 pm Photo Retakes Lego & Soccer Session 1 Ends Purim Celebration with Parents at 11:15 am Preschool Families and Sensory Sensitive Children at 10:00 am General Admission at 11:00 am Inclusion Panel at 9:30 am CPR Course Spring Marketplace

JUNIOR YOUTH Movie Night for 3rd & 4th Graders Saturday, March 18 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Cupcake Wars for 2nd Graders Sunday, March 19 11:00 am 12:00 pm

Pizza, popcorn, chocolate (nut-free), plus a scavenger hunt and other fun! $15 per child (charged to your TBE account) RSVP March 12:

Led by The Sweet Craftery, children will decorate and create a display of cupcakes to be “judged.” They will also paint their own cupcake bakery signs. Come join in the sweetness! *All ingredients are made in a nut free facility. Gluten free cupcakes available upon request. Full ingredient list will be sent by e-blast $20 per child (charged to your TBE account) RSVP by March 8:

Attention TBE Teens Looking for an amazing job this summer? If you’re 18 or older and enjoy working with children, become a camp counselor at Beginning Years. To set up an interview, please send your resume to Hope Blauner, Director at



January 4–February 6, 2017 Barbara Pollack Mitzvah Day Fund Andy & Harriet Singer in memory of Phyllis Biren Beginning Years Early Childhood Center Fund Steve & Linda Ochser in memory of Jay Ochser Betty & Jack Bader Adult Education Fund Bill & Myra Borchard in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Neal & Helen Dorman in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday David & Cathy Dreilinger in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Arthur & Carole Elias in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Howard & Cheryl Goldfrach in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Dick & Lucille Goldsmith in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday David & Sandra Kellogg in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Barry & Gloria Meisel in honor of Ellis Clark Eisenberg Steve & Linda Ochser in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Alan & Gail Schreier in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Andy & Harriet Singer in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Steve & Meryl Adler in honor of Barry Meisel’s Birthday Caring Community Fund Jonathan & Maxine Ferencz in memory of Miki Ferencz Jonathan & Maxine Ferencz in memory of Eva Levine Jonathan & Maxine Ferencz in memory of Shirley Levine Michael & Judy Gewitz in memory of Zelma Lipshutz Stan & Penny Hamlet in memory of Hilda Friedlander Ken & Phyllis Makovsky in memory of Esther Jaffe Ben & Rachel Rosin in memory of Alexnader Treitelman Scott & Melissa Singer in memory of Phyllis Biren Clergy’s Discretionary Fund Ken & Judy Sagat in memory of Mollie Lillian Sagat Temple Beth El Endowment Fund Maxine Olson Maynard in memory of Leonard Maynard and Sidney Presberg Rabbi Chaim Stern Caring Community Endowment Fund Ronald & Harriet Kramer in memory of Irving Carman Flower Fund Roberta Bengelsdorf in memory of David Bengelsdorf Arthur & Carole Elias in memory of Adele Green Jeffrey & Debra Geller in memory of Loretta Geller Arlen & Kathy Goldberg in memory of Sylvia Goldberg and Mandel Kramer Stan & Penny Hamlet in memory of Hilda Friedlander Dovia Lerrick in memory of Anna Ginness Victor & Suzanne Rosenzweig in memory of Cary Lowen Richard & Dianne Spitalny in memory of Samuel Press Robert & Vicky Tipp in memory of Michael Tipp and Malcolm Tipp Gregory Altman Music & Arts Fund David & Cathy Dreilinger in memory of Linda Lewis Grigg Dick & Lucille Goldsmith in memory of Lisa Grubel Mickey Pintchman in memory of Charles Pintchman


YAHRZEITS March 1-4 Elaine Abrams Nehemiah Louis Armand Andre Frances Bloom Gabriele Grunebaum Eleanor Levin Carole Levine Rogers Morton Pechman Sylvia Pollak Abraham Vielie Daniel Wolchok Sarah Bloom Wortman March 5-11 Robert Berman Dolly Brickman Anna Figowsky Lottie Gordon Barbara Johnson Gloria Kalina Beatrice Katcher George Katz Ruth Kaufman Ralph Kemler Linda Kimelman Jeanette Laster Anna Levine Rhoda Levy Selma Lipman Richard Nadel Barbara Ocko Morris Robin Greta Rosenblum Milton Rubin Nathan Safferstein Robert Yablans March 12-18 Gertrude Adelsberg Harold Altman Richard Berman Herbert Bernstein Sarah Bloom Oscar Brenman Bertha Breslau Harrison Rochelle Cirin Harry I. Davis Jerry Figowsky Joel Friedman Rose Ginsburg Coleman A. Goldberg Goldye Gutner Ernest Hecklinski Helen Horowitz Abraham Juster Ruth (Rifka) Katz Robert Levin Conrad Lifschen Eugene Meyers Ethel Missenblatt Lawrence Nemoytin Selma Placzek

Mildred Resnick Stella Kohn Saslow Robert Tauber Joseph Wirth Joseph Wolff March 19-25 Anne Allen Anita Bachenheimer Fred Becker Phyllis Biren Elaine Bleetstein Charlotte Brotz Dorothy Cole Herbert Davis Harry Elkin Eunice Fullam Eleanor Garbin Nataline Gruenfeld Dorothy Isaac James Lewis Walter Mintz Jean Nier Mona Paster Sandra Portnoy Robert Ross Lillian Ruzow Dora Shapiro Henrietta Treitelman March 26-31 Howard Agatston Ethel Baron Ruth Blechman Hilde Collins Joan Ferencz Charles Fried Fannie Ginsburg Abraham Girshek Florenie Hydecker Rachel Klein Bernard Leff Betty Rosenberg Julius Schachter Felix Schnur Janet Shields Selma Silberman Diane Thurer

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HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES TO Barbara Lerman on the death of her father, Laszlo Serenyi The Rolle Family on the death of longtime member, Alan Paul Rolle Deborah Switzen, on the death of her mother, Treza Jones

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OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE SPONSORING ONEGS Heidi Auerbacher & Ilene Benjamin Scott & Jill Glasser Stephen & Dana Gold Ken & Stefanie Tucker

Knitzvah Corps The Knitzvah Corps meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm at a different member’s home (to be determined). We find easy projects such as ear warmers, scarves, lap blankets, prayer shawls, etc. Everyone is welcome, regardless of knitting or crocheting ability. Come sit, socialize, and help solve the world’s problems! All skill levels are welcome! Questions? Contact Ellen Wlody: Anne Angowitz:

RECENT GIFTS (Continued) Israel Action Special Fund Adrienne Shiloff in memory of Bertha Schwartz Senior Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Barbara Novack in honor of Adam Nack’s Bar Mitzvah Tikkun Olam/Social Justice Fund Bob & Nadia Bernstein in memory of David Colin Brad & Debbie Jacobs in memory of Barbara G. Fass Rick & Laurie Waller in memory of Eileen Hodin

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Every Friday at 9:30 am Please join us for meditation and discussion. All are welcome whatever your level of experience with meditation—including those who want to try it for the first time. The second Friday of every month meditation is led by Ruth Rosenblum of Westchester Jewish Community Services. The remaining Fridays are led by members who attend regularly, and are composed primarily of silent meditation and a short discussion. The topics vary— they may include the Torah portion and its significance from a mindfulness point of view, writings related to meditation, etc. There is no charge for these sessions. Please—no fragrances. Questions? Contact Maxine Olson: Ann Glazer:





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Robert Klein WE ARE AN INCLUSIVE CONGREGATION Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester welcomes all who wish to participate in Jewish life – singles, couples and families in all their forms, gays, lesbians, interfaith couples – all people regardless of age, sexual orientation, or financial means. The synagogue is a kehilah kedoshah – a sacred community. It’s like a sukkah. A sukkah is constructed of many different branches woven together. So is the synagogue: the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the married and the unmarried, single parents, grandparents, gays and heterosexuals, non-Jewish spouses. The broader the sukkah’s reach, the more tightly its branches are woven, the stronger it stands. So too the synagogue: the greater the variety of people welcomed within it, the closer they feel to one another, the stronger the temple stands.

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Harris Klein


Non Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 14115 White Plains, NY




Prepare for Passover with Renowned Expert Noam Zion, Ph.D.

Chocolate Seder with Rabbi Linzer

Friday, March 24 8:00 pm Sermon

For families with children in Kindergarten through 4th Grade

Sunday, March 26 9:15 am

Sunday, April 2 11:00 am

Joint Heritage Women’s Seder Seder with Cantor with Rabbi Jaffe Trompeter Sunday, April 2 5:00 pm

Thursday, April 6 7:30 pm

Our friends at the Antioch Baptist Church join us to celebrate the Passover holiday.

An exciting new way to celebrate sisterhood during Passover.

Details on page 9

The Ladder March 2017  

Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Bulletin - The Ladder - March 2017

The Ladder March 2017  

Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Bulletin - The Ladder - March 2017