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Spring/Summer Collection 2019

Welcome to our second edition of


Edinburgh Office Albany House 58 Albany Street Edinburgh EH1 3QR 0131 525 8600


A very warm welcome again to Prime Property magazine. The response and general feedback that we received to the first edition was so positive that it has prompted us to produce "PP2" to make sure you are aware of the selection of prime properties that we now have available to purchase. Simpson & Marwick is an exclusively residential property brand fully engaged in an area in which every one of you is likely to have a personal interest at some point. The name Prime Property is synonymous with Simpson & Marwick despite the fact that we now have our Prime Property websites encompassed within our new domain. I also hope that you have spotted our newly refreshed and stylish For Sale Boards – a photo appears on page 14. The Prime focus of our business is our clients - you! Buying and selling property can be very stressful - we do our very best to hold your hand through the process and minimise that stress. Our people are also immensely important to our business and consequently to our clients. Property is a people business. Enormous thanks must go to our advertisers, almost all of whom are personal business friends of our firm and with whom we have longstanding relationships. We have chosen businesses that we believe also put their clients and customers first. We hope you really enjoy the editorial pieces, all of which feature friends of Simpson & Marwick. We are immensely grateful to them for their contributions. Buying and selling property in Scotland is far more complex than it was a decade ago. Instructing one professional firm that has an overall view of the whole process of Estate Agency, guidance from offer to purchase and the legal elements of both sale and purchase makes very good sense. In order to assist you the articles we have written have been chosen to help you understand the dynamics and complexities of the market within which we now work. We are here to help and guide you. If you have any questions at all about residential property sale and purchase or wish an initial market appraisal please do feel free to ask us. All initial advice is free.

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Simpson & Marwick is the trading name of the Residential Property Division in Scotland of the global law firm Clyde & Co and is a division of Clyde & Co (Scotland) LLP a limited liability partnership registered in Scotland under number SO305618 with its registered office at Albany House, 58 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3QR which is authorised and regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. Simpson & Marwick ‘Prime Property’ is published by TBC Publishing Limited. ©TBC Publishing 2019. All rights reserved. Reproduction is forbidden except by express permission of the Publishers. The content of ‘Prime Property’ is believed to be correct but its accuracy is not guaranteed and it does not form part of any offer or contract. TBC Publishing Limited cannot accept responsibility for any omissions or error.

Partner The next edition of ‘Prime Property’ for the Autumn/Winter will be published in October 2019. Should you have advertising and or editorial requests please contact Steven Hall at TBC Publishing direct on 01803 752184 or

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06 Properties A selection of the finest properties for sale via Simpson & Marwick. 17 Proudly Scottish, Simply Delicious Edinburgh based chef, Martin Wishart celebrates 20 years since the opening of his first restaurant.


22 East Lothian Party Chat Di Jennings shares points on how to make a pre-loved space stand out in the eyes of the viewer.


26 Sold in 2018 for over £1,000,000 Featuring properties that Simpson & Marwick have sold this past year. 28  Ah, Mr Bond. We Have Been Expecting You Neil Laing from Function Control explains how smart control can change your home for the better. 30 The Project Of A Lifetime Steph & Ryan Lothian’s renovation project creates luxury self-catering accommodation. 34 From Manhattan To The New Town Peter Pantaleo explains how the move from Manhattan to Moray Place was right. 36 Picture Perfect Douglas Corrance captures his personal view of Edinburgh in his new photographic book. 38 Coming To The Market Spring/Summer 2019 Showcasing properties coming onto the market this year. 42 At Home With Jeffreys Interiors The independent design team create functional, liveable and comfortable spaces for their clients. 46 Meet The Luxury Watch Specialist Jonathan Gilbert from The Edinburgh Watch Company explains his passion for striking watches. 50 Downsizing - A Tale Of House Buying & Selling Brian Cameron shares his positive experiences of downsizing. 58 Tranquil Living Cramond Residence, Edinburgh’s finest care home, has officially opened its doors. 60 It’s All In The Details The luxury lifestyle service from Private Concierge Scotland. 66 Experience The Best Of Lothian Life In A Dandara Home A look at the luxury family homes in Tantallon Road, North Berwick. 70 Time Is Ticking For The Accidental Landlord Changing are afoot in lettings relief. 72 The Impact Of Home Staging Lesley Kidd shows us why first impressions matter. 80 Education In Edinburgh & East Lothian A look at independent schools in Edinburgh & East Lothian. 94 Meet The Team Meet the Simpson & Marwick team.

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Kingsburgh Road, Murrayfield Edinburgh




6 bedroom Victorian end terrace townhouse with walled garden. Garage for sale either with the property or separately.

House - Offers Over ÂŁ895,000, Garage - Offers Over ÂŁ45,000 Clare Murphy 0131 525 8623

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 6

Redhall House Drive, Colinton Edinburgh




Superb 6 bedroom modern detached villa offering exceptional family accommodation.

Offers Over ÂŁ1,050,000 Katie Jackson 0131 525 8604

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 8

Succoth Place, Murrayfield Edinburgh




Substantial semi-detached Victorian villa with generous accommodation, south facing walled garden and parking

Price On Application Clare Murphy 0131 525 8623

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 10

Gloucester Place, New Town Edinburgh




Wonderful opportunity; 4 bedroom ground and garden flat circa 2,350 sq.ft. with south facing garden. Garage for sale either with the property or separately.

House - Offers Over ÂŁ825,000, Garage - Offers Over ÂŁ70,000 Katie Jackson 0131 525 8604

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 12

prime property

The Changing World We Live In In the first edition of Prime Property I wrote about the dynamics of the property market in Scotland and how they have changed dramatically in the last decade. The feedback I received about the relevance of the article and the importance, in my view, of it being understood has resulted in me feeling that I should largely repeat the same information for the benefit of buyers and sellers alike.

Before the recession bridging loans just weren't available, and unless clients could afford to pay for a new property without any money from their sale, potential buyers would have to sell before they could buy and risk having to go into rented accommodation on a short term basis. One of the major advantages of instructing a solicitor estate agent to advise you on the whole process is that we have an overview of not only the sale of your existing property, but also the purchase of a new property and can assist in managing the timing of the two elements of the transaction together. Since this significant change in the dynamics of the market, property professionals in Scotland have guarded against allowing clients to become involved in English-type chains – we have all heard and continue to hear of horror stories of chains in England of six or seven transactions all falling down because one party changed their mind or just couldn't get the mortgage they

needed. I recently saw a statistic that 34% of transactions in England don't proceed, which has never been the case in Scotland.

There is now some light at the end of the tunnel. We have devised a non-refundable deposit mechanism whereby, whether we are acting for a purchaser or a seller, the purchaser offers a reasonably modest non-refundable deposit in order to give the seller reassurance that the purchaser has "some financial skin in the game" resulting in a seller perhaps being willing to consider an offer which is subject to the sale of the buyer's own property. Bridging Loans have also become more available through specialist sources. This has managed to unlock several transactions whereby "fall back" bridging facilities have been made available to purchasers. On some occasions the bridging loan has had to be drawn down, but on many, the

availability of the bridging loan has made a purchaser into a “credible buyer� but we have managed to sell and dovetail in the sale resulting in the bridging loan drawdown not being required. These mechanisms are reasonably sophisticated solutions to a problem that 9 out of 10 purchasers have to address. In many cases they do result in purchasers managing to buy before they sell and also not having to face the risk of having to go into rented accommodation with the associated rental costs and double removal and storage costs, not to mention the sheer upheaval of having to move home twice. We live in very changing times in the residential property world where an overview from your solicitor of the whole purchase and sale process can certainly diminish the stressful complexity of a move.

Richard Loudon Partner

For a better understanding of how bridging loans work in practice can I suggest you read Brian Cameron's article on pages 50.

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Proudly Scottish, Simply Delicious Now celebrating 20 years since the opening of his first restaurant, we take a look at Martin Wishart, an Edinburgh-born chef, who has firmly established himself as one of the UK’s most highly respected chefs.

Trained under such renowned chefs as Albert Roux, Michel Roux Jr, Marco Pierre White and John Burton-Race, taking a little bit of inspiration from each mentor over the time he worked with them and distilling it to create his own culinary magic. Amongst some of the many attributes they imparted to him over the years of working together, it was the importance of discipline in the kitchen, a passion for food and a deep understanding of classic French cooking techniques that have continued to be the backbone of his style. Whilst never having planned to become a chef, he started working in kitchens from the age of fifteen, fell in love with the industry and now has more than thirty years’ experience in the business. He is now an established and multi-awarded chef and restaurateur.

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 17

With a passion for quality produce, he sources his ingredients as locally as possible and, when necessary, internationally. Being a proud Scot, he likes to use Scottish produce and has built lasting relationships with many of his suppliers. It was the love of his home, Scotland, which brought Martin back to settle here and begin to live his dream of one day owning his own restaurant.

“As a Scotsman, when I worked in London and abroad, I was very proud to see that Scottish shellfish and game were always on the menu. When I opened my restaurant, I realised that I was more fortunate as I was getting the ingredients even fresher and I was able to personally meet the great Scottish producers. The langoustines, scallops, crabs and lobsters always come live into my restaurant. I am very passionate about Scottish produce and use it as much as I can.� As a very creative person, he is always on the look-out for new ingredients; some new ideas and new dishes to prepare for his customers. It is this creativity and inspiration that drives him and has ensured that his business has gone from strength to strength. Ambition has never been lacking; Martin decided at the age of twenty-three that he wanted to start up his own restaurant, but he is not a man to rush into a decision lightly, so the search took him nearly seven years before finding the perfect property to setup his first restaurant in Leith in 1999.

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 18

Monkfish fillets poached in Noilly Prat & served with its juices enriched with grain mustard, fresh vermicelli pasta & young spinach INGREDIENTS 6 portions of monkfish tails, 120g each 2 shallots, peeled & sliced 1 clove of garlic, peeled & sliced 100ml Noilly Prat 200ml fish stock 250g unsalted butter (diced & cold) 50ml double cream 1 tbsp grain mustard 2 tbsp finely chopped parsley 250g young spinach leaves washed 1 tomato, flesh diced

Fresh pasta 450g plain or ‘00’ pasta flour 1 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp cold water 3 egg yolks 1 pinch of salt 2 whole eggs

METHOD Crack the whole eggs into a bowl then add the egg yolks, beat together with a whisk. Set aside. Put the flour and salt into an electric mixer bowl and mix on a very low speed. Slowly add the eggs and beat to smooth dough. Add the water and olive oil turn up the speed of the machine slightly and beat until the dough becomes smooth and even. This should only take about 2 –3 minutes. Divide into four even pieces, cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Rolling and cooking the pasta Roll out the pasta as thin as you can (using a pasta machine) then cut into thin even strips using a sharp knife. Place the pasta into boiling salted water; it will only take 30 seconds to cook. When ready, cool down under running water. Drain the water off and mix with a little olive oil and set aside until you are ready to serve. Preparing the stock Melt 15g of the butter in a large saucepan and sweat the shallot and garlic to soften but do not allow them to colour. Add the Noilly Prat and reduce

until the liquid has virtually evaporated. Add the fish stock & reduce the volume by half. Remove the stock from the heat and set aside until you are ready to cook the fish Preparing and cooking the fish Bring the reduced stock to simmering point in a pan. Place the fillets on a chopping board and season with a little salt. Place the fish into the pan and cover immediately with a tight fitting lid. Allow the fish to poach for 3-5 minutes on a medium heat depending on the thickness of the fillets. Remove the fish from the pan and place it on a warm plate. Cover the plate tightly with cling film to keep the fish warm and moist. Finishing the sauce Strain the stock through a fine sieve into a small saucepan. Reduce the stock until there is only 100ml remaining. Add the double cream to the pan and bring it to the boil. Whisk in the diced butter a little at a time over a low heat being careful not to let it boil and separate. Finally add the grain mustard, diced tomato, chopped parsley and a few drop of lemon juice.

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 19

TO SERVE Gently sauté the spinach in a pan with a little butter and place in the centre of a warm plate. Re-heat the pasta in a pan of simmering water for 30 seconds and drain into a bowl. Season the pasta with salt and fresh white pepper then place some on top of the spinach. Using a sharp knife slice the monkfish and arrange it around the pasta. Spoon the sauce over the top of the fish and pasta and serve immediately.

Chocolate Pudding with Crème Chantilly & Almond Sauce

INGREDIENTS Chocolate pudding 125g unsalted butter, at room temperature 125g caster sugar

METHOD Place the butter into the bowl of a food mixer and beat it until it is light and fluffy. Add the sugar to the butter and continue mixing until the sugar is fully incorporated. Add the eggs to the mix one at a time while beating. When all of the eggs are added beat for a further 4-5 minutes. Sift the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder together and fold them into the butter mix. Continue beating the mix until it becomes light and creamy. Add enough cold water until the mix reaches dropping consistency. Lightly butter and flour small dariole moulds and pipe in the mix until ¾ full. Place the moulds onto a tray and cook in the oven at 180˚C for 8 to 10 minutes. Crème Chantilly Halve the vanilla pod and scrape out seeds into a small bowl (the pod cases can be used for other recipes). Sift the

TO SERVE Pour a little of the warm almond sauce into bottom of a bowl. Turn the chocolate pudding upside down and remove it from the mould. Place the pudding on top of the sauce then spoon the crème Chantilly over the chocolate pudding to serve.

icing sugar into the bowl with the vanilla seeds. Add the cream to the bowl and whisk until the cream is thick but not dry. Almond Sauce Place the milk and cream into a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Put the sugar and the egg yolks into a bowl and whisk until they are pale in colour. Whisk half of the boiled milk and cream into the bowl and then return it to the pan. Place the pan back onto a low heat and cook, stirring continuously, until the mix has thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon. Remove the pan from the heat and strain the sauce through a fine sieve into a suitable container. Place the flaked almonds onto an oven tray and bake in a hot oven at 190˚C for few minutes until they turn light golden in colour. Mix the almonds into the sauce leave to cool.

2 eggs 90g plain flour 35g cocoa powder 6g baking powder 2 tbsp water

Crème Chantilly 200ml double or whipping cream 25g icing sugar 1 vanilla pod

Almond sauce 200ml milk 150ml double cream 5 egg yolks 80g sugar 100g flaked almonds

Martin has a great entrepreneurial attitude and is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. To date he has three restaurants, one cook school, outside catering opportunities and an unrivalled reputation for consistently delivering a top-quality dining experience. His efforts have been recognised: In November 2012, when he was awarded a Degree of Doctor honoris causa by Edinburgh University; the citation highlights Martin’s ‘contribution to the raising standards of Scottish cuisine, specifically in Edinburgh, to the international regard it currently holds’ and that his work has had a ‘positive impact on tourism to the city and its reputation as a fine food destination.’ In addition, he has ‘created jobs and provided exceptional, international standard training to talented young chefs.’ Martin has a great talent and natural skill for organisation, which is reflected in the consistency he has been able to develop across his various businesses. The effective systems and good practices he has established have ensured that his second restaurant, at Cameron House Hotel, earned itself a Michelin star within three years of opening.

AWARDS Michelin Star - Awarded star in 2001 and retained it ever since. Four AA Rosettes - Awarded since 2005. Good Food Guide - 7/10 Top 50 Restaurant. Harden’s Guide - No. 8 in Britain Best Restaurant in Scotland & No.9 in UK - Trip Advisor 2015 Best Restaurant in Scotland & No.5 in UK - The Sunday Times 2015 Best Ambience & Most Recommended - Top Table 2011 Best Rated Restaurant in the UK

Restaurant Martin Wishart 54 The Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6RA Awarded Michelin star in 2001 and retained it ever since.

The business will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. It started with a small team of just ten, but Martin now employs over ninety members of staff, and this does not include staff that he directs and trains in different consultancies. He also has consultant experience, he makes suggestions to improve the quality of the food offering, creates menus, training chefs, kitchen design, choice of suppliers, good presentations and organisation. Experience with: Malmaison Group, Serco, KSL, Home House, National Galleries of Scotland and many others. He has cater for big events: Audi Showroom opening night in Edinburgh, Royal bank of Scotland, Wimbledon, Formula 1 in Singapore, Qatar, the James Beard Foundation just to name a few. He has cooked for the British embassy of Washington D.C., many celebrities, the Duchess of Northumberland, the Prime Minister of Scotland and many others.

Martin Wishart at Loch Lomond Cameron House, Loch Lomond, Alexandria G83 8QZ (currently closed until Spring 2020 for refurbishment) Awarded Michelin star in 2011 and retained it ever since.

He also gets involved with charity work: he has supported the Muir Maxwell Trust, Social Bite, Doctor Bells centre, Spina bifida, Sick Kids, Cancer research and numerous others. Martin is married to Cécile who works alongside him as a co-director of both their companies, and with their three children live in East Lothian. Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 21

The Honours Edinburgh 58A North Castle Street, Edinburgh EH2 3LU Modern brasserie in the heart of Edinburgh opened since 2011.

prime property

East Lothian Party Chat It’s almost impossible to resist the question, ‘And what do you do?’ when out and about at gatherings or functions because we are all curious about how each of us fits into the community. The responses may vary from an awkward, ‘Oh’ to a full on bit of spontaneous professional consultation. The physiotherapist may get a bit of ‘I pulled a muscle the other day in my leg, should I walk on it?’ and the hairdresser may attract a touch of the old, ‘I need to get my colour done, but I want a change…’ and as an estate agent I will often get, ‘We’re thinking of selling but I don’t know where to begin!’ I'm always ready to talk property, it has been part of my life for so long it really is second nature! So I thought I’d give you some of my


Even if you’re not moving yet nothing beats a well-cared for house, so make sure that you keep up general maintenance while you live there. The small bits of damage that you get used to living with, from that broken door handle to the black marks on the shower grout, our eyes don’t see them after a few years, so get the good habit on and start bit by bit sorting them out. Nobody wants to see your clutter, so get ruthless. To get in the mood watch an episode of the brilliant Netflix Series by Marie Kondo on the art of decluttering and tidying, or get three big bags and call them KEEP, CHUCK, CHARITY, begin in one corner of the house and work your way backwards.


Once you’ve de-cluttered, freshen up the paint work, it makes a huge difference to have fresh decoration even if its just one wall here and there.



Display your nice objects and put away the less aesthetically pleasing stuff; lay each room out imagining you’ve never been in it before. Moving furniture

house-selling party chat, so that if you’re thinking about selling, you can start getting your mind tuned into what the team at Simpson & Marwick have observed again and again as the best way to maximize your house sale. East Lothian is a vibrant modern county, whilst remaining a rural idyll with a stunning coastline and a great sense of community. We love the mix of old and new and it is to the brand new that we must look before we can really see how our own house shows up in the East Lothian property market. Being so handy for Edinburgh and the south, being so commutable, the schools being good and all the other factors at large, means that plenty quality house builders have been building new homes throughout East Lothian about changes the energy of the space and helps you to see it through fresh eyes. If you’re needing inspiration google ‘nicely laid out rooms’ or get a Pinterest board going to get you into thinking about what makes a room look well presented. If you’ve got an older property and you’re in a market space with new build properties you can make the most of the fact that any outside garden space you have will be likely to be mature by comparison, so make your garden, your patio, your planters look like part of a space where you would want to sit and play. Viewers will be projecting a fantasy of their hopes of using the garden and they’ll be picturing themselves in it, relaxing on a sunny day, so make it look like a space you could kick-back in, a place of calm in our busy lives, a safe and happy play spot for the kids and one that looks nice from the window too. Pop out to the garden centre and pick up a few extras to make it feel loved. This will really make your property stand out.


And finally, if you can make getting your house market-ready a process that gives you pleasure, which is almost therapeutic

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 22

complete with beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and fresh decoration. This has undoubtedly enabled more people to move to and enjoy the county and has of course created more competition for sales within the second hand market. We’re not saying that you need to install a new kitchen to sell (though if you’re on the fence about doing it, and want to enjoy utilizing a modern space whilst living in your current home we say do it, just bear in mind you may not reap the rewards of the investment immediately, but it will certainly add to marketability!) but we do have to note that if our viewer is looking at our house they may well have been taking in some of the glossier properties too. So how can we make our own preloved space stand out in the eyes of the viewer? Here’s my Big Five… in an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new type of way, then that will stand you in good stead. But you don’t need to work it out for yourself either, just get in touch with us at Simpson & Marwick and we’ll give you a personal service and access to our experience and ideas about how, specifically, to get the best out of your particular property. You don’t need to wait to bump into an estate agent at a party, just pick up the phone and let’s see how we can help you make the most of your East Lothian property.

Di Jennings Associate Director

Dirleton Avenue, North Berwick East Lothian




Stunning and spacious stone built 7 bedroom period house with gardens and garage.

Offers Over ÂŁ900,000 Carole Seaton 01620 892000

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 24

Sold in 2018 for over £1,000,000 Out of courtesy to our buyers we felt it appropriate to only state Home Report value not sale price as the Home Report value is already in the public domain.

Merchiston, Edinburgh

Grange, Edinburgh

Home Report

Home Report



Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Home Report

Home Report



Grange, Edinburgh

Grange, Edinburgh

Home Report

Home Report



Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 26

West End, Edinburgh

Newington, Edinburgh

Home Report

Home Report



Morningside, Edinburgh

Blacket, Edinburgh

Home Report

Home Report



West End, Edinburgh Home Report

Murrayfield, Edinburgh


Home Report £1,100,000

North Berwick, East Lothian

Archerfield, East Lothian

Home Report £1,300,000


Home Report

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 27

Ah, Mr Bond. We Have Been Expecting You Smart home control, at a level previously seen only in the baddies’ lair in Bond movies, is now possible in your home. Complete your luxury property with automation that integrates environmental control with your designer finishes and high quality materials.


well considered smart home can simplify your life, add comfort, save energy and help your home adapt to lifestyle changes. A button at the front door to switch off all lights, close blinds and set the heating to standby with a single button press. Remote access to all building functions via phone app. Control of your home by voice command. Security features to simulate occupancy when the house is empty. All this is perfectly manageable with current home control systems. But which systems should you use? Which work together? Will my music system talk to my heating system? Why does my

music system need to talk to my heating system?

installed and commissioned to perfection.

With so many ‘smart home’ products available to the consumer it can be overwhelming to bring together systems to create an intelligent building.

Avoid an ‘Oddjob’. Speak to Function Control about your project today.

When considering smart home control for a new property or large renovation, it is wise to use the services of a proven integrator to advise on the best system to suit your project. Function Control can advise on a robust system without un-necessary complication. We will work with you to ensure the system suits your needs, is well designed, properly

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 28

Nick Laing - Director of Function Control Ltd. Edinburgh

prime property

The Project Of A Lifetime Having renovated and restored our beautiful detached home in the Grange and enjoyed its stunning location for a number of years Stephanie and I decided during a skiing trip in 2015 that we were looking for a change of lifestyle. On our return we contacted our trusted property team at Simpson & Marwick, whom we had used and relied upon over several years. An in-depth consultation with senior partner Richard Loudon led to a visit from property consultant Mathew Munro, which resulted in our property being on the market the following week. Three weeks later Steph and I were sitting looking at each having accepted an offer on our house, with an exchange date of four weeks.

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 30

Steph & Ryan Lothian

"I have been fortunate to stay at Williamstone on a few occasions. Each time I go I am struck by the quality of the design and high specification of the interiors, furnishings and the tranquillity of the surroundings.” Richard Loudon, Property Partner, Simpson & Marwick

Looking back, it all happened very quickly and I am sure that without the support and professionalism of the whole team at Simpson & Marwick we would never have achieved this sale in such a short time frame. Finding the correct property, at the right price was not quite as simple! However, six months and many viewings later we found Williamstone Farm, North Berwick. The B listed property was ideal for our plans, set in its own 4 acre plot on the very edge of North Berwick it consisted of the original farm house dating back to the mid 1700’s with three dilapidated steading buildings. We quickly contacted Euan Allan on the legal team at Simpson & Marwick and utilising his considerable experience and advice decided on a purchase strategy. Euan secured the property on our behalf without us having to deal with the usual Edinburgh roller coaster of closing date and sealed bids. Euan and his associate Alison Grandison guided us through the purchase of the farm in their usual friendly, professional and efficient manner and we moved in September 2015. This would normally be the end of the service from a legal perspective. However as this was clearly going to be a major renovation project we again enlisted the assistance of Richard Loudon, having him visit the farm and provide advice and opinion on our proposed renovation and business ideas. The idea was simple as the farmhouse came with several derelict outbuildings, which we hoped to renovate and run as

self-catering holiday accommodation. The location is spectacular, set immediately adjacent to the West edge of North Berwick, still in the countryside surrounded by fields yet only a 10 minute walk to the nearest beach, 15 minutes walk to the bustling town centre and 8 minutes’ walk to the Train station. To do this historic site justice, we approached architect Lynsay Bell of Edinburgh-based practice Studio LBA, in search of innovation, dynamism and lots of ideas. She was happy to oblige! The project was to include the conversion of the derelict steadings, as well as major alterations to the farmhouse. The remit was to preserve this beautiful collection of original buildings and allow their character and form to be the focus of the conversion. Alongside the farmhouse, which was to be our family’s home, three distinct spaces were created from the outbuildings. These, named the Bothy, the Byre and the Barn, each have three bedrooms and a kitchen, and have been designed for self-catering guests who appreciate a peaceful location in luxurious surroundings at an affordable price. LBA looked to the buildings as a guide on how to strike a balance between the heritage of the site and the desire to create something distinctive. We knew that we wanted something contemporary and from what we had seen in Lynsay Bell’s project portfolio, we were confident that she would be able to connect the historic elements of the buildings with a more modern scheme. Lynsay and her

team took this picturesque rural setting and the interesting original detailing and complimented it with a sympathetic and contemporary design and presented us with a fantastic unique and progressive structure. The Barn, The Byre and The Bothy emerged and the buildings which are arranged in the form of a closed courtyard, with the two-storey farmhouse sitting to the south. As their names suggest, the Byre had originally been used to house livestock and the Barn was a grain and cart store. The Bothy – thought to be the oldest of the three – enjoys views across farmland and a private orchard with a stunning contemporary glass corridor. All three have now been thoughtfully converted into spacious accommodation, with openplan contemporary living dining areas. Williamstone Farm Steadings have subsequently been awarded the prestigious 5 Star award from Visit Scotland for Luxury self-catering accommodation and the renovation project won the Best Renovation/ Conversion category at The Herald Property Awards for Scotland at the end of 2018. The business has been trading successfully now for over 12 months with guests from all over the world enjoying the luxurious, peaceful surroundings. Its location which is within easy reach of the numerous golf courses, beaches, coffee shops, various outdoor activities and a 30 minute train hop to Edinburgh caters for all parties from 2-22.

For more information, bookings & availability visit: Follow us on Instagram @williamstonefarmsteadings

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 31

East Fettes Avenue, Fettes Edinburgh




Substantial 4-5 bedroom period terraced family home with large garden and private parking.

Offers Over ÂŁ940,000 Gill Miller 0131 525 8607

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 32

prime property

From Manhattan To The New Town Although we didn’t know it at the time, our Scottish adventure began when our son Andrew decided to read literature at St Andrews University. Travelling there for a campus visit during the height of a beautiful Scottish summer, mother and son arrived in Edinburgh and were mesmerized by the sky and light that revealed colours that were very different from the urban palette on view in New York City.

Alexander McCall Smith’s observation, “This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again”, describes the impact of Edinburgh on my family during that first visit in 2010. Our son was prescient in telling his mother: “Good thing Dad didn’t come, he would never leave.” After regular visits during Andrew’s years at university, his prediction proved accurate and we made the decision to buy a home in Edinburgh.

narrowed our search focusing on this historic and beautiful street. I became an online property detective and found several potential homes. When we would book appointments to look at a property, we were treated very nicely but received the distinct impression that we were viewed as “real estate tourists” and not to be taken particularly seriously. Nevertheless, we persevered and found the perfect property in Moray Place. A main door flat over two floors that met all our needs.

Edinburgh’s beauty, sophistication and charm made the decision to buy a property in the city easy. Spending time in our new home made the decision to leave our long-term home in Manhattan and relocate to Edinburgh inevitable. This is the story of that journey.

The hard work was about to begin. The first thing we learned is that buying property in Edinburgh is very different from Manhattan and we realized we would need some serious help. When I asked an Edinburgh based partner in my law firm who we should speak with to get the very best advice, he didn’t hesitate and suggested I call Richard Loudon at Simpson & Marwick. We engaged Richard and were not disappointed. The first thing Richard did

While scouting for property, we rented a flat in the New Town and fell in love with the area. Watching the Moray Place episode on BBC’s History of Our Streets sealed the deal and we quickly

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 34

was walk us through the Scottish property system. His knowledge of the market, the legal issues and related matters were most impressive. Richard helped us submit an offer and importantly, a strategy for optimising our chances of success without overpaying. The strategy Richard formulated addressed the added complications presented by being overseas buyers. At his suggestion, we established creditability with the seller by sharing some personal financial information that allowed the seller a level of comfort that if our offer were accepted, the transaction would be completed. We made the offer, it was accepted, and we were on track to becoming the proud owners of a listed Georgian property. There were some complications with the title deed as well as issues with the Council regarding prior alterations. Jemma Richardson, the young Simpson & Marwick solicitor assigned to our matter, was delightful to deal with and very knowledgeable. Jemma worked though all of the legal issues and cleared everything up and we concluded the purchase in good time. The mechanics of acquiring a property, while both interesting and challenging do not tell the story of behind our decision to relocate. Like most New Yorkers, we were convinced that we could never live anywhere but Manhattan. Where else could one find the culture, the restaurants and the diversity available in the Big Apple? The ability to order Turkish food at midnight or have a cup of coffee and paper delivered at 7AM migrates from luxury to necessity. While New York City consists of five boroughs, being typical Manhattanites, we have not set foot in Brooklyn, Staten Island or the Bronx in twenty years. We only go to Queens because that is where the airports are. As people who rarely venture off the island of Manhattan, we were unlikely candidates for a Scottish relocation. Because of our New York mindset, we were not prepared for what Edinburgh had on offer.

What we weren’t told is that “everyone wants to introduce you to everyone in Edinburgh.” That reality resulted in a dizzying number of invitations to drinks parties, dinners and other gatherings. The old joke that an Edinburgh hostess greets her guests at the door with “you will have had your tea,” is, simply not true. One is more likely to be greeted with “I hope you’re hungry, we have plenty of food.” Next, the city itself. The art, architecture and ambiance of the city are second to none. We were agreeably surprised to find the city’s attractions to be very userfriendly. Accustomed to New York, we were delighted to learn that enjoying the city’s charms, from dinner reservations to theatre tickets, does not require weeks of planning. Most importantly, Edinburgh requires not much more than walking shoes to enjoy the city. Just by leaving home, one can experience the beauty of the place. Ian Rankin, one of Edinburgh’s top selling authors best captures this aspect of Edinburgh, “Edinburgh isn’t so much a city, more a way of life… I doubt I’ll ever tire of exploring Edinburgh, on foot or in print.” By the way, Rankin is just one of many internationally best-selling authors who live in the city. How many cities the size of Edinburgh have such an abundance of literary talent? Living on Moray Place provides the bonus of access to the gardens. In New York, we live near Central Park, one of the most beautiful urban spaces in the

Our first surprise was how friendly Edinburgh is. In the first months of our Edinburgh residency, we met and became friends with more people than we did in all of our years of living in New York. We were told that “Everyone knows everyone in Edinburgh.”

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 35

world. It is lovely but crowded and a bit hectic. In Edinburgh, we have access to the very special Moray Feu Gardens and the numerous public parks in the city. All are all beautiful, quiet and safe. As a New Yorker not accustomed to readily available peace and quiet, I doubt I will ever grow tired of sitting in our tranquil garden with a book on a summer’s day. After living in Edinburgh part time for two years we discovered that it had everything we need – restaurants, cultural attractions and entertainment venues, and not much of what we don’t need - dirt, gridlock and violent crime. After experiencing Edinburgh, we made the decision to stay. We will miss New York, but another advantage of living in Edinburgh is that you can fly anywhere, including direct to New York City. I suspect we will join our Edinburgh friends and enjoy the occasional visit to New York and return to the peace and beauty of Edinburgh. We have been living in our new home while we wind down our life in New York. We have learned a great deal since our exploration began. First, we were right - we love Edinburgh and it is the right place for us. Second, buying and restoring a property, especially a listed one, requires a great deal of work and the right advisors are absolutely essential. We were very fortunate that we had Simpson & Marwick guiding us every step of the way.

Peter Pantaleo

Picture Perfect Bewitched by Edinburgh on a visit to the city as a young boy, Douglas Corrance captures his personal view in photographs that span five decades.

With work published in Rolling Stone and National Geographic Traveller, Corrance turns his attention to the capital’s alluring charm in all its diversity. Replete with architecture that reflects Edinburgh’s countless epochs of transformation, the book provides a visual tour of what the city has to offer. Nothing is too grand for Corrance’s professional eye as he captures everything from the splendour of the Georgian New Town to the history of the medieval Old Town and the ordinary lives of city inhabitants. With the capacity to surprise even the most seasoned visitor, his photographs expose the very nature of Edinburgh, uniquely diverse in its visual juxtapositions.

Portrait of Douglas Corrance by Bartek Furdal Edinburgh: A Personal View in Photography by Douglas Corrance, Forth Books, £25

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 37

Coming To The Market Spring /Summer 2019 Substantial 5/6 bedroom semi-detached house with south facing garden Succoth, Edinburgh

Entire 4 floor townhouse with garden New Town/Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Delightful semi-detached 5 bedroom house with south facing garden Murrayfield, Edinburgh

4 bedroom, 3 public semidetached period family house with west facing garden, garage and driveway Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Superb 4 bedroom double upper New Town, Edinburgh

Extremely bright and spacious 4 bedroom flat New Town, Edinburgh

Lovely 3 bedroom family home with garden and garage Colinton, Edinburgh

4 bedroom Georgian country house, paddocks and outbuildings Linlithgow

Period 2 bedroom upper villa with quality finishes and wonderful sea views North Berwick

If you may be interested in any of these properties, please do contact us and we will supply you with further details as soon as we are in a position to do so. 0131 525 8600 or 01620 892000 or

Woodhall Terrace, Juniper Green Edinburgh




Stylish and versatile 4 bedroom family home with large private garden and off street parking.

Offers Over ÂŁ595,000 Clare Murphy 0131 525 8623

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 40

At Home with

Reflecting the tastes, lifestyle and character of their clients, the versatile design team at Jeffreys Interiors offer imaginative solutions to create functional, liveable and comfortable spaces their clients will enjoy for years to come. Seamlessly executed and always beautifully finished, each project receives a bespoke, tailor made and thoroughly enjoyable experience in both the design process and finished scheme.

Jeffreys Interiors

Designer Ria Da Costa was commissioned to design and implement a selection of rooms in a newly built home in Balerno. From a stark and austere blank canvas to a cosy, contemporary retreat, the design process was collaborative and thoroughly enjoyed by the clients who remarked:

“From start to finish, the Jeffreys team have really listened to us, designed, then delivered exceptional rooms for our new home. Their design perspective and quality of workmanship was outstanding.�

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 42

The Brief Cosy but contemporary. Timeless and sophisticated. A calm place to retreat, and a place to entertain. A newly built home in Balerno, a suburb to the west of Edinburgh, this house was to fill a variety of purposes to suit the lifestyle of a busy couple and their adult children who are frequent visitors. As busy professionals, peace and comfort to return to at the end of a long day was essential, while a love of entertaining (and a large extended family) meant that space for togetherness was key. The Design - Setting the Tone With a loose brief in terms of colour and style, Ria worked to find some initial inspiration – a point from which the scheme could grow. She commented, “Sometimes I find the best way to start getting ideas is to just have a browse through fabric and wallpaper books. I was looking for a fabric that sort of embodied the feel of contemporary yet timeless and came across Nobilis Rue Cambon; a lovely textured woven fabric with different coloured threads running through it. This fabric became the foundation for the design and we managed to pull other colours from it, including blues and golds.” This fabric, named after the street in Paris on which Coco Chanel founded her design house in the early 1900s, is a woven tweed reminiscent of classic Chanel style. It was used to upholster the surround and back of two armchairs in the living room, with a contrasting blue velvet by GP & J Baker adorning the front. The colours and texture of these chairs set the tone for the rest of the scheme as it flows throughout the house, with soft blues, golds, and neutrals in a variety of finishes and textures working together to produce a tactile, attractive and comfortable home.

That’s Entertainment As a hub for social gatherings, the formal living room needed to feel welcoming and enveloping. Comfortable seating, interesting artwork, drinks tables, and atmospheric lighting were a given, however as space planning progressed, it became clear that this large square room was lacking a focal point in the absence of a fireplace or television. The next challenge was to find a key piece for the room to occupy this role. After some searching, Ria discovered a cabinet that could be modified to fit seamlessly into the space. By painting the wood a deep blue, adding mirrored panels to the rear, and internal display lighting to illuminate the contents (an exciting collection of stemware and drinks), the clients now find themselves with a completely unique, functional and eye-catching focal point to the room. Cool and Contemporary Moving into the open-plan kitchen, dining and family area with its vast bi-fold doors to the garden, Ria’s key word was ‘balance’. The bright light of many windows and a white tiled floor was contrasted by painting the walls in a warm, dark blue grey (Payne’s Grey by Craig and Rose), while gentle ombre voiles adorn the patio doors, softening the light without blocking it entirely. Similarly, the large white gloss dining table in this room was softened with contemporary chairs upholstered in different coloured fabrics, and the sofa was upholstered in a tactile, oatmeal fabric and decorated with an array of bold cushions to add a burst of colour and pattern. The Result A stylish and welcoming contemporary interior which enhances and compliments this newly built home. The project is ongoing with work moving upstairs to the bedrooms and the clients continue to be enthusiastic, remarking:

“We are absolutely delighted with the way Jeffreys interpreted everything we asked for in our brief. The design is modern yet functional suiting our busy lives.”

Jeffreys Interiors, 7a North West Circus Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6ST Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 43

Beaconsfield Place, City Centre Aberdeen




Superb 6 bedroom period detached dwelling house upgraded throughout.

Offers Over ÂŁ1,225,000 Lorraine Davidson 01224 628885

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 44


Meet The

Luxury Watch Specialist Inspired by his passion for fine watches and building long term relationships, Jonathan Gilbert founded Edinburgh Watch Company in September 2014 as a new chapter in his working life after 18 years in Financial Services.

Jonathan’s interest in luxury wristwatches spans over 30 years where he has built an extensive knowledge through the acquisition and sales of hundreds of Swiss watches and now regularly enjoys sharing his experience with each of his customers. The Edinburgh Watch Company portfolio is a curated collection of striking watches with each one bought based on it’s provenance, exemplary quality and value for money including examples from world famous brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, Omega and Patek Philippe. Each watch is thoroughly prepared back to pristine condition before resale and is provided with a minimum of 12 month warranty. At times the company are also able to purchase

unworn watches and these are often available with excellent saving on their recommended retail price. The pre-owned watch market is booming with more of us than ever looking to invest in a luxury watch. While many premium brands are performing well it is the Rolex range of stainless steel sports models such as the Daytona Cosmograph, Submariner and GMT models that are always in demand and as a result often attract premium prices. The Edinburgh Watch Company are always careful when discussing watches as an ‘investment’ however in the long term they are a pretty safe bet.

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 46

“It’s the craftsmanship, precision, exclusivity and beauty of a luxury watch that continues to make them so desirable which gives that special feeling when given as a gift or when on the wrist where the pleasure it gives is timeless.”

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 47

Their range of luxury watches are for ladies and gentleman and include examples to suit most budgets whether it be in stainless steel or perhaps in a precious metal decorated with fine diamonds. Beyond our current stock we are also delighted to try and source your dream watch. “There are a number of great advantages to investing in a pre-owned watch. Unlike a new watch, it’s depreciation is much less and without any compromise on quality. The reason I am so passionate about watches is for how they make me feel whether it be the design, the history of the brand or just enjoying the functionality and for my favourite watch, an Omega De Ville, the thought that went behind such a wonderful gift to me.” Their portfolio often includes rare limited edition examples such as the legendary Omega Speedmaster ‘First Omega in Space’ watch created by Omega to celebrate astronaut Willy Schirra’s trip to space in 1962. These are often snapped up by collectors but equally are purchased as luxury gifts.

Whether looking to sell or purchase a watch the Edinburgh Watch Company offers customers a unique experience that is rarely experienced with the High Street jewellers. Jonathan considers each conversation as the start of a valued customer relationship by understanding their exact needs and endeavouring to find them the best option. The Edinburgh Watch Company brand has quickly grown since 2014.

With an enthusiastic audience of over 40,000 social media followers and one million viewers of their popular Youtube channel, customers get a closer look at hundreds of luxury watches from the comfort of their armchair. Unlike many companies operating online, they enjoy meeting thousands of customers each year in person at a variety of lifestyle events including the Highland Show, numerous motoring events and the Scottish Gamefair. To find your dream watch visit where you will see their latest portfolio along with hundreds of 5* testimonial reviews from their delighted customers.

“I take pleasure in offering a personal viewing service here in Edinburgh and regularly mail our watches across the UK. It’s often described as a concierge service designed to find you, your dream watch.“

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 48

prime property

Downsizing – A Tale Of House Buying & Selling Last Spring the time came when we realised that our house was no longer compatible with our needs. It was bought for an earlier time, before the children flew the nest and we found it too big for us. It was also set over three floors and neither of us were getting any younger! The most obvious solution was to downsize. However what we found was a booming market for the type of property we wanted and therefore it proved to be a very competitive marketplace. We had been conscientious ‘on line’ property viewers and had a rough idea of what we wanted and what our property might be worth. This needed to be clarified before we could really begin the hunt in earnest. It seemed that the

days of bridging loans were a thing of the past and therefore the only way the ‘downsized property’ could be purchased would be from the agreed sale of our house. Equally we were anxious if possible not to have to make an intermediate move into rented accommodation. After looking at who could sell our property for us, we asked one agent to come and give us a valuation. We were very fortunate in choosing someone who not only knew the market place backwards but who was also able to give us an overview of how the market worked and the potential difficulties in achieving what we wanted and how we wanted to achieve it. We knew within the first thirty minutes of our meeting

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 50

that we were going to engage Simpson & Marwick to undertake our sale and potential purchase. Following some sound tactical advice – we found ourselves in their offices asking them to bid for a property which we had viewed and we felt met all our needs. After some negotiation over a couple of days we were delighted to learn that our offer had been accepted, subject to conditions. Sellers like to know that there is little chance of an agreed sale falling through and therefore a potential purchaser with a house to sell is less attractive than someone who can fund the purchase by other more secured means. However, this has changed a little thanks to the ‘Simpson & Marwick Deposit Clause’.

What the clause does is to offer some security to the sellers. This is achieved by the purchasers agreeing to place an agreed sum with the sellers' Solicitors which is deducted from the agreed purchase price at completion or is forfeited to the sellers if the purchasers cannot complete. Without this we feel sure that our offer would never have been accepted.

warm people and honesty was a value that we learned to appreciate. Everything being organised by Simpson & Marwick was meticulously well planned and we established a great rapport which provided feedback both ways. The same was true of the legal side of their operation and never at any stage were we left guessing what was happening.

Having put the purchase on the back burner the attention turned to the sale of our house. The valuation process was very thorough. The Simpson & Marwick marketing machine got into gear, photos of external and internals and an accurate floor plan seemed to be done very swiftly. The benefits of engaging a firm like Simpson & Marwick is that they have a list of potentially interested parties - so very soon the footfall through the house, on agreed timescales, got into swing.

Our sale took slightly longer than we had imagined due to the summer holiday period and we were anxious not to lose the purchase of the property we had offered on. Simpson & Marwick introduced us to a broker who might be able to put funds in place to cover any overlap between our agreed purchase date and our possible sale date. After extensive checking we were approved for this bridging mortgage and after paying a setup fee, knew we could draw on the full amount of funds to cover our requirements. The mortgage company takes a charge on both the value of the proposed purchase and selling properties and has both properties surveyed making no use whatsoever of the accredited Home Report. It transpires this is because they are based in England.

Having always worked with the configuration of our property it was strange to find that people had other ideas of what could be done to it. Some people were looking at the possibility of extending the lowest level and others just wanted to reconfigure what was already there. Very quickly you learn that what has been your ideal property is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of our potential purchasers were very kind and

When working out how much you may need to borrow do not forget that settling your purchase before your sale

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 51

will mean falling foul of an additional 4% property tax! This is refundable once the original property sale has completed to the keys handover stage. On the plus side we felt that if we could get away with two months of the mortgage, then as well as covering the purchase, this also meant we could have work done on the new house before we moved in and as a bonus, we were also not going to have a period in let accommodation. Balancing the pros and cons – for us it was the best advice and decision. People say moving house is stressful – this is true. We did a lot of planning, had a massive clear-out, but there is an emotional aspect too. Three months after moving we are totally clear that we did the right thing with the right agent and are pleased to say we are very happy in our new home. Without the help and guidance we got from Simpson & Marwick , this might never have been possible. This truly was a team effort and we cannot recommend them highly enough. My wife tells me we should have done it five years ago – and as usual – she’s right!

Brian Cameron

Albany Street, New Town Edinburgh




Beautifully presented 'B' listed 4 bedroom main door Georgian terraced townhouse on three floors.

Offers Over ÂŁ1,050,000 Contact Gill Miller 0131 525 8607

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 52

Murrayfield Gardens, Murrayfield Edinburgh




Superb 5 bedroom house with south-west facing rear garden.

Offers Over ÂŁ750,000 Gill Miller 0131 525 8607

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 54

Whinhill Road, City Centre Aberdeen




Stylish and spacious period townhouse in immaculate order throughout.

Offers Over ÂŁ575,000 Rhuann Joss 01224 628898

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 56

Moffat Place, North Berwick East Lothian




Immaculately presented 4 bedroom detached house in sought after location with garage and garden.

Offers Over ÂŁ400,000 Carole Seaton 01620 892000

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 57

Tranquil Living The much-anticipated Cramond Residence, Edinburgh’s finest care home, has officially opened its doors and welcomed its first residents.


ocated to the north-west of Edinburgh, in the tranquil village of Cramond, the Residence provides the highest quality, person-centred nursing care for older people in the capital. It has been designed to reflect the tranquil feel of its prime location and to promote small community living. It comprises of nine distinct houses, each with eight or nine generous en-suite bedrooms, as well as a selection of shared lounges, dining areas and activity spaces, creating a real home-from-home feel. And outside, beautiful, landscaped gardens will provide a peaceful place to walk, sit, and relax. Exclusive, deluxe rooms with doors opening out onto private patios are also available. We pride ourselves on our positive care approach which promotes independence and ensures care plans are suited to individual needs. We have an exclusive partnership with Balanced – Edinburgh’s premier physiotherapy provider – which specialises in functional rehabilitation and fall prevention to help older people become more independent. Life at Cramond Residence is designed to offer something to suit everyone. Residents can watch the latest blockbusters in our private cinema room, indulge in a spot of pampering in our hairdressing and beauty salon or share a cup of tea and a bite to eat in our café. They are supported to maintain an active social life and continue with hobbies they enjoy. We offer a wide programme of activities, including musical performances, talks from historians, arts and crafts and visits

from the local nursery and primary school and our therapy dog, Toffee.

the best people, who have a mix of experience, skills and abilities.

Community living is also important, so a variety of local day trips are also organised regularly and friends and family are always welcome and invited to join special events throughout the week.

The Residence is managed exclusively by Walker Healthcare, which has over 20 years’ experience leading successful healthcare partnerships and operational management of well-respected care homes.

Good quality food and nutrition are also a key focus as they are essential for wellbeing and happiness. Our exceptionally qualified chefs work in partnership with nutritionists to create healthy and delicious menus from the very best seasonal ingredients. All food plans are tailored to residents’ individual tastes, beliefs or dietary requirements.

We offer a very special place to live where we put quality at the heart of all we do. If you would like to arrange a private appointment for yourself or a family member, please phone Dorothy Brown, Client Relationship Manager, on 0131 336 1064.

An experienced team of kind, professional nursing, care and support staff are led by our General Manager and are committed to delivering the highest standards of care. We invest heavily in staff development and use robust employment processes to retain

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 58

It’s All In The Details Private Concierge Scotland Private Concierge Scotland offer a wide range of luxury lifestyle services. From last minute dinner reservations at one of Scotland’s top restaurants, to a helicopter trip around the Isle of Skye, no task is too big.


rivate Concierge Scotland offers an exclusive restaurant booking service to its Members, which opens doors to the most sought-after dining venues around the world, based on its fully supported recommendations. This means that in every major city within Scotland, the Private Concierge Scotland team can make positive use of its vast network in the private entertainment business. The Nightlife Specialists’ wellestablished relations will ensure a comprehensive service, which includes access to exclusive film premieres, sporting events and the opera, as well as front-row seats at Fashion Week and a host of sold-out shows.

understand that some of the simplest tasks in life can be the most time consuming.

Private Concierge Scotland provides exclusive services to save their Members time and aid them in their day-today lives. From sourcing babysitters and dog-walkers to running errands and planning appointments, they

For more information please visit or contact the Edinburgh office on +44 (0) 131 235 2329 or the Glasgow office on +44 (0) 141 374 0129.

Private Concierge Scotland is available 24/7 to handle any emergency requests their Members may have. Their support networks of global offices ensure that there will always be someone on hand to assist their clients in whatever emergency they may have. They continuously dedicate themselves to providing the best possible experience to customers through their discreet, professional and dependable concierge services, so you can count on them to deliver on every request.

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 60

Chester Street, West End Edinburgh




Exceptional, extremely stylish 3 bedroom drawing room flat.

Offers Over ÂŁ785,000 Katie Jackson 0131 525 8604

Church Hill Drive, Morningside Edinburgh




Stylish 1 bedroom main door garden flat with private rear garden.

Offers Over ÂŁ310,000 Katie Jackson 0131 525 8604

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 62

Braid Road, Morningside Edinburgh




Beautifully presented, bright 3/4 bedroom double upper with lovely views.

Fixed Price ÂŁ575,000 Katie Jackson 0131 525 8604

Grannus Mews, Inveresk Musselburgh




Well presented modern mews house in popular gated community with good transport links to city.

Fixed Price ÂŁ520,000 Gill Miller 0131 525 8607

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 64

Top left, The Laurel, lounge Top right, The Laurel, kitchen/dining Bottom right, The Cedar CGI

Barley Brae at North Berwick offers the best of life in the Lothians in beautiful family homes, built to the highest specification, and designed with contemporary living in mind.

Experience The Best Of Lothian Life In A Dandara Home D

andara’s range of luxury homes, located at Tantallon Road, is set within the gently rolling landscape of the former barley fields and reflects the town’s laid back charm, with the stunning sandy beaches of the area just moments away. The famed coastal golf courses and all the local amenities North Berwick has to offer are also close at hand. All of this is located within easy reach of Edinburgh’s cosmopolitan city centre. Renowned for creating comfortable, practical homes that are designed to meet homeowners needs for years to come, every Dandara property is finished to exacting standards. With their show home open and the second phase of 4 and 5-bedroom homes now available and 2 bedroom bungalows coming soon,

Dandara’s signature specification can be seen in every detail. These have been designed to deliver the comfort, quality and style homebuyers can expect from Dandara. Each property offers carefully considered interiors focussed around spacious, open-plan living and entertaining areas, quality kitchens and sumptuous bathrooms and en-suites. Barley Brae is just a short walk from the town centre and leisure facilities, with the playgroup, nursery, and primary and high schools also nearby. Furthermore, a regular train service connects to the heart of Edinburgh and the A1 motorway is a few miles away.

Every Dandara home features high levels of insulation and quality double glazing that keeps the chill out and the warm in; and photovoltaic panels offer additional renewable energy. The superb German kitchens feature stone worktops and integral appliances as standard, whilst the stylish bathrooms and en-suites are designed with efficiency and lasting elegance in mind. Every new home at Barley Brae is independently inspected by the National House Building Council and comes with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

For more information about Dandara developments in Edinburgh and Lothians, call 0131 342 3040 or visit

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 66

Rattray Grove, Greenbank Edinburgh




Extremely impressive 5 bedroom terraced house with private garden and garage.

Offers Over ÂŁ685,000 Katie Jackson 0131 525 8604

Granville Terrace, Merchiston Edinburgh




Stunning Victorian semi detached 3/4 bedroom villa with off street parking and pretty garden.

Offers Over ÂŁ635,000 Clare Murphy 0131 525 8623

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 68

prime property

Time Is Ticking For The Accidental Landlord In the 1980's movie, The Accidental Tourist, the lead character Macon Leary, in the pursuit of love, finds himself moving from one home to another until circumstances cause him to move to another and then another. Accidental Landlord is the term given to those who, when buying a new home, consider selling their own but end up letting it out for whatever reason. Like Macon, this situation may have fallen upon them rather than it being planned. For many becoming an Accidental Landlord can end up as a good result deriving further income along with the likelihood of future capital growth. Few things are, however, more certain in life than that capital

growth will attract taxation! The Accidental Landlord can be liable for Capital Gains Tax on any gain made in the value of the property they have let out since they bought it. There are some potential tax reliefs available against CGT and an important one to date for the Accidental Landlord is Lettings Relief. Where applicable this provides up to ÂŁ40,000 relief against the gain saving the taxpayer up to as much as ÂŁ11,200 for higher rate taxpayers. The Chancellor has announced the intention to remove lettings relief so that it will no longer be available for sales after 5 April 2020. Some Accidental Landlords may well now consider becoming Deliberate Sellers to crystallise their gain and claim the relief available before 2020.

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 70

If you think you could be affected and would like advice on the sale of your property please do contact the Simpson & Marwick Property Team on 0131 525 8600 or

Brian Smith Partner

prime property

The Impact Of Home Staging A prospective buyer’s first impressions of a property are both vital and unchangeable, so it very important to get them right. While cleaning and decluttering are the initial integral tasks when preparing a home for the market, they are not always sufficient to enable a potential buyer to visualise the property’s full potential with regard to the size or layout of rooms, or sell the optimum life style. Indeed, it is very important when selling a property to “disassociate“ yourself form your home. Ideally, you should detach yourself from your personal feelings and look at the property as a financial asset. Buyers are buying into a lifestyle, so it is crucial that they can envisage themselves in the property. The fact that most home buyers look online before even considering visiting properties, again emphasises how imperative it is to present your home to its full potential and therefore get a competitive edge in the market and stand out from the crowd.

Home staging is a fairly recent industry in the UK, brought to the fore by the “boom” of property buying which peaked around 10 years ago, and the influence of the numerous home interior programmes on the television. Sometimes referred to as property presentation or property styling, home staging enables a client to use styling experts with space planning and interiors experience to showcase their property to its maximum potential with bespoke and affordable schemes. Taking into account the location, size, style and potential

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 72

Lesley Kidd

Statistics • 62% of property professionals cited that home staging has great effect on the buyers’ view of the property, followed by 33% that cited it has some effect, and 5% that cited that it does not have much effect. • 95% of interviewed samples cited that staged homes sell faster than non-staged ones. • 100% of estate agents and property developers cited that home staging makes it easier for a buyer to visualise the property as their future home. • 67% of estate agents cited that the reception room is the most important room to be staged for sale, followed by 14% that cited it to be the kitchen, and 14% the master bedroom. • 23% of the properties that were sold had the reception room staged, followed by 22% of properties that had the master bedroom staged. • 46% of property developers cited that staging increased the offer value above 10%.

Lennox-Kidd Furniture Rental A division of Emma Lennox Property Styling Lesley 07493108114 Emma 07769717355 w:

target market, home staging has proven to reduce the sale time of the property and moreover allow it to appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers and attract high quality purchasers. The result – standing out from the crowd and thus maximising the clients' investment. Evidence that home staging is indeed a valuable benefit to clients – is verified in some statistics collated by The Home

Staging Association in 2018 and shown in the column on the right. Benefits of home staging can be seen in the before and after photos above – where the clever use of furniture and space planning in a narrow room, allowed the room to be viewed showing its full potential. Again, an empty compact lounge/dining/kitchen area can cause

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 73

concern for viewers as to where their furniture may fit or how they would best utilise the space for living and eating. A large room can also benefit immensely from being dressed as purchasers can walk into a room and clearly and easily see the impact of how the space can been used - thus allowing them to imagine themselves living there.

Plot at Craigour, Broadgait, Gullane East Lothian




Plot with planning permission for an architect designed 3 bedroom house with garden and parking.

Offers Over ÂŁ310,000 Jennifer Lewis 01620 892000

Union Street, New Town Edinburgh




Stunning 2 bedroom main door flat with direct access to private rear garden.

Offers Over ÂŁ495,000 Gill Miller 0131 525 8607

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 74

Cottage Park, Blackhall Edinburgh




Superb 5 bedroom terraced house with lovely private garden and driveway.

Offers Over ÂŁ490,000 Gill Miller 0131 525 8607

Shandon Place, Shandon Edinburgh




Bespoke 2/3 bedroom flat offering excellent and spacious accommodation in Shandon.

Offers Over ÂŁ310,000 Katie Jackson 0131 525 8604

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 76

South Row, Main Street, Tyninghame East Lothian




Charming and unique 3 bedroom cottage in sought after Conservation village with garden.

Offers Over ÂŁ300,000 Jennifer Lewis 01620 892000

Colonsay, Pencaitland East Lothian




Stunning individually designed 4 bedroom detached house on large plot in village location.

Offers Over ÂŁ625,000 Jennifer Lewis 01620 892000

Prime Property - Simpson & Marwick 78

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Education In Edinburgh & East Lothian The Edinburgh independent schools have been educating children in Scotland’s capital city for almost 400 years. The 10 Edinburgh independent schools together educate around 11,700 nursery, primary and secondary pupils.

With no restrictions to catchment areas, Edinburgh parents are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an independent education for their child. Every school has its own unique offering and ethos, so it is important to visit a few schools either by requesting a private tour or register for their Open Day usually held in September or October.

Main image and above: The Edinburgh Academy

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Top left & top right: ESMS Bottom: Fettes

North Edinburgh The Edinburgh Academy The Academy’s Junior School is situated just past Inverleith Park and the Botanical Gardens with its senior school at the foot of the New Town and Stockbridge. A day school with around 400 junior and 625 senior pupils their tag line is ‘Grounded in Scotland, Ready for the World’. Founded in 1824 the school became fully co-educational for 2 to 18 years olds in 2008, and follows the Scottish Curriculum. Their ethos is, size and genuine individual care makes us sector leading in our ability to cater for the unique talents, needs and ambitions of all.

Mary Erskine & Stewart’s Melville College The Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools or ESMS group of schools have two main campuses plus the largest pupil role in Edinburgh of just under 3,000 pupils, aged 3 to 18 years old. Uniquely its Nursery, Primary, Junior and Sixth Form are co-educational then split into single sex schools for 12 to 16 year olds. The school says “We understand boys and girls learn differently at this age, and tailor their teaching accordingly. Taught separately, our girls and boys have more freedom to be themselves and achieve their potential.” With such large cohorts

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of boys and girls the school thrives on its diversity and sporting reputation, offering the Scottish Curriculum and some boarding (currently 3%).

Fettes On the other side of Inverleith Park stands the magnificent 1870 building that is Fettes College, a co-educational, mainly boarding school with a large international appeal. The school campus is home to around 750 pupils from 7 to 12 years at Fettes Prep-school and moving on to Fettes Collage aged 13 to 18 years. Pupils study the English Curriculum of GCSE’s, iGCSE’s or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Top left: Merchiston Top right: George Watson’s College Above: George Herriot’s School Below: Edinburgh Steiner

South Edinburgh George Heriot’s School

George Watson’s College

Edinburgh Steiner School

Just south of Princes Street, George Heriot’s stunning building sits city centre with Edinburgh Castle as a back drop. The campus is home to 1,638 girls and boys across its Nursery, Junior and Senior School and follows the Scottish Curriculum. Going back 350 years George Heriot’s founders have supported children from all backgrounds and still today offer a full fee remission for the children of widows and widowers who need financial assistance. George Heriot’s is known for academic excellence and a long waiting list.

George Watson’s is one of the largest independent, single site schools in the UK, with more than 2,300 co-educational day pupils aged 3 to 18 educated on its 50 acre campus. A short stroll from Morningside, the school offers amazing facilities across sport, music, theatre, support for learning and more. A force to be reckoned with at major sports and other national competitions. George Watson’s also offers the Scottish Curriculum of National 4 & 5’s followed by Highers and Advanced Highers.

The Steiner mansion house and dedicated buildings sit west of Morningside offering a Rudolf Steiner Education to around 275 girls and boys from 3 to 18yrs old. In line with the rest of Europe, the start of formal learning is delayed until the age of six years then on to Lower School up to 14 and Upper School until 18 years old. The Scottish curriculum is taught alongside some English GCSEs, all delivered with the Steiner ethos of an unhurried and creative learning environment.

Merchiston Further south west the all boys day, boarding and flexi-boarding school Merchiston is set in amazing grounds, walking distance from Colinton village centre. Boys start at 7 years old and go up to 18 being taught the English Curriculum of GCSEs and A levels. The school prides itself on knowing how boys learn and also offers three sports academies across rugby, golf and tennis. They have established ‘sister schools’ for social events, theatre productions and other arrangements with St George’s in Edinburgh and Kilgraston School in Perthshire.

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West Edinburgh Top left and top right: Cargilfield School Bottom left: St George’s School for Girls Bottom right: Clifton Hall School

Cargilfield School Situated in the Barnton/Cramond area of Edinburgh, Cargilfield is Scotland’s oldest prep school. Around 300 girls and boys aged 3 to 13 years old are educated as day, boarding or flexi-boarding pupils. Cargilfield has a cosy prep school feel with heaps of after-school and weekend activities. The school prides itself on providing an extensive range of opportunities to learn, explore and discover before they leave Cargilfield to join leading senior schools across the UK

Clifton Hall School Set on the outskirts of Edinburgh in the Ratho/Newbridge area, Clifton Hall has a stunning school building within huge grounds that has a fairy tale feel to it. Pupils start from 3 years at the Nursery and recently

Clifton Hall extended all the way through to a Senior School for pupils up to 18 years old. The school is co-educational following the Scottish Curriculum. Clifton Hall School insists it will never contain more than 400 pupils, in small classes and in small year groups. They say “with this structure, we can discover talents, care and nurture and help to assist in the development of character and selfbelief. Clifton Hall has bags of

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charm, compassionate staff and is the last independent school out west until you hit Glasgow.

St George’s School for Girls Nestled in the leafy Ravelston/Murrayfield area the 808 St. George’s pupils, aged 2 to 18 years, are almost all girls although they do take boys in the nursery. Largely a day school with around 10% boarders, the school prides itself on links with schools overseas. St. George’s is the only school in Edinburgh to still offer a wide combination of English and Scottish Exams. Their ethos is to encourage each girl to be herself in an environment expressly designed for girls. St Georges often team up with Merchiston Boys School for drama productions, social events and other arrangements.

East Lothian The Compass School, Haddington Head east and you are soon at the beautiful town of Haddington where The Compass School is located in a huge stone built house, creating a homely Primary School for girls and boys from 4 to 12 years old. Whilst being a small school of 130 day pupils, The Compass School boxes far above its weight when it comes to sports, music, drama, learning and outdoor adventures. Every child has ‘a go’ at every aspect of the school and frequently the school tops the medal tables.

Loretto School, Musselburgh Loretto is a beautiful school building in amazing grounds, offering co-educational, day and boarding in the charming coastal town of Musselburgh. Its Nursery takes children from 0 to 5 years then on to the Junior School which has around 200 pupils and Senior School with around 400 pupils. School pupils are recognised by their distinctive red blazers and no

tie policy. Loretto’s first class facilities include Europe’s leading Golf Academy which boasts the most amazing indoor golf centre. The school offers the English Curriculum of A Levels and GCSEs.

Belhaven Hill School, Belhaven, Dunbar Further along the coast, just 40 minutes outside of Edinburgh, you will find Belhaven Hill School, which sits in the most stunning coastal location. It is Scotland’s leading co-educational full boarding and day prep school for 7-13 year olds. Pupils go on to the top public schools in England and Scotland, many having won academic and sports scholarships. The match teas are legendary and you immediately feel the warmth when you arrive at Belhaven Hill, but that could just be because the sun always seems to shine in Dunbar. A visit is a must! Article by Nikki Miller Founder and Editor of The School Guide, Edinburgh.

Top right: The Compass School Above: Belhaven Hill School Bottom left: Loretto School

The School Guide, Edinburgh is an annual magazine that provides data on all Independent and State Schools in the Edinburgh area. The magazine lists fees, facilities, exam results and guides parents with articles such as ‘How to Choose the Best School for Your Child'. Copies can be purchased online at or picked up at various locations in and around Edinburgh.

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Hammersmith Road, City Centre Aberdeen




Modern 4 bedroom townhouse with conservatory, garage and parking space.

Offers Over ÂŁ450,000 Lorraine Davidson 01224 628885

Newton Lodge, Cults Aberdeen




Architect designed 5 bedroom, 4 public rooms detached home with double garage and 0.75 acres.

Offers Over ÂŁ690,000 Hilary Munro 01224 628884

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North Deeside Road, Cults Aberdeen




Stunning 3 bedroom mansion apartment within private grounds with underground parking.

Offers Over ÂŁ440,000 Hilary Munro 01224 628884

The Steading, Hillhead of Potterton Aberdeen




Immaculate 4 bedroom detached converted steading with over 3 acres of private grounds.

Offers Over ÂŁ450,000 Lorraine Davidson 01224 628885

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Grange Road, North Berwick East Lothian




Unique and individual 3 bedroom period upper flat with garage, parking and small courtyard.

Offers Over ÂŁ330,000 Carole Seaton 01620 892000

Maritime Street, The Shore Edinburgh




A contemporary 2 bedroom first floor apartment with private balcony and allocated parking.

Offers Over ÂŁ315,000 Gill Miller 0131 525 8607

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Scotland Street, New Town Edinburgh




Charming and spacious 2 bedroom lower flat in prime New Town address.

Offers Over ÂŁ345,000 Clare Murphy 0131 525 8623

Newbattle Terrace, Morningside Edinburgh




Delightful 2 bedroom detached cottage with south facing garden situated in Morningside.

Offers Over ÂŁ460,000 Clare Murphy 0131 525 8623

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Traquair Park West, Corstorphine Edinburgh




An attractive 4 bedroom end terraced house with private gardens.

Fixed Price ÂŁ650,000 Gill Miller 0131 525 8607

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