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WELCOME | Spring Collection 2017


to the Glentree Review Spring Collection 2017. A celebration of 40 glorious years of trading… We always deliver on our promises... Hello and welcome to the latest copy of the Glentree Review Magazine. My goodness, it has been an eventful year with all the shenanigans of Brexit and its repercussions; a new Prime Minister and now a new leader of the Free World Donald Trump. These were all unexpected results and time will tell if the country/world is better off for these momentous changes. The residential property market in the first half of the year, particularly in London, has been badly affected by ‘the Osborne legacy’ of draconian Stamp Duty increases, fiscal changes to non-Doms and Buy-to-Let investments, this is in combination with far fewer International buyers, who are also affected by a myriad of worsening economic influences. Market sentiments as we all know are greatly influenced by uncertainty and we are all paying a hefty price for the foolish and irresponsible former Conservative government instigated ‘Project Fear’ campaign, before the Referendum, which tried to make us all believe that ‘the sky was about to fall in!’ When compounded by the unexpected Brexit result, is it any wonder that the property market went to sleep for three months? However, we are pleased to tell you that the ‘Beacon of Hope’ is getting brighter and the sun is starting to shine again on us. Since the middle of September 2016 activity has picked-up markedly, certainly in the lower to middle price ranges and we hope and trust that this will provide a ‘contagion effect’ on the higher price sector.

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Due to the depreciated Pound, inflation will undoubtedly rise and hopefully peak in 2017 and one hopes that interest/mortgage rates will remain low for quite some time to come and fixed rate deals will be plentiful for consumers. The word is out in the International Community that UK property is cheap and the devaluation in the pound is seducing buyers from other currency denominations to purchase here, which is having a positive effect on liquidity and we are seeing an appreciable rise in the numbers of buyers looking to commit themselves at the moment. It is our fervent belief that this could herald the ‘low point’ in the market place, with only an upward direction as the next movement. "They don’t ring a bell at the

bottom of the cycle, but if they did, the sound would be deafening!" Whilst Stamp Duty is unjustifiably high, this is compensated by lower prices from the heights achieved in 2014, which more than compensates for this extra burden. Since it is only the difference between the sale of your existing home and the purchase of another, we feel that the gap between the two now, is probably as large as it will ever be. Our Glentree New Homes department is bristling with stunning and exciting new developments in the locality, whether you are trading up/down, an ‘empty nester’ or a buy to let investor. Maybe, this is an opportune moment to choose, for instance, a desirable apartment, ahead of the pack, providing for you luxury and convenient living for the next chapter of your lives. After all, with Equities uncertain, Bonds prices crashing, soon to be negative interest rates on cash deposits and cheap mortgage rates, Residential Property is and always has been, the best hedge against rising inflation. Our Glentree Lettings department, under new management, is doing very nicely and is benefitting from the increased number of blue-chip tenants available, both from the UK and the rest of the world. We would like to say that we attract 'the cream of the crop’ of these and we regularly place them with our cherished Landlords, whom we value and nurture. With our Global reach spanning the four corners of the World, at Glentree International, we procure unique, cash-rich buyers and reassuringly have the most comprehensive selection of luxury homes and apartments in the Industry. Please reach out to Google and our own brand new website for substantiation… Glentree is celebrating "40 glorious years of trading" and we would like to thank you for your patronage over this time and assure you that our personal, bespoke services, in a modern day context, with all our principles and disciplines well defined, is something of which we have become most proud and is implicit in the service we offer. If you have done business with us before, may we welcome you back and if you haven’t, please give us an opportunity to demonstrate to you that ‘we deliver on our promises.’ Kind regards, Trevor S Abrahmsohn Managing Director

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Glentree Review - Spring 2017  
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