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Thanks and Sacrifice


here is nothing we could ever be more thankful for than the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross. In bearing God’s wrath, Jesus delivered us from the consequences of our sin. He bestowed His righteousness upon us and today you and I stand in a right relationship with God because of the work Jesus did in His life, death and resurrection. This same Jesus is at work in our church and in each of your lives. God has many great things in store for us in the days ahead and to accomplish His will it will take a great deal of sacrifice on our part. In the month of November we are asking every member of Trinity to sacrifice so that God may be exalted. Part of this sacrifice is to give something up that we love dearly - Coffee, Football, Food, a Sin issue, a Service issue or whatever God lays on your heart. The idea is that you hear what God is asking and follow in obedience by doing or giving up what He has asked for a period of time. In this sacrifice you are showing God that He is more important than that thing or issue and that you are willing to rely on Him for your needs.

Upcoming Events: Children of the World Choir November 6th Men’s Ministry Meeting & Meal November 10th

The second part of the November sacrifice is financial. Your Thanks Offering will transform the ministry we will be able to do in the spring. This offering is a time when we ask each family to pray and ask God for a specific amount He would desire them to give. No matter how large or small the offering might be, if every person is obedient it will be the exact amount God wants. Therefore, we trust it will be exactly what we need at TBC to accomplish His mission here in our community and around the world. If you are not in the habit of tithing this would be an awesome time to begin to follow God in obedience. As your pastor I am very thankful for the daily sacrifices each of you make to advance God’s Kingdom. This is one of the most important times of the year for TBC and I pray God will stir your heart to give abundantly, joyfully and obediently! Eddie Coakley John 3:30

Discovery Classes!

November 6th, 13th, & 20th in Room 237

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Got Questions? Get answers. Learn what it means to be a member of Trinity’s faith family and much more! If you would like to attend, call the church office (791-0440) or email Pastor Jim Smith, or Cynthia Scheeser,

Guatemala Christmas Child This year we will be participating in a unique ministry in Coban, Guatemala through the Children’s Home that we are partnered with. We are asking Trinity families to adopt and sponsor a family in Coban. Currently Christian, our missionary, is working to help feed, clothe, and support 65 families in Coban. These families do not have work and are severely impoverished. Most spend their days in the garbage piles searching for food. Our goal is to adopt all 65 families, and put together a care package containing two weeks worth of food and other necessities. To adopt a family it will only take a $25 donation. Our project launch date will be November 13 in the main service. There will also be Angel Trees located in the Narthex and Welcome Center through December 4. Call or email Pastor Micah at if you have any questions.

New Deacon Servants We would like to welcome the deacons selected for the 2012 – 2014 term. They will begin serving in January.

• Nelson Boles • • Terry Boyce • • Larry Jordan • • Ken Scheller • • Mac Toole • • Walter Walker •

Outreach: A Team Sport! Today in business, sports, recreation, and other areas we find that their purpose is accomplished through the team approach. At Trinity, one of the ways of doing outreach in our community and the surrounding areas is by teams. We are seeking to build four teams to rotate so that each team serves one Monday evening each month. When there is a fifth Monday, we are asking all the teams to serve together! We began this ministry a few weeks ago with our four captains: Team 1 - Larry Jordan, Team 2 - Bill Shull, Team 3 - Chris Smith, and Team 4 - Hartwell Merchant. The size of each team is unlimited in number. The more we have, the greater the impact for our Lord. Jesus commissioned us to reach our world for Him. This is one of the ways we are seeking to be faithful at Trinity. Perhaps you have never been a part of outreach visitation. We will team you up with a partner so that you can learn how to do this ministry. Some ways to enlist are: call the church office, call one of the team captains, or just come Monday evening and tell us you want to be a part of a team for our Lord. We meet in Davis Hall at 6:00 pm, team up, get our assignments, and leave before 6:30. Let me encourage you to join us this Monday and experience what God is doing in the lives of those in our community.

Pastor Don

J.O.Y. Club Joy Club will meet Wednesday, November 16 @ 11:00 AM. All adults 55 years and above are invited.

Please bring a covered dish to complement the meal. Our special guest for November will be Allison Skipper. Guests are ALWAYS welcome! Looking forward to a great day filled with Christian fellowship!

Welcome the Newest Members to the Trinity Family!

Children of the World Choir

Phil Demery • Joined via Letter • 10/2/11 Eddie, Sandy, James, and Ben Reep • Joined via Letter • 10/2/11 Randy, Talitha, and Kirstin Baker • Joined via Letter • 10/2/11 Kevin & Mandy Poston • Joined via Letter • 10/2/11 Debbie Shuler • Joined via Letter • 10/2/11 Bryant & Olivia Laird • Joined via Letter • 10/9/11 Kevin Cornett • Joined via Letter • 10/16/11

Sunday, November 6th

Sarah Cornett • Joined via Baptism • 10/16/11 Bridget Fisher • Joined via Baptism • 10/16/11

9:30 am Worship Gathering Children of the World International Children’s Choir is composed of orphaned and/or disadvantaged children from countries all over the globe. Their program includes powerful testimonies from the children’s personal experiences, songs in both English and native dialects, and videos of the children’s home countries.

Come worship with us!

Chuck Fisher • Joined via Statement • 10/16/11

Sympathies Please keep these families in your prayers... Ron Woolery, father of Jennifer McGee (SS Member) • 9/22/11

Trinity Health Statistics

Mattie Elsey, mother-in-law of Bobbie Sloan (TBC Member) • 9/25/11

YEAR TO DATE AVERAGE ATTENDANCE Sunday School/Bible Studies Morning Worship Gathering

536 839

AJ Nipper, Jr, father of Dennis Nipper (TBC Member) • 10/1/11 Edith Dillon (TBC Member) • 10/4/11 David Sturkie (TBC Member) •10/7/11 Peg Clark, sister of Pat Klatt (TBC Member) • 10/11/11



General Budget Received


Over (Under) Budget

- $47,790

Debt Retirement Offering*


Contributions accurate through 10.23.11 *Debt Retirement offering is amount given since campaign began.

For Emergencies!

If you have an emergency after-hours situation, dial 791-0440, ext. 110 and follow the directions. 24 Hour Prayer Line: 794-3335

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Thanks & Sacrifice!



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Trumpet - November 2011  

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