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Slice drawing # 1 In order to facilitate our collaborative thinking for the performative drawing we are to produce on the 30th of May I have put together this short research file to give us some ideas to focus on. Some of the research produced and presented could be put on our blog and the slice blog. We have established that the narrow passage at the start of the alley (Bishopsgate side) is the ideal space to produce such a work. Further thought needs to be applied to the spaces after this. We ought to advance through the space undertaking various approaches to drawing by dividing the alley up into areas related to activity.

Suggestions included:

• • • • •

Applying text works to the vents of an underground car park Weaving material through fences Various responses to architectural space - window ledges and a recess / doorway in the alley Using fabric to cover features Using ribbon and other materials to connect the four of us by our arms to create shapes

The red line etched through the London section of the slice provides TBC with a literal link within the project to the ‘drawn’. Additionally, the narrow alley cutting through the dense city mimics the slice project architecturally. In Catherine Wheel Alley, we will attach materials of varying length and type to our wrists, linking each of us together, to create something, which will almost resemble a large cats cradle. The idea is that this will allow us to create shapes in space. The size and type of material should encourage us as a group to explore a performative approach to mark making. It is hard to prescribe what these shapes will be in advance, as they should result from our dialogue on the day. We will also have some preparatory studies to glean from (see further down). As we each have 2 arms, there will be 4 lines to consider and choreograph.


There will be 4 lengths of material made of: (please add to the list if you wish) • • • • • • •

Ribbon String Elastic Fabric White boiler suits The material will be red - in Islam this symbolises worship and sacrifice We can attempt different coloured lengths if practical Location

• • •

• • • •

Catherine Wheel Alley is roughly one of my (LD) arm spans The alley widens towards the end (walking from Bishopsgate to Middlesex Street) It is not an overly busy passage way but we may encounter some bystanders who will need to travel through the drawing Outcomes To produce a performative drawing To utilise the space of Catherine Wheel Alley to do so The drawing should facilitate collaborative practice between the 4 members of TBC Documentation of the event through film and / or photography Preparation

The examples on the following pages should help us to visualise the performance in some way

Task • • •

To produce rough diagrams, sketches, written works etc based on the theme of ‘four lines that intersect’ to be used as a score and starting point for the performance on the 30th of May (individually and collaboratively) These roughs will be compiled into a TBC PDF to be published on 12-Pages and also on the slice blog As this is a collective enterprise the works will be known as TBC and not named individually in the PDF

Franz Erhart Walther Fßr Zwei (1967) Series (can’t remember numbers right now!!)

Taken from Laban, R. , Ullman, L. Choreutics (1966)

Taken from Laban, R. , Ullman, L. Choreutics (1966)

Franz Erhart Walther F端r Zwei (1967) Series

Stills from William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies See: > choreographic objects

“spatial chord created by a group with individual expression of each member in high, medium and low levels� From Laban, R. , Ullman, L. (1984) A Vision of Dynamic Space

From Laban, R. , Ullman, L. (1984) A Vision of Dynamic Space

Stills from William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies See: > choreographic objects

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