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Horse Saddle Pads And Elements To Think About When you are collecting your gear for horseback riding, no matter what kind of riding it is that you plan on doing, you should invest in a top quality saddle pad. There's a lot of thought and consideration that needs to go into choosing your pad. Because there are a lot of different forms of saddle pads and materials on the market, you really need to pay careful attention as not just any pad is going to do. Among the things you will need to be aware of is the material, the shape of the pad, the thickness and how to correctly care for it so it last for a long time while still maintaining its high quality. Material Saddle pads are available in various kinds of material. Three common forms that you will probably come across are fleece, felt, and also neoprene. Fleece offers extra cushioning, but requires a a lot more maintenance. Felt is just about the highest recommended options and can help to keep sweat off the horse. Neoprene alternatively is easy to maintain, is a waterproof rubber material and will not roll or slide off the horse usually. Closed cell foam or open cell foam are also other types of materials you might come across. The closed cell foam provides decent air flow and will mold nicely to the back of the horse for outstanding comfort. Open cell foam is resistant to moisture and provides good cushioning. There are also gel inserts that may be useful to add more comfort as they can be inserted between the saddle pads layers allowing for even more cushioning. The gel inserts distribute the impact a lot better by enhancing the shock resistance levels but they will add some weight to the pad. Shape When in the market for a saddle pad, the most important thing is that the saddle will fit on it properly. Saddle pads also need to fit the horse it is used on. A contour, cutout or built up pad ought to do extremely well on a high withered horse. A contour or swayback shaped pads should do extremely well on sway backed mounts. Rounded pads will do for short backed horses plus a straight pad will be appropriate for flat backed or mutton-withered horses. Depending on your horse's withers, you might even consider looking into a personalized shape. To relieve as much pressure as is possible from the horse, you will need a pad that will fit comfy in the saddle. Thickness No matter what form of riding you are doing you will need acceptable cushion between the horse and the saddle. Where you can, get a pad that is roughly an inch thick. Your horse will probably thank you afterwards. Care How you take care of your pad may depend on what you are using the pad for. It will need to be cleaned more off as an illustration if you are in shows a great deal where the pad should be as white as possible. To keep the pads thoroughly clean, many people just throw them into the Thinline LLC

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Horse Saddle Pads And Elements To Think About washer. Just remember that you need to be careful about the laundry detergent that you use, as this can bother your horse's skin. In addition, be sure to brush off all of the hair and dirt from the pad before laundering. Front load washers will likely clean the pad better than a top load and rather than putting the pad into the dryer, hang them up to dry instead. In between washings, make sure to take the time to brush filth, hair and other debris from the saddle pad then with a pressure hose, at least every two to three months hose the pad off. Since a dryer is not a good idea, once again just hang them out to dry. Saddle pads are a very important component of your horse tack. To correctly choose and care for yours, think about the tips listed above. When you are trying to bond with your animal, ThinLine Global horse saddle pads can help. Drop by to learn more specifics about ThinLine Global.

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Horse Saddle Pads And Elements To Think About  

When you are trying to bond with your animal, ThinLine Global horse saddle pads can help. Drop by to learn mo...

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