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Travis Barclay Design 6 Portfolio

Precedents Analysis

Cranbrook Natatorium

By Tod Williams and Bille Tsien Architects



Pool Area


Pool area Seating or lounge area Circulation area Locker room Bridge to other building




1 3 7

4 2

Sunlight enters the pool area from large holes in the roof. Mechanical systems are on the roof to close and open these opens



1.Pool Area 2.Seating Area 3.Balcany 4.Locker Room 5.Entrance 6.Ramps 7.Lounge The large vertical opening is used to ventilate the pool area during the summer. Minimizing the use of air condition systems






Symbolize Water Symbolize Bark of a Tree

Symbolize Nature

The axis which force the bricks to turn


Steel structure is used in the pool area

Hudson Natatorium

This project is designed base on the wind and the sun. A wind path is created which runs throughout the building which allows natural ventilation throughout the programs and spaces. The programs are laid out base on the wind path and their functions. The pool area has a separate wind path from the wind path that passes through the building. Air flow into the pool are through its vertical openings and has the air is heated by body temperatures it rises and is releases through openings in the roof. The façade of the building is formed base on sun shading techniques which is a louver system that allows direct light into the building during winter and shades the building during summer. The roof of the pool area is covered with solar panel in a checkers board pattern which gives the pool area a unique look while it’s being shaded by theses panels. There are two types of PV panels on the roof, the hot water PV and the electrical PV. The hot water panels are used to for the radiant floors which heat the building during the winter and the electrical panels are used to power the building and HVACs system that cools the building during the summer.

Sun Chart

Wind Wheel

Wind Circulation

Wind Circulation

Opening allow air from wind path to enter rooms

winter and summer sun

Louvers Thermal walls

January 21

Mid-day sun

Evening Sun

Morning sun

Mid-day sun

Evening Sun

Morning sun

Mid-day sun

Evening Sun

September 21

March 21

Morning sun


Wind path

Air path

PV for electricity and hot water

AC vents in drop ceiling

Termal Wall Louvers provide shading


Radiant Floors


South elevation

West elevation

East elevation

Basement Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

3rd Floor Plan

Roof Plan

North section

West section

East section

Design 6 Portfolio  
Design 6 Portfolio  

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