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Travis Barclay ID# 0632556

Design 2 Portfolio Prof. Andy Burne

Building Analysis This building is the Acedemy Mont-Cenis it is loacated in Germony. This building is like a Glass box with building inside it which create a micro-climate. It was built on a deserted mine area and waste field. This building produce its own energy by solar-energy and it uses gasses from the mine for back up energy. The building produce twice the amount of energy that it needs, the energy that it those not need is sent to the town near by. This building blocks sound and wind from entering the building and as a steady tempreture through out the year no matter what the tempreture is out side.

A New Facade for the House of Gold The House of Gold also known as the Ca’ -d’ Oro is located in Italy. The new facade was created to give the visiters a better view of the outside when they just enter on a floor, to give specific area more light, to give people a view of the next floor they are about to go to.

Facade before change, and Plans and Sections

New Facade Elevation and Top view

Clothing Designer Office, Studio, Showroom, Production area This project is about designing building for a cothing designer. This building was design for a clothing designer that as limited material. The building is loacated on the corner of Little W 12th St and Wasington St The building first floor was orintated based on where the the shipment comes in and where most of the fashion stores are located. The following floor are then stock on top according to how the program relate to the following floors.

- Hatched area indicate where the fashion stores are located. - The direction line indicate shipment direction

Design 2 Portfolio  

design 2 portfolio