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Product Descriptions- 2012-2013

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions- 2012-2013

Marketing Consultation Are you maximizing your net profit and growing your business? As part of our commitment to you, we offer a marketing consultation to evaluate the position of your company, and in turn, build a marketing plan based on the needs of your company and audience(s). TBA Group Marketing brings you qualified professionals who will take an in-depth look at your business and help you plan for the future of your company.

App Design Do you go everywhere your customer goes? Apps are also referred to as mobile apps. It is a term used to describe Internet applications that run on smart phones and other mobile devices. Mobile applications are convenient and allow customers to get what they need right at their fingertips. A unique and beautifully designed app can create another opportunity for you to connect with your customer.

Branding and Re-branding Does your customer know who you are and what you do for them? An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. If you are not recognizable to your customers and they lack positive emotions towards your company, then it’s time to take another look at your brand. Proper branding is an avenue to increased profitability and attentive customers. Your brand represents who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

Direct Marketing Can you afford to create a nice television ad? Remove the “middle man” through direct marketing. This type of marketing is typically used by companies with smaller advertising budgets, since they cannot afford to pay for ads on television and often do not have the brand recognition of larger firms. The most common forms of direct marketing are telephone sales, solicited or unsolicited emails, catalogs, leaflets, brochures and coupons.

E-Commerce Could you have created a few more sales if you had an online store? An important aspect of a company’s website is an eCommerce platform which allows for increased sales, along with larger viewership of the website. This platform will allow some you to overcome geographic limitations, create targeted communication and create markets for niche products.

Product Descriptions- 2012-2013

Graphic Design Did that picture draw more potential customers? First impressions are lasting impressions – the first images your customers see of your company will leave a lasting memory. The graphic design team at TBA is detail-oriented so that only the best work leaves our office. We will combine images, words and ideas to convey information to your target audience so that your company is well represented.

Interactive Marketing Does your customer have your ear? Interactive marketing is a rapidly growing online trend moving from a one-sided customer interaction to a conversation. This trend is being propelled by improved Internet technology and the customer’s desire for a better online user experience. Your customer base wants to hear from you. They want to know that you are in tune with their consumer behaviour, including past purchases, communication preferences and product interests. Interactive marketing also gives the customer power to provide quick feedback and suggestions.

Internet Marketing Is your current Internet presence enough to reach your consumer? Does your marketing take place solely over the Internet? Internet marketing is a growing business as an increasing number of people use the Internet daily. This type of marketing uses various online advertisements to drive traffic to an advertiser's website. Banner advertisements, pay per click (PPC) and targeted email lists are often methods used to bring the most value to the advertiser. Popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo! have been able to capitalize on this new wave of advertising.

Marketing Plans Do you have a plan that works for the success of your company?

Without a plan there is a lack of direction and where there is no direction there is inevitable failure. A great marketing plan is the equivalent to the architectural drawings for a new building. The building may be able to be built without the drawings but there is a greater risk of things being a bit off. Investing in your marketing plans goes hand-in-hand with the development of your business plan. Don’t continue in business without a plan

Product Descriptions- 2012-2013

Marketing Strategies Are you tired of wondering how to connect to your customers? At TBA, our marketing strategies integrate the organization's marketing goals into the bigger picture. Ideally, we draw from market research and center on the ideal product mix to achieve maximum profit potential. The marketing strategy is set out in a marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization Are your customers able to find you? Having a website is great, although the ability for people to arrive without having to know the website URL is of supreme importance. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that helps search engines find, and rank, your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. In essence, SEO helps you get traffic from search engines.

Social Media Marketing How are you connected to your audience? Social media is the new wave in marketing and communications and includes various user-driven (inbound marketing) channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs). These channels represent a stark difference from the advertiser-driven (outbound marketing) push model and presents an opportunity for companies to gain immediate access to their customer base and develop lasting relationships through the information that is delivered and received.

Web Design How effective is your company website? A website is one of the first connections the public will make with a company, so why not have an attractive, user-friendly website for your business? Web design includes various elements such as color, layout and graphics from start to finish. During the design process, artists consider the company audience, website function and traffic when creating page formats. Let the skilled designers at TBA oversee this process for you.

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